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I know I’ve been gone for a long time. Nearly two years it has been since I was active in MT. I have missed quite a few things. I’ve missed RPing a bit… well, actually I’ve missed RPing a lot. I’ve missed the people I get to do the RPs with. I found quite a few friends doing RPs with them and it’s sad to think that I’ve lost touch with that. That is what this is about.

Alright, this RP is one that I have thought about since I left MT nearly two years ago. So I have had quite a bit of time to actually think on it and work out the kinks. This was actually going to be a story but I couldn’t figure the plot out because it had been thought up as a RP thread. It needed more than one input of thought. Now that I’m back on MT I decided I wanted to use this idea as it was intended to be.


Welcome to Sector 12, Subsector 139, Land Location Ese14N8th. Better known as the Tallia Space port in Keetlia City on the planet of Toron Aleo. Toron Aleo is a world divided by a civil war and strife. The Galians, the ruling force of Toron, are a haughty and cold people. Their war is against the traditional inhabitants of the planet, the Tarians.

The war has raged on for the past three hundred years. The Galians, who have subjected the Tarians to over a thousand years of slavery and servitude, are fighting against their former captives in a bloody war that is draining the Tarians of resources and hope. Being the richer side of the war the Galians are able to provide their military with high quality weapons and armour. Their pockets are deep and their vindictive streak runs deeper. They are not wanting to decimate the Tarian army, they are wanting to annihilate it. Despite the war going on for the past three hundred years, the Galian royalty is still treating the war as a rebellion. They want to take out the Tarian rebels and force the others to accept their place in society. They do not believe that it is anything but a small nuisance.

Three hundred years before, a group of Galian soliders attacked a Tarian camp and killed everyone within it. Men, women and children were killed, nothing was spared and the camp was burned. The camp contained Tarians who had been born free and who had never felt the shackles of slavery. Even though many of the elder Tarians had been enslaved and such attacks were common, the camp contained the daughter of the Tarian former King and Queen. Though the Tarians had been beaten down for centuries the loss of the girl was an act that they could not forgive or forget.
Within several weeks the Tarians had gathered their forces and tracked down what was left of the royal line. The entire force retreated into the wilderness of Toron Aleo,. No more attacks on camps were recorded as the entire free Tarian populous had disappeared. The Tarian forces were not heard of for the next five years, despite many months of searching by the Galian Army. The Tarians had retreated back into their old lands, the mountains and the deep forests where only the bravest souls had tried to enter.

After the five years had passed, Tarian slave compounds were being destroyed and the slaves were disappearing, all within a night. The attacks were random and the Galian army had no way of knowing what would be hit next. After several months the number of Tarians that were enslaved had dropped significantly and the Galian people were taking their frustration out on the royal palace through revolts and riots. When it was discovered the free Tarians were the cause of the attacks, the Queen ordered squadrons of her men to deal with the problem, despite the men having no training to deal with combat in the forests and the mountains. After two weeks only few soldiers came out of the forests alive.

The Tarians had spent five years learning the lay of the land and they preferred a guerrilla tactic offense rather than a strong defense. The underprepared Galian soldiers didn’t stand a chance. The Tarians brought the dead soldiers back and lay them out in lines in front of Keetlia City. Even though their tactics and weaponry were considered barbaric, the Tarians had a sense of honour, they believed that the families of the soldiers should be given the chance to bury their dead kin, despite the Galians having no sense of honour. They took no prisoners but did not kill the wounded. It was how the Tarians had acted before the Galians had invaded their peaceful planet.

In response to the return of their fallen soldiers, the Galian royalty called for the public execution of fifty of their most loyal Tarian slaves. The public execution was watched throughout the entire Galian holding. All ten cities watched the execution on their public screens. The message was loud and clear to the free Tarians and they called a state of war on the Galians. The roads were no longer safe and the Tarians actively sought out base camps and destroyed them all.

Three hundred years later, the war still rages on with no end in sight. The Galian Military had called in reinforcements from the Universal Military. The Military provides them with weapons and the occasional shipment of PoWs to replace the Tarian slaves on the front lines of the war zone. Queen Aquiline and her husband, Havale brush of the war as a mere nuisance and pay it no attention, despite it nearly being fought in the city streets.

The Tarians haven’t fared well in the war and their weapons and equipment have become out-dated and virtually useless but they haven’t been defeated. They resort to thievery and salvaging to compete with the Galian’s weaponry and technology. They have advanced far in the three hundred years but it is never enough. With the Military supplying the Galian Army with the newest weapons and communication technology, they are severely lacking in what they can use against them, however the Tarians rely on technique and surprise attacks to provide them with the success they need to remain a player in the war. The King Alus and Queen Beayet are tired of the war and wish for it to end but they know that if they stop, the Galians will enslave them once more.


Toron Aleo is covered in forests and mountain ranges. It is surrounded by the Tailion Ocean and the beached where the Cities lie. There are ten Galian cities, Keetlia, Jauclie, Turen, Lahing, Elu, Amoni, Shoda, Rahu, Tangis, and Velox. The cities never leave the beach, leaving most of the forests unexplored. There is flat land but it is surrounding the cities and no where else.

The cities are made of metal and stone, they are a designed to be aesthetically pleasing and are gold and white. The Palace lies directly in the center of Keetlia and is the tallest structure in the city. (I will draw a map later)

Toron Aleo Inhabitants


The Galians arrived on Toron Aleo 1,500 years earlier after their planet was destroyed by an intergalactic war. Once they arrived on Toron Aleo, they set about enslaving the native inhabitants and recreating their cities on the beaches of the forest covered, mountainous land. With their grasp on the land secure they did not wish to move into the forests or the mountains, they did however enter the forests to capture the native Tarians. After five hundred years the Planet was theirs and the native inhabitants captured and enslaved.

They have angular faces and bodies that resemble the fantasy elves of Earthling stories. The Royal line is most noticeable because of their wings. They are a symbol of their power and the rest of the populous have metal ones made for them, the status of the family is determined on the type of metal used to make the wings. The more expensive the metal, the wealthier the family. Their eyes have three distinct colours, gold, brown, and black and their hair colour is usually light. Light blue, purples, blonde and light brown. They age slowly, living to be around two hundred and fifty years old.


The Tarians are the native inhabitants of Toron Aleo, 1,500 years earlier they had their own royal line and their own civilization deep in the forests and the mountains of the planet. When the Galians invaded, the Tarians were the ones to extend a friendly hand but the Galians had no intentions of being friends and even though the Tarians put up a good fight, they were enslaved. Forced to work day in and day out, their culture was nearly lost and their history all but wiped out. The free Tarians still retained their sense of culture. Scrolls and texts are hidden in their long lost fortresses in the deep mountains that they are just starting to rediscover.

A Tarian’s appearance is as varied as different designs of the Galians’ metal wings. They fall into five different ‘types’. Centurian, Lyrin, Natul, Byern, and Fyn. Despite the differences of appearance they consider themselves connected and they do not war within their culture. The most similar characteristics are their eye colour and hair colour. Their eyes are usually a bright vibrant colour, blue, purple, red, green, etc., etc.. Their hair colour is usually just as vibrant or can extend to plain, browns, black, purples, red, blues, etc.,etc. Their lifespan can be over five hundred years old.

Military Personnel

The Universal Military has their hands in everything. Weapons, slave trade, criminal activity, anything they can make money off of. They are corrupt and extremely powerful. They do not mind helping the selfish in their quest for power. They have been helping the Galians for the past hundred and fifty years, they send them PoWs when they do not want to deal with them any longer.

The Military Personnel are generally human and their appearance is varied. They are generally highly trained and intelligent.


These are the classes of people you can choose from.


Royalty Affiliated:
These Galians have royal blood but are not in line for the throne. They hold a bit of inference with the Queen and King but not much. They have little to no responsibility and tend not to think of the war. Those who do rarely question the reasons for the war. They have the royal wings and are generally sought after by the free Tarians to take and trade for the remaining slaves.
Positions available: 3

These Galians are highly trained in technology and weapons use. They have been given training to deal with the territory that the Tarians hold but they haven’t been trained in the field because of the Tarian ambushes, so their training in that field is weak. They can be grunts or they can be high ranking officials.
Positions available:
High Ranking: 2
Lower Ranks: Unlimited

These Galians support the Tarians and like to sabotage Military runs in the forests. They act as spies and the Tarians trust them but only to a certain level. They pass information of Military movements to the Tarian leaders and if caught they can face death, that is if the Tarians do not rescue them.
Positions available: 6


Royal Affiliates:
Related to the royal family, these affiliates are ususally given a job based on the type of Tarian they are. No one is given special preference in the Tarian culture and even the King and Queen work based on their abilities. The Affiliates do, however, have quite a bit of sway with the King and Queen and the others.
Positions available: 3

Tarians in the military have been trained in hand-to-hand combat, sword play, and bows. They are expert in all three. They have also been trained in use of guns and communication but as the technology is still new to them they are not comfortable using them all the time. So even though they have a gun or rifle on hand they will also have their bow or their sword close by.
Positions available:
High Ranking: 2
Lower Ranks: Unlimited

There are still Tarians kept as slaves in the cities. They may or may not escape and the lucky ones have been given to a family that they will have to serve for the rest of their lives. The unlucky ones will be forced to work in the mines or the smelters. Those usually forced to work in the mines and smelters are the Byerns for their size and Natuls for their abilities.
Positions Available: 6

Military Personnel

Military Generals are high ranking officers who spend more time talking to the Galian royalty and military than they do actually fighting. They are the ones who give orders and rarely actually see any fighting.
Positions Available: 2

Lower Ranks:
These ones are highly trained in technology and weapons use and are the ones who are fighting with the Galian Military against the Tarians. They have the choice to stay with the Military or to leave.
Positions available: Unlimited

Prisoners of war and used as replacements for Tarian slaves. They are used in the most dangerous situations where the lower ranking soldiers would get killed or hurt. They are treated badly and they do have the option of escape or/and try to join the Tarian Forces.
Positions available: 6


There are four different types of Tarians.

This type of Tarian are mixtures between human and animal. (ex. Centaurs, Satyr, Minotaur, etc.) They very in appearance and colour.
Positions available: 6

This type of Tarian has the ability to shape shift into an animal. They generally look normal in appearance until they wish to change into their animal of choice. (Animals not limited to those we have, you can make up your own, within reason.) Their powers are restricted to the type of material they are bound with. (They cannot break through metal and thick wood but ropes and thin chains are fair game).
Positions available: 6

These Tarians are creators and builders, they are extremely talented at creation. They can be growers, which can grow plants at a rapid pace. They can be builders, which can build anything within a short amount of time with limited supplies. Or they can be destroyers, these ones are rare, very, very rare. These ones can destroy anything around them, depending on their intent.
Positions available: 5
Positions available for the Destroyer: 1

These Tarians are large, their height can top out at nine feet, they can be lean or they can have a large muscular frame. They are not small than six and a half feet tall. They rely on brute strength and occasionally, with the leaner ones, speed.
Positions available: 6

These Tarians can control an element, fire, earth, air, or water. They cannot create the element out of nothing so for their powers to work they need to be near the element for their power to work.
Positions available: 6


For the Tarians, their appearance is varied, however they must not look completely human or have human. Fangs and/or claws are a must they can, however be retractable. The skin colour can be any colour but nothing too bright. (like yellow). Height is based on the type, the only really tall/large Tarians are the Byerns. However the Centurians can also be large, depending on the type of animal they are crossed with.

Tarian types are random and not hereditary. Usually Centurians Mate within the Centurians base don their animals but that doesn't mean their children will be Centurian. Their children can be Fyn, Byern, or even Natul. The different Tarian types appear at the age of ten in all types. This is where their growth changes to fit the type they will become.

The animals within the forests of Toron Aleo are as varied as their people.

Markraths: a carnivourous rat type creature that have a poisonous stinger on the tip of their tails. This stinger emits a poison with paralyzes. Once the prey is paralyzed the Markraths will eat their prey alive. They are often dull in colour but their tail is usually a bright red or orange. They are relatively large, about the size of a dog. They are not very intelligent and cannot see very well during the day. They are nocturnal and spend their days in small crevices.

Weakness: They cannot go near a Fiy plant. A Fiy is small purple coloured vine that grows on the Sitter Tree, a large redish tree with branches that grow outwards before growing upwards. This plant emits a chemical that causes the Markraths to grow weak and die after long exposures to it.

Companionship: If taken at an early age a Markraths make suitable companions for a traveler. They are still capable of harming their companion with their stinger but do not try and eat them while paralyzed. They will, however, protect them while the poison wears off, especially if the bond forged is strong.

Silth: a small and strange creature that looks like a butterfly. They are the usually the size of a small platter and their bright wings and music like chatter charms animals and people alike. They are very intelligent and are capable of communicating with people. They like to lure unsuspecting people into the forests and into Teron territory, where the people are mauled by Terons and eaten. They do this to protect their eggs, which the Terons like to eat. They formed a relationship with the Terons to protect their offspring if they bring the Terons prey.

Weakness: Anything shiny. Silths love shiny objects and will usually do anything to touch it or to have it. Because they are capable of communication they will usually try to convince people to give up their shiny objects for a safe way through the forests or edible plants.

Companionship: Silths will sometimes choose a person as their companion and will not leave that person for the rest of their life. The behavior is common among Silths that have passed their mating phase and have hatched their offspring. They will often lead their companion through the forests on the safest paths. They form a very strong bond with their companions and if their companions die with will remains with the corpse until they too die, usually from starvation.

