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03-13-2013, 08:38 PM
Neit rubbed the pain out of her neck, and opened her mouth with a haggard smile; Only for it to instantly disappear again before she could start talking, as the Goblin she was smiling towards turned into a fine slush. Damn stupid trolls. What a waste. Goblins were adorable when terrified.

"...Thankse, Alsiffe..." Her voice was a pale, agitated whisper, laced with a little paranoia. "That was risky, but we woulda been screwed ife the big fella knew we were coming."

"One of you sweethearts wanna gete 'dose three worthless human slugse ready? I'm gonna have a peek aheade."

Cautiously, with her back to the pillar, Neit surveyed the path ahead. She was well aware that dealing with even a younger dragon was like dealing with a seasoned wizard. If they were going to spot it before it spotted them, they would have to be either very lucky or very tactful indeed.

The question was, which was better? Make it look like a present? An execution? Allow the humans to try their luck for authenticates' sake?...

Listen and Spot Checks;

1d20+5=18, 1d20+8=21 (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3971547/)

03-17-2013, 08:18 AM
Neit could not see anything of interest before the natural cave hit a wall and the path branched in such a manner that would require she move ahead - something not advisable without the others. That said, she also could not hear anything besides the scurrying and skittering of the usual rats, spiders, insects, and horrific offshoots thereof that were common and harmless, and - off in the distance - a faint windy sound like some sort of large, dragon shaped, creature breathing.

Wonder what that could be?

03-20-2013, 10:18 PM
Neit walked out slowly from her cover, satisfied there was no immediate danger, but still kept her eyes wide open. A multitude of strange little ditties ran through her mind, not just of fear, but of self-observant distraction. She had to fight the hilarity of the idea of Neit, that ropey drugged-up bitch, actually doing something so impossibly dangerous for a slut they barely knew.

A rat scurried up ahead, plague-ridden and dead eyed.

Perhaps it might enjoy death in her place?

Slinking out a lithe hand, she seized it's small mind easily, and ordered it to search the tunnel ahead.

Neit cast Dominate Person.

7 PP plus 2 PP for it not being a person.

04-07-2013, 07:03 PM
Neit's rat continued down the cave, eventually coming to a larger open chamber. An alcove to the left split into two branching paths, each leading who knew where, but more importantly; who cares? With it's back to a large column of unworked stone, the Red Dragon. It was awake and at attention, apparently having heard the fighting. The great beast's back nearly touched the cave ceiling, and it had a large metal collar about its neck, presumably some manner of magical device to keep it in check if it got out of line. Fortunately, it had no guards or servitors.
Unfortunately, the Dragon's hoard, assuming it was allowed to keep one, was no where to be seen. Although the rat-brain seemed to notice that the wall behind the column behind the Dragon was worked stone. Maybe they kept its hoard in there?

05-01-2013, 01:11 AM
"Drink thise." Neit held out three small corked vials before their human servants, alrough her face was still directed away, as if staring at the creature ahead clear through the solid stone. Her voice was blank, as if intentionally masking her fear from the sub-drow for some reason... "There ise ah' very large monstere aheade. But also a rathere large labyrinthe beyonde that, it woulde be quite hard to find 'an escaping human within... Harder than you're worth..."

"We neede 'ah way through."

One of them wasn't drinking.

"The potion will sap 'zeh dragon's strengthe."

"Looke at 'zeh floor. I crushede these useless thug's minds with ease. Do I look tirede?" Her head slowly rotated backwards, red eyes catching a glint of agitated light. "Go. Go and find your freedome. If you refuse, I will turn 'youe inside out here and now. If you come back, I'll find a way of not lettinge 'zhat kill youe."

He drank it alright.

Then, the three set off, cautiously.

Neit didn't bother to look at them set off at all, instead using the mind-controlled rat to watch them from a vantage point ahead...

05-05-2013, 09:24 PM
The Dragon sprang into action the moment the three slaves came into eyesight - it had no doubt smelled their approach well before it could see them.
Rearing back its head, it belched forth a gout of flame that reduced the first slave to a pile of ash, a few larger charred bones still smoking and visible in the pile. Before the other two screaming slaves could get any distance going the thing lunged forward grabbing both in its 'hands.' "This is going to hurt. Very much." It smiled as it slammed one down, pinning him under its tail while it began slowly pulling apart the other screaming Human, eating each piece as it did so.
It had finished the first Human and had just torn off the second's right arm when the poison kicked in the Dragon suddenly slumping forward, out like a light, smoke still billowing from the sleeping thing's nostrils.

Bolgaz, the mightiest of all Dragons, rolled a 1 on his Fort Save. Truly fearsome! (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4038457/)

05-05-2013, 11:33 PM
Neit didn't react at all for a minute, believing the whole situation as too good to be true. Maybe the collar had kept it's spells in check somehow?...

Stretching out her senses, she mentally stamped out the brains of of the last human slave, who was still bleeding out. Next came the rat, who she injected a pleasant little feeling into, cutting off as many pain receptors as she could, before sending it on it's way.

"It worked." She said simply, alrough still staring straight ahead, through the solid cave wall. "Now we just have to... you know... finish cleaning up."

She didn't wait a second, marching ahead, but was at least cautious enough that she didn't run either. Every few steps, an unholy ray of greenish light burst from her disinterestedly upheld hand, continuously striking the titanic monster vaguely in the eyeball area. It was asleep, sure enough, but finishing the job was going to take quite a while indeed.

"Just remember it's not quite dead yet..."

Six ghouls approached from the chamber beyond, as they got closer...

Ah. Horde guards. She could see the glint from here.

Either way, they wern't much of a challenge for Ryyna's cronies at all, but it did agitate Neit having to concentrate on something other than the stonking great sleeping monster, which could wake up and pull off their limbs like helpless insects, if they were not fast enough.

After going through the various piles, chests, and urns that contained and constituted the Dragon's hoard, the group found 173 gold coins, and 61 silver ones. Additionally there were two potions, some sort of crystal, probably psychoactive by the look of it, and masterfully made items; a longbow, a pair of boots a pair of gauntlets, a heavy steel shield, a suit of chainmail, and a breastplate. Some, if not all, of that stuff was - of course - probably magic, but they'd need to get it identified before they could be sure. Same for whatever that crystal was.

Neit herself didn't look too much into the items, mostly because she was still busy zapping away.

The expression on her face, death rays flying out of one hand, frequently swigged whiskey bottle in the other, was enough to make one think she would have preferred fighting it awake and able.

"I wonder if selling the skull is a good idea..."

"Alrough, I suppose, It's not like we would look suspicious suddenly turning up with the one red dragon head in the whole damn city or anything... :/"

05-09-2013, 11:37 PM
While everyone finished murdering poor old Bolgaz, Alsiif sat down and examined the many treasures. She had no idea what most of the stuff did, but she did find out the two potions were ones of Haste and Cure Serious Wounds.

"Sell it? We should hang it up in our new headquarters..." Alsiif walked up and tapped her foot against the dragon's face. "This makes us Dragonslayers, yeah?"

05-13-2013, 10:02 PM
"Alsiif, honey... erm, you know what's gonna happen if I run out of juice and he wakes up, righte?..." Neit spoke with a slight worried tone, alrough she was a bit too busy trying to light a cigar with one hand to look truly terrified.

"Too bad 'e wasn't kinda smaller, through. Woulda made a cool hat. Or a crown..."

"Ryyna, you're the money whore... Whate costs more, ya dragon bones or ya golde?..."

He hand was getting tired just from being held in the air, and she had to swap. Gave her some time to light that stoogie, through.

"Lolth's tits, can we just concentrate on getting this guy's bits outta 'ere?"

"I can make ya teleporty door thingie..."

"...erm... Ya know, when 'ees deade..."

"And not gonna maybe wake upe an' kille us any sec."

"So... erm..."

"Maybe 'elp pleeze? :/"

05-16-2013, 06:15 PM
"ITS STILL ALIVE?!" Alsiif jumped backwards and shot a few lightning bolts at the dragon. Then, she summoned a few fiendish spiders, which skittered over and crawled around on the thing.

05-19-2013, 12:08 AM
After a few more minutes of lobbing psionic death beams at the sleeping monster, Neit suddenly got to her feet and wrestled the cramp out of her hand.

"Got an' idea, hun. Please keepe, erm... Killin' 'im."

A dark blobbish flare later, and the crowish thing had vanished into thin air.


It wasn't too hard to find Taldi. Neit already knew which local dive was her favorite; It was the one with the big glowy statue out front which looked kinda like her. Or totally was her, according to Taldi. As luck would have it, she was in there, too.

"Hey there candycaps!" She wrapped her arms around the roudy woman from behind and kissed her ear, directing interrupting the conversation Talders was already having. "I need 'ur helpe with somethinge. Somethinge bige. Somethinge really really bige. Righte now. Can't waite. You won't be sorry."

"You gotta bunche loada slaves 'andy? ( ̄~ ̄)"

05-19-2013, 12:14 AM
"'Ey, shitheads!" Taldi shouted to her prior guests. "Piss off, I've gots a big importan' c'rintri lady and anythin' she says is prolly mo' 'portant than your dumb shit." Taldi smiled and turned to face Neit, this time wearing little more than a boob-tube and a tiny skirt. "Haelo." She smiled at Neit. "Can I give Jabress Inthuul a kiss? Or no fraterizinging with th' shebali in public?" She teased before pulling Neit into a deep kiss. "So whassup? What's all this 'bout needin' slaveses?"

05-19-2013, 12:47 AM
Neit made sure to hold the sides of Taldi's face to make it look like she was in control of the kissing, but the cute-dumpy slaver was totally doing all of the work.

A straight minute of gibbering later, it took a firm pinch to the earlobe to finally get the roudy thing under control.

"Looke. It's a dragone. Killed ite, we dide. Gotta a whole damn pile 'a dragon chunks!" She pulled herself closer so that she could whisper in the opposite ear. Her other hand grabbed grabbed a bum bump, but that was just for fun. "You got some tough ol' man-boys for tha' liftin', don't ya? Of course you do! Taldi's the boss of these things, that's what they say!... We gotta be quick, through, ya se, sweetbits... You wante in or duncha?..."

05-20-2013, 10:40 AM
Took some liberties with Neit to keep things moving and did what seemed in character. I imagine she knows how and when to shut up Taldi. If there's an issue, Reg, let me know.

Taldi pushed Neit away, gently, laughing and giggling. "Ahahaha, good one, Neit." More laughter before she was able to parse the look on Neit's face, sobering up herself. "Lolth's tits, you serious? Like, fo' reals? I mean, you sures its not just a really funny lookin' Deep Crow or a big lizard? 'Cause this one time-" Neit silenced Taldi with a kiss and gave her some reassurances that, yes, it was a Dragon and not a very strange and featherless Deep Crow. Did they even *have* Deep Crow in Avernus? Whatever.

"Fuck yaes I want in!" Taldi lit up. "Wants somethin' fo' it, tho'. Not doin' this just 'cause you gorgeous and good kisser." She smiled. "I'd look suitably badass in a dragonscale cloak, no?" Neit got the hint.


Taldi and a quartet of her own Trolls quickly helped Ryyna's Troll move the Dragon's corpse back to the surface. Well, the slaves did. Taldi mostly just barked orders at them, went on about how cool Dragons are, and how badass she'll look in her new cloak.

Once the Dragon was topside, Taldi gave Neit a passionate kiss and quickly scribbled down the name of the fancy inn she was currently staying at, noting that she expected her cloak sooner rather than later. Naturally, by the rules of Drow social interaction, everyone knew there was an unspoken "or else" in there.

Okay, so, time to decide what you want to do with the corpse. It's a Huge creature, so you can make...
From the hide and scales...
3 suits of armor, which count as Leather, Hide, or Scalemail armor. Dragonhide Armor is identical to whichever of those things you use, except for the following benefits:
Always Masterwork
+3 Armor Bonus
-2 Armor Penalty
Hardness 10
Resistance 5 to Fire. This resistance is an extraordinary feature and thus nonmagical, but does not stack with other resistances.
The cost for Dragonleather armor is 3000GP plus the cost of the base armor. For the Dragonhide or Dragonscale armors it is 3500GP plus the cost of the base armor.
Instead of a suit of armor, you can make a Dragonhide Cloak. A Dragonhide Cloak is a magic item, so it counts as your magic cloak, and grants a +2 Armor Bonus and a extraordinary Resistance 5 to Fire. Doesn't stack with other things. You owe Taldi one of these.
Costs 1500GP to make.
From the Claws and Teeth...
Each claw from the limbs or tooth from the mouth can be used to make a Dragonfang Weapon. A Dragon's hands/paws have four digits, each, so that's eight. If you don't intend to keep the head as a trophy, there are enough large teeth to bring the count up to 12. I say keep it as a trophy though. Badass.
You can make just about any slashing or piercing weapon out of the stuf. Each weapon is identical to its normal type except for the following benefits:
Always Masterwork
Hardness 10
Immune to Fire - the weapon, not you. So it can't burn or melt.
+1 Fire Damage on every hit with it.
The cost for a Dragonfang or Dragonclaw weapon is 300gp plus the cost of the base weapon.

