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:cat_thumbsup: Well ive never posted before but i had an idea and i had to go for it eventually so lez do diz:cat_yell:

I want to see the personalities of your main character. You can give an entire biography IDC:cat_noways: Ill start with the always a pain in the *** Quartz. (this is mostly for shonen characters but if ur doin realism then leave out skillz plz, normal ppl dont have any).

Name: Quartz
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 150lbs with his feather boots. without them his weight due to magic is 750lbs
Build: Light, athletic, Slim
Skillz: A mage that fights up close with and without a sword. A CQC Magician or Combat Magi for short. Element of light
Job: Mercenary
Key traits: A demon arm, silver hair, tan skin and an IQ of 290(though he dosen't show it), ridiculous strength and abnormal endurance, small horns and pointed ears, glowing dragon eyes, odd hair style, peculiar dress fashion.
Home Town: A quaint little mountain town next to a steam-punk city on the most elite part of the continent
Titles: Worlds most powerful Mage.

Dezcribshun: He's a bit of an as*hole who speaks his mind straight out and unfiltered. Hes the kind of person who would explain to a girl that he wont look at her cuz shes flat chested. Always the last to help someone with a small problem and laugh at those less fortunate. Eats like a bottomless pit. Somehow great with girls but so clueless that he accidentally has the tendency to lead them on. Valiant at the worst time and has no sense of chivalry. Non-heroic but will save anyone anywhere. Stupidly brave and a slob who cant read a situation. An unromantic idiot with a passion for weird things. The guy thats too amusing to hate.

Likes: 10 star foods, nature, the city, his brother, Inifinitaluna Phenoxia (calls her Ini, calls herself Tiffany, shes his childhood friend and yes im looking for a better name that showes the word Infinity)

Dislikes: Loud, flat chested women(the first woman he teams up with... her short description), moody bastards(the second person), bad music and people who cant sing(the third one), disrespect of food, swordsmen (hes a swordsman too -.-').

Fav phrase: I ain't no hero, heroes die. I, am a Mercenary.

Story: Leaves in search of Ini after she left the village for unknown reasons when he was 12. He loved her but never got to say it.

DONT MAKE YOURS LIKE MINE IF YOU DONT WANT TO. My character designs are complex and so he is described in depth. If you cant think up all this about your character then dont hurt yourself.:cat_panic:

My character is so in depth because i have read about 60 manga titles...Im such an otaku:cat_sad:

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Name: Sodo
Age: 18
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 143
Build: Light, Fast, Average
Skills: Can use one or two swords. Master of the Shigemune no kōhai.
Job: Swordsman, one of the Strongest Swordsman in the World.
Key Traits: Black Eyes, Black Hair, White Vest w/ Black bands that keep it from opening. White, slightly baggy pants, black wraps around ankles and shins or the reverse.(Vest on the latter has no bands and stays open.)
HomeTown: Langtow, Shihai
Titles: Goes from 20 to Strongest Swordsman in the World.

Desription: Funny and Sarcastic, loves fighting, but not for blood, for pride. A people-person, everbody likes him, and he likes most everybody else, but not his enemies or people who look down on him. IF somebody is stupid enough to do that, he becomes serious and his personallity changes completly, and he becomes a serious, bad***, cut the crap person. Strategic.

Likes: Swords, collecting swords, legendary swords, sharp swords, women, friends, Yamatori Socki.
Dislikes: Blunt weapons, people who use blunt weapons, enemies.

Fav phrase: "Lets see who has a sharper mind."

Story: Wants to be the strongest swordsman in the world. The only way he can do that is to fight all of them. He meets his best friend Yamatori Socki while heading to fight the 13th swordsman in the beginning. Later he finds out that none of them were dead, and has to re-fight each of them. He later begins to care more about Yamatori and Akemi.

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Wow you're an asshole. Since normal people don't have skills, neither do you.

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they CAN be good at math or algebra, or stats or music theory or latin or some other normal thing

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Name: Kattai Shingi
Age: Forty-three.
Quick Description: Tall and slim, and with too many scars to name. His hair is tied up into a topknot, pitch black, but not without its streaks of grey. In his old age, his hair has started to thin. His beard is short but thick, dotted with more salt than pepper. He's lean and gaunt, choosing not to indulge overmuch in anything that may hinder his service. His face, solemn and untouched by passion, still has many lines of laughter etched into his skin, along with a number of wrinkles and scars.
Traits: A grizzled veteran of a hundred battles, he's much more reactionary than many other men. He realises that a single mistake can cost you your life, and so he makes it a point to never be unprepared - not that he often has much of a choice in the matter. Though not so quick on the draw, skilled with a blade or possessing a good aim, when in the midst of battle he can keep his head and his cool, and he can lead you to victory.
Personality: Steadfast in the face of danger, he will never hesitate to answer the call, to fulfil his duty and to step into the line of fire. He's calm, collected, and not much can drive him to anger. He likes to believe that treachery has no place in his soul - that such a heinous act is beyond him. He despises cowardice in all its forms - whether that be guerilla tactics, firearms, dishonourable conduct or anything else that could be considered such.
Many who might describe him, would say of him thus: He is a paragon of virtue, though not without his failings.
Many less refined people might imply that though he adheres to the code of Bushido, he is too rigid, and thus brittle. He cannot bend, but must simply shatter.

