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Okay this takes place between 1999 - 2007 There is a tall bussiness building in certain states and country, and for those certain buildings there is a Monster coven that lives and works in the building. The names of the building tells all. V.A.M.P. resides in New Jersey, W.O.L.V.E. in Alaska, S.U.C.C.U.M.B.I. in Greenland, D.E.I.T.Y in Italy, and Y.O.K.A.I. from Japan. These buildings are sworn enemies but they coexist with eachother and the humans, they hold the balance and peacefulness of the world together. The rogues are what they all are after, these rogues only have the ability to hunt and kill human, but every building holds elite fighters that are usually sent out to destroy the rogues. The only uniforms would be your own apparell, Weapons are what your character sling best, the weapons could be anything from sewing needles and pins to hack saws and shot guns.

During the Time of high school bullying and parties every night, there's also the fear of mythical monsters, or so the humans once called us, that is until in 1998 the wars of all the beings had stopped and we swore to a peace treaty. The Vampires promised to be in aliance with humans and others alike. AS long as the peace treaty was in line as always, the difference in natural enemies became coexistant foes. Meanign, they'd work together but they'd still hate eachother internally. The rogues began to surrender the first few years of 1999 - 2001, then the rogues began to fall from the treaty and began it all, that's when we didn't care if we hated the other monsters or not, we just wanted peace and balance restored. Things began to look hopeful, until one rogue vampire went and turn a human into a vampire. The human quickly changed and decided to join the V.A.M.P. agency and capture the rogue that had destroyed her life. Little did she know she'd be playing a huge part in twwo men's lives as soon as she got towards her destination. The way most human's thought about most creatures were that they were safe from vampires, but they were wrong, vampires can walk around in the day, they just happen to wear hoodies, sunglasses and skin tight clothing, the sun only turns their overly pale complextion to a sun-burn pink and their eyes begin to look like a hellish orange color and the white of their eyes turn black. Werewolves and anything else can walk around like human's no problem, it's just the vampires that have a hard time.

Okay that's just about the briefer, uh, this is my first rp-like thread, so...yeah.(just to let you all know, some pointers on how to patch this rp up would be helpful)

Age: (Physical and Technical)
Race: (Ties with what building you work for)
Gender: (optional to be a gender changer like a succumbi)
Rank: (Ranks are below this example)
Appearance: (optional)

Ranks: Rogue(2 types)*, Starter, Mission Maker, Fighter, Elite Fighter, Leader of Squads
Rogue : Good, left for a mission and goes solo. Rogue 2 : Bad, hunts and kills humans for sheer pleasure and fun.

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ADVICE: Try to flesh out stuff that you would like to know for an rp. the back story is kind of good and might need some extra's. But the main thing is.....:cat_yell:WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE SUCCUBI'S? JK. Great idea if you ask me.

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>w<'; You scare me sometimes, but thanks for the help. Oh and I'll fix it later, it's sort of hard for me to write this one out. It's played out in my head, but they won't come out on to the pc like I want it to, I'm about ready to smash my head against the keyboard until I think up how to approach this thing.

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NAME: Kiba (or Fang for those who can't translate that <----)
AGE: Physical: 35 Technical: ???
RACE: Vampire
GENDER(or gender bender) : Male
RANK: Rogue
APPEARANCE: Wears a black colored trench coat that has the blood of many different monsters stained in it to cause the illusion of having no scent. He has a scar across his left eye from his younger days. Has a gaunt and stress worn face, and natural body color is a very deep pale. Wears fingerless leather gloves (The kind you find at hog rider stores), eyes have a slight tint of black.
BIO: Kiba was orginally a member of the Y.O.K.A.I elite squads, but after finding supposed evidence of a planned assassination of the building's head he left to hunt those who are trying to assassinate his oldest friend. He's a very cynical and grumpy guy. Very pessimistic, calculating, cold and assertive. He very rarely tries to get into fights unless the person or "monster" is too far gone to rationally think. He trusts no one, but his own abilities. He has a daughter who is a Succubus, but he abandoned her for her own good. But, it does haunt him from time to time in his encounter with his enemies who both respect and fear him.

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Name: Keira Waylen
Age: physical: 22:Technical: 76
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female (No gender Bender)
Rank: Fighter
Appearance: Wears a black leather jacket, usually skinny fit jeans, black or blue, hair is black and shoulder length, eyes are hazel green, and skin is paler than the normal color. (due to being a light drinker.)

Bio: At the end of her twenty-second birthday party, her friend, Corey, who she knew for 2 years, had changed her, she's been working for V.A.M.P. ever since then, she was incredibly sad for the first 10 years of not aging, and her thirst is very light, unlike the perverted men she's always teamed up with. Her now enemy, Corey is a rogue and she still silently hunts him down when she's out doing her missions. Before her birthday she had lost her unborn child, so she couldn't bear it and tried to do alcohol poisoning only to be changed right after that, She has nearly done 40 missions, almost enought to turn her rank into an Elite Fighter. The last 10 missions, she has to find a rogue and team up with him/her and finish the missions.
(Zero, you forgot your age...lol)

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I like it but what is a succubus?

Name: Rizo Passio A.k.a. Cloak A.k.a. Meru Kioyu

Age: Physical: 28 Tech: 217

Race: Vampire
Rank: Fighter

Appearance: Brown hair cut that comes with a five o clock shadow. When not on a mission he sports the V.A.M.P. Corp. standard uniform. ( Emi if you can can you tell us if they have uniforms or not and what they look like.) When on missions he wears an spec ops tech suit that allows him to cloak for a limited amount of time depending on how much power the suit has. (Are we allowed to have wepons like guns?) Rizo works for the head of the corporation sent out on secret missions to spy on other corporations. He is usually assigned with elite fighter squads. He is now assigned with Keira to help her look for the rouge.

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A succubus (plural: succubi) is a type of demon from Judeo-Christian mythology. It's more or less a sex demon that fucks you unto death, although the lilim of Jewish myth (derived from Lilith, who herself derives from earlier mesopotamian myths) that inspired it would also kill babies IIRC. The male version is an incubus (plural: incubi). In some myths from the middle ages, a succubus would be able to store the, ahem, fruits of her lovemaking and use it to become an incubus, because even demons knew that women are basically worthless.http://fi.somethingawful.com/images/smilies/emot-eng101.gif
For obvious (http://imgur.com/a/ztsc8#0) reasons, succubi are a popular monster to put in video games (http://imgur.com/a/RMc7g#0), comics, and role-playing games - even my own beloved Terminus Est (http://imgur.com/a/dU9SE#0).

Assuming the OP is keeping true to the myth, which I think is a fair assumption.

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(Sure thing Sal, and Thank you for posting that Kodos, very much helpful. Couldn't have said it better myself. )

I groaned as the harsh knocking behind my locked door woke me from my peaceful slumber. "Hang on Dammit!" I grumbled, my raven hair was in messy tufts and my hazel eyes had dark circles under it. I opened the door and glared down at the one who disturbed me. I crossed my arms and frowned. "It better be good, Darrian, You woke me up from the best sleep I had in months." I growled. Darrian smiled his crooked smile and invited himself in and took a seat at the table. I ruffled the back of my hair and plopped on to the seat across from him, he was fiddling around until he sighed and looked up at me. "You've been assigned a partner to help you find a rogue, and...it's Rizo." He flinched when I shot up, "WHAT?!?" I screeched. "I'd rather have a werewolf as a partner! Hell I'd rather have the devil himself as my partner." I hissed, I groaned and rested my head on the table, my hair covering my overly pale face. "When do we start? " I emphasized on the 'we'. "Whenever you get the mission. sorry Keira, Boss Man's orders." was all he said, with that, he stood up and patted me on the back and left. I groaned and got up, made myself human coffee, guzzling down at least 3 cups before getting dressed and wearing my usual Misfits hoodie and black leather jacket. I pulled the hood up and put my RayBans on. I drank the rest of the remaining coffee in the pot and walked out.

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She left without knowing that I was just sitting on the ledge outside and out of sight from the windows. I needed some information and I knew that she was very dedicated to her work. I opened a window silently and pulled out a human pistol to aim around the room, I quickly came in and closed the window silently as well. 'Don't need her poking in business that ain't her's' I thought to myself as I began to search for some information on someone named "Rido", a malignant and overly eccentric asshole who thought it would be fun to poke around in Y.O.K.A.I's business. I figured she wouldn't mind me memorizing where to find this guy, would she? Heh, not at all.

I made myself another pot of coffee and began to drink it slowly. I waited at the table in a seat that was lit up by the moon, I looked at it and continued to drink. Something told me, it would take awhile for her to return so I could get my information. Had anyone knew I was here, they would try to imply that she was helping me. Far from the truth to be exact.

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I stopped outside the central park and looked around, isolation filled me. I let a cigarette and took a long calming drag, I acted more human than anyone I knew. I decided before I get pounced by something I'd go back, so I started to walk towards the V.A.M.P. building. I groaned when I got inside. "Well hello to you too." I heard behind the reception's desk. "Hello Jason." He smiled at me and turned back to his work. I finished the cigarette as soon as I opened the door to my room and set the keys down. I took the last drag and looked up and jumped. I saw the sillouette of a male figure and he was sitting in my room. "Can I help you, Arse?" I asked in a irritated tone. I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone, let alone a stranger, who was drinking my precious coffee. I shook my head and walked to my bathroom, taking my jacket and hoodie off. I ran the cold water and splashed my face with it. I turned to get my towle and sensed the person was still here. I groaned and walked back to the kitchen nd sat down, arms crossed over my Iron Maiden tee. "You needed something?" I asked, ruffling my messy raven locks.

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I was sitting in Sakati's Office reading Keira's personnalle File. Hmmm....I rubbed my face looking over her file. "She's good." I said to Sakati who was the Top Secret boss of an orginazation inside the V.A.M.P orginaization. It was called Himitsu. Basicly we were better than Elite sent out to gain, transfer, protect information, and to assassinate. Sakati replied with "Yeah I might promote her to Elite soon and maybe she can join Himitsu." I laughed out loud "she's not all that." "Ill go meet up with her now Cya". I walked out of his office and light a cigarette. I was wearing the new Jet black tech suit with cloak and heat goggles. My weapons were custom made, two black daggers on my lower back with holy water and trimmed with silver for wolves. My bullets were silver with holy water on the inside of them.

03-14-2012, 05:24 PM
I made myself a cup of coffee, waiting for the stranger to at least give me a name or something. I drank my coffee and poured another cup, need I say I have a slight addiction to coffee and nicotine? I sighed and massaged my temples out of irritation, I just wanted to go back to sleep or something, I wanted to draw and write, anything but sit infront of this guy. I didn't use my weapons much so I practically used my combat skills and only carries a dagger embedded with holy water. I sighed and put my head on the table, letting my messy hair fall over my face. "Can you please get on with it, you're making this too awkward for comfort in my own home.

03-14-2012, 05:29 PM
I looked at her with a glare, "Do you even know who I am? I highly doubt it, but I need some information. This man, Rido." I finished as I slide a picture of the guy to her. "What do you know about him?" I asked shortly after I slid the picture to her. I sensed someone was coming to talk to her and I knew that I didn't have much time until her got here. But, I needed to know what the agency knew of him.

I took a sip of the coffee while keeping my eyes on her. She didn't notice the hand gun I had in my hand under the table that was aimed at her. And I made sure of it.

03-14-2012, 05:38 PM
I stepped into the elevator and pressed her floor number. She was almost on the last floor. “This might take a while”. I said to myself. “ I should have jumped off the roof.” I waited there lookin at the numbers flash by. “Hurry up sheesh”.

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i might draw our characters and put them on the site.

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"You can put the gun away, I'm not one to fxxk up a secret meeting like this. I have seen him, he's one of the said 'allies' of the V.A.M.P. he's resided in Alaska the last I heard, and no I have not met you before but I do know someone by the name of Kiba" I said. I lifted my head up and rose an eyebrow at him. "Now if you're a rogue, then why are you entering a Fighter's room? what's in this for me?" I asked I crossed my arms over my chest. "Oh and, since you're a vampire, and this bastrd Rizo is about to barge in, I'd suggest you go to W.O.L.V.E.S. in Alaska and check there." I said, my hair falling into my face. "Better go now, I don't think anyone as hansome as you get chased around by an idiot like Rizo. Ciao Sugar." I stated before getting up. I smiled and lit another cigarette, taking a long drag before turning around and staring back at him.

(That's cool Sal! go to it then)

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I put the gun away and said quietly before I left using the shadows as a form of teleportation, "I am Kiba." When I was at my destination outside, I quickly began to walk and I took out a few cigarettes, "She seems like a chipper fellow, if you ask me. But I need to focus. If he's up there, then shit is about to hit the fan." I talked to myself as I walked, I lit a cigarette and dragged on it for a lil while. "But why would he be there? He knows that I'm on his tail. But still. That doesn't explain his presence in Alaska" I knew I was being followed by the agency again. They always tried, but I didn't want them in my business. They are always offering me work, but since the coup de' taut at the Y.O.K.A.I building I trusted very few from the agency.

03-14-2012, 06:24 PM
I let out a half hearted laugh and took another drag. I heard someone walking down the hallway, mostlikely Rizo. I sighed and let out all the smoke. "Figures, I knew it, Kiba..." I scoffed and took another gulp of my coffee. " For someone so elite as himself, why would he be so careless as to not hide his gun perfectly. I hope he finds what he's looking for, and not coming back to me..." I thought about it again and laughed. My cell rang and I looked at the caller's I.D. I smiled when I saw who it was and answered it. "Hey Frankie babe, what's up sugar?" I asked. He let out a giggle, making me smile. Frank was still on of my best friends, even though he was still human, he still hung out with me. "So what's up sugar, you need help or something?" I asked again. His voice became a bit more excited. "Well, alright I meet you there in about an hour, I have to deal with a douche before I get to go." I stated, he laughed again and said his goodbyes. I hung up and took another drag of my cig. I was still waiting for the idiot to show up.

03-14-2012, 06:33 PM
I teleported up to the top of a building and looked out at the expanse of the city in the night. "I sense high Yoki energy nearby. Something bad is going to happen soon." I spoke to myself. But the real reason was because I had got used to having Daisuke my really old partner, who was dead around to say things like that. I pulled out a huge pistol out that was a 13mm pistol, it had enough recoil to knock a human flying back a hundred feet. "Time to get to work."

03-14-2012, 06:54 PM
I walked up to Keira's door and knocked. "She better answer". I said to myself. The door slowley opened and Keira was standing there with a cup of coffee in her hand. "Keira long time no see its been a while since we last teamed up, what was it likke 10 years ago?" (Human years 2 i guess). She waived her hand telling me to come in. "Why is your window open?" I asked her. She just ignored me. We both sat at the table and i slid her the documents. "Look at these" I told her.