Teron: They are a large creature that are reptilian in nature. They walk on two feet,balancing themselves with their thick and long tails. They are carnivorous and their large and powerful jaws, much like a crocodile's can snap through bones easily. They have sharp claws and teeth that tear flesh quite easily. Their favourite food is Silth eggs but because of a trade they are not allowed to eat them. They are capable of communicating with others and are considered highly intelligent although rather shy on their own.

Weakness: They love trading. This behaviour makes it so it is impossible for them to eat their prey, if the prey has something to trade. The Tarian Force often trade with the Terons for raw metals safe passage through the forest. Once bound by a trade, a Teron never goes back on its word.

Companionship: They are a social creature within their own packs and companionship with anyone else is impossible. Even if taken as an egg and raised with a companion, they will still return to their own packs.

Hents: These are a dangerous creature, they are like a wolf except they have the ability to breath fire and run at speeds faster than the average car. They have powerful jaws and hunt alone. They do not have packs and they do not have offspring. Like the phoenix, they burst into flames when they die and are reborn from the ashes. They are considered omnivores and opportunistic eaters.

Weakness: Water. If they get wet their fire their fire goes out and they can not breathe it. They combat this by having slightly oily fur but it is only effective against rain and not a sudden downpour of water.

Companionship: They will occasionally choose a companion but will often leave them for long periods of time if the bond is not strong. A strong bond comes from the Hent breathing their name into their companion's ear during sleep. If the name is remembered when the companion wakes up a strong bond is formed. If not then the bond is weak or non-existent and the Hent will leave.

Elets: They are a large bird capable of carrying off a small child. They are generally gentle creatures that eat fruit and plants. They like beautiful things and are generally seen around the Galian cities. They are an aquatic bird as well and can breath underwater. Water is where they lay their eggs.

Weakness: Fire, if caught on fire and there is no water near by they will die within a minute. They heal fast but burns can take upwards of ten days to heal.

Companionship: If taken as an egg and raised in an environment with no view of other Elets they make loyal companions. They can live to be over four hundred years old and can be passed from generation to generation.

If you guys want to create any creature go ahead but tell me their stats so I can add it to the list.

Character sheet

Type: *For Tarians only*
Companion: *only one companion if you wish to have one*
Eye colour:
Skin colour:
Skills: *training, what your character is good at, etc.*
NPCs with you: *You can create as many NPCs as you want but please make sure you say whether these NPCs can be played by others or not*

That took far longer than I thought it would but there it is. Please submit Character sheets and character drawings if you have any, to the OOC thread. A list of NPC will be in the first post of the OOC thread.

You can also stack classes. You can be a Royal Affiliate and a Low Ranking Military at the same time. You can be a Galian Rebel and a part of the Tarian low ranking military. You can stack up Low Ranking Military on everything but the Higher Ranking Military.

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"Zanx-iie Tal, where do you think you are going?" At the words Zanx-iie froze. She mentally cursed herself for being so obvious. She slowly turned around to look at her father. He was trying to lean out the window, the scene would have been amusing but Zanx-iie wasn't in the mood to laugh.

"I'm heading out. There is a possible Talian Ruin that might hold information-"

"You have to train today. Your students are expecting you." He cut her off and tried to lean further out the window. His wide shoulders prevented him from actually leaning out. He looked frustrated and Zanx-iie resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

"Dad, get someone else to. I'm busy. Tare-" She shrugged her shoulders with a scowl and he responded with a glare.

"Zanx-iie, you need to stop shirking your duties. You need to take these training sessions seriously. We need you to train them." He tried to fit himself out of the window again and sighed. Zanx-iie watched him with a shake of her head. "Give me a second." He disappeared window and came out the door of the barracks and Zanx-iie looked at him with a dark scowl.

"I am good at what I do, yes but I can't stand training people. I have to physically hurt them and I can't stand it, baba. I can throw Military and Galians, I cna hurt them, or even kill them if necessary but looking at those Tarian faces, I can't do it. They are so young." She crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head. "I won't do it." It was true, she couldn't bring herself to harm one of her own, her war wasn't with them, it was with the Military and the Galian slave drivers. That is where her violence lay.

"They are over a hundred years, Zanx-iie, and you will train them. If you leave now, we all know that you will go on some raid and won't return for days, weeks maybe." He walked over to her and placed a large hand on her shoulder. It was so large it overlapped down her arm. She had to crane her neck just to look him in the eye. "We need you here more than they need you out there."

"No, there are still slaves and they need our help. The Military is bringing in PoWs, these people will be killed if we don't help!" She brushed his hand away and shook her head. Why didn't he understand?

"You will not, I repeat will not, be going and jacking PoWs out of their camps. It is far too dangerous and we cannot have them coming back here. We can't trust them!" He shook his finger in her face and she resisted the urge to slap it away.

"And they don't trust the Military! They have no other choice but to trust us! We are the ones freeing them." She lifted her hands in frustration. She shook her head and her father crouched down so he was near eye level with her.

"Trust has to be earned, not forced or taken. I know you think you are helping but to really help we need you to train the new Raiders. We are counting on you, Zanx-iie." He ruffled her hair and Zanx-iie slapped his hand away with a scowl.

"Baba, say what you want but leave the hair alone! You know how it gets!" She tried to straighten her unruly hair and her father laughed.

"I do, and I know you. You will leave and I will not see you again for days. I cannot stop this, you are a grown woman, I can't say anything, sometimes I wonder if the mines left you a little leery of entrapment." He sighed and stood up, his large frame nearly blocking out the sun. "I just worry for you, Zanx-iie. I can't lose you, you are all of your mother I have left. You are my child. Take care of yourself." Zanx-iie reached over and took his large hand in her small ones.

"I will, baba, because I know mother would kill you if anything happened to me." Zanx-iie dropped his hand and headed towards the large gate. it opened on her father's command and she sprinted into the trees. One thing her father got right was she was going on a raid but it was for a PoW camp near Turen. He would not be impressed but Zanx-iie couldn't let them die. They were just as stuck as the Tarian slaves.

01-24-2012, 02:22 PM
Xanth looked over some of the new recruits. Most were rebels and other used to be Tarian slaves. The tags on the slaves disgusted him. It only brought back memories from his past that he wished would leave the forefront of his mind. The faces almost blended, some were worn and others were tired from not getting enough rest. He wasn’t sure what to do with them. Then a thought crossed his mind and he smirked, “You all look horrible. Pathetic. You don’t look like fighting men and women to me; you look more like cannon-fodder.” He shook his head to continue, “Unless you can prove otherwise. Or am I wrong that you want to train and learn to kill?” He walked up to one rebel to come face-to-face and he stared him down. He looked over the rebel’s face and laughed, “I don’t killer here. I see a wanna be who thinks they can kill.” Xanth walked away and looked at the Sergeant that had brought them in and nodded. The Sergeant got to business right away and his voice began to fade as he walked away, “All right, Ladies! Welcome to Basic Training!” Not that it mattered to Xanth, but he needed the extra men. He made his usual rounds around the military camp to check on Munitions, food rations, and how much firepower they had left. While he was making his round Saulus, his assistant, came along, “Uhh, Sir? I’ve got some news for you.” Xanth looked at him to say, “Yeah, what is it?” Saulus looked like he didn’t want to say whatever it was but he did, “It seems that those slaves and rebels were “stolen” by a…uh…woman by the name of Zanx-iie, sir.” Xanth remembered the name from some earlier report about some disciplinary actions, but what Xanth was worried about was having enough men at the end of the day to survive. He nodded and replied, “So I’ve heard, anything else to add to the list?” Saulus seemed to have a lot of information in his head since Xanth had to wait a few minutes for an answer. Saulus took a breath, “Well, the recon team came back and they want to speak to you about some Slaver operations nearby.”

Xanth nodded and began to make his way to his quarters. When he arrived, Maul was eating a small creature that looked somewhat like a rat. Xanth raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. He sat at his desk and saw a classified file sitting on the edge of his desk. Curious, he picked it up and opened to file. What he found inside was astounding. The woman named Zanx-iie was a royal affiliate! Xanth was shocked at first, but then it all began to make sense in a weird and strange way to him. He set the file down and lightly chuckled at that strange fact. He really didn’t care actually, but this was still surprising to see on paper. Xanth felt a change in the atmosphere around him. Instinctively, Xanth rolled to his rifle and loaded it lightning fast. A second later an artillery shell landed on the edge of his quarters and blew the wall out. Then only the sound of flesh being torn from bone was all that was heard in his quarters from Maul’s meal.

01-27-2012, 10:56 PM
Zanx-iie looked through her beat up, old pair of Military grade binoculars. She sat precariously perched on a branch as she watched the PoW camp she was planning on raiding. The binoculars counted the number of heat signatures and displayed the number on the lens in red. Zanx-iie cursed softly. There were over 20 guards on the one base, twice as many as there were three months ago when she had started. Since she managed to liberate over two hundred PoWs they had started upping security. Not that she wasn't proud she had them scared and paranoid, it as just a pain in the ass to get the PoWs out without a fight when there were more guards around.

She looked up into the sky and watched as Tare circled the compound from above. She had attached a video recorder to his feet so she could get an aerial view of the compound, to see if there were any blind spots that the guards might have. She watched as he circled twice more before swooping down towards her position. She sat up straighter and pressed her back against the tree trunk. The bark rubbed against her scars through her loose shirt. Tare landed in front of her with a cooing sound. She smiled and rubbed his beak. Zanx-iie carefully removed the recorder from his foot and placed it in her pack.

"We are going to Camp Beta. The one where we left our last rescues." She rubbed his chest feathers before he took off and she gracefully hopped down from the tree branch. She sprinted into the trees and towards Camp Beta.

02-07-2012, 02:22 PM
Xanth's vision was slightly blurred. A few Galian soldiers raced in, but each was dropped as they tried to storm into his quarters. He was pissed as hell, it took him a long time to get his quarters the way he had found pleasing. He hid behind his desk and used a holo device to make it seem like he was still trying to recover from the shell impact some distance away. The rest of the base sounded like they were fighting with their own problems at the moment. Xanth put his rifle down since the charges were wasted and he pressed a few buttons near the top of his hands on his armor. The result was two Katar-like blades that made a Shiing! sound when they popped out. Maul was looking at everything like it couldn't matter to him. Xanth sighed and gave Maul that 'Are you fucking kidding me?' look, but Maul still layed there eating his meal. And the sad thing is, a stray round from outside blew Maul's meal to nothing. Xanth tried not to laugh at the reaction Maul had. Maul was furious and looked at Xanth with a feral look in his eye. Of course, Xanth just did a gesture that resembled something like 'After you...'

If anyone has seen the base from the outside, you'd think that they were fighting each other. That was the tactic the Galian had planned to use. Unfortunately, it wasn't working that well since all of the units I had trained were grouped together and firing at anything that didn't have the Talian Military logo on it. The Tarian slaves and the rebels were actually faring well in the fight. Some of them were in their own squads and their own outfits. The battle didn't last long after Maul, Xanth's companion, joined the fight. Maul was one of the most feared companions on the base, not because of his species; but because of his ferocity in battle and mercilessness he showed. Many attribute that to the personality of their commander. They say that companions can show the true nature of those they are bonded with. Of course, Xanth was wondering what to do with everything now. And he didn't know what caused this sudden raid on his base, he hadn't used any conventional use of transportation for his base to have been found out. He looked up at the sky with annoyment and saw a bird. Today, he just wanted to be that bird. Uncaring, and flying with the wind to where ever it took him. But he had work to do.

02-10-2012, 10:17 PM
Zanx-iie skidded to a stop at the smoking base. She slowly entered the camp, watching everyone around her. She wondered if they were alright. She helped a rather shell shocked PoW to his feet and brushed him off, careful not to extend her claws and hurt him more. He was favouring his left leg so she let him lean on her as she helped him hobble over to the medical tent. A tall and lean Byern with a medical coat looked at her in surprise.

"Zanx-iie Tal, its an honour. Your father is quite the General and I hear you are quite the Raider. Most of the PoWs and former slaves here have their freedom thanks to you." He walked over and helped her place the wounded man on a cot. Zanx-iie looked up at the eight foot tall doctor.

"Not as honoured as I am, Dr. Elliet. I've heard of you and your work. If anyone can help get these poor Tarians and PoWs back to good health it will be you." She gave him a wide smile and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly before he gave a low bow and turned to the PoW. Zanx-iie looked out of the tent and sprinted to where a woman was trying to stand up. She carefully grasped her hand and pulled her to her feet. "I'm afraid you are damaged forever now. You can't be helped." She waited for the woman's reaction and was soon drawn into a tight hug.

"Zanx-iie Tal, you horrid Tarian, you! You dropped off those PoWs and you left without a word. Didn't even come to say hi to your Aunty Louie!" The woman let her go and Zanx-iie smiled at her. She was a Natul like her, only she controlled air instead of water. They were not related in anyway but Louie took her under her wing and treated her like family during their time enslaved.

"I'm sorry but I had to go see baba, you know how he gets if he doesn't see me." She kissed Louie's cheek and the older woman smiled at her. "Now what in the world happened here? Did I miss some fun?"

02-27-2012, 03:40 PM
Xanth sneered at the base. Everything was in disarray and Xanth doesn't like things like that at all. He turned his head to see the girl who had been helping the resistance movement for a while now. Not that it was serious, but he had some issues to discuss with her. But, those would have to wait. He had a base to attend to, after all.

Maul had sat down next to Xanth with his head held high. His tail twitched every now and then form the people running around the base. One might say that he had to resist his natural instincts to run and kill whoever was moving quickly. He caught a scent in the wind and he turned towards it to be looking at small figure of a lady. He slightly padded over and started to sniff loudly at her. It may have seemed weird at first, but all he was doing was trying to get used to the smell she had on her. Maul couldn't quite figure out what it was.

