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Hello It's Emi, I'm currently known as CoffeeAdict16 now, and well just post up some stories you've created and the genre is random, meaning you can post up Dark, or Funny, Gore or Romance, Action or Non Fictional and FAntasy, and whatever else you can think of. :)

Dude I deleted that lame arse story.

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Do you want critique?

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It would be nice, I'd also like advice. thank you :)

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Be nice, Del. >_>

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You guys don't have to be nice about it, I'm actually used to the critizism and what not. so if there's a lot wrong in my story I'd like to know.

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The Vanishment of Higashi Numoishi

Kano walked down the hallway of his school and kept hearing about Higashi disappearing. He paid no attention to it since the test today was occupying his mind. The girl he always used to daydream over wasn't even at the forefront of his mind either, and he walked past her without even saying "Hi" in an embarassing way. She smiled as he pasted by her, but stopped when he didn't say anything. She looked on as he continued down the hallway. Her friends giggled and started to talk in whispers at the situation while she was looking at Kano. To most, they seemed like they were already a couple; but they never spoke to each other outside of school. Kano always left early and got to school early. He was like clockwork, she thought. Predictable, dependable, and naive with relationships was another thought. Not that she didn't notice Kano's attempts to talk to her and she found him to cute and a pleasant guy. Maybe thats why she couldn't stop thinking about him. Whatever.

Kano got to his classroom and there was silence. There wasn't that morning boisterousness he was used to. Like someone had died in the class, he thought. The students were busy whispering and passing notes between each other and then they heard Kano at the door. They turned to look at him with suspicion and slight awe. He raised an eyebrow and said, "What?". He didn't receive an answer, but rather some shocked looks from the others. He continued to his seat and waited for the bell to ring so class could start. Five minutes passed, the bell rang, and Inumo-sensei poked her head around the corner of the door to say, "Kano, could you come out here please?" Kano felt confused, lost, and out of place for once. He nodded his head and walked out of the classroom to see a detective standing next to Inumo-sensei. He felt fear now, 'Oh no, what happened? Did I do something wrong?' It must've registered on his face because the dectective came over and looked at him to say, "It's alright. You aren't in trouble. I just wanted to talk to you about Tuesday night, when you went out with Higashi to the arcade." Kano bit his lip in thought and then proceeded to say, "Is this about Higashi...disappearing?" The detective nodded, "If you know anything, or saw something that wasn't right. I would like to know." Kano sighed, "Could we do this down at the station with my mom present please?" The detective nodded again, "Good kid, you know your stuff. Alright, we'll contact your mom and I'll let you drive with her if you'd like." Kano shook his head, "Nah, I'll head with you. Just let her know that I'm not in trouble...yet. If anything I say gets me trouble that is." The detective raised an eyebrow but pushed his suspicion aside. "Alright kid, let's go." He said in a cherry voice. Kano really didn't even seem anxious, nervous, or even scared. Inumo-sensei took note of that in her head as she watched Kano and the detective leave.

During the ride, memories of Tuesday night surfaced in Kano's mind. He stared out the window of the police car and didn't say anything. Silence was his trump card, he thought to himself. The detective decided to break the akward silence to ask, "So you have a girlfriend, right? I mean when I was your age, I had one." Kano didn't even look at the detective when he replied, "Nah, I really don't like having to deal with relationships. They tear you down until you have nothing left. That's what I've seen anyway." The detective was shocked by the kid. 'Poor bastard, must've had it rough.', he thought to himself about the kid. "So, you think that relationships tear you apart instead of build you up?" he asked cautiously. Kano nodded, "Yeah, nothing good comes out of it. There are those few relationship that do, but they are so rare to come across." The detective thought to himself, 'He does have a point there...'

They got to the station and his mom was waiting for them in the lobby. She raced over to Kano and hugged him to say, "Are you alright? What's going on?" He looked at her and spoke calmly, "It's about Higashi. He's...disappeared apparently." She put a hand over her mouth and a muffled 'Oh, my god' was heard. Kano nodded, "And I want to do anything that can help, since I was with him last. Remember Tuesday night? When me and him went out to that Arcade downtown?" She nodded. "Well, that's the last time he was seen." She breathed in slowly and let it out slowly, "Alright, I'm glad you're willing to cooperate with the police on this." Kano smiled, "So am I, Mom. So am I." The detective led them both to an interrogation room and asked if they wanted anything. Kano's mom asked for a cup of coffe and Kano didn't need anything, but he asked for a cup of water for later. The detective left them alone for a bit, and they both waited patiently. the detective stood next to his chief who asked, "What do you think about the kid, Aido?" The detective ran his hand through his hair and sighed, "He's alright. He's not a suspect because he's always had a good relationship with his friend Higashi and there was always the occational argument, but they always settled it themselves like grown adults." The chief nodded, "Alright, I'll take your word on this one." He patted Aido on the back and walked away.

Kano knew the system, he used to go through the system a lot. Hence how Aido knew the kid so well. He may have not of showed it, but he did. When the detective came back with his mom's coffee and his water, he knew business was underway. Aido sat across from them and he looked at Kano to say, "Well, whenever you are ready..." Kano nodded and started on his story, "Me and Higashi had been talking about going to the arcade for awhile before we went. About two to three weeks before, for a timeframe. Me and him had to do a lot of convincing to get his mom to let him go. Once we did convince her, we went almost immdiately to the arcade. I had been there a few times before and nothing bad ever happened. So I figured that be the spot to go to with him. We got there around 5 p.m. and I got a receipt to prove it too. We stayed until 8 p.m. and then we decided to leave since we didn't want to be out past curfew. We said our goodbye's and I thought he made it home. I guess I was wrong." Aido nodded, "That's legitimate since we asked the arcade owner about you two and both of your stories corrilate with each other. We can't keep you here, but we need you to stay in town. Is that alright with you, Kano?" Kano nodded, "Yeah, that's fine. I've got a school trip coming up and we're headed to the museum downtown. If you want you can have someone tail me or watch to make sure that I'm where I'm at." Aido nodded, "Eh, I can do that. No need to waste man power, if you know what I mean." Kano chuckled, "Yeah, yeah I do."

There was a crosshair set up on Aido, right on his heart. A trigger finger slowly pulling back on the trigger. Fuzzy static and loud buzz in an ear which turned out to be, "Stand down, Target Reset".

EDIT: DONT LIKE ME STORY? Well, you're SOL man....

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Whoa...Action packed. A calm Nerd and unusual Detective, I think you should make a sequal. I love it. And Not that type of action. You sick minded perv.

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Thanks! If you must have the need to Critique for those who HAVE to critique stries, then feel free to do so with my story.

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I'd say something but then again I'd be a hypocrite lol. and it really is a good story.

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Hello It's Emi, I'm currently known as CoffeeAdict16 now, and well just post up some stories you've created and the genre is random, meaning you can post up Dark, or Funny, Gore or Romance, Action or Non Fictional and FAntasy, and whatever else you can think of. :)

Wait, is this thread for anyone to post anything, then? :O I just got confused. XD

And, if you guys can, will you try to put spaces in between your paragraphs? It makes reading easier for those who are interested. :>

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You guys don't have to be nice about it, I'm actually used to the critizism and what not. so if there's a lot wrong in my story I'd like to know.

No no Delphinus is just a reeeeeeally big asshole LOL but we still love him

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And, if you guys can, will you try to put spaces in between your paragraphs? It makes reading easier for those who are interested. :>

Yeah, I did try to put spaces for paragraphs but it didn't even show up on my story post. :/ call me a nerd who has no idea how to do shizz on forums he acts like he knows alot about.

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It's for anyone, and you can post any type of story. it can be short, long, sequals and that stuff. sorry for the confusion.

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Oh lol, Well, He can't be as bad as my parents, who and I quote are "Complete Critical Assholes" And I'm sure he's much nicer than he seems...I suppose.

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Oh you don't know Delph like we do...

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Uh, I think I have the general idea about the Delph. Anyways STORIES People! Ehem... My next story will have to be either posted later on tonight or tomorrow...whenever I finish it. :P

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xD next installment of The Vanishment of Higashi Numoishi...sometime in two weeks!

This has nothing to do with that anime The Vanishment of....whatever the fuck her name is. So, I was just letting you all know.

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Alcohol is great for inspiring me to action; here's your critique, Emi.

I've focused more on story than on style in this critique, because your style, while flawed and childish, seems to be developing well enough. I recommend combing through your story for stuff that 'feels' wrong or is grammatically incorrect, though.

If you said that having a boy for a best friend was crazy then I guess I am.[What? Who would say that?] My Name is Emiko Amane, I’m not much of a jokester, but to be honest I have a dramatic best friend that seems to like to ruin my entire being. [Why is this set in Japan? Are you Japanese? Does the setting enhance the story? Or are you doing it because you're in the middle of a love affair with Japanese culture? No matter; it's ill-advised to set stories in cultures or settings you know little about. Also, why is Name capitalised?] One morning, as I was waiting for my friend Yuki Higurashi, I noticed I forgot my math and science books and only brought my binder and latest mangas, Japanese comics. The train wouldn’t get here ‘til 8:30AM so I had time to run home and get everything. [Given that this isn't speech, it's writing, the slang is a bit strange. Most people don't write exactly the same way they speak, so 'til is odd.] When I got back the train just pulled up and Yuki was standing there waiting for me. “’Bout time Emi” he said. I shoved him and laughed. “You should’ve been here earlier, then let’s see what you say.” I said with a devilish smirk. ["then let's see what you say" is incorrect, but as it's speech, that's probably okay. Either way, the grammatically correct form is "then we'd see what you'd say" or similar]
We got on the train and took a very quick pace to school; it was almost 9:00AM! [I hate exclamation marks outside speech! The last bell rang just as Yuki and I burst through the door of homeroom. The teacher, our beloved sensei, Mr. Haji Kishimoto, [Teacher and sensei mean the same damn thing. Use one or the other. As you're writing in English, I advise using teacher.] clicked the timer he was holding in his hand. He began to speak to us with a slight smug,” You made it just in time you two. I was getting worried.” [What in god's name is a smug? I think you mean "a slightly smug tone". Also, is this guy for real? What kind of maniac keeps a timer to make sure students are on time? Are you aiming for realism or something else? Because Kishimoto sure as hell isn't a convincing character.] The class laughed as Yuki blushed and walked to his seat. [I think most classes would laugh more at the freaky teacher than at the late students.] I slumped down into my chair just as Mr. Kishimoto started to lecture us about the last grammar test, when Yuki began his ever so usual drama about forgetting his homework. [Ever so usual drama? That seems clumsy.] Mr. Kishimoto sent Yuki to the hallway and Yuki began to act like that guy on OHSHC (Ouran High School Host Club). I stifled a giggle as I tried to imagine Yuki as a dramatic anime cartoon character. [No worries, everyone so far acts like an anime character anyway. Also, references to Ouran High School require that your audience has intimate knowledge of the program. Otherwise "act like that guy" is the worst description ever, because it says nothing. It's like if I said "you act like my brother" and then didn't tell you how my brother acted or how you acted like him.]
It was lunch time finally. [I think that it was finally lunch time, word order is [I]important.] Yuki and I sat in our usual corner of the lunchroom. After three more gruesome hours of school, we were out. [Gruesome? I actually quite like that.] “Oh I forgot to tell you. The drawings we have for our club are due tomorrow. We better be ready, okay, Yuki?” Yuki nodded and invited me to his house to play Naruto on his ps3, but sadly, he knew he would never beat me, yet, he still tries. [The meaning of that sentence is unclear: requires clarification.]
As soon as we got there my mom called. I wonder how she knows when I’m there and when I’m not. It creeps me out. She told me to be home at 5:30 sharp. As I hung up Yuki came running down, freaking out about his room. He grabbed my shoulder and began to shake me hard. I got irritated and poked his forehead hard and nudged him off me. "What's your problem for you to do that to me, you little rat?" I said with a grouchy look on my face. After he finally calmed down he said he was going to accuse me of stealing his video game. I stared at him with a queer expression. “Are you sure that you didn’t lose the Naruto game?” I asked. He nodded slowly, as if he was a robot or zombie, or something. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and dragged him to his room and began to investigate.
My first clue about his room was that it was rather clean. [Is this guy Sherlock Holmes? Who looks for clues?] I searched under his bed and he searched in his drawers and game box, but sadly, we found nothing. We went downstairs and sat down in the living room. I began to find as many solutions as possible as to what there could be going on. One: Yuki’s neighbor’s kids are taking his things and hiding them. Two: There’s a thief lurking around. Three: He misplaced them. Four: Someone OR Something is playing games with him. I looked at Yuki and then began to speak, “Na…Yuki, You think someone is teasing you or have you been having a paranormal experience? “ [It seems odd for the protagonist to suggest paranormal activity only to take the piss out of Yuki for believing her, unless she's a complete bastard.] Yuki looked at me like I was going crazy. Then Yuki thought for a second. “THERE ARE GHOSTS IN MY HOUSE!!” [Yuki is not mentally stable.] He said in a shocked tone. “Yeah, Right, I highly doubt that. It was only a suggestion. Besides; we both know that ghosts don’t bother the living unless there’s something bad that’s going to happen.” I said with a calm tone of voice. [WHY DO THEY BOTH BELIEVE IN GHOSTS?]
After a while, his mom came in and offered some Ichigo Daifuku; it’s a type of Japanese sweet, kind of like a powdered sugar cake with a strawberry in the middle. [Who cares? Stop bombarding us with Japanese culture.]It was delicious! [THIS POT ROAST IS DELICIOUS. This sentence is ridiculous. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrze-nKw9zQ)] Soon after that I began to investigate again. “Well,” I said, “I think I know who your ‘ghost’ is. It was just your mom cleaning your room.” I said with a tad bit of irritation in my voice. “Didn’t you notice your room was spick and span?” I asked. He looked at his room and then his eyes widened. “The Ghost cleaned my room!” he exclaimed, as he did that, I quietly growled and smacked him on the arm. “You Doofus.” I said with a lot of irritation in my voice. “It wasn’t a ghost; it was just your mother. Good grief!” I sighed, he whined, and then we heard a ‘THUMP’. We both jumped and looked at the attic. We were standing directly underneath it and we slowly backed up. The attic door, along with the stairs that were attached to it, fell down and we slowly crept up to the attic and peeked up inside it. There went the ‘Thump’ again! We both jumped again and then a shadowed figure looked back at us. “Creak…” we screamed, ran downstairs and hid behind the sofa. [These people are unconvincing. One acts like a smartass, one must be very stupid, and they're both like tiny children in the way they react to household noises.]
Yuki’s mom came down from the attic and looked around. “What was that all about, I wonder…,” Yuki’s Mom, Mitsuki, thought. She went downstairs and looked for us. Yuki and I were holding each other, shaking violently. Mrs. Higurashi peeked at us and grinned mischievously. “Well if you two wanted to have some time alone, you could’ve just asked and not screamed”, she said with a slight sweet and teasing voice. We looked at each other and let go quickly. It struck 5:25 pm . It was time for me to head home, I said goodbye to Yuki and Mrs. Higurashi. The ghost hunt was finally over. Thank goodness!

WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS STORY? It's a day in the life of a schoolgirl, there's virtually no exploration of the characters, not that the characters could really be explored, given they're as two-dimensional as the anime that obviously served as the inspiration. There was no dramatic tension, no comedy deriving from their actions (at least, none I could find: people being stupid and melodramatic isn't funny to me), and no climax. It doesn't have a proper dramatic structure. It's incoherent, and it's like an inferior rehash of some anime (Ouran? Probably). This is a pity, because your prose style isn't awful, it just has problems with word order and grammar, and there were flashes of promise.

Why are you writing this cutesy anime crap? Write something that challenges you and helps you to improve; get outside your comfort zone. Otherwise you simply won't improve.

And I'm sorry for being acerbic.

( sorry if this story really sucks >3< I've actually been very busy with random topics popping into my head and I have to immediately drop everything and write it down. Again, My apologies)

This is a good thing, and a sign that you should keep writing, despite my critiques. Understand that despite my reputation as a professional asshole, I only give criticisms to try and help people and to make myself better at recognising mistakes in my own texts.

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Thank you very much Delph. I'll make sure to fix that, and for later reference.

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I erased that story, It was too damn lame, I got a A on it! I don't get A's.....I get A+'s >:| >w> call me a nerd but I think it sucks!

01-25-2012, 03:35 PM
O.o I think people generally don't like my opinions. <.< just look at the other threads I've started or have been in. >w> They suddenly stop. Anyways, I would put up the other part of Higashi but I aint done with it.

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Well hurry your arse up. I would like to read that story >w> they are a whole lot better than my friend Sam-Ina-Can Her's are soo....vulgar.
Well I haven't written in a while, been really busy, can't really say much about that. A New story will soon await us, hopefully by next week :P

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“The Estranged”

[Main Character Narrating]:

I stare up at the dark, gloomy sky. Feeling the tears of angels hit my face, and feeling my blood slowly creep along my back on the ground. Every drop was almost as beautiful as drops of porcelain. I also felt the tears of Sarah hitting my cheek, the sorrowful sobs barely audible over the patter of rain hitting my face, cheeks, nose, and ears. You may wonder how I got here, and you may wonder why my fate is as it is. And if you think that because I’m talking to you right now that I’m alive, you are very far off. So far off, I might add, that you wouldn’t be able to comprehend what I am speaking of. Not unless you feel the need to kill yourself to understand, but I recommend not making my mistakes. You may be asking yourself, “What mistakes? What is he talking about?” But that’s alright, I don’t expect you to know everything from the get-go. So, let me explain to you what I mean.

My life was very jubilant, busy, and colorful. Easy going as anyone could guess for those that find their family wealth being of the upper stratus of society. But it was all useless; I couldn’t understand why money was so important to my family. I tried multiple times to work in an office, but the confines of the building caused me little enjoyment. I quit all of the jobs my family introduced me to. I found more enjoyment in hard labor and a sense of achievement from that hard labor. I found it more rewarding than being in an office building all day, working on things that I found meaningless and useless in my life. My days in the office were spent daydreaming of the day that I could go out and find actual work that was more rewarding. My dream came true, of course, at the expense of my family’s reputation; but I couldn’t care less. Society’s fixation on wealth in material terms sickened me as time went on. I found a good paying job that gave me that sense of achievement I strove for.

I left my family behind and all ties with them. I had come of age and changed my name so no one could find me. I left that life behind and never wanted to return to it. It was around this time that I came across a woman by the name of Sarah. She was the same age as me and we met one day at a caf&#233; near downtown Little Tokyo. We hit it off almost instantly, and my boss saw this. It delighted a lot of people, but I was worried about where this would take me. My lineage to my family was something that would get in the way. Not many people saw my family as helpful or even caring like I was. You could call me the ‘black sheep’ of the family. We had gone on many dates with each other and became close. I never wanted to hide anything from her, so I told her who I was and I mean who I really was. At first she was hesitant, but what surprised me was she was far more than accepting. She told me that no matter who I was before I had met her, she still loved who I was as the man I am now.

It didn’t take long for my family to figure out where I was. They came to take me back to my old life of “leisure” and “order”. I wanted nothing to do with it. Sarah was with me at the time of our little discussion. We had told them that we both wanted nothing to do with them or their views of the world. We were scheduled to be married by the end of the month. We knew not the danger my family had posed against us. No threats were said between either side, but there was that sense of tension and lies. But life continued and a few days before our wedding, me and Sarah went for a nightly stroll. It had begun to rain and we both enjoyed the feeling of the rain on our skin.

What happened next, I’m sure you know the outcome? A hired gunman stepped out of a shop we always passed by, and the result was what I had stated earlier. And the thing was, I wasn’t afraid of death. I was afraid of how Sarah would feel about my death. So in my last moments, I told her to be strong. I told her to be the same woman I knew she was and to never forget the moments shared between us. And for one last time, I felt her soft lips against mine before I no longer existed.