03-14-2012, 08:01 PM
I glanced at them and scoffed. "So Rizo, what the hell knocked you back into teaming up with me?" I asked bluntly, remembering how he and I never got along from the start. I took a drag of my cigarette and glanced at the documents again. "Better make it quick, I got a awesome party to hang out at." I muttered, exhaling the smoke." Oh and actually, it's been 5 years. I still hate you." I mumbled, gulping down the rest of my coffee. "I take it you're teaming up with me because of Boss Man's orders? Well, I think I'll take to getting mind raped by that Deity again like last time." I stubbed out my cigarette, exhaling the last of the nicotine's smoke. "If you want to smoke or anything you could, just no damn weed, that shit's nasty to smell, let alone smoke." I said giving him a cup of coffee.

03-15-2012, 01:46 PM
I leapt off tthe building to land on the next one and practically went building hopping. The yoki was heading down the main highway towards the center of downtown. I couldn't let it get that far. By the time I got to the main highway, I was far ahead of whatever it was. I aimed the pistol down the expanse of the highway and waited for it to show itself. I saw it running, and it was a friggin huge werewolf. I started firing off the pistol and it fired much like the M93 Raffika, in three round bursts. The gunfire would attract alot of attention, but a rogue killing other rogues wasn't going to attract much since the agency figures that neither of any two rogues would survive the fight. The bullets imbedded themselves into the werewolves legs and sent it rolling towards me. When it stopped rolling it was right at my feet and I spoke, "Well, sorry to say, but you're killing sprees are at an end." I aimed the pistol at it's head and fired a burst into it's skull. To make sure it was dead, I cut off it head with my hand with a blinding fast technique.

03-15-2012, 06:26 PM
I was getting more impaitient, I wanted to leave now, I wanted to see my friend. I jumped when I heard a gunshot. I got up and looked out the windown, I noticed something towards the highway. I scoffed and shook my head. I looked down and the end of my street and smiled to see Frank walking up towards this way. I turned and frowned at Rizo. "I'd hate to cut this meeting so short, but as I've said, I have a playdate with my only friend. Now, goodbye." I walked into the bedroom and grabbed my Mistfits hoodie and leather jacket After slipping them on I went to the bathroom and put on my red eyeshadow and eyeliner. I ruffled the back of my hair and sighed, "I can't do anythign with this inky mess I call hair.." I thought. I shook my head and walked back to the window where frank smiled up at me and waved. I waved back and looked back at Rizo once again. "Well, you know where the door is, if you go snooping around in here, I better not find my cigarettes and coffee gone when I get back." I turned back and stepped on to the ledge of the window and closed it. I jumped down from it, landing beside Franks and smiled at him. "Hey there, Sugar" I said, as he pulled me into a breath stopping hug. "Frankie, baby....can't. breath." I said. He let go and laughed at me, I rose an eyebrow. "Ready to go down to hell with me, Vampelina?" He asked, I frowned playfully at him. "You bet, is Hell that new club?" I asked he took my arm and locked it with him, walking down town. "Hellz Yeah baby!" I let out a silly laugh, making Frank laugh. "So you find that significant other of yours yet gay midget?" I asked teasingly. He let go and tackled me. starting by tickling then full out rolling on the ground, a passerby would've thought we're just teenagers from middle-school messing around. "Take the "gay midget" part back!" Frank yelled, I was laughing too hard and told him to stop. When we stopped, we miraculously ended up at the Hell club, I regained breathing before puting an arm around Frank's shoulder. "My dear, I'm sorry, you're not a gay midget, you're just a fun-sized guy, and so, I'll buy you a drink." I smiled at him and he laughed. "Well, let's get the party started!!" He yelled. I walked in after him and went straight to the bar. "What you want My fun-sized friend?" I asked I looked at the bartender. Anything he wants, put it on Keira Wayren's tab. HE nodded and looked at frank. "I'll get two shots of gold tequila." I wrinkled my nose at his request and I muttered "A tall glass of coke with rum in it." Frank looked at me smirked. "Planning on getting drunk later?" I nodded and took a large gulp of my drink and looked at all the dancing freaks and smiled. "This is home." I thought.

03-15-2012, 06:50 PM
I smelled something in the air. It reeked of alcohol, drugs, and overall "fun". The corner of my mouth twitched from the smell of alcohol and only reminded me of my thirst. I began to walk away when the cops showed up and started yelling at me to drop my weapon. I only glared over my shoulder to have my eyes turn to a burning red. The sight of my eyes brought the cops to gulp and put away their own weapons and apologize for their stupidity. I continued on my way, teleporting over above the club that the smell of alcohol was higher. I waited to look around for a nice meal. I saw a cute couple, and from the scent the female was a vampire and the other was a human male. It wasn't Keira and her playmate. But another couple and from the looks of things, the female was hungry. I wasn't going to let her have her meal though. I had special plans for her.

They were laughing and were overall drunk. The girl was acting strange around the guy, which could've been seen to a human as being 'liked'. I leaped into the shadows and waited for them to get closer. She was licking at his neck and things like that. As soon as they were out of sight of everyone else, she got ready to bite him until she heard a loud "Clack!" near her head.

"I don't think so princess." I said in a sinister and menacing way. She turned and tried to hide her fangs but the human saw them and freaked out to try and run away.

"Dammit. What do you want now?" she asked and she seemed like she really needed blood.

"I need some more equipment. Not from here, but rather someone you might know that could help me. I know that if you get more and more equipment, they will suspect something is going on." I stared right into her eyes. "If you would so please."

She sighed and rubbed her forehead, "If they knew I was talking to you..." she seemed like contemplating something.

I frowned, "If you need blood, take some of mine. I don't care. But you better give me information in return."

She looked at me as if I was insane, then slowly walked up and bit into my neck. It felt strange, but I didn't let the feeling of euphoria get to me. When she was finished, she wiped her mouth and backed away.

"His name's Toshiro. You'll find him in the Yakuza district." She said and she was still trembling.

I narrowed my eyes and put a silencer on the pistol to shot the girl multiple times in the heart to destory it completely. She ashed from it, and I shook my head, "Fucking kids nowadays. Can't fucking control their thirst." I leapt back onto the top of the building and watched for any more vampires. I saw a few, but they were respectable and acted as such. But, I had a nagging feeling that something sinister was happening here as well.

03-15-2012, 07:14 PM
I basically started laughing when Frank was pulling me into the dance floor, I danced with him a few times and then pulled him back to get our shots and gulp them down quickly. I looked out towards the door and looked at Frank. "Hey Sugar, want to go hang outside and catch a few drunk guys?" I wagged my eyebrows at him before jerking my head towards a male that was wearing skinny jeans and a Iron Madien hoodie. Frank stared at the male as if he were a female slut winking at him. I stifled a giggle, he frowned at me then smiled. "Let's go Lala Loopsy.." He slurred. I laughed and put my arm around him, both of us slightly staggering towards the male, his eyes lit up when he saw the both of us. "Hey you... want to hang out with is at his place?" I slurred he smiled and nodded. "Yup, this idiot's drunk, he wants to be in my Frankie's pants, I thought and laughed, "Well, come on.." I passed him catching him scent, he was human, so I didn't have to worry much. -TS- WE got to Frank's place and picked out a couple other guys and chicks, all were humans andd I laughed as everyone went in before me. I looked at Frank and he nodded his head, I mouthed thanks to hima dn plopped on to the couch and looked at my second home. We all got wasted and most of them left except the first guy who adressed himself as "Jay" I laughed and knocked on Frank's door and told him I was heading back and told him to "Wear a condom before you goes off the deep end" and took off laughing when he yelled "Keira! Dammit!" I staggered back home slowly, I lit a cigarette and looked up t the moonless sky and exhaled. "Man, I'm going to have a harsh hangover tomorrow." I stubbed out the remains of my cigarette and sat down on a bench.

03-15-2012, 07:29 PM
"You certainly are." I spoke from the shadows behing her. She had noticed me following her so she brought me out here in the open. I didn't lik this one bit. I kept my distance but walked to where I was visibly in her line of sight. "Aight you the party freak. Think the world is perfect and fun as always. I tell you one thing I've learned form the agency. They'll screw you in the ass any chance they'll get." I remarked towards her, not really trying to create a conversation. I kept talking so she couldn't butt in, "If you need help at any time, call this number. And don't think of even trying to trace the call, it will lead you to a dead end and for anyone else trying to trace the call."I flicked a card to the bench that landed perfectly near her hand and then I teleported some distance away to drink from a bottle of scotch and a little mix of whiskey. It cut the edge off the bite on my neck.

I figured she wouldn't need my help, but I knew that at some point she was going to hit rock bottom. Especially, with her wild spark that I assume she got from being turned too soon or was forced into our world. She still hung onto her human side, a trait that could get her killed

03-15-2012, 08:09 PM
I didn't understand Kiba one bit, my head wobbled a little but I was clear enough as to call him if so needed help for it. I looked at the card and number and scoffed. "Just because I act human doesn't mean I could get killed easily. It just means I'm good at working undercover." I smiled at the nobody who past by and winked at me. I flipped him off in an unlady-like manner and staggered away back to my place. "Well, Well, Well, If it isn't Party animal Keira, have a good playdate with your lil human?" Mitch asked, the second Receptionist. "Fxxk off, Mitch...go suck another guys bean pole for all I care..." I slurred, my head was already spinning and I needed my coffee. I heard him mutter " Geezuz, can't she be a little more vampire-like? She reeks of human and booze." I stopped in mid stagger. "Hey Mitch, you wanna know why I don't act like you guys? because I'm better at hiding it, I'll only show it by any means nescissary. Up yours arse." I finished and walked up the stairs to my floor and opened the door, and collapsed right on to the bed and fell asleep.

03-16-2012, 02:28 PM
I smelled something foul in the air. It smelled like the agency. I turned to be looking at Director Tsunami who was walking with two of his guards. I narrowed my eyes and took a swig of my scotch before asking, "Whadda you want?" He just continued to walk until he was nearby and looked at me with an irritated look, "You've got some nerve showing up in my part of town." I just chuckled at him, as if he could do anything to me. He was far younger than I was, and just as naive. I took another swig and looked at him to spit it out and spray him with it, "Up your's, Kid." He showed that he was irritated, but I lit a cigarette and took drags on it, "What do you want from me? I've done enough for the agency..." He sighed and said, "You've been doing clean up work that has been making us lose profits. I want you to stay out of our business." He hit a nerve, a major nerve with me. I took a drag of the cigarette to get it to burn a bright red and then flicked it at him to light the alcohol on fire, "Then stay out of mine." I teleported a far distance away to be sitting on top of a church building, I then waited for dawn.

03-16-2012, 05:48 PM
I slept until the next morning, I woke up with a very harsh headache, "oohh.....sonofabitch...." I groaned, I realized I shouldn't have drank so much. I squinted at the morning light and atempted to sit up without so much pain. I was actually so grateful the sun was clouded over with a light drizzle of rain, I wasn't in the mood to look pink this morning. I decided to make my coffee and take at least some sort of pain killers. I got up and did what I had to, drank three cups of coffee, had a cigarette, took pills, showered and put on a set of clean clothes. "I hate it when I drink so much, at least it's not as bad as I thought it was this time around..." I thought I went back to the kitchen and drank the rest of the coffee from the pot and make a new brew. I opened the window and sighed. "Nothing like the smell of Jersey in the morning." I muttered to myself. I had a feeling I would have a predictable visitor coming so I left the window open for him I scoffed and shoook my head. I called up Frank on my cell only to hear him grumbling at Jay to stop whining. "Heyy Babes, How was your night eh?" I asked, a smile playing on my face. "Oh you kow, it was the usual, gotta go, Jay's whining non-stop now. Talk laterz, Love Bye!" He said cheerily, I bid my goodbye and snapped the phone shut. I turned my stereo on and out blasted the Mistfits' song "Astro Zombie" I smiled and sung along with it and started dancing around happily.

03-16-2012, 06:26 PM
The smell of her scent was almost palpable. I woke up to it on the roof in the same position I was in the night before. "Ugh...damn kids." I said aloud to myself as I lit up a cigarette to block out her smell. I don't know why I could smell it. Maybe it was just carried along on a wind current. I didn't care. But I teleported to the street she was on and I waited for a half hour before walking across the street to meet a human drug dealer who was all hyped up on the drugs he was "selling". I looked around and before anyone would notice I shot him in the head with a quarter. It was more like a flick of my wrist that had the quarter buried in his cerbral cortex. He slumped to the ground and it seemed like he just fell asleep right on the spot. I picked up his body and walked into a building that was full of girls that were too young to be prostitutes but they were against their own will. I walked up the steps with the girls moving out of my way, and I realized it was because my eye's had a red hue to them in the light. I knocked on a door that had the sign of "113 B" and the person looked through the peek-hole. I put the barrel of my pistol in the eye piece and fired a shot. The door splintered and imploded against the force of the bullet tearing through it.

The remaining guys grabbed the weapons they had nearby and tried to fire at me but I tossed the dead guy's body through the door. It caught all the bullets and was practically mangled. With inhuman speed, I ran in and fired off a bunch of rounds that completly tore apart the guys in the room. I missed one on purpose, and he was in a corner, freaking out after watching his friends being torn apart. I walked in loading my gun and stood towering above him. I narrowed my eyes at him and asked in a menacing and demanding tone, "Who told you to do this?" The guy almost immediately spit it out, "The...the...the Yakuza...Please....don't kill me." I smirked and said, "If you give me more info, I just might let you live. Give me a name." He shook and seemed like he didn't want to say anything, but he finally said, "Zabuza Nakamura." I walked away from him and lit a cigarette, I turned and look at him with a smile and then I flicked it into the room. An explosion shortly followed from the room being a meth lab. It incinerated anything in the room, and as I walked down the steps I looked at the girls, "Go home. And if I catch any of you doing this work ever again or if I catch you high on meth. You will pay hell." I said it in a very serious and deadly sort of way. All of the girls left and I walked out in the street and laughed manically. 'And I thought I wasn't the heroic type.' I thought to myself before I disappeared to be on the roof of Keira's apartment complex.

03-16-2012, 08:12 PM
I caught his scent and I smiled to myself. I drank another cup of coffe and got up, I went to the bathroom and put my red eyeliner and other make up on, I put an 'x' over each eye in black eyeliner and smiled at myself, I turned my cd of The Misfits to My Chemical Romance and started humming and dancing around like a teenager, laughing and having fun. I stopped after a while and looked arounf my bedroom, "Where's my unicorn that Frankie got for me?" I asked myself. "Mr. Sparklez!" I yelled giggling to myself, I knew I was acting like a child, but could I help it really? Nope. I laughed and grabbed my big bag of skittles and ate a few while I was looking for my stuffed unicorn. Ocasionally calling out it's name I've given it as if it could call back. I got a call from Frank as soon as I found my Mr. Sparklez. "Heller, suup Frankenstein?" I asked he laughed and told me that he wanted to hang out at his place tonight. I smiled and wondered if I was going to get drunk off my ass again. "Sure thing Babe, I'll bring my MCR, Misfits, and Iron Maiden disks over and microphone." I stated he and I soon bid eachother goodbye and hung up. I started dancing to "Prison" and dancing around with my bang of skittles inside my Mr. Sparklez and laughing.