Xanth watched Maul with a blank expression. He walked over and spoke orderingly, "Maul..." Maul looked over at him and nodded his head to pad back over to where he usually sat. The ground even showed it too. The brown and dying grass where Maul always laid down. Xanth then just walked past Zanx-iie and only gave her a quick glance with a cold and heartless look in his eye. To him it seemed like slow motion, but in reality it was faster than he would have thought. He quickly made his way to a weapons crate that had some scarring from the fight earlier. He popped up a screen and it had some words and writing that no one else had seen. He hit a few of the wordings and the chest hissed open to reveal wicked katarn-looking blades. Xanth put them on his back with the straps and he pulled out a small pistol sized weapon to put it in his thigh holster.

Maul watched Xanth with some intent. A small grin could've been seen on Maul's face, but it was impossible to tell. Maul then silently slank away into the forest and Xanth was starting to follow.

03-02-2012, 12:28 AM
Zanx-iie barely spared the man a glance as she continued to help brush off her Aunty Louie.

"You did. Must have been a lucky guess on their part." The older Natul brushed Zanx-iie's hair down with her hand. "How I worry about you sometimes. Always on the next greatest adventure. I never know when you are going to come back or if you ever are. Zanx-iie rolled her vibrant green eyes.

"I'm safer than an Elut egg in the ocean when I go out. There is nothing that can make me get reckless. Safety is my first concern." She shook her head and Louie shook her head quickly.

"No, you are getting too reliant on your abilities. You will make mistakes because of it. Mistakes that could cost you your life. I need you to stay safe, Zanx-iie. You are far too important to me to lose." Louie brushed her hand down Zanx-iie's face gently. "I love you, Zanx-iie. You are dear to me and I am over three hundred years old. I have never had a child, I never can but you, I have helped raise you. You are my baby. My kit." Louie kissed her forehead gently, her purple eyes crinkling at the corners.

"Everyone of us at the compound loved you. You were the first kit to be born into the barracks. Many of use were past two hundred when you were born. Many of us had never had a child. I knew your mother. She was a wonderful woman and it hurt her to give you up but she was not allowed to bring your with her. It nearly killed her to have you in the mines. She was afraid it would kill you. That she would never get to see you again." She shook her head and Zanx-iie felt tears in her eyes. "But you survived, my kit. You survived along with us and you were strong. Much stronger than we would have hoped for you. You were as hardy as the sprig flowers that grew in the darkness of the mine."

"Aunty, please do not speak of this anymore. You are making me cry." Zanx-iie waved her off and wiped her eyes. "Tears make me look little again and I need to look like a mature adult. We need to move the camp. They found us once. They will find us again."


"General Ramos, what are you doing calling on us during our tea?" Queen Aquiline scowled at the high ranking Military General. He scowled right back.

"I am doing my job, your highness. We are needing a change in tactics in regards to these creatures you are fighting against. They are significantly more intelligent than you have lead us to believe. We need new tactics." General Ramos stared at the queen through the video communicator placed on the wall.

"These slaves are no more intelligent than Markraths fleeing from a nest caught on fire. Our tactics are centuries old. We do not wish them to change." Queen Aquiline held her chin higher, giving her the appearance of looking down upon him and he hated it.

"You are blind. The Tarians are destroying our forces as soon as they enter the forest. They are using the land to their advantage. You cannot underestimate them. That is how they will win this. I will be instituting a new tactic as soon as this conversation ends, with, or without, you approval. I will not have my men dying over your naivety." He ended the call quickly and ran his hand over his face. "Get the slaves up here. We need to pry them for information about their people."

03-02-2012, 02:22 PM
Xanth was running full bore through the forest when he arrived near a cliff looking over a small field. With the neural band that he wore over his eyes, he nodded to cause the band to zoom in on the field. He saw slight movements or rather outlines of beings. One final nod showed everything in a sort of x-ray. With this, he saw a large amount of enemy troops loading and unloading ammunition and the like.

"Heh...So, now they're making a forward base...this could cause some problems.." He spoke to himself as he backed up into the brush and he charged off the cliff to land with a roll at the base of the cliff. He was running again, but his movements were so silent that it was impossible to even hear that he was moving so fast. If someone were to see him, he would seem like a blur of motion.

Maul was already scouting around the base, sniffing for any scent that would lead him to any type of commander. The strange thing was that he couldn't actually smell anything at all. So, he followed his companion Xanth.

The small base was a forward operations by the Galian military. The guards that were around weren't really paying any attention to their surroundings which gave Xanth an edge over them. Xanth ran past one and continued running, but the scene behind him was gruesome. The guard was almost literally in pieces. The other guards seemed to wonder where one of the others went. They decided to go and see. So, they went around a corner of the building they were guarding and they saw most of the base decimated. Well, not the base itself, but the other guards. Now nervous, they both walked slowly over to the center of the base to see Xanth smoking while sitting on a barrel. He looked at the guards and the two looked at each other to aim their rifles at him. Xanth just waved his finger and loudly went, "Tsk, tsk, tsk...I don't think so..." The guards were just beginning to pull on the trigger when Xanth killed them both, gunslinger style with the pistol.

To the people back at the base, it was just the sound of two rapid fire shots. Some seemed kind of edgy and nervous while, others just went about their day figuring that it was Xanth on his own personal raids.

By the time Xanth returned, most of the base was being moved and he liked the idea. He figured that Zanx-iie had talked with Saulus or Kia or whoever was left in charge of his absence. He had the logic down as he walked through the base, "Pretty smart girl. If they found us once, they sure as hell can find us again. Heh, I'm beginning to kind of like the girl." Saulus came running over to him, "Uh, sir? We're moving the base. If that's alright with you...?" Xanth just grinned and nodded without even giving his reply. Though, he had blood splatter patterns on his armor and his face. It was hard to tell if he was even fit for duty because of the grin he wore on his face.

03-02-2012, 04:02 PM
Ceril's small white paws treaded silently over the the dry field surrounding the PoW camp. For days he had been scouting, watching the gaurds movements, the rotations of their watchs, and the direction of their glances. He circled the place one last time, nearly certain of the information he had gained. At the final shift change of the night when the moon was still high, but leaned to set, the gaurds changed rounds, lingering longer in groggy groups inside the walls. At the South East corner was a single ungaurded opening for approximately 45 minutes.
Turning to rejoin the confides of his forest Baisle, his faithful Sylth companion, fluttered at the trees edge waiting for his return. Upon coming into view he barked a laugh of celebration and dashed forward. She flitted around his ears excitedly in response, and followed him deeper into the forest, heading to the camp to seek council with anyone who would listen to his information and deliver results. "Free as many as we can, through life or liberation, anything is better than the life of a slave." he thought.

He reached the camp shortly his panting filling his ears and the strong smell of blood and smoke. He weaved into the camp, barely noticed by those not paying much attention. He chirped a high call to Baisle to follow closer to him as they began to cross the path of many unnoticing feet. He reached the guards of the queens tent and sat in front of them silently. They gazed down at him only a few aware of his appearance, even less of his identy, since he preffered to give his reports at nightfall.

He barked at them impatiently. "Aye, your true form for presence in front of the Queen." was the only response he recieved. Without flinching he stood and changed back, standing stark naked in front of the Queens quarters. "Better?" he asked with a smile as the gaurds face frowned. "Someone find Ceril some clothes..." he responded.

03-02-2012, 10:20 PM
Zanx-iie helped pack up Louie's tent, chatting with the older Tarian. Tare waddled around around her chittering and squawking when silence fell. He got in the way but Zanx-iie just smiled and rubbed his beak with a chuckle. He was her good friend. She had raised him from an egg so nothing he did could annoy her.

"So I told him that we needed to rotate the camps every two weeks but, of course, he never listened and we have been here for the past month so it is no surprise they found us. Far too much activity for them not to." Louie strapped her tent fabric onto a back board and Zanx-iie gave her a sly smile.

"You like Dr. Elliet don't you, Louie?" She watched the woman from the corner of her eye. She nodded with a small smile.

"I do. Wait, what? Zanx-iie Tal! You little brat!" The woman aimed a swat at her arm and Zanx-iie gracefully jumped backwards but she trippe over Tare and landed in the dirt. She burst into laughter and Tare hopped onto her stomach with a questioning squawk. This made Zanx-iie laugh even harder, despite the large bird standing on her chest.


General Ramos carefully cleaned his hands and arms of blood and shook his head.

"They will not speak of the where-abouts of their comrades. They were, however, forthcoming about the royal line. Tal, Yeneth, Tugoth, Elliet, Rando. These are the family names. If we can capture just one person with one of these family names, we will win the war. The Tarians are nothing, if not honourable. They would do anything to rescue the royal family and their affiliates." He dried his hands off and left the others to dispose of the dead Tarian slaves. He shook his head. This war was tiring and he wanted it over, sooner rather than later.

03-03-2012, 09:46 PM
A short time later Ceril exited the Queens quarters, fully dressed and a look of annoyance upon his face. He had been gently chided like a child, told that he would need to wait, that he put himself in harms way too boldly. He was sulking like a child, he knew that, but he felt so compelled in his mission, and so sure of his plan that he was wanted anything but a soft reminder that he was cared for and should take care. Ceril was grateful for his people, but it was that same emotion that drove him to so desperately release his enslaved kin.

Baisel circled his head in greeting and gave him a gentle nudge, causing a small smile to crack his lips. "Oh I'm not defeated yet Baisel, don't you worry" he watched the commotion of the Zanx-iie and the others, scanning the camps for an authority that would understand his cause.
Zanx-iie would perhaphs be agree, if her record of freeing slaves was any indication, maybe even Commander Maul for his drive for war would be willing to join.

He approched Zanx-iie and bowed over her a smile plastered on his face. "Hello Zanx-iie! Have you fallen for me already?" he joked as he extended his hand to her.

03-03-2012, 11:46 PM
Zanx-iie looked at the newcomer from her position on the ground. He had a rather fake smile on his face and she smirked.

"No, just discovered you leave me breathless." She gave a groan and pushed Tare off her chest. He landed on the ground and ruffled his feathers as Zanx-iie gulped in air. "You are a bad bratty bird, Tare. Now come here!" She rolled over and wrapped her arms around his neck and he flapped his wings quickly, causing dust to billow into the air before wrapping the large wings around her with a cooing sigh. Zanx-iie relaxed into her friend's warm feathers with a smile.

"Zanx-iie Tal, get up and greet the guest!" Louie nudged her feet with her own and Zanx-iie opened her eyes with a grimace.

"But, Looouiiieeee." She smirked but released her Elut and stood up. "Welcome, welcome, hello and how are you? This is my Aunt Louie, well not really my Aunty but when you are locked up for seventy-five years with a group of people they tend to become your family, you know? This is Tare, my Elut. The nasty, bratty bird that he is. And who are you and why are you looking like a Galian painted your smile on?" Louie swatted her shoulder and Zanx-iie jumped slightly.

"Behave, Zanx-iie Tal! This man is a royal affiliate!" Louie bowed and Zanx-iie stared at her Aunt with an incredulous look on her face.

"And what am I? Chopped sprig root? I don't care if he's an affiliate. All I care about that he is Tarian and not Military or Galian. Tarians I can trust Galians and Military I have to kill... or maim severely. Depending on my mood." She shook her head and Tare squawked at her loudly. "I know you like chopped sprig root! You don't have to remind me, Tare."

03-04-2012, 01:29 AM
Ceril looked to Baisel and wrinkled his nose a bit a her acknoledging speaking to this girl was not going to be an easy task for him as he hoped. He scratched the back of his head and gave a light chuckle. "No, no ladies, I'm actually the bold one here, no need for formalities."
He gave an wave of his hand and half of a bow, "A pleasure to meet you, young lady" he said to Louie, his flattery laid on thick, "and you as well Tare" he bowed his head to the ruffled Elut. Baisel grabbed his ear and yanked hard, "Yes, yes I was getting to it! And this is my little, demanding companion Baisel" Ceril lowered his head out of habit to distract from a small sincere smile, that was gone in a moment.

He took Zanx-iie's hand and pressed his lips to it "And I am Ceril Yeneth, and I have important bussiness to discuss with you, mi'lady. I hope that you can spare a moment." He cleared his throat his expression becoming solumn. "A serious matter I'm afraid, a matter in which your speciallty and mine can join in quite a lovely marriage" he looked deeply into here eyes while he spoke before someone walked past with a mirror that was damaged in the recent attack, and Baisel began to swirl about his head ridiculously making a soft hum. His eyes distractedly followed her, as he couldn't help but raise an inquisitive eyebrow at her choice in timing. Ceril sighed and lowered his head in defeat knowing he wasn't at all charming at the moment. "Perhaphs we can go somewhere and talk" he finally concluded, as Baisel flew off excitedly towards her shinning treasured piece.

03-04-2012, 05:21 PM
Zanx-iie stared at him for a few moments, blinking slowly she pulled her hand away from his grasp. Tare leaned against her and brushed his beak across her hip. She ignored it and opened her eyes wide.

"Please tell me my father put you up to this because only he could think something so undoubtably cruel and insane." She spoke slowly and carefully looked him over. "I may be the King's second cousin but I won't be pigeon holed into a political pairing. I have to love my mate because he will be the only one I will ever have. You are sure to be a fine mate but not to me." She turned around nd Louie grasped her arm.

"Zanx-iie... please." Her purple eyes pleaded with her and Zanx-iie shook her off.