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The Dark Angels
Emi Higurashi
The Beginning Of Everything
~Chapter 1~ *Part One*
"Life is just too interesting to end." Shawna stated, sinisterly smirking down at the lowly city of Belleview, New Jersey. "Well, let's get our target and head to bed. Remember, we have human school tomorrow and Erin won't be happy if we're late for that. And if you don't hurry up, it's going to be your ass this time. I'm not taking the blame for you again." I muttered bluntly. Shawna frowned at me. "Well maybe I should just -" She was cut off by a shriek in the distance. "Well, that our target..." I mumbled, getting up and stretching. I turned towards Shawna. I frowned when she was staring at me and her jaw opened. "You might want to close that, you could catch flies...unless you were hungry." I stated sarcastically, trying to stifle a giggle. "Emi," Shawna whined, "Why you always tease me?" I shook my head, letting my navy blue hair fall into my pale face, my blood red/brownish eyes averting back to where the person was. "C'mon Shawna, let's get this over with...I'm getting sleepy."I muttered in a irritated tone. We both took off in inhuman speed towards our client. We arrived just before our target was killed by a lowly mugger. "Oh my, look what we have here...Take our client, Kyle to safety, Shawna. I'm going to play a little game with the mouse." I said, smirking. Shawna looked at me in a irritated way and shook her head, she grabbed the young man known as Kyle and jumped off into a safer area, leaving me standing there with a useless mugger. "So, let get this over with. "You the one pickin on my pal Kyle, eh?" I spoke softly with a smirk playing on my face. Ya shoulda been about yer own business, brat! Now yer gunna get it!" He yelled as he barrelled towards me holding up his blade. His actions made my smirk even wider, I grabbed on to his hand that held a small switchblade. I laughed "You can't be serious...you killed those two people with this? I'm very disappointed, and here I thought you'd at least be a little more fun. Oh well, I have to get going." I mocked him with a fake pout, I decided to end his life quick and painless. I forced a huge amount of energy from his hand to his head, making it burst into pulp. It had splattered all over my black flag's tee and black leather jacket, making me frown at the dead carcass. "Dirty bastard..." I mumbled as I dropped it and walked away to where Shawna and Kyle were.
"It's about time Emi!" Shawna exclaimed, frowning at me and looking at my mess. Kyle looked as if he were about to shit his pants. "Forget about what I was up to, we're here to help him." I said pointing at Kyle. He flinched when I pointed towards him, seeing when he did that, I frowned and walk up to him. "You scared of me?" I asked. He nodded almost immediately. "Well don't be, we saved your sorry ass and we're here to help you with something." I said glaring at him. His face seemed to have hardened after I had said that. He glared back at me before finally speaking. "Well, I didn't know I'd have a emo brat and her assistant save me."Kyle spat. My eye twitched slightly after hearing him call me an 'emo brat'. "You wanna repeat that lil comment you lowlife rat? I'm pretty sure I can forget about this little favor I have to do for you and just end your life. You can choose. Now you going to cooperate with us or do I have to make you?" I spat back. His face seemed to have paled upon hearing my threat, he looked as if he wanted to stop making eye contact with me, but couldn't find the will to turn away. "Okay, I'll cooperate with you...But I want to know what you and her really are. You're not human and you look like you're both in highschool." he said. I smirked at him and put my hand against his face, my blood red and brownish eyes staring into his. "You really want to know?" I asked, a smirk tempting to play on my lips. "Of course I really want to know, I think that if I'm going to work with you for a while I may as well know what I'm working with." He said, blushing a light shade of pink under my touch. "We're Dark Angels, we have to be bad in order to do good." I stated softly, letting my hand fall from his face and stepping back, crossing my arms across my chest. "Is that so? Well lets get this over with, I have work in 8 hours." He said. Shawna came up beside me and started the mission. "We need to know what your last dark prayer was...meaning who do you want killed?" She asked. I looked at him and awaited his answer. "I wanted my step-father killed. He's been treating my mom and sister badly." He said softly, almost on the verge of tears. "Okay then, just give us his name and address and you can go home. We'll also make the death look as natural as birth." Shawna and I stated in unison.
Shawna took Kyle home and erased his memory of everything that had played a tragic part that night. I was already halfway to our mission when Shawna had pounced on to my back to let me know of her presence. "Well, that was fast...let's go." I smirked at the house where the culprit resided. I smelt the air to detect only one male human and two female humans asleep. "Shawna, stay here, you're still a newborn and I can't have you get tossed around by this loser. I'll let you get the next one, I promise." I told her softly. Shawna seemed to have looked disappointed but her face lit up when I told her I'd promise to let her get her first kill next mission. I walked up to the dark door and tapped on it loud enough to let the the guy known as Mitch get up and answer it. He frowned down at me and grunted. "What you want?" He asked in a harsh tone. I pulled a fake sad seductive face at him, knowing he'd come out and shut the door behind him. "I'm so sorry to disturb you mister, but I was hoping you'd help and walk with me to my neighborhood, it's too dark and scary for me." I pulled the face quickly, and he seemed to have softened, rather seeing it as an opportunity to get some action from a 16 year old, he immediately put his shoes on and closed the door, locking it. While he was doing that, I smirked and pulled a quick thumbs up at Shawna who was hiding in the bushes. Mitch put his arm around my shoulders, drawing me closer to him. I almost blew my cover and gagged from his alcohol and cigarette stench. "So, what's your name sweetheart?" He asked in a what was supposed to be a sweet voice. "I'm Emi, I've just recently moved here...and I got scared to walk home alone." I pulled the face again, looking up at him. He smiled wickedly and cleared his throat. "So uh, You look like you could use a little comforting when you get to your house. Would you like me to walk you inside and tuck you in as well?" he said, hope licking at the edges in his tone. "Well...I live alone, so that would be nice." I said in a soft, seductive voice. His face brightened and his smile got wider. We were already near an empty abandoned house where he assumed I resided. I opened the door and walked in, closing the door behind him. He turned around and smiled at me. "So, you want to do it here or upstairs?" he asked as he quickly flopped on to the dusty couch. I smiled and took my leather jacket off. "We'll do it right where you are..." I let my answer slither out in a seductive and snakey tone. I touched his chest, laying my hand above his heart and sending a force of energy at his heart slowly stopping it without letting him know. "Hey...What are you doing kid?" He asked as he started to break out in sweat. I smirked and said "Goodbye, Mitch, Have a pleasant time in hell." before sending a blow of energy straight to his heart, ending him right there. "Natural cause of death, heartattack. Reason, Too much alcohol." I stated silently as I got off of the dead man, slipping my leather jacket back on and putting the bag of recent empty bottles of beer around him, all with his DNA on it. I left, leaving the door slightly open and looking around, knowing everyone was asleep and had no idea that this night even occured.
Meanwhile, Shawna had just did her best in writing a letter to the woman and her daughter in Mitch's handwriting and leaving it where the woman would be able to see it. We both met up and ran towards our house where we could get a good 7 hour sleep before school started. "Goodnight Shawna" I mumbled before falling into a deep sleep. "Night Emi" She mumbled back.
Erin walked through the front door of our small house at 6:30 that morning. She was short, sassy, and full of motherly anger. "EMI! SHAWNA! GET YOUR ASSES UP AND IN MILITARY POSITION NOW!!" Erin yelled. I immediately stumbled up into position, wide eyed, while Shawna rolled over and groaned, stood up, clutching her pillow closely. I grimaced at her, as Erin put her hands on her hips. "You two are the most daring people I've known, Why did you do that? You could've been hurt! Never do that unless you're with another recruit, understand me?" she raised an eyebrow waiting for an answer from the both of us. "Yes ma'am, we understand completely."We stated in unison. Erin seemed to have softened up and smiled at the both of us. "It's time to get dressed and ready for school, it's 6:45 now." She stated and clapped her hands to hurry up. I quickly got ready and helped Shawna brush out her long violet hair as she put her light make up on. I flipped my navy hair back and put on my red make up. We both wore black skinnies and dark blue converses. I wore a Misfits tee and my usual black leather jacket. I looked very much like a emo vampire, while Shawna looked like the original Snow White, a natural beauty. We set off for school before we got into trouble again.
Once there, we bumped into Michael Redblade, otherwise known as Mikey. "Hey there Snow White, and Evil Emi" I glared at him and punched his shoulder. Shawna giggled and blushed. "How cute, you two just glanced at each other and already flirting." Shawna chortled. "Are you kidding me? Why would I waste my precious time flirting with this creep? Not to mention he's going to be called a queer for wearing eyeliner and black eyeshadow ." I snapped. Mikey looked butt-hurt about what I said and bowed his head low. This made me melt, I hated seeing someone who's close to me get hurt by my words. "Aww, I'm sorry Mikey, I was only kidding, good grief, now I feel like a jerk." I rambled on lightly. "You are a jerk, Emi, now let's get to class before I get killed." Mikey stated. I was about to pulverize him when a taller girl bumped into me. She had shoulder length brown hair and a darker hazel green and dark brown eyes. I knew what she was by the scent of her and her mate. She was a svetocha. A half breed between a full bred vampire and a human. Her mate look similar to her except he had greenish, blue hazel eye and dark brown choppy hair. She sneered at me after we bumped into each other. "Hateful wench..." I muttered as we walked to Homeroom. The teacher was a short, frail looking one, but she was one cool lady. "Okay, my name is Ms. Dimicoline, you may call me Ms. D., and I will be your Homeroom teacher for this year. Some of you are new but others I welcome you back to my class. Now roll call!" she announced. I took a seat next to Mikey after I bid Shawna bye. "Michael Redblade!" Ms. D. called. Mikey rose his hand and said his preferred name. "Okay then, Mikey. Emi Bloodstone!" I rose my hand and rest it back on to my desk after a few seconds. "Juliette Anderson!" The Svetocha rose her hand and smiled at the teacher. "Welcome back, Julie. Nicholi, Welcome back." She looked at the other half-breed next to her. After she called everyone we got right to work. Mikey and I had about every class together except for Physical Education, which I didn't have to do. I had Health instead.
(I was trying to post this yesterday but it was too long, so I had to break it into two parts :P )

02-27-2012, 06:42 PM
I haven't been able to post the second part up, but I'm going to try again maybe later on today...Hope everyone liked the first part.

02-27-2012, 06:56 PM
O.o I would post more of my stories...but....yeahh....nvrmind

02-27-2012, 07:27 PM
And why not?!? I love them!! Don't you dare stop writing!! I'll die without your stories!! :cat_tantrum::cat_scared::cat_cryincorner:

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This is just a beginning script for a game I am currently trying to develope. I'm using the Unreal Engine (With permission from Epic Games or whatever the companies name is.) I have admit, for as much potential this engine has. x.x I suck at code writing.

Chapter 1


My name is Archangel Zekeal. Or once was. Now, I am nothing more than a black winged Reaper. A job of the lowest esteem. The reason for this is simple. I. Wanted. To. Leave. Something, I had always wanted to do. I can't really explain the feeling I was feeling at the time. But I could try my best. It started with a human girl. Completely innocent, but easily corrupted. I had saved her more times than any other. Many questioned my intentions, but they never understood. It wasn't love, it wasn't fame, and it sure as hell wasn't for lust. I could explain everything in detail...

{PC notices that the writing ends there. "Hmph..." is the reaction. From there the view changes to First Person of the Character they choose. Regardless of what classes or whatever.}

(From here the character will encounter NPC's that are either lying to them or are just not wanting to speak of the Journal they are holding in their hand. If not careful, a Will check will be placed on the PC and if the character doesn't pass (which will rarely happen) they can possibly go insane from the lies and deceit. But, Thieves, mages, and barbarians are excempt form this because: 1:They are good at detecting lies and such or 2: The barbarian is too dense to even care.)

NPC:"Whattcha want? *Hic* There ain't nothing you want 'ere..."
Option 1: "I think you are wrong in believing so..."
Option 2: *Glare and say nothing, but frown and try to resist smashing his face into his table.*
Option 3: *Perform a Detect Motive check on the NPC to see why he said such a thing.*
Option 4: *Leave the poor drunkard alone and look for that Hot chick's purse over by the corner.*

Option 1 reply: "Like I said, ain't nothun you want 're."
Option 2 reply: *Takes one last swig of his drink and leaves*
Option 3 reply: *He can't reply! You didn't even talk to the bastard! WTF is wrong with you!?*
Option 4 reply: *Grunts and continues to drink himself to another table, watching the PC*

{The PC now leaves the Tavern for their room. Along the way, that chick that the thief either meets or not will stop them. Promising a "good night ahead....for a price." crap is sent your way. Either way, you don't get none so don't expect an Adult's Only rating. The PC stays in their room sharpening their blades or whatever could keep their mind on the Journal of Zekeal. The night then turns to day and the PC sleeps for the day. Depending on what class they have chosen, they are a vampire from being both half angel and half demon.}

From here, I got stuck. :/

02-28-2012, 08:10 PM
OKAY THAT WAS SOO FUNNY!!! Sound's like one of those FF games, very original, I think it'd be cool to see a game you've developed.

03-01-2012, 04:38 PM
"Confessions through My Diary" Journal entries of a teenage boy.

December 23rd 2003
I can’t believe it, what has happened to me? I lost control when that guy…I can’t say, I thought I wanted to be with him, but, I never knew his intension was to beat me to near death. I’m just glad I got away before he even touched me, I hope he doesn’t try to approach me in school, I haven’t even gotten to know him and I agreed to go out with him, I hate this, I wish I wasn’t…never mind, I better get to sleep, too much excitement drained me, and I don’t feel like talking to my parents about it.
Simon Stone
December 29th 2003
Okay so now I know for sure, but I’ve been called a lot of things by the kids at my school, I’ve been called “emo”, “pansy”, “queer”, “fag”, “ homo goth” etc. I’ve been called these things since I started high school here, at Belleville High. I hate New Jersey, I hated the place, the kids, the school, even the family I lived with here. Oh yeah, I’m also a foster child. I wear make-up; I listen to Misfits, Smashing Pumpkins, Black Flag, AMEN, Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, Iron Maiden, all the scream-o genres. I wear skinny jeans, and graphic tees that involve vampires, zombies, and the music I listen to. So I’m teased because of my personality, my looks, and my favorite activities. Well I have to go, my “mom” is calling me down for dinner, I’m sure she knows by now I’m a vegetarian.
Simon Stone January 4th 2004
I’m on my second day of school, and everything is still the same, spit balls and names are thrown at me, teacher’s not caring about me, whatever. But there is this new kid here, and he’s a rather attractive person, I stared at him as the teacher introduced him to the class, his name was Frank Henderson, and he was by far the most interesting thing that was going on in school today. When he made eye contact with me I hid behind my long navy blue hair, I didn’t want to look up but I heard someone sit next to me, the outcast. I looked sideways at who it was and blushed, He was still staring at me, I felt a bit awkward. He said ‘hi’ and then we had a long conversation all the way through Math class. Everyone was shocked towards our outbursts when we laughed at something stupid, I’m sure we looked like idiots at that moment but as soon as the bell rang, He and I sped down towards my locker, how lucky! His locker was right next to mine as well. It was lunch time, He and I sat at my usual spot, So as my friends and I sat and ate I noticed he was also a vegetarian, how cool was that? Right when I thought things were going to get good, a group of jocks waltz past me and my group and said “Look, Our lil fag had a new boyfriend!” it made me furious, embarrassed, and sad. Just then Frank stood up and punched the guy who said it. It was so “knight-in-shining-armor” like I thought I was going to faint, but instead I got pulled up by Frank and we ran out of the school until we thought we lost them. Well enough for now, I have to go eat some dinner.
Simon Stone
January 11th 2004
It’s been a week and a half since I met Frank, we’ve been hanging out at his place a lot, he said that I was one of the best friends he’s had since he’s been here. I was really happy but, I had to tell him, I was unsure, I wanted to tell him, but I didn’t want him to run away, my other friends already knew, so I decided to tell him when I asked him if he’d like to go to my house tomorrow. I was very scared, but his face lit up into that cute smile that I adored, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING from looks to personality, to emotions was beautiful. I was happy. Well I have to go, class is starting.
Simon Stone
January 15th
I told him, and his expression lit up even more that I thought, he was glad I told him, I can do the dialogue of how it went down in my basement(My room): Frank: “So…what’s up Gee?” Me: “Oh well, I have to tell you something, it’s hard for me, but I’ve already told my other friends and family, they seemed to be fine with it, but I’m scared if I tell you, you’ll run away.” Frank: “Well, go ahead, you didn’t kill anyone did you? You’re a vampire? (haha just playin man)” Me: “Well, I’m gay, I had to tell you because I didn’t want you to not trust me, I’m sorry if I just ruined the-“ I was cut off by a pounce from him and nuzzle, I was confused but it felt good too, I was puzzled after he got up and laughed. He said he was hoping I was because I was also the most attractive guy in the school. I was over ecstatic. After that, for the next few days at school, He and I held hands, kissed each other, and walked around freely with our relationship, I didn’t care after I came out to the world, at least now I’m much happier than I was for the last two years. Well, Goodbye for now, I have a date with my Frankie tonight, and He’s going to meet my “parents” I still have to get used to calling them that… oh well, Bye!
Simon Stone

03-01-2012, 04:40 PM
I don't even know why I wrote this, but you could tell I'm not a homophobe. And it's called "Confessions through my Diary" It's not mine, I'm just the narrator for my charaters. Which is that story on the 3rd page, the one that starts with "December 23rd 2003" Yeah.. that one...

