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01-07-2011, 12:02 AM
So it's been a while everyone. I'm not sure if any of you remember me or not. I kind of disappeared for the past few months during the whole forum changing thing. In the meantime, I've been working on my art pretty regularly and figured it would be worth posting some up here for some C&C.

Some of the work I'm posting is older just to give you a comparison reference. But be ready for a long post as I've had a bit of art piling up.

Old Stuff

Here's a couple of my better pieces that I had posted a long time ago on the other forum. You may have seen them already.

Yeah I know these last two weren't really anime/manga. I was on a realism kick for a bit.

At any rate on to the new stuff.

New Stuff (1/6/10

This image began my pursuit of a more "moe" style to my art.

I apologize for the large pictures. There was no good middle sized image for some of them. At any rate, if you would like to see the pieces that I haven't posted I have them on my deviant art page (http://nisaren.deviantart.com). Any thoughts and comments on my newer pieces would be greatly appreciated. I definitely feel that I've come a long way in just the past several months and I don't want to find myself plateauing or becoming too satisfied with my progress.

01-07-2011, 10:50 PM
I really love the second one up from the bottom because of the background and the perspective. However, I think that she would relate a little more to the background with green eyes or something that ties in with the bright and colorful theme, since she is covered in dark and cool colors. Also, the legs should be a shorter below the knee and taper down because of the perspective. I would have also placed the butterfly more at eye level so that it really looks like she's studying it cutely. I like your colors a lot and I really think you did an amazing job on the background.

01-08-2011, 12:53 AM
WOW! those all look great! i wish i could do anything to that quality XD

01-08-2011, 12:53 AM
@Sunny Thanks. The perspective on that piece was a bit tough for me, I will say. It was supposed to be that our view point is level with her midsection but I don't think I got that across well enough. I see what you mean though, the perspective of the leg doesn't quite match up with the pillar's.

The character probably would be much cuter with green eyes. Unfortunately, I was a little restricted as it was another person's OC and I was drawing it for her as a request.

@alxsmpgmr Thanks! *^^*

01-11-2011, 10:18 PM
Here's my latest piece, which was a request from someone on DA, comments and crits are appreciated. :)


01-12-2011, 12:14 AM
That looks very nice!

01-12-2011, 10:09 AM
trippy..... i like it :D

01-14-2011, 09:48 AM
Another piece that I finished this morning. It was just a quick study in trying to do a monochromatic painting. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I'm continually trying to work faster and finish pieces quicker. Ideally, I think I'd like to be able to finish a piece in 2-3 hours. This piece probably took me around 2 hours itself.

01-14-2011, 06:56 PM
I really love your style. I remember back when you were a young artist. @_@ Nice improvement man.

01-14-2011, 11:22 PM
@violin and alxsmpgmr: Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. Sorry I didn't respond quicker.

@jaidurn: Haha, thanks. I hope I can look back a year from now and have people say the same thing.

01-19-2011, 10:31 AM
Yeah I know these last two weren't really anime/manga. I was on a realism kick for a bit.

Only one of these two are actual realism, yes they both are representational, but so is anime and manga.

01-19-2011, 04:32 PM
@The_shaman Ugh. I really should just go back and fix her nose. It still bugs me. But thanks for your input. Everyone has various ideas as to what realism, semi-realism, and anime/manga actually is. I view both of these pieces as being more towards realism rather than anime/manga. There is a lot of art that really blurs the line between the two. I'm assuming the picture of the girl is the one you wouldn't include in realism, but when I look at it the only part I see as simplified or stylized is her nose. I suppose that may place it as more semi-realism than realism. Either way, I wouldn't classify it as anime or manga per se, but let's not split hairs.

01-23-2011, 09:16 PM
Hey Nisaren =)

Ok.. I was about to comment on anatomy, but after seeing the drawings of the blue-haired boy I think you're doing very good with anatomy.

Keep going ^^

01-24-2011, 01:05 AM
No...no I don't remember you at all O_O, then again my memory is really bad.
There's so many I'll just comment on the one that got my attention atm, which is the black and white one.
That's pretty awesome, it looks simple, and yet has a bit of detail here and there with the subtle grays and stuff. It's also a pretty good contrast.
Overall with most of your works here, they all seem p. nice. I'd touch up on anatomy and facial structure a bit, cause it seems to vary depending on what you're drawing...you got a good variety of stuff here :]

01-26-2011, 03:49 PM
@Yara Thanks. I've been working hard on anatomy for a long time. I still have a long way to go, but I'm getting there.

@Gunzet That's ok, I suppose I wasn't here a whole lot before so it's not surprising that people don't remember. Thanks for the critique. Faces have always been tough for me but I've been working pretty hard at them. I believe I'm getting a lot better and they're starting to feel a lot more natural to me. Hopefully you'll agree.


Here's my latest creation. It was another request from a DA member. C&C much appreciated.


01-27-2011, 04:16 AM
Nice coloring.
LOVE the boots/flip-flops

01-27-2011, 11:12 AM
Woah, impressive. How much time did this piece take to finish?

Not that much to crit except, I dunno, her left shoulder seems a tad too low for me but then again that's just me and the perspective check was probably done, so yeah, could be just my personal pref. Her hair is so thick and long, I think perhaps it should show a little on the right side of her neck/chin opening there. Also with light that harsh (dark, dark, dark shadows) perhaps a lighter brown tints on her lovely hair to show the shiny, the glossy and the volume.

I especially like how you coloured her kimono and the patterned details you've added. Her obi has my love.

She looks like she wants a nap (come here and nap with auntie Lady K) XD

01-27-2011, 11:46 AM
@Hell_Baron Thanks ^^ I'm glad you like them.

@Lady K Thanks for looking and taking the time to critique. I just kind of eyeballed the perspective so it could very well be that I over exaggerated on the shoulder. I did spend a lot of time on it - I think around 10-12 hours total over a week to get everything done. So with it taking that long I must say that I got a little anxious to be done with it, since the hair was the last thing I did I kind of got lazy. I had thought about putting the hair on the right side of her neck and kind of forgot. I should probably go back and edit it. ^^;

01-27-2011, 05:02 PM
Very, very nice, though a few things to work on:

1.) Your anatomy in some places is extremely streamlined and needs to have more volume and specific curves to show where muscle masses and bones would be. For example, the sinews on either side of the neck should at least be visible, to some degree. Just put a little shadow there and it resolves the issue. The kneecaps are such places. Some stronger shading indicating the knees would help give the legs more depth. Her cheeks could use some soft shading, otherwise it suggests that she has a perfectly flat face (since the lighting is even). The back of her calves could use a little more curve, to suggest the calf muscles.

2.) The feet are different sizes. I know this is partly due to perspective, but considering the front foot is turned completely toward the viewer, the foreshortening should still make it appear shorter than the other foot, which we're seeing at its full length.

3.) Your clothing folds are made primarily of lines. That is not a good practice. The way fabric acts in real life is actually pretty complex and creates a lot of bulk. The clothes here are far too free of wrinkles and the wrinkles you have drawn are extremely sharp and simple. Keep in mind that there are many types of folds, and many ways that fabric is affected by physics. If you just use lines, it seems like the clothes are only being stretched.

01-27-2011, 05:41 PM
@CypressDahlia Thank you very much for looking and taking the time to crit. I think after looking at a piece for so long some things just seem to elude me and some of the other areas I'll admit that I was just plain lazy. I really appreciate the suggestions. I'm always torn between trying to go back and fix a piece or move on to new things. It probably would benefit me more to just make the extra effort to fix it.


Here's quick exploratory sketch that I just did. Ideas, comments and crits are welcome as always.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/47094384@N07/5393454197/" title="DaggerTribal Sketch by Nisaren, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5091/5393454197_a46231a355.jpg" width="348" height="500" alt="DaggerTribal Sketch" /></a>

In case you are wondering, the request made was a nurse OC with a rice pet. The style is not what I've done in the past. I'm experimenting a bit and hoping I can find something I like even more.

01-27-2011, 07:34 PM
Why did I never visit this thread before? *Adds to stalk list*

And as usual with coming in late, everyone else has said what critiques I ever could. I'm not a good critic. At all.

01-27-2011, 09:03 PM
Haha, it's cool. I was pretty quiet before so most people just passed me over. I'm trying to be a little more active now. Thanks for taking a look though. :)

01-30-2011, 03:45 PM
@Gunzet .... I suppose I wasn't here a whole lot before so it's not surprising that people don't remember

mmm.. what if I say that I remember you "Nissan"! ^_^

02-04-2011, 03:45 PM
@Yara I suppose there are worse things I could be remembered as D:

I worked quite a bit more on the last sketch I posted and then realized that I didn't like it. >< I'm trying to adopt a more painterly approach to my art. So here's a black and white value painting that I'm hoping will take it's place.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/47094384@N07/5416130149/" title="DaggerTribal Painting by Nisaren, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5213/5416130149_b590832da5.jpg" width="500" height="357" alt="DaggerTribal Painting" /></a>

I think I like this process a little more although it takes me a long time to get it to where I want it to be. But it feels more organic and free flowing... more artistic I guess. With the process I've been using the coloring feels too mechanical. At any rate, since it's still early in the process, I'd love to hear any C&C.

02-04-2011, 08:47 PM
Looks pretty good so far, though some areas seem to have a lot of values and others not so much. I understand this is still in the sketch phases, though, so I won't say anything just yet.

02-05-2011, 05:42 AM
it generates a really soft warm feeling when i look at it. Be careful with some values though like the one between the breasts is perhaps a bit too dark

02-05-2011, 01:53 PM
it generates a really soft warm feeling when i look at it. Be careful with some values though like the one between the breasts is perhaps a bit too dark

I believe the dark patch on her chest is a cross decal on her shirt.

02-05-2011, 05:58 PM
I like it a lot so far :) Her face is really pretty.

02-06-2011, 09:52 PM
Keep working on it! It looks very promising! :thumbs up:

02-23-2011, 11:21 PM
So I finally finished another piece. It was a request for another person on DA. She wanted me to include her nurse character and her rice pet. So this is what I came up with. <.< C&C welcome. I was attempting to use a more painterly technique and going for a more semi-realistic approach. I think there may be some lighting issues, like with the hair, but tell me what you think.


In case you were wondering at all, I still plan on finishing that other nurse picture as value practice but I haven't gotten around to it.

02-23-2011, 11:32 PM
Woww I like the detail you put into the folds of her clothing, and her hair! Did you use a texture pack to make that watercolor effect? Not much to add here 'xept that I've never seen that floor design in hospitals before... but I guess I've never seen nurses with red stockings and long-sleeved undershirts either haha...

I recognize that pose btw =3

02-24-2011, 06:32 PM
Thanks, I really tried to pay extra attention to the clothes and how they draped. I did most everything in SAI except for the textures behind the note which were indeed a couple textured brushes. I can't remember the exact packet, it was a few of the many I downloaded that had an open use license on them.

Yeah... I think the flooring was more of a spur of the moment thing... well the entire background was relatively spontaneous. I was more interested in creating a nice painted effect on the subjects. I don't know any nurses either with that kind of get up... but it was the requester's OC so I tried to remain faithful to her costume design.

Yes, you got me, I use posemaniacs for the pose. I've been slacking on my drawing of late (damn you Eve Online D:!).

03-08-2011, 10:05 PM
Here's another piece that I just finished. C&C, as always, is welcome.


03-08-2011, 10:16 PM
Digging the manga style. And the simple way you highlighted stuff, works very nice with it. There's nothing much I can crit on besides how the right leg looks a bit odd near the bottom. Sort of like there's a slight bump, but that might be a knee.
I'd give her more of a nose line, but that's just my taste. And it also might just be me, but the eyes seem pretty far apart.
Other than that, great workz.

03-09-2011, 03:32 AM
U-waaaah. How have I never seen this thread before?! You're so good, OTL. Your coloring is to die for, so vibrant and all. On this last one, though, i'd watch out for the eyes. You have a bit of a tendency to make eyes too small and far apt too look comfortable, if that makes any sense. DX

03-09-2011, 08:45 AM
@Gun: I guess I did break the "only one eye-width apart" rule. Hmm, I probably could go back and fix it with out too terribly much effort. I was going for more a moe look so I deliberately made it a small nose, but I would like to shift to doing more semi-realistic. The bump on the leg was more of a me being lazy than something deliberate.

@C-F: Thank you! It's easy to skip over threads that don't get updated a whole lot. :X Thanks for looking and I agree, I tend to space my eyes further apart. XD It's something I'm still working on.

Thank you both for looking and critiquing :)

Here's the updated version:


still didn't fix the leg bump orz

03-10-2011, 02:33 PM
Nice work nisaran! I'm also digging the vibrant colors. One thing: I think the eye that's on the shaded end should also be shaded. Right now, it's got the same coloring as the eye that isn't shaded. Maybe you can darken the whites of the eyes a bit?

03-11-2011, 02:59 PM
hey! c: nice work on colouriiing~
I especially like how you did her uniform c: very nice~
Hmm, although, D: something a tad bit off with her bow... maybe it's lacking some value/shadows? D: liiiike, where her hair is on top of it... I think that would cast a shadow ;}
good job though c:

03-11-2011, 05:21 PM
Ah! Both of you are correct. I should have taken that into consideration. I wasn't even really paying attention to shadows on the bow or over the right (her left) eye. I have thought for a while that the bow looks a little flatter than the rest of the drawing but I got a little complacent. I'll see what I can do.

03-16-2011, 10:13 AM
Here's another request that I'm almost done with. I wanted to get a few crits before I posted it up.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/47094384@N07/5531497507/" title="GabbyTronRulez Sketch 2 by Nisaren, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1388/5531497507_3da3cc1f55.jpg" width="250" height="500" alt="GabbyTronRulez Sketch 2" /></a>

It's a fairly big picture so if you would like to see more of the details click on the pic and you'll hopefully be able to see a higher res version.

03-28-2011, 11:29 AM
Sketch dump - a bunch that I did over the past few days. It feels good to sketch rather than to just try to finish a piece every time. I'm trying to change my drawing style again so excuse the roughness.


C&C always appreciated.

I have taken to posting daily sketches on my art blog, http://nisaren.tumblr.com/. I've been updating that a bit more often than this thread or even my DA page. There's not much up there that I haven't posted here already. But if you care to see daily pictures, I've challenged myself to post at least a few sketches each day.

03-28-2011, 04:50 PM
I'm liking these sketches, especially the figures. I see the anatomy is working out alright, and the poses are good too.
But they're sketches so I won't say much, the poses at the bottom are a bit odd but nicely dynamic without perspective overkill lol.
Hope the style venture works out.

03-28-2011, 06:45 PM
The last three sketches were just figure practice from photo reference that I found at www.characterdesigns.com (http://www.characterdesigns.com). They were a bit weird but fun to draw.

03-31-2011, 01:56 AM
The folds on the clothes looks good to me. I like how the chars looks natural and relaxed. Simple. The 1 head that was coloured, I love it! I would kill to colour like that. I can...colour...I mean, not kill, but just didn't have enough time AKA motivation to practice. *sigh*

Anyway, keep up the good practice. Gambatte ne? ^_^

03-31-2011, 11:37 AM
@LK: Thank you :) I'm trying to get back into practicing more. It appears the only way I can really get anything done is by making myself wake up a little earlier than I normally do and sketch for a bit each morning before heading out to work.


Here's another dump of the sketches that I've been posting on my sketch blog (http://nisaren.tumblr.com). All were done from photo ref. C&C is much appreciated.


04-02-2011, 01:24 AM
...yeah, super duper cute ^^ I really like your way of drawing :) it's just so feminine (I can't draw girls T_T) my little sister has a similar style but she just started to draw :)

I think only the first pose in this sketch set is kinda manly, but I love the 5th and 6th, they are so adorable

04-02-2011, 09:19 AM
well ill try and but in with you profesionls and try and help! Not that you need much help....but still..... I only think that the girl that you drew with the brown outlins on her legs has a bit too long legs. if you compare her legs with her torso they are almost as twice as the torso is. other then that your anatomy is flawless.

04-02-2011, 10:39 AM
@Nerdonoff: Thanks for looking. The first sketch in this last set was supposed to be a lady captain's long coat, so it was kind of hard to make her not look at least a little more masculine. I wasn't super happy with how it came out, but meh, it's just a sketch.

@Gedeon: Thank you for the crit. I suppose it's a matter of preference, generally legs make up half the body's height. However, making the legs a little longer can accentuate the character. It may be not be perfect but I didn't find it so off that it made her look oddly.

Since I didn't want to just respond without any drawings to show for it. Here's a couple colored pieces I recently put up on my sketch blog (http://nisaren.tumblr.com).

Just so everyone can see that I can and do draw masculine things... (I'm a guy D: D: ) And now back to standard fare.


Yeah, her feet are off. I didn't really have a plan when I started drawing her. Both of these weren't done with any reference as you can probably tell.

04-03-2011, 06:44 AM
Haha, yes, nothing more masculine than a smouldering dragon. In chinese culture the dragon always represents the emperor and the empress is represented by the pheonix.

I agree the feet are a bit odd but I feel it contributes to the overall awkward feeling the character seems to be in. Nice work with the colouring and shading. I like it a it is, so no crit frm me.

04-04-2011, 04:17 PM
I just went through your thread.

In posts #41 and 45, you're right that being sketchy takes the pressure off finishing a piece. But be careful not to fall into the trap of sketchiness. I decided, 3 years ago, that I liked sketching, and since then, my ratio of finished pieces to sketches has been horrible. This is probably just my own thing, but I'll warn you about it just in case.

You can actually do clothes! And figures. And poses. Properly! The clothes work with the bodies and look natural (more than I can say for my stuff). I know you're using reference for a lot of that stuff, but it's good all the same.

**Sorry I can't give a really good critique like you do for me. I can critique writing, but not art. I've always been like that.

04-06-2011, 12:30 PM
@LK Thanks :) I was annoyed that we randomly got snow in April here, so I was originally going to draw her being cold in the snow, but then I got lazy and never put in the snow. XD

@Matt Thank you for the warning. Right now, I'm more interested in just getting myself to draw each day. Only producing finished pieces was getting rather tedious, in addition, to getting in the way of allowing me to experiment more and improve. I've found that most of my creativity seems to occur within the first 15 minutes of a drawing. So I want to capitalize on that.


Here's some random sketches of varying quality. Not terribly happy with all of them, but we all have our good and bad art days.


04-06-2011, 02:46 PM
I like the dragon doors concept. Really Narnia-ish feel to it, and the attention to detail is really nice. In the second picture, though, the girl's stride seems too big to me. People generally take small steps when they're carrying tray-like objects. Otherwise, stuff like the fourth picture happens.

Of course, this could be countered with that character always taking huge strides, so take my critique loosely.

04-06-2011, 04:07 PM
First ill start with saying that ......quite simply.......you rule...and now for trash-talking! >:D........too bad theres not so much to trash on -_-' Firstly the Closet piece look great with all the details and the perspective,im only thinking that the girls perspective and the closets are not aligned in terms of viewing them from a height, if you would only fix the feet that look like we're viewing them from a normal-up front perspective i think it would look better( If thats even posible cuz i simply love the detail on the upper part of the closet) And again i think that the last girls legs are a bit too long but you already said that this was the matter of preference so ill shut up about that ^-^ !!!! all in all

:cat_hmp:great work!!!!

04-06-2011, 08:22 PM
@Matt You're probably right about the stride. I wasn't really thinking about it when I was sketching.

@Gedeon Gah! You're completely right. I wasn't even thinking about perspective when I sketched the girl. That will be something I need to fix when I come back to this picture. Thanks for catching it.

04-08-2011, 01:59 AM
I heart the girl in peach colour.

How do you do your colouring? What program did you use? How did you colour the bg without touching the char's colouring? What equipment (tablet) do you use? *sry for the avalance of questions but I am curious. ^^" *

04-08-2011, 08:19 AM
@LK Thanks. For all of these I've used Paint Tool SAI with a Wacom Intuos 4 small tablet. As for the background, I just used a textured brush on a layer under my line art and color layers. As for how I colored the piece... I basically just painted it all on one layer since I'm trying to be faster and looser with everything. I know that's not a great description, but I only really used the default brush in SAI with varying Density. It's really pretty simple overall.

Most of your drawings are done in pencil right? Do you use a tablet at all?

04-08-2011, 10:36 AM
Yeah, I use a Wacom Bamboo that I got about two years ago and I love it! I'd be lost without my bamboo. I use to do digital art with a mouse. It was a painful experience.

I'm using a 6 yr old laptop with only 2 usb and a faulty keyboard, so it's a hassle to unplug/plug stuff everytime I want to draw, so for quickies (like when I want to sketch out an idea) I usually use pencil and paper. For the serious detail/colour work though, I usually use the Bamboo.

Still, posting pencil stuff online is a hassle as I'd have to lug out this relic from the late 90's to scan the stuff. So I usually take the opportunity to use the speedy sleek scanner at work but that's really rare as my pencil work is at home.

Ideally I would like [pencil sketch -> scan -> digital clean up / line art / colour] but usually now it's [pencil sketch -> replicate pencil sketch in photoshop -> digital clean up / line art / colour]. Honestly, pencil stuff just looks way better to me. :)

04-08-2011, 06:06 PM
@LK Ah, cool. I understand about the old computer bit. The desktop that I have is an ancient relic from when I went to professional college... about 8 years old or so now. D: It still works fairly well, but my old CRT monitor is getting really annoying. The colors just aren't quite right. Hopefully I'll have a