03-19-2012, 02:33 PM
I lit up another cigarette and jumped down to be sitting on the ledge of Keira's window, "You are one strange woman..." I spoke it loud enough for her to hear through the pane of glass. I just kept on smoking and looking around at the people that thought I was strange to be sitting on a ledge. I sat back against the window, just to wait. Not sure of what would happen, but I hoped she didn't open the window on my old ass.

03-19-2012, 03:02 PM
The window was open and I let out a maniacal giggle. "Yup, Just like how you're weird for not wearing RayBans in the day light!" I turned up my stereo when the song changed to "Give 'em Hell Kid" I grabbed Kiba from behind and pulled him in, dropping him on the couch and running off dancing silly and singing along. I looked around in my room for my hair straightener and decided to jump on my bed.

03-19-2012, 03:36 PM
I blinked a few times. She didn't just grab me from the window. She didn't just land me on the couch. The couch! I jumped off the couch and sat at one of the table chairs. "I have no idea what you do on that couch. And I'd rather not know." I spoke out loud to her while she was acting like a kid. Nothing wrong with that, I guess. Better to live like you were still alive.

03-19-2012, 04:37 PM
"I never sit on the couch, I'm always locked up in my room either drawing, writing, or playing my bass." I called back I jumped off the bed and stumbled into the living area and took a drink of my scalding coffee. "Why are you like...hm nevermind I don't want to ask." I stated before finishing my previous sentence. I giggled at the way he assumed I do my bussiness on the most turn-off area. "You know, I'm practically innocent, only because I had an asshole as the father of my now unborn, dead child." I looked a little sad at mentioning it. "Oh well, what's in the past stays there, no need for running a fresh blade over healing scars." I smiled and ran back into my room, jumping on to it. I pulled out a sketch pad and began drawing, totally ignoring the way he's glaring at my childish behaviour. "You can help yourself to coffe and whatever's in the fridge." I muttered, loud enough for him to hear. I stopped drawing and looked up and listened to the floor above me. "Dammit Rizo... I better not have to do a mission with you..." I thought, shaking my head and I started humming to "Thank You For The Venom" and drawing out my newest character for a comic. "So why are you in Jersey? I thought I sent you towards Alaska." I mumbled. I took another gulp of coffee. I flicked my head to the side to move my fringe from my eyes.

03-19-2012, 05:37 PM
I smirked. She didn't know how I worked. "Many people have ears in places you have not heard of. If I went that night, I'd be a pile of ash right now." I retorted while standing up to get a small cup of coffee. I haven't eaten in over 50 years. No use trying to start again. I sat down and continued to explain, "The people I'm hunting can be called 'allies' by the agency. But in reality, it's very far from the truth. I'm sure you already know this. You really aren't THAT young." Another sip and slight sigh. "Anyways, I don't see the use in explaining myself to a kid like you..." Looked out the window, watching the apartment building across the street burn from the meth lab explosion. 'If he knows, where will he run to now? He doesn't have many places left. Now, it only a matter of time...' I thought to myself as I took another sip of the coffee.

03-19-2012, 06:34 PM
"Hey, I'm not a kid, I'm technically 76, but I have my physical age at 22 years. I act like a kid because it keeps me from going infuriated with hate and demise, I never want to go that way again..." I looked down and shook my head. "As if you would care..." I stopped myself from saying anything else and I turned and grabbed my bass and leather jacket and put my glasses on. "You can rest and whatever, just.. just don't dig around, you don't need to know about my past. REst, eat, drink, whatever. I'm going out." I muttered as I passed by him. I kept my head down and put my ipod on my MCRmy list and began walking down and looked and gave a nod to Jason, He smiled and told me to be careful. I nodded and walked as fast as I could to Frank's house.

As soon as I got there I opened the door and called out to Frank. "Hey there Love, what's wrong?" He asked. I shook my head and told him to call up Nick, Todd, and Keller. He nodded and rung everyone up. Soon enough everyone was there, I pulled everything in and began playing the intro to "The Forgotten Bullet", soon everyone came in and we practiced for about an hour on that song. I shook my head sat down. "So, who's ready to get drunk and practise somemore?" I asked, everyone nodded in agreement. I got up with Frank and followed him into the kitchen. "Keira...I was wondering, how would it be if you and I stayed best friend forever?" He was going to bring it up, I knew I couldn't ignore it or dodge it. "Frankie, I love you and all, but what if you end up in a craze and go rogue?" I looked sadly into his eyes, he was only 21, and I couldn't take his youth away just like it happened to me. "But you can take me to the agency and let them decide right?" he asked he was pleading now, I couldn't say no to him, I had to spoil him. "I will take you to the boss tomorrow. I promise., now lets get this party started and get to jamming out this hell out of us." I stated smiling at him, he returned the smile and hugged me. I shook my head and grabbed a beer, taking a swig before going back to my bass.

03-19-2012, 07:26 PM
Tsk. Pertinent brat. She was different than the rest. I could tell that much. But her past was of no concern of mine. I was only focused on my objective. She just happened to be a very useful source of information. "187, eh? Heh, I'm way older than you think..." I spoke to no one but myself. I smiled slightly and finished my coffee to leave out the door. I walked through the lobby and the guy at the front desk looked at me strangely. I only grinned slightly and gave him a glance to show him the red sheen to my eyes. He was reaching for the phone, but put it away after seeing my eyes. I walked outside and began my way to the airport. It would take awhile, but I could manage. I mean seriously, I have all of eternity.

03-20-2012, 12:16 PM
I was in the briefing room preparing for my mission to gather intel on the w.o.l.v.e.s who were reported by the last team to go to be kidnapping human children and turn them into wolves. I was suppose to be receiving support from a member from the other team member who was up there. I packed my B.P (blood packs), silver bullets and my daggers trimmed with silver. I also packed H.W (holy water) just incase of rouge vampires.

03-20-2012, 03:13 PM
I got back from Frank's place at 4PM and I was only a little buzzed. I walked by JAson and he looked at me and was smirking. I knew what he was think "Whatever Jason!" I had a headache after that, he was sniggering now. "Call Rizo for me Sugar, I need to talk to that arse.." I said softer this time, he nodded and rung him up. I sat down and groaned. "I can't believe I'm going to talk to him" I thought, shook my head and waited for JAson's answer.

03-20-2012, 06:32 PM
I sat in the airliner and looked over the land below me. Not many knew of our existence and we liked it that. At least, that how us Old Ones liked it. It was a "thrilling" experience for the younger generation of vampires to try and get attention they don't need. Call it an attention complex if you will. I had the only seat in First Class, compliments of my connections within "normal" society. I never kept many, but the ones that I did have gave me the best information and luxuries I could afford. Simple things for saving their lives, I guess. 'Such fragile creatures. So emotional over things that have no use in our world. Easily broken by the simple tragedies of life.' I thought to myself as I made my way to Anchorage, Alaska. I have some hunting to do and I swear if I see one agency member...I narrowed my eyes at the thought. Not that they could do anything anyway.

03-20-2012, 07:56 PM
I saw Frank walk in and sit next to me. "Hey there Frankie baby." I mumbled, he returned with a tired grunt. "Are you ready? I'll take you to the boss," I looked over to Jason and he nodded the okay to visit Darrian. "Let's get going." I muttered. He followed me into the elevator, we soon got up to the 7th floor. I knocked on the door and heard a grumbled "enter" I walked in and sighed. "Darrian, I have a request from my human friend, He wants to be of the V.A.M.P.s I've given him my approval, but remember, we need to lock him in the room, I won't be here after I give him what he wants. I can't bear hearing him in pain or his heart beat becoming faint." I explained softly, Darrian nodded and looked at Frank. "How old?' he asked. I stated "he's going to be 22 tomorrow..." I sighed and looked over at Frank, He was nodding determinedly. I smiled a little for his courage to become something like me. "We'll start on my birthday, tomorrow night." Frank spoke, Darrian smiled and shook his hand. "Welcome to the V.A.M.P.s Ind." Darrian responded. "I'll let you into my room, then we'll go out and celebrate of you becoming a V.A.M.P." I muttered, I was a little excited, but when it's your best friend of 5 years you simply can't help but be a little saddened that you're the one to bite and inject him with your own blood to replace the one you took. I nodded my head towards Darrian and went out the door and waited outside while Frank finished the paperwork and what not. "Dammit, I hope after this, I don't go into dominance or fertility if I let him bunk with me." I thought, I heard a muffled sniggerfrom behind me and knew Darrian heard my thoughts. "Arsehole.." I thought and he stopped.

03-21-2012, 01:40 PM
I walked through the airport, walking by a bunch of on-the-go shops by some human compaines like Starbucks, McDonalds, you name it. I got near the exit by security and I saw my daughter. She was tapping her foot as if she was waiting on something. I picked up my pace to get over to her and lightly slap her, "What are you doing here?" I spoke in a reprimanding tone. She knew not to meet up with me. Yet, she still did. "Well, it's good to see you too." She had said it in an irritated and angered sort of way. I looked at her and noticed some guys looking at her in a way that would be construed as messed up. I glared at them with my eyes turning red and the grins they had faded from their faces.

"Why are you doing this? It hurts mom just as much as it hurts me." She stated in my face.

"You both won't understand. You are both a different species. You wouldn't know anything of honor or respect. When Aido died, my honor was offended. Think of the anciet samurai I taught you of. I used to be a samurai. I have to do this on my own." I looked her in the eyes and I showed no difference.

"Is anyone your friend? Do you even trust your family? Why are you so cold and unloving in your endeavor for vengeance?" She had raised her voice and punched me in the chest.

I didn't reply because she had started to cry and she hugged me. I didn't even hug back. I didn't want my shame to fall onto her. My failures in life I would not let it affect her. But even still, it did. I can't tell you how painful it was to treat her in such a way. I can't tell you how much I wanted to hug her and make it seem like I cared like I actually did. The only thing I wanted more than anything was to strengthen the bond between me and my daughter. I closed my eyes and opened them to be standing there alone. She always had the ability to reach people from long distances through a person's dream state area of their mind. I continued to walk and waited outside after lighting up a cigarette.

03-21-2012, 06:06 PM
I woke up in my room, I smelled coffee and what seemed like Frank cajun. I groaned at what I awoke with, my head was killing me. "What..whathell?" I slurred groaning in pain. My head was killing me so I got up and stumbled into the kitchen. "Hey there Keira. Want some coffee?" Frank asked almost a little too bubbly."Frank seriously has to cut down on the sugar...wait am I being a hypocrite?...whatever" I thought, before I spoke, I yawned and stretched. "Yeah, Hold the Cajun, though.." I mumbled, making him laugh. "Actually I didn't cook, Todd came over and cooked, but he had to leave just a while ago so I guess I turned our breakfast into Cajun." He explained, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "I smiled at him and gulped down the coffee. "Let's go out for brunch." I stated and grabbed my jacket.

03-22-2012, 07:10 PM
I stood there outside the airport in the area where people were supposd to smoke. I smoked for a few minutes and waited some more. My contact was supposed to meet me here in five minutes. Not sure what would happen, but I never really trusted him/her.

03-22-2012, 07:59 PM
After about going everywhere from our favorite stores, to our favorite hangouts all the way up to inviting my friends over for a band seesion, at least before letting everyone know what Frank was planning to do, I said its going to be the rebirth of our Frankie. They knew exactly about what I was talking about, they all knew what I was, but they still nodded and gave me and Frank a hug before finishing up by playing our favorite song, I handed my bass to Keller and switched to singing. I personally thought I was worthless in everything I did, I always degraded myself as the type who "can't do anything talented." I looked to Keller and nodded, he looked at Todd, his brother and they started the intro, followed by Frank and Nick. I started the singing to My Chemical Romance's song, Sleep. Everyone was giving this song the most emotionally rawness it needed and as soon as it ended, the next I knew, Keller looked at me and started to play "Rationality and Imangination" One of the songs I had made when I first started in this band. I slowly hear everyone start to play, I began singing, "You're eyes, lost windows into that painted soul, you're games never did work, Baby you're just sorry you never had the Raitionality and Imagination, You'll never get this chance again, Baby, You've lost it... You've lost it..." I looked at everyone and they nodded. "Hey, Ellena, You really are the best singer/bassist I've known, but when it comes to that time, maybe the rest of us might get to play across the world." Keller spoke up after being quiet for what seemed like hours but were only minutes. "Yeah, after Frank's recovered, Let's go and sign up for gigs, b ut while Frank's getting treated to live like me, I'll be out doing dumb missions, so Promise?" I asked after explaining what's going to go down. They all nodded and I let them out and drove them all hom, leaving Frank with me.

03-26-2012, 03:48 PM
I saw my contact's car pull up and I stubbed the cigarette I was smoking and walked up to the car. The passenger side window rolled down and a person wearing dark sunglasses and a "Network" business suit put a manilla folder out and I walked up to grab it. I nodded and walked away and the car speeled away. I sit at one of the bench's and open the folder along the top with my nail. I pull out the content's and look over an assassination order sent out for "Rido Siyagawa" and also his last known address. I look over the information and some more to memorize the things I needed. I then took my lighter out and lit the pages on fire. All the while, staring at the picture of the guy I have hunted for nearly 50 years. I used the flame from the paper to light another cigarette. I took a few drags and let the paper burn on the ground.

03-27-2012, 04:30 PM
After the operation and everything, I took the signed papers to the main office and handed them in, I got a mission's folder in return and looked around for Rizo, "Still not back..?" I thought to myself, I had to catch the next flight into Anchorage to find him, I sighed and went back to my room, grabbed my daggers and holy water embedded 40 cal bullets. I sighed and signed the papers and grabbed my ticket. -TL- I arrived at Anchorage hours later, I looked around and spotted a small flame next to something familiar, I groaned and walked the other direction and went off to W.O.L.V.E.S. Ind. I knew some people there, and they were, in return kind and tolerate of me. I made sure I dropped my weapons off at the building and smiled at the person behind the main office desk and told her what I had to do, she nodded and gestured with her hand to where to look. I thanked her and walked off, taking a dagger in case a rogue decided to jump me.

03-27-2012, 05:55 PM
From the moment she looked at me, I disappeared from sight after a passerby had blocked her vision of me sitting there. I was now looking over the building that he was to be found at. I loved having the advantage of elevation. I stared down at the building with murderous intent, I have waited on this for far too long. Movement in one of the window's caught my eye and I saw one of the agency's squad in the building now. A weird type of old instinct that had surfaced when I was with the agency. One of the othr elderly vampires that was older than I had told that it was "Ascendency". A sort of coming of age thing. I smiled. I was going to cherish being able to kill them. I bent down to leap into the building when I heard, "Wait! Not yet. They are still prepared to kill you. They are restless and think that you aren't coming. Wait longer." I cared little to see who it was or if it was even real. Sanity is something to lose when you haven't eaten or drank blood in over a century or longer.

