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01-23-2012, 03:19 AM
This thread is for everyone who has had a dream and must share it!

Every once in a while I wake up from a dream and just think...WTH was that all about, sometimes I feel scared, sometimes I feel excited, other times I feel sad.
Most of the time I really want to share the dream experience with someone to get it out of my system.

Any type of dream is welcome but you might wanna spoiler it if you're discussing mature content, label it as such. (Mature 18+)

Please follow this format when replying with your dream

Dream description:
How it made you feel:
Would you like feedback?:
Additional (optional):

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Dream Views (http://www.dreamviews.com/content/)
Dream Moods (http://www.dreammoods.com/)
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(Feel free to suggest more nice dream related links)

I'll start with a dream i had like a week ago.

My dream.

My teeth were falling out, this was a horrifying dream! multiple teeth were falling out and I was trying to put them back in D:

I ended up putting them in a jar and making my way to a dentist/hospital

This dream made me feel: Worried and scared lol

No feedback required but you can if you want :3

Additional: Dream Dictionary taken from DreamHawk (http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/teeth/)

Teeth falling out: If all your teeth are falling out it often links with feelings to do with ageing and loss of your good looks. Sometimes the feelings are acute enough to link with fear of death, even in young people. But this deals also with the feelings to do with loss of power, loss of ability to express. One dreamer says she dreams this when she feels she is not being understood, or being effective, or feels unable to communicate.

Your Turn~

01-23-2012, 04:16 AM
Had a dream a while back about the apocalypse.
I was in a city and there was just massive destruction everywhere and allot of dead people just thrown about. I didn't know what happened but I was with three other people that were looking for a book that was supposed to have the answer to save everyone. We were on a mission from god and running around a huge office building looking for the book. The people I was with we're slowly starting to have mental breakdowns and just stared bitching at each other so I ditched them to look for it on my own.
Eventually I ended up on a floor that looked like a library just majorly unkempt. I knew what the book I was looking for looked like it was old and yellowing with a kind of a cheasey horror movie poster look to it. On the cover was a woman in a mid turn (turning around to face what's behind her) holding a hand gun with an explosion in the background while wearing a red dress with a few scratches on her arms and a old school low rider off to the side behind her.

I never found the book. There was eventually a wall of fire that swept over the city and killed everyone that was left alive. Then it all went white and I was alone. I was standing alone looking around and noises started coming out of nowhere. A grocery store started to build itself and appear around me. The shelves started to fill with delicious looking food (I was in an area between the produce section and the deli/bakery) and people were appearing some pushing carts some holding hand baskets some alone some with family or lovers. Everyone looked happy and healthy and just content to be there.

It kind of put me at ease and got me thru the day when I remembered it. I don't think it was a premonition of things to come but maybe discribes how I do or should look at life (hectic now but eventually life works out in some way and you just have to let yourself be content)
Comments if you like.

01-23-2012, 04:36 AM
Nice thread, Cloudy. ;D

I've only ever had one dream about teeth falling out, but apparently they're very common. Mine certainly gave me a weird feeling... not emotionally though, more like the oddest physical sensation I've ever felt. It reminded me of having loose teeth as a kid. xD

Sounds like a rather creepy dream, Psy. I don't think I've had one quite like it before. o . o

I don't have any dreams to post at the moment, but here's a cool website (http://dreamviews.com/) if anyone is interested.

01-23-2012, 07:17 AM
Oh nice link I added it to first post. :D

and Psy wow that sounds so vivid! most of my dreams are really scattered then I have some very alive and vivid dreams like that, though if I dont write it down after having it it becomes dull again.

01-23-2012, 08:19 AM
Holy crap we literally just had to do this for APS class... What perfect timing. I will put up the three I put up for that class when I get back from school.

01-23-2012, 02:31 PM
I had a dream last night that I was overcharged around 400% for food, but I didn't say anything about it. Then I went to a different store to buy Mitsuya Cider and Ramuné with hopes of putting kool-aid packets in them. I saw my boyfriend, his old roommate, and a random girl there. She seemed unusually interested in finding out who I was, though I did not oblige.

After that I zapped back to a rainy day at my house. I walked down the street and around the corner to a neighbor's house, and people were playing basketball. And old friend of mine said that we should hang out more. Then it spontaneously got sunny again. My dad, a whole bunch of young kids, and I went on a hike behind my neighbor's house, and we got lost, unable to climb back down.

I woke up because my phone rang.

How it made me feel: Uhhh. Well. I'm sick right now, so I generally feel like crap. I can't say the dream was anything but normal for me. (I usually dream about food and jump locations.)

Feedback?: Whatever fits your fancy. (:

01-23-2012, 04:16 PM
i dreamed my sister had inherited around a billion dollars or so. i manged to steal a hundred million by typing some password into a weird computer thing. for some reason or another i ran out of money and had to go back and steal some more, but she had changed the pass word. so i had to break into some vault thing. i failed because my accomplishes ( an old guy and a horse) were stupid and couldn't get the combination to the safe cracker fast enough. and then we where chased (in a car, not sure how i ended up in one) by the police down icy roads and i ended up driving backwards, i was actually very impressed with my self for being able to pull that off. for some reason. then i cart of some sort hit my sister. and i woke up.

this dream made me sad. the feeling didn't last cause i woke up and ate waffles.

say what you want to say.