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So I see we are already having a flame war in a thread was a decent idea.

Can we please keep this clean. I hate for a mod to lock the thread.

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I'm not saying fuck you go die am I? No, I'm just letting him know he needs to choose better words in a pushy manner to really get my point across.

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I get that. But you made a big deal out of knowing which I see as flaming. You could have said it nicely that you were slightly(or higher) offended.

Anywho, I won't argue with you. To be on topic I will post my Main OC as soon as I can. I will just edit this post.

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I'm a flamer, huh. You must've never gone to YouTube before

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I get that. But you made a big deal out of knowing which I see as flaming.

That's not flaming he's just an idiot.

Sylux dont call people assholes. If you're gonna post in this mary sue thread stay on topic.

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name: Shirou
age: 19
height: 180cm
weight: 66kg
skills: diffrent martial arts, musical genious
job: student
key traits:yellow green eyes, earing in the left ear (can't take it off), a tatoo on his left shoulder ( black flame)
home town: kyoto
A slefconcentred ,egocentric guy, feared by everyone around him, being way too mysterious about his past, he's the subject of endelss rumors, that ended up building legends about him,he doesnt seem to even notice though. he's a manipulator, a vicious character that doesn't have the silghtest notion of trust and principales, uses anyone anytime, sees all pple around him as shields and means
as the story goes it reveals his real dark side, which is being born into the family of a cursed blood, and so he can only live as demon among pple fated to never love or be loved by anyone...
personnality: sarcastic, indifferent,polite and meticulous
likes: music, BBQ, his mother,fights,hide n seek game (likes to hide), styling his hair
hates: the rest of his family ( he's n illigitimate son), food that wasn't prepered infront of him, bad taste ( fashion,music etc...)
story: realises the hidden truth about his curse, and take the journey to find a way to undo it

ps: shadowriku i love ur OC ! btw my real name (Marwa) means Quartz in my native language :D

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Name: Ravenhunter Krieger Von Darksunderman
Height: 6'9"
Weight: Exactly one long tonne
Build: Lithe, short, but with close-knit, solid ox muscles beneath his clothes.
Job: Starjousting Extradimensionaut Mercenary Nightpirate Robopriest of love and peace.

Skills: Space breathing, teleportation, unfathomable strength, and high school geography. Healed by pain and bullets, but healed even more by being healed. His one weakness is that he is healed by the comparative weakness of others.
Key traits: An entire mega demon robot body aswell as a normal body, aswell as a robot arm with a nuclear black hole cluster missile hidden in the elbow, and axe fingers. He has white hair, normal-coloured skin and an IQ of 246kg. He has a great many abhorrent battlescars, but they do not detract from his supreme attractiveness. His eyes are silver in two and gold in the other. Often wears a vast void-coloured garment, crafted from the very finest bovine hides that the distant land of cornwall has to offer. Frequently wears a spacegold crown (which was cast from the melted down remains of the old evil universe king's nuclear laser chainsaw sword), and a weilds a nuclear laser chainsaw sword (which was cast from the melted down remains of the old evil universe king's spacegold crown). Also, cargo pants.

Home Town: Beyond space, time and lite, in a fortress made of ice-fire inside the universes' galaxy sun.

Titles: 'God+1'

Describer: A kind-hearted poet who loves quiet meditation and smashing universes in the name of lovely justice. Everyone who meets him either loves his charming personality or hates him because of secrets involving his dark and mysterious past. This mysterious past is a secret even to him, since he gave himself amnesia to hide the gravity of his sins. He got his powers from a future version of himself which had come back in time and warned him about a great evil he was going to perform in the future, which also caused a great many of his old space vampire angel shark allies to disown him and plot his demise. Tragically, fighting them and killing them all against his will turned out to be the very evil deed itself. His father and his brother were space vampire angel sharks, so he had to fight them to the death aswell. Sometimes he likes to eat spaghetti and listen to rap music.

Likes: Space gold, Mega Shakespeare, and a good drink every now and then.

Dislikes: People who have gigantic ammounts of power gifted to them at a young age, yet still seem to have developed no major personality traits, life goals or even hobbies.