If you don't make anything out of the Dragon's hide or bones, you can sell the corpse for 72900GP assuming you still keep the head and honor your debt to Taldi. Assuming you sell the head, as well, that's an additional 1200GP.

As for the blood, DnD doesnot specify on how much blood is in a Dragon, really, which is odd since it does specify how much you need to make some alchemical stuff. Let's assume he has enough blood to make any of the following...
1 Greater Dragon's Blood Elixir (200 GP)
2 Major Dragon's Blood Elixir (150 GP)
4 Moderate Dragon's Blood Elixirs (100 GP)
8 Minor Dragon's Blood Elixirs (50 GP)
Fucked up the costs. Each elixir just costs labor time.
If you don't make anything and just sell the blood, it's worth 4000GP but does also incur a 50GP labor fee of having someone exsanguinate it.
Here are the stats for Dragon's Blood Elixirs. They increase arcane caster level, so Alsiif can benefit. Of cours ethey are highly addictive and have side-effects. Of course when has addictiveness ever stopped Drow?

The DC is for the fort save to avoid addiction. The 'addictiveness' refers to how severe the withdrawal effects are and how long, once addicted, you can go between drinking more.
You can, in fact, die from taking too much. At 0 or less Wisdom they knock you into a coma until you get back to at least 1 Wis. At -X where X is your Wisdom modifier, you are dead. Remember, though, that potions of Cure Disease can cure you of addictions.
All the effects of a Dragon's Blood Elixir, positive or negative, last an hour unless otherwise noted.
DRAGON'S BLOOD ELIXIR, MINOR (DC15, Low Addictiveness)
Primary Effects: Increases Caster level by 1d4.
Side Effects: 25% chance of reducing Wisdom by 1d4. DC15 Fort Save negates.

DRAGON'S BLOOD ELIXIR, MODERATE (DC20, Moderate Addictiveness)
Primary Effects: Increases Caster level by 1d6.
Side Effects: 50% chance of reducing Wisdom by 1d6. DC20 Fort Save negates.

DRAGON'S BLOOD ELIXIR, MAJOR (DC25, High Addictiveness)
Primary Effects: Increases Caster level by 1d8.
Side Effects: 50% chance of reducing Wisdom by 1d8. DC25 Fort Save halves.

DRAGON'S BLOOD ELIXIR, GREATER (DC30, Extreme Addictiveness)
Primary Effects: Increases Caster level by 1d8. Increases Intelligence by 1d4.
Side Effects: 50% chance of reducing Wisdom by 1d8. DC30 Fort Save halves. If Wisdom damage is suffered there is a 25% chance of causing Confusion for 3d10 minutes.
Lastly, for the skeleton. assuming you don't make any Dragonfang/Dragonclaw stuff, and don't sever the head, you can sell the whole thing for 4200GP as a trophy/decoration.
Any questions, ask.

Also, don't forget you also need to pay to have your items identified, which can then be sold if you don't intend to use them, and also you have rewards coming from Zymyyra when you visit her to let her know the Dragon is dead. Although you may want proof.

EDIT: Fixed costs of Dragon's Blood Elixirs.
EDIT 2: Fixed value of just selling all the blood.

05-23-2013, 12:37 PM
It was an amusing thing, sitting upon a dragon's corpse. It wasn't like they could just shove it under the sofa cushions at the inn room, so Neit had a table set up ontop of it, and as enjoying a three course celebratory meal of roasted bloat beetle with the others. Passing commoners seem to stop and gawp for a moment, probably figuring out for themselves who it originally belonged to, but nobody was dumb enough to stare at or question somebody who'd just killed a fucking red dragon for too long.

Regardless, a buyer was already arranged and on their way. No point in asking for an ass kicking. The three had agreed to just keep the head as proof/a trophy, give Taldi her cape, and sell the rest, split three ways.

Oh yeah, and they also agreed to tell everybody that they totally weren't hired or anything, they were just bored. :3


Everybody got 24300GP! That's a whole lotta nuts!


Having sold the dragon and having time to recoop, now all that was needed to be done was to go and show Zymyyra. Neit demanded that they dimension door into her waiting room, and then her and Alsiif pushed the things' head into her main chamber personally. 'Cause that totally made it look like they had just pulled it off themselves...

She just kind of ended up dusting her hands off and waving a "ta-da!" motion when they got there through, and that was kinda lame.

"Good evening, Jabress Zymyyra! You are looking more beautiful every time I see you!"

05-30-2013, 04:14 PM
Zymyyra seemed pleased, initially, although also a bit skeptical. Rising from her throne, the Jabress carefully inspected Bolgaz's severed head, making sure that it wasn't an Illusion or a clever fake. Once she was satisfied, she returned to her throne, grinning.
"You did well." She breathed happily, clearly a little surprised that the group got it done so quickly, but also clearly unwilling to, you know, compliment them too much. What was she, some shebali bitch sucking at the teat of her betters?

"As promised." She nodded her head and one of her slaves handed each of the trio a sack containing 300 platinum coins. "I would love to talk more, but there is much work that I must attend to. My rightful seat awaits, you understand."


The revolution, as it were, was short and bloodless. Bloodless in that there was no real fighting in the streets. Zymyyra and her associates stormed the Valsharess' palace, while hired help tended to those minority of houses which had the audacity to not support the Faernsenger. The Mirrym women's remains were proudly displayed on stakes throughout the richer parts of town most posed in sexually humiliating manners with their dead children. As for Cha'ara, the dearly departed Valsharess, well Zymyyra was a Wizard, like most Faernsenger, and for all her intelligence Valsharess Zymyyra was unable to think of a humiliating way to publicly display a fine pile of ash.

The threat from the church had been effectively neutralized before it materialized, a plot from within deposing the Yathtallar and 'offering' her to the Goddess before she even heard about Zymyyra's move.

The new Valsharess was a ambitious, beautiful, utterly amoral monster of a woman, as was the Yathtallar. They were different from their predecessors in that... well...

They had different names, I guess?


Zymyyra had kept her word of the bargain, as well, granting the trio a mansion in the heart of the city. It had clearly belonged to a c'rintri woman and her household, of comparable wealth to the trio, and likely that of a Mirrym woman or an aligned house who had either fled or been murdered.

Of course, the place would need some slaves and a handful of staff on hand to keep it running.

HOUSE GET. Now what?

Monthly expenses!
2000GP each month is needed in tribute to the Valsharess.
The estate itself will cost 123GP each month in upkeep.
The two above costs are for the estate itself, and not per player character.

The estate *requires* 6 cooks and 19 servants.
The cooks must be free Drow since you wouldn't trust a slave to cook your food like that, and require a monthly wage of 5GP. You may want to be a bit more generous since these are the people responsible for not poisoning you.
A slave of a Medium Creature costs 3GP a month to feed. Double for Large Creatures (6GP) and half for Small Creatures (1GP). I don't think anyone has any Huge or Tiny Creatures for slaves, but if you do let me know. This is assuming the barest minimum, of course, and is more for household and labor slaves. Sex slaves and soldier slaves cost a bit more to feed per month since you are feeding them a bit better.

Each player character also will need to allocate 1000GP per month to maintain for herself the acceptable standard of living for a Drow woman of her social standing. This covers food, drugs, booze, and also general social outings like trips to the theater, arena, brothels, and so on.
As a general note, that 1000GP applies to expenses, too. So any non-magic item under 100GP within reason we can assume the player has access to without having been mentioned. Mostly applies, in this case, to common but reasonably expensive drinks and foods and shit.

If you want to hire additional guards of your own, rather than trusting that you have no real enemies at the moment and are paying enough for the Valsharess ot make at least a token effort of guarding the place, that will cost extra. Let me know. You could entrust slaves to guard, of course, but then you'd need to hire someone to always be around to keep the slaves in line.

05-30-2013, 08:59 PM
Weapons, servants, and fancy shit; Neit set about keeping everything (and one) that belonged to her under as tight lock and key as was possible the minute that they opened up the mansion's doors. It was far easier to avoid assassinations by paying to make sure they never left the keep's walls, after all. She could even carry on being a standard Drow megabitch as long as it was more profitable for them to keep her alive.

And be a ravenous cold-hearted female dog she did. Despite the newfound money and establishment, the first few weeks had her seem much too preoccupied to actually do much with it. Not other than pull the intact skins off of servants who had figured her foolish and docile, anyhow.

On the fifth night, she just upped and disappeared.

On the sixth, she slept all day in the living room upon a brass skeletal throne, as if for the first time in weeks, with a familiar four-armed chubby psionic footstool under her heels.

The one she had let go?...
A massive grizzly dragon skull above the fireplace made the reunion kind of a bit less heartwarming.


Day seven. There were maps sprawled about the table before the ashes of today's ill-cooked breakfast.

Neitar wanted to move Taldi and her kids in, so they could have some kind of ultra death rave or something, but that fucker mr.practicality meant they probably needed a restaurant or a mine or something to make some cash first.

"We neede 'a buisnesse." She just said flatly to the others. "And Lolth's tits, is' this junke expensive..."

"Thinke we needa off'a Grub on a Bun dealer, and take ite over. :/"

06-03-2013, 09:31 PM
Alsiif hid a huge yawn behind one of her claws. "You wanna make burgers..? I guess thats alright..."

06-07-2013, 03:51 PM
"Don' make ite sound like I'm gonna be the one doin' that servile shebali shit myselfs!" Neit just shrugged loudly and yanked Alsiif's ear. "We need coins, you git..."

"Lolth's Tits, you gotta get busy making evil-blooded babies, too! 'Cause like a Trog's balls am I moving my little sweatheart Erthe here withe nobody else to assassinate!"


"...Gobos... Those liddl' goblin fucks are all round these parts." Shrugging again, she just lounged back into her oversized cushiony chair, and lit up yet another cigar. Combined with her uber-dark skin, the shade and smoke made her look extra spooky. "Maybe it would be easier to manipulate doze. Make ehm' feel special and goe 'round stealin' hummie junk for us..."

06-11-2013, 09:47 PM
The thing "hummie junk" brought to Alsiif's mind was literal shit, so she looked kind of weirded out by Neitar's idea. "Ahm.. Well if you think we can make money off of that..."

06-12-2013, 06:12 PM
"They may be sub-drow but they still gotta little golde and junk... cattle... weapons..." Neit just looked annoyed, and rolled the cigar through her fingers as she spoke. "Or hummies themselves. Ya know they actually put the males in charge? So it's no wondere even the big half-pretty womens aren't too harde ta push arounde. Taldi coulde even buy 'em offe us, or give 'em a good bit of teachin', eh?"

"Ya fancy spendin' a bit of cash on gobbie weapons then?"

06-30-2013, 09:37 PM
"Hm I'm startin' to like this idea. Humans don't deserve to have such nice things as gold and food." Alsiif strummed her claws on the table. "But neither do those slimy goblins... and actually BUYING weapons for those things... Uhg... maybe if they were our slaves it'd be better..."

07-05-2013, 08:14 PM
Alsiif swigged down the drink(???), threw the glass across the room, then slumped over on the table. "Alright... lets do it..." She immediately dozed off and started snoring.

07-05-2013, 09:29 PM
"S'either we give 'em money and they spende ite all on booze and drugs, like the liddle slobs they are, or we give 'em swords and axes and crap to make sure they attacke stuffe." Neit was pleased by Alsiif's enthusiasm, enough to poor the demony woman a whisky. "S'not like Drow deals through. No worries. Ife we don't like the head guy, can always cut 'em into tiny wee bits for shits and giggles. Id'll be fun!"

"Nobody says we can'te sneak a few magic explody stuffe in there too, and not tell 'em." Suddenly, she started adding all kinds of new spirits, juices and narcotics to the mix. Maybe she was making a cool new cocktail, or maybe she just got bored. Who knows. "Or finde the moste ugly, petty, sadistic liddle slut of the lot and put 'em in charge. It'll be like practice for proper parenting, no worries!"


Neit first and foremost left a note with Taldi since she had no idea how long the grovy wench would be in town. Basically she just told her that she could crash at the mansion anytime, and that if she wanted a prezuntz, she'd stick around more.