01-23-2012, 10:35 PM
@ Seefy: If you don't mind me asking how is your relationship with your BF? it sounds like some of the ones I had when I was with an ex, Him with friends and "some unknown other girl" it made me feel super worried having those haha those jump dreams happen sometimes for me but I don't often dream about sunny places that's really interesting.

@ GreenFox: Haha I laughed at the "an old guy and a horse" part aren't dreams fascinating? at least you felt sad about your sister, how is your relationship with her? since in the dream you said you were stealing from her :P


Last night I had a dream:

I was playing some ball game at my old primary school and we had two teams of 21 or something I think it may have been dodgeball. I usually don't willingly participate at sport but in this case I jumped right in. It started to rain and we all ran into convenient placed carriages or shack things. where the teacher asked where the prize for winning the big game went. There were two boys who had taken it, the first boy we came across said some other kid had it and was doing to sell it so me and the teacher went to track him down and found him, I then demanded he hand it over, and he handed some of it over, I yelled even more and he gave us the rest.

After this there was rumors of a mysterious man on the hunt for the person who possesses something important. One of the kids went missing and I went after the "Thing" that took him.

I was walking around my old primary school again (which is the location of a lot of my dreams for years now) and i was asking everyone if they knew anything.

before I knew it an alien like creature had picked me up and could read my mind...but only if i wasn't thinking of something else. this alien was after the unknown man. There was a scene where the alien made me float through this footpath of crowded people and it was really relaxing and my mind went silent, after that he told me he read something disturbing about this man and I can't actually remember what it said to me something about me knowing who it was and it was a massive suprise, then I woke up lol

Sry wall of text.

How this dream made me feel: Excited, amused, powerful, scared at some point because I think at first i ran from the alien thing.

Would you like feedback: Sure!

Additional: Interpretations taken from Dream Forth (www.DreamForth.com)
I don't always take dream interpretations seriously but its fun to read them :D

To dream of a stranger represents an aspect or quality that you refuse to show to others. It may also be suggesting a solution or resolution for an issue that is causing you anxiety.

To dream that you are searching for something indicates that your life is lacking something of importance. Perhaps you are seeking an explanation to a question or dilemma.

Dream interpritation taken from Dream Moods (http://dreammoods.com)

To dream that you are floating on air indicates satisfaction, contentment and acceptance of some situation. You are letting go of your problems and rising above obstacles. You are experiencing new-found freedom and gaining a new perspective on things. Nothing seems overwhelming or too difficult to handle. Alternatively, floating in your dream suggests that you are wandering through life aimlessly with no goals. You are just going with the flow.

01-23-2012, 11:11 PM
Oh man, I had a kickass dream a while ago. I think I may have mentioned it before, but I'm going to mention it again.

Dream description: So, me and a few friends are just hanging out at my house when the Kyuubi from Naruto appears and starts destroying EVERYTHING. We then run to the High School which is pretty close by. Once in the school, we go to the roof to observe the carnage. After watching the bloodbath for a bit, my Bio 2 teacher comes up to the roof and takes us all into his Green House. There, he says he's going to beam us (a la Star Trek) up to some UFO that's been orbiting the Earth. He does so, but while we're going up, the Kyuubi is attracted by the noise destroys the school and kills my Bio 2 teacher.

Once we're on the UFO we find a Guitar Hero set up. Somehow we figure out that if we all play Through The Fire and Flames perfectly, we will activate this laser that will kill the Kyuubi. We then proceed to jam, ace it, and the laser loads. Sadly, we didn't know that the laser would also wipe out all human life. At the last minute we change the aim of the laser so that it ends up leaving the neighborhood my friends and I live in untouched, but it kills everything else. (I guess the Kyuubi had moved on.) Anyway, changing the lasers aim set us off course, and we crash into the Earth and all die. I think some rule of dreaming says I should wake up now, but I didn't.

I then saw the only 3 surviving humans who were hiding out in a cornfield near the Fair Grounds. I guess they were going to repopulate the Earth or something.

Then I woke up.

How it made you feel: Kick ass. I saved the world, man. Though, I was sad my Bio 2 teacher died.

Would you like feedback?: Sure.

01-24-2012, 01:40 AM
Wow, all your dreams are really elaborate! i rarely ever get them, and maybe i do but forget them easily. damn.

i just woke up and had this dream in between hitting snooze button and actually getting up (some 20 mins). (yes, all my dreams seem as if they are in fast-forward, but i still do understand them. may something to have to do with my impatience?)

Dream: So first there's this bright and sunny day, and some people among who my sister's there (i'm not there) are "playing" on the grass. There's a weird ropey structure which when 4 people catch hold of, and put enough thrust on the ground, they do a cartwheel kind of thing. (its weird, hard to explain without pictures; its the first time even i saw/heard of it.)