Fav phrase: "I do not know whether there are gods, but there ought to not be."

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Oh god, it's Sephiroth Goku the Stampede meets TTGL.
Came expecting Ulow, stayed for the Mega Shakespeare.

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I would pay for a comic about this dude

12-13-2011, 04:20 PM
is it possible to pick ur nose with axe fingers? its p tragic

12-13-2011, 05:44 PM
Well, since it says he has those "aswell", maybe he has a normal hand too? Maybe he, like, stores his extra demon robot body in the zeroth dimension, but it's still sorta connected to his neck via string theory or something?

The real question is, if "Starjousting Extradimensionaut" is his official job, how many others can there be? Is the jousting of stars in dimensions yet unknown a business respectable enough to pay average rent prices? I heard galaxy suns are hot property, so this seems kind of unrealistic, unfortunately...

People only want to read about cold, hard scientific facts these days, after all. :/

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He seems a bit overpowered to me, I mean really, how many manga characters do you know that can't die, other than Goku? He's healed by pain? It may just be me, but that seems kind of contradictory. Isn't pain in a connection with injuries? If you are injured it hurts. If pain heals him, wouldn't he just never experience pain? Of course it is possible that he experiences the pain and THEN it heals him. And there are a lot of long, run on names and titles. Maybe shorten them up a bit? Not to sound mean, or rude, but it seems kind of like this is supposed to be a joke. Once again, no offense.

12-13-2011, 08:20 PM
It's a joke man

12-13-2011, 09:09 PM
It's a joke man

WHAT man I was looking forward to that comic

12-13-2011, 09:09 PM
Yeah, looking at it now, you're right, he's probably a wee bit overpowered...

He now no longer has that high school geography qualification. After all, he's 16, right? How could he have completed high school? That would just be super silly.

Also, he is only hurt by emotional pain. The idea that someone would want to try and hurt him is what makes him heal; He's kinda got low self esteem like that.

Double also, I didn't really think that his title, 'God+1', was that long... Can't even think of a way to shorten it, to be honest. Maybe it should just be changed to something like '?'... But, yeah, then it would kinda be like "Hey look, it's '?'!", and I don't really think that makes any sense...

If you were talking about his 'job', a Starjousting Extradimensionaut Mercenary Nightpirate Robopriest of love and peace, I'm not sure why, since it's a real profession and everything. >_>

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If you're gonna post in this mary sue thread stay on topic.
I suppose we could use this thread to help eliminate Sues and build up decent characters.

Name: Sierra Summer
Age: 14
Height: 5 '
Weight: 94 lbs
Build: Small and fragile, flat and curveless
Occupation: Student
Key traits: Albino; prosthetic right hand; good at math, art, and culinary, bad at English, history, P.E., computer tech, and government; has terrible eyesight and wears contacts
Personality: Always tries to take the logical approach to problems, rarely succeeds (characters have to grow) because she's immature and inexperienced. Thinks mostly positive. Easily scared, easily intimidated, easily amused. Creative and calm, but too scared to show her art, writing, and music to anyone but her sister. Her writing sucks anyway; her art is only average; her compositions are actually decent, and therefore, uninteresting to talk about.
Title(s): Miss, or Ms.
Description: An average girl with just a few unique traits. She is unable to play most sports due to her hand and makes the excuse that she hates sports anyway. She draws a lot, writes a lot, and composes music because she likes creativity. Her writing sucks, mostly because she can't spell; her art is average; her music is pretty good. She sits around and eats ice cream a lot and is forced to work it off by her older sister, who frequently challenges her to sparring matches, footraces, and other physical activities, usually until she can barely stand afterward. Otherwise, she's just a normal, lazy little girl with unrealistic expectations for her future (wants to be a master of the arts).
Likes: Ice cream, art, books, music, sleeping, hanging around at the beach and doing absolutely nothing, her sister, her friends
Dislikes: Slasher films, gym class, unrealistic expectations (hers are an exception), poorly-written stories, amateur music, DeviantArt (she's an elitist)
Personal Quote: "A word to the wise ain't necessary - it's the stupid ones that need the advice."
-Bill Cosby
Story: Lives with her parents in South Africa until she's ten. Then her aunt's husband gets a terminal disease. She becomes desperate and listens to a witch doctor who says he can heal the dude with an albino person's limbs. After an internal dispute, Sierra's aunt chases her down and cuts her hand off. A man from Sierra's church saves her and shoots her aunt. So Sierra goes to live with her relatives in America, where she is tainted by the ease of living and becomes lazy. Later, her aunt comes to America and personally apologizes. After copious amounts of distrust, shootings, stabbings, crime, kidnapping, near-rape, bomb threats, and running away from all of the aforementioned, everything is nicely sorted out. As a result of all that crap, Sierra grows up and becomes far more mature, like any non-braindead person would as a result of such experiences.