03-01-2012, 06:24 PM
SECOND ONE TODAY IS NOW POSTED!! Not even a story but I just want to post in in my thread...mehh, I guess it is a story...more of a fan fiction for those crazy fangals who love "Frerard" Or how ever the hell you spell that. Maybe I'll do a Rikey or Bay (Frank/Gerard, Ray/Mikey, Bob/Ray) Don't even ask me if I've ever done a Mikey/Gerard, That's just creepy in my book...mehh anyways, who'd even like reading about a brother raping the other one? Nasty pervs >.> Yeah... I'm looking at you...Yeah you.. You realize I didn't even post up whatever I was going to post? I'm waiting for the right moment, and I know that you are watching spongebob...Yes I can see right through your screen, But I'm not a ghost, I just have transparency.. lolz, Are you still waiting for the story? I knew it, you can't wait to critize my writing, But hey, Yaoi is not my thing this was just a request, nothing personal geez, make me look like a weirdo while you're at it, oh I've past that line already, I'm not only a psycho, but I'm also a psycho who's one true love is coffee..and I see you're getting mad, still waiting for the story to be posted aren't you? Yes I will be annoying you until then, and you must be ready to smack you face into the keyboard because I just made you realize how much time I wasted letting you read this raid'n'rave nonsense. Oh I will post the story, but I just won't because the look on your face was payment enough. I had just made you read the mind of a hyped up teenager who has a coffee and skittles addiction, and who writes every hour of the day and listens to screamo and techno. No it's not me!! I was talking about her!! Jeez...take everything so serious why don't you...xD I think you've suffered enough.....NOT!! Okay now you have :) Oh one more thing, these will be posted up as POV's kay? excellent!

Gerard's POV
"Oh great...another day of hell...." I muttered. "Gee!! Hurry up I don't want to miss out on the first class again!" came a bellowing Mikey. "Whatever Mikes, I'm ready..." I muttered, My hair was hiding most of his porcelain colored face, my hazel eyes had eyeliner that hid the dark circles of stress and insomnia, my red eyeshadow made me look like a vampire. "Jesus, Gee, You look like literal shit. haha" Mikey was sniggering at what he said. I grimaced at Mikey and broke out in a smile, no matter how much I tried to frown at a playful Mikey, I couldn't help but smile afterwards. "At least I look better than a vampire." I stated. Mikey patted his older brother on the shoulder and walked out the door. I quickly grabbed my black leather jacket with my Iron Maiden hoodie and went after Mikey. As we both walked to school side by side, we conversed about comics, art, which band is better, etc. All the while, we were laughing like idiots, that is until we stopped at the school gates. "See you after, Gee." Mikey bounded off to his first class, leaving me by myself. "well, here it goes, I better get used to it, because I'm going to be stuck here for another 2 years," I mutterd to myself. I walked into my first class, rather early, my teacher, was surprised. "So glad you could join us at an earlier time, Mr.Way." She stated, I simply gave her a sarcastic smile and walked to the farthest back of the classroom and laid my head down. "Why did math have to be my first subject of the morning?" I thought. 20 minutes after the lesson started, someone walked in and everyone stopped. I decided to see who was in the classroom, my eyes widened at the sight of a rather short guy, his hair short, except for the fringe that caressed the right side of his face. He had piercings, and a few visible tattoos. He was wearing a Misfits hoodie, black skinny jeans and beat up red Vans. "whoa.." I whispered, I was in a daze until the guy who was standing next to the teacher was now standing infront of me. He cleared his throat to get my attention, I quickly snapped out of it and looked up at the smiling person. "mind if I sit here?" His question made me blush out of embarrassment. "oh uh y-Yeah sure no problem." I stammered. He chuckled and plopped down next to me. "My name is Frank, Hi" said Frank, he held his hand out to me who took it hesitantly. "Gerard" I stated before letting go of Frank's hand. "Wow, he had tattoos from his knuckles, I bet there are more that snake up his arm...He's rather cute for a guy...." He looked at me and smirked. I smiled back shyly. "You know, I hate this class, I play guitar, I like art and writing. What about you?" He whispered. "I leaned over a bit to whisper back, "I sing, I love art, and I like writing. And yes, I really hate this class too." Frank just smiled and nodded. "Oh wow...he's not cute anymore...he's demon hot!" I thought. Today was going to be a really good day for me, and I knew why too.
I'm sorry my friends, I will start a new one later on with Frank's POV :) Lots of love, Emi <3

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:cat_ahhh: WHAT ARE YOU WRITING!? :cat_noes: GET IT OUT OF MEH HEAD!

03-01-2012, 06:41 PM
Nope..You're mine now bish! :cat_lol:

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Stop reading it then you idiot...You're going to get nightmares!! It's not even meant for you baka!!

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I take it you also read the Confessions one too didn't you?

03-01-2012, 08:48 PM
:cat_ahhh::cat_ahhh::cat_ahhh::cat_ahhh::cat_ahhh: :cat_ahhh:

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Yup...Well hey I got an A+ on the confessions one. :p you're just jealous. so... t(^.^) Thank you come again. and stop thinking perverted...

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:cat_ahahaha::cat_ahahaha::cat_pweeese::cat_pweees e::cat_pweeese::cat_yawn:

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What.A.Nerd. GIVE ME A STORY!!!

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The Diary of Tzuzu Horitaro
{copyright 2012}

WARNING: Story contains some graphic content, but this will be censored for the sake for younger readers


First day of school! Whoo!

Today, school started and I was amazed at all the new faces and some old ones. Friends are easy to make as long as you know what you are doing. But one of the new guys is strange, he keeps to himself and always has a fingerless glove on his right hand. He eats rarely during lunch and always stares outside like school is such a drag. Some of the girls thought he was cute, but when ever thy tried to talk to him his reply was always the same, "Psssh, small breasted, immature brats like you? As if I would even try..." I couldn't understand why he was like that until I realized that he had a scar on his shoulder. I caught only a glimpse of it, but the jagged nature of the scar made it seem painful and unpleasant.

At the end of the day, my friends and I went down to the mall in downtown Tokyo. Shopping for things we liked and what not wasn't what attracted my friends here. It was the older guys who acted like they had an interest in them. Me on the other hand, I was there looking for a new issue for Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler. I liked it for because of the character Sebastian, he had this strange and otherwise sadistic interior that was offset by his creepily calm and emotionless exterior. The other girls thought I was odd to read it since they thought I wasn't the type to read something like that. Anyways, I was looking through the endless collections of other manga looking for Kuroshitsuji when that new guy walked into the shop and started browsing around. I was surprised to see him here of all places since he didn't seem like the type to read manga at all. He hadn't noticed me and I didn't think much of him so I just went about looking for my manga again when he suddenly spoke from behind me, "Looking for this?" I turned to face him and was shocked that he was holding the new edition of Kuroshitsuji in his right hand. He didn't have the usual glove on his hand like at school. I didn't know who he was but, it seemed like he knew what I wanted. I nodded in reply to his question and he seemed amused by it, "Man, sheeit. I didn't think you were into this type of stuff. C'mon, I'll pay for it." I took me a second to register what he just said. I spent three weeks saving up enough to buy the book he was just going to get me. Three hard labor filled weeks it took me! I couldn't believe how awesome this guy was, but of course I figured there was a catch.

When we got to the check out counter he presented the comic to the store clerk rang it up. Before he paid for it, he turned to me and said, "Before I even think of handing this money over, I want you to spend the rest of the evening with me. But not in that type of sense either, you pervert." The clerk seemed uneasy about what the guy just asked and I was flustered. I was only flustered because he made it seem like it was casual but to me it seemed like a date. I stammered in my reply to him, "Uh...um..alright?" I hadn't realized that I was bright red and the guy had this blank expression on his face. He then chuckled to say, "I want a definite answer. Not what you would think I want to hear."

Wow. Direct buzz killer. I thought that he was actually asking me out on a date. But anyways, back to the rest of the evening. He was still waiting on an answer. So, I composed myself and gave a direct answer this time, "Yeah. I'll spend the rest of the evening with you." He nodded and handed the clerk the money for the comic. The clerk handed him a bag with the comic in it and he handed it to me, then decided to hold on to it. He grabbed my hand and lead me out of the store to begin walking around the mall. The other girls were doing their own thing, flirting and revelling in the 'attention' they were given. The guy saw them a few floors down flirting and hanging out with the guys.

He frowned and asked, "What's up with them? Abandoning you to get their daily fix of attention."

I looked at him and he seemed generally annoyed at the sight. I looked down at the others and replied, "It's just an illusion they want to be in. Society filled their heads with misinformation and bad ideas and what ever the hell else you could think of."

He sneered, "Aint that right...Society has fucked up alot of things. And now, younger girls think that it's ok to fuck around with older guys. No good comes of it..."

I looked at him and he had this strange look. Like he wanted to kill whoever the girls were flirting with. Like nothing mattered with what was happening now. He was silent and looked away shortly afterwards to stare up, like something was going to come down at any time and strike someone. Then he just started walking away, without saying anything. I slightly ran to catch up to him, "Hey. What's wrong?"

He looked over his shoulder with the coldest look I have ever seen, "What's wrong? Everything is what's wrong. Nothing is sacred to anyone any more. Girls don't save their virginity because society has taught them that their viginity is a curse. Guys have no respect to any woman and think that they only want to have sex with them. WHAT ELSE COULD POSSIBLY BE WRONG!" The entire mall was silent for a few seconds afterwards. Many eyes were looking in our direction including my friends. He turned and got into my face to say, "If I were you, I'd stay away form your friends for awhile. They're a bad influence in your life. You may not see it, but I do." And with that, he took off. Gone.

So that's how my first day of school started off. You got anything better to top it off? Nope. Didn't think so. Anyways, I'll write to ya again some time. Ciao!

03-08-2012, 07:10 PM
Dude.....SO AWESOME!!!!! I LOVE IT!! IT NEEDS TO BE MORE TO THIS!!!!!!!! :cat_shy:

03-08-2012, 08:29 PM
Glad you liked it.