Then zap to me. I'm still doing my internship, but the buildings, place, everything is changed (this also tends to happen to me a lot, i usually dream of my school, but its not my "school", the layout, buildings, etc etc are completely different). so in this version of my internship, i'm not in a city and hav to walk a long narrow road to get to the nearest bus-stop. the road is surrounded by forests (lots of trees for sure). So something random happens in the dream which i didnt understand. currently my sister invited me to the team outing that they were having (in the very first scene) and i'm running to get there on time (even the buses weren't frequent).on the way out i meet bunch of men who are employees in the place where i'm interning. they stop me and ask me some questions, but i'm unable to answer coz i couldn't hear them because of a loud noise playing (actually, not in dream) and my throat was super-dry (this also really). And so that guy starts shouting at me..scolding me that i'm too arrogant that i can't answer his questions, blah blah on those lines. My mentor/supervisor is also sitting there and he calls over. he talks to me (i forgot what) and i make an effort to answer but i still cant because of above two reasons. and somehow we exchange mobiles (i dont know why too). and then he becomes invisible, coz i can see a pouch that was on his waist suspended in the air. i'm not surprised or anything at all by this and merely try taking my mobile back and let it be known that i have to go. i resume running towards the bus stop and on the way i'm stopped by a couple of guys on the road,who talk about my dad. they are in the construction business and are there to repair the road or something. they apparently knew my dad well and were trying to make small talk. i'm all fidgety and stuff, so they ask me if i was in a hurry, i say yes and run.
The overall atmosphere in the dream was gloomy -all yellow/brown like the sun was setting and there was a lot of dust in the air.

then zap to another completely different dream. i was coming back home in a train and i'm home. (i dont remember much of it, only the last part). so i'm home with my dad, mom's doing something, (work, or cooking, something at home). i'm at my backyard and see something totally strange happening at a distance, a part of space, or an area, just becomes deep blue, then purple and then black and there's a HEAVY rain there. thunder, lightning,and scary-heavy rain. and that seemed to be fast approaching close to our place. i scream to my dad and just then from outside the window we see the space turning deep blue, purple, flash of black and extremely heavy rain. Then i wake up.

Phew, wanted to note it before i forgot, still i forgot some part anyway.

How I felt: First dream- mainly anxious to get there on time; annoyed when the people started talking to me and angry when i got accused of being arrogant and disrespectful; a little worried (tensed?) when my mentor talked to me (coz i couldn't hear him or answer him).
Second dream: scared, alarmed and slightly irritated (why isn't anyone worried that something strange is happening?!!).

Feel free to discuss about it.

Another point is that, my sister lives in the US and i'm in India.

01-24-2012, 01:29 PM
Well my relation with my sister is pretty good, and I normally wouldn’t steal from her. I really didn’t fully realize it was my sister untill she got hit by the cart. And then I was oh so that’s who I was stealing from, oops

01-31-2012, 05:45 PM
Good stuff. I'll share my dream if I have one, I remember it, and if it's interesting. There was a time when I would dream about zombies. lol

01-31-2012, 05:45 PM
Here is a dream I just had, so weird.

A bunch of people and I were fighting, and solving weird puzzles to get by traps in my apartment. I had read about this on the internet before, where the orb appears. I was very far ahead in the race, people were at least three traps back, but suddenly a person came up and attacked me. I attacked him back, and killed him. I’m fairly sure it was with a knife, and I cut his head off. I finally got to where the orb was, and when it comes into existence, it lays these traps as a test of power to see who gets it. The traps were odd, like spear walls that you had to unlock and avoid when they tried spearing you. I snuck passed people to get out of the dungeon, and I was back in my house. The orb was in some kind of capsule, so I opened it. At that moment, my brother attacked me for the orb and we started fighting. I managed to get away, onto the balcony, and I further opened the capsule. It turned into a mud and dirt mixture like casing. I opened that casing, and inside was an even smaller casing. I opened that, and a bunch of cockroaches, bees and other bugs poured out and they tried to bite and sting me. I just crushed them all and shoved them all off the balcony, and finally, I got the orb. The orb suddenly flew up, off the balcony, and into the sky not too far away. There was a bright red flash, and my brother was watching. He said “It’s probably going to be a shard.” Before I knew it, in the middle of winter, I ran out in my socks to go find whatever the orb created. I saw it on the ground ahead of me, a two minute walk away from my building on the sidewalk. As I approached, a man picked it up and brought it into his house which was right beside where the item was. I thought that the man would take it and use it on his own, but when I got to his house I knocked on his door and there were a bunch of British people having a civilized party. I let myself in, and the man was just taking off his shoes and jacket with the item in his hand. I told him I dropped it, and asked if I could have it back, ready to kill him if he didn’t give it to me. Fortunately, he gladly gave it back and apologized, saying something how a loud noise brought him outside and he just found it on the sidewalk. I took it, and started walking home. At first I thought it was an odd candle, but realized it was martini glass, with a tube running straight through the middle that emitted a sweet smell, and with a case like thing, that was cylinder and ran all around it. It’s hard to explain. It was also red and see through in colour, and glowing slightly. I read that they had come in different shapes and sizes, and had seen pictures, but I never knew that I would actually have my own.” Sure, I killed a man for it.” I thought. “But I had one.” I put the glass up to my face and as soon as I smelled that sweet scent, I instantly knew how to use it. It specifically told me it’d grant a wish of mine if I drank a full glass of tequila out of it, and think only about my wish, and after, say it aloud. I saw a couple girls on the way back, and they were wide eyed, looking at this large, odd and glowing object. They made some “wooow” sounds and gestures but I ignored them. When I got back, my brother was surprised to see I didn’t have a shard but a full item. I had read on the internet what a shard was; it was only a piece of an item and in order to make it full you’d have to find another orb. That would’ve sucked, especially because I had killed someone over this. I also knew that only I could use it, and no one else now. It was completely mine. I didn’t know what to wish for, I thought of a few things. I thought of invisibility, ability to grant wishes, and some other things. I realized that I was being selfish later, using the wish on me and not to help the world. I didn’t care though. I asked mom “If you could wish for anything in the world, what would you wish for?” and she answered sarcastically saying “Anything I want”. No kidding, I wanted to know a specific answer. It was very eerie, and as soon as I was thinking about my wish, I woke up. It felt so odd, and I laid in bed thinking for a while if I would actually kill someone for a wish, and what I would wish for.