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Love the quote. Bill Cosby FTW!

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Name: "Daisuke" Ryuu Tatsuya
Age: 216 but looks about 24 in human years
Height: 6' 2" (human) His dragon form is ginormous! Probably about 30 feet or so.
Weight: 177 lbs (human) Probably over a ton in his dragon form.
Skills: He is a shape shifter, who can revert between his true dragon form, a half-dragon form (human body with wings), and his full human form (basically no wings). He can fly in both his half-dragon form and his full dragon form. He can, of course, breathe blue fire in all of his forms. Dragons heal very quickly and are impervious to all kinds of spells; unless caste by a dragon sage (a dragon who has skills in sorcery). (Yes in my story there are dragon sorcerers and sorceresses.)
Traits: In his dragon form, he looks like a large blue dragon with horns, short spiky hair, and large blue wings. In his half-dragon form he looks like a human with large, blue dragon wings. His human form has think spiky blue hair, and deep blue eyes that have an innocent, yet intense look to them. He has a birthmark on his upper right arm that looks like a dragon tattoo. His alternate personality, Ryuu, takes the half-dragon form. His eyes turn a menacing red, his fingernails are long and sharp, and his teeth become jagged.
(yes my profile pic is a rough sketch of Daisuke)
Home Town: The Draconian Mountains where all of the Dragons live. (They don't like humans or any body else for that matter. What snobs)

Titles: Prince Ryuu Tatsuya. The future Emperor of the Blue Sky Dragons (I'll probably create a better name. This sounds a bit lame.)

Personality: Daisuke: Meek, gentle, kindhearted, not very confident, extremely apologetic, kind of wimpy, but will fight for his friends, gullible
Ryuu: Hot headed, violent, merciless, vicious, and devious

Description/History: Ryuu Tatsuya is the only child of the Emperor of the Blue Sky Dragons. That means he'll be the emperor once his father passes away. The dragons are a proud race and dislike all other life forms. They are strong, proud, and of course temperamental. Ryuu was different from the other dragons. He was meek, kind, and loving. The emperor was very displeased with his son's gentle personality and ordered his personal sage to curse Ryuu with an alternate personality; one that was the exact opposite of the gentle prince. Now whenever Ryuu is angry or in trouble, his alternate personality appears and beats the living crap out of whomever ticked him off. When Ryuu discovered that his father was ill and would pass away, he panicked and fled the mountains. He flew into the land of the very territorial Onmoraki (demon birds) and they attacked him. He crashed into a mountain and fell to the bottom of a canyon. He was discovered by Celestia (name may change) a beautiful sage with long white hair and two different colored eyes (one blue, one green). Apparently Ryuu had lost his memory from the crash. Celestia gave Ryuu the name Daisuke which roughly translates into "great help or helper" because he was so kind and helpful. When Daisuke is mad his alter ego still appears and goes by the name Ryuu (Daisuke's true name).

Likes: Daisuke: Sweets, cute and furry animals, Celestia (lol), flying, cooking
Ryuu: Beating the living crap out of anyone in his way, burning stuff, fighting, flying, laughing manically

Dislikes: Daisuke: His alternate personality, being a leader, closed spaces, swimming, people who are evil, the knight who Celestia is engaged to (uh-oh).
Ryuu: Daisuke, cute and furry creatures, the knight who Celestia is engaged to, me, you and even the person sitting next to you as well. (watch out!)

Fav phrase: Daisuke: "I'm sorry." Or at least that is what he says a lot. His fav phrase to hear is "Dinner time!"
Ryuu: "I feed off your cries of agony!"

Yes, both Daisuke and Ryuu are names that have been overused, but I did research on names and their meanings and these two fit my O.C's personality the best. He may not be the main character of my series, but he is by far my favorite. :3

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I've got alot, but this is by far my favorite. he's still in prosses though.
Full Name: Kendan Lee Storm
Birthdate: September 28th
Age: 16
Eye Color: Dark Green
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 140
Personality: He's of average intelagence and a calm person. That is, when he's not on his ADHD medicine. He does well to hide it, but he often gets very fidgety when nothing is going on. He's very overprotective of his friends and family and often looks at the worst case senario to things. Because of this, he is very cautious in what he does. He gets reckless only when he hasn't taken his mediciation (which does happen on occasion).
Useless Facts: When he's nervouse, he says "Uh" at the beginning of a sentence and ends with "Hm". When his emotions run high, his eyes seem to glow. He has five siblings, an older brother, a twin sister, and three triplet younger siblings. (I didn't do it on purpose, but if you notice it goes 1, 2, 3)

12-28-2011, 03:31 AM
WHAT man I was looking forward to that comic

Ouch, my hopes and dreams D'''8

Name: Asher
Age: 23
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 150lbs
Build: Tall, lanky underweight and awkward.
Skills: He's good at very little and what he is good at is hardly note worthy. Can read and warp other people's minds as well as detect ghosts and spirits as well as cloak himself from other psychics.
Key traits: Clumsy, unathletic (unless you count running for his life), unkempt, alcoholic, psychic.
Home Town: San Fransisco
Current Residence: Las Vegas
Occupation: Bartender, ex Drug Dealer

12-28-2011, 05:27 AM
Sorry how many oc are allowed here?