03-08-2012, 09:30 PM
Now... tell me another one!! I command thee!:cat_wahaha:.....pwease...:cat_pweeese:

03-12-2012, 07:46 PM
The Journal of Tsuzu Horitaro
{Copyright 2012}

DISCLAIMER: The characters depicted are completely fictious, any similarity to any person's real, living or dead is completely coinscidental

WARNING: Contains graphic content, censored for younger audiences

End of the first week of school

I am SO glad that the first week of school is finally over. I had to deal with my friends being total asses the entire week, and had to deal with new teachers who were total jerks. The only teacher I actually like is Ms. Tamaki or 'Miss Tsundere' to the guys. I don't know what it is but she always treats the girls of the class really nice, but the guys are the one's she shoves her foot up in a place where the sun don't shine if you know what I mean. Anyways, back to me monologing, I enjoyed today though. I can't say the whole week was bad. But that guy that was the 'Mystery Guy' to my friends hasn't shown up much. Only during Tamaki's class have I ever seen him during the day, which makes me wonder where he goes. I've heard that he goes up to the roof during the other classes to smoke cigarettes and stare up into the sky as if looking for something. But I've learned to never listen to rumors in school, because it's all just rubbish made up by somone just to attack someone they don't like. And if you're following my train of thought, this just lets me know that people are beginning to dislike him.

I plan on seeing if this is true on Monday afternoon, during our lunch period. I don't know what I'll gain from it, other than bad connotations from anyone who sees me go up to the roof. But they all can just kiss my ass. They don't know the truth and never will. So, anyways, I've decided to go. I'd be surprised if he is doing all that, but I'd like to just have a regular conversation with someone who knows what it's like to be outcasted. Because you know, I wasn't always the most popular person in school nor was I the brightest. So you can say that my friends, really aren't my friends. They're the type to say things about you the moment you leave the room, or if you're sick and can't go to school. They'll say that you spent the day with some jock or whatever else they can think of.

But that's just because they are still growing up, still learning to be a human being. So, I let them make the mistakes that they want to make. It's not my place to tell them what they can or can't say. What they can or can't do. I'm not them. I am me and no one else. Hence why people give me flak for anything I say. I stand out while they don't. They still don't understand that you don't have to be like everyone else to stand out amongst the crowd. Moving away from that subject....

Why can't I get him out of my head? He stands out like someone I'm interested in, but I can't stop thinking about who he really is and why he acts the way he does. I guess I'll have to wait for monday to come around again. So until then, I'll talk to you later, Journal.

EDIT: Considering that a lot actually happened in this part of the story, I had to cut like most of it out because of th graphic content. :cat_noes: sniff sniff

03-12-2012, 08:17 PM
Wait...Is this a dude? talking about another dude? Yaoi fantasized much? xDDD Jk Sugar ;)
But I love it! it's awesome!

03-12-2012, 08:26 PM
lolz, to clarify to everyone, the character is a girl. No yaoi here. Pwease? No? Damn...:cat_noes:

03-12-2012, 09:28 PM
xD WEll, might've wanted to clarify from the beginning to everyone this is a girl, not a guy... xD lmao

Don't cry, Sugar, Close you're eyes and sing for me, then kiss me goodbye.

03-13-2012, 08:52 PM
Well, I guess everyone is just SOL then, eh?

This is what I brought, this you can keep. This is what I brought, you may forget me. Just promise me one thing, Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.

03-13-2012, 09:23 PM
Huh? oh well I'm not doing my writing tonight, and I'm a lil scared you'll laugh at my next P.O.V like last time. xD
OMG you had to do that didn't you!!

03-20-2012, 08:48 PM

Graphic content. If under the age of 17 or the legal age in your country to read graphic material, please skip over this.

DISCLAIMER: The characters in this piece of fiction are completely fictious. Any relation to any person's living or dead is purely coinscidental.

Copyright 2012


I sat on my back in a pool of my own blood. My heartbeat slowing beating in my ears. I stared up at the October sky above me. The snow seemed like frozen frost bites waiting to happen. I felt them land on my face like a soft hand trying to comfort me in my last moments. They can just shove their own feet up their own ass. I don't need to be comforted. I don't need the motivation to complete what I couldn't finish in the first place. I already have what I need. I roll over and slowly crawl over to my revolver, I couldn't remember how many shots I fired at my old boss. He was my best friend. Was is the key word here. Matt 'Mar' Markowicz was his name. Police Chief for as long as anyone could remember. Or as long as the news tried to brainwash their brains with ideas that weren't their own. Who the fuck cares. I only wanted to put a bullet in his fucking skull. He murdered my daughter and her friend after he raped them. He lead me through so many dead ends, but he didn't think I'd find the clues that would lead me to him. Maybe if I had just accepted everything like everyone else, she would still be alive. That's bullshit, and you know it Dave. Stop filling your head with shit that doesn't matter. Focus on what matters. I continued to crawl until I got to a wall. Painfully, I sat up against the wall. The pain was like someone hitting you in the side with a sledgehammer over and over again whenever you tried to pull yourself up off the ground. I popped the cylinder out of the revolver and found that I had four rounds left out of six. I emptied the empty shells and slowly reached into my breast pocket to grab two more shells. I slowly put them into the cylinder, I spin it and flick my wrist to cause the cylinder to click back into the revolver. I heard footsteps approaching and someone yell out, "Where'd he go? Bossman said he'd be here." I forced myself to stand on my two feet with my heart beat in my ears pounding away. When the footsteps got closer, I stepped out and to me time seemed to slow. I fired a shot that hit one of the goons in the head and the other guy tried to dive away. I don't think so. I fired three more rounds that hit the last guy in the back and one that caught him in the throat. If someone else had seen it, it would have been almost surreal. The guy gagged on his own blood and had his hands covering his throat. I walk over to him with a heavy limp. He saw me and his eyes widened slightly when I aimed my pistol at him. I looked down at him and said, "Tell Matt, I'll see you in hell." Boom. The bloodsplatter from the guy's brains was like a painting. I turned and fell back against a crate. I lean my head against the crate and look back up at the October sky. Thinking, 'Elizabeth would've loved the morbid colors this evening.' For the first time in three years, I smiled.

03-22-2012, 09:10 PM
Loved it! Can't believe you have such a demented mind it sends pure shivers down my spine xDDD lol sorry, I'm just trying to make life up for what I've lost the last few years! oh wait not that one either, Oh okay how about...I send my story about the Killjoys of Battery City!?? I'll let you in on it, it's about the MCR band members in a comic-like life and their fight against the BL/Ind. (Don't know squat about it, google it up.) Kay, Gotcha?!?

