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hey, not going into too much detail but in my manga i'm working on, there are a girl and werewolf as main characters, would the werewolf be considered a familiar or animal companion:cat_ahhh::cat_panic::cat_sigh:

03-27-2012, 07:42 PM
Sounds like Twilight. You might want to rethink the idea completely unless the werewolf is going to transform and devour her whole.

03-27-2012, 07:59 PM
Read the rules, because double posting is only allowed in rare circumstances, which are not bad jokes.

Also I don't understand your question. Are you asking if the werewolf is a familiar from the girl, is a familiar individual, is a character and so on?

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Yeah seriously a werewolf is a monster and it eats people and shit.

03-28-2012, 11:56 AM
I really don't think this question is universal or important enough to warrant a thread of it's own. Nimture, please either convert this thread into a thread for your manga project, or I'll probably just merge it into the General Manga Project thread, because really, again, this isn't 'big' enough for a thread of it's own.

03-28-2012, 06:02 PM
okay let me clarify, the plot is not Twilight-which i hate, as much as it is Inuyasha-which i love; what i mean by this is it's more adventure than love story. The basic plot follows in this way: girl, Cecilia, finds injured wolf in forest she heals it, thing is she was never trained in the medicinal arts it just came naturally, the wolf follows her home wanting to repay her, and he outright says this when she rhetorically asks why it is following her. Cecilia is kind of freaked out by this and the wolf explains that she is a witch and that's why she can understand him and also why she could heal him. Around this point, the werewolf transforms into human, not of free will; it will be revealed later in the story he is half human, so he can't fully control his powers but this is why he can control his urges of, as Sylux said, devouring her whole. The girl is kind of confused but doesn't really know what to believe, since (oh how convenient) she is adopted. Cecilia decides to let the lycan stay with her, at least until she learns more. Cecila decides to use the lycan, Lucien to her advantages however since she works in a nearby circus, and can use his transformations to help them raise money. A few weeks pass with little incident, until suddenly a masked man roles into town, going by the persona of-the masked magician. He auditions for the circus by doing-you wouldn't believe it-magic. This is in front of Cecilia's eyes so she actually want's to talk with him. But Lucien tells her no, that he can sense an evil aura around the man. Cecilia actually tries to defy his wishes and talk with the man, but she get's a strange urge not to, maybe it's because the man keeps staring at the necklace right in front of her breasts-before you say anything the necklace is very important to the story and he really is staring at it. Anyway, another few weeks pass by, and rumors are starting to spread of a thief in the area, Lucien and Cecilia capture the thief, a very young girl, but don't feel right turning her in, because of her age, so they send her out of the village, and decide to take shifts each night to watch the gate. This goes smoothly for -I know i've said it like three times- a few more weeks, until one night, on Lucien's Shift,Cecilia wakes up in the middle of the night because she smells smoke, the circus is on fire. Cecilia runs around the circus looking for her guardian,Scarlet, and her adopted sister, Krystal. When she steps into the circus master, Scarlet's, room, she find's Krystal kneeling on the floor crying, Scarlet has died, a pile of burning rubble fell on her. The two escape, and head towards town, when suddenly Cecilia sees the Masked Magician in the woods. Cecilia sends Krystal to a trusted neighbor's house while she heads in. Upon approach it is revealed the Masked Magician, who is no longer wearing his mask, attacked Lucien. With his dying words Lucien whispers to Cecilia, to never hand over her necklace. The Masked Magician is about to attack Cecilia, when an unknown woman with two guards detain the man. Cecilia is then taken by the woman to the capital city, the woman is revealed to be the queen and she says she is Cecilias Mother.

03-28-2012, 06:04 PM
Inu Yasha was dumb, too. Also she's just all of a sudden a witch? This is more like Harry Potter AND Twilight now.

03-28-2012, 06:08 PM
did you read the whole thing, oh and i got cut off-that's only the beginning, and I didn't just come up with the witch thing, I've been working on this for a while now, original she was going to be a summoner, and he would've been a guide to teach her how to summon, but I didn't really know how to incorporate them into the story, also the circus was supposed to be a traveling circus, oh and i know the thief doesn't seem to important but just like the necklace she does have importance

03-28-2012, 06:12 PM
I lost patience so I stopped reading. Honestly it's really horrible.

03-28-2012, 06:13 PM
Ignore Sylux, in general. Although, yeah, sounds sort of generic at this point. Not that that's bad per se.

03-28-2012, 06:15 PM
Thanks for the warning, I'm just happy someone will listen and give honest yet nice feedback, by the way I love the avatar Bacon_Barbarian

03-28-2012, 06:17 PM
If that's the case, my advice to you is to get cracking.