"Not now, Louie. Don't you dare." She glanced over her shoulder to the stuffy looking guy and silently snarled before sprinting away. Her curls streaming behind her as she ran to escape the proposal.


"Forgive her. She was born in the mines and is terrified of 'entrapment'. Do not take it personally as she doesn't mean to be rude." Louie tsked quietly. "That girl will be the death of me and her father if she isn't careful. I doubt you would want her as a mate. She is very highstrung and very much a wanderer. She would run you ragged. If you do not mind me asking. Why propose to Zanx-iie? There are many other much better candidates than her."

03-05-2012, 12:24 PM
Ceril's eyes widened before the relization of how his words were misconstrued came crashing into him. He remained silent as he listened to Louie. "I see, she was in the mine..." he merely muttered. His heart grew heavy, and the guilt that resided within his heart, burst into his throat as a lump of unease and distress. All the more reason to follow after her, and correctly explain. He too, had no ambition to be tied down, he wasn't able to let himself become captive to anyone again, he'd rather die. Yes, he understood that very well.

He turned to Louie feigning a smile "Thank you, ma'am." He turned to run after Zanx-iie, giving her a nod of departure and no explination for what had just occured.

He ran swiftly and determined after her, know full well he may have to transform just to reach her. "Zanx-iie! You misunderstand! Please, allow me to explain!" he called out to her in a manner as close to sincere as he had in quite a long time, when not chatting with Baisel in the solitude of the forest.

03-05-2012, 03:02 PM
Xanth watched the conversation gone awry. Information was as valuable as the most sought after metal and that little conversation gave much of it. He stood in the shadows eating a small fruit.

When Zanx-iie and the one named Ceril left, he walked over to Zanx-iie's aunt Louie. He stopped a few feet away and asked with slight indication of curiosity, "She's a royal affiliate, isn't she?" He made sure to keep a non-threatening stance since the lady was far older than himself. For what it's worth, Xanth wasn't interested in the politics of affliates but he had an interest in why she would be sought after. Maul nudged his hand and Xanth lightly petted him on the head, "I know boy...I know..."

He watched the two in the distance when Saulus showed up and tapped Xanth on the shoulder, "Sir...?"

Xanth looked to him and nodded, "What is it Saulus?"

Saulus seemed troubled by what he was going to say, "Uhh...She demanded that the camp keep being moved every two weeks. And was furious that you didn't listen..."

Xanth smirked, "Well, she's got balls, I'll give her that much." He chuckled and continued to reply, "But she is right. If we don't keep moving, they're going to find us over and over again." He looked at Saulus and Saulus had this look of surprise.

"So, you want this. To happen?" He replied to Xanth and wasn't met with an answer.

Xanth walked off into the surrounding jungle. He needed to think about strategies that would allow them to move the camp without being found out along the way. He hoped that Zanx-iie would stay and help. Much to his own bias's, she did well to help out the campaign with the efforts she took to save the people.

03-05-2012, 05:57 PM
Zanx-iie ignored the man and quickly burst from the camp and into the trees. She felt her limbs shake as she pushed them beyond her normal limits. She had no use for anyone pursuing her, literally and figuratively. She stumbled slightly as she rapidly changed her direction. She was heading towards a body of water. She couldn't see it and she had no clue if it was underground or not but she knew it was there and the feeling got stronger the closer she got to it. She reached out with he hand and hoped that she was close enough. The feeling of the water merging with her Natul powers gave her a tremendous relief and she pulled her hand back sharply and a wall of water rushed towards he. She concentrated and waved her hand behind her. The water crashed over her but did not harm her and landed behind her as a large pond. Her scent was covered up and with one more burst of energy and several miles later she breached the tree-line.

She froze in horror at the relatively large Military base camp that stood before her. They were tearing down trees and building what looked to be many different buildings. Zanx-iie gulped in air and wished that she hadn't just expended her energy on running away from a foolish matter. She really should have stopped and talked it out, explained her position but the man got on her nerves. He wasn't sincere and Zanx-iie hated insincere people. She had to bend down to try and catch her breath but it just ran through her ragged and raw throat and she continued to gulp in air. She was lucky for the tall grass as she had not yet been spotted by the Military but she had to move quickly or she would be caught.

"General Ramos, one of our southern camps has not yet reported back. We fear the worst. Shall we send a patrol out to check on them?" The voice sounded far to close for comfort and Zanx-iie inhaled sharply and stilled her movements as best as she could.

"There is no need. They are all dead. No use sending others to their death when we know." The voice was sneering and Zanx-iie felt ill from the sound of it. It sounded cold and calculating, as if the General had no compassion or any emotions at all. "How is our plan going? Do you have the slaves in the barracks?"

"Yes, sir." The other voice sounded unsure and uneasy and Zanx-iie moved away from them as quietly as she could. "The charges are in place as well." At that she froze.

"Charges?" The word was barely a whisper and then it dawned on her. They were going to use the slaves a bait and when the Tarian Raiders came they would blow everything us. Slaves and free Tarians alike. She bit her knuckles to keep from making any sound but a small whimper escaped.

"What was that?" It was the General's voice and she could hear footsteps coming towards her. A familiar cry could be heard from above and Zanx-iie watched in horror as Tare swooped down from the tree-line. She didn't see the gun but she saw the bullet as it slammed into Tare. She bolted to her feet.

"Tare!" She watched as her companion slammed into the ground. Without a thought she sprinted towards him, despite the General and the other soldier in her way. She barely caught site of the gun aimed at her before she reached out in desperation and pulled the entire camp's well water towards her. The ground rumbled and shook and geysers of water popped up between her and the General before she aimed a geyser at him and it pushed him out of the way. She made it to Tare's side and picked the large bird up in her arms and made a break for the trees. A sudden burning pain slammed into her shoulder and she was flung around by the force of it. She picked herself back up along with Tare and despite the pain that now radiated from her shoulder, she continued her run into the trees.


General Ramos watched as the Tarian Water Natul disappeared into the trees with the bird. He ran his hand through his soaking hair and looked around. The little bitch had caused a large amount of damage with her little stunt. Building had actually collapsed from the force of the ground water being drug to the surface so rapidly. Geysers still rained water down onto their heads and Ramos looked over at the reporting soldier only to see his head twisted at an unusual angle. He spit on the ground and narrowed his eyes at the trees.

"I need someone to track her. I put a trace round into her. Follow it and bring her back alive." He whirled around on his heel and holstered his gun. She would pay for what she did to his carefully constructed plan. He would make sure of it.

03-05-2012, 06:46 PM
Xanth smelled groundwater in the air. This was unusual at this time of the year. He pulled out his pistol and began running towards the scent. He was running fast but not as fast as he was at the enemy base from earlier. As he ran past Saulus and Louie he barked an order, "Get everyone out of here now! Trouble's coming!" Saulus knew to relay the order as fast as possible when Xanth was hurried like that.

He tore through the forest towards the scent of groundwater and he didn't know what to expect. He kept going when he smelt blood in the air. He stopped for a few seconds with his own panting being the only sound he heard. Of course, he heard trees falling in the distance but he couldn't understand why they would be falling unless...and his own form of deductions could be made that the Galian military was changing their tactics again. He looked on his horizon and his eyes darted back and forth checking for any form of movement. To his right he heard someone running, he whipped his pistol in that direction and had his finger on the trigger. As the noise got closer, he began to pull on the trigger but not enough to fire a round.

Maul came out of the brush to growl and stand in front of Xanth. Apparently, Maul smelled something he didn't and he couldn't understand why Maul would get in his way. Maul then pawed at the ground two times, which meant that a friend was coming. A trick Xanth had taught him when he was younger. Xanth furrowed his eyebrows, "Are you sure, Maul? Absolutely sure?" Maul lightly bowed his head in reply. Xanth then lowered his pistol to put it away. Xanth then proceeded to lightly whistle a Tarian tune to see if they would reply if they could.

03-05-2012, 07:11 PM
Ceril slid to a stop in front of the freshly laid body of water and sighed. "She's pretty good I've got to give her that..." He pulled off his clothes and switched into his transformation. Human or fox, he wasn't fond or talented at crossing water. He took off in a sprint knowing he could make it around without as much delay on four legs.

He had been trying to sniff her out from the other side, Baisel at his side, when he heard the shot and then the large crushing of rocks over an enormous force of water. Ceril's ears perked in the direction and dashed forward hearing her Zanx-iie scream. He finally spotted her a moment later stumbling through the tree, obviously wounded. He whined loudly and met with her, his tail swishing from side to side in out rage. It was obvious by her wound it was a Gallian weapon.

Ceril changed back into his normal form, unconcerned with his nudity, as he reached out a hand to brace her. He looked behind her searching for signs of pursuit. "Quickly allow me to carry you both back to camp, it'll be faster that way." He turned his attention to Baisel "Baisel, please head back to the camp and try and inform them to some extent of the situation"

She fluttered excitedly up and down in front of his face. "Please just go, you stubborn little Silth" he smiled compassionately at her for comfort that they would be fine.


Baisel flew quickly toward the camp, zipping past the trees in a blurring ball of light. He wings whispering a light hum.

She suddenly ran squarely into Xanth and then tumbled backwards and flew to his face flying around his head, trying to direct him towards the forest in urgency.

03-05-2012, 07:35 PM
(Sorry for the small post. I'm mentally burnt out from being in school all day)
Something had hit Xanth square in the face. He stumbled back and had his pistol out in a blink of an eye, and saw someone's companion. The thing seemed to want him to go in a specific direction in the forest. But he had no idea of whether to trust it or not. Nevermind that, he just started running in the general direction.

Xanth heard a rifle being cocked in the brush to his left and then whoever it was opened fire. To Xanth everything was slowed down, and he opened fire back with his pistol. He hit whoever it was but a bullet caught him in the thigh. It brought him down but he got right back up and ran, trying to figure out where that person's companion was to lead him to where ever. Xanth's speed wasn't slowed down at all by the bullet that was lodged in his thigh, but the danger was where the bullet impacted on bone fracturing it. If left unchecked, would cause Xanth's leg to start hemorraging.

03-05-2012, 08:39 PM
Zanx-iie pushed the man away and focused on running, on getting Tare to the cleanest, freshest source of water she could find. Her breath came in ragged gasps as she sprinted closer to the waterfall that lay near her position. She shoulder burned and throbbed and tears burned her eyes. Just as she came into the clearing with the waterfall she was surrounded by a group of Terons. Despite their sharp spears pointed at her, she sighed in relief.

"I need help. A trade, help me and my friend and I will give you whatever I have." She looked at the biggest one and he put his spear down.

"A trade... What do you have that is worth your life and the life of your Elut?" He motioned to the others and Zanx-iie winced as her bullet wound throbbed.

"Probably a trace round bullet. If you take me to your camp, the Military will follow. They haven't run across your camps before. My life for several meals. But please, my Elut, Tare. He was shot too, will you trade?" Her chest hurt and the large Teron nodded.

"We will have to blindfold you and your Elut and we will have to carry you as well. You are weak, your scent tells us you are unstable right now." He motioned to two separate Terons and they walked over. One took Tare and the other picked up Zanx-iie. Its skin was leathery and rough but Zanx-iie sagged into it gratefully. She was tired, exhausted really. She certainly hoped no one followed her, if they did, they could find themselves over a spit in a Teron campfire. A dark cloth was wrapped around her eyes and she gave a small smile. There was no better revenge than getting her enemies cooked alive before being devoured.

"We will have the bullet removed from both you and your Elut. After we have patched you up, you are to go. Are the terms understood?" The rough hissing voice was in front of her and Zanx-iie nodded.

"My life and health for the trace round that will guarantee you several meals. I understand and I agree." She held out her hand blindly and it was shaken by a clawed, scaly hand. A metal cuff was clamped around her wrist and Zanx-iie tore a strip off her shirt and fumbled to get it tied around the Teron's wrist. Once tied on she wrapped her good arm around the Teron's neck and adjusted her position in his arms.

"Our agreement is binding. We can leave." At the words they started running and Zanx-iie closed her eyes behind her blindfold and prayed that no one followed her.

03-05-2012, 09:10 PM
Ceril was furious. His compassion for Zanx-iie had drained. He once again transformed. "Rather be taken by Terons than accept my help, and all this because she thinks I proposed to her" he cursed inwardly. "A brat, that's what she is." He added in thought.

He had observed the entire transaction from a safe distance, crouched behind shrubbery, with ears alert. Once they were gone he found his way quickly to his previously stripped clothing. He was so angry, he would have willing faced the entire Gallion army.

He transformed back and quickly tossed on his leather armor and pulled from his thigh wrap several throwing daggers. Shortly after Baisel flew to his side humming and swirling before him, he could see in the distance Xanth.

03-05-2012, 10:13 PM
Zanx-iie blinked rapidly when the blindfold was taken off. She was set down on her feet and she grasped at her shoulder. They were in a dimly lit cave and Zanx-iie was pushed gently towards a near cot.

"Lay down and our medicine woman will come in and remove that bullet. After that, you are free to leave." The large Teron left and Zanx-iie made her way to the cot. She lay down and whimpered in pain. She could hear Tare squawking pitifully from somewhere near-by.

"I'm sorry, Tare. I really am." She pressed her hand agaisnt her face and bite back tears. Tare squawked questioningly. "We couldn't go to the forts or the camps. This bullet will give away the position and I cannot let that happen. If I give the Terons the bullet, the Military will follow the trace round here and to their deaths. It is better this way. None of my people get hurt. None of their positions are given away." A bright light moved closer and the familiar thump and dragging of a Teron's tail on the ground.

"Tarian blood. Military metal. I can smell it. Elut blood as well. You Tarians are always getting into trouble. Always fighting." The voice was almost feminine but it was still rough and hissing. Zanx-iie shook her head.