After that, Neit took far too long weapons shopping. It wasn't because she was trying to find weapons that were uniform; they weren't. She went to about twenty differant gladiator weapon saleswomen and slowly built up a pile of weirdly arcane maces, sickles, spears and shortbows, all unique and dainty in a sort of cruel and twisted way.

In other words, she was intent on arming those gobos as if they were her very own little hummie-stabbers.

A single magical human-bane spear was the iccing on the cake, amusingly small in her hands, like a rather vicious black-metal walking stick or sceptre. If she liked the boss, maybe she'd actually give it to them instead of just murderin' 'em to prove a point. Or choosing somebody who was slightly more sexy and slightly less freakish.

The spear cost 2000GP, the ten shortbows cost 300 GP (+10 GP for 200 arrows), ten light maces cost 50GP, ten spears cost 20GP, and ten sickles cost 60GP. That's 4420GP spent in total.


They borrowed Ryyna's troll to carry the goods, and brought Huzhke along for use as a psionic sniffer dog. Of course only the latter could ride with Neit on her lizard, but there wasn't much of a rush anyway. Half of this whole thing was a personal scouting mission, and rushing along might well just have made them miss out on a possible earlier encounter with a Gobbo gang anyhow.

Other than that prospect, through, they just took the fastest tunnel route down from Yanthinser, and followed the route laid out by some information she had personally nitpicked, downwards towards the western cave wall, seeking some less obvious (and probally more meagerly funded) tommyknockers near the pittiful hummie settlement of Fort Ioanns...


07-09-2013, 10:10 PM
The trip towards the small Goblin camp was uneventful. There were a few times the group spotted torches in the distance, clearly people on the move, but not wanting to get delayed dealing with patrolling Humans or whatever, they simply avoided them. Without torches themselves, it's not like the duo of Drow could really be spotted by the hideous little paleskins, anyway.


Eventually the group reached the camp. Well, rather, reached the point where they could see the campfires but, seeing as how they were well out of range of the firelight, presumably could not be seen themselves by the Gobbies.

From what the group could tell, there were about five campfires, and a number of small, crudely made tents. It was very much a temporary sort of campsite, probably made so the filthy little greenskins could rest up without fear of cave wolves, or whatever, on their way back to their lair.
Grody little things.

Now what?

07-10-2013, 01:45 AM
Neit caught Huzhke blankly staring off into the distance, and gave he a light shove against the back.

After looking a little indignant for a moment, the minuscule chitine then raised it's four frumpy little arms to it's temples, and attempted to concentrate really quite hard on something. Her wide red eyes narrowed down to a knife slit, but were still watching the world, as if through a drugged, entranced state...

Huzhke used Clairvoyant Sense.

It's basically scrying for noobs. She can only use it on obvious locations.

What's going on inside the tent at the very center of the camp?

Update: Kodos told the regs what was going on inside doez tentz.
"...Achz... ya fudygth ga-" Huzhke nervously uttered out, still half consumed by a daze, only to quickly be slapped over the back of the head by Neit's short fuse.

"Speake in Drow. You're not a childe."

"...Idz... Idz a gwoblin..." It continued after a second, covering her head and still fearful of being chided again. It's voice sounded softly rasping and pithy, practically chewing her own tongue trying to manage words in their language. "In tendnz mauybe... furdy... fourdy... Greenish, deffnilly gwobboss..."

"Conditione. They armede?" Neit was full of impatience, and pressurised it a bit more by taking the top pair of the gangly spider-thing's hands above it's head, and rubbing her thumbs into the palms. "Conditione? -Con-di-ti-one?- Any recognisable bossese?... Com' on, you little defecte..."

"Dey lookan feed. Dey lookan feed. Donn know if a boss." Huzhke squirmed some more, covering it's eyes with still-free hands in order to force herself to concentrate. "Yeh, furdy or fourdy, for deffnatt, mhissh-triss... None seeing boss... I don' thenk ish boss... weapunsh no bad..."

Neit faced Alsiif now, abiett still playing with and tugging at the thing's squishy hands. "So, Goblins. Thirty or fourty. Well fed at leaste." She relayed. "Probally no boss arounde. Mighte juste be a temporary camp, I guess?..."

"Ahn wooves. Woouwves. Swahdualhe woouhlvez." Huzhke looked like she expected the extra information to stop Neit, getting into a nervous fuss about being the plaything of her attention still.

"Ande they have ridin' wolves." Neit just smiled and parroted what she said to Alsiif instead, and then kept doing it. "You wanna smashe in dere and show 'em whoz the reale boss, or play it smoothe and then scare the crap out of 'ehm when they leaste expecte ite? (¬‿¬)"

07-12-2013, 11:40 PM
Alsiif looked like she was going to throw up. Maybe it was the stanky goblin smell, or maybe it was that concotion she drank earlier. "Err... lets just do whichever gets us outta here faster."

07-16-2013, 02:53 PM
"Well, let's go thene!" Neit unseathed her rapier and signed out some kind of protection spell against her chest, then began super-eagerly moving into action. Huzhke took a minute to mime the same action, and managed to blunder together the same spell, only with about fourty times more effort.

"...erm..." The crowish woman paused suddenly, looking Alsiif up and down with a vicious grin plastered across her face. The end of her sword made for a nice nail picking tool. "You didn't wante an antidote potion or somethin' before we starte, didja?"

07-20-2013, 01:05 AM
Alsiif pinched her nose shut and waved the other hand dismissively at Neitar. "No.. naw, let's jus get on with it!"

07-20-2013, 08:05 PM
The moment the group got within visual range, the Goblin camp went up into a panic, as the little green dudes and dudettes scrambles for their weapons, their mounts, and/or just to hide. Eventually a group of five of the more heavily armed Goblins, riding atop cave wolves, rode out to meet the group, accompanied by eight heavily armored (albeit in ill-fitting Human armor modified to fit their frames) Goblins on foot. The lead, a female, addressed the group in accented but otherwise clear Undercommon.

"There are more of us than you. You won't be able to take slaves, and our wolves can ride off with the choice loot faster than you can try and run off with it. Turn around now."

07-20-2013, 09:27 PM
"Oh good, you came out! I wasn't sure which one of you was in charge here..." Neit gave off a coy smile, speaking in unusually soft undercommon. Her rapier was still out of it's sheath, but lowered at her side. "Teleporting or charging in would have made sense if I was intent attacking, deary. You can relax... At least as long as you are willing to listen to what I have to say, anyway. Getting all the way out to this cesspool was not an entertaining feat."

"See our big freind over there?" The crowish woman politely hinted towards the troll. "See the little sacks of presents that he's bought along? I'm here to make a deal, pure and simple."

~You're not intending on making me waste a boring journey, are you?~ She was still smiling, and the words flowed out like gleaming mercury, but... They were not words exiting her lips. More like the soothing whispers of a woman leant against your shoulder.

One could feel... the warmth of another body upon them?...

07-20-2013, 10:41 PM
The Goblin woman raised an eyebrow, eyeballing the Troll's collection of Goblin-sized equipment. "What... what did you want?" She asked, cautiously. "You're Drow. We know your kind. You're not stupid. You want something."

07-20-2013, 11:01 PM
"That's why I said a deal, and not a charity case." Neit just smirked. "You look smart enough to know that nothing good is free, at least..."

She crossed her legs slowly, and put the reigned hand to her chin, causing the riding spider below her to twitch impatiently.

"I want you to go out and make life hell for those dirty pink skins, that's all." The voice was a completely missplaced shade of adoration. The goblins probally thought they looked pretty badass, but all Neit seen was tiny little monster men with funny toy weapons and silly hats. "In return for a cut of the loot gained... Say, half?... I can provide you with high quality drow-crafted weapons and armour."

Huzhke didn't need a mental message to take that as a que, and lean over to take one of the short swords from the troll's baggage, then hand it to Neit, who lazily held it by the blade end towards the goblin leader.

The thing was specially curved, made from a glossy black metal, and quite attractive. Neit chose it personally, after all.

"Lookie. The generosity of a Drow is not cheap, but it does have benifits."

07-21-2013, 01:24 AM
Alsiif looked from goblin to goblin, looking for any that were at least borderline not disgusting. Unfortunately the search proved fruitless. "How do these things even bear to breed with one another...?" She spoke in Drow. "Are you sure they can be useful...?"

07-22-2013, 04:01 PM
"Ugliness is an arte too, hun." Neit kept on smiling, but made sure she was talking in Drow aswell. "If we paid a bunch a lovely Drow floozies to go oute and murder for us, they'd prob' be a bit pricey, yeah? These guys murder for cheap 'cause ain't nobody gonna truste 'em with nothin' else. Got nothin' to loose, see? :3"

07-22-2013, 10:28 PM
The Goblin woman seemed intrigued by Neit's offer, although she was clearly trying to remain impassive. "We already give a share of the loot to the chief in tribute. Or do you mean, like, all of s? Why aren't you askin' the chief, then?" The greenskin asked. "And, what if he says no?"

07-22-2013, 10:56 PM
"If he's such a great and powerful leader, then where is he, huh?" Neit put on a bit of a vicious scowl. Really, she had spent enough time in this backwater as it was. "I was talking to you..."

A few silent moments passed, and Neit's previous good demenour was quickly vanishing. The greyish woman wasn't really expecting them to rise in revolt so easily, but she wanted them to feel contempt for every moment of hers that they wasted.

"Fine. Take me to him. If you haven't got enough on your chest to stand up to him. I could have held you hand through the process, but oh well." She actively belittled the creature. "He's a he right? That would explain alot. Sometimes I wonder how you little things manage to stay alive at all."

07-24-2013, 08:38 AM
Some of the other Goblins started to say something in their horrid little language, but the leading lady cut them off sharply. "You're saying you want to make me chief, and that in exchange for half of our loot you'll give us weapons and stuff?" She asked, wary of what sounded like a good deal from a Drow. "No catch? How do I know this isn't some sort of trick for your Goddess? That you aren't going to just feed us to your spiders?"

07-26-2013, 08:24 AM
"Oh please, like I couldn't think of a better way of murdering you than that!" Neit just grinned maniacaly, even letting out a rather sinister giggle. "If you want to try your luck, go for it. Someone who serves me willingly is far more useful than a sad little thing which is only interested in being rewarded with stupid little bits of metal..."

"No, there are greater rewards." She was using her blade as a nail file again, but at the same time, carrying her voice with the kind of soothing, insidious whipser only a psion could. "I help those that help me. Like I said, nothing good is free."

"But if you want to be a coward-" The woman smiled cheerfully, as if she was being super nice by giving them a choice. "-by all means, I can't say I expected any better of you. :>"

07-26-2013, 08:56 PM
"I'm not a coward." The Gobiln lady said, coldly, before leading Neit and friends back to the camp.


Grebna, as they learned her name was, was either very popular or very feared, because the few Goblins who rejected the idea of her being the new chief were either few in number or timid enough to learn to keep their mouths shut after the first few to pipe up against her were beaten into submission.

The Goblin chief was, after all, whoever could cow the others and convince them to do what he or she said. Basically Goblins were like Drow, kinda.


The revolution was pretty short and, by Drow standards, boring. Grebna and her supporters didn't kill any of the chief's children or wives, and didn't even torture him for shits and giggles! Stupid little ugly savages.

The chief's supporters were either quickly killed during the fighting, or quickly realized that Grebna was the new chief, same as the old chief. Well, she was prettier, I guess, and she now had a magic spear, so there was that.

07-26-2013, 09:09 PM
Neit gave only gave the magic spear to the Goblin after her slaying of the existing cheif, and explained it's many interesting human-gouging uses on the spot. If she remembered the small thing's name, she failed to mention it again, but she did at least seem mildly impressed with the swiftness of the takeover.

"I should really teach you how to torture stuff, too, little one. I mean, like, how else are you supposed to make people think you aren't a liar?" The crowish woman smiled, and almost accidently patted the slimey unclean little savage on the head by accident. Instead, she just turned back to the troll, and revealed another 'governing tool'. "Ever seen one of these? It's a bar of soap. Will make pretty pretty and people will respect, understand? People will think you're too good for them to even touch, understand?"

It was pretty patronising... But you could already see her sizing up Huzhke's measurements and trying to figure out if any of her dresses would fit the squirmy Goblin woman. So I guess it was her method of honestly trying to help, I guess?...

07-27-2013, 11:07 PM
"The Mighty One doesn't demand we torture." Grebna said flatly, still rifling through the chief's loot piles. "I know what soap is." She added, trying to hide her anger at the patronizing Drow lass.