03-28-2012, 06:20 PM
well actually i have the whole thing written out, in summary form, i just didn't want to give away too much but yeah i do need to go, hey at least I've got the basic designs finished. Well anyway got to go. Feel free to bicker amongst yourselves.

03-28-2012, 06:21 PM
What's there to give away everything sucks

03-28-2012, 06:42 PM
Ok, now its more clear and I can say the following things:
-This didn't need its own thread (you should have used a special thread for these kind of problems).
-If you had all figured out why you did this question?
-Still it doesn't look like the question between "pet or family" is directed to your problem. Not even know if you have an actual problem.
-Sylux is like that, so read all his comments with zoidberg voice.

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It's funny, because that's how I talk! Why not Sylux!

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Sylux Sylux Sylux . .what are you doin' here boy . .have I not told you to destroy the world yesterday. damn. .DO IT know or no dinner!

03-31-2012, 02:41 AM
Ok so suggestions:
1) A familiar is usually a demon in the form of an animal that serves a witch while she comes into her powers. So having a werewolf as a familiar is acceptable but familiars serve witches to protect them so there should be some sort of contrac between the two. I would go for in return for protecting her as she learns her powers she promises to release him from his curse one day when she is strong enough to protect herself.

2) She shouldn't have any knowledge before hand that she can heal OR she shouldn't be such a special snowflake and say she was taught by someone OR she shouldn't have to heal him in the first place. I say go for a scene setup where the were wolf is terrorizing a town of something and she is presented with the opportunity to take him as her familiar (either in a way where she did or didn't know she was a witch. Like he fallowed his nose to her so she feels bad that she caused the destruction in a way and the only way to make him stop is to take him as her familiar.).

3) By her taking him as her familiar he is bound to protect her with his life so that also means he is given the power to transform at will (depending on what myths you fallow for him like some say they can transform at will and others say only during a full moon.) and even in his wolf state he will obey her every command ( maybe put a bit of a wrench in there for realism and say he goes crazy or can become disobedient during a full moon.

4) Stay away from cliche names for your were wolf. AnythIng with an "L" is cliche for a lycanthrope.

5) I wouldn't go for "she works for a circus" because that is too convienent for the story and doesn't seem real or believable. Say she decides to take off and find a master to teach her and they decide to join a traveling circus bee cause it travels the world or something increasing her chances of finding a master.

6) If you go for my suggestion of making a contract and the werewolf seeking a cure for his curse you will want to think of the age carefully. Is he a young man or boy bitten years ago and told tales by other werewolves he has met of witches and their power to lift the curse. Is he trying to regain the family that he left to protect after he was bitten and maybe almost killed? Are lycanthropes immortal and he is ready to die by having the curse lifted (I kinda like this one because it creates some drama for the witch when she learns that he is hundreds of years old and removing the curse means instant death for him)?

I may have more to say. Idk I'm still thinking of possibilities for this situation.

03-31-2012, 11:13 AM
Yeah, I think the biggest problem with this is the whole "She's already magic." thing. If you make a character a "chosen one" like that, it just sort of ruins the drama by subconciously telling people that the main character is simply more special than everyone else, and thus can't be hurt or harmed by any run of the mill bad guy. You might also be jumping the shark a little by not explaining why the two get along so well... But yeah, otherwise, it's honestly pretty average. There are much worse things published out there.

Out of all Psy's ideas, I probally prefer the first one personally.

To make it more readable, I'd at least recommend thinking about their personalities and motivations more.

Good writing is supposed to be driven by the character's personalities, it shouldn't simply shunt the characters along all by itself.

04-04-2012, 06:50 PM
Hey thanks for all the good ideas, i was actually planning to make him born half were-wolf, and then like his sister was introduced later. I have changed it up some though, because a werewolf is hard to draw, and i'm just an amateur,-but i'm better than half the seniors in my highschool, that's thanks to my amazing art teacher. No, now it's more of a djinn that's helping her, because, like you said it needs her. In this case it's to retrieve her, the djinn's, full power. And now it's a childhood friend that the magician has killed. I know you guys are gonna find fault with this too, but i just find it easier to draw spirits and demons, than it is to draw animal transformations. And i'm keeping what would have been the werewolf's sister, but i've turned her into a priestess, this will cause some conflict between her and cecilia. Anyway i know the original idea was good but flawed and like most ideas it just had to be tweaked some. Well spring break's started up, so my schedul's cleared up to allow for some art time. YAY!!!.