03-28-2012, 04:26 PM
I was still searching for Rizo but to my luck, I couldn't find the arse. I sighed and sat in the middle of the park, not caring that the small drizzle was pelting me. I groaned and let the water hit me softly, I sighed and got back up looking around. "I may as well go back to my hotel room, Rizo might find me if I can't find him, damn jerk..." I thought, I suddenly wanted coffee, and skittles. I called a taxi and waited for it.

03-28-2012, 05:52 PM
I had waited another ten minutes before I leaped through the air to land through glass. The guys that were there were completely caught off guard. Two of them tried to aim at me, but I already had my pistol aimed and I pulled the trigger twice to nail them both in the head. The mangled mess of their bodies were the only thing that remained of them. The others were trying to load their rifles and what not. I drop kick one and punch the other through the balcon's window. I toss the last guy towards the window I came in through and he caught himself with the edges of it. I smirked, "Feeling a bit squeamish?" I asked towards him and I walked up to where he was and I put my foot on his chest with light pressure to cause him to try and balance it out so he didn't fall out it. "Good..." I pushed hard and watched as he fell 23 stories down to his death.

03-29-2012, 04:58 PM
I groaned and paid the driver for dropping me off in Downtown Anchorage, my senses told me someone was on a bloodspree. I shook my head and walked into the coffe/comic shop and ordered my coffee, skittles and a new comic. I sat down and started reading.

04-03-2012, 01:54 PM
I would wait. I knew what he would try to do now. He was way too predictable. Which kind of worried me. Normally, you'd think a hunteed prey would try everything to avoid the predator. But this guy was way beyond trying anything. He had tried everything he thought would work. I light another cigarette and I felt a pulse. Not from my heart, but from the scent of blood. It was my hunger again. My head began to ache and I sat at the edge of the window to smoke and lightly run my hand through my own hair. 'Fuck...I didn't think it would be this bad.' I thought to myself. An image flashed in my own mind. It was an image of my daughter. Bad news. That's all I knew that meant.

04-04-2012, 03:18 AM
I sat there sipping and popping a skittle in every now and then, flip through the pages slowly, I really didn't like reading the simple dialogue ir small paragraphs, but more the artist's skillful artwork of superheroes and villains. I couldn't help but take my time and chuckle every once in a while, to make sure no one saw I was actign weird. In my opinion, I am weird. That's not really much of an argument for my other half. I sighed and looked up in time to notice someone staring at me from another table, his eyes were creeping me out, so I averted them and looked back at my comic. I still felt the creep's eyes on me, so I got up and left, knowing ti may have been as a warning s to what he might do to me if I let him follow, I cursed under my breath and walked towards the hotel I was staying at, he kept following me until he finally spoke. "You Human or you a vampire?" His accent was rather different from a New Jersean's or Alaskan's. I made a note of that. "Hey I'm talkin' to yah, You human or a vamp?" He asked, he sounded irritated that I was ignoring him, I turned around and smiled at him, my fangs were smaller than the average vampire's but were noticable. "Yes, and why would you foolow me? I'm not hiding anything. Nor am I scared of you, so why don't you just go back and look for another victim." I spoke, my jersey accent, dripping heavily with each word. I had a habit of speaking from one side of my mouth and somewht of nibbling on my lip when I'm thinking. I turned back around and walked away leaving the man either puzzled or shocked. "This...Is going to be a looong night." I thought bitterly.

04-04-2012, 01:35 PM
I bit into my own lip to cut deep into my own flesh. If he ever so as tries to touch my little girl...Just the thought itself was too much to even think about. I needed to find her. I knew where they lived almost all the time. No matter how much they moved, I knew. A strange way that my instincts would kick in. The same way I knew that she was here in town. I wonder if she was following me, but something told me naught. I stood and when the police finally arrived up on my floor, I turned to glance at them before I "disappeared". I was walking some five to six blocks over. Near Bragaw area, near the downtown area.

04-04-2012, 04:12 PM
I glared at a few people when they sneered at me or made a comment like "jersey scum" I snarled letting them know who they were dealing with. I coughed once and looked atround at my surroundings. I felt like I was being watched, but I shrugged it off and advanced towards my hotel room.

04-04-2012, 05:33 PM
I was just walking and not paying attention. Kind of like being half awake and half asleep. I looked up and there was that bitch again. I drooped my head with a heavy sigh and a muttered, "Damn it..." I just continued to walk and ignored her the best I could. What she was doing here, was none of my damn business. I had my own and she had her own as well. I turned to see agency workers following shortly behind me. I quickened my pace and looked for a place to ambush them.

04-04-2012, 08:44 PM
The next morning after I had a report on my hotel table, I looked at it saying Rizo was located now in Greenland, I grimaced and burned the rest. I knew I had to go back to Jersey now, so I paid for my night and walked back to the Comic/Cafe store and bought The Watchmen, Batman, Spiderman, and The X-Men. I bought a large coffee, black, and two bags of skittles. I paid for everything and walked out, I needed to catch a plane, or better yet, a person to ask of what his rude thought about me was for. I looked everywhere for him, and sat down, giving up on him. I sighed "Why in this world you can never have any fun, let alone a friend from someplace else? God I hate being alive!" I muttered under my breath, I was wearing my RayBans, the annoying late dawn still irritated me, I remembered this place very well when I was a kid. I sighed thought about wanting to visit my parent's graves, before I thought about it and rationalizing, I decided it would be a great deal for them. I started walking towards the cemetary when I bumped into someone whose scent caught my attention. "M'sorry." I muttered before walking away without a single glance. I sighed, as I finshed my first bag of skittles and downed the rest of my coffee. I took out a cigarette and bit down on it, takign a slow appreciated drag. I sat down right infront of my Mother and Father's graves. I stubbed it out halfway and looked at the tombstones. "Hi Ma, Hey Dad. Long time no see. I miss yah." I mumbled I touched the stones and felt a mourning tear glide down my paled face from under my sunglasses. I laid down over their graves as if I were lying with them, I did miss them dearly, but with what I had to do at least until I was ready to let it all go, I wasn't aloud to see them. I sighed and stayed like that for what seemed like hours, when in reality, was minutes.

04-05-2012, 03:56 PM
The look of unbearable pain on her face wasn't so different from the way my daughter looked when I told her about what I was planning to do. I watched her for a lil and then turned my gaze away to let her visit her parents in peace. When she bumped into me, I thought I was going to hit whoever bumped into me until I saw her face. I lit my own cigarette as my own memories flooded my mind from the sight of her. In many ways she reminded me of my daughter. I hoped, that she would someday find the peace she needs to deal with things. The road I wished I could take. But blood and revenge had soiled my hands. "Just keep following in that path...little brat." I whispered under my breath as I walked away without my cigarette.

04-05-2012, 04:20 PM
I got up and wiped the tears from my eyes, my body was shaking as I got up. I grabbed what was left of my stuff and walked out towards the park, calling for ataxi to take me to the airport. -TL- I got back to Jersey and walked straight to Damian's office. I looked around and saw who I wanted to see after a few days of the torment he went through. "Frankie!" I practically tackled him into the couch and let a few more tears out, I didn't let go of him and he knew where I was, he easily picked me up and walked me back to our room. I was still crying as silent as possible until I fell asleep curled up next to him.

04-05-2012, 05:26 PM
When the agency found me, I was sitting in my own blood. A lit cigarette in my mouth barely able to get a drag off of it. The room was just one giant blood bath and the body I was sitting on was my target. I made sure he was dead. His family was also eliminated. A task I had trouble dealing with myself. The tac-lites didn't do anything to my eyes and I waited for one of them to fire off a shot. I already had a stake pretty damn close to it's target sticking out of my chest. My vision began to blur and my thoughts swam aorund. The voices I heard were distorted, I blinked a few times before my blood loss and the silver in my bloodstream began to affect me. I hit the floor and I stared out across the expanse of the warehouse floor to see a small pair of feet running. Or maybe, it was just what I wanted to see. Then I saw nothing. The blank space of time when one is either dead or unconscious. I stared at a phantom of myself telling my daughter what I was going to do, the dialogue was inaudible but I could remember every word. The images froze and I sat down on a chair that was illuminated by an unknown source of light, and waited.

04-08-2012, 06:30 AM
I had just awoke on my bed and I sat up too quickly for my own good. I groaned and smelled something burning again. I chuckled and sighed with relief that he still had an apetite for human food and not the human themselves. I stumbled into the room and looked at him. "Hey...how's the cajun comin along?" I asked in a quiet voice. "He shrugged and gave me a silly grin. "Pretty swell, considering you're going to have to help me eat it. Oh and How was Ma and Dad?" He asked, I knew he heard my dreams again, he stayed with me until the break of morning. "It was a fine day to visit them, I could've swore they told me to come home soon.. but I think I have to wait a little longer. Now that I have a formidable companion, perhaps you and I could take to the highway missions." I laughed when he blushed and sput burnt toast and bacon on two plates. "Uh, Frankie, sugar, you know I don't eat meat. Remember, I'm a vegetarian." He looked at me shook his head setting it down. "I know, that's why we're eating soy bacon." I sighed with relief. I loved his cooked food, just not when he tried to make it with meat, which was very rare. I finished eating and took about 3 cups of coffee to drown it down. "Damn Elena..." I shot a frown at him. "I'm not going to be called by my original name, it's Keira when we're home and around our comerades." He nodded and smiled doing the dishes, 'he was never intimidated by my frowns and glares, what should make a difference now?' I thought. "The difference is that I could hear everything you want to think about me." He answered. I frowned and heard him chuckle. We have to see Damian, he said to inform you that a dude named Kiba was captured after the slaughter of a rogue and his family. "I sighed and shook my head. Well, We better get going then Hun, I don't want my ass chewed out this time.

04-09-2012, 02:16 PM
I stared at the white ceiling of the cell. The machine on the left side of where I was laying down was diffusing the silver from my bloodstream. And when the time came, I knew that they would want an answer for what I've done. For all I cared, that sonofabitch was dead. 'After how many years dad?' I heard the thought enter my mind. I looked down to my where my feet were. 'Far too long...sweetie. You have to move on now. I'm not going to be there all the time, but I know you can handle yourself. Don't think I don't know what you did to that last boyfriend who tried to hurt you.' I sent the thought back and then sealed off my mind. Too many damn mind readers here in the agency. I felt a sharp pain as the machine did another spin for silver dioxide in my bloodstream. It almost seemed like torture. Now, all I can do is wait for what ever they have planned for me. 'I left the agency so damn long ago they probably don't even have the records for it' I thought to myself with a chuckle.

04-09-2012, 03:33 PM
I knocked on the door of Damian's office. After about a few more knocks I heard him grunt "come in." I walked in with Frank behind me. He looked up and asked me and Frank to sit down. I sat down and looked up with fear clearly on my face. "What happen?" he asked. "Were you there when he slaughtered the family?" I shook my head and frowned. "I never knew his true intention, all I knew was that he was looking for someone. So, I don't know what he was thinking. But he did talk to me every once in a while. I never really acknowledge him much." I stated. Damian nodded and sighed. "I need you to watch over him until he's in full health and good enough to leave us again. Just amke sure he gets the medication and food. I would hate to see you fail this mission." He looked up at me and frowned. "What?!? Are you fxxkin kidding me Damian?! I just got back and now I have babysit someone who hates my guts?! Damn it Damian! You owe me BIG TIME!" I screeched the last words and stomped away. "Well, she took that well." Damian said quietly. "Yup. I'm surprised the Sass Monster didn't break anything." Frank replied. I snarled and walked back to my room.

04-09-2012, 07:41 PM
I caught her scent from the ventilation shaft. I gritted my teeth, 'Uh-oh, missy aight happy at all...' I thought to myself as I waited. The images from the night before flickered across my vision and I blinked a few times to try and get it to go away. The image of that little girl's face still lingered in my vision. I sat up and tore out the IV needle from my arm, I bit into my lip and drew blood. The girl's face began to twist into my own daughter's face. I held a hand against my head as a head-splitting headache set in. Withdrawals from not having a smoke for more than 24 hours also didn't help. I felt like I was alright, but my world felt like it was shaking. The reality here is, I was actually shaking not the other way around. "That little girl...Gomen Nasai" I spoke shakily and as quietly as I could.

04-10-2012, 04:19 PM
I walked into the recovery room just in time to see my 'friend' sit up and grip his head. I sighed 'Okay, so this is going to be fun, I wonder how long it will be until he decides to....know what I'll just skip this thought, because he's not allowed to kill me, even if I asked.' I inhaled and walked over to him, and held out a Newport to him. I opened the window and lit my cigarette up. Looking up I could tell he wasn't pleased that the agency recollected him and brought him here to be babysat by what he calls "A bratty kid" I let out an unattractive snort. 'Oh real smooth Elena...now he's really impressed. Oh whatever, I'm not trying to impress I'm just following order and possibly letting him laugh at my debating thoughts.' I stubbed out the remains of my 'cancer stick' and sat on the chair next to him. "So, you get briefed by Damian?" I asked, my eyes glaring at my Converse.

04-10-2012, 05:18 PM
I lit the cigarette with an ability of mine, took a few drags, and exhaled with a relaxed breath. I looked at her directly in the eyes with some slight irritation behind my eyes, "You agency brats...so damn caught up in being secretive about everything. No, I didn't get "briefed" about what I'm doing here or about why I'm still here. I should be a pile of ash right now." I looked out the wind with the cigarette sticking out of the corner of my mouth, 'You are one strange little girl, you know that?' I sent the thought directly into her mind. My expression then changed to boredom. Bored. Such a human word. 'I'll be home soon...' I sent the thought to someone I cared for deeply. She had waited to meet me for nearly 200 years or maybe more. I can't exactly remember since it's been so long.

04-10-2012, 05:39 PM
The chair behind me screeched when he he called me 'brat' again. "Look I don't like you anymore than you don't like me. So you mind if we just be the good little lab partners until my boss says you can leave, can you do that much in stead of piss me off?!" I glared down at him and turned away when he gave me one of his thoughts. "Of course I'm strange, I act like a human, more human than you could believe, I'm so human I barely drink any blood at all, I'm a vegetarian. But that's about as much info you can get about me." I gave him a side glance and tossed him my Newport pack and lighter. "Keep 'em, you look like you could use them. I'll meet you in room 22." I walked away without a second glance and closed the door lightly. 'God, why did I end up like this?' I asked myself. I saw Frank standing idly by my room. "Hey Frankie, You forget your key?" I asked, he looked up and gave me a guilty smile. "Okay now we have your stuff in my room, you'll be stay in that room with me, and Kiba will get the spare." I sighed and opened the door for him. "Well Kei, looks like you ot two men in your room now, and I wonder what everyone will think." I sniggered at his curiosity. "Frankie, sugar, everyone in this building is either gay, les, or bi, it's rare to find someone straighter than a stripper's pole." He looked up at me and doubled over, laughing I closed the door behind us and shook my head. "I swear, I have to be the most human, sarcastic, teen vampire here. I sat and waited for the new roommate.