"So... what... you'll be by here every month for your cut? You gonna send someone? How will we know they're with you?"

07-27-2013, 11:38 PM
"Oh, I'll just send some random slob. Ask him for a password-" "-and I'll give you a new one, each time, in advance." The second half of the sentence managed to slip out without her moving those lips again. "Maybe some new treats and things too, if you do an extra good job."

"...The torture, well... Nobody is supposed to tell you how to do it, sweatheart." She smiled, letting out a small sigh. "You really mean if there is somebody you super hate, you just let them die, just like that? That's... adorable! I didn't think anybody could even be that innocent!"

"You really should try it, through. Nobody is afraid of a mercy killer. You sure you're trying to do it right? Maybe I could teach you some time! It could be really fun! :>"

08-02-2013, 12:56 PM
"S'not our way." The little Goblin lass said, clearly a bit uncomfortable around the Drow woman. "And you'll keep sending us stuff, right? Just want gold? Because the Mighty One wouldn't want us giving your Webspinner any sacrifices or nuthin'."

08-02-2013, 03:51 PM
"Gold, magic stuff, whatevs." Neit sighed. "If you bring me really nice stuff, I can get you special presents, too... Yanthinser isnt' the best city around these parts just because it's pretty, ya know. They can make stuff you can't get anywhere else. Think about that. Think about what kind of an opertunity I'm giving you here."

"-and then, think about how nice I'm being." The crowish woman stroked the bushy frills of her spider's maw rather than touch the goblin, but the body language was there. "I've murdered people, torn them appart in ways more horrible than your race is capible of imagining. But, I'm being nice to you... Please remember this."


With that, the party mounted back up and began to make their way back to Yanthinser. Neit hoped that the goblins would live up to their end of the bargain without too much of a fuss. She didn't perticularly want to kill any of them, but the candour of the impolite little 'leader' they had chosen didn't perticularly impress her.

It really wasn't like she had to be so nice...

08-08-2013, 02:14 AM
There was a trail of perfume following behind Alsiif's riding spider. "I'm never going back there again! Unless you want me to burn it down..." She emptied another bottle of rare perfume into the air until her body was dripping with the stuff.

08-09-2013, 11:43 PM
"Oh please, you afraide of a liddle goblin slime? I thought you mighte 'ave been a bad ass for a split seconde." Neit teased Alsiif, whilst mentally commanding Huzhke to cast inertial armor on both of them for the twentieth time today. Nothing could keep the surrounding grubby scange away quite like a field of pure psychic energy. Made her look pretty swave, too.

"Huzkhe, stop nose bleedinge on me! What in Lolth's tits is wrong with ya?! It's like a super super easy spelle!" Whispers, and a sharp elbow.

"sorreyh mishtruss." The rotund thingy just shrugged, already using all four hands trying to stop the flow. "not good at not leaking, forgive... :/"

Neit just put her feet up and used it as a cushion.

"Honestly, the kinda filthe I put up withe. :/ :/ :/"

02-22-2014, 09:05 PM
Mesmerising red and blue braziers underlit the vicious crowd as they set about destroying themselves one drug at a time, knocking out grey matter as effectively as the lethal pit fights which served as a centrepiece for their rampant debauchery. One could confuse the low cavern ceilings and barely existent lighting as cheap, but Neitar knew that stylistic brutality, the stylised crudeness, was in itself part of the sinister masquerade.

The witch had spent all week looking for that special kind of hell, and now that she had found it, she was willing to wallow there until she either ran out of consciousness or money. The crowd was a pack of bastards, every one of them; Broke Shebali gamblers and drugged up gore fetishists, the kind that were liable to poke a rich whore like Neitar in back of the head for the change in her pockets, regardless of any house alignment.

It had been two weeks to the day since she had killed her own daughter.

Oldest and the smartest of her progeny, Erthe Inthuul.

Stuck a rapier through one of her lungs and pinned her to the wall, then let her bleed out.

The fucking chitine was right, all along.

Somebody was after her, she knew that. Neitar's brain was creeping and insidious, able to pry and nudge through the thoughts of others at will. Erthe never had the gift, but had the knowledge to systematically block it and work around it. Maybe somebody paid her off, she would never know.

Moving the family in was when the shit started to roll. Huzhke bleated and squeaked like a blithering idiot, telling her exactly when and how it was going to happen. Gift or not, the ugly half-breed slave just sounded like she was sucking up. Neit had punished her, sticking her in a pit with Taldi's worst stock and intending to forget she existed.

Only, she was right. Dead on. Exactly as said. Stupid mutated little turd should have learnt a little Drowy self-preservation and kept her mouth shut. What did she expect was going to happen?

A sudden juddering motion in her peripheral vision.

Khaliizi. Her son. Smuggled in the poisoned blade which embedded itself half way into his mother's sternum. Damn hard to continue puppeteering his mind so carefully with so many drugs riddling her senses.

“Drink.” The mental command pulled his strings. She clambered up onto the table, so that she could review the fight currently exploding in the middle of the arena.

Some masked freakshow doing unholy things to another person with her bare hands. The sign on the door said that the fights here were always to the death, but that's not quite what she was expecting.

A vicious smile formed.

She looked at Khaliizi again.

The smile turned into a truly twisted laugh.

“Oh... Lolth's tits... I like her...”

02-22-2014, 10:58 PM
“You know nothing, Brawn Jo-Jo!” a dark gray drow woman clad in black with blue and red accents shouted. She paced about a grungy dirt ring. The brighter-than-average lights illuminated her deep red eyes and gave her long silver hair that extra sheen and flow-y look. The lights. The very first time I saw them, they marked a new beginning. Now, they always mark an end.

“Please, spare me!” a light gray drow woman clad in long pink pants with white boots responded. She had a mask on with two glass eye-covers, though one was shattered. One of her hands was dedicated to keeping her balanced as she crouched above the dirt ring, and the other keeping her innards in her body. Through her stomach were two blades, both with the words “Brawn Brings the Brawl!” etched into them, filled with the drow’s blood. I remember when I was crouched something like that. The first time I saw the lights. Something inside me changed, made me hungry and thirsty, all at once.

“Spare me, she says!” the dark skinned drow belted into the crowd mockingly, holding up the other drow lass’s white bra in her hands. The crowd roared in disappointment. Pathetic. Get up! Do something! Don’t just lie there and take it, get up and kill me! “Sorry, kiddo, the cards aren’t in your favor today!”

“You can’t do this!” Brawn Jo-Jo screamed.

“Can’t do this? Do you mean to imply there are rules?” The crowd boo-ed the notion. “There are no rules in a steel cage!” The audience shifted to a tone of approval.

“We’re not in a steel cage!” Dumb bitch. If you’re not going to get up and fight some more you’re going to go down into the dirt like a piece of shit right now!

“Irrelevant! Tonight, you die!” The dark skinned drow threw the bra on the ground and smashed the other drow’s head into the ground and through layers of dirt in one fell swoop. The crowd erupted in cheers, ripping the atmosphere apart with excitement and bloodlust. She began smashing the drow’s head in with her heel. Dumb! Arrogant! Slut! Why! Didn’t! You! Dodge! “Sa-brae! Sa-brae! Sa-brae!” the crowd belted in unison with Sabrae’s stomps, each member of the audience chanting the words several times before they couldn’t contain themselves any longer, and reverted back to shrieks of pent-up aggression and pure, unfiltered venom. Sabrae drew in breath deeply, and filled her lungs with the rage and passion of the air. There’s nothing like killing for a crowd.

02-24-2014, 08:14 PM
When Sabrae returned to fighter's recuperation lounge, it had seemed singularly dark and empty. A night full of thunderous noise and screaming faces made any other situation look dim and isolated in comparison, really.

Only, unlike the thousands of other nights, this time she was not quite alone. It was the glint of silver jewellery and a crimson wine glass which first aroused suspicion, but the thin and gaunt thing was wreathed in a cloud of visceral black smoke. An obscuring gown of jet black feathers. Glossy unblemished skin, dark like graphite.

"I like the way you hurt people." It spoke, softly. A lit cigar curled through a sadistic smile, only apparent now that the thing had inhaled on it again. "Ever consider renting your services out to a... more refined establishment?"

02-24-2014, 08:22 PM
Sabrae was beat after a hard night of killing. Well, not literally, of course, since she had actually obliterated everything she faced that night. Or any night, really. It seemed that as time went on and her skills increased, the list of people who could oppose her grew shorter and shorter. It was to her surprise, then, that in her resting chamber was a shady figure with a proposition of such promise. It spoke to her in a calm voice. But she couldn't be swayed so easily.

"It really depends. What kind of refinement are you talkin' about?" Sabrae tried to choose her words carefully. She was seriously interested, but had to keep her image guarded at all times. "I get a lot of offers, y'know." She didn't. Nobody had ever approached Sabrae like this, really, and she was colored quite impressed by the boldness of this shady woman.

02-24-2014, 10:32 PM
"The problem with that question is, how do you know I'm not lying?" She responded in turn, smiling. The look in her eyes made it clear she was attracted to the fighter, but the difficult tone of voice suggested that Sabrae being angry would have rather added to it. The woman paused, tasting the moment, before continuing.

"House Inthuul isn't exactly big... But it has been a rather interesting last few months." She explained, pouring herself another drink, and then one for the wrestler. The wine smelt expensively vicious to the senses. "Made a bunch of savages my bitches. Decapitated a dragon. Shanked some assassins. Made alot of money... But like I said, how can you believe all that shit?"

Another long pause, alrough this time it was for lighting a new cigar.

"Better to handle this as a business, in my experience. You can marry in. I have a son that's been a real chitine-fucking bag of shit." Her voice was smooth and casual, like talking to an old friend. But also deeply insidious. At first it seemed just to be the unworthy light of the cavern, but even now her features remained ghostly and indistinct. Like looking into the shade long enough for your mind to create shapes of it's own. It felt like she was looking straight at you, even when her attentions were elsewhere. Sometimes her voice carried on even when her lips did not move. "As long as you don't kill him outright... I guess you can pretty much do what you want. And you will of course be paid an equal amount of income to those few in our coven without faeces for blood."

"What I need is someone to take charge of security. Break a few heads, and keep the workers down, here and there. Make our guests cower. Rip apart the aforementioned assassins." Another unsettling, predatory grin. "I don't have time for professional soldiers, you see. They make it all sound like work."

03-07-2014, 11:39 AM
Sabrae considered the possibilities in her mind. I could stay here and be guaranteed fodder, or I could leave with this woman and possibly find a rival... I could marry in, and the pay seems... Promising... But, I can't be sure. I suppose I could always leave if they're a bunch of amateurs. And if any of them could take me in a fight, then I suppose they might be a family worth sticking with. Sabrae took up the glass of wine set before her and practically inhaled it. Damn, didn't think I was so thirsty. "Yeah, I'll join you. I have one condition though: I want a good rival. Not just any rival. One that could kill me, easily. If you can help me look, I can help you with whatever else you need." Sabrae tried to stare the woman in the eyes, but couldn't quite find them. They kept moving around, strangely. Gave whole new meaning to 'shifty eyes.'

03-09-2014, 01:05 AM
"I'll assume you mean killing you by their own hands..."

Neit took a second to think about the odd request, whist idly summoning up a small layer of black fog beside the chair. Unholy, lithe little white arms began to extend from the strange mass almost immediately, rapidly thrusting forward with... Well, it looked like a bottle of dull reddish liqour, in an extremely exquisite bottle. A fresh pair of glasses, and salt shaker, too. "Thank you, Huzhke."

"I guess no one I really care about dealing with is likely to be so musclebound as to kill you themselves. Or, at least not without a special power. So I don't see a problem with that." Even a shebali could probably guess what the drink was. The smell was so noxious it couldn't really be anything other than one of those intentionally poisoned wines. The otherworldly thing didn't wait for Sabrae to start hers at all, and the potent mixture made her breath smell venomously sweet. "Don't get me wrong, it's not that I dislike violence. It's the general lack of flair which has stopped me from hiring a security master as thus far. I cannot respect anyone who would belittle themselves with work they themselves find boring, really. It's the flair alone that makes anything worth doing. What avoids life from becoming a tedious drawl. The single thing, in my experience, which truly separates us from the filth-eating monkeys who live free beyond the city walls..."

The cigar rolled in her mouth once more, whilst she gave Sabrae one last long, invasive glare.

"Seat me upon your shoulder, Sabrae Inthuul. I want to see the most depraved club you know."