"We fight to save our people. To free them. It is a cause worth fighting for." She winced as she shifted on the rough wooden cot and the air filled with a hissing laughter.

"Is it Tarian? Is it worth the death of your loved ones, your people? Foolish creatures. War will not solve anything, war creates hate and Toron Aleo is tired of hate." The Teron moved closer and looked down at her and Zanx-iie looked into her milky white eyes, realizing she was blind. "Blind, yes, I am but I can still heal my people and a trade is a binding agreement. I must help you and your Elut." She leaned over and pressed one clawed hand to Zanx-iie's good shoulder.

"This will hurt, Tarian. Try not to scream too loudly." With that the Teron used her other clawed hand to prob the wound in Zanx-iie's shoulder. Zanx-iie's vision went dark with blinding pain and she screamed in pain. "Hush up. It will not hurt for much longer." With that the Medicine woman extracted the bullet. Zanx-iie was left breathing harshly on the table with sweat dotting her brow.

"I don't know what I want to curse but that hurt." She blinked and the Medicine woman applied a salve to the wound.

"It hurts, yes but this will burn even worse." She gave a hissing laugh once more and Zanx-iie tried her best to keep her screams down as it felt like someone was shoving a hot poke into her already painful wound. "It will cauterize the wound. Leaving no chance for infection or bleeding." It will hurt for a good hour but you will be out on your snout long before then." She shook violently from the pain radiating from her shoulder. The pain seemed to be spreading as her nerves tried to even out the distribution of the pain.

"Your bird is fine. It hit the fleshy part of his wing. He has lost a few feathers but he will heal within the hour just as you will. Now out!" At the words Zanx-iie staggered to her feet and grabbed her shoulder in the hopes some pressure would dull the pain. It helped a little but the pain was still nearly debilitating. She staggered over to Tare's cot and the Elut was standing on the floor squawking at her. She kneeled down wrapped her good arm around him and hugged him tightly.

"Thank goodness you are all right." She let him go and stood up. "Come, we have to leave."

03-06-2012, 02:07 PM
Xanth came across a small fox in the shrubbery and raised an eyebrow to frown at the corner of his mouth, "...Ceril..." The tone of Xanth's voice was cold. He didn't particularly like Ceril, not because he was a fool. But, because he thought he was trying to help Zanx-iie. If Xanth had learned anything is that Zanx-iie was a woman of her own right, and having a life full of having everything at her fingertips would only distress her.

Xanth looked in the direction that Ceril was looking and saw a Teron trade trail in the thick of the shrubs. He began to think about why Ceril was here of all places, then he deducted that Zanx-iie probably had a very dire situation and traded with the Teron. He looked at a leaf in the shrubs to see Tarian blood on it. Xanth wiped his fingers in it and rubbed them together to speak to himself, "The blood's thick and still slightly warm...this means that I just missed her...Gods forbid if anything happens to her on my watch. I don't want to have to deal with Louie."

Maul, a Hent, came out of the shrubbery to see Ceril and he was about to pounce on him when I whistled at him. His attention was immediately on me. I shook my head at him and tapped my nose with a finger, which caused Maul to sniff at Ceril in his present form and Maul snorted to growl slightly. He padded over to Xanth and nudged him to look behind him.

Xanth looked over his shoulder to see some Terons coming along the trail. He turned to face them and one of them, a large one to be exact, asked, "What are you doing here, Tarian?" The Teron held his spear in a defensive/threatening stance.

"I'm looking for a friend..." Xanth replied while putting his hands up to show that he didn't want to fight.

The Teron looked him up and down to put his spear down, "Want to trade?"

"Sure." Xanth walked slowly up to the Teron and he pulled out a small little sack that was full of coins, "This is all I have to trade with."

"Hmm...I have no need for Tarian money." The Teron seemed kind of...skittish.

"No, of course not. But you can melt it down and turn it into a spearhead." Xanth held out the bag.

"What do you want in return, Tarian?" The Teron asked.

"To be able to travel through your lands to find a friend. And if you can tell me if she went through here." Xanth looked at the Teron square in the eyes and was calm about his reply. The Teron seemed to contemplate this trade and he turned to whisper to his fellow Terons. This caused Xanth to sigh slightly and tap his foot on the ground. He thought to himself, 'The longer I'm here, the farther away she gets...'

03-06-2012, 02:35 PM
Ceril stood, miniature in stature to all creatures around him. A growl was building in his throat, and becoming more difficult to swallow down. The anger that resided in his true nature was difficult to subside at the moment. His entire meaning for speaking with Zanx-iie had been blown apart. While a misunderstanding from the simple use of the word marriage had led to this entire problematic situation.

He dug his claws into the dirt thinking that now, the PoW camp he'd spent days scouting, and any information he had gathered would likely be rendered useless. "For the gods, I refuse to stand here and do nothing!" His mind screamed in protest.

He honestly couldn't blame Xanth for making Zanx-iie his first priority at this moment, but he could certainly resent it. He knew what Xanth didn't, that she made a deal for safe passage and was in no need of looking after or taking up for, not that she ever seemed to be. He knew he had not earned anyone's respect and didn't feel he deserved it anyways, but still, in times like these, he wanted nothing more than to rip someone flesh into pieces.

Ceril gave a yelp to Baisel and signaled for her to accompany Xanth, knowing her persuasion with Terons might become useful to them. He however would help where he felt most need, he turned on his toes and with a flip of his tail darted in the direction of the Gallian camp. Perhaps in the chaos of their recent encounter he could sneak in and release a handful of slaves, guiding them to safety. To him that would be a mission worth taking. In minutes he was within the enemy camp boundaries, stalking the edges looking for entry.

03-06-2012, 03:23 PM
Xanth heard Ceril take off while leaving his companion to help with the negotiation. He wondered why the Affiliate took off with the vigor he did. And something he wondered was if he was trying to run off to his death, and he looked back at the Terons who were still trying to figur something out. During the discussion they started to fight, which distracted them. Xanth used this to ran past them and follow the scent of blood in the air. It would take him to where he probably didn't want to be, but he needed to find Zanx-iie to bring her back to the camp. He ran without being distracted by anything.

03-06-2012, 03:59 PM
Zanx-iie's legs shook from the pain and she could barely walk because of it. Her shirt was sticky with her blood that was rapidly cooling and she struggled to walk forward.

"Weak kit." The medicine woman was back and Zanx-iie gave a thin smile. The Teron shook her scaly head and her forked tongue flicked up and down. "Come, I will help you if you are that weak." She walked over and her scaly hand wrapped around Zanx-iie's waist. She reached up with her good arm and held onto the Teron's thick and scaly neck.

"I am sorry to be a bother but whatever you put into that salve is causing an extreme amount of pain." Zanx-iie's arm shook and sweat beaded on her forehead from the pain. The words were breathy and punctuated with winces. The Teron shook her head again.

"You Tarians are so easily hurt but we Teron's know pain just as well as you do. We eat those who trespass but we have compassion. Much more than the Galians who enslave the people of Toron Aleo. We are honest and we are honourable." Her hissing voice was hard to understand at times but Zanx-iie tried her best to understand.

"Not many people would hold onto their end of the bargain. Terons always will. It is why we like to deal with you. We can trust you." To Zanx-iie's surprise the Teron laughed.

"Trust? No, we do not trust you any more than you trust us. You know we will keep our word, that is all. You Tarians are so trusting, it has always been that way since the fire in the sky. You trust the Silths and the Silths lead you to your deaths, yet you trusted them still." They slowly started walking and Zanx-iie looked to make sure Tare was following with his slow and waddling walk.

"I guess that is the way on Toron Aleo." Zanx-iie hissed in pain and She took a breath to finish the statement.

"Nature always finds a way." They spoke at the same time and Zanx-iie gave a thin and weak smile.

"She is in the Air we breathe, the water we drink-"

"The earth we walk on and the fire we use. Yes, yes, kit. I know about it as you do. Such was our life before the Galians arrived in their ships. Mother Aleo cried the moment they stepped onto her flesh." The Medicine woman fell silent and Zanx-iie focused on trying to get her pain riddled body to move forward. Tare squawked quietly to himself and tried his best to waddle faster. The entrance to the cave appeared in front of them and Zanx-iie covered her eyes as they adjusted to the sunlight.

"So the Tarian emerges. I suggest you keep your eyes covered until we blindfold you." It was a masculine sounding voice and the Medicine woman muttered and hissed to herself as she released Zanx-iie and shuffled back into the cave. Zanx-iie forced herself to remain standing when all she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and wait for the pain to stop. A blindfold was wrapped around her eyes and she allowed herself to try and relax. it wasn't helping with the pain much and she hissed from between her teeth. "What did you just call my mother?" the voice was angry and Zanx-iee shook her head quickly.

"No, I wasn't-" A rough hissing laugh sounded.

"You Tarians fall for that one all the time. Come, take my hand and I will lead you to the edge of the camp." A clawed hand grasped hers and Zanx-iie shook her head slowly.

"Can I rest, just for a moment?" She panted slightly and winced in pain.

"Not for long. Sit and feel the breeze Tarian, there is no place to feel the breeze than here." Clawed hands helped her to sit and Zanx-iee closed her eyes behind the blindfold. the breeze did feel quite nice from her position and she sighed as Tare walked into her lap as he had done thousands of times before. Tucking his head under her chin and cooing gently.

03-06-2012, 05:35 PM
Xanth was still runnning and he knew he was being followed. He could hear the Teron's behind him, following his scent. He lookd over his shoulder and could see them catching up slowly. So, he started to push himself to his own limits which could cause him some damage later. But for now, survival is the only thing that mattered beside getting Zanx-iie back to the base. "They're fast, I'll give them that much." He spoke to himself as he ran. A spear went sailing past his head and he heard a roar of anger because the Teron missed. Xanth was more than determined to stay alive regardless of the situation.

Maul had stayed behind and sat at the edge of Teron territory waiting on his companion to come back. He sniffed and he smelled him running in front of the Terons. He also caught Zanx-iie's sent on the wind. He wished he could tell Xanth, but the distance was too great and there were unknown dangers in Teron territory which Maul did not want to deal with.

Xanth kept running and stopped as he came across a field that had a large number of Teron's waiting for him. The ones behind him stopped and began to circle him. Xanth was reaching for his Katars, but he felt a spear right against his throat. He looked over to see a Teron holding the spear in stance that meant that he meant business.

03-06-2012, 06:14 PM
Zanx-iie sighed and tried to stop the trembling in her limbs to no avail. The pain left her breathless and the Teron beside her hissed slowly, as if relaxing. The breeze was cool on her sweat soaked neck and forehead.

"Is the view as wonderful as the breeze feels?" She rested her check against Tare's head and sighed into his feathers. The Elut cooed lovingly and bumped his beak against her nose. The Teron beside her hissed slowly.

"There are many different views on what is wonderful or beautiful. To me, seeing the village spread out below me. Seeing my people wandering around doing what they have for hundreds of thousands of years. That is the most wonderous sight. It isn't like your giant stone forts or the Silths trees but to me it is beautiful." A rasping sigh sounded and Zanx-iie fought back the pain long enough to genuinely smile.

"Then it must be wonderous indeed. I think I can walk to the edge of the territory. If I had help." She gave a rather shaky chuckle and carefully picked Tare up with her good arm. She was helped to her feet.

"What do possibly have to trade?" The Teron was laughing and Zanx-iie smiled crookedly.

"Nothing but my freedom from Galian chains." She kept Tare close to her chest.

"You can keep that but I will trade for your words. Tarian camps are moving far to close to our territory bringing the Military with them. Keep your camps away from the red rocks and the waterfall and we shall be even." They were moving quickly and Zanx-iie had trouble keeping up. Her breath came in sharp, short. bursts and she could hear her heartbeat in her ears. She could feel it in her wound.

"Thats a deal but could we slow down? I do not know if I can keep this pace up." The words were gasped out and she had the feeling they were going down hill.

"I am sorry for the rush but I sense trouble past our waterfall. Danger is in the air. I wish to make it there before it becomes death." The hissing voice seemed even harder to understand at a run ad Zanx-iie kept her mouth shut and focused on trying not to fall and injure herself more. "Only a few moments more, Tarian. I can smell my brethren now. I m going to carry you. Ee will move quicker that way." With that Zanx-iie was picked up and she felt them accelerate rapidly. Terons could run faster than anything on Toron Aleo. That was why it was best not to cross thelm. You could run but they could cath you quicker than you could think possible. After a twisting and jarring ride, they finally slowed and Zanx-iie felt mildly sick from the throbbing pain.

"Just as I thought. Another Tarian who has gotten into trouble." They stopped and Zanx-iie was set down and he hand was taken by the Teron's claws. "Come. We must get you to the other Tarian. They will take you home." Zanx-iie noded blindly. The blindfold still firmly on her face.

03-06-2012, 06:59 PM
Xanth made no sudden movements and slowly brought his hand back down to hold his hands up in defeat. "Alright, you got me." He spoke in a non-threatening tone. He was at a disadvantage because of the sheer numbers of Terons in the area. He saw some movement above them and he looked up to see a blindfolded Tarian and a Teron holding it. He didn't know what to do. He knew combat was out of the question, as was negotiation.

He sighed and was pushed to his knees by the Teron. They didn't do anything yet, but they seemed a little uneasy. I didn't realize that there was an atomosphere of danger. The hairs on the back of Xanth's neck were standing up. He immediately looked up at the Teron and said, "Danger's close. I suggest getting to the defense of your village. They aren't a very merciful people. The Galians." The last part he added some venom to and it surprised the Teron. But, he was told to shut up and hit slightly on th back of the head. He didn't take to it well and had to resist taking the spear and stabbing the Teron.