How it made you feel: Excited, evil, and empowered. When I woke up I wished I was still in the dream so I could've had my wish granted.

tl;dr, but if you read it I'd love to hear what you think.

01-31-2012, 05:59 PM
So you have a problem with your own image?

01-31-2012, 06:08 PM
I'm not sure, I don't think so. I kind of do when it comes to my interests, as I'm afraid people will think I'm weird and avoid me if they know about them. XD

01-31-2012, 06:11 PM
Dunno, the first part at least reveal that you have a problem with your image and what others think about you.

But to be honest I don't really like to read this kinda of shit (dreams), they are too personal and almost half of them are full bullshit (to much tv and video games).

01-31-2012, 08:26 PM
Dreams are somethings that should be kept to one's self. They're...too damn personal on a level that doesn't even have a name to begin with. There my opinion, plain and simple.

02-01-2012, 03:01 AM
You would only share the ones you feel comfortable with sharing of course.
I would never share anything I didn't feel comfortable telling others about.

There are some dreams however...that aren't that personal at all in my opinion they are just weird/scary/funny.
This thread is for people who want to share them no one is forcing anyone to.

If you don't like reading, commenting about it please feel free to go to another thread :)

02-01-2012, 03:07 PM
Yeah, well I might as well join in the fun....

I had a weird dream the other day and it started off like a friggin rap music video. Don't ask me how or why since I still don't know. So, anyways I'm just walking around and I'm literally walking through music videos, the weird thing about it though was I was listening to Bad Meets Evil when I woke up. I don't know if it was the music that influenced my dream or what, but who knows...

02-01-2012, 09:21 PM
^ I want to have dreams like this guy. It might actually make me cool. XD

@ Seefy: If you don't mind me asking how is your relationship with your BF? it sounds like some of the ones I had when I was with an ex, Him with friends and "some unknown other girl" it made me feel super worried having those haha those jump dreams happen sometimes for me but I don't often dream about sunny places that's really interesting.

It's actually really good. I've never worried about "another person" before, except in this dream. >.> I've been having a lot of weird irrational dreams lately, though, so I don't really think much of it.

02-05-2012, 04:00 PM
Hearing about dreams is always good inspiration, or at least good for a lul. Some interesting stuff in here.

Meh. In return, you can have some typical regantorian slur. :I

There was a ruined, overgrown building. I entered the front door directly into an elevator, one of those old victorian types where you have to pull the grating across yourself. There is no light bulb, so the carriage turns pitch black as it decends. No noise at all, either.

The basement is a parrellel dimension, my brain informs me. My mission is to deliver medicine to a sick woman. Everything is dusty and dark, cracked concrete. Not much alive. Finding the room isn't too hard, it's the only place that is lit up.

Owlhusband didn't know I was comming, and puts up a quick fight before retreating, easily overpowered. He's called that because he's an owl and her husband. Thanks again, brain.

I explain why I am there and sick woman seems alright with it, except they had a child at some point and it is sick with the same thing. I only have one portion of the medicine (which looks like one of those light-up things a doctor looks down your ear with), so she tells me to cure the child and take it back to my dimension. So I do. Meh, the woman didn't really even seem that sick towards the end. Was she faking it or something? Owlhusband even comes with me.

He turns into a sterotypical fat middle aged new yorker in our dimension, and is confused by the sky. They didn't have one in their dimension. The 'child' is just a bunch of rolled up towels.


02-05-2012, 08:48 PM
woah so detailed and interesting that really COULD make a good story you know? xD

02-05-2012, 09:44 PM
50% of my dreams are about some sort of apocalypse. The others are about my death, and weird stuff I forget.

02-05-2012, 09:54 PM
woah so detailed and interesting that really COULD make a good story you know? xD
Thanks. All of my dreams are gigantic anti-climaxes, through, much like that one. XD

50% of my dreams are about some sort of apocalypse. The others are about my death, and weird stuff I forget.
So either you die or everyone else in the world dies? lul.


Related subject; Does anyone else get stupid reoccuring 'rules' within their dreams? For instance, I pretty frequently lean how to swim through the air, litterally kicking and swinging my arms. It doesn't matter what the current dream is actually about, if I remember doing this previously, it simply works again.

02-06-2012, 02:35 PM
I have had a ton of dreams like that Reg. It gets irritating after awhile. In some of my dreams, I keep having to learn how to use some sort of cyberpunk chair that does EVERYTHING. And in others, I have to do the Russian Polka....anyways, aside from that. There really isn't any other dreams worth of note.