03-14-2014, 06:55 PM

Khalizii and Sabrae's wedding was a small affair, it only wound up costing Neitar 1520 GP - most of which went to drugs and food, since Hwesta was willing to give her mother a discount on the ritual itself.


A little later into the month, Neitar received a message. It was delivered via Succubus - who stayed to give Neit a little parting gift from the sender - and had come from Aryyna.

I've missed you, gorgeous. I've a party coming up in two weeks' time and I was thinking it'd be wonderful if you showed up. You can bring whoever, too, even males, just don't expect me to touch the things. T'puuli will be there, and I just know you'll love her - she's kind of wonderful. Lots of people will be there, even Z'hrenil, because we all know I do the best parties.

But seriously, you will be there, right? I heard about the nasty business with your daughter. I'm sorry to hear about what you had to do, but from what I can tell it does not seem to me like she had left you with very much choice. I think you should come. This party will be important for you because I did just say that lots of people will be there, right? You can use the connections - I'm neither willing nor able to do everything for you, little spider. Also I think you could use it, get your mind off of, you know.
I heard your son got married. Some gladiatrix? That sounds really fucking hot. You better bring her.

Anyway, it's a theme party and the theme is Angels, so you better come in costume. Even your men.


Your costume will cost you each 150GP bare minimum with more if you want as that might affect how people treat you at the party. For males you can get away with spending 75GP per costume. Neit is the only one required by manners to give the hostess - Aryyna - a gift, but the rest of you can, if you want. Males don't count in that equation since they're obviously property of their wife or mother.

03-30-2014, 05:14 AM
The party was being held in Edonilche'el, at some ritzy place, the Terlen Club. Aryyna had, apparently rented out the top few floors, or perhaps owned the place. Or, perhaps, called in some favors - it was in the primary vault of the city and in the massive chunk of it that was under the control of Great House Maelthra.

♫♪ (http://tindeck.com/listen/lmaw)
The club itself was redecorated (presumably, even Taldi had never been here before) to fit the party's theme, everything done up in white and gold, and with glitter raining from unseen sources on the ceiling - or perhaps the glitter were illusions - Great House Faernsenger was, after all, a house of arcanists.

Aryyna was universally accepted amongst the Drow, albeit grudgingly, as not only the sexiest among them but also their greatest living arcanist. One of the nice things about that latter fact was that she had, evidently, summoned and bound genuine Angels as serving girls and 'party favors' at the party. Some of the 'Angels' were clearly guests in particularly impressive costumes - or under the effects of transmutation or illusion spells - or shape-shifted Succubi, but a non-trivial number were quite clearly genuine angels. One could generally tell because they were the ones that looked, at most, neutral, or which were clearly miserable but complying, and/or were fighting back tears.

The guests were ushered into a grand hall with a bar, a stage where someone was singing, and where evidently most of the guests were mingling about, while Angels and 'Angels' served drinks and food or offered themselves up to the guests.
Aryyna noticed Neit and company almost immediately, making her way out of a small crowd of sycophants that had gathered around her with a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other.
The Ilharess was clad in a revealing costume consisting of an asymmetrical - one leg was bare - white bodysuit with a large oval cut out to reveal her stomach, another slit to show off part of her hip, and showing off massive cleavage, with most of her ample chest covered by a pair of golden wings affixed to the bodysuit. A long glove was one on one arm, and she completed the outfit with an elaborate rutherer fur boa, three pairs of feathery wings and - because she was a Wizard - a luminescent golden halo floating above her head. Naturally she looked stunning.

"Neit!" She laughed, greeting Neit with a big hug and a deep kiss. "You made it! I'm so glad! Oh, and you brought friends!" She noticed the male(s?) in the group. "I'm not kissing those," she laughed, earnestly. Aryyna did have a reputation for being, despite her lesbianism, oddly tolerant of the lesser sex. "What do you think of my costume?" She turned around for Neit, giving her butt a bit of a wiggle and laughing, before turning to face her again arms outstretched as she awaited a response, showing off her body. "I could have just transmuted myself into a Solar, y'know, but I figured that would have ruined, like, all the fun."

Important OOC Stuff Below! Read!
To get to the party you had to pay a Wizard to teleport you. Teleport services are, after all, a thing in most Drow cities since it's not like every Underdark even connects to every other, after all. Greater Teleport costs 910GP to have it cast and each casting is enough to get you to have 4 people sent over. So depending on how many of your sons any of you are bringing along, yeah. Taldi obviously is paying for herself, and Sabrae is responsible for Khalizii if she brings him, since he's her property/responsibility now.
Hwesta, as a Priestess and technically thus not a member of House Inthuul, also is responsible for herself. She and Taldi are just along as friends and not members of the house and thus are expected to bring gifts to Aryyna and to generally care for themselves.
Let Reg post, first. You're all there as guests on her behalf, so it would be rude to interrupt. And remember how Drow society handles rude people.

I'll post a list of who else is at the party, so you can try chatting to people and shit, after Neit finishes introducing people - and of course giving Aryyna the obligatory compliments on her body and her costume. I'm assuming that if any of you brought your sons along - or husband in Sabrae's case - that your menfolk will show the proper respect to Aryyna - and any other women who felt like talking to them. In your cases, I'm leaving it up to you. Just remember - you're expected to compliment and ass-kiss, a bit, anyone who pulls rank on you. Obviously that includes, in a big way, Aryyna.

When you all post, make sure you mention how much you spent on your Angel (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFuMpYTyRjw) costumes, including the costumes of any of your sons/husbands you brought, and also what you spent on gifts, if anything. Only Neit, Taldi, and Hwesta are required or expected by manners to have gifts.
Also, when describing your costumes - only one pair of wings, except for Neit. It would be rude for any of you except the Ilharess to dress as a Planetar Angel (four wings) and only Aryyna and Z'hrenil are dressed as Solars (six wings).

And, finally, yes; Aryyna's costume is basically just Angewomon without the helmet. (http://i.imgur.com/87ErT3s.jpg) I'm not a fashion designer. Deal with it.

04-02-2014, 06:12 PM
"You look he- Ambrosial, my dear." Neit dodged the obvious pun and landed straight in a word which just sounded weird. Well, too late now. "Never ceases to amaze me just how extravagant your works seem to get. "

Being honest, the idea of being at a party were she couldn't maim anyone and get away with it was beginning to sound a little dull to her. Maybe it was all that time spent in underground shebali places, where the booze and the denizens were both equally worthless... It wasn't an active choice to attend them at the time, but holding captives down with magic spells and flaunting all of your riches around felt a bit pathetic in comparison.

Still, her acting was fantastic when she wanted it to be. And her black-feather and leather belt dress-thing was expensive enough, with proper angel-length wings included. Ilph looked concerned, having neither worn something as vulnerable as his wee cherub-esk getup before, or been exposed to a part this big. But he'd live. His looks and demeanor were far closer to Hwesta, after all, that's what made him her preferred son. Cute, charming, a good sense of humor, and most importantly, dumb enough to be trustworthy. Hell, he might catch some expensive ass.

"Oh, this is my son, Ilphram. Preistess Hwesta, too, my daughter. You've met Alsiif?... Oh, and Sabrae, the new... person mangler, I guess. And my personally preferred slaver, Taldi." Her gaze didn't exactly meet theirs, and remained on Aryyna. If they wanted to get uppity about not getting introduced correctly, it was their funeral. "Don't worry, I'm not here to make blind proposals, I know what kind of stuff you like. :3"

Either her feather boa was extremely good at hiding items, or she had become quite adept at teleporting her hand through small portals. She was suddenly holding a large bottle of genuine dwarvern brandy, and in the other a pet spider (cute (http://blog-imgs-49.fc2.com/u/n/d/underworld2ch/20120108151018_174_1.jpg) despite it's transparent whiteness.)

"How is Draeva?"

Just take like 7000GP, not exactly using it for much else.

04-11-2014, 07:24 PM
♫♪ (http://tindeck.com/listen/lmaw)
Taldi seemed kind of cowed by everything although Aryyna seemed amused and pleased with the slaver's gaze being fixed on her in a mixture of awe, lust, and abject terror. She may have been wealthy and may have dealt with c'rintri regularly, but Taldi never dealt with people this important before. Or beautiful. Although, given Drow cultural values, the two were basically synonymous, weren't they?

Aryyna embraced the white spider with genuine affection, laughing as the thing skittered up her and perched atop her head, carefully avoiding touching her luminous halo which for all anyone knew may or may not have been fiery hot to the touch. "She's great!" Aryyna laughed, hugging Neit tightly with genuine and oh-so-un-Drowwy affection. "I love her. You're the best." A big kiss as Aryyna's ample Aryyna-ness squashed up against Neit's smaller chest. Aryyna seemed to briefly lose herself, almost slipping into a full-on make-out session, before apparently catching herself, smiling and laughing, and handing the booze off to one of the passing servants and instructing them to place it with her other booze gifts.

"Oh, she's around. She has a date! Or two. I forget how many she brought. But they're all women!" Aryyna laughed. "There might be hope for her yet." More laughter and jiggling. "I think she's off in the west wing - I got a few drug foggers set up in there. You know that girl, she's incorrigible." Aryyna turned her attention to Sabrae looking the Luchadora up and down and smiling. "I like the new 'person-mangler'. Wrestler, huh?" Aryyna pressed up against Sabrae, and it was most likely an experience as terrifying as it was arousing, given that Sabrae was, until very recently, shebali and Aryyna was, well, Aryyna. "Maybe later you can slam me through a table, pin me down, and fuck me until I beg you to stop?" Aryyna kissed her, winked, and laughed, taking a drag from her cigarette. "Seriously, though, you all have fun. My parties are all strictly no-fun prohibited zones." She removed the spider from her head and placed it at the floor, instructing it to follow along, which it did obediently. Aryyna was, of course, Tested, and so Lolth's eight-legged children obeyed her instinctively, just as they did Neit.

"You should go mingle. Make some connections. Lolth knows you lot could use'em. Oh, and T'puuli's around here somewhere. She's the best. Oh, oh! And the head of the Siltrinlinath Sisterhood is here, and she's going to perform later! I know, right?!" Aryyna's happiness was, as ever, genuine and infectious. "Anyway, sexies, I better get back to Z'hrenil before she starts bitching that I'm spending too much time with the shebali filth." She gave a slight roll of the eyes before making her way back, her lovely new spider-friend in tow, and - as ever - an exaggerated bounce in her step.

It's a huge party and it would be impossible for me to list all the guests - even simply all the c'rintri ones. That's not counting their husbands and sons, and any slaves or servants they may have brought along. Below is a list of some of the more important ones I figure you are likely to recognize and/or want to speak to. I've not included any of the Maelthra lasses because you'd all know that they are all as haughty as Z'hrenil and that speaking to them now, your status being what it is, is simply a recipe for disaster. For similar reasons, I omit all the Great House Veldruk guests.
Obviously I do not expect you to speak to everyone. Or even want you to. I include this full list so you guys can, in the freeform nature of the thread, find and talk to whoever you want. Network! Make connections! Maybe find work/quests/alliances! Whatever!

Great House Chaon
I've described Great House Chaon before. It's the mercantile house made up of merchants and bankers. They are heavily involved in trade and supply much of the surface goods and Adamantine that the Drow use, and also are primarily known for their moneylending, hence their house motto of 'repayment or revenge.'
A Chaon always pays her debts.

If you scored a 10 or better on your Knowledge (Nobility) check then you can at least place a name to a face and the basic information below to the name. Any additional details and the score you would need to know it are detailed below.
Ilharess U'nef Chaon: Ilharess of Great House Chaon. Any of you with a knowledge nobility score of 20 or better would know that while she is not inept, U'nef is not nearly as skilled as her mother was or as her daughter is, and that her opinion of herself does not reflect her ability.

Ustdalharil Vidiima Chaon: Ustdalharil of U'nef Chaon and Jabbress d'Belaern (treasurer, basically) of Great House Chaon and Valsharess of Khaliizitaur. Any of you with a Nobility score of 15 or better would know that Vidiima has a reputation for cunning and guile that far exceeds her mothers. Any of you with a nobility score of 20 or better would know that Vidiima is basically credited with much of the house's success ever since Vidiima became Jabbress d'Belaern and that U'nef is, while not inept, not even half the woman Vidiima is.

Ilhar Seryysa Vona: Seryssa Vona is Ilhar of Clan Vona and Valsharess of Renorxukuth. The Vona are one of the major families of Great House Chaon and among the wealthiest. They operate primarily in Garethkullgen and run many mushroom plantations there.

Jabress Irvyssa Vona of Vona Plantation: Irvyssa Vona runs the largest and titular Vona plantation in Garethkullgen. Any of you with a knowledge nobility or local score of 15 or better also knows she is the head of an extensive thieves' guild that operates throughout all of Garethkullgen.