The Teron that was carrying the Talian finally arrived and walked over to him saying with a commanding hiss, "Take your friend. And leave this place immediately."

Xanth stood up slowly and said, "As you wish." He took the Talian out of the Teron's arms and bgan to walk away quickly but slow enough not to make her bounce in his arms. He knew she was wounded so he made sure to take off in the direction towards the base.

"Are you alright, Zanx-iie?" He asked in a slight caring tone, but he wasn't trying to get close to her either. He just wanted to know if he was gonna have to get murdered by Louie for not 'protecting' her.

03-06-2012, 07:42 PM
Baisel was scurring about the Terons face, like an angy bird pestering a cat. She was swatted at several times before, the conversation was ended. She zoomed to Zanx-iie buzzing about her face, and pulling at her hair with a tiny grasp, frustrated that they, unlike her bondmate, would likely not understand her.


Ceril crouched, stalking his prey through the thick gass, hidden by the foliage. He crawled closer and close inch by inch. His point of entry was only feet from the main gate of the camp, but he knew they would be busy with other things, to pay much notice to his rusling in the grass. When he reached the gates, he squeezed his body under the fence posts, scratching his back across the bottom of the beam.

When he was over he looked around noting he had ended up next to a line of tents, facing the enterace, a small blessing that he was out of site in their casted shadows. He turned to the fence and began to dig, his claws quickly uprooting any stubborn roots or pebbles. He dug until the hole was big enough to fit an average sized Tarian and then some. When he finished he huffed, and blinked the dirt form his eyes, every inch of his fur was covering in dirt. The slowly bleeding cut on his back was now thick and scabbed with mud.

He took the outermost edge of the camp around the back, laying low in the dirt when any movement was heard to near. He sniffed out the cages which held only those fairly uncertain to escape, the women and children. He whined when he reached them, letting only those at the back aware of his pressence, luckily they were still sane enough to feel relief and stay silent.

He began to dig once again, near the edge of the small wooden beamed prison and when the first could squeeze through, he directed them to lead the others through the whole he showed her. Quickly and quietly they began to slip out. When the numbers were dwindling to low, he knew they would begin to be noticed, so he left, the woman leading them to safety and slipped to the other end of the camp.

He soon reached a highly adorned looking dwelling surely of some noble or comander, it didn't really matter and he began to chew at the supports, pulling the stakes that would hold it upright. It was taking to long, so he searched for and found a fire pit, and lit a kindled piece of wood and set the tent ablaze. As he did, men came running to it with in moment.

03-06-2012, 08:05 PM
"I'm in an extraordinary amount of pain but other than that, Tare is alright so I will live." She reached up and pulled her blindfold off. The light temporarily blinding her. "Sorry I ran off like that. I was tagged by a tracer round. I figured payback for shooting my companion would be them getting cooked alive and eaten by Torens. Rather than letting the Military follow me to camp. Although we have to stay away from Teron territory from now on." She rubbed her forehead and loosened her grip on Tare slightly. He huffed and lay his head on her shoulder, trying to sleep. She shifted and wrapped her arm around the Tarian's neck and winced and gave a rather pitiful whimper, pressing her face agaisnt his neck. She weakly batted the Silth away. Unable to do much more than that a it buzzed around her face and tugged at her hair.

"I hurt so much right now. Like after a beating in the mines. It feels like the time I fell into a crevice and dislocated my shoulder. I was trapped in there for hours, I couldn't speak, I couldn't breath, I thought I would die." Her voice was nearly breathless and punctuated with pain filled gasps. "I just wanted to curl up and die. I just wanted to have the pain end. I never thought I would be found, just forgotten." Zanx-iie closed her eyes tightly and pulled in a shuddering breath as her limbs trembled from the pain.

03-07-2012, 01:22 PM
The slave Ceril had put in charge was a woman small and too thin, but she confidently led forth each of the memembers from their cell. Their were around twenty-three in all and as the fire was lit in the distance, she hurridly led the remaineder outside the camp. The only problem was, once they were all outside the camp, hidden off to the side, they were unsure of where to go, and what to do. Most were weak or just very scared of what would happen if they were caught. A murmer started to rush over the group, that this was no rescue. The slave girl in change turned to them with a glare "Hush, we should be grateful to be free of them, would you rather sit in that cage?"

They all fell silent, solumn looks upon their face, as she went back to scanning for any site of Gallians or a filty little fox.

A few moment past and the little fox was darting toward them, he gave them a proud yelp and then circled the group until they were all standing. He looked around the area, the safest place to return to. He began on a round about path, they were led on a wide circle around the patrolling Gallian soldiers, whose numbers where now cut, due to a fire they were trying to put out in their camp.

The group moved slowly, but steady, he followed a familiar scent, and Baisel was the first to greet him. He barked at her excitedly, reached up on his back paws to lick her. The group had reached the Teron's boudaries as far as he could tell and just ahead was an obviously in pain Zanx-iie and Xanth by her side.

He trotted toward them, and slumped by Zanx-iie's side quietly and unmoving. The only act of comfort he could recall.

03-07-2012, 03:49 PM
Xanth nodded and understood that an agreement had been made between Zanx-iie and the Teron's. He made a mental note to honor the agreement since any other actions would only get her back into a bad mood. He continued to walk along with some determination, it was the need to get back to the base. He wasn't sure what to do with Zanx-iie in her condition and he didn't need to nag on her about how reckless that was. He figured she'd had enough problems for one day. Especially, with being hit by a Tracer round. Hearsay told of how painful the experience was. Some said it was because of the transmission of the round itself interupting the body's natural 'Transmission'. Whatever that meant. He saw Ceril try to comfort Zanx-iie but I think she had already found comfort in rest. 'A well deserved rest, actually..' He thought to himself.

Maul came out of the brush to walk beside Xanth. He turned his head up to nudge Zanx-iie softly and sniffed to smell that she was still alive. At first, Maul thought she was dead because of the way Xanth had carried her but he was sort of relieved. He padded ahead of them and disappeared into the brush.

Xanth watched Maul take off and then thought he could get Maul to give Zanx-iie a ride back to the base. But then again, it would be a rough and painful ride. So, he quickly put that idea aside and kept walking.

03-07-2012, 10:05 PM
General Barius Tal paced the edge of the camp. He had arrived to chaos and his anger had only grown since then. Louie had tried to calm him down but it had not helped. He was pissed, Zanx-iie had become lax in her duties and was busy tormenting Military than actually doing her assignments. As her baba, he wished her safe and to take it easy on her but as a General he would treat her like any of his other soldiers. She would be reassigned and she would be sent far away from any military action, away from the Military, away from PoWs and slave barracks. He scowled darkly and turned his bulky frame and continued his pacing. He was dressed in formal Tarian Force attire and Louie fluttered around nervously, trying to calm him.

"She is just doing what she thinks is right, Barius. She is still young." Louie wrung her hands with a frown.

"She disobeys orders, not once, not twice, more than anyone else in the entire Force. She is a disgrace to the cause." He whirled around and threw his hand out. "She is a disgrace."

"Don't you dare, Barius! She is free-spirited and she has a heart the size of Tao Mountain, she is doing what she thinks is right! Don't you dare say she is a disgrace to the cause! She embodies the cause, she, and so many like her are the reason we have gotten so far!" Louie shook her finger at him, despite being close to half his height.

"She is a soldier in our army and she must follow orders. We can not have such blatant disregard for authority among the ranks. It creates division and our entire Force collapses. We do this because we have to." He turned and walked away. "This is the end of the discussion."


Zanx-iie woke up a bit later as Tare wriggled on her chest. Wishing to flap his wings. It took her a few seconds to realize she was being carried. The pain was viable but it was not as incapacitating as it had been.

"I do believe I can walk from here on out." She managed to flip herself out of the Tarian's arms and landed gracefully, careful to hold onto Tare with her good arm. She stood up a bit wobbly but stronger than she had before. Zanx-iie straightened her back and it popped several times. Tare squawked and she set him down before starting the walk into the moving camp. She froze when she saw her father. It took him a few seconds to see her and the look on his face did not bode well at all.

"Private Tal, step forward." At the use of her rank and last name Zanx-iie was practically shaking in her boots. She stepped closer. "You are being immediately relocated and reassigned." At the words she frowned.


"I am not here as your father, I am here as your General. You are being officially reassigned to Fort Meridian on Tao Mountain. I have your gear. Take it and you are to leave immediately. Do I make myself clear?" His voice seemed to fade after the location he gave. The blood drained from her face and she felt almost light-headed. Louie inhaled sharply.


"I said, Do I make myself clear?" His voice was almost cold and Zanx-iie stared at the ground with unseeing eyes.

"Yes, sir." A bag landed on the ground in front of her and she bent down and picked it up rather robotically. She shook slightly as turned and looked at the mountain peaks in the far distance.

"Move, soldier." At the words Zanx-iie took slow steps towards her new destination and away from her freedom.


"Barius Tal, you had her on that mission once before and she almost didn't make it home. Some of the explorers didn't. Why would you do that to her? She is your daughter." Louie had never felt so angry. Zanx-iie didn't explain what had happened on the search for Fort Meridian but she had left Tao Mountain with something similar to PTSD. Nightmares and insomnia plagued her and even after twenty five years she still had troubles.

"And this is war! I cannot keep her here, she is a liability. Speaking of which. General Xanth, step forward." At his callous disregard, Louie shook her head.

"If she goes, I go with her."

03-07-2012, 11:37 PM
Ceril watched as his band of freed woman and children were taken in with open arms by the hands of their encampment, but his momentary pride was strangled aways by General Tal. He watched as he barked forth his orders and wondering when he called forth Xanth, how much he knew of what had just transpired.

He was sure besides the obvious over reaction from Zanx-iie that he was the root of the entire situation, would he be sent on some unpleasant mission as well. He considered slinking away, but then concluded that perhaps Louie had spoken to the General of his involvement. He huffed and transformed back into human flesh, his body ridiculously covered in dirt and mud and a scrape that expanded up the expansion of his back still dripping down his leg into the soil below.

03-08-2012, 02:51 PM
Xanth sneered at the other General with some disdain. He never particularly liked the guy, and he didn't step forward but rather started speaking, "You know what? For once in your damn life, can't you see the good she does. If it weren't for her a few times, we would be out of men to fight with! And then it'd just be you and me on the front lines, fighting! Fighting so that our children and women don't have to suffer!" Xanth was in a rage now, the look in his eye was a cross between hidden pain and anger at something lost in his own past. "And YOU! SENDING YOUR OWN DAUGHTER TO SUCH A PLACE! You should burn in hell for such an action!" He stormed off, not wanting to have the images of his slaughtered family surface. Not wanting to feel to that hidden pain again.

Xanth walked over to the ammunition tent and grabbed a rifle, twenty or so grenades, a few pounds of highly explosive detenation packs. He started to load rifle magazine and pistol magazines with high velocity rounds. Saulus and Kia, his advisers, came up behind him and asked at the same time almost, "What are you doing, sir?" Xanth just ignored them and continued to outfit himself with every weapon he could possibly handle. Saulus knew what this was, he had known him since his training days and this was a suicide mission. A few times Saulus swore that Xanth almost didn't come back. He turned on his heels and patted Kia on the shoulder to whisper, "There's nothing we can say that will stop him. Let's go." Kia also turned on her heels and left with Saulus.

Xanth was finally finished a few minutes later. General Tal came up behind him and started barking at him, "You should be sent there as well for your insolence. And what are you doing? You think I'm going to let you go back out there? You've done enough, Xanth." But Xanth ignored him as well. He hadn't seen the look in his eye, one glance was enough to know what Xanth was preparing to do. Xanth planned on not coming back for a while. Not being gone for good, but being gone for an amount of time that would allow him to clear his mind of his family.

Xanth walked past Tal and shoved him out of the way. He held up his helmet to put it on and most of the base was surprised to see him dressed up like some global conflict was going to happen. The faceplate on the helmet automatically darkened to hide his face form everyone else. Some who had prior experience with Xanth saluted him as he walked and some of the others not sure what to do, also saluted. This was a trip, Xanth didn't really want to return from.

03-08-2012, 07:37 PM
Zanx-iie felt cold, her baba didn't realize the dangers that lay on Tao Mountain. The only way she had survived the first time around was because of her water control but it only took her so far before the bone chilling cold and the nothingness had drained her. She had watched good friends die and even better people. Fourteen people had started on the mission only six returned home. One she knew had died as he had taken his last breath in her arms. Dragil Volik, a good friend and the mountain claimed him as hers. The other seven had seperated from them during an avalanche. She had waited for them up on the ridge for weeks. Then when she made it home she waited still. Months turned into years and still Zanx-iie never gave up hope that they would make it home. Her radio stayed by her side and she occasionally searched for their voices on it. She knew she should have gotten help with the issues but she kept herself busy and thought that it could heal given time.

It never had. She kept their names close to her heart and it was the reason she stopped exploring and joined the Raiders. She spent her hours rescueing slaves because she never had the chance to rescue them. It fulfilled a psychological need but the need was played in a loop. Never ending. She never eased her guilt and she never rescues or found those that needed it on Tao Mountain.

"Zanx-iie! Wait!" It was Louie and Zanx-iie stopped and turned around.

"Louie, go back. I have my orders, please, take care of Tare."

"Your father didn't mean it, Zanx-iie! He couldn't have. Please, don't go." Louie looked about ready to cry and Zanx-iie bit back her own tears.

