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03-02-2012, 08:20 PM
Ok guys i am trying to get more organized with teh plot of the comic im trying to do so i decided that as i wanted to do for quite a some time to make my ideas in a book medium.
So tell me whadda ya think...this is still just practice and not necessarily how will the story go. I shall post latter the whole idea and characters sheets so that i may have your input into what to fix and all that stuff :D
Strangers wisdom
Chapter 1
He looked up at the beasts eyes, filled with rage and anger. He knew it was his fault the beast was in the faul mood, he has stolen it’s most precious item. The goal of this traning simulation.
A necklace of one of their gods. As much as he knows that all he see’s right now is nothing but a work of a mind-integration-unit or M.I.U. in short, that makes the brain see that which is not there.Even knowing that he can’t help but feel the rush of adrenalin as the 9 meter tall holo-monster swings his nonexsistant arms down upon him. Monsters and situations like this are there to train soilders like him in the fine arts of war and battle. One well-timed dash to the right….and he avoided the ground crushing blow of the imposibbly muscaleen arms. Seezing the opportunity, he lunged forward , landing a well placed knee into the one of many eyes the monster had. Enraged and in pain…the monster backs off, sizing up his atacker… a tall blonde figure. A mix of a pompous and melancholic face was starring back at the beast caressing his little blonde stubble. With a strange mark on his left eye, bangs falling partially over it, conciling most of the mentioned mark. Thinking of the best posibble way to retaliate, the monster does the only thing it can do, the course of actoin that is allowed by the code that is in the not overly complex programing of the M.I.U. that governs its movment… A frantic pounce on the blonde assaliant. An arrogant grin cracked the facade of the previously non caring face. The blond figure swiftly slided beneath the airborn beast and landed a kick powerfull enough to send the creature flying in the air some 20 meteres.
As the beast crashed onto the ground,in the noise of crunching earth, there was a small sound that resembled someone clapping his hands togheter. It came from the generel way of the exit from the traning grounds. A man, in his late twentees, leaning on the coridor leading out of the traning facility was congratulating the winner of the duel, while making a grin that seemed as if someone was trying to pull his face apart. Shaking his head, with his spiky red hair following in tandem with his head, he spoke trough the grin “ I thought you were done with such small-fries Apoc…” Reluctant to engage the man in conversation Apoc replied, with less enthusasum then a dead donkey “I told you I have regular warm ups before I start the real traning regime…” With a small twist at the end of his mouth, seemingly making him grin in a sinnister way, he added “..or will I have a plesure of spparing with the legendary Wolf “The Bullet” Coldheart?” Cought off guard Wolf tried to act as natural as he could “No thanks. I need to be in tip top condition for the arrival of ”the new meat”…”New meat?” Confused with the excuse provided by Wolf, Apoc asked ”Are we getting new “Realeasers”? ” “Yes, two of them. And it seems they’ve got quite the skill. Their scores on th-“ “I don’t care about some scores on a piece of holo-plastic” Annoyed Apoc continued “If they don’t have any field experience they are useless to us!” “And if you’d let me finish I’d tell ya that they are quite….”Experienced” “ As far as i could do in an 1 and a half with no idea what am i doing. ALso since its my first time trying to write anything in a n interesting and immersing way if anyone has some tutorials on how to improve on my telling skills i would appreciate it!!! :D

Edit"also where is the spell check in the Word program...? i just realized how much grammar mistakes i have in that text of mine.....-_-'