04-10-2012, 06:01 PM
I walked in with my hands behind my head in a relaxed stance with another cigarette sticking out of my mouth. I didn't need any of my equipment for awhile. I didn't have the strength to use my pistol anyway. I looked at the other's from the corner of my eye with a glance. I turned down the hallway to the spare room and sat on the bed. 'This is going to get on my nerves...big time.' I thought to myself and I made sure to close of my mind so no one could get into my head or hear my thoughts. 'I need to get out of here. And the only other way to do that is wait for my strength to return. That could take weeks, months, or even years.' I thought as I made tactical plans with my knowledge of the building's blueprints with the photogrpahic memory. I took a drag of the cigarette and exhaled it with an irritated sigh.

04-10-2012, 06:38 PM
"Goddamn arrogant motherf-" I was cut off by Frank's giggles. "Kei! you seriously wouldn't hurt him, He just got out of recovery." I growled and stomped into the room and slammed the door. I turned on my stereo to blast out my Iron Maiden album. I sat down and drew whatever came to my mind, at this point I didn't realize what I was drawing until I heard FRank enter my room. "Elena...you really need to tone those teenage angst tempers of yours." I giggled and hugged him. "I know, I'm sorry Frodo." He tackled me down and grabbed my unicorn, Mr. Sparklez. "NO GIVE HIM BACK!!" I yelled and ran after him.

04-11-2012, 01:54 PM
I sat there leaned over with my elbows resting on my kneecaps, smoking the same cigarette. I looked at the doorknob to the room and the looked at the place where the doorknob would rest if the door was closed. A few seconds later the door closed by itself with a quiet creak. She acted like a kid, but it was her right to. In a weird sort of way, she reminded me of my daughter. I stared out into space remembering the way she treated me the last time I went to visit. 'Full bore heat period', something a friend once told me. The strange thing was that she started acting strange around me, like my presence there had affected her in some way. Maybe she was...No,no,no...Don't let your mind get to you like that. I ruffled my hair and stubbed the cigarette on my hand only to light another one in it's place. "The mind itself is the only prison that one can never escape from, it is your greatest weapon and also your greatest weakness. Remember this, Kiba. It can save you from very questionable situations. Consider it a piece of wisdom form teacher to student." I said it out loud and turned to look at someone standing not far into the room. "Isn't that right, Sensei?" I glared at him from being here. We haven't talked in nearly half a century.

04-11-2012, 02:03 PM
I stopped and looked around my room and sighed. "Hey Frankie, let's go out for a drink. I'm buying tonight!" Frank smiled and looked up "Is that guy coming with us?" I quirked an eyebrow at him and sighed. "Fine...god I swear if I have to share my place with him, do I really also invite him to where ever we go too?" I grumbled. Frank nodded and I got up and knocked on his room door. "Hey Kiba...Frank wanted to know if you'd like to join us for dinner and a drink. Would you like to?" I asked I didn't want to stand there, I just wanted to get out of the awkward situation.

04-11-2012, 02:42 PM
I heard a knock at the door and turned away from my sensei to open the door, "A drink? Shit, kid. I wouldn't mind having one about now." I walked past her and into the living room. I saw Frank and I raised an eyebrow at him, "You are Frank. Closest friend to her, eh? Nice to meet ya. The name's Kiba." I raised my hand out towards him asking for a handshake. I knew this guy. I seriously did. I just can't remember from where. I gave a sincere smile. Any person who offers me a drink, should be given some sign of gratitude. 'That includes the girl you fucking idiotic father...' The thought hit my mind pretty hard, but I knew that. I could wait for her to get out here.

04-11-2012, 02:51 PM
" Nice to meet you too." Frank smiled and took hold of his hand and gave him a firm hand shake before following me into the bathroom, mostlikely to rade my make up. I finished putting on my red eyeshadow and eyeliner. Frank hip bumped me out of the way and grabbed my make up and put some on. "Jesus Frank, you're not going to take Kiba and I to a fxxkin gay bar." He let out a giggle and shook his head. "I know but we're going for pizza then out to Raven's Rave." I nodded. "Okay I'm paying for it all then, it's my treat, but we're buying a cab." He nodded then walked out, I followed and looked at Kiba. "Well, you guys ready?" Frank was nearly out the door when I heard him ask under his breath if I was les. "Frank! You're going to get it!" I yelled and chased after him.

04-11-2012, 07:19 PM
[Flashback]: "Elena Waylen, Please report to the principal's office right now." I groaned and looked over at my old friend Gerald. He nodded and followed, both of us completely ignoring the Math Tacher. "Rotting btich, you'd think she has something better to do than ruin our lives." Gerald just giggled and a concerned look on his face. "What you think it is Elle?" I thought for a moment. "I don't know GeeGee..I truely don't." I made it to the office and he sat down and said he'd wait for me. I went into the principal's office and sat down. He looked at me with a grave espression. "I'm to be the one to tell you this, but your parents called and told me they were going back to Alaska to give your Grandmother, Julie, a funeral at your previous home." I stared at him to see if he was bull-shitting, nope not going to happen he was as serious as a mother saying no to a three year old. "You've got to be kidding, right? I mean I just talked to my grandma yesterday! she said she was fine!" I rose up and walked out, tears running down my face. Gerald stood up and held me closely. "What happened Elle?" his voice was caked with worry, concern, and a tinge of sadness. "My grandma....she...she died. Mum and Dad went back to Alaska to attend her funeral." I was still crying, but I made sure my sobs were super quiet, I looked up at GeeGee and shook my head. Let's go back t my place. I have to do something." He nodded and grabbed our stuff, walking out towards his beat up Volkswagen. I got in and didn't bother buckling up. "Let's go to starbucks first, I think some coffee and skittles would do us some good. I nodded and blared up some Black Flag, 'the only thing to keep us from talking about it...' I thought. [END Flashback]

04-12-2012, 02:38 PM
I was already outside smoking a cigarette whil those two played. I kind of smiled at the antics. Reminded me of when I was younger and trying to make a name for myself. I stood there and hailed a cab and talked the driver into letting all three of us head out, but I told him to wait on us since the other two weren't ready yet. I paid the cab in advance for both trips. I figured I should be nice for the time that I need to recover. 'Gay bar....really? Don't expect me to follow, unless of course...it's one big joke.' I sent the thought to thme both as I smoked. Not much of a night, mostly humans running around and laughing teen driving by. The normal life that I used to love and cherish, but now I abhor and hate it. The city lives and breaths and barely gives anyone th time to breath themselves. Both alive and dead. Sinful and virtuous. 'So, I guess you can say that I know life in the city' I thought to myself while still waiting on the two goofballs.

04-12-2012, 03:07 PM
I looked at Kiba. "Raven's Rave is not gay bar. I was just teasing Frankie." I smiled and snaked my arm around Frank's shoulder. I was still smiling, and I let out a awkward giggle, making Frank double over in laughter, giving away that he just got done smoking a bowl with some douche. I sat down with Frank on my lap and waited for Kiba to sneer and retort to evrything. "If you're so aged then why the hell are you hear? Oh and word got out, I have to men as roommates. So, if anyone, especially the guys, glare at you tell 'em to fxxk off. I'm not interested in anything. I just want to have fun and enjoy my life." I ywaned and poked Frank to get off my lap. "You ass is heavy Frank. You nearly paralyzed my legs." I laughed making him giggled and attempt to pout.

04-12-2012, 05:09 PM
"To tell you the truth, I just want to get as far away from this building as I can" I said aloud. She still thought of me as that cranky old wise ass with nothing better to do other than kill. I sat the farthest away from them both in the cab. I continued to smoke and took one out to hold it near Ms. Righteous, which really wasn't her true name. I figured she could use one. I stared out the window of the cab as we were driven to our location. The cab driver looked in the rear view mirror and paled at seeing my face, "I did not expect to see you in another millenium, my friend." He said it with a thick russian accent. I smiled and replied, "Some things are just better left unknown, right Mikhail?" The cab driver chuckled and then returned to silence as we got to our destination. I stepped out of the taxi first and looked around. Mostly humans, but a few werewolves and vampires here and there.

04-12-2012, 05:55 PM
Just to give the three a thrill, I opened the car door and jumped out. I landed lightly on my feet and smiled at Frank's shocked face that was pressed up against the back window.The cab stopped and Frank flew backwards. I laughed and walked back up to the cab and pointed up at the neon sign. "That's were we needed to be. Thanks." I pulled out the money for the cab and handed it to him. "Let's go Frankie, baby." I smiled and opened the door to the club.

04-20-2012, 07:07 PM
I went in amongst a crowd, still stuck in my "avoid and disappear" mode from my years of hunting down that SOB. I sat with a group of punks and goth in a booth and ordered a drink. I didn't talk to them, but they seemed interested in me because of the scars that ran around my neck and back side of my skull. The chicks digged it, but I could care less. When my drink arrived, I drank it cooly and calmly and it stated that I was in no mood for conversation with them. They took the hint and continued about their lives. But one punk chick pushed the issue and spoke, "What's your name? I haven't seen you or your kind here very often." I twitched at hearing "your kind" in her sentence. The others obviously saw that she hit a nerve. I turned to look at her with a cold, heartless 1,000 yard stare, "And what would you know of "my kind"? You are just a speck of life that is so easy to extinguish. Were it not for those like us, you all would be food for those that see you as such. Tsk. Like you would know anything." I looked away, forgetting my anger and sudden rage to enjoy the night as it was. Watching people in their twenties living the high life. My own memories of that age surfaced and my facial expressions must've showed it since the others around me became quiet and watched in wonder.

04-23-2012, 05:05 PM
I ignored the glares from the punk/goth chicks for hanging with Kiba and Frank, they seemed to assume that being a girl and their companion I was going to tell Kiba off. I just glared back and turned back to my drink, completely ignoring the drunken idiot that's attempting to hit on me. I was doing well until I got shoved into Kiba by him, thats when I got up and glared deadly at the drunkard. "You got a problem with body language or you just that oblivious and obnoxious?" I yelled at him, Frank sat me down and shot him a deadly glare telling the drunk to back off, which he didn't. He, instead grabbed me by the back of my hair and pulls me up I let out a pained growl anf Frank stands up growling.

04-24-2012, 06:06 PM
I saw the situation and in a flash I slammed the guy's head into the bar and held it there with a deadly grip on the back of his neck, "I suggest you apologize to the lady. And what makes you think that you can do something like that? Pray tell, you worthless piece of shit!" I hissed it into his ear loudly enough to cause him to lose some decibels off his hearing. He struggled, but I gripped harder on his neck and a loud pop was heard. I didn't kill him, just caused enough pressure to cause his bones to struggle against the weight of my hand. Instantly, he stopped and started freaking out to stammer out, "Alright, alright. I-I-I'm sorry Miss. I didn't mean anything by it!" I pulled him up and looked at him with a deadly glare, "Now get your FUCKING ass out of this club, before I decide to turn you into a Fillet Mignon!" The guy ran and I returned to my seat with the bouncer and club owner looking at me with some slight concern and admiration for what I did. One of the chicks was looking at me enviously and I hissed at her, "What the fuck you looking at?" But I returned to my drink and ignored them again.

04-24-2012, 06:28 PM
I was given a slight shiver after that. Frank was holding me and checking to see if he had hurt me at all. I shook my head and thanked him. I mumbled my thanks to Kiba then walked away from my drink and disappeared into the dancing group. I had to stay away from the two for a few minutes, I felt at fault for causing a rucket, and I needed to get some air. I saw one of the guys looking for me so I ducked into the girl's powder room. I gagged at the stench of vomit and piss. I looked in the mirror and sighed. I hated the way I looked, I hated seeing the face of a demon, but one thing I did notice when I kept replaying the recent scene, something changed in my eyes. I couldn't decode the look, or feeling, to me it was unearthly and foreign. I guess everything here was foreign to me because I have forgotten what feelings or emotions truly were. I walked back out and smiled at Frank to assure him I was fine.

04-24-2012, 07:29 PM
I felt a tap on my shoulder and I looked to be looking at an old partner of mine. I smiled and extended my hand over my shoulder, "Long time no see, Serah. How you been?" Instead of getting a handshake, I got a full on hug from behind me. Unfortunately for me, I forgot at how big her breasts were. I ignored the sensation and she kind of happily said, "Hey, Kiba! I missed you so much...." And then I spaced out on everything she started saying afterwards. 'I really wished she'd shut up about much she likes me and all that crap.' I thought to myself when something brought me back to Earth. "Wait, You got engaged!?" I said after it registered to my mind that she started talking about her life and things like that. "Where's the punk? I wanna meet the guy that somehow caused you to be all 'normal'." She just giggled and pointed at a guy across the room. He looked like he was in his early twenties, nineteen at best. I looked at Serah with quizzical brow, "Serah! That guy's old enough to be your damn son!" She just started laughing and said, "I like his...'Youthfulness'....heheheh."

I sat there running a hand through my hair, 'Whoa, T.M.I. Big time...' I thought to myself and then I took one big ass swig of my drink and sat down with a surprised and overwhelmed look on my face. 'I can't believe this shit. First off, I have to deal with an asshole who thinks it's funny to be hitting on a 'taken' frenemy of mine. And now, my old partner is saying that she's engaged to some punk ass kid who probably just wants her because of her physical qualities. This is one fucked up night already...' I continued to think to myself. It must have registered on my face since Serah was looking at me kind of funny. I just shook my head and took another swig of my drink. "Hey, bartender! Another drink!" I shouted over the music and the bartender nodded to toss me a bottle. I opened and took one giant drink. ' I am gonna a lot of alcohol if I wanna forget what I just heard. The mental images it gives....Ugh...' I thought to myself.

04-24-2012, 08:10 PM
I came back and pounced on to Frank's back. He let out a sueal/giggle noise and looked up at me. "I thought you were dancing Drama Queen." I frowned and huffed, jutting my hip out and flicking my hair out my face. "You know damn well I am Drama Quen Sass Monster." I stated. he began giggling at me for the way I posed. I sniggered again and frowned. "I was being serious." I was trying to hold a straight face but couldn't when his eyes hit mine, he looked like a puppy and I started laughing again. "Well I'm thirsty. I want a bloody mary Jim!" I told the bartender, he looked at me and smiled.

04-25-2012, 01:55 PM
I sat there drinking with Serah talking AT me instead of with me. I didn't really mind. I usually just spaced out on what she talked about and let her get whatever it is off her chest, but not literally. Know what I'm saying? Anyways, I looked at all the faces around me, some had impressions of happiness, and others had faces of deep depression. They all ranged from the happiest point in life, to being around my age and not really interested in fun after the Wars. Something changed inside us all then. Werewolves, vampires, and youkai alike. 'There's few of us left now too...' I thought to myself. I kept drinking my drink and Serah went on and on until suddenly she stopped. I turned to look at her and she had a gun pointed at me. I didn't even flinch. I looked into her eyes with my glare and asked, "And to what do I owe you to have earned such a shame?" She gave me a disappointed and hurt look, "You haven't changed much, you know? You still sit there, ignoring me, and I just don't think you thought of me as your partner. Maybe you did at one point, but what is it about you? You act as if you are older than you really are." My mouth twitched, my hand clenched, and my eyes turned to a crimson red. When Serah saw the eye color of my eyes, her eyes widened in slight horror. "And what would you know of the First Contact Wars? What would you know of Caesar of Rome? Knowing all the past relatives of Homo Sapiens? Being dead from the very start? Nothing!"