"Baba didn't send me, Louie. My General did. I cannot disobey a direct order." She rubbed her forehead and Louie grasped her arms.

"I cannot let you go! It could mean the death of you." Louie looked at her so heartbroken that Zanx-iie had to push her away and turn around.

"Aunty, I love you I do but I promise to come back. I promise to come back in one piece." She looked up just as Tare landed and shook her head. "Tare, stay with Louie." He tilted his head and squawked angrily. Zanx-iie shook her head.

"I'm sorry."


Barius sighed and turned to look at Ceril. He walked over a headache building rapidly. This had not gone as planned.

"Ceril, I'm going to talk straight to you. We interrupted a Military broadcast. They are no longer looking just for our camps, they are looking for any and all royal affiliates. I am sending each one to a specific area where they will be taken to a certain safe house. We cannot let the royal affiliates get taken by the Military." He ran his hand through his hair and shook his head. "If they catch anyone of us, it could mean the end of the war. We would lose."

03-08-2012, 07:44 PM
Xanth knew the pain of losing family. Far greater than most because of the bond they all shared. Now, there was nothing. No warm feeling when they would speak to him, no comfort in the darkest of times. Instead, he was met with the cold reality of the world. Kill or be killed. Live or let die. Choices he made during his career would be insane and psychotic at best, and suicidal at worst. He continued to walk away from everything he has ever known, everything he has ever faught for. But still, nothing culd ever fill that hole he felt inside. The emptiness that had replaced everything he had ever loved. He was only a shell of a man, a ghost. A spectre in the night that took the souls of those who came too close.

03-08-2012, 09:00 PM
Zanx-iie had managed to lose both Louie and Tare in the forest and she had started her trek towards the mountain. Her shoulder burned and she fought back tears. It felt like a great betrayal, a breech of trust. No matter his reasoning she doubted she would ever forgive her father for what he did. If she made it home, she doubted she would, she would never talk to him again. She sat down and started to cry, this was her life now, Tao Mountain scared her like nothing else could. Thinking about it made her stomach clench and her muscles to shut down and refuse to work.

She ran her hand through her hair and winced at the tangles, she forced her frozen muscles to move and she picked her pack up once again and started walking. She tried to keep her mind clear of any thoughts or feelings. She just walked mindlessly in the direction of the mountain. It was after close to an hour of walking that she reached the Saturan River. A fast moving river that flowed from the ice covered mountain tops. If she followed the river instead of crossing it, she would reach the base of Sua Mountain, sister mountain to Tao and Zan. All three were dangerous, the biting winds and the random hotspots that created daily avalanches made the conditions there nearly unlivable.

Zanx-iie changed her direction and followed the river. The rushing of the river and the sound it made caused her to shudder. It was reminiscent of the avalanches of the mountain and she shook her head to clear away the thought. The river would go for another seventeen miles before turning north and another thirty before reaching the base of the mountain. It was a long trip to the base of Sua mountain and an even longer climb to reach Tao.

03-09-2012, 02:12 PM
Ceril sighed, "I will do as you ask General...but don't expect to sit idly by. I will continue my gathering of information, my work is not finished. More lives can be saved." The passion he held for only this subject bubbled up in him and his eyes became fierce. "You wont have to worry, if captured, I'd sooner bite off my own tongue and drown in my blood."

He held firm, watching General Tal obviously vexed, he could only guess he had enough of the chess pieces rebelliously moving where they may. He glance back in the direction Zanx-iie had headed "And sir, if I may...send Zanx-iie elsewhere...This entire catastrophe was my doing, she was merely reacting to my inability to remain silent, and if given the chance I'd like to formally apologize."

03-09-2012, 02:54 PM
Barius shook his head.

"This is not your fault, Ceril. Zanx-iie has issues that needed to be adressed but I ignored them. I toldyself she was fine when she was far from it. She does not take orders well nor does she respond well to the slightest form of entrapment. I figured that out after I tried to arrange a marriage between her and a Tarian soldier. I thought he would protect her but I forgot she was capable of that herself. A ring, a uniform or a slave mark. They are all the same in her eyes." He rubbed his forehead with a large sigh. "Follow her if you wish, Ceril. I have a group of Tarians waiting across Saturan River to inform her of her real orders. If you can catch her before that, please explain my reasoning to her. I do not wish for her to hate me. I was given my orders and I had to follow them but I am not going to lie. I was angry at Zanx-iie for her disregard for sense and safety. She could have died today because she disobeyed an order. I regret speaking through my anger. Let her know that."


Zanx-iie looked at the rushing water beside her. She had come to Ilent Falls. She had forgotten about it. Now she was staring at a fifty foot sheer wall of slippery rock and moss. She looked once more before digging through her pack. She knew she had to take everything important or risk losing it all. Zanx-iie took the radio out of the pack and attatched it to her makeshift belt. She pulled out her bow and arrows and strapped the quiver to her back before putting her bow in it as well. She noticed an envelope with her name on it. It was her baba's writing and Zanx-iie snarled before throwing it imto the river. If he hadn't said it to her face she wouldn't read it. A small dagger, a cloak, and a length of rope was all that was left in the pack.

She stood and waved her hand. The mist solidified into hand holds for her and she started climbing. Her shoulder shot pain through her body when she used it to pull herself up. Handholds she could create. A platform to bring her up to the top was beyond her abilities. So despite the pain she continued her climb, refusing to look down or up.

03-12-2012, 06:15 PM
Xanth had been able to cross into enemy territory by about 15 miles. The boundary of no return. If he could just push them back on his own, he might be able to allow the base enough time to get everything moved without being seen. He finally came across the refueling station that the Galian military had been using to move deeper into Tarian controlled areas. Laying prone, he observed the facility from a safe distance. There was enough time between the guards on watch to infiltrate, but not enough space to hide and be hidden.

Xanth pulled his rifle along the cliff to the bring it up to his shoulder to aim down the scope. There really wasn't much wind, but the humidity was the issue. He could fire off a couple rounds to take down most of the guards, but the remaining guards would be able to signal for help. 'Ah, screw it. No point in being the careful perfectionist on this job' He thought to himself as he squeezed off seven round in quick succession. The sound of the fire wouldn't reach them until another twenty-seven seconds. He quickly scanned for the others, but the other guards must've seen the dead bodies by now.

What Xanth hadn't seen is that Maul had taken the other ones out silently and ripped their throats out. He watched as the others fell from the rounds having a large impact on them. Knocking most off their feet and sending a limb or two flying from the force of impact.

By the time Xanth got to the facility, it was nearing night which is when most of the activity of the Galian Air Forces would take place. He quickly set up the High Explosive Det. Packs and ran off into the forest as far away from the facility as he could because the explosive force would incinerate anything with two miles with the amount of fuel that that facility had. When he arrived at the spot where he shot the guards, approximately four and half miles away, he pulled out the detenator and activated it. Then he waited.

03-15-2012, 10:59 AM
Zanx-iie was stuck half-way up. Her shoulder burned with pain and she shook from the effort of holding herself to the cliff. She forced herself to take another reach upwards. Sweat trickled between her shoulder blades and she gasped as she tried to pull herself up. It felt like she was carrying the entire world with her as she pulled herself up. This was getting her nowhere fast. She was tempted to throw herself sideways into the falls. It would be easier to do with her Natul abilities than it would to climb the rest of the way up the cliff. She was exhausted and she wanted to give up, knowing her destination was Tao Mountain. So she remained at an impasse, not able to go up, not willing to go down, lest risk her father's anger once again. She clung to the cliff face and closed her eyes.

There was a time when she had done this with a carefree spirit and a happy smile. It was an adventure that turned into a nightmare that she couldn't stop. Jessee, Anglo, Geen, Catti, Ronaldo, Del, Dragil, Sanguine, Terii, Harts, Ealli, Tonndi, Sekrett, and herself. They all loved adventure and had jumped up at the chance to explore Tao Mountain. They had been naive and foolish and Dragil was the first to pay the price. They had scaled the side of Tao Mountain with excited faces when Dragil had lost his grip and plummeted fifty feet to the rocky ground below. Zanx-iie had been the first to reach him. Tears streaming from her eyes she rocked him back and forth as he died. His memory haunted her to this day, they all did. Even though Tonndi, Sekrett, Del, Catti, Ealli, and herself made it back. She found her heart aching from the loss of the others. Anglo, Jessee, Geen, Sanguine, Terii, Ronaldo, and Harts. Their location unknown and Zanx-iie wished she could have found them, wished she could have done more to keep them with the group. Snow was nothing but water and her powers couldn't hold back the rushing monster and they got swallowed up in its gaping mouth.

03-15-2012, 02:33 PM
Saulus and Kia waited at the general's tent for when he got back. Saulus looked over sensitive military reports to memorize them so he could burn them. Kia on the other hand was looking at Saulus like he was the Devil, annoyed and irritated with how he could just take things in stride and act like it didn't bother him.

"Are you bothered by the way General T'swal was acting?" she asked Saulus.

"No. And if you got in his way, he'd just take you along and force you into suicidal instances. And if you're wondering how I know, I experienced it. I actually miss the adrenaline rush from it. Not that I'm a battle lusting type of guy, but it just...I can't really explain the feeling." He replied.

"Wow, I didn't take you the type to have seen any form of combat. You seem...weak." She retorted back.

Saulus looked up from the paperwork and had a look of anger on his face, "And what would you know of combat? You're just an analyst from the 3rd battalion. And from what I've heard, you guys always sit at the back watching everything happen and act like you were a part of it."

Kia looked away and went, "Hmph..."

Saulus shook his head and got back to work.

03-16-2012, 09:21 PM
Zanx-iie forced herself up the cliff, inch by inch. Telling herself she was doing it for them, those they had lost on the last mission. She didn't care about the fort, she wanted to find them, to give herself closure and to bring them back as she hadn't been able to before. She shoulder burned fiercely but she managed to reach the top of the cliff and with a few gasping breaths and a few false starts, she managed to pull herself on to it. She lay on her back, her heart pounding in her ears and her breaths coming in gasps. Her arms trembled and felt like they were boneless.

Slowly she could hear the sound of the waterfall once again as her heart slowed its rapid pounding.She didn't want to get up but she knew she had to. She had to find out what happened to the others and she had to find out how far she was willing to go to face her demons.

03-19-2012, 03:25 PM
Xanth waited nearly three hours before any activity showed at the base. He apparently burned nearly two miles of brush and wildlife, except any Hents of course. After he had identified that activity would be here for awhile, he backed away and began to make his trek back to the base. Judging by how fast he would move, it would take him about three more hours to get back.


Saulus ate some food while looking over the last few documents. Kia was still being quiet. This kind of upset Saulus since she was always talkative or loud mouthed. Finally he asked, "Are you alright? You've been awfully quiet."

"Mm-hm..." she replied in such a way that made it seem reluctant.

"You know, for someone who loves to brag about crap that no one cares about. I haven't heard you even move in last few hours. Seriously, what is wrong." He added some sense of caring in his voice and he looked up at her with some worry on his face.

Kai turned to look at him, "Amazing. You can actually feel. I thought couldn't."

Saulus chuckled lightly and shook his head, "I can feel, yes. Just because I hide behind information and statistics doesn't mean I can't feel."

Kia finally smiled at him for the first time since they met, "Finally, you can understand..."

Saulus scoffed lightly and shook his head, "I guess you can say that. I still got some learning to do..." He turned his attention back to his work. This allowed Kia the time to approach him and pull his head up to plant a heart felt kiss on him. This caught Saulus completly off guard and when she finally pulled back, he asked, "What was tha-" He was cut off again when she put a finger to her lips.

Xanth was still on his way when he felt eyes watching him. This wasn't good. He turned off his path to the base and made it seem like he heading elsewhere. The eyes were still following him. Whoever they were, they weren't friendly. It was going to take him awhile to lose them. This added another two hours to the orginal three. Five hours of just plain running and hiding again. 'Fuck me.' He thought to himself.

03-19-2012, 05:48 PM
Zanx-iie stood up and shook her head. There was nothing she could do about her orders, she had to do what she had to do. She adjusted her pack and used a portion of the rope to secure it on her back. She looked to the west, Zan and Tao mocked her, daring her to continue, daring her to try. She held her head high, they wouldn't best her this time. She vowed right then that she would find the others, she would complete her mission, even if it killed her.


Barius ran his hand through his hair in agitation, they should have come to the safe house by now. The secluded fortress carved into the bottom of Zan mountain. A system of natural caves that the Tarians had used thousands of years before. The caves were intricate and beautiful and made livable by hundreds of years of craftsmanship.

"She should be here by now, they should be here." He flexed his hands and rubbed his forehead, a nervous gesture that he had done since he was a kit. He looked into the forest and he sighed in relief when he saw Firtez and the group. They looked confused and relatively nervous. "Where is my daughter? Zanx-iie!" He searched their ranks but her vibrant curls and slashing green eyes weren't among them.

"We waited for hours, General. She never showed." Firtez shook his head, his bright red hair swaying.

"She wouldn't. She went East, following the river to the base of Sua." Louie's voice was slightly irritated. "You are going to get her killed becuase of your stupidity, Barius. We all knew they never went across Saturan river, they followed it to Ilet falls where they scaled the cliff. Sua is close to Tao, close enough that, that it was decided to head towards the territory they knew."

"I'm going after her." Barius headed towards the far mountain.

"You can't, Barius. You are needed here." A hand grabbed his elbow and Barius shook it off angrily.

"My daughter comes first. Always. If I lose her, you have lost me. I'm going."