04-13-2012, 07:02 PM
The True Lives Of the Fabulous Killjoys: The Six Heroes I was sitting in the small crumbling house waiting for my younger brother, Deadly Skittles, to wake up so we can get to zone 3. I was having a very hard time trying to keep us safe, I really wanted to find other Killjoys, but I was running out of options, I needed some friends, I also needed to know if our small friend Missile Kid was doing alright, I haven't heard Dr. D in over a week, I decided to wake Skittles up from his slumber. "Skittlez...Skittlez! Get up!" I hissed, he woke up and looked at me groggily, "what's up? We have to get moving now?" He asked, rubbing his sleepy eyes. I smiled at him and nodded. "Yeah let's get going before those damn dracs start showing up." I said. He shot up and looked at me with sympathetic eyes. "Don't cha worry CraZe; we'll find other Killjoys soon." He said before looking both ways, he jumped into the Hell Hybrid and gave me the 'okay' nod to run and jump into the car myself. I started it up and drove off like a bat out of hell, but living the way we do now, we'd need to be in the fast lane. I stopped at a diner and got out, wearing my purple mask, it had a red spiral around each eye and a dark red music symbol in the middle of the top. Skittlez had a clown mask on that he had spray-painted in multi-colors. I got out and looked around the isolated desert. I saw a guy with vibrant red hair come out of the diner and he was wearing a yellow mask with blue stars on it, and was being followed by a shorter guy, shorter than me, who was wearing a Halloween mask. I knew these were Killjoys, I was happy Skittles and I had found a few of them, and alive. "Hello, are you guys okay?" the guy in the yellow mask asked. "H-hello, I'm Purple CraZe, and this is my brother, Deadly Skittlez." I stammered. The guy with the red hair pulled his mask off to reveal the most beautiful green russet eyes, and so did the shorter guy, his eyes about similar, only more brown around the hues."I'm Party Poison, and this is Fun Ghoul. Come into the diner, I want you to meet the other group." He said, I nodded and pulled Skittlez with me towards the diner.
As we entered there was a greeting from a guy with a big pile of brown curly hair on his head, and a guy who looked similar to Poison. "That guy with the matted down 'fro is Jet Star and that blonde goon over there is my younger brother, Kobra Kid." He stated. I nodded a hello to the two and introduced my brother and I. "So CraZe, what are you and Skittlez doing here?" Kobra asked. I had taken my mask off and stunned the four men. "Well, Skittlez and i were looking for living Killjoys to see if they knew anything about the BL/Ind. and when the next move is. You see, we're lost so many members from our group we just lost hope...So I'd appreciate it if you guys told me what I need and I could get going." I was getting nervous from the look on Ghoul's face, it looked like sympathy, but also admiration, so did the look in Poison's eyes. "We want you in our group; we don't want to see you guys to be the next dead things we find on our next move." Poison stated softly, the other three murmured their agreements and Skittlez was looking at me worriedly. I gave him a reassuring look and nodded my head, letting out a tired sigh. "Skittlez, go get your Rainbow Blast and my Happy Poison, we'll need them incase those damn bloodsuckers decide to show up." I glanced at him and he nodded an agreement, getting up and running out with the one known as Jet. My purple hair fell into my hazel brown eyes as I looked down at my mask. "So, you alright CraZe?" I heard Ghoul ask quietly, I shot up and smiled at him. "I'm fine, just worried about Skittlez, he's only 19, and I'm scared for him. He's so reckless, but sometimes that's what usually saves our asses." I murmured. Poison and Ghoul nodded.
We stayed together the first night, Poison making sure I wasn't let out of his sight. I stood outside looking out for any Dracs and felt someone sit beside me I looked up into eyes almost like mine, only greener. "Hey Poison. What's up? Couldn't sleep?" I asked, even though I knew what the answer was to my question, he wanted to talk. "Naw, I thought you could use the company." He smiled down at me and put his arm around me. I smiled back and sighed. "So what you want to talk about? About me and Skit? Or you just come out here to hug me and be quiet?" I asked, teasing a bit. Poison seemed to notice the teasing in my voice, so he smiled and began to speak. "Actually, I hoping it would be the second thing you said, but yes I would like to hear your story." I let out a calming breath and inhaled silently before beginning. "Well,"
"Well, I was about 15 when everything started, Skittlez was only 12, and by the time we started grouping up and going against the BL/Ind. I found out our parents went against us. I decided to run away from them and around the bombing in 2017, I hid in my Grandmother's cellar with my brother Skittlez. I was 20, and Skitz was 17 by then, we developed our Killjoy names from our Grandma, She said if we were going to be against the BL/Ind. then we'd need new names, I went from Ellena to Purple CraZe, and my brother went from Scott to Deadly Skittlez. I was given a mask to match my name, as well as was Skitz, we got our ray guns and and our leather Jackets and vests. My grandmother was known as Mama Casket. I miss her...She died saving us after the Dracs stormed into our rooms and were searching for us. Mama fought them off long enough for us to escape, but I was trying to help her when she pushed me out of the door. She had readied a bomb in her house, so she was going to die for her only grandkids." I shook my head, biting my lip to stop from crying. "After that, a couple of other Killjoys found us and made us follow them. So far Skittlez was never injured until when one Drac said his real name, and I knew who it was, it was our father, he was pointing his gun at Skitz' head and I couldn't let it happen, I was scared, but I jumped him from behind letting Skitz get away, getting shot in the leg during my frantic attack, I shot my father in the head twice before running away with Skitz, I was injured but not bad enough to drive. I had to stop at zone 2, which is where we've been every time we when out towards Battery City. I lost all hope when Koko Disk jumped in front of me, she was like my sister. But after I got up and finished off the two dracs I grabbed Skitz and drove off until the Dracs retreated and turned back to BC. Now my brother's 19 and I'm 24. I'm so glad I've found you guys. I was beginning to worry if Skitz and I were the only ones left." I finally finished.
Poison's clutch on me tightened as he looked down at me. "You're real name reminds me of my late Grandmother. Okay Craze, I want you and Skittlez to stay with us and be one of our members." He murmured. I nodded and looked out the road, making sure I heard everything. "I hear them..." I muttered; he got up and went into the diner, towing me with him; I blushed when his hands were entwined with mine. I let go as soon as we went into the back room. He told everyone to get up and grab their ray guns. I grasped on to Happy Poison waiting for the sign of the Drac's van, I saw the headlights and behind them was what needed to die. I waited before bolting out there, ignoring the pleas from Poison and Ghoul. I shot and hit one of the Dracs in the head. The van that was being driven away stopped and everyone in there was wearing colorful masks like mine and the others. They soon joined me, the ones that hopped out from the van had retreated and the Dracs were getting ready to pursue them only to be stopped by me, I shot the driver in the neck and point my ray at the one in the passenger's seat. I pulled the trigger and muttered "shit" and took off running at such a quick pace I startled the Drac before he began shooting at me, I smiled menacingly and ran faster, each shot nearly missing my each stride. I heard Poison and Ghoul screeching to me to stop and turn around, but knowing it could end my life, I went as fast as my legs could carry me, I lifted one arm out and as I passed the Drac, I grabbed his arm and twisted it to make the ray gun drop, he tried to pick it up before I turned but I was too quick and I kneed him in the face before picking up his ray gun and shooting him in the head.
I was panting and I noticed something warm was trickling down my leg; I looked down to see blood splurging out and running down my leg. "That bastard got me..." I grimaced and began hobbling and nearly giving up when ghoul and Poison came and helped me to the diner. "You could've died CraZe, why did you do that?" Poison was worried; it said it all in his tone. "I had no choice, it was either that, or get shot and not be able to watch over Skittlez anymore." said. Kobra came out from the other room with a first aid kit in hand. "You mind if I check out that wound CraZe?" He asked politely, I nodded and grasped firmly on to Poison's shoulder wincing from the pain of the peroxide's alcohol sting. Ghoul let me hold on to him as Kobra told me the needle was going to help me; I turned my head and hid my face in the crook of Ghoul's neck. I felt the needle stab me, I let out a muffled 'ow' and let go of Ghoul and looking at Kobra, he was muttering something like: 'Gerard being a bigger baby than her' I looked at him quizzically, and he shrugged his shoulders and flicked his eyes towards Poison. I bit my lip to keep from laughing; I looked at Poison and smiled at him. He returned the smile and ruffled my bright purple locks out of place. Ghoul looked at me and smiled, I think I may have stopped breathing, because when he and Poisoned smiled at me, I felt faintly excited about it. "Where's Skittlez?" I asked, he came running out of the room and clutched me around the waist tightly. "You are crazy Ellena! I thought I was going to lose you!!" He yelled I groaned, my little brother, yelled at his 24 year old sister, and used her first really name. "Great, now everyone knows who I am...." I thought as I clasped my hand over his mouth, stopping him in mid-vent. Kobra, Ghoul and Jet stared wide-eyed at us. Poison shook his head at our sibling fight. "Thanks Skittlez, now they know my real name...Scott." He looked appalled at what I said, but looked down afterwards and muttered an apology. I patted him on the head and returned it. Ghoul was the first to speak this time. "So, you're the two from the papers that those Dracs were posting on the bulletin board." I glared down at the ground. "It's because my father wanted us dead. He was one of the Dracs that I had killed. Poison knows the whole story, I don't want to relive my past right now." I mumbled and got up, nearly falling over, if Jet wasn't behind me, I would've. "Be careful Craze..." Jet muttered, I nodded and hopped outside and pulled out a cigarette. Ghoul soon joined me and asked for one.
"So, you alright now?" Ghoul asked, I nodded and stubbed out my cigarette, not wanting to finish it. "I think Skittlez needs more rest, I can't keep depriving him from a full rest." I muttered, he nodded and got up finishing off the rest of his cigarette. I felt a familiar body next to mine as his arms wrapped around my shoulders in comfort. "Hi Poison." I said softly. "Skittlez went to sleep after Ghoul told him what you said to him." Poison responded. I nodded and let out a sigh as I leant against Poison's embrace. "Sorry for scaring you, but I had to do it, somehow I wonder how Mama gave me such a perfect name, I mean, only reason why Skittlez' name is so cute is because he uses candy as part of his ammunition." I noticed he was thinking over the things I had just said before he burst into a fit of giggles. I smiled at him and sat up to see what was crawling up my leg and let out a gasp. “Stupid spider!” I yelled as I smacked the rather large tarantula off me. Poison flinched from me when I smacked it, then calmed down and looked at the spider with a disgusted face.
“How were you able to touch that thing without shivering?” He asked, I shrugged as an answer. He chuckled and held me closely this time. “You’re funny CraZe. I hope we become good friends.” I smiled and nodded. I felt someone plop down on to my back and holding me from behind. “Yeah, I hope we’ll be the three best friends ever!” I looked up to be met with a peck on the forehead by Ghoul. I let out a laugh and threw him on to Poison; the two stared at each other in a serious way. “Who wants a kiss?!?” I asked loudly, I sat on Ghoul’s back and pinned them both. “Guess what, I’m not using my lips either…hehehe” I pushed Ghoul’s head down on to Poison’s mouth and they both gasped at the sudden move I did, making both of them have an opened mouth kiss. “Bahaha, that’s probably the cutest thing I’ve seen you two do…tee hee” I got off the two and hopped towards the door, I got grabbed from behind and held in bridal position. I blushed a beet red and looked at who the captors were.
“Poison! Ghoul! Put me down now!” I hissed. They both laughed and woke Kobra up, he looked at me and blushed, I turned a darker shade of red. “You two wouldn’t dare! He’s going to really hate you guys, Poison, Ghoul, if you two Do NOT let me go this instant, I will not share my cigarettes with you. Ever!” They chuckled and kept me above Kobra and he was still stuttering and muttering “what’s going on?” I shot Kobra a sympathetic look and heard Ghoul clear his throat. “Kobra, CraZe made me kiss Poison so this is payback, so, yes take it personal.” I glared at him before my head got turned and my lips slammed down on to Kobra’s. “Mphm!” I was resurfaced after what seemed like minutes and got dropped on top of poor Kobra; my sudden impact of weight shocked and winded him. “Sorry Kobra, Didn’t think they’d do that next.” I mumbled he shook his head and rested his hand on my head. I rolled off of him, allowing him to breathe properly. So after he looked down at me and asked if I’d like to get them back with a even meaner prank. I laughed and agreed with him. He helped me up and helped me walk out into one of the booths and sat me down. Poison and Ghoul were smiling at the both of us. “Well you guys might be a little sad, but to me, that was like me kissing my brother.” I stated they looked at me and shook their heads. “I’m 24, I know Kobra is no older than Skittlez. So why are you two going off the wrong way? But I have to say, that was one cute pose you two did under the mistletoe, Kobra told me everything you two already did.” I sniggered when their faces fell. “I was kidding, unless you guys really did do that…” They both shot up and shook their heads, “No we didn’t!” I let out a laugh and saw them calm down. “I knew you guys would get so offended that it was going to be like we were going to say that there were two cute gay guys in this awesome Killjoy Party hehe.” I laughed and hugged the both of them, I asked Kobra to help me up and walk me out to the Hell Hybrid, He agreed and I sat there glaring out at the dark desert, I looked down at my wound, it was going to be a matter of hours before I can properly walk, and I couldn’t help but be scared for poor Skittlez, I felt like there was nothing I can do without amking sure I’m the first to shelter him and anyone else I adore from harm and the BL/Ind. I kicked upward with my good leg and grunted. I felt someone looking so I looked up to see Poison motioning for me to come out. I opened the door and got out easily, only to be grabbed by the unmistakable Fun Ghoul. “Hey, you guys aren’t going to get me back again are you? I didn’t do anything this time!!” I was getting ready to struggle when I got set down on to a bed in a different room. “What the- wait what are-“ I stammered the two looked at eachother and pounced me. “TICKLE TIME!!” They both bellowed, I started squealing and giggling like a 5 year old. They didn’t acknowledge my pleas or threats and just kept tickling me until they fell asleep next to me. “I think I just made four more brothers…” I mumbled, drifting off into a deep sleep.

04-13-2012, 07:05 PM
I posted this story on my wattpad soo yeah, I made some minor adjustments and blegh...oh and if you want to see my Dark Angels story it's also on wattpad.com my name on there is SkittlezAddict16 :) I know, so predictable.

04-20-2012, 08:11 PM
Lolz xD

04-23-2012, 06:06 PM
:P What are you laughing about Creepardo DeCaprio? :)

04-24-2012, 07:11 PM
Oh, Lucid and the gang. I was just talking to them over Spring Break. A bunch of laughs and comedical mayhem ensued. "Unfortunately for the upcoming podcaster, he was somehow left behind in the trunk of a taxi as Random sped off in a Ferrari. Our sources tell us that Lucid, being the responbile one of the group, tried to talk Random out of his Random behaviour and in the process started some more mayhem. And that is all, for the five-o-clock news....In other news today...."

04-24-2012, 07:30 PM
lmfao. Can you just make a story you imbecable cutie? :D

04-24-2012, 08:30 PM
I did! Did you see it? >xD

04-24-2012, 09:31 PM
I mean one that has more than five to seven lines Einstein. :P

04-25-2012, 03:19 PM

Copyright 2012

WARNING: The content in this story is graphic and should not be read by those who are under the age of 17 or whatever the legal age is in your state or country to read such material.

Disclaimer: Any characters found herein are completely fictional, any resemblance to any person's real or fictional is completely coincidental. Any products mentioned in the story were used without the knowledge of the companies or persons that own them. Formal use of their products name and brand names has been sent. Approval pending.

"Hey, Jimmy! Where's that report on those homicides down in Queens?"

"Hang on man!....God, always breaking my balls."

"Damn straight. If you can't write a report, you ain't getting out on the field."

"Come on Mr. Fatty, how long you been pushing pencils? Thirty or forty years?"

"Oh shut up, Dickhead!"

Ahh, the loud and banter filled mornings on Precinct 13 in the Bronx. The first time I got here, the cops here were nothing but a bunch of assholes. Didn't like the guy from two desks over from them, and that guy was me. I was a detective, a man who thought he fought for integrity and honor. Only it wasn't that way at the precinct. Here they fought over the women and money. These guys would turn their backs if you paid the right amount. Until their buddies got busted awhile back for being crooked, then things started straigtening out. Or at least that's what I.A. thought but just to be sure they sent me down here. Starting back a year, it was my twenty-third assignment and I was considered one of the best of Internal Affairs....

Here I got writer's block and will get back to it as I find more details to add or more of the story somehow pops into my head.

04-25-2012, 03:59 PM
BAHAHA!!!! (ROTFLMFCAO) Okay you smart ass, thanks. good story too btw :)

04-25-2012, 04:56 PM
I most likely try to call it a "Korrupted", ain't finished and ain't damn ready for public eyes. Gonna use most of the stories I write for manga storyboards.

04-25-2012, 06:14 PM
t(-_-) It's fine. I liked it.

05-10-2012, 08:35 PM
Oh, guess what.... Hehehehe....FRANK'S POV IS NOW UP!!! :D Oh the sheer joy of torturing Zero with my Fanfic Yaoism.