I slammed my fist on the table and it made Serah flinch. I continued, "And I'm guessing that the color of my eyes already has given you the proof of my Elder status. So, Young Girl Serah, what do you really plan on doing besides pissing off an old man? I tire of the world around me. This is not the world that we as Elders fought for when we were younger, but we all needed to survive. And we did what we had to." With that said, I lost my anger and need to reprimand. Serah was my best friend, even if I acted like she was important to me at some point. But she wouldn't be able to handle a scarred old man like me. I stood up and walked to the men's room and leaned over a sink to try and relax my already tense muscles. I looked up into the mirror and my eye color didn't change. I stared back into my own eyes and looked away at the memories it brought up.

04-25-2012, 02:58 PM
I decided to wait by the back door and grab Kiba as soon as he walked out. I was going to try and calm him down, He didn't have to act up like that, I knew it was for the girl's own well being but I couldn't stand seeing a person in tears, it pulls at something I've never felt since I was a human, but I waited, making sure to be as quiet and blended witht the crowd. I kept my scent hidden and my arms up ready to grab him and drag him outside.

04-25-2012, 03:24 PM
I walked out of the men's room and head for the back door when I stopped. Serah was gone, then Kami disappeared as well. I raised an eyebrow thinking, 'What the hell? I guess I was a little harsh on Serah. But where the he-' Suddenly, I get dragged outside. "Argh, dammit. Get your damn hands off me!" Then the person suddenly stops and I'm in the alleyway next to the club, it was Kami. "What are you doing?" I asked with a stern look, "This some kind of joke?" I raised my eyebrow again, but she had some concern in her eyes and I softened my gaze and attitude. "What's wrong?"

04-25-2012, 03:36 PM
I handed him a cigarette and lighter, my head was turned to the side, hiding the red in my eyes. "I thought you'd like some air, you know, to get away from the scene for a bit." My inky black hair covered my face, so I kept staring out into the street, completely avoiding his gaze. "We'd better head out, I need to go the the super mart before we hail a cab." I glanced at him and texted Frank to get out here.

04-25-2012, 03:51 PM
I nodded and then walked off while lighting my cigarette, "You guys head back. I got some business to discuss with an associate of mine. You can follow if you're orders are to "Observe and Report", which I know they are." I kept my back to her and I gave off a scent as I walked in case she wasn't able to completely follow right away.

04-25-2012, 05:11 PM
"You're supposed to stay with me! grr..." I snarled after him and caught up with him in a flash, Frank closely behind me. "Are you trying to get me killed or are you just that fxxked up in the head to not listen to me?" I asked, I was enraged, first he's hating me, then he's being nice and telling some asswipe to shove off, now he's making me follow him around just so I can keep an eye on him. Oh hell I was pissed beyond help. "Hey, I'm talking to you Kiba." I jerked his shoulder towards me to make him look at me. "Why? Why did you contact me the first time we met. Why did my scent lure you to me? Why are you even around me? Common sense? Or orders?" I glared at him, I knew I wasn't strong enough to hold up a fight against him, but I was strong enough to stand my ground and take a few hits. My eyes glazed over with a blood red sheen. "Tell me, what possessed you to come over that time? Vampire's intuition?" I waited for an answer.

04-26-2012, 03:16 PM
I only gave her a softened look in return of the hostility to me and I sighed, "I will overlook your tone with me since there really isn't a reason to fight. And I'm sick of fighting. You reminded me of my daughter. She's almost 110 now. She's a Succubus and stays out of trouble sinc I was always in it. I don't go to see her since I have given her a few bad memories. So, I'm practically Persona non grata with her. And in many ways you remind me of her. And they weren't orders, I'm a rogue agent remember?" I turned back around after explaining that and thn continued, "And you might wanna get some vampire birth control, you're almost becoming fertile. And don't worry, it's not from being around your male friend. It's just a normal cycle for female vampire." I hope she didn't think that I was mocking her, because I wasn't. I came to a newspaper stand that was just around the corner and walked up to it to see a werewolf in human form waiting for

"Well, if it ain't the infamous "Fang of the North". Whaddya need, Pops?" the guys asked.

I chuckled, "Nothing much. Just wanting to know what I've missed. You got anything?"

"Man, shit has been going down. The werewolves were a little pissed at your stunt with that rogue. That was some gruesome shit man, killing his family like that."

"Yeah, well you got do what you got to when family is threatened."

"Cha, no shit." He sees the others and stops smiling, "Who the fuck are they?"

"Cool it, Tito. They're with me. Agency lapdog and friend or boyfriend of agency lapdog" I pointed at the two, "I'll let you decide what to call 'em."

Tito laughed and shook his head, "Yeah, well if they are with you I'll take your word for it." He looked at Keira, "And don't you fucking report that I told him about this shit. It'll get me and you in some deep shit, all right?"

I said my goodbyes and began to make my way back towards the super-mart so Keira can get her stuff.

04-26-2012, 04:46 PM
I snarled at him and Frank pulled me back. "He is NOT my boyfriend and who gives two damns? I'm not really intent on listening to lame-ass bussiness." I was getting very pissed and ready to shoot something. "Elena! Stop getting mad over baby shit like this!" My eyes widened when I heard my original name. "Frank, Why did you say it?" My hazel eyes were swimming in overflowing tears as I stared at him. I turned and ran past Kiba, I hid in the comic isle after running away from the two. I hid my face in a Watchmen book while grabbing all my vegan food and meat for Frank and Kiba, as much as I really hated them right now, I wasn't going to kill them with my vegetarian food. I bought myself more skittles, some liquor and a carton of cigarettes. I also bought about 10 different comics and five things of coffee. After pourchasing everything the guy looked out his window and asked where my car was. I told him I was walking home, and grabbed everything like it weighed nothing.

04-26-2012, 05:48 PM
Something about her actions made me wonder if I should have said anything, "Great dad...now you've REALLY done it..." I gripped my head and said out loud, "Shut up...You've already said enough, Nami..." I turned to Tito and he nodded. I walked out and followed Keira at a short distance. I knew to leave her to her own thoughts. But I think that she would not like my presence right now. I then stopped and leaned against a wall to light up a cigarette, "Great...Now I've upset her..." I looked up into the night sky and figured I'd be best for me to be gone. I teleported up to a roof and sat there. The tears that were rolling down Keira's face reminded me too much of my daughter's face when I first left her to be safe outside of my life. I stared off into the night sky with a blank expression on my face. "If things like this would affect me...then what point is there is trying to be normal?" I asked no one but myself.

04-26-2012, 06:45 PM
I stopped and looked up at the moon, my overly pale, tear stained face and saw Kiba. "Kiba, we better get going, I don't want this to affect you at all. Frank, let's get going, I know you're following me." I said loud enough for the both of them to hear. I sat down and wiped the tears away, along with my remaining make up. I looked up at the cloudy polluted sky and saw the dim moon. "I'm sorry for everything." I stated before getting up and walking slowly towards the V.A.M.P. building.

04-27-2012, 02:15 PM
I didn't speak. My words were like arrows, and my mouth was the bow. There was nothing more I wanted to say for fear of hurting her again. I teleported into the weapon's armory of the V.A.M.P building to get my pistol back. I grabbed it and then teleported back into the apartment to grab all my stuff. I was dressed back in my own attire again. I looked out the window and stayed there until the other two came back. 'Why even try to protect whne all you do is destroy instead? It's the only thing you know, maybe...just maybe...' I thought to myself as they drifted off.

04-27-2012, 03:10 PM
I knew what Kiba was up to, I needed to explain to him it wasn't his fault, I was only scared because of my identity being found out. "Kiba, I teleported back to the apartment, I may have been young, but I had the gift of learning fast. I walked up to him and grabbed his arm gently, "help me with the groceries, please?" I asked quietly. My hand slid down to his as my slender finger entwined with his, pulling him away from his only escape. "I'm sorry for acting up like that, Frank knew me since he was 16, his friends always looked up to me, then they found out that I wasn't aging, so I told them, they respected that I was different, and they grew up and I became a tomboy emo rocker. I gave them my full name but told them to call me by my middle name and my mother's lastname. Giving out your true name, by what I'm told, is as if you're telling a person you want to die." I was talking quietly, telling him what I learned, but I still have the serious trust issues. I let go of his hand and handed him his new things and smiled, "I may or may not know so much about you, but I know how to be a host and treat my guests, so please stay and get well."

04-27-2012, 04:42 PM
A repressive thought that wasn't my own hit my mind, 'Sick of being the one who causes other's pain? Heheheh...poor old Kiba. Dead to the world as it's customs...' I only focused on what Keira had said and spoke myself as I sat at the table, "I know. Ever since the Wars, I haven't been the same, you know? That rogue I killed with the family of his own? Well, I had do things like that on daily basis. I had to watch myself from inside do these things. I was a soldier then. I still believed in orders." I stopped to look down at the pistol in my hand and rubbed my thumb of the rouch and ragged metal, "Ever since then, I can't look my own daughter in the face and tell her that I haven't commited any crimes, haven't killed anyone. Because I'd know it's a lie."

I looked back up at Keira to continue, "And I don't want to lie to her. I....I just can't. She needs to live her own life, free of the taint of my sins." Another thought creeped in again, 'At least it's a lesser of a hell without her Father around, eh? It must be hard for your daughter to understand your motives. Her mother is already gone, left with some human who piqued her interest.'

04-27-2012, 05:04 PM
I knew what it felt like to have to leave someone you loved deeply. I caressed his scarred face gently and gave him a warm smile. "I know how it feels, but I'll never know what you had to go through, and if you can, talk to her tell her what you've done, if she accepts the facts about you, then it will be alright, although, if she doesn't, well, I don't know...I actually wish I had one last thing to say to the three most precious people that are gone now." I looekd down, letting my hand fall from his face. "Well, we better get you to your room, you need lots of rest, and in the morning, I'll make you and Frank something to eat, and if you protest, I will force you to eat veggies with me." I was teasing him, I was sure he knew I was kidding, but I put all his stuff away and held my hand out to him.

04-27-2012, 05:39 PM
I shook my head to her hand and stood up on my own. I walked down the hallway and smiled weakly until I got to my room. This is usually about the time that my depression hit me the hardest. She was kind and gentle when she wanted to be, but experience has taught not to let anyone too close. The last people ended up dying because of me. I couldn't handle it if a young, carefree vampire like her died because of me. She didn't give me her first name, which was good, but I didn't tell her mine. "Kiba" was a callsign for me, back when the war was full blown. I walked over to the window and stared out of it with a solemn and lonely expression on my face as the memories of the war began to surface and let me knowthat my sins are still there. I continued to stare without any notion of anyone coming in or going out of my room. Reality wasn't there for me right now. Only the sounds of swords clanging, women and children screaming with the images of burning homes and bodies everywhere.

04-27-2012, 06:04 PM
I sighed and looked around for Frank. "Frankie? where are you?" I asked he jumped down and smirked, which in my case gave me a slight jolt back. "You ass," I sniggered "You better not give me the fake 'talk' Frankie, I will not give you your new comics or skittles" I warned he smiled and jumped on to me. "Yay Sister dearest truly loves me!" I quirked an eyebrow at him and shook my head. "Lets get to bed you dork." I muttered, I looked longingly at Kiba's door. "I only wish he could talk to me, I may look and act human, but I'm stronger than an average fertile." I thought, Frank looked at me and wanted to ask something. "Yes, you're a fertile too because I bit you and gave you female vampire blood." I said, he looked at me shocked.

04-27-2012, 06:27 PM
The images wouldn't leave my mind when small soft hands grabbed onto mine. It sent a shock through my system and I looked to see who it was and it was a smaller version of my daughter when she was younger. I started coughing hard and I held a hand against my mouth when my own blood started to spill over it. I heard a soft, chilling voice speak from the ghastly version of my daughter, "Until you can learn to forgive yourself for the sins you have commited only to yourself, you will slowly die from the silver that is still in your bloodstream. But, if you forgive yourself for what you have done, the silver will leave on it's own." The vision smiled at me and then walked through the farthest wall to disappear. I looked at the blood on my hands and it was necrotizing from a cellular level. I could tell too. I wiped my blood off with my tongue so it's scent wouldn't be smelt by Keira and Frankie. The images started flashing across my mind again and I fell to the floor as I saw more of what was going on. As I hit the floor, I stared into the eyes of my best friend as we both were bleeding out from trying to stop the werewolves from overrunning our home. Time seemed to slow as he died in my vision before I passed out.

04-27-2012, 06:39 PM
I ran into Kiba's room when I hear the rather sluggish thump. I covered my nose and shut the door so Frank couldn't smell it, I lifted Kiba up and set him on the bed. I looked him over and sighed, he was just past out and probably had a panic attack. "Crazy old guy, I told you to call me if you ever need help." I murmured, I grabbed a small towel and dipped it into some water to clean his face and the floor. "I'll check on you in a bit." I muttered quietly before leaving, knowing he never heard me. I closed the door afterwards and washed my hands.

05-01-2012, 02:48 PM
My sleep was not without it's terrors. The images, the voices, and sounds all jumbled together to make a chilling and haunting tune that even sent chills down my spine. Near the end of the tune, I awoke with a start some time into the late night/early morning. I blinked and found myself in my bed and the faint scent of the other's who were still sleeping. I dangled my legs off the edge and held my head with one of my hands. The silver was giving me quite a headache. I stood and went out into the living room to find a cigarette in my jacket. Not many of us were able to stand waking up in daylight, but we got used to it after awhile. I lit up a cigarette after I found one in my jacket and sat at the table smoking. I stared out the window thinking of last night, '...the sins you committed only to yourself...

05-01-2012, 03:13 PM
I walked out of my bedroom and stumbled into the kitchen to make coffee and something for the guys. I jumped slightly when I saw Kiba and sighed and fixed everything and ran back into my room and changed. My black locks were in messy tufts and my hazel eyes had bags under them. "I am never sleeping next to frank again...kicks too much..."I mumbled to myself I flopped on to my leather couch and sighed.

05-01-2012, 05:36 PM
Keira looked like she had some complications sleeping and I made a quick, "Heh..." I figured I'd finish my cigarette before I started talking to her. I like my peace in the mornings unless I need to spill blood for some reason. Her boss might also try and come down today to talk to me. I had feeling he would try, but for all intensive purposes, he would fail to find out any information about me. I took a few more puffs and continued to stare outside at the world. Now, faces just blended together and no one tried to step ouside the invisible bounds of society. People became so different that they remained the same. 'Just like those damn American's.' I thought to myself.