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This is the main character of a story I've just started working on, and also my first post on this forum! :D (except for the welcome wagon)
So, let's get this party started!

Name: Shiro
Sex: Male
Age: (progressing with the story) at the start he is around 11 years old (he doesn't know his birth date, but he is estimated at that age)
Height: (progressing as well, of course) 5'
Weight: 100 lbs
Build: Nimble, Not too tall (even when he grows up)
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Black (i know what some of you are thinking, black and white aren't colors xD)
Skills: Climbing upon rooftops, hiding, stealing, later he learns to use a sword.
Lives on the streets
Have I mentioned that he is an orphan?
Personality: Typically a good guy (but a thief nonetheless). Athletic, likes to play, childish, creative, resourceful.
Any other special things that should be told?
He seems to be the only child living in town, and lives on his own; so he doesn't have any friends to play with or all that.
Until he finds a dragon's egg, out of which a dragon hatches that becomes his friend.

Yay. ^^

01-04-2012, 01:26 PM
Sorry how many oc are allowed here?


01-04-2012, 01:34 PM

Hmm, I see what you did there..

01-04-2012, 02:50 PM
Heres my guy for MaMo:

Name: David Sedgwick

Age: Begins at 16

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 200 lbs

Build: light

Job: TheMachine leader

Skills: Parkour, leading, weapons, technology, programming, working, learning, other random crap.

Titles: Mr. Master(to his apprentices), Sir, Commander

Persona: IQ of 290, knows tons of random stuff, geometry, programming, swordfighting, and other random crap.
He also runs a Machine Fortress with his gf, Sarah. He will never lie.

Likes: TheMachine, weapons, technology working, learning, Sarah, down to earth people, sparring, music, the truth.

Dislikes: Naomi, Naomi's mom, leading, people who have no sense, quiet, lying, oathbreakers.

01-04-2012, 02:53 PM
forgot his

Fav quote: "Shut up and get some sense, or we'll go outside and spar-with bokken-and you won't have one."

01-04-2012, 03:10 PM
Try the edit button it's really cool if you're fast enough you can avoid the edit stamp

01-04-2012, 10:37 PM
^ Oh, so that's why I don't get them sometimes. I never knew that. Thought it was just chance.

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Name: Modeus "Mode" Suza
Height: 6'
Weight: 170lbs
Build: Athletic
Power: Gifted with the Arthurian shade of the Excaliber, a sword that can change size depending on the users ability.
Job: None
Key traits: Cast into the shadow uprising wielding a very sought after power. Standard attire, sword is a claymore.
Home Town: Tokyo AKA Harbor City in 2130, after the global economic collapsed made it into the worlds population center.
Titles: Successor to King Arthur, weilding the Excalibur blade.

He was cast into this war when he was attacked and almost killed by a mysterious child with the grecian shade power of Briareus. He is then hunted by two warring factions, Shadow Falling and Knights of the Round, vying for control over the cornerstone(Mode) of one or the others operations.

Likes: Friend, but otherwise, pretty easygoing.

Dislikes: Dying, obviously. Being at the center of a war.

01-16-2012, 11:37 AM

to make this obvious...... IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-21-2012, 09:08 PM
Wow. . .soo much shonen fantasy characters. . .em gonna try a different approach. .

Liar Game II
Name: Alexander
Age: Unknown (About 25+)
Job: Unknown
Height: 6'2
Weight: 170 lbs
Complexion: light
Haircolor: White with shades of gray
Eye color: Brown
Personality: Very intelligent, never say to anyone his plans until its done, wont hesitate to use anyone to achieve his goal, High Analytical and Deductive Skill, doesn't show much emotion, always quiet, always examines anyone he sees.
Physical: Wears white shirt with long sleeve, quite long hair which covers his eyes, black jeans
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Hometown: Unknown
Story: unknown

Start of story: won the first round of the Liar Game from an unknown method and enters the second round. Quite knowledgeable about the game's ways.