Frank’s POV
I glared after my mom yelled “Bye Sweet heart, have a good day.” and told her with a sarcastic grin, “L’inferno mi aspetta” and walked into the school. I looked at the the charts that were given to me by the secretary. “Oh lucky me...History as a first class.” I muttered. I started walking towards my doom and took a few deep breaths before swinging the door open and walking in. I stood there and looked at the teacher. She was short, fake and pretty much ugly, too plastic and barbie doll looking. “She introduced me as I was gawking at a guy in the back. He looked similar to me, only taller with longer hair and a dark hazel color for his eyes. I walked up to him after the brief intro about me and cleared my throat. He seemed to be zoned out or in lala land. I cleared my throat and his head snapped up towards me. I smiled, “Mind if I sit here?” I asked, he blushed and stammered “oh uh y-Yeah sure no problem.” I chuckled and plopped myself down next to him “Oh wow, very gentleman-like, Frank...” I thought. “My name is Frank, hi.” I held my hand out to him, he took it hesitantly. “Gerard.” He stated before letting go of my hand. “Wow, his hands are soft and cool, like a spring breeze, I wonder if his lips are the same, or maybe like a tropical forest…” I thought, I looked at him and smirked when I caught him staring longer than necessary. He smiled back shyly. I leant forward and said, “You know, I hate this class, I play guitar and I like art and writing. What about you?” I whispered. I leant back as he went forward, copying my previous moves, He whispered,” I sing, I love are, I like writing, and yes, I really hate this class too.” I smiled and nodded. He and I quickly became friends and told each other stupid stories and shitty jokes. “Damn, he’s so cute, everything about him draws me in…” I thought.

(I'm sorry it's so short.. I have a common case of writer's block.)

05-11-2012, 07:55 PM
"Code: Severance"


Copyright 2012

WARNING: All characters and events depicted in this story are comepletely fictional. Any resemblance to any person's living, dead, or fictional is completely coincidental. Some parts of this story will be graphic, only those of legal age to read such material should read this or whatever maybe the legal age of your state, country, or laws.

"Go to Alert Level Alpha. This is going to get ugly."


"When did they find out, Director?"

"Some time after Checkpoint Lima."

"That wasn't that very far back, sir...Are you sure you want to do this?"

"...I am very sure of it, Counselor..."

The warning claxon of incoming fire read on all read outs of any holographic monitor. The Frigate class ship was being attacked by another Federation Frigate named Azure. Anti-spacecraft fire lit up the dark recess of space. Hull fractures were seen to be on both ships. Most of the crew was either engaged in combat or trying to reroute power to maintain life support. The 'Director' as he was called was standing with his hands behind his back with a blank expression on his face. It was obvious to those that knew him well enough that he was not in a good mood about this happening. He was a decorated war veteran from the Civil Wars. Not many knew him enough to be called friends, and even fewer knew what his true purpose of being the ship's captain was. Some say that 'Director' was a callsign reserved for those who worked black ops and counter-intelligence, but no concrete evidence of this could be found.

The Azure stopped firing from their heavy cannons, a sign that they needed some time to reload. The 'Director' looked over to an Ensign and nodded, "...Fire...". The following seconds a salvo of M.A.C. rounds fired away from hidden Ultraheavy Artillery Cannons seated in the midsection of the ship. The crew watched as the slow but powerful rounds head for the ship. The Azure was trying to move out of the way of the rounds, but it was too slow. The 'Director' spoke out loud, as if towards the crew of the Azure, "It's too late you fucking cowards. This should teach you to ever fire upon my team again." He turned on his heels and began to make his way to the hangar as the Azure exploded from the U.A.C. rounds, hurling debris everywhere. The blast could be felt through the ship as it rocked it from the enormous explosion. Bodies and parts of the ship still sparking with electricity could be seen flying off into space. Some of the bodies were still bleeding, some were comepletely torn apart by the explosion. The blood that hit the windows of the bridge splattered along as the Angel of Dissent started up their engines to plow through most of the debris before it all became a stationary minefield.

As the 'Director' entered the hangar, a group of power armor equipped soldiers stood at attention. He spoke with a very irritated tone, "Can anyone explain to me why all this happened? I thought you worked as a team, not individual Lone Wolf's. Thanks to your arrogance, we have to meet up with the Uriel to repair the damages to this ship. I'd advise you to learn from this, or else I will find other's to replace you. Is that understood Team Aplha?" The group all replied in sync, "Yes, Sir!" The 'Director then nodded, "...Dismissed.." The group left and the 'Director' walked to the infirmary.

One of the guys that had the name "Trans" scratched into his armor spoke out, "What the fuck was your problem, L.T.!? You blew the fucking mission with your stupid antics of wanting to always be first."

The one named L.T. replied, "What!? If I hadn't done anything then the fucking rook would have been roasted! What the hell was I supposed to do!? We work as a team right!? Then you tell me why you didn't have the kid covered!"

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't know I had babysitting duty. if someone told me what my fucking orders were, then none of this shit would ahve happened!" He retorted back.

"Amen to that..." spoke another who had the name "Omen".

"Enough of this. I tire of hearing squabble." spoke one who was nearly seven foot tall and had a very thick Russian accent. He walked up to the two the were fighting and knocked both of their heads together. "It was all of our fault and also bad intel on orders and what they were. So now enough bicker and more preparation for hyperjump, da?"

The two nodded and glared at each other from the inside of their face plates. The 'Director' watched the interaction between the group and spoke to an assistant that had a small holographic pad next to him, "Give me the rookie. He seemed to know more about he mission than the rest, hence why he kept his mouth shut. I want to know if we can use him for "Project: NEAR".

"Sure thing, Adam." said the assistant with a sly look in her eyes.

05-14-2012, 06:55 PM
“Elena! Principal’s office, NOW!” screeched the ‘bird-beak’ Casey.
I looked up from my drawing and saw her beady eyes boring into me. “What for bir- I mean Ms. Casey?” I asked, almost letting the nickname slip. Her drawn-on eyebrows stitched into a scowl. “Don’t question me Ms. Coralene, just get to the office.” She sounded exasperated. I grinned and looked at my friend, Garry, raising an eyebrow. He smirked and shrugged casually. I got up and being 17 and at the height of 4’10’’ wasn’t very good, so I decided to go to the office for a real reason. I jumped on to the table and smirked. Ms. Casey was appalled and started screeching her big head off. “Get out of this class you Emo Freak! You too Garry! Get out! Get out!” I laughed and threw a bucket of water over her head that held the previous frog’s innards. Her face looked more red than a tomato. “Sorry Ms. Casey, I thought you’d like to cool down, you look a little, red.” I giggled and hopped on to Garry’s back and pointed towards the door. “Onward, mighty steed!” I started gigging when he was walking towards the office with me; the secretary looked up and saw up both grinning at her like idiots. She sighed and muttered something along the lines of “is this a ritual for you two, daily?” I let out a creepy giggle that made Garry combust into a fit of laughter.
The principal walked out after getting phoned by the secretary. “Elena and Garry, what a shocker, where’s the rest of the freak parade?” I sat up and attempted to look serious in front of my aunt. “Oh you know, taking our place in terrorizing this hellhole.” I giggled. My aunt, Mrs. Mackerson, put a hand on her hip and the other on her forehead. “Ella, will you please give this school a chance? Please, for your mom’s sake?” Her voice sounded soft and partially distant. “Why do I even have to give this place or any other place a chance when there are so many others that don’t even try to give me a chance?” I put emphases on the ‘me’. Garry sat down and I sat on his lap, most likely to irritate my aunt and to make Garry blush. “Well okay then, You may go to your next class. Oh and Elena, your mother called, she won’t be home tonight. She has to work overnight for the rest of this week and the next.” I nodded, like I cared, my mom never spoke to me since she divorced dad. I scoffed as soon as she left me with Garry. “Well, let’s get out of here.” I muttered and jumped off his lap. He followed and put his long slender arm around my shoulders. “We need to either get out of here, or take revenge on the whole school.” I looked up at him as he nodded slow and surely.
“Well Elena, what do we do?” He asked, he finally spoke since we left the office. “I don’t know G. Let’s go to the music room.” I suggested, he beamed and scooped me up into his arms, bridal style. I blushed and frowned at him playfully. “Are you trying to say something about my height or are you carrying me to show how much you truly love me?” I smirked at him as he blushed. We were already in the empty music room and playing our favorite instruments. Garry was making a beat on the drums while I played in sync with my guitar ‘Freak’ and singing to a song I worked on. I looked up from my guitar and saw a tall, pale, and hazel eyed boy about my age walk up, his walks were more like feminine strides. I giggled and he gave me and Garry a heart stopping smirk. “Hey guys, I heard you out there, you’re really good.” I noticed his voice was very masculine and was dripping with a heavy jersey accent. “Thanks, um…” I was about ask him his name, but he seemed to have read my mind when he said “Oh, I’m sorry, my name is Jacob Jensen.” I looked up at him and gave him a small grin. “Hey, I’m Elena Coralene, and this is Garry Harington.” I stated, Jacob sat down next to me and I decided to be the cheeky brat I am. “I noticed you walk like a chick, are you gay? Because I’m sure with that smile; you can make lesbians straight and straight men gay.” I made him laugh at that, he looked at me and I stared back at him with confusion clearly on my face; to me, most others would either backhand me or walk away grumbling curses. I felt one backhand, but it wasn’t Jacob’s hand though, it was Garry’s. “What? Can I help it if I’m such a smart arse?” I asked, batting my eyelashes at him and giving him a deadly smirk. “Elena, you know most people would advise you to shut the hell up. But… wait. Dude you’re not mad?” Garry directed the question to Jacob who shook his head smiling. “She was using a type of cocky pick-up line, and it’s true, well I’m actually bi.” I looked at him and gave him a smile. “Dude, that was not a pick-up line, I was just giving you a compliment along with a question.” I gave him my sweetest smile. Garry and Jacob seemed to know I was attempting to be nice.
“Dude, Elena, I’m not sure if you’re either being nice, or you are just pretending.” I glared at Garry who was sniggering . “Well, either way, you’re really good, but I probably should go. Nice meeting you both.” Jacob smiled and turned to get up, I couldn’t stop myself from blurting out. “You want to come over to my place in an hour?” I blushed in embarrassment. He turned and smiled at me. I’m beginning to love that smirk/smile of his every time. “Sure, I see you at the entrance. See you later Sugar.” I blushed beet red and Garry doubled over in laughter, making me punch his arm. I was very anxious but as soon as I left the music room I got decked out of nowhere. I looked up to see Craig and his band of jerks. “Well if it isn’t little Elena the Leader of the Freak Parade.” Craig sneered, I smirked and wiped the blood off my pierced lip. “I see you made it a point to make my already messed up life a living hell, but did you have to deck me?” I got up and glared up at the cheerleaders and jocks. “Of course I never meant to hit a girl like you, but I heard you pulled a prank on my girlfriend. You switched her baby powder with itching powder. Bad move little freak.” I smiled and glanced at the four that over-towered me. “Well, she shouldn’t have threw her stupid glitter all over me.” I retorted. Craig was now red with rage and rose his fists getting ready to hit me. I smirked and waited for him to throw me across the hall until I saw another hand grab his fist and turn him around.
Jacob gave Craig a right hook and shoved him against a locker. “You think hitting a girl a year younger than you is a good idea? How wrong you are brother. You lay a finger on her ever again I’ll make sure you’ll regret it and I won’t be so gentle.” I was staring at him wide-eyed, I’ve only just met him; but I think I was starting to fall for him. Craig’s nose was gushing red liquid, and he was whimpering. The other jock, Harold decided to attack him, but that made me mad when he was advancing towards Jacob. I attacked him by jumping on to his back and putting him a choke-hold. Jacob turned around just in time to see me getting smashed in between him and the wall. I let out a grunt/groan. That’s when I saw Jacob simmer with rage now. I dropped when I saw Jacob grab Harold and hit him about three times before grabbing me and walking out of the school. Garry was shocked to see me with only a slightly bloody lip. “I thought you outside. I didn’t know you were attacked. Why didn’t you text me brat?!?” He was pissed, I didn’t blame him, I did have to take off in the other direction but I didn’t think about whipping my cell out to tell him I’m getting my arse kicked. “Look what was I supposed to do? Tell Craig and his merry men to hold on while I call you to tell you my arse was about to be turned to ground beef?” He sighed and shook his head and held me closely. I looked at Jacob and swore I could see a tinge of jealousy in his beautiful hazels. “Bro…G… I can’t breathe!” I choked out. Garry let go and smiled. “Sorry Li’l sis, you just scared me.” I looked up at Jacob and Garry.
Jacob looked as confused as a blonde. I giggled creepily, making Garry snigger again. “You didn’t know we were step-siblings?” I asked Jacob. I swore he looked relieved at that. “Well want to go to your house now?” I nodded and started walking towards Garry and I’s house. Once inside I saw mom’s note in the kitchen. “Elena and Garry, I’m not going to be here for a while. Behave and go to school. Love you, Mom.
P.S. There is about 2000$ each in your and Garry’s cards. Do not spend it all in one.” I showed the note to Garry and he nodded. “So, who wants pizza? Oh Jacob, you want to stay?” I asked the two nodded and I decided to call out for a veggie pizza and a pepperoni pizza.
(Oh and This only got a B+ So it really sucks but at this point, I don't care, I just want to show off some stuff.)