05-01-2012, 05:42 PM
I got a text and looked at it. ' Keira, I'm not going to be able to hold the appointment today, next week looks okay, I have a few missions this week. bye.' then another one after it, 'oh and don't you start getting pissy. brats aren't elites you know.' I snarled at his comment about me. I snapped the phone shut and looked up at Kiba and grinned. "How'd breakfast sound? or would you like coffee then decided?" I asked. I jumped up and made at least three cups of coffee. I drank mine quickly. and looked up at him, tilting my head to the side questioningly.

05-01-2012, 06:10 PM
I was almost finished with my cigarette when I got up to get my cup of coffee to sit back down in some silence when I stubbed my cigarette on my hand, "So, what's the question? You're thinking so loud I can almost hear it." I asked her as I sipped on my coffee still not looking in any direction other than the window. 'Silence is the only thing in the world that is louder than anything words spoken. Heh, yeah right.' I thought to myself as I waitd for her to reply to me.

05-01-2012, 06:19 PM
I scoffed, "I was asking if you'd like me to cook you anything special." I turned around and washed my cup out and grabbed a small skillet and gestured to Kiba to follow me. I walked silently and swiftly towards my room. In there Frank was sleeping loudly with his bum in the air and snoring into the pillow. "Watch how to wake a douche." I thought towards Kiba. I grabbed my brightest flashlight and sat infront of his face. I smirked and looked up, putting a finger to my lips. I turned back and flashed the light into his face and screamed "TRAIN!!" then banged the skillet against the metal bed frame as loud as possible. Frank looked like he jumped 20 ft out of his skin and curled up into a linen maraca I laughed and ran back out, giving the evidents to Kiba and hid.

05-01-2012, 06:59 PM
I raise an eyebrow and put the skillet down on a small coffee table. I looked at Frank with a blank expression, "What? Did something wake you?" I asked him with a small hint of wanting to laugh. I kept my cool and continued to sip at my coffee as Frank started cursing slightly and yelling at me and Keira. Mostly me though. I just let him do his thing and walked out to enjoy my coffee. "I'll pass on the breakfast, but thank you for asking Keira." I said loudly as I walked back to my room. Once there I stood and leaned against the wall near my window and watched as a mother and child shopped at the store underneath the place where things used to be bad and evil. Now, I saw that life returned back to it's natural course. I smiled at the notion of the mother spending time with her child. Under my breath I said, "Mother is God in the eye's of a child."

05-01-2012, 07:18 PM
I popped out from behind Kiba and smiled. "You didn't have to shout." I giggled and closed the door on a ranting and cussing Franktard. "Haha, well that's what the douche gets for kicking me in my sleep." I walked away and started cooking whatever meat Frank wanted and gagged. "Gosh, does meat have to smell so awful?" I muttered under my breath. I finished and ran past Kiba to the bathroom and vomitted. I groaned and finished, brushing my teeth and attempting to fix my wild locks, and failing each time. I finally give and decide I look fine and walk back out to see Frank eating what I cooked. "You discust me Frank." I said with a straight face, I started laughed and shook my head when he flipped me the bird. "No thanks carnivore, I only date herbavores." I giggled at the terminologies I labeled us with and flopped back on to the leather couch.

05-01-2012, 07:30 PM
The two were the funniest couple of friends I have seen in awhile. I listened to the two's banter even though I had my attention else where. My daughter entered my thoughts again, 'Dad? When can I...uh...finally see you? You appeared on the news. I know what you've done and...I'd just like to see your face again.' The joyful expression on my face disappeared for a second, 'Give me some time child. I don't think I can face you after everything you made me promise you in the past, when you were just a little girl. I remember all of it. So, please just give me some time.' And then from there, she gave me a sense of acknowledgement to let me know that she understood why. I then turned to the other two, "So, what do you dick wipes do all day? Sit on your ass?" I said it all with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

05-02-2012, 01:54 PM
"Oh you know, the usual, Rape old men's minds and possibly molest them in their sleep." I sniggered and matched my sarcasm with his. "Why, what do you do all day? sit in your room and jack off?" I smirked. Frank was clearly confused about why we were being sarcastic to eachother. I quirked an eyebrow and jumped up. "Well what you want to do? Want me to take you to the park?" I was attempting to hold a straight face.

05-04-2012, 01:27 PM
I raised an eyebrow, "You might wanna be careful with fucking with this old man's mind....You'd better wear a condom because I got one dirty ass mind." I chuckled slightly afterwards and continued, "Me? Well for the last 20 years it was hunting down that asshole. But before that, I'd go out and watch people just because they looked funny."

05-04-2012, 03:45 PM
I couldn't hold the poker face any longer, I began laughing at his comeback. "Alright, fine I'll take us to Newark. It's better there and there are a hell of a lot of good stuff there. Maybe if you're lucky you could get into a scrap or fight, but there's actually an open concert, Frank and I are going to be there to perform with the other boys. If you want to come along. There's beer and all that other hard ass liquor." I muttered.

05-06-2012, 06:48 PM
The liqour was entising enough for me to go to this concert. But something kept nagging at me, a sense of doom almost. Whatever happened to me last night wasn't fake, I felt my blood cells slowly necrotizing from the contact with molecular silver. Whoever that guy was, he really didn't want to go out without taking me down with him. I sighed, "I might follow you guys. Sounds interesting." Though my tone gave the opposite of what I just said, "I need to stop by my daughters place. She asked me to stop by soon." The only thing I had deceived myself of is that she wasn't alive anymore, but instead I talked to one of my grandchildren who played the part. I couldn't know this until the moment is right though. False memories, bad luck, and a shitload of broken promises filled my heart to a point where I didn't know which way was up or down. A strange sort of reality that can only be found in madness.

05-07-2012, 02:17 PM
"Well okay then. Here's the address." I handed him the slip of paper. "I'll make sure the bartender give you anything on the house when you get there. He's an old friend." I stated then turned to look for my stuff. "FRANK GIVE ME MY MAKE UP BAG NOW!!!" I started chasing him, attempting to catch the little emo midget. "Frank, I swear if you do not give it back you will never get Freak back. hehehe" I smirked as his eyes widened and threw me the bag. "Suckah!" I yelled from behind as I took off running into Kiba's room and jumping out the window. I apepared near the living room window in less than 5 seconds. "I bet you're wondering why we act like children, It's because of it's leader, everyone here knows I'm the only female that is a fertile and is a leader of my own cult. I have been called the "Child Of Darkness" because of being a a female vampiress, near the elite mode and first female fertile to create a new member." I finished I glared at my hands and shook my head. "I'm like this because I had a precious thing taken away. Pitiful, but at least I'm a successful bitch-child of darkness." I laced my last words with humor and smiled.

05-07-2012, 03:27 PM
I only watched with some slight amusement at the two. She was strange indeed but it was of no consequence that she was a leader in her own right. Many like her I have seen rise to power, but fail to understand where the line must be drawn and never be crossed. The downfalls used to nearly send rifts through the very fabric of vampire society. But those were the days of old. I looked down again as thoughts slowly filtered into my mind. 'Not much can be done...only what mustn't be will be and what should be isn't...' The thought almost seemed foreign, alien, and utterly correct. A sense of understanding mixed with the scent of a pack of wolves looking for some fun and excitement for tonight. Most likely going for a club or bar. I stood and looked outside at them and they all had smiles, laughs imprinted on their face, and a reluctance to think of anything that went wrong for them today. If anyone had seen anything, I simply used an old trick, faking me ash to teleport to my daughter's gravesite. Of course, her grandchild was there waiting. I didn't see the grave of course. I only saw what little of my daughter in my grandchild. A sort of combined vision of what is and what is not. The distortion of reality on a visual level. I faced towards the grave and saw nothing but green grass. But that may have been nearly a hundred seasons ago. Slowly, I allowed myself to silently accept the fact that I was lying to myself.

I sat down on the bench like I did after the funeral, the empty feeling I had knowing that she was gone. It caused a rift between me and my wife. A rift that never healed, never to be forgotten. I spent nearly a lifetime sitting on that bench, the one I now sit on. She came back day after day and begged my to move on, but the damage was done. My psyche broke down and fabricated a whole memory sequence for me. I now saw the same ol' grave that I had stared at for some time. The real memories came back in a slow and progressive state. I ran a hand through my hair, silent tears streaming down my face. A wicked sense of awakening and crude rememberance. I then stepped up to the grave to place a bullet upon the headstone which read, "Serah Takamoto, 1980-2001" I looked at it and silently spoke, "'Bout time I came around. Sorry I didn't stop by sooner." I knelt and then continued, " Things didn't go so well for me all those years. Most of it was denial, some of it was falsely placed belief. I'm sorry...I really am you know..." I couldn't say anymore. There weren't any words to really say what I wanted to.

I stood after a few minutes of silence and walked away. I left that sin of my past behind. There wasn't any looking back. My grandchild of course was there to take witness of what happens when reality strikes someone who was in their own madness for nearly a century. I teleported to the concert and walked up to the bar, "Drink, please!" The bartender asked what I wanted, I just told him to get me whatever was strong. He brought me a bottle of whiskey and I nodded my thanks. I disappeared to be sitting alone. I needed to be alone for a lil while and the vibes I gave off must've said it with an exclaimation point since people avoided me with a passion.

05-07-2012, 07:40 PM
I saw Kiba get what he wanted and winked at the bartender. I was really nervous and Frank was looking out for my long time friend Gerry. I spotted him before Frank did and yelled out to him "Yo Gee!!" I laughed and made Frank jump with anticipation and anxiety. "Smooth move there Frankie baby." I muttered to him, earning the bird again. Gerry walked over and winked at Frank them smiled at me. "What's up my Gothic Bitch?" He asked me. I laughed. Nothing much I think you should know we have a new member in the building. So where you been you dickweed?" I asked. Frank pulled me on to his lap to hide his face in my side. "Yo that your man, Kei?" I laughed and shook my head. "Sorry he doesn't swing my way, by the way before our concert, I wanted you to meet my short brother from another mother." I stated. Frank rose his green russet eyes up at Gerry and blushed. "I know you guys have loads to talk about." I sniggered and detactched myselfto set up my mic and bass. I heard Frank and Gerry get along quite well. "The gothic cupid strikes again..." I turned to see Matt, the bartender. "oh, yeah. I'm just being the devilish little saint I am." I stated and finished fixing everything up.

"So you guys will be up in about 20. Got it cupcake?" Matt asked, cocking an eyebrow. I stuck my hip out and my hands on either side of my hips. "Call me 'cupcake' againa dn you'll have your own head up your ass." I turned and heard him laugh up a storm. I walked up to Kiba cautiously. "Hey how you enjoying your night so far?" I asked through telepathy. "I'm going on in about 5 now. so hope you get to hear at least one or two songs." I walked away and got myself ready and saw that Frank, Nick, Todd, and Keller were all waiting for me. "Okay first song is "The Forgotten Bullet," I told them and stopped before I could say anything more. "The rest I'll tell you when the first song is finished." They all agrred and looked up at the stage when we heard Matt give us our introduction. I got up at the front and waved at everyone. "Hey bitches and assholes, we all having fun?" I asked the crowd gave out a few loud whoops and whistles. "So we're the Children Of The Night, and our first song for you tonight is "The Forgotten Bullet." I bowed my head and heard Frank and Todd give out to the intro of it and I came in, as practiced. "So we're falling down,..."

05-08-2012, 03:00 PM
They started in on their songs on stage. The melody they played gave me some chills down my spine. I had heard it some time before, in a dream I had not too long ago. I looked up after taking a few swigs and watched as they played. I was waiting for the heavy/thrash metal growls and barks that I heard them practicing once. But I didn't think that they would do such a gig in the beginning. I took a few more swigs from the bottle and felt it burn on the way down. Something or someone was looking at me pretty hardcore and I could feel it biting at me. A gnawing sensation almost. I turned my head to be looking at a girl in the crowd who was near the back to be out of sight. I knew her face, but I turned my head like I didn't know her. Whoever she was, I knew she was going to come to me for answers. Some turners tend to have visions of me and then think that I was the one who turned them. Stray memories that have to be collected or else be lost in the sands of time. I took another swig and tried to slow the burn out of my cells at a cellular level.

05-10-2012, 01:42 PM
"So if you loved me, would it truly be?..." The last guitar chords stuck as I finished the last verse and bowed. "Okay how the fxxk was that for you Newark? Warmed up yet?" I asked the crowd, more than half the crowd jumped up and cheered, I looekd at Kiba and winked at him. "Well, Now we have another song for you, but after this I'm going to let my buddy Keller over here take over for me." I waved a hand at the bassist, who nodded towards the crowd. "This next song, is called Hell's Cry, Heaven's Call" I hope you enjoy it." I nodded my head and Nick started the drum intro this time. The beat was fast paced, so Frank and Todd jumped in. Frank used the crunch of his guitar while Todd used his melodramatic pad. I heard Keller finally come in when the first verse swam through my head. I turned around and lifted the mic and then winked at Keller, he smiled and nodded. "So what? I think I can give you a little something to remember me, baby..." I was about to act provacative, I turned and ran a hand up my leg in a flirtatious way, getting a few woops and whistles. "Well then honey,...YOU JUST LOST TO HELL!!" I screamed into the mic with such raw emotion, I heard Frank backing me up with his cute screamo actions. "Honey, This mirror you gave me, showes nothing... I'm giving you to, Hell's cry, while I request, Heaven's call..." I finished the song after a few more minutes, just about to continue the last verse when I heard a person in the crowd scream the lyrics out to me. I looked out and saw the person and my jaw literally dropped. "Just Hear Hell's Cry, and Heaven's Call...You'll answer both for me? Aw Baby..." I stared at him and jumped off the stage and tackled him. "Ray!" I let out a giggle when he didn't fall, but spun me around. Keller and Todd sniggered and took the mic. "Ladies, gents, Let us introduce you to our long time friend, Raymond Cravins." Ray waved to the crowd and sat down while I jumped back up to the stage. "Well, Like I promised, Keller and his sexy voice is going to give you a lovely chill to your spine." I grabbed my bass and went to where Keller stood and gave him the nod. "The Sharpest Knife for You," Keller anounced. I started and I felt like I disappeared into the music.

05-10-2012, 06:33 PM
The atmosphere they had was almost intoxicatingly hard to resist. Keira seemed to be enjoying herself, which was a good thing, and the band played really well with each other. Being friends with most of them helped actually since they got to know each other on a more personal level. I kept drinking from my bottle a little at a time. No need to rush. All the memories I had suppressed were popping up and the music helped smooth them out and actually allowed me to handle them. I watched and chuckled to shake my head when Keira was being slightly..."promiscuious" on stage. I averted my attention of course. I didn't want anyone to think the wrong idea about me looking at her. I didn't view her in such a way either. I felt a soft hand ruffle through my hair and it shocked me from the flood of sudden memories. A woman walked past me to lean against the stage. She had a reasonably large bust and seemed to take pride in how many looks she got. Eye candy could be a description of how she presented herself.

I looked down and narrowed my eyes, "What do you want, Amber?" She was genuinely surprised that I knew her name form the look of slight shock that registered on her face. I didn't care though.

"What's wrong with catching up with an old friend?" she shot back the reply like a seductress would. And I wanted none of it.