03-19-2012, 06:08 PM
Xanth was exhausted now. Nearly four hours of tedious run and hide. Whoever was following me was now gone, I could tell because there wasn't a heavy atmosphere in the air anymore. He looked up into the sky to find his bearings, and he was another two hours from 'Baseplate' as he called it. He sighed and continued his trek back.

By the time he came back, most of the camp was moved and he went to his tent. He walked in and Saulus and Kia were at their stations working. He narrowed his eyes and spoke, "What's with the sudden change in work ethic?" They both jumped and turned to salute. But Xanth waved his hand, "I could care less for formalities right now. Saulus, did you do what I asked?"

"Yes, sir. I've got all the information. I burned what I had remembered and the rest I left for you to decide what to do with." he finished just fine. He glanced at Kia and smiled. Kia gave him a quiet kick to his foot.

Xanth sensed some tension in the air and he turned to face them, "Is there something you two want to tell me? OR am I going to have to fill in the blanks? You what nevermind..." He waved his hand at the last part as if there was a rancid smell that hit him in the face. He then looked over the papers and then looked at Saulus and Kia again, "For crying out loud, go get yourself a tent will you?" He looked between the two and they seemed edgy. Xanth face palmed himself to continue on to say, "You act like I haven't had "fun" in my life. I can tell when someone has done "that". So mush, go on, get." The two looked at him strangely.

03-19-2012, 06:52 PM
Zanx-iie could feel the change in temperature through her loose shirt. Goosebumps popped up on her skin and she rubbed her arms.

"It is cold out, isn't it?" At the voice Zanx-iie jumped gracefully sideways to face the speaker. A flare of fire partly illuminated a face before the match went out. The end of a cigarette burned red and Zanx-iie found every muscle in her body screaming to run. "I found something of yours, I hope you don't mind that I read it. A letter, from a father to his daughter. Touching." The voice was cold and the man stepped forward with a chilling smile. Military, human probably but Military all the same. Zanx-iie's lip curled into a silent snarl.

"Zanx-iie is a pretty name. You live up to it. Its a shame that beauty fades." He took a drag from the cigarette and blew the smoke from the corner of his mouth. "Do you have a last name to go with your pretty first name?" Zanx-iie slowly stepped sideways, almost as if she was circling him. Her eyes were narrowed and the man smirked.

"Not going to say anything to me are you? Its a damn shame you know. I need you to talk to me, Darling. I've tracked you for sometime. That diversion with the Teron's was smart. They managed to take out fifteen of my men before I figured out what was going on." He chuckled and at the words her shoulder throbbed. It was the General that had shot Tare, hatred boiled in her veins and she growled low in her throat. "People are expendable, pawns really. I would have taken a bunch of you out if that bloody fox hadn't freed my slaves and burned down my office. However, I have found a useful pawn right here." He took another drag of his cigarette and Zanx-iie felt her claws ache to extend and wished to drag them through his flesh. It was a feral thought that Zanx-iie relished.

"Still not a word? Just growls like the feral animal you are. I hope you realize what we do to feral animals." He smirked. "We break them, chain them, and train them to work for us." Zanx-iie threw herself at him, knocking him over. Her claws out she held him down with claws to his throat.

"I will not be broken, I will not be chained, and I will never work for the likes of you. You break my family, you break their souls and each one of them is a burden I have to carry." She bared her teeth and wished more than anything to bury her claws in his neck and end him right then and there.

"A heavy burden that must be. I have killed and broken many, dozens... hundreds." He smirked at her and calmly brought his hand up to take another drag of his oh so precious cig.

"You cruel, sadistic bastard!" She pressed he thumb claw to his throat so tightly it broke skin. He did nothing but chuckle and blow the smoke into her face.

"My parents were married, I'll have you know. Now, enough of this." In a smooth move he threw her off and placed a boot on her chest. "No one, and I mean no one, puts me in the dirt." Zanx-iie grabbed his boot and twisted it sharply before rolling away into the dark.

"You can hide, you can run but I am very, very good at my job. I will find you." He smirked coldly and Zanx-iie stood up.

"Then Tao take you, General. For she is a harsh and unforgiving Mistress and your misdeeds will not go unpunished for long."

03-20-2012, 07:10 PM
Xanth wanted to sleep but something in the air told him not to. Something sinister was happening and he could feel it around him, trying to choke him where he sat. Saulus and Kia immediately saw the difference in his stature. They immediately knew something was either coming or happening that wasn't good at all. Xanth sighed stood up and grabbed his weapons to stand at his tents opening. Memories came back to him as he looked at the glow of some of the brush still burning in the distance.

Flashback....55 years before.

"Xanth! Get your stinking arse up here! We don't have all day!" General Xi Lang shouted from the top of a cliff.

Xanth climbed as fast as he could. It took him only a few minutes to reach the top. He was the first of the group to make it to the top. Immediately, he shouldered his rifle to aim around to look for possible ambush points. He kneeled down to look at human slave trader tracks from not too long ago. An hour at most. The rest of the group finally made it up and they saw Xanth already drawing up defensive postitions should anything happen. The difference about this period of time was that something was always bound to happen. Xanth knew this better than anyone. He had enough experience to know how to deal with almost every scenario. Xanth was considered the ghost of the group. Not many approached him because of his squad mortality rate: 5%. A very low number for someone who was exalted by the Recon units of the day. Many wondered how he did the things he did without even flinching, without feeling anything other than apathy. Things that made someone pure soldier and not being. The shell of a Tarian and ghost of anything anyone held dear. That night while everyone was getting rest, Xanth took off to scout and find those who were possibly hunting them. When he returned back, his squad was dead. Even those who were on watch. Xanth sighed, grabbed their dog tags, and swore vengeance. A vengeance that took nearly thirty years to complete.

03-20-2012, 11:59 PM
Zanx-iie knew the Military General was following her. Slowly as if cocky in his position. She didn't care, he could follow her and follow her but he did not know Tao as she did. The mountain was deadly and cockiness got you killed. She knew you could never underestimate the mountain's power, to do so was to die. She made her way to the base of Sua, there she could cross the river behind the Sualt Falls, where Saturan river flowed over the mountain's edge. There was enough space between the sheer face of the mountain and the falls that she could pass through easily.

"Come one, Zanx-iie. You are getting behind." It was a phantom voice of Dragil sounded from the trees ahead of her and she shook her head to clear it. She hated the feeling of the past creeping up on her. She had it buried and this mission was digging it up again. She wondered how many more voices she would hear, how many more memories would stop her in her tracks.

"Zanx-iie, stop with the exploring! We have to make it to Sualt falls before noon!" Dragil smiled at her, his bright blue eyes shining. His hand reached for hers and she could feel phantom fingertips brush it.

"I know, Dragil! Its just you don't see many of these plants near the forts, I just wanted to look." It was her voice that replied but it was an echo of something long ago.

"Always so curious, Zanx-iie. The others are waiting on us, we must hurry." His bright smile was full of life and Zanx-iie blinked and the illusion disappeared. She was on the right track then. The area was overgrown slightly but familiar. She closed her eyes and pulled in a shuddering breath. This was going to be difficult.


Barius searched for any sign of Zanx-iie but he couldn't find one. He had to try and head her off near Sualt falls. It was his only chance to get at her in familiar territory. Tare was flying overhead, his sharp eyes searching for his companion.

"We will find her, Tare. I promise you." He shouted it at the Elut who circled lower before flapping his large wings once and ascending high into the air. Barius had never felt such guilt, despair, and worry. Zanx-iie was his world, his reason for living. She was the last part of his mate, the Tarian he loved more than anything in this world, other than Zanx-iie of course. He refused to be the one to send Zanx-iie to her death. It was funny how the best laid plans fell apart with a simple mistake. She was never supposed to get as far as she did. She was supposed to meet with Firtez's group and get her orders to stay at the caverns and help plan attacks but now she was heading the Tao, the last place Barius had ever wanted to send her but he was following the orders of his king and his king's word was to be followed to the letter.

04-03-2012, 01:59 PM
Xanth stood waiting. He knew something was up. Not exactly what, but he knew something bad was coming along. He looked to Kia and Saulus and motioned with his hands orders to move quietly and run. This wasn't going to go over well. Whoever was out there, was amost prepped and ready. He knew the enemy almost like an extension of his own self. 'Know your enemy, know yourself.' He thought to himself as he scanned the local brush and forest. He knew he lost whoever was following him, so he knew this was someone else entirely. Humans maybe. He couldn't tell. Not yet at least.

04-03-2012, 10:45 PM
Zanx-iie could hear the rumble of the falls from her position. Flashes of memories had followed her the entire trek. Phantom voices and ghostly touches had reminded her of the previous mission. The people she lost hung just over her shoulder and she felt their lives weighing heavily on her. Each step was a calculated decision to push herself forward. She moved silently, her footsteps light. The following General was a bit more loud. Sticks snapped under his boots and he made no caution, as if he didn't care if she heard him or not. There was a sudden silence and she frowned and stepped up her pace.

"Zanx-iie!" It was her father's voice and Zanx-iie had to shake her head, convinced it was a faint memory. "Zanx-iie, where are you?" It wasn't a memory, her father was actually here. She rushed through the foliage and trees towards the river. She could see him on the other side of the bank. Tare resting on his shoulder.

"Baba? What are you doing here?" She squinted to see him better through the mist of the falls and shook her head slowly. "Go home, baba. I don't want to talk to you." She crossed her arms over her chest. He shook his head.

"Zanx-iie, I'm sorr-" His words were cut off as the sound of a helicopter swooping down.

"It seems we have found out who you really are, Zanx-iie Tal." At the voice she whirled around. The General leaned against a tree, a cigarette dangling from his mouth. His blue eyes were almost maliciously cocky. "Seems you are a very, very important pawn in our little chess game." The helicopter descended and Zanx-iie stared at the General.

"I would rather die." With that, Zanx-iie threw herself backwards into to the fast and deadly river.

04-06-2012, 02:18 PM
The faceplates of the human's armor was now reflecting in the light. We were both equals and he knew it. Xanth looked at the human and he popped off his helmet with a slight hiss. The human was sloppy and it may have worked on his home world, but here. Xanth was a god in the forest, able to track and hunt without being noticed until it was already too late. Xanth didn't smile or make a motion, he didn't want the human to know where he would disappear. The human started to speak, "I've seen your skill. Very impressive, comrade. You were very hard to find." Xanth made a mocking chuckle and he looked at the human to say, "I'm not your comrade..." He tossed a knife towards the human that easily dodged but made the mistake of looking at the blade as it was coming at him. That spilt second allowed Xanth to practically "disappear". He was heading towards the Tzu river basin and the river itself. The rest of his stuff was already moved and all he needed now was lose the people following him. And the river was the best way to do that. Maul would be waiting for him, probably sleeping like a lazy old man would.

04-06-2012, 07:21 PM
"You can't just fool me, Zanx-iie Tal. I know you are a Water Natul." Zanx-iie popped out of the water with a nasty smile. With a wave of her hand a large wave of water wrapped around of her father and Tare and pulled him into the water.

"That I am, General. You will never get any of my family." She released her control on the current and it swept her away. She waved her hand and she joined her father in the bubble of air she had created. "Baba, that was incredibly stupid." Tare rolled around on his back, enjoying the feel of the water.

"Yes, very stupid. I understand that now." He shook his head and pulled her close. "You were never supposed to go to Tao Mountain, Zanx-iie. There was a planning error, you were supposed to be headed off by a group telling you that we were relocating to the caves." His big frame wrapped around hers as they flew down the river.

"I still won't forgive you, baba, and I am still going to Tao. I need to find them." After several miles of flowing down the river she let the bubble of air go to the surface. "We should be far enough away now."

04-22-2012, 06:47 PM
A few miles to the Tzu River Basin, Xanth encountered some drone beacons that would follow Xanth until he stopped. But, of course drones weren't very smart about what they were tracking. Xanth stopped to gather his breath and looked back over the foilage of the forest he was in. Xanth knew this part of the forest well. He figured that Zanx-iie would almost be to Tao mountain right about now. That is if the humans didn't catch up to her. He thought on himself for the time since his enemies were still trying to follow him. 'If I don't loose them soon, my own extraction team will had off without me. I have to stall these bastards....but how?' he thought to himself as he scanned for any sign of his followers.

04-23-2012, 03:18 AM
Zanx-iie looked at her father and Tare and pushed her hand out, sending them to the shore.

"I'm sorry, Baba but I have my orders. I need to go." She dived back into the river and used the current against itself to propel herself forwards. She knew she wouldn't be able to hold the pace for long but she needed to get back to Tao. She needed to find out what happened to the others. Their memories were everything and she needed to find them, to know what had happened. She knew it would seem like an obsession but she couldn't help herself. In order to heal herself, she had to face her greatest fear.

04-26-2012, 06:12 PM
A twig snapped to Xanth's 3 o' clock and he heard some hushed cursing. Xanth ran fast enough to not be seen as he jumped off a cliff face. He had about twenty-three seconds to find a landing spot, but having as little time as that you know how it going to end. In mid flight, Xanth grabbed his blade and stabbed it into the cliff to slide all the down to the groun at a much slower velocity that would allow him to live. Once on the ground, he started running again. His pursuers were still clueless as to where he was.

04-28-2012, 11:56 AM
Zanx-iie managed to pull herself out of the river and into the bank with heaving breaths. She had pushed herself a bit too far and now was completely exhausted. Her pounding heart drowned out the sound of the rushing falls and she closed her eyes trying to catch her breath. This would be tough on her, even now she could hear phantom voices of her friends. The sound brought tears to her eyes, she missed them more than she missed anything and she knew it was her fault the mission was given to them. Her other missions had always alluded to the fortress on Tao and she had become so curious. Curiosity killed, she knew that now.