02-24-2012, 06:04 PM
Sounds fun, I'll give it a try with my lead for my manga I'm working on~

Real Name- Unknown

Current Name- Kimi

Eye Color- Never shown, rumored to be blood red like a demon.

Gender- Female

Home Planet- Unknown at this time.

Hair- Auburn shoulder length hair, bangs; sometimes pulled into a ponytail.

Age- Unknown

Height- 5'9"

Weight- TBA

Build- Slim.

Family- Unknown. Took in her now apprentices when they were little.

Fighting Abilities- Extremely skilled with a sword, but prefers to fight using the Otenken Style that she developed over the years.

Love interest- Has a bit of a love hate relationship with a man she only met once in her life.

Job- Formerly a notorious assassin, was pardoned in exchange for working with the***** but now owns a small flower shop that secretly serves as a agency for people who want info or jobs done without being found out by the government.

Personality/Traits/Likes- A keen, highly intelligent, composed and mysterious woman. Doesn't feel like she can relate to people, not because she is above them but because she was never really among them. Wants to understand what makes a being human. A bit of a tomboy due to having no female role-models growing up and her loner lifestyle. Always wears a top hat, vest, white dress shirt, and dark dress pants; feels uncomfortable in any other type of clothing. Very protective of her "students," almost like a mother hen but she refers to it as, "The fondness one has for a pet."
Has sworn to never kill a single person again.
Loves veggies and is almost always seen with stray cats.

Background- From her records not much is known expect for the fact that she was a notorious assassin turned******member, who seemed to have disappeared altogether six years ago and may have been born on a planet that was destroyed by Planet Fusion.

Random Quote- "Didn't I tell you this already? Or did you forget what it's like to have your life held in another's hand? Let the weak live; let them live to try again; let them live to understand the value of life. And if the insist on following through with their blind justice then acknowledge their resolve...and don't hold anything back."

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Name: Fitha Ima (http://imgur.com/a/6sFnS)
Eye Colour: Yellow
Gender: Female
Home Planet: Therion
Hair: Shoulder length silver
Age: Very Old
Height: Short ass
Weight: Average
Build: Toned
Family: IDK was raised in a dragons harem or something.
Fighting abilities: she can use giant anime swords, Magic, and Space guns.
Love interests: None, everybody is too lame
Job: Was in the world smashers bestest team ever, then some things happened and she now journeys space in a space ship
Personality/Traits/Likes: She is the best at everything, her tits totally aren't small or anything. She has been around since the olde fashioned days when everyone didn't have guns and rockets, but because she is a demon elf she isn't dead of old age and is still totally cool and hot.
Background: She kidnapped princesses and killed losers, then space age happened and she started doing the same thing but in space.

02-24-2012, 09:40 PM
I am making this up as I go because I really need to finish up my character development so I can continue with my story in progress.

Name: Kazuya Saitama
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170lbs
Build: Athletic/Slim
Eyes: Calm and Focused, Sky Blue
Hair: Blown back with long bangs over face, Dark Brown
Skills: Novice swordsman and marksman. Skilled hunter, knowledgeable regarding traps, animal behavior, skinning, stalking, etc. Has a powerful demon known as a Shade that lives within his conscious. The shade feeds upon negative emotion, and emerges, taking over Kazuya's body when he is experiencing extreme trauma, despair, etc. Shades are naturally powerful and swift, and become dramatically more powerful while feeding off negative emotion.
Weaponry: Carries a large double-edged sword marked with crimson line art. Named "Chi no Tsurugi", or, "Broadsword of Blood", this sword is a family heirloom to the Saitama family. It is typically encased in glass for display and seldom ever used in combat, but after Kazuya's home was destroyed, it was one of the few possessions he took with him when he left. He also carries a generic hunting bow, which he later replaces with a pistol that he takes from Captain Virgil Rey after defeating him.
Backstory: On a hunting trip, Kazuya and his comrades are stalking beasts for food and furs, but upon returning to their village, they find it in a state of high tension. The kingdom's military is searching the village household by household, in search of a shade they think may be hiding in the area. The military is very crude and disrespectful towards the villagers, stealing possessions and disrespecting women. Things go from bad to worse when a young teenage child steps forward on the streets to speak out against the Captain of the military forces, Captain Virgil Rey, telling him to call off his troops and leave the village alone. As the boy's mother runs out to apologize, they are both shot by the Captain, followed by an order to stop the search and burn down the town. Thanks to Kazuya and his hunting party's efforts, a few villagers are saved, but as Kazuya realizes his family is gone, he cries out in anguish. All the sadness and anger that Kazuya feels attracts the Shade that the military was hunting, and as Kazuya cries out loud on his home's burnt remains, the Shade is absorbed into his emotional being. The next morning, he sets off alone, swearing revenge on the military and their corrupt emperor.