"If you've got nothing more to do then to play games with me then I suggest you leave...now." At the tail end of my sentence I gave her a meaningful death glare. The type you'd give to those you truely did want to kill.

"Yeesh...still serious as always. You haven't changed much since the last time I saw you. Always letting your insticts get the better of you. Whatever happened to easy going and care free 'Fang' I knew?" She said it in such a way that made it seem like she was mocking me. But i knew better.

"Like you are any better. Trying to kite me into an argument like always. Oh and that care free and easy going guy is gone. KIA." I kind of shot back but I couldn't care. I was trying to cope with my memories that plagued me like some movie you watched and couldn't quite remember until something jogs your memory and it isn't the way you imagined it in your head. She continued saying whatever it was she was going to say to me, but I didn't care. I just kept drinking my drink to block out her annoying voice.

05-10-2012, 07:10 PM
The gig finally ended and all of us gave a bow. "Thank you all for the best night! I love you Newark!" I jumped off the stage and looked around for Kiba, I saw him with a, well with what looked like a sedutctress skank. "Hey KeiKei!" I heard Ray exclaime from the bar. "RayRay!" I jumped him again, this time he held me and gave me a peck on the cheek. "How's my little sister from another mister doing?" He asked. "Oh you know, the usually, only this time I have to babysit a certain twerp." I shot a glance at Frank and he stuck his tongue out at me, Gerry caressing Frank's face and stroking his cheek every now and then. "Hey hey hey, gay midget and queerios take it to the bus." I laughed when Frank and Gerry both flipped me the bird. "No thanks, a threesome seems like a lot of work. "Yeah, but when you're the dominant one you'd get to do a complete orgy." Gerry retorted. I combusted into fits of laughter with everyone. A female came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. "Yes?" I asked. The chick threw a punch at me, but luckily I knew it was coming, I grabbed her fist and bent it up and back. "You really want to play that game, chica?" I asked, venom laced with every word. "You arrogant wench! Why do you have these guys here and none of them are stopping me and my group from kicking all your asses?" She asked coyly. I snorted, very unlady-like. "You don't want to mess with me and my guys. If you want to play "the godfather" then you better pray that god forgives you for starting shit with an elite. Io sono il figlio delle tenebre*" I spat, my eyes changed from hazel to a bright red. I bent her wrist back a little more farther, until she wailed with pain and fear. "Now you listen, and you listen good, you come at me with your petty douchebags, I will kill you and feed you to the rogues. Got it, cagna**?" I asked, she nodded and I let her go, shoving her back into the crowd. "Geez, Kei, I didn't know you cared for us fags..." Frank said. I burst into laughter again and thinks went back just before she came. I stole another glance at Kiba before getting a coke infused with rum. "Ooh someone's going into light mode..." Gerry stated. I nodded and scanned the area, I felt a cold chill creep up behind me.
(*Io sono il figlio delle tenebre = I am the Child Of Darkness
**Cagna = Bitch in italian.
I thought throwing in some italian would make my character a little bit conspicuous)

05-10-2012, 07:45 PM
Amber was being very irritating. I had enough of it. The veins on my forehead looked liek they were ready to pop. I stood and grabbed her by the throat to toss her into the crowd. The next instant I kick her into the ground, leaving a small crater underneath her. She coughed and gasped at the sudden attack. I didn't kick hard enough to kill her, just enough to make her think she was badly hurt, "Enough of your bullshit!" Everyone around both of us made a small circle and made sure to keep their distance. My eyes were glowing a very black/red combo that striked fear into Amber when she saw them. "I have had enough of your games. You can play them all you want..." I put my foot on her throat and applied light enough pressure to keep her in place, "But I'm not still not interested. Capesh?" Amber let out a submissive whine. She was a werewolf, and I only did what I needed to do by her species' tradition. Putting my foot on her throat meant that I had dominance and power over her. A sign that must be respected.

I looked at everyone else and asked loudly, "What the fuck you looking at?" They looked away and went about their night. I went back to my bottle and walked out the back. I sipped on some more of my drink and leaned against the wall near the door. I sent a thought to Keira, 'Don't worry. I'm just outside the door. You can check for yourself...' then I looked up into the night sky and thought about how morbidly fitting it was.

05-11-2012, 05:33 PM
"Okay, Be careful though." I responded back to Kiba. My eyes changed back to a calm hazel. "I need to go out for a bit. I'll be right back... I feel really sick." I was telling the truth, my stomach was churning and I felt like I was soaked in cold sweat; I had to get out and escape for a bit. "I'll be back in less than 10 minutes. if that doesn't happen, well I'm probably getting lucky." I joked with them, they knew I was bull-shitting. I soon made a bee-line for the door and told the bouncer what I was going to do, he nodded and marked my hand. I ran passed Kiba and disappeared into the alleyway. I let the cool night air hit me and sighed. The butterflies didn't stop, neither did the bad feeling. I looked at both ends of the alley and stood up. "Who's there?" I asked, I held my dagger closely, readying myself for the worst.

05-11-2012, 05:53 PM
I saw Keira run by me and I felt someone else around. Being me I teleported near her and stood there with my eyes glowing the same color from before, "Come out...You can't hide." I said it without an sense of emotion. A cold and heartless thing a pure killing machine would say if such a thing existed. The aura my body gave off would have sent chills down a human's spine from the sense of dread and pending doom. My body was still, my eyes glaring, and my hands clenched. Whatever the silver was doing to me was making me seem stonger and even more alienated. I didn't feel like myself. I felt like some other person, ''Tis strange, eh? that's what he said when he first felt me enter his blood stream. With some time, you'll be my little puppet...' The thought was foreign. It wasn't my own. Somehow, I don't think that it was the silver palying tricks on me. This was something else entirely.

05-11-2012, 06:15 PM
I jumped slightly at the sudden surprise of Kiba being near me. "What the hell, I thou-" I got knocked down and pinned by someone. "Hey get the hell off me yah creep!" I yelled, I noticed it was the same guy that was with the female who attepmted to fight me infront of my friends. I struggled under his rather large build and that's when I knew what he was going to do. "You're a werewolf..." I muttered, it was a more of a statement than a question. His grip was starting to give me a irritating pain, like a headache, nothing bad, but seriously annoying. "Get go of me you arsehole." I growled, his grip tightened and his claw was starting to dig into my wrists. I had my legs under him so I pushed up and out, flinging him back into the wall. "Fat ass..."

05-11-2012, 07:03 PM
I flashed to kick him into the wall to leave a crater behind him. I pulled him out by the throat and held him in the air, "Now why would you do such a thing to a lady, hmm?" I asked with a very contemptable tone. I gripped tighter as he fought against it, "Ah, ah, ah. We wouldn't want you to HURT yourself!" I flung him into the next wall and he was dazed from hitting it full, dead on his head first. I punched him to have his face hit the ground. "Give me a reason bub, or I am gonna have fun spillin your guts!" I cackled and said, "Get it? Spill your guts? Ahahahahaha! Now that'd be a sight." I looked at him with a crazed look in my eye.

05-14-2012, 01:51 PM
I looked at the slices on my wrists and snarled. "Okay that's it, I'm not waiting for a reason, I'm going to kill the bastard." I was there in a blink, I had the heel of my shoes rest on the tender spot on the back of his head. "You mind praying and hoping Hell will be merciful to you?" I asked he whimpered and said he was sent by Jamie La Diox to kill me. "I snarled. "So, the cagna was bold enough to do this, you get out of my sight before I kill you." I hissed, kicking him in the thigh, making him run off. I shook my head and turned to Kiba. "Thanks." I smiled, more like pulled one side of my smile, making it a smirk. "Thank you very much." I was walking back to the bar, I turned and and gave him a wink and walked in.

05-14-2012, 06:52 PM
I thought nothing of the smile. The simple things she did almost seemed strange. I couldn't care, I just went back to drinking my drink. I slightly stumbled back into the place and sat alone again. Amber was still here and she was very flirtatious with the people around her. She didn't discriminate against gender. I knew that much about her and I also knew that once she found a pet, she didn't let go. '...Hence my treatment earlier...' I thought to myself as I took the last swig of the bottle. I tossed it into the air to have it shatter inside the trash bin. A few of the people that noticed the bottle were surprised. I watched as Amber was acting a fool and being just plain stupid. I really just wanted to punch her then.

05-14-2012, 07:41 PM
I looked at Kiba and sensed that he was really irritated. "Hey guys, My boss just called, he needs us back. ASAP." I pulled a frown and everyone groaned. "Ray, why don't you move to Belleville?" I asked, Frnak and the others nodded. Ray looked a little sad, but smiled and patted me atop the head. "Well, hun, I have to find a job there, then if I can, a house. "Why not take mine?" Frank piped up. I glanced at him and smiled. "Well if you guys are willing then, I'll start packing up then." We all cheered. "Yay, my brother from another mother is going to move back home!" I giggled and hugged Ray. "Well we better get going. Like now before pops starts a riot." Frank nodded and grabbed our guitars and put the into the van and I nodded to Kiba.

05-15-2012, 02:15 PM
I saw Keira nod and I knew immediately what was going on. I put off my emotion distress for now and jumped to my feet to walk briskly over, "What's up? Bossman call?" I asked with a quizzically raised eyebrow. I had a feeling something really bad just happened or is about to happen dependent on us getting back to headquarters. I didn't even wait for an answer and teleported back to her building to see what was up. I looked around and listened but everything seemed alright so I teleported back to be sitting in the van. I lit up a smoke and blew the smoke out of the van so I didn't get it in everyone's face.

05-15-2012, 02:33 PM
I was lying, I didn't get a call from Damian, I used that to get us out so I didn't see Kiba so distressed. "It's all fine, he just wants us back with you no later than 2:00AM." I scoffed, boy was I a lousy liar... I looked up at him and turned away. "Todd, I heard you and Keller got got a new puppy." I bit my lip and he knew what I meant when I said something like that out of the blue. "Oh yeah, he's adorable, we named the little guy Frankie." I let out a snort/laugh and recieved a swatt on the arm. Everyone else started laughing while Frank kept poking my side. "Ow okay I'm not the one who said it!" I said between giggles. He finally stop and soon curled up next to me and fell asleep. "Damn man-child..." I murmured.

05-15-2012, 05:20 PM
'Heh...Can't believe a terrible liar like her got me with that...' I thought to myself as I smoked. 'Can't be helped I guess...' I don't know why I was so eager to help the same organization that ordered the hit on my daughter. Sure, she had her vices but she was working undercover and ended up having to do a multitude of things to get the mob to accept her. By the time they found out, it was already too late. The memory of it flashed across my vision for a second and I sighed slightly to exhale a large amount of smoke. Then I smelt her on top of the van, I flashed to be standing on the van to be looking down at Amber clinging on to it. "What the fuck do you want? I thought I said scram..." I looked at her with my anger visably on my face. "You have no reason to be here and unless you want to be interfering with company Mission's I suggest you leave. Now." Amber, being the stubborn puppy she was, resisted and shook her head. I sighed and let all the anger go. "You need a place to stay, eh? You could have just asked. I got a friend named Tito who would like the company. Here's his number to contact him. Most likely, he'll take you to a safehouse." I handed her a number scrawled on a piece of paper. She slowly raised her hand to snatch it and jump off to run down the alley. It was strange how I knew the people I did. 'Sorry T but I didn't know what else to do.' I thought as I spaced out on everything today.

05-15-2012, 06:20 PM
I shook Frank awake and got up. I have to take Princess and Kiba to the room now. I'll see you guys tomorrow at the park, and yes, I'll be out in the day." I answered their silent questions as quickly as possible. As I got out I heard Kiba sigh and I looked up. "Hey you alright there Kibs?" I asked, I didn't really wait for an answer before I even neared the door Frank collapsed on to me snoring. I lay there on the ground cursing to the heavens, "Why the hell is such a short person so heavy?" I grumbled, attempting to get out of my prison. "Gah! Wake up midget!" I shook him, but to my dismay, he remained asleep. I sighed andattempted to shove him off me, realizing he was grasping on to my trench coat. "Aww Frankie! Wake up! I don't want to lie here in the middle of the road!" as soo as I said that he got up and carried me into the building and into my room. "Asshole..." I muttered.

05-16-2012, 03:43 PM
I was already in my room by the time they opened the door and as if on cue my door closed as the front door opened. I sat on my bed and kicked back to relax. I stared up at the ceiling for some time. "..." I couldn't think out loud, but my thoughts were loud enough in my head to almost be screaming.

05-16-2012, 05:57 PM
I grimaced when I heard the guest door. "Well, someone's really moody..." I sighed afterwards and watched Frank plop on to my bed, taking up most of it. I plopped on to the couch and stared up at the cieling, sleep didn't come though. I sighed again and grabbed my keys and sunglasses. I left a note on the table and left. I called Damian and stopped outside the building while it rang. "What is it now Kei? Do you realize I'm busy?" Damian exclaimed. "Hey, I'm calling to tell you I'm going to be gone for a couple days. So you just do whatever it is you're really doing and I'll be back soon." I hung up before he could ask why. I pulled the battery out of my phone to avoid getting called. "Nothing too personal, just need my time alone..." I muttered to no one in particular. I started walking down to the garage when I was stopped by Jason. "Where are you going Miss Keira?" He asked timidly. "Not your concern, sugar. Go back to work. I have a mission." I looked at him as he nodded and walked away. I got into my beat up volkswagen and drove off.

06-15-2012, 01:18 AM
I watched as Keria left, "Such a pity that such a beautiful thing has been broken by the world. She accepts it though..." I thought to myself as she drove off after the stop light had changed down the street. I wondered if she had known that I wasnt a prior agent but rather a merc that had been paid to..."take care" of a loose end that had been selling intelligence to the highest bidder. No matter, she will find out with time. I walked out of my room to head towards the door when someone spoke, "Heading somewhere, "Fang". There is business to discuss about your payment...."

06-21-2012, 08:52 PM
As soon as I got on to the highway, I stomped on to the gas and drove as fast as possible. I put in my puunk album in and played "Demolition Lovers". "What will I do? Where will I go? Why did I leave?" I had the same questions swarming my already weary mind. Yet I still didn't have an answer. I shut my radio off and started singing to one of the song I had wrote earlier today at the club. I suddenly got an idea as to where I was going to go. I stomped on to the breaks and sat in the middle of the highway between Belleville and Newark. "I guess I should go to Alaska...I can't go back to the HQ though..." I turned around and gunned it towards Belleville. I passed the HQ and parked my car out in the front and walked to the airport. - TL- I arrived in Anchorage again and smelled the air, I sighed contently and walked out to the road and called for a taxi. I asked the driver to take me to the Comic Cafe, as soon as I got there I paid and gave a tip. I walked into the store and bought my skittles, coffee, and two manga books. I smiled and walked out. I was planning on going to the park but walked towards the cemetary instead. "Mama, I want to come home now." I murmurred.

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I will not be able to keep going until this spring, Due to my school, job and other things. I will however be able to send in some stories once in a while. Thanks :)