02-06-2012, 02:44 PM
I like this thread Cloudy! Okay...here's a weird dream I had a while ago but it's stayed with me:

I was in the town I grew up in before my mom & dad split up, Sarasota, FL with the members of the band I was like 24 I had this dream like 15 years ago, so it was current then. We were gutting out the house I lived in as a very young child with crow bars & sledge hammers. We were really wailing on the thing...& had just about finished with our demolition when a giant came crashing through the back of the house with so much force that my friends & I were thrown into the street. He stood towering over me...& seemed to be very pissed off for some reason. That's when I noticed that he was me. Well...older, powerfully built 15', almost feral version of me with a look that promised me a savage & brutal beating. I was really scared & so were my band mates because the ran away as soon as they saw "giant me". I stood up to face "me" anyhow &, somehow when I stood, I had what was either a huge machete or a chinese broad sword...can't recall which. The giant me stepped back laughing as I rose, taunting me, calling me a coward & saying that my life would amount to nothing & that it was futile to go on or face him because he'd beat me if I tried to resist him and the fated that awaited me.
I fought him anyway. I can't recall all the details, but I was epic. At first he was really knocking me around & I got pretty bloodied & bruised I was almost beaten & he paused to laugh & ridicule me some more when I saw an opening I basically jumped on jumped up & propelled myself of his knee & spun around in a horizontal arc at his neck that sent his head flying & his body falling as I stood on his chest till it hit the ground. I DO remember that much. I also remember that his head rolled around on the ground still mocking me & laughing. Then I woke up.

What's it all mean? I still dunno but. I was at crossroads in my life at the time & I think it was my subconscious telling me that the path I was on with the band wasn't what I really wanted & it really wasn't going anywhere. The gutting of my childhood home probaly stemmed from resentment of my parent's divorcing at at time in my life where things were still innocent & feeling that it was destroyed.

The battle with my giant & barbaric self was an internal struggle though. I know this now because I was a violent young man & it's only until now that I'm older, that my rage has subsided because of self restraint. That giant was a warning of what I might have become if I hadn't concsiously chosen to discipline myself.

Over the past 15 years since, I've allways recalled the image of that lauging head manically spewing hate, loathing & promises of violence in the aftermath whenever I let my anger get the better of me. In the past 8 years, since I started Tai Chi & really focusing on my art, I haven't been too angry with folks & rarely lose my cool. So, think the dream actually helped me better myself.

02-07-2012, 02:18 AM
wow really interesting, I would see the giant ferocious self as being maybe a part of you that you dislike or something :)

02-07-2012, 03:00 PM
Yeah...I really didn't much like how short my temper was back then. I guess the giant represented that.

02-08-2012, 07:25 PM
Probably my scariest dream was one where I being followed by a 3D rendering of a bouncy, wall-eyed, 6-foot tall Hanna-Barbera style cartoon dog while I was just walking around my neighborhood. No one else was in the dream, and the dog never did anything but follow me around and never got closer than like 25 feet, but I was scared as fuck.

02-09-2012, 07:49 PM
Just recently I had a dream where I was with my pals fighting zombies. Then Jesus was in it and fighting zombies with me and my friends were gone.

It makes me wonder what I'm doing with my life.

02-10-2012, 04:29 PM
Jai, I think that it means you might wanna let go of that zombie game in your hand....

03-10-2012, 12:46 AM
I have 3 dreams that were so realistic oh cloudy i had the same dream as you with my teeth falling out. any who ill tell you one of my dreams. Ok so i was on a battle field its like the 1500s. and im some guy idk but i was seeing what he saw through his eyes like i was in his body. then somehow i got knocked on my back and i was laying there then some guy came over me and i saw a sword come down and it stabbed me after that everything went black and i felt like i was sleeping then i woke up

03-16-2012, 02:00 PM
Had a dream I was out to eat Chinese food with my sister and her boyfriend and some other people. Some one comes in and yells a couple times "this is a stick up everyone on their knees" first thing I do is crouch behind a wall and get my phone out and hide it. Then the robber is a woman and she hates men and is like drunk and tells the women in the place to go up stairs. It crossed my mind "let your hair down and hide your face you can totally blend in with the women and slip up stairs" but I didn't. I end up running up stairs and the robber chick is screaming men are scum and all this and chases after me. I hide around a corner and knock her out with a hamster cage to the head. I tie her hands together with zip ties and she turns into a guy.

03-16-2012, 02:07 PM
These robots were sick of their creator so they were planning to kill him. One of the robots had a car that disguised you if you went in one door and out the other, so he went in and came out looking like some guy with a fedora.

03-16-2012, 11:19 PM
I have a recurring dream that I'm a galaxy-sized robot who can create big bangs. Trouble is I know where they came from just not what they mean.

03-17-2012, 01:26 AM
Eh, this seems like a good way to start being active again :)
So. Have some grisly murder dream.