02-24-2012, 10:36 PM
Name: Nasaru, Leland
Age: 14
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 128lbs
Eyes: "Sulfur Yellow"
Hair: Dark gray/brown
Skin: Dark brown, red "coming of age" markings under eyes.
Weapons: None, unless he makes them.
Abilities: He inadvertently begins to learn the fabled "claymaking" art thanks to Tei. To claymake, one reduces any form of matter (solid/liquid/gas) into white clay called "lalassu", which takes the form of virtually anything as long as the claymaker has a "blueprint memory" of its makeup. Although Leland is a beginner, an artifact inside Tei will briefly connect him to the "central energy", which usually only benefits master Claymakers.
Backstory: Leland's mother was said to have a talent for communicating with Raku without forming a contract with them. His father took her away to the industrial continent of "Agnus Gates" when he was 5 years old, and were never seen again. His brother Kashin takes care of him until he is 14, before an Advisor attacks and destroys the village. Kashin leaves behind a Raku infant named "Tei" before sacrificing himself, hoping Leland will find the secrets of claymaking, and somehow bring the raku back to the surface. Now he travels with "Poxy", a 22 year old woman with strange powers, in search for the "Chrysalis Kiln" which can amplify Tei's power against the Advisors.

02-25-2012, 01:12 AM
Name: Ulow (http://www.freewebs.com/handcannon/REG10UlowBlueResized.jpg) Zygiella (http://www.freewebs.com/handcannon/Reg11UnusedUlow.jpg)
Eye Colour: Bloodie Redish
Gender: Girly
Home: From deeps evil cave town Vgidix.
Hair: Long scraggilies black.
Age: Twendy seex.
Height: Four an 'nalf feet. Please no make fun I suppose be smull. ;_;
Weight: 99 punds
Build: Not silly tall and not lumpy I'm good size thin and proper four arms instead of ugly-weird huemen only two. Also got bellyweb. Huemens don't ged bellyweb I don' think.
Family: My lovely boi him name Fillis shord and black 'air have you seen? ;_;
Fighting abilities: Mindgifd for make head 'esplode.
Love interests: Lovely amazing goddess Rin-sama darlingg
Job: I travil up ground-top and see suns and freaky tall huemens for looking him Fillis I miss.
Personality/Traits/Likes: I make heals even before mindgifts 'cause I like help and nice, but nod very good and clutz and people only like because looking but that nod bad I guess. Only bad with babygut and I think ged fired because front-heavy but that okay. Now huemens buy sour drink and furs I real like so that good too. Maybe they not realise I smard maybe through. Mokodo is skin weird moving picture but nice okay and love drink with I like and nicey not weird roundey body lumps not heavy.
Background: I no want talk bout scary headclaspers id sad I just want son Fillis him love

04-29-2012, 09:55 PM
Name: Kaito Aubreaguard
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 168 lbs
Build: slightly muscular
Hair: Black
Skills: Soldier, Engineer/mechanic,
Weaponry: A small submachine gun
Abilities:Can redistribute muscle mass to different parts of the body without pain or physical harm.
Personality Traits:Careful, does not like taking risks. Pays attention to detail. Does not push himself. Pushes aside emotion to clear his mind.
Backstory: After being infected with the 'Core' virus in a battle for the ruins of Moscow in 2263, he is quarantined in his own country's scientific facility, for he is the only living survivor they have recovered from battles with the 'Core' people. Instead of experimenting on him, his leaders send him on a covert mission inside of 'Core' to gather information on the mysterious people. He is knocked unconscious.
After waking up on a cargo ship inbound to one of 'Core's capital cities [With audio bugs and hidden cameras], he makes his way around the city, and ends up at the residence of one of 'Core's leaders. Recognizing him from the battle, the leader nearly kills him, but then forces him to reproduce the designs for his country's weapons, so that 'core' may use them.

04-29-2012, 11:54 PM
Name: Lacia!
Gender: Male~
Age: 17
Height: Aroundabouts five foot three. I'm a short guy, I s'pose!
Weight: A sort of dainty 115 pounds.
Build: Well I'm a skinny guy! I don't need to build muscle, but sure, I get plenty of exercise...
Eyes: Blue!
Hair: Blue!
Complexion: Bluish tint!
Skills: Well, if you couldn't tell already, I'm quite a charmer! Some would say I have a high charisma, even.
Weapons: I remember having a staff some time ago... But I seem to have lost it :-(
Abilities: I'm a water sorcerer! I can use an array of spells at will!
Personality: Hm... Well, I certainly love people! I like to interact with them, and exchange information. I like it when I can sit down with a new friend and hear a great story, or have a pleasant conversation! In fact, I absolutely abhor violence against humans. Well, I'm not quite fond of violence in the first place, but against humans it is especially disgusting! Oh, and despite such a love for people, I'm ironically decidedly against personal sexual activity. With all what many men would call beautiful women I have had the pleasure of conversing, I've never had urges of the sort, even, strangely enough.
Background: I was born to an absolutely gorgeous human mother, who had fallen deeply in love with a mystical Marid person. They courted for a night, and my mother was gifted with me. Unfortunately she passed at birth, and I was raised by a bar owner. I grew up my entire life around such interesting people, and now I'm able to live and battle with some of the most fascinating in the world aboard a pirate ship!