Ilhar Ssussun To'ryll: Ssussun To'ryll is Ilhar of Clan To'ryll. Clan To'ryll are the second wealthiest and most important family of Great House Chaon and were formerly their own house before marrying in. They have many connections to the World Above and provide Great House Chaon with much of the surface goods that it then sells to others. They also run numerous surface colonies.

Valsharess Kanissa To'ryll of Dahut: Kanissa To'ryll is Valsharess of Dahut. Dahut is one of the To'ryll colonies in the World Above. Any of you with a Knowledge: Nobility score of 20 or better would also know that Kanissa is a former student of Aryyna's. A Nobility score of 25 or better would let you know that Kanissa is very much in lust with Aryyna. Who isn't?
Great House Faernsenger

If you scored a 10 or better on your Knowledge (Nobility) check then you can at least place a name to a face and the basic information below to the name. Any additional details and the score you would need to know it are detailed below.

Ilharess Aryyna Faernsenger: Really?

Ustdalharil Draeva Faernsenger: Come on!

Valsharess Eldaane of Zhennu Kuttra: The Valsharess of Zhennu Kuttra. She is beautiful and seductive, but also has a gray skintone. She is clearly only half-Drow but this is something only her enemies and/or people who want her to try and kill them mention. She has a reputation for sarcasm and a bit of haughtiness. A skilled Wizard, she's generally of the opinion that other than her fellows, everyone is a moron. A Nobility score of 15 or better lets you know she's fond of riddles and puzzles.

Valsharess Elemmiire of Wa'q Taur: Elemmiire is an *extreme* misandrist by even Drow standards and has banned all men from all public spaces in her city of Wa'q Taur. She's not very popular. A Sorceress. You are all smart enough to know that being around any men at the party, which she is, means she's likely in a foul mood and probably best avoided.

Valshraess Felyysa of Wa'q Theryyn: Valsharess Felyysa is dangerously eccentric at best, and literally insane at worst. She's nonetheless a powerful Wizard and so has been able to cling to power largely thanks to the fact that she's too powerful to depose and too insane to really oppress anyone.

Valsharess Nevyyna of Lyniis: Nevyyna is generally reclusive and prefers to spend most of her time studying rather than running her city or dealing with the plebes. A knowledge check of 15 or better lets you know she's got a real love for Dwarven/Duergar crafts and a general interest in archaeology and ancient history.

Valsharess Raatha of Wa'q Niar'haanin: Even by Drow standards, Raatha is known as a schemer and has a vast network of spies at her disposal. Any of you scoring 20 or better know that she is a bitter rival with Valsharess Vaalbyl.

Valsharess Ryynal of Wa'q Reinnel: One of the younger and more inexperienced Faernsenger higher-ups.

Valsharess Vaalbyl of Salkin Delmah: A bitter rival of Valsharess Raatha, and often busy scheming and plotting against her. Vaalbyl is generally friendly and approachable, but not as pleasant as Aryyna. A knowledge check of 20 or better lets you know that unlike the genuine friendliness of Aryyna, Vaalbyl is more typically Drow and her friendly exterior just masks the fact she's a petty and cruel person

Valsharess Vaara of Obokto'ryll: Vaara is known primarily for her iconoclastic nature, even for the Faernsenger, and her very, very, very poor relationship with the Church. About as close to an open Athar/Atheist as you can get in Drow society without being murdered. And many view it less as "Vaara has not been murdered by the Church" and more as "Vaara has not been murdered by the church. Yet."

Valsharess Varyna of Wa'q Yukin: An Alchemist who specializes in plants. Many of the other Faernsenger Wizards see her as a bit of an eccentric crank who isn't good enough for *real* Arcana.
House Auvryndar
House Auvryndar is one of the more powerful 'lesser' houses. It is made up primarily of casters and Luchadoras. The house has appropriated numerous cultural aspects from ancient Mictlan and other cultures from the world above and is generally quite religious and devoted in their sacrifices to Lolth. Their casters and most of them besides Luchadora wear elaborate skeleton body-paint.

If you scored a 10 or better on your Knowledge (Nobility) check then you can at least place a name to a face and the basic information below to the name. Any additional details and the score you would need to know it are detailed below.

Ilharess Sita Auvryndar: Nothing much to say about her. She is deeply religious but, like most of her house in that regard, does not buy into any racial ethics like the Ku'nal - she has no problem with Demonblooded or Psions.
House Barra'che
House Barra'che is one of the more powerful Edonilche'el based houses and is made up primarily of Shadowdancers, Illusionists, and other people skilled with matters relating to the Plane of Shadow.

If you scored a 10 or better on your Knowledge (Nobility) check then you can at least place a name to a face and the basic information below to the name. Any additional details and the score you would need to know it are detailed below.

Vyrthi Barra'che: You can recognize this woman by her dress and demeanor as House Barra'che, but don't know her as anyone. Pretty damn good looking, though. Presumably an old student or acquaintance of Aryyna's?
House Draasol
House Draasol is one of the more powerful not great houses. They're known for their love of arts and wild parties. Passionate, wild, hedonists who love parties, art, and fancy things.

If you scored a 10 or better on your Knowledge (Nobility) check then you can at least place a name to a face and the basic information below to the name. Any additional details and the score you would need to know it are detailed below.

Ilharess Belaarn Draasol: Ilharess of House Draasol, Belaarn is quite old and quite the party animal. As she is both old and a slut even by Drow standards, she has lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, of children. A knowledge check of 15 or better and you'd know that Belaarn generally doesn't even know like most of her kids and generally just has to be reminded. "Which one is that?" "The third daughter by Vargran." "Oh. He was a terrible lay. I hate her." A knowledge check of 25 or better lets you know that while she puts on the airs of being a vapid slut, that Belaarn is supposedly quite clever and cunning. Some say that her massive family has less to do with her being unable to remember to use contraceptives, and more to do with her wanting to make sure her daughters are all too busy backstabbing eachother to ever stand a chance of actually doing her in.

Dalvyssa Draasol: Dalvyssa is one of Ilharess Belaarn Draasol's many, many, many children. She is however, low enough in the birth order - or what is known of it - that she's not really in line to be heir as Ilharess, or whatever. A Nobility check of 25 or greater lets you know that she has a bit of a love/hate relationship with Aryyna. She's incredibly aroused by the beautiful Faernsenger woman, and certainly madly in lust of her and awed by her, but also is more than a bit jealous of her beauty and power.

Thyla Draasol: She requires a DC20 KNowledge Check to identify. A daughter, or more likely grand-daughter, of Belaarn and recently Draeva's girlfriend. Has a reputation for casual violence and sadism, and collecting trophies.
House Rendanvlos
One of the most powerful and unpredictable of the up and coming houses. House Rendanvlos is almost entirely made up of Demonblooded Drow and are known for being unpredictable, disorganized, and unstable.

If you scored a 10 or better on your Knowledge (Nobility) check then you can at least place a name to a face and the basic information below to the name. Any additional details and the score you would need to know it are detailed below.

Ilharess T'puuli Rendanvlos: T'puuli is a Half-Demon and enormous in size and musculature. She stands at least six feet tall, horned, and with a broad, extremely muscular, build. She's also known to be at least mildly mentally retarded and often accompanied by numerous handlers. Forgets her own strength, sometimes. If you scored a 15 or better on your nobility check you'd know that her handlers are often said to be the real power behind House Rendanvlos, since T'puuli is an idiot. It's a dangerous job, though, as she often lashes out at them. You'd also know that enemies of the Rendanvlos claim that T'puuli isn't really half-Demon, but rather that her mother was a Huthindrow. If you scored a 20 or better on your nobility check then you would know that Aryyna and T'puuli are quite close and have a thing, and that Aryyna never invites any of T'puuli's handlers to parties because 'She can speak for herself.'
None of her handlers are at this party, which would become obvious the moment you met her.
House Ssinjintril
House Sinjintril is one of the wealthiest of all the Drow houses. They have a fiercely guarded monopoly on the production of honey in the Underdark thanks to their control of a vault deep beneath Tanglewood where numerous giant bees make their hives. The Sinjintril have domesticated and bred numerous other forms of giant bee, as well. The Sinjintril also produce high quality arms and armor wrought from amber and chitin.

If you scored a 10 or better on your Knowledge (Nobility) check then you can at least place a name to a face and the basic information below to the name. Any additional details and the score you would need to know it are detailed below.

Ilharess Vyssa Ssinjintril: The only thing you would know and worth mentioning about Vyssa is that House Ssinjintril are misanrist even by Drow standards. When males are brought out of the home they are made to wear outfits best described as a cross between a bee-keepers outfit and a burqa.
House Ulintajo
One of the more powerful up-and-coming houses. Almost entirely made of Psions, and especially Seers. Neit is a relative, albeit somewhat distant one, of the Ilharess and so House Ulintajo is House Inthuul's benefactor and sponsor.
Some of the house's enemies claim that they are in fact descendants of the traitorous Deisenin, but there is no evidence ot back up such claims and plenty of evidence to suggest that the Drow were thorough and that literally not a single slave of Great House Deisenin survived the purges.

If you scored a 10 or better on your Knowledge (Nobility) check then you can at least place a name to a face and the basic information below to the name. Any additional details and the score you would need to know it are detailed below.

Ilharess Shara Ulintajo: The only thing of note to mention about Shara is that she, like her house is ingeneral, is quite misandrist. Males are kept wearing hoods that obscure their eyes and are led around on leashes. Misandrist by Drow standards.
These are famous or significant guests who are not associated with any particular c'rintri house.

If you scored a 10 or better on your Knowledge (Nobility) check then you can at least place a name to a face and the basic information below to the name. Any additional details and the score you would need to know it are detailed below.

Jabress Dalyssa of the Istotsoss Sisterhood: Dalyssa is the head of the Istotsoss Sisterhood. The Istotsoss Sisterhood is a Drow organization of courtesans and assassins. The members of this all-female organization are known as extremely skilled and imaginative lovers, and also as skilled poisoners. Many of the Istotsoss are said to be able to kill with a kiss (among other things), and some are even said to have a venomous touch. They operate primarily out of Edonilche'el and supposedly date back to the days of the old empire.

Ista: Ista is an extremely beautiful and famous gladiatrix from Edonilche'el. Only ever does deathmatches and although her primary weapons are dual-wielded shortswords she also wears blades woven into her floor-length hair, and bladed rings on all her fingers and toes, as well as clawed gauntlets. Hardcore lady.

Jabress Mynara: DC20 Local check to identify Mynara as a wealthy shebali landlord from Edonilche'el.

Jabress Najyyra of the Tettar'annen Guild: Najyyra is the head of the Tettar'annen Guild, one of the largest prostitutes' guilds in all of Edonilche'el. A knowledge check of 15 or more lets you know she's got a huge crush on Aryyna.

Jabress Yria of the Siltrinlinath Sisterhood: Yria is the head of the Siltrinlinath Sisterhood. The Siltrinlinath are a guild of master torturers and have also introduced some elements of alchemy, necromancy, and general magic into their grisly art allowing them to create grotesque things in constant pain. Imagine some of the cenobites from Hellraiser and you can imagine what they make their males and other subjects look like. They brought some along with them to the party.
Make sure, in your posts, you mention how much you spent on your costumes.

EDIT: You can reply now. I forgot Thyla.

04-14-2014, 05:10 AM
Alsiif's costume was a fuzzy mess. She had spent a LOT of money to have it custom made out of rare materials from the surface. She left everything to the designer, and that designer must have really liked fur. One feature of the outfit was mittens, crafted in order to hide Alsiif's demonic claws, to better sell the angel appearance. Unfortunately, those damn mittens made it near impossible to do tasks that should be very simple. Alsiif was currently, and angrily, involved in one of those tasks, opening a bottle of wine.

"Mother frukinshitGLOVES" She kept trying to uncork the bottle, brought with her from home (as a gift?), but her hands kept slipping off the glass. "guddamndesignergonnamurderthatstupidshittyfuckeras sGLOVES" She finally gave up on doing it herself, and nudged Sabrae in the gut with the bottle. "Ahm... Could you be a real... dear and open this for me." It didn't sound like a question. "You can have some if you'd like, but.. ahm.. don't put your lips on it.."