05-21-2012, 08:16 PM
If It Can Save Me, It Can Save You


I danced through the night, a graceful and mystical dance, that can set you into a trance.

I sing in the late night and early days, a sweet and sorrowful, raw and emotional tune, it can put a child to sleep with sweet dreams.

I smile with every waking morning ‘til late dusk and show no fear towards the monsters or evil, heartless humans, it can make you smile back at me.

All of these things may show you I’m completely happy, but that itself, is far from the truth.

When I dance, I show off not only my graceful but also clumsiness, but I still dance with grace and poise movements.

When I sing, I sound as sad as the lonely nightingale, it’s beautiful, yet its also almost like grieving.

When I smile, I tell a story about myself, even when it’s sad or fake, it can tell you “I’m not okay, but I’m also not afraid.”

I may give out fake smiles, long sad songs, and impaired dancing, but it’s all for your true entertainment.

I sing, smile, and dance to show you how much it means for me to make you smile and laugh.

I love what I could do, and if it can save me, it can save you too, because all we are is dreams and goals.

(I Have no idea why I wrote this...Maybe for a "Cheer up the broken" type of day it was. Anyways. I think My writing is stuck in a barrier and can't move on to the next step. )

09-21-2012, 04:17 PM
Killer's Joy In Revenge
As the victim comes to, he's well aware the chained holding his arms up are indicating that he's in someone's house, or better yet, their dungeon. He tries to pry the chain from his bruising wrists. "It won't work, Hun, You'd have to break your hands to get those off." said a sickly sweet female's voice. He could vaguely see the silhouette of a petite female. Suddenly the brilliant lights made the young man wince from sudden change in lighting. The female let out a soft, sadistic chuckle. "My, my, my, what are we going to do to you my dear Christian? You need to be taught a lesson." Christian looked up to see someone he never suspected to be the culprit. "Kaylie! What are you doing you little freak?" His words shaken with slight fear and curiosity. "I'm merely going to punish you for the way you treat people like my brother. You're going to feel their pain, you're going to see what you do to them, and then, you're going to wish you were never born; you're going to wish you've never treated my brother or any of my friends like that in school. Oh my sweet, when I'm done with you, you're going to die a slow, painful death." Kaylie's words had made him visibly shiver. Christian looked up at her like death itself had just backhand him into reality, well he was half right, he did get backhand, but not by death. "What did I ever do to you and your band of freaks?" He spat. Kaylie let out a child-like giggle. "Oh my dearest, you will not stop thinking I'm only going to bluff, will you?" She stared at him, her head tilted to the right, smiling at him like a lunatic. Her hands were behind her back in a suspicious form. He nodded his head towards one of her hidden arms, "What's behind you?" his voice so shaky it came out in a jumbled stutter. "I'm so glad you asked, because I need to learn about Biology, and I don't have a frog. So I thought you'd be helpful. Here, I make the cutting and gutting less painful." His eyes widen when she pulled out a rather large mallet. "I'm sick of seeing your smug face, making my friends and brothers feel more worse than they already are!" With that, she slammed the mallet down with such force the contact with Christian's head make a sickening 'crunch'. She felt the bunch of warm ooze and brains touch her red converse. Elena turned to look at a family portrait and smiled. "One down, 49 to go, big bro." Her eyes were sad and tearful but she knew nothing would come out, her brother had done suicide because of Christian and his group of arseholes. It was up to her to stop them from telling people like her and her brother to just die. Now she was ready to kill the world without mercy, she had lost everything, because her family is now gone. She unlocked Christian's body from his prison, and dropped him to the underground trap she had made. She looked at her list and crossed off the first name. "Christian Harverly, deceased." She let out a lunatic's laugh.

09-21-2012, 06:53 PM
I'm sorry to say this, but I haven't been able to post anything sin last yeah I regret that, but If you want to read any of my fanfics or dark fantasy stories please go to http://www.Wattpad.com and/or http://www.FanFiction.net, thank you
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Thanks Again!! :) <3

10-12-2012, 09:12 PM
My Dream: A Dark and Mystical Forest

A/N: Well, my dreams usually occur when I’m worried, scared, or just restless, but this one had occurred for three nights straight, and I’m not restless or scared. Anyways, I’m going to tell it like a fairy tale, because that’s what it seemed like to me.
I had woken up with nothing but pine, fur, and birch trees standing over me, I stared up at the large pale moon and slowly sat up to reveal that I was on the dark, almost bluish floor. I felt some unfamiliar eyes boring into me so I turned to see a small child with fairy wings. She was about 3 feet tall and had a dark, but gentle and friendly aura to her. I got up and stood on my knees as she floated over to me. “Hello,” She said is a high-pitched girlish voice, “My name is Leticia; I have been expecting you, Jean.” I was a bit nervous, not because she knew my name, but she had been expecting me. “Hello, why were you waiting for me?” I asked, I was timid and I wanted to run but for some reason, I also felt safe, it was very odd. “I am here because you have created this world as a place to, ‘get away’ from reality.” I frowned in confusion at her reason, something I do almost all the time. “If I created this place, whatever it’s called, then why didn’t I know about it until now?” I think I was getting irritated, hoping it wasn’t like some “Alice in Wonderland” joke. I assumed I hit my head pretty hard to be dreaming this up.
“I think you, yourself already know the answer as to why you dreamt me and this entire place, by the way you called it “The Mystique Forest” and as such you created me, your alter ego/child. I frowned, she did have the same color hair, eyes, and skin as me, only then did I realize that I had also created her a name that I used to fancy. I looked up and all around, this was all starting to become familiar, but then, I saw something that I never thought could be that possible to dream up. “Weird? Or is it the fact that you still can’t believe you’re in a dream where you, yourself is the main character of a fairy tale?” Leticia questions me. I open my mouth to speak when I hear orchestral music, or rather, a violin playing in the distance, I recognize the song as “The Devil’s trill I, II, and III” I sigh and look at Leticia, “why did I dream this up? Was it because I was sad and tired of being in reality?” Then everything started to fade into black, “That’s for you to decide why, I’ll be waiting again, goodbye for now, Jean.” I suddenly woke up and looked around and found myself back in my small, cluttered room.
A/N: That was the first night of my bizarre dream, But there is two more nights, and as each dream occurs, I am reminded that I created the most unusual and creepy creatures.
The next night I lied there, staring at my ceiling; then finally sleep encased me in its blanket. I soon woke up in the same place I was the previous night, and soon I go up and walked towards the sound of a band I knew. I looked at all the creatures and had to bite my tongue from giggling at what I dreamt up. There were skittle-flies, starburst-flowers, and other sweets that were in the shape of animals, insects and flowers. “Well, I think I may have made a slightly better Wonderland than Alice did.” I murmured to myself. I heard a few giggles and turned around to see three fairies that looked similar, but at the same time very different. “So glad you could make it back, meet your other egos, Akira, and Elena.”
I stared at one that was dark red, called Akira, and the one that was a gentle color of pale rainbows. “Hello, nice to meet you both.” I say almost shyly. “Psh, whatever, you already know who I am, we’ve had our arguments and such.” Akira stated, smirking at me, which in turn I frowned and sighed. “I know and what about my other alter egos?” I looked at Leticia. “She looked very chipper today and smiled at me, “Elena will show you to our dark castle, meaning you’re the queen,” she stifled her giggles and I scowled at her and the other two. “Wait, Elena, are you my recent alter ego?” I stared at her curiously as she nodded, her voice was much sweeter, but still had a good edge to it. “Yes, we’ve never really met but I’m the one that keeps you happy, otherwise calm and serene.” I nodded and looked at Leticia. She gave the other two a slight glance started to float away slowly; I followed hastily to keep up with them. I stopped when I saw something very creepy and gore, but very beautiful as the songs that played in the nearby distance.
“So that’s what I created? Are there any more like them? If so, will get to see them before I go again?” I asked, still staring at what looked like a perfect dark version of a phantom, her hair was long, her Victorian dress was white with blood red stain designs and her face was pure as snow, only her eyes were hollow and dead, as all ghosts and phantoms would be. I looked around and saw baby vampire bats that danced around in the night; I saw boys and girls peering around at me from behind the pale blue trees. I looked around to see all these beautiful lizards, snakes, bats, humans, and creatures that were so dark and almost stomach churning that I nearly fainted out of happiness. “So, this answers your question?” Akira asked smugly, I nodded and walked over to a small boy and knelt down in front of him. “Hello, what’s your name?” I ask in a gentle voice, he looks up and smiles, pink dusting his cheeks, “I’m Nathanial, one of the vampire children you created, Ms. Jean.” I smiled and patted his head softly walking back to where the three egos were. “So all this comes from me?” The three nodded and began floating away again. I followed as I continued to look around.
A/N: “So during the second night I was greeted by everything, but it was still a scary/fun/exciting experience for me. There was so much there that I felt it was going to be like a bad omen.”
I looked up at an old Victorian house and blinked a few times. “This is what you call a castle? I’m glad; otherwise I might have been lost trying to get out to the front door.” I said giggling at my little joke. Leticia led the way and the others followed behind me. “So here you can do whatever you want; you’re the creator, you can make rules for yourself, and you may come and go as you please. Oh and don’t forget to say hello to your hybrid friend. I walked around after bidding them my thanks. I looked into a mirror and laughed, “my, so I’m a half-breed as well? Am I a cat/vampire hybrid?” I asked myself out loud. “You are, in fact you love animals, angles, demons, and vampires so much you made a world where they can love one another and live in a coexistent environment.” I turned to see a boy with shoulder length black hair, pale skin, one blue eye, and one red. He had a scar on his left (red) eye, and wolf ears and a big fluffy tail. I envied him almost instantly. “Hey, who are you? Are you…Zero or Kiba? I can’t remember…” I asked then at the end I stated sadly.
I awoke to peer at my dirty white ceiling. My eyes were blurry, and my head was spinning. I looked at my phone and realized it was almost 11AM. It was a Sunday morning and I wasn’t feeling too well, so I kept sleeping on and off. My mom was worried about me and my head, throat, and ears were hurting me pretty badly. By 9:30PM, after I’ve eaten; I went straight back to sleep. I woke up with a bunch of people around me and the ceiling was a dark red, I heard MCR playing in the background, and I stared up at the recent people I met the previous dream. “Well, you’re finally back, what took you so long?” Akira demanded. “Oh shut up you brat, I haven’t been feeling well these past few hours.” I snapped. I stood up and brushed myself off, and looked around. I looked into a room that was labeled “Jean’s Room” and looked around. The walls were black with red splattering it and the ceiling was a dark purple. My room had many broken porcelain Victorian dolls, an abundance of teddy bears, and scary plush dolls. There were even three different music boxes on my dark red drawers. I played all of them at the same time. There was DC comics, manga’s, and fan fictions in my black book-shelf. I thought my room was the best; everything was creepy, yet nice. The dark exterior gave it the feminine touch.
A/N: That’s the end of my dream, I woke up on Monday to find out I was 45 minutes late, so I think I dreamt harder than I thought, plus all of my creativity was pretty much drained. At least I hope these little Author’s notes gave you more input on what the heck I was telling you. Thank you and “The End”.