04-30-2012, 06:10 PM
Name: Ramirez Aquila
Eye Colour: Hazel.
Gender: Normally I'm male, but I'll be any gender that suits my circumstances, needs, or fancies.
Home: What an absurd question. I used to live on my father's estate but I was compelled to leave. When the dear man passes away, perhaps sometime soon, I'll move back. Except, of course, it'll be my estate, and I'll be Count Aquila rather than simply Mr. Aquila. I'll also be gloriously wealthy, but that's rather besides the point, though more money would greatly benefit my interests at present. My father's passing would certainly further my own position, tragic as it would be. Until I hear news of that sad event, however, I'm simply not welcome. At present I stay in frightful barracks or filthy inns.
Hair: Black, but the ravages of time have stained the roots grey.
Age: Over thirty, but I don't see how my exact age is pertinent.
Height: Six feet, four inches. Women used to compliment me on my stature, but no longer. Those days were glorious.
Weight: Rather on the heavy side, regrettably. I believe I'm over sixteen stone now, but this is recent. I used to be far less portly.
Build: Buried under this soft, flabby exterior is the sculpted god I once was.
Family: My father is the Count Aquila. My mother was his wife. Once I had a brother, but he died in regrettable circumstances.
Abilities: I used to favour the shortsword, but now I prefer the composite bow for its superior range. I memorised a few magical tricks here and there, though, you must understand, that doesn't make me a magician. I'm no different from you, save for a little additional knowledge.
Love interests: Love is an interesting concept, no?
Job: I do the Saint's work. The parts of it the other Crusaders claim are unsanctified.
Personality/Traits/Likes: I'm afraid I don't feel entirely comfortable divesting all my secrets to a stranger. You have to understand.
Background: Again, this is an area of great personal emotion. I'd like to conclude our discussion if you feel the need to probe my inner life.

04-30-2012, 06:37 PM
Name: Irai Kurai
Height: 5'4 1/2"
Weight: 130lbs
Build: Appears to be athletic but a real coutch potato
Skillz: A swordsman who can cut the air to create black holes
Job: Intern Medic
Key traits: Short jet black hair, gold tatoo under right eye, caucasion, gray eyes and a pure genius and quick on feet. Carries a chainsaw sword [A combination of a sword and chainsaw] on his back
Home Town: Normal Urban City
Titles: Necromaniac and Black Hole.

Description: A total lazy genius but due to his mothers illness he has been in and out of school. He is powerful and can come up with ideas rather quickly.
Likes: Death Non-living people and Medicine (Wants to be a medic)

Dislikes:Life and Living people
Fav phrase: I'll make you wish you were dead"

Story: After Mom's illness he searches for the best doctor to treat her. After many fails he turns to Doctor Yaban who will help him in only in one regard......If he helps collect all 8 Sacred Weapons.

05-27-2012, 12:29 AM
Lucy: age 11: side character

Assistant to main character, was saved at age 8 with amnesia. She is very grateful for being saved and serves as a lab assistant for the main character. Their relationship is very brother-sister and she help alot in the lab

Powers: Shes a witch who can conjure thing from mid air, she also can creat a mental link with people (does this with someone from the past who accidently gets trapped in the preasent) she also do energy related spells

Weakness: She cant control stronger spells, and is very limited in fighting abilities. Due to her mental link if the person from the past dies she will also die.

Personality: she is very cheerful and carefree (clichè anime child) unquestionably doing what the main character asks, she is also a very intelligent child (due to being raised with a genius) she never goes with the main character to fights. When she mental links with the person from the past (who is a knight) and he gets a cat's body, she uses her magic to allow him to transform into human where he then teaches her how to fight with swords (the main character is slightly against this but allows it because he wants her to be strong). She is very caring and brave.

Likes: Pizza, labwork, shopping, training, and kittens
Dislikes: Doing dishes, cooking, the main character's laziness, and flying

Phrase (not to sure if this wont change): Can't you do the dishes I want to train.

Weapon of choice: Sword (not the big kind like clouds or the small one handed one, think a longsword) that she makes from pure energy (not lightsaber), magic (teleporting and creating various items including weapons for teammates)