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12-17-2011, 08:56 PM
I'm bored and out of things to do, so I thought I'd post one of my stupid little stories here. I guess I'll split it into chapters and post more over time, so here's chapter one.

CH1: Enter Apocalypse
I couldn't really imagine the magnitude of what was to come. I couldn't imagine that the world would end - at least not this way, anyways. My story starts on an Autumn day, a few weeks before school was set to start...

AUGUST 12th, 2001 ~ 1:00PM - 1:30 PM
"You really find this fun?" I asked to Marcus. He glanced at me for only a moment, quickly switching his gaze back to the magnifying glass, "Of course. I really don't see how you're not enjoying this, Tridon." I sighed. Marcus is more of what you'd call a 'geek', or a 'nerd'. He really doesn't find amusement in sports, games, TV and pretty much anything else besides science, math and all that boring stuff. Sometimes I just felt like it wasn't worth being friends with him, let alone best friends. I turned my attention to the little bug magnified through the glass. "Oh look, it has a little hourglass-thingy on its back." I said in a somewhat cheery tone, glad that something at least remotely fun had come up. "Yeah." replied Mark, not paying too much attention to me, "It's a Black Widow." I rolled my eyes, realizing that this really wasn't going anywhere. I really needed to do something exciting before school started. Swish. "Ahh, don't you just love the breeze Mark?" I asked, hoping to spark up a nice conversation. "Hate it." replied Marcus in his usual, robotic voice. "Huh, why?" I asked, "Isn't it all nice'n relaxing?" "It sure is..." said Mark, "but it blew away that Black Widow that I was studying." I felt as if being in school would be more fun than this, "For god's sake Mark, let's do something fun!" Marcus raised an eyebrow, "Fun? What could be more fun than examining the intricate details of things?" I clutched Mark's over-sized shirt with my right fist, "Everything." His pale face didn't really change much. His stale, black eyes still seemed droopy. His expression emotionless. "You're so stupid Tridon. Tell me one thing that we can do, and I'll do it with you, regardless of what it is." My grip loosened on Mark's shirt, my lips twisting into a devious smile, "Great! I've got the best idea, ever! This should be a lot of fun!" Mark chuckled, "And what would that be?" My smile grew even larger, my heart beating. The thing was, I really didn't have a plan. Not one, but Mark didn't know that. I figured that anything could be more fun than this, so I did what no sane person would do. I said, "I heard there's this old run-down lab in the next town over. Let's go check that out." Mark laughed his annoyingly squeaky laugh, "And how will we be able to get there?" Mark really couldn't elongate this too much, "Easy, we'll just take a bus." I could tell that Marcus really didn't want to take part in this.