While waiting for her drink to be opened, she scanned the hall lazily, with crimson eyes. "I wonder if Ilharess T'puuli would like some..."

h8 trying to type a bunch on tablet
anyways...I guess Alsiif's clothes and shitty gift that she didnt give cost like... 3000 total

04-17-2014, 03:57 PM
Ilharess T'puuli Rendanvlos had worn her long hair loose and free, undyed and its natural white. Her horns were painted white, with golden spirals along to their points. She'd worn two pairs of wings, like a Planetar Angel, although - probably becuase of the horns - had elected to not bother with a halo. She did have lots of gold, circular piercings on her ears, though. The rest of her costume was white and, unsurprisingly, very skimpy and designed to show off as much of her massively muscular physique as possible. She did have a lot of fat in two places, y'know, on her chest, though.

It took her a while to notice Alsiif. "Don't know you...?" She asked. Her voice was deep and rather masculine, - by Non-Drow standards, of course, since masculine Drow were still fairly efette by general standards - but had a sort of exotic allure to it that wasn't unpleasant.
"Fuzzy." The Ilharess added, giving Alsiif a slightly too-hard pat on the head and smiling.

04-20-2014, 11:00 PM
With half the world's most exotic drugs available on tap, Neit wasted no time in getting roasted. Talking to people was far less interesting than playing out the "spooky mysterious witch person" archetype, and she figured Aryyna could just dig her out of trouble later. Probably.

Dancing. Some nice smokey colours. Tricked somebody into swallowing one of their gold rings, thinking it was a pill. Some lizards? Brain insides? Got somebody in trouble messing with their brain-tubes and turning their mojo off? Accidentally shared what was going on in their head with some random orc whilst kissing them?...

Couches. Fluffy. Noise didn't seem so harsh. Good lights. Fluffy worms, you could eat them.

A pick-me-up drink. That was a good waiter. Nice waiter. Stroke them.



A bottle of cure poison potion was in her hand. Damn it. She was enjoying that. Now she was back to square one.

Where did that waitress run off to? What a little fuck.

Well, she was sober again now, might aswell think about business. The House Ssinjintril folks were absolutely fascinating in their weird bee-wing-feathered outfits. Neit had been after one of those sexy chitinous suits of armour for ages... but as always, their haughtyness stopped her from talking to them on this occasion.

Now, the Siltrinlinath sisterhood folks... Now they both turned her on and made her sick to the pits of her stomach at the same time. Everything they did was so horrifically creative. Nobody else had servants quite that... erm, customized?... Disfigured in such a cute way?... erm, adorably efficient?... At any rate, their aptitude was cutting people into tiny little pieces and putting them back together again, so she didn't really know what to say to them either.

The fluffy noodle-worm-snake cushion things that this couch was made out of... she wanted some...

04-21-2014, 07:20 AM
"Ilharess Inthuul?" Came a seductive and extremely confident, even by Drow standards, voice. "Ustdalharil Vidiima Chaon, Jabbress d'Belaern of Great House Chaon and Valsharess of Khaliizitaur." She smiled, positively oozing confidence and, for want of a better word, effortless swagger. The Ustdalharil was clad in a revealing and extremely expensive looking costume, her hair in an elaborate updo that was the fashion in Great House Chaon. At either side to her stood a exquisitely handsome and practically nude male - identical twins by the looks of them.
"We've never met before, but Aryyna has spoken highly of you. May we talk business?" On cue she was offered a drink by one of the males, Vidiima flashing a predatory smile as she took a seat offered by the other one.

04-21-2014, 07:04 PM
Neit continued to slouch, but offered a small wafting gesture, ushering the woman to sit beside her. Probably disrespectful, but she had really forgotten to care as of late. All this dainty bullshit was seriously beginning to get on her nerves.

Maybe this woman could try and look intimidating with all of her fancy metallic jewelry and expensive hair salves. Certainly, it was far beyond the gaunt witches' price range, and she would have looked rather pathetic trying to imitate it. Pathetic like half the dainty little worms at this party, leeching for attention.

The crowish thing smiled, sharply, despite herself. In her barbed heels and uncouth shawl of feathers, she suddenly picked up from the Jabbress' expression that it was probably why she was approached, in the first place. Maybe Vidiima was looking for somebody psychotic and disposable. Maybe she had the hots for gutter trash. Who knew.

"My beautiful Valsharess Ustdalharil Vidiima Chaon, a very temptress of Lolth's jealousy." Neit's voice eddied and swirled, feying a certain attraction, but also a slumberish lack of acknowledgement to who she was talking to. "I do suppose you 'order' business, for 'talking' would imply it might be intelligent to say no."

I guess that was... a compliment?

04-26-2014, 01:10 AM
"My name is Alsiif of house Inthuul. I'm such a big... ahm..." Alsiif almost said 'fan', but decided on, "admirer of you." She lifted up a fuzzball wrapped around a wine bottle. "I was hoping we could share a drink? I've heard so much about how gorgeous and strong you are." Her eyes were wide with glee as they took glances at the Illharress's demonic attributes and muscles. "And our host seems so fond of you as well!"

Try as she might, Alsiif still couldn't get the wine bottle open because of the stupid fucking mitts she had on.

05-09-2014, 04:32 AM
"I am normally not one to risk business in the hands of unknown quantities," Vidiima began, "but Aryyna speaks quite highly of you and I do place considerable value in her ability to assess people." She gave a smile. "And, of course, I place more value in my own abilities."

The Chaon woman took a drag from a cigarette offered by one of her two males. "A certain faction of Duergar have given my house cause for offense, as have their new trading partners." Neit could read between the lines enough to know the Duergar's new partners were Drow. "I desire to teach both a lesson. You desire to establish House Inthuul as something people who matter will have actually heard of." She was blunt, but she had a point. "You will require funds to accomplish this. You do not have funds. The Duergar of Nekolstakud do." Another smile. "House Inthuul is quite poor, and yet Nakolstakud is quite the opposite. Do you wish to correct this situation, Ilharess Inthuul? I believe I can help you, if such is your desire."


T'puuli looked a bit confused for a moment. "Oh." She took the bottle, effortlessly opened it by breaking off the top portion of it, took a few chugs straight from the bottle, her numerous earrings jangling like wind-chimes, and handed it back to Alsiif. "I never hear of you." She smiled, her face was quite masculine by Drow standards, and even by the standards of the filth-races like the Humans it was fairly masculine in some regards, but it also had enough femininity to it. Alsiif, whatever her own tastes, could probably figure out why Aryyna was so wild about the hulking idiot.
"I never hear of you." She repeated before shrugging and smiling. "Fuzzy." She knelt down so she was eye-to-eye with Alsiif. "Cute, too." She gave a laugh and pulled - gripping her a bit too tightly - Alsiif in for a kiss. "I never hear of you before. Cute little fuzzy girl. How you know Aryyna?" T'puuli grabbed a bottle of wine from one of the passing Angel servants, giving her a slap on the ass after doing so that sent the lithe Celestial stumbling from the force of it.

05-16-2014, 09:57 PM
"...I... Admire your honesty, Valsharess Chaon." Her smile was suddenly rather more courteous, despite the pause. It wasn't quite true that Neit cared in the slightest about money, but she could respect a woman who put at least most of her cards on the table. "It's the 'somebody psychotic and disposable' option you wanted then. That's okay. We can do that. I have no delusions of grandeur."

Her sharped talon-like silver rings clicked and clanked as she snatched a wine glass from a passing servant. Instead of sipping it, she just ended up swilling it around and staring into the redness thoughtfully anyway.

"S'an awfully brutal world we live in. I can't stand it when people act like it owes them one, you see..."

A glance back to Vidiima's eyes.

"Oh. I'm sorry. You're Chaon. You probably wanted a more concrete answer." She curtly sighed her head to one side, and softly seized one of the woman's hands in order to kiss the jewelry upon it. "I would be delighted to accept your task, and fully accept that you will be entirely justified in opening up my chest and filling my insides with fleshboarer wasps should I implicate you without fulfilling the task adequately."

Neit's doe-eyed smile certainly did look rather... Well, disturbingly honest given the context.

"Was that okay, Valsharess?"

06-19-2014, 04:01 PM
Sabrae's costume was simple and subtle (she would rather not call attention to herself so soon after marrying into Inthuul). A white leather corset with a small, red silk cape at her back - her mask was also white leather, with silver stitching and two small gold wings coming from it. Her hair was dyed blond and in curls, her boots were almost the same as her regular attire aside from the coloring: the same as her mask. Instead of short-cut pants, she decided to wear leggings in order to accentuate her breasts and her mask, which she was very proud of. The red cape did a fine enough job calling attention to her ass, anyway, so that wasn't a worry either. Having not brought her husband and only a small gift, she was still in significant more want for money. Subtlety was costly.

Sabrae was doing a surprisingly good job at staying quiet. So far only a few people had spoken a few words to her, and she had spoken about 100&#37; less back to exactly that number of people. She stood behind Alsiif as she had her wine stolen and her face kissed chuckling softly to herself. It seemed she had put too much faith in her costume designer - something Sabrae would never do in a billion years.

Costume cost 4500, gift was 500

06-24-2014, 03:33 PM
"Oh yeah, my cousins, Neitar and Ryyna and I hang out with Aryyna like.. all the time." Alsiif took a sip from the broken wine bottle, but cut her lip on it when she noticed Sabrae standing behind her. "You-" Alsiif thumped her fuzzy fist against her chest and coughed lightly, "Ahmm HMMK- Sabrae... I didn't see you there... Ahm... You're in for a treat..." She turned back to T'puuli, with a warm smile across her face. "Ilharess, this is Sabrae.. shes a recent addition to House Inthuul." Alsiif then shifted her head toward Sabrae, the smile gone. "Sabrae, you do know Ilharess T'puuli Rendanvlos, don't you? Have you ever seen somethi- someone so strong and gorgeous??"

06-26-2014, 09:55 PM
Sabrae, not so keen to reciprocate Alsiif's unveiled coldness, put on a bright, fantastic smile as she took a few carefully executed steps forward, maximizing her ultimate sexiness. "Never in my life, dear Alsiif. It is an absolute honor and privilege to bask in the radiance of such a..." an intentional pause, emphasizing her restrained lust. "Beautiful woman." Well-chosen words - a perfect mixture of intrigue and disconnect. Maybe Sabrae really could be subtle?


06-30-2014, 10:31 PM
Vidiima clapped her hands, a predatory smile forming on her gorgeous face. "Excellent, I knew I could put my faith in Aryyna's judgment - you *are* a clever one. I will, of course, require a small, negligible, really, share of the loot. I believe a 10&#37; finder's fee is customary in these circumstances. I know you won't lie to me and try to shortchange me, because you are, after all, so very clever." Another smile. "I shall have my agents by your home within the next 48 hours from whenever this party ends. They shall discuss the plan and work out the precise arrangements with you, Ilharess." She pulled Neitar into a deep kiss and smiled at her. A friendly, warm, smile. "A pleasure doing business, gorgeous. I know you will not disappoint."


"Hang out with Aryyna all the time? How come I never seen you?" T'puuli asked, letting go of the much smaller woman. Noticing Sabrae, T'puuli laughed and pulled her in, russling her curly locks. "Curly, ahaha." She smiled and let go of the Luchadora. "What's with the mask? Blondie mask fighter girl? Me too!" She flexed one of her massive biceps for emphasis. "I mean, no mask though. Well, sometimes. Usually no. No weapons either, except when I do. Kinda don't need them. Also sometimes they break. Like I hit this Umber Hulk - it was smaller than me - with a sword and it broke. The sword. And the Umber Hulk. Both broke." She shrugged, earring's jangling. "I'm pretty strong. And big." Another shrug. "How come I never hear of you, Inthuul girls?"

07-10-2014, 09:20 PM
Alsiif gulped down a few mouthfuls of wine, and ignored T'puuli's first question. "Ahaha, yeah, hitting stuff!" She wiped away some blood that flowed from her cut lip. "Ahm.. you probably haven't heard of us because we're kind of underground. I mean- ahm.. We're ALL underground but- Yeah we haven't made a big... splash yet...?"

"I mean, we've killed some dragons and stuff," Alsiif picked at some dirt that got tangled in her fuzzy, claw-hiding mittens, "but yeah that kind of things pretty easy so I guess its no big deal."

07-20-2014, 11:10 PM
"It takes next to fuck all ability to go around telling everyone about how big your knockers are." Neit sauntered up behind T'puuli, butting into the conversation just like she had butted out of the one with that boring-ass Chaon lass, not even bothering to say goodbye. Whilst talking, she intercepted a servant carrying a torso-sized iced honey and jam cake, stuck a hand into their face hard enough to send them tumbling backwards, and then seized the massive cake in mid-air for herself. "I would have thought you of all people could appreciate that, Ilharess. With biceps like that, I bet you could slap someone's knockers off with your bare hands."