The whole world is falling to pieces, blood on the walls, debris clogging the hallways. I fight my way through a congealing sea of limbs. Some are human; most are from the kind of crawling night creatures I'd been begging not to exist.
Turn your head towards the far-off doorways, collecting bruises from every side. Throw a desperate punch, twisting and dodging, land too hard on your heels and slam off a locker door.
I can't remember crossing the hall through the blur of roiling bodies, the confusion and the gruesome sounds. I find myself safe inside a sterile box, the classroom door snapped shut behind me. Light streams in through magnified windows, the clearest, cheeriest sunlight I've ever seen. Now I know why the worst things are supposed to find you at night; they do it so you won't have to see the grisly details.
I know I look like a mess; I can feel a stinging above my left temple, can feel warm liquid trickling down my cheek, leaving tingling tracks across my face. My hands shake cupping the doorknob behind me. Sitting before me are a haphazard congregation of strangers and acquaintances, slumped across the desks, some tending wounds, some silently breaking down. Somehow I find myself walking to the front of the room to join one other; somehow my mouth opens, somehow words pour out, all without my consent. My entire mind should be put on trial for treason.
I'm not a planner. I'm not a fighter. I have no idea how to do this. But with two dozen trusting eyes fixed on me, my hands arc in explanation, something vaguely resembling a strategy begins to take shape. I glance at you out of the corner of my eye, and I think I see you nod.
We can be the leaders. We always had that in common; we can fake strength remarkably well. Maybe, with all the luck in the world, we'll pull through the nightmare.
Even I can't believe the things I go through to stand beside you.
Truth be told, every bone in my body is trembling. My mind keeps turning toward the vials of deadly poisons stacked behind oak cabinet doors. Just one sip...
Maybe I'll wake up, maybe I never will.
But no, those unguarded stares have done me in. I could never turn my back on them. And, for some reason, they're relying on me.
Shaking and sweating, biting my lip to shreds, I take a halting step forward with my eyes fixed on the back of your head. Then, because I'm on the brink of death anyway, I reach boldly out and slip my hand into yours, willing you to squeeze back. And, because this is a dream and therefore better than any reality (alternate or otherwise), you do.
Minutes later I charge the hallways with a broken and bristled chair leg held high, swatting off monsters as they try to take my world from me. I lost sight of you the moment we split apart; there are far too many of them compared to us. We're like ants lost in a flood of giants, tossing and turning across the beige linoleum floors. I can feel the pain in horrible jolts like lightning strikes over my shoulders, and I know I'll feel every blow as I slowly, surely lose.

How it made me feel: Like I need to stop playing Left4Dead at night with the lights off, or zombies will surely invade my high school for real.

Feedback: Sure, why not

On a side note, I also had a dream a while back where I was at my old summer camp, it was raining and for some reason I was wearing a wedding dress. I was also running really quickly (jumping fences and everything). It was interesting but I can't remember how it ended. :/

On another side note, I might actually really truly be back this time. :D

04-23-2012, 06:02 PM
I had a dream that I was rushing to a soccer game. Traffic was terrible and I kept making the wrong turns. When I finally got to the game, it was already half-time. then, I realized that i wasn't wearing any clothes and my car had disappeared. I had to run to a port-a-potty and my mom to come bring me clothes. By the time my mom arrived, it was already 30 minutes into the second half. I tried to hurry and put my clothes on, but everything start going at slow motion. When I was finally dressed, I only got to play for two minutes.