AUGUST 12th, 2001 - ??? ~ 6:00PM-???
"I knew it." uttered Mark, "It was just an urban legend. There really is no stupid, fake lab." I really didn't want to admit it, but it seemed as though Mark was right. We'd been walking for a few hours, looking around for that stupid lab. We were also completely lost, stuck in the middle of a large city. Perfect. "You really are stupid, Tridon." said Mark, in a cold voice. "Shut up Mark." I said, failing to insult Mark. "Great comeback." mocked Mark, "Now, how the hell are we going to get out of here?" I chuckled, "You're the genius. You tell me." Mark's face got even more dull. He was losing hope. Great. "Let's just keep walking. We're bound to find a bus stop eventually." It wasn't the best plan, but it was all we had. If only we had turned back. "Hey look!" shouted Marcus, only moments later, "Doesn't that look like a lab?" I really couldn't tell where it was, "Where?" Marcus pointed his finger directly in front of himself, "There." I turned my attention to where he pointed. In front of us stood a short, yet wide, building. It was painted in yellowing white, surrounded by tall grass. The windows were covered, the curtains pulled everywhere. In front of the building stood a sign, covered in black tape. I walked up to the sign, "I wonder what the tape's for." Mark put a hand on his chin, thinking, "Probably to hide whatever the sign read." My eyes widened as I turned back to Mark, "Let's peel it off." Marcus shrugged, and closed his eyes, making a careless face, "Do whatever you want." I quickly turned my attention back to the sign, and started peeling off the tape. After about fifteen minutes of struggling with that accursed tape, I finally removed it all. "KizCo Laboratory!" I read aloud, "This is it Mark! It really exists!" Marcus didn't seem to care too much. "Great." He said. I could hardly wait to go in, "I'm going in!" I ran towards the door. "Fun, here I come!" I said as I pushed the door. Thuck. "Huh?" Marcus walked up next to me, "You really expected it to be unlocked?" My face turned a little red, "Stop being such a smartass." Mark sighed, "You know, we could just smash the windows." My eyes lit up, and my then-embarrassed face turned into a large smile, "Great idea!" I bent over and picked up the nearest large rock, which happened to be right behind Mark. "Boom!" I yelled, somewhat jokingly as I chucked the rock at the window. Kreeeeeeeee! The glass broke, shards flying everywhere. One of them fell on Mark, "Good going, idiot." I pounded that rock at the remaining bits of glass left on the window, making sure to remove everything. "I'm goin' in." I said as I climbed through the window. "Careful." warned Marcus. I turned my attention back to Marcus after I climbed through, "What, aren't you coming?" Mark scoffed, "Sure I am!" A few moments later, he jumped through the window, falling on his head. "Careful." I said, laughing. "Shut up." said Mark, as he struggled to get up. We decided to exit the room, and to go check out the hall. "Whoa." said Mark. The hallway was simply enormous, about the size of a soccer field. I couldn't believe my eyes, "it didn't look THIS big!" "Ditto." said Mark as he turned his head in awe, examining the hall. "I see that you kiddies like the hallway!" boomed a loud voice, "I made it all - everything you see in front of you!" My heart started pounding, "Who are you?!" Silence. "Oh, me? I'm just a simple human, kiddies!" I stayed jumpy, "Where are you?!" A moment of silence followed my question. "That doesn't really matter. What really matters is that you kiddies are on my property, and that that's against my consent!" I started to shake a bit. I could see Mark was uneasy, something very rare for him. "We'll go, we promise!" said Mark, his voice shaky. "Go? Oh no! And I was just starting to like you kiddies!" Thud. Click. My heart was going berserk, "What was that sound?!" The voice boomed, "Oh, nothing too important. We're gonna play a game, so I just made it so you can't cheat." "Cheat?" questioned Mark, "H-how so?" A bit of silence followed. "Well 'ya see, I can't have anyone cheat, especially after not playing with anyone for 20 years!" I started to sweat, "So, uh, how do we play this game?" The voice bellowed, "Well kiddo, there's one gas mask to your right. In a few minutes I'm going to release a gas that completely rearranges your physical form by entering your body, through your lungs. One of you will be able to use the gas mask. The other will be hideously mutated." What?! I was going frantic. I needed that gas mask, I simply did. I felt bad for Mark, but that mask was as good as mine. Mark's eyes were wide, his hands were shaking. "T-Tridon." he said, "Wh-who's gonna take the mask?" I really didn't want Mark to get mutated, and it broke my heart to answer him. A tear fell down my face, and I felt the urge to hug Mark. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." I said as a stream of tears flowed from my eyes. I quickly hit Mark's head, knocking him out. I couldn't stand it. I broke into a blubbering mess. "Better hurry up, kiddo! That gas is gonna be released in a few seconds!" the voice laughed. I wiped my tears, and grabbed the mask. I took one last look at Mark as gas filled the room, tears rolling down my eyes. The room became one big pink cloud, and time seemed to stop. A second seemed like an hour, a minute an eternity. I closed my eyes, and let fate do the rest. Of course, back then I didn't know that that wasn't the end of Mark. No, it was far from the end of him.