Classy black skintight leather, plumes of raven feathers, flesh like polished granite. The vicious glint of barbed silver jewelry and knife-slit crimson eyes... Neit went ahead and sat cross-legged in the middle of the table, digging into the sugary mound with her with bare hands. It went all over the place.

If there was a single iota of respect to be given, it was that she was facing T'puuli whilst she did it, giving off a dull expression somewhere in between absolute boredom and having a massive headache.

07-21-2014, 03:04 AM
"Killed a Dragon?" T'puuli asked, apparently surprised. "You don't get along with the Maelthra? Z'hrenil's right there... Does Aryyna know you two is fighting?" I guess she didn't know that other people had Dragons?"
Before Alsiif could respond one way or the other, Neitar showed up.

"My boobs're pretty big. Not as big as Aryyna's, tho. I mean... kinda bigger? 'Cause I'm bigger in general? But uh... you know..." She shrugged. "Biceps? ...Oh! You mean my muscles. Yeah. They're pretty huge." She seemed proud, flexing both arms for emphasis. "Aryyna goes wild about them." Another shrug. "Who're you. I don't think I've seen you 'round either." She gave Neit a look, apparently trying to remember. "Oh... wait... you a fan? You saw me that time I was fighting that Orc girl and tore her tit off?" T'puuli them smiled and gave Neit a pat on the head, practically slamming it down onto the table. "Oh, yeah. Hi. I'm T'puuli Rendanvlos. Ilharess T'puuli Rendanvlos. Your costume is cute. Like a tiny little Deep Crow. 'Cept not enough eyes. They got like... lots."

07-22-2014, 09:31 PM
"I didn't catch that one, but I saw a few others." Neit made a grim smile, remembering the fights in question. "Me? Yeah. Just another Inthuul tart. Just another nobody Ilharess. oo' gives a fuck, eh?" The cake was still in her hands, but she was getting bored with it pretty quickly. The sharp-faced thing just gave it a disdainful look of consideration, then splatted it top-down onto the floor.

"Say, I had an idea for a restaurant..." She gave off a newly cheery expression, in the blink of an eye. "Grub on a bun is gonna be like, super easy crap to make, and cheap and stuff. If we aim it at low-down scumbags, it can be as gross or whatever as we want and it will still sell."

"...But... Well, everybody has some frikkin' dainty bimbo on their banners. I want somebody 'oo looks serious beefy like they could snap a troll's arms and legs off, ya know? Can we get some wench to paint a bunch of radical-hot scrolls of you?"

It was true, nobody did advertise with a muscular drow. Nobody really advertised. Normally drow just put up banners with hot pictures of themselves that said 'I will personally murder you if you buy food anywhere else'... Which wasn't actually out of the question, but hey, more options was always good.

07-26-2014, 05:36 PM
"I like grubs. On buns. Or not. Just you know. Grubs." T'puuli seemed to trail off a bit there. "Oh. I'm pretty beefy. I can snap a Trolls arm off. Well, I mean, I did. Could probably do a Cave Troll even. Maybe a Mountain Troll. Dunno. Kinda wanna try now." T'puuli gave Neit a vacant shrug. A few moments passed.
"Oh. You mean me?" Congratulations, T'puuli, you figured it out. "Would be a good artist, right? Not a shit one? Get all my bigness? If it was shit I might break something. Someone." She shrugged again, grabbing some big handful of various foods off a passing Angel's plate and shoving it all in her mouth at once.
"What's in it for me? For Rendanvlos? Why should I help Inthuuls?" She may have been a huge hulking idiot, although Neit likely got the vibe that she wasn't quite as dense as she let on, but she was still Drow.
A very, very, very large Drow who could probably punch Neit's head off if angered.

07-27-2014, 02:07 PM
"Eh. Fuck business. You want some kinda percentage or some crap, then whatever." Neit held a match to a new cigar and inhaled the grimy aroma. "You can talk to Rynna I guess, she gets all horny over numbers and crap. But I didn't figure you were the boring type, personally."

The crowish woman gave T'puuli a long look of examination. She was considering if it sounded like she was being manipulative, and secondly, if she really cared if she was or not. The halfblooded demon lady was really quite hot, but Neit was not about to put herself in another stressful business predicament over nothing. The witch didn't and never had given a damn about money or power. Back with Aryyna her actions were purely just saving their necks, and everything since then had been a landslide of strange fortune.

"All I care about is a good time." Neit finally spoke up again, rolling the cigar from one side of her mouth to the other. She stuck out her lithe chest and made a grim toothy smile, heightening her jaw in an intentionally arrogant, provocative manner. "You want to smack me around, then do it. At least one of us will be getting some fun out of this conversation."

A dangerous game, yes. But the sharp-faced witch was being honest. Hopefully the Ilharess of Rendanvlos got the right message.

07-27-2014, 03:01 PM
T'puuli was quiet for a while. Maybe she wasn't paying attention. "I don't numbers good." She explained, finally. "Other Rendanvlos do that for me." The half-Demon lifted up Neitar with ease, putting her down a few feet away from the other two Inthuul women. She leaned in close, talking as softly as she could, which wasn't very easy given that her masculine voice wasn't only deep but also generally loud.
"They call me idiot. Retard. All sorts'a names. I don't care. Think they can take advantage of me 'cause I'm dumb. That I care." The hulking woman gave Neit a look. "You're not like that. I think?" T'puuli leaned over, looking Neit in the eyes for a while, all intense and shit. Then she laughed and jostled the much smaller woman's hair. "You're alright, Neit. Sounds fun. Maybe have me fighting a giant grub?"

07-29-2014, 12:09 PM
Neit's legs tensed upwards, and she pretty much had to hang off of T'puuli's forearm to avoid being choked by the herculean half-demon woman. The psion didn't take it personally, but it was a little hard to stay graceful when being picked up and toyed around with like a ragdoll.

"You could have some orc dope in a headlock, and be eating an ol' grub with the other hand, like it's nobodies' business! It would be great!" Dark eyes like slits, Neit suddenly decided to take the woman's physical power in stride, and placed one of those hefty palms to the side of her face, sort of inviting the thumb to press against the woman's ghoulishly grinning lips. "People can call you whatever Lolth allows, but it's still those dainty money-obsessed little turds that need slaves just to help them put their knickers on in the morning. I can't respect people like that. Not at all."

"I think that you do what you want, when you want, and there isn't anybody that can stop you."

08-24-2014, 04:40 PM
"Shebali," came a sultry voice from behind Sabrae. It was Aryyna, a smirk on her gorgeous face, Neit's gift spider on her shouler, a long cigarette and a glass of something in hand. She laughed. "Ahahaha, Sabrae. I remember your name. I'm just fucking with you. Lolth's tits, though, could you be any more shebali?" Aryyna cast a glance aside towards a very drunken Taldi while Ilph seemed to try and keep her from puking on anyone important, or faceplanting. "Well, clearly." Aryyna answered the question Sabrae didn't ask, maybe it was the look on her face? But, well, yeah, Neit didn't mention her being shebali until quite recently. "Oh, come on, gorgeous. It's obvious. Particularly when you get as old as I am. You pick up the little tells." She lifted Sabrae's face towards hers, leaning in close enough that their lips were nearly touching. "It must be terrifying, I imagine. Around all these so very important, beautiful people. And, you know, me." Aryyna cracked up, laughing as she gently shoved off of Sabrae.

"But seriously, babe, relax. Enjoy yourself. You're a gladiatrix, right? You wrestle? You look like you do." The Ilharess formed circles with her fingers and placed them over her face in pantomime of a mask.


T'puuli was quiet for a while. "I like that. I like you." She smiled at Neit. It seemed genuine. "The grubs wont suck. Right? Don't know if want to be um..." she searched for the word 'associated.' "you know, with sucky grubs."

08-24-2014, 09:57 PM
"I-I do wrestle, Ilharess." Sabrae managed. She was still half-trembling from Aryyna's beauty and commanding grace. "If you would like, I could peform for you. It would be an immense pleasure and a tremendous honor, Ilharess." Sabrae looked hopeful, she had never performed for someone of such high stature before, and she was eager to prove her worth and skills. "If you'll allow me, I can promise you will be entertained unlike ever before."

08-28-2014, 08:11 PM
"It will be better quality than anything else they've had their entire lives." Neit smiled, placing a slender palm on both of Tuupli's cheeks. Being at the taller end of the Drow female spectrum, she was probably one of the few people who both could and would dare act so intimate. "I mean, that's a honest fact... Because what competition is there, even? Ha."

She looked away for two seconds, in order to jab her fingers in another servant's face. This time the oversize desert was some kind of red jelly and cream deal. Hugging it closely with a sharp smile on her face, the lithe thing then ducked back into Tpuuli's underarm area and offered the thing up to the massive wall of a woman. "You want some?... What even is this?..."

09-09-2014, 03:51 PM
"Oh? A promise?" Aryyna laughed. "Somehow I doubt that." Another laugh and the terrifyingly beautiful Ilharess patted Sabrae on the head. "But I would love to see you perform. Maybe you and T'puuli? She's sticking around after the party. Maybe you and Neit can, too?" She cracked up and took a drink. "Okay, okay, I'm not going to make you wrestle T'puuli. It wouldn't be fair to Neit if I broke her new wrestler." She smiled and winked at Sabrae. "Especially since she's so hot. Maybe after you finish showing me what it is you do, you can use some of your moves on me?" Aryyna smiled seductively and draped her arms around the Luchadora's shoulders. She kissed Sabrae, apparently wanted to go further, but then decided not to, for whatever reason. Pulling away slowly she smiled. "Later, gorgeous. I promise." Laughing she started towards Neitar and T'puuli. "But, seriously, enjoy yourself!"

Sure Sabrae was, until very recently, shebali, but she was upper or at least middle-upper class shebali. And even low class shebali were still, you know, Drow. You, and especially if that you was c'rintri, don't generally go around sharing that you were into subbing. That was shameful. Every Drow woman, regardless of where her sexual tastes genuinely lay, made it clear she was a Dominant. But not Aryyna. She, evidently, didn't care that people knew she was a masochist. Or a switch, maybe. It was almost as though Aryyna had a sense of self-worth and identity that, somehow, was divorced from what people thought about her. As though being the most beautiful woman alive and the most terrifyingly powerful Wizard known to live was somehow enough to make her self-confident.
That Aryyna. Odd little spider, she.


T'puuli ate the offered mystery-dessert without objection. Smiling she hugged Neit close, only slightly crushing the smaller woman.
"Oh, look, it's two of my favorite beauties." Aryyna purred, striding into view and embracing the hulking woman. "I'm glad to see you two are hitting it off. Mind if I bother Neit for a minute?" She purred to T'puuli before, after a nod, leading Neit off to the side, to a more secluded room of the party hall.
"Want a bit of exciting fun, gorgeous?" Aryyna purred, draping her arms around her and leaning in nibbling sensually on Neit's ear.

09-10-2014, 01:12 PM
"Well, you're in a good mood, Illharress..." Neit made one of her more predatory grins whilst making an effort to counter-hug. It wasn't as easy as it sounds, since Aryyna always seemed to hug people from the side. Buffeted at both sides by the woman's considerable chest, Neit wasn't exactly complaining, either, mind. "You try any of... Erm, this? It's good." Indeed, her opposite hand was still holding the jelly thing.

Hopefully this 'work' didn't involve looking really professional or stealthy or anything.

09-17-2014, 02:10 AM
Aryyna smiled and laughed. "Of course I am, gorgeous. I'm always in a good mood." To her credit, Aryyna usually was pretty chipper. Of course, Neit also still had the strange and confusing memory of the Ilharess bawling as she confessed her undying love towards Renora Quarthas; how her heart would always belong to a dead woman. "Besides," she added, "I'm at a party, and it's my party. What kind of hostess is a grump at her own party? It doesn't hurt that I'm around such gorgeous ladies, either. And you, I guess." Aryyna shrugged before laughing and pulling Neit in for a kiss. "I'm just teasing, sexy."

The Ilharess laughed and took a mouthful of the mystery-jelly. "It's mostly an Ochre Jelly. No, seriously. You can make more than just Venom Oozes from them," she explained. "I'm having fun with T'puuli later tonight, after the party. You're coming, right? Just my favorite people?" On the one hand, Aryyna seemed, as ever, genuine. It was kind of flattering to be one of the most favored - at least physically - of the Goddess' favorite people. On the other hand, most Drow women would take offense at being likened to a hulking idiot like T'puuli. Although, like Aryyna herself, it seemed quite often that Neit wasn't like most Drow.