How it made me feel: Horrible, embarrassed

Feedback: If you want to

05-10-2012, 08:33 AM
I had a crazy dream last night/this morning

So from what I remember the world was about to end - think judgment day or like the 3rd day in majora's mask - and there was some artifact or something that we had to get from this temple that was somehow connected to Abraham in order to stop the world from ending. So my brother and I swing on a rope from this ridge to the entrance of the temple. We go inside and it turns sort of zelda-esque and we fight our way through the temple until we find the artifact. I'm a little fuzzy on what it was, but we carried it back out and I believe that we brought it over to this castle to bring to the king. My brother went ahead of me with the artifact and I was taking my time walking along this road picking up quarters - 'cause apparently they make you do this Hansel and Grettle type thing where you drop quarters along your path to make sure you don't get lost on your way back from the temple. Anyway I was picking up these quarters and this guy, seemed like a rich/nobleman dude, came along and laughed at me and started helping me out. We walked back towards the castle picking up quarters. Anyway we get inside and we go talk to the prince about the artifacts and it turns out theres another one in the neighboring fortress thing. So he asks to talk to me alone and basically sees if I'll go get it. I of course agreed and this is where shit got crazier. because I stepped outside of the throne room and looked across at the fortress I had to sneak into. The fortress looked less like a fortress... and you know I can't even explain what it looked like. It was weird. Anyway I sneak around to the back of this fortress, crawling on the ground so i don't get seen through the windows, and I climb up this trellis thing and through this door. Inside there's this family sitting at a table ready to eat and this woman chopping up this fruit and attempting to make a smoothy/slushie. She looks at me and assumes i'm some sort of chef so she asks if she's making the smoothie right. I taste it and let her know that it tastes great (it was some really strange particular type of smoothie. I can't remember the name though but it was like a purple maroon color). Anyway she's happy with my answer so I say goodbye and walk into her kitchen. Its a really small kitchen like barely any walking room and I open this green cupboard under her stove which turns out to be a secret entryway thing. I crawl through the opening and am under this counter in a large kitchen. Theres a gigantic/semi giant man cooking a meal. I manage to close the green cupboard just in time so that the other family doesn't know where I went and I hide under this counter thing. The giant starts reaching down to grab something and i hold my breath. He finds what he's looking for and goes on with his stuff, but at some point he lies down to get something else and his foot ends up brushing against me. He reaches down and touches me and I run out behind him and run away with him chasing me. I make it into the next room and lock the door, and then close another door over that one and lock it. I walk through this hallway into this room that looks like a private library type thing. It has shelfs with books reaching up to the ceiling and a stairway leading to a second level. Then out of nowhere this medusa thing comes out and starts fighting me. So i'm fighting her and generally just beating her. She wasn't trying very hard I don't think and I remember feeling bad for her and that I should go easier on her. And then I chopped her head off... I was kind of confused at that point about what I was even there for, so I grabbed her head and carried it with me. Anyway so I walk up the stairs and theres a line of really creepy hallways with a bunch of doors and windows looking into those rooms. And in them, they look like dancing rooms, are people sleeping. So I crawl along this hallway and I hear someone move so I go into the nearest room just in case. And I'm in this person's bedroom. I'm trying to be very quiet and I look around for a secret way out but I can't find one. And the girl wakes up so I hide somewhere... I can't see where clearly... and she gets up and goes into her private bathroom so I sneak out of her room. At this point people are waking up so I run down the hallway and up a stairway and end up on the roof. Somehow the artifact that I was looking for is there on the roof so I grab it and jump off onto the ground. I start running across this field and run behind this other castle thing that's near my castle. Its all looking more like giant cardboard cutouts or like giant playhouses than an actual castle. The people from the fortress come out and are trying to track me but their dogs suck at smelling. So I manage to sneak into a back entrance of the real castle while they're busy thinking I got into the wrong one. So I run through the hallways of the real castle and make it to the throne room and present the prince with the head and the artifact, and he looks at me cause i'm short of breath and having trouble speaking and he's like "are your teeth getting pointy?" I realize that I'm turning into a medusa somehow, like she managed to bite me or something very strange. And I start panicking because if I do turn then they'll have to chop off my head. This girl, who I think is a friend or something, stands up to the prince and says that I can be healed. She has me drink out of this pitcher and I stop changing into a medusa and turn back to normal. I'm thanking her and suddenly we realize something is wrong with the prince and we both turn quickly towards him... and then I woke up and realized that I had spent an extra two hours asleep. *sigh*

I'm still trying to recover from this dream man. I can't shake the feeling that like I'm supposed to be doing something or saving the prince somehow and it's very hard to focus on doing homework instead.

05-10-2012, 08:42 AM
I have a recurring dream that I'm a galaxy-sized robot who can create big bangs. Trouble is I know where they came from just not what they mean.

I wish I have dreams like this one!


05-11-2012, 05:01 AM
I keep having a dream that I'm in that big country house in Arachnophobia, and all those little spiders are swarming around me, and it plays out just like the movie. Only John Goodman's character gets eaten by the Queen , a spider that's like the dog in Big trouble only it's a spider with Roseanne's head, and I get eaten by the General who has the head of the one guy who played the Gunnery Seargent in Full Metal Jacket.

05-22-2012, 10:05 AM
Here's a dream that keeps popping up from time to time (usually when I'm stressed) that I really REALLY hate:

So I'm alone in a dark alleyway in some sprawling metropolis at nighttime. It's that murky kind of dark where my field of vision is outlined in shadows & impenetrable darkness beyond that. The city seems overwhelming large...even from the alley that I'm in I can tell that its a city full of industry. There's shit like ducts all around & broken machinery, friggin' giant cogs...

I see this woman at the entrance to the alleyway in the distance. She's the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen & there's light behind her & she calling to me. I follow & she laughs (that dreamy laughter) & runs off. I chase after her & catch a glimpse of her as she dashes down some stairs to a subway terminal. Its dark down there & she's beckoning me to follow her down a manhole. I'm hesitant but she's so alluring I can't help myself.
Down, down ,down I follow as the industrial design gets older & more dilapidated. the stark lighting of the underground area that I'm in casts ugly scary shadows that really unnerve me. She gestures for me to follow her into a room...its as bad looking as the rest of the place...but she's hot and now there's 5 more women in the room just as hot as she is.

Somehow I wind up shackled to a table & the beautiful women are ridiculing me. Laughing at my insecurities & the all seem to be much more powerful than I noticed before. NOt physically mind you, but they seemed to radiate a presence or power that I knew was greater than my own.

Then, their faces shifted & I saw what they really were. Demons or devils or some f'ed up crap. I dunno. I'd call 'em succubi because they commense to torture the shit out of me & not in that kinky way. The whole time they keep berating me & mocking me. After a while of this torture I pass out & wake up.

I've had this dream off & in for about five years now & it scares the hell out of me when I have it. After I wake from this dream, I feel drained physically & emotionally & usually wind up having to take a day off from work.

What's it all mean? I dunno. Facing personal demons is my guess. I'd like to think that I'm not a 'dark' person internally so I don't know why I'd have such a gothic dream recur. Weird...

10-03-2012, 04:25 PM
Bringing this thread back.

I dreamed I was riding a bike and all the stoplights used the phases of the moon instead of the traditional colored lights. So I made a left turn on a waxing crescent and got pulled over by the cops.

But the cops were riding in a van full of children.

10-03-2012, 05:35 PM
that would be neat if that was how traffic lights worked. Also last night I dreamt I was building something but the materials were in cubes like in minecraft and in the dream i was thinking this is weird but whatevs. I think I play minecraft too much.

10-03-2012, 09:57 PM
I had a dream like that once where I was stuck up on top of a house and every time I tried to jump off there were a zillion creepers waiting for me at the bottom.

Anyway, last night I had a dream about trying to mow a field with one of those old manual lawn mowers. I kept having to do it over again because it wasn't cut short enough.

10-03-2012, 10:03 PM
screw those lawnmowers

actually screw lawns too

10-04-2012, 12:45 AM
wait taylour do you play minecraft

10-04-2012, 01:08 AM

10-04-2012, 03:10 AM
wat why didnt u play with james cake and i

10-04-2012, 12:57 PM
idk *shrug* maybe next time

10-05-2012, 12:00 AM

12-15-2012, 04:19 PM
Dream description: I don't know exactly anymore since I can't remember my dreams for a very long time (which means by this time I already forgot or almost forgot the dream I dreamt the night before) but I'll try to describe it as best as I can.
It started with me and my friends driving through a street to get ice cream. After we bought ice cream, we went back to our houses. Mine was an one-room apartment on the third floor and it had dark blue curtains for some reason. When I got home, I closed the curtains but I left a small gap between the curtains. Next, I noticed a boy from my class was looking at me through that gap. He lived in the apartment across the street. I had my clothes on, fortunately (that was what I thought when I woke up, strange, I know). Anyway, this boy was looking at me and then he came in my room. And the next moment we were kissing and that's the moment I woke up. (As you know, I am a girl - just saying, because if I would be a boy, this dream would be even more strange) It made me feel really weird. It was also strange that we were kissing, because I really hate that boy. So what do you think this means? Because I really want to know. And this dream keeps returning every week or so. So it must mean something, right?

12-16-2012, 06:18 PM
I had a nightmare once that started of pretty average then ended horrifyingly: i was playing a video game (like COD) with a friedn inside a huge department store. after a while we walked out of the store into this really dusty courtyard with a low wall along one side. after a few seconds two soldiers came in through one side of the courtyard and my friend dragged me behind the wall. she suddenly had a gun and after telling me to stay where i was, she jumped over the wall and started shooting. I screamed after her to come back because i was unarmed, but when i looked over the wall she was fighting one of the soldiers and the other one was coming straight towards me. i tried to run away, but the second soldier vaulted the wall and pinned me to the ground (i was on my back) he was unarmed, but so was i and i couldn't move. he placed his hand in the middle of my ribcage and started to push inwards. i could feel my bones cracking under the pressure. I panicked and tried to move, but he still had me pinned. I started to balck out becuase i couldn't breathe. a few seconds before i wnet under, i remeber thinking "hey it's okay. you don't have to die. you can sleep" and the moment before i became unconscious, the sodlier finger broke through my skin and i relaised what he ahd been trying to do: break through my ribcage to pullout my heart.
and then i woke up and i freaked out for a few seconds till I ascertained i was, in facte, still alive.

12-16-2012, 09:17 PM
That is weird. You play too much COD

once I had a dream like that... some demon thing was sawing of my legs and roasting me alive on a spit. Scariest part though was that I was in the buff. O_O

12-20-2012, 01:24 AM
that does sound frightening....but you know, a demon wouldn't exactly want to pick bits of shredded burnt clothing from between his teeth, would he?
also, just so you get a different perspective on how out of the blue and scary my dream was, I've never played COD. I don't really play first person shooters much.

12-20-2012, 11:10 PM
Had some dream where at first I was watching an episode of spongebob(maybe). There was some kinda blow-up shark going down a slip-and-slide, and as it got to the end u could see some fat guy was naked inside it.

Then the actual episode started, but it wasnt an episode anymore. I was outside in a suburban neighborhood, and this giant orange truck was going down the road. It had a large, open back section. In this area were a bunch of chickens. There was no glass or wire keeping them in, so it's weird that they wouldn't run.

Anyways, 1 by 1 these chickens were being ground up alive as the truck crept at such a ridiculously slow pace down the road. In front of the chickens, was a lowered section of the truck, and I could see ground meat flowing into it from where the chickens were. The meat was almost bubbling, and completely bloodless. Meanwhile, at the front of the truck, blood was shooting out some sprayer that hung at the truck's front bumper.

This blood shot out at an insane amount of pressure, because it decapitated dozens of animals that were just chilling in the middle of the road in front of the truck. At this point, my gag reflex started, and I ran inside a house. I started barfing into my hands on the way to the kitchen sink, and I saw that my vomit was the same ground meat that was in the truck. I started spitting out smaller bits until I woke up, because I actually spat into my pillow.

Feels like PETA was beaming an ad straight into my head or something. Though I feel like I've seen that truck somewhere before...

12-21-2012, 12:19 AM
Amazing thread! I love dreams, they are a great inspiration for writing.

I had a freaky dream last night, I was in a jungle and this giant mutant spider was running some carnival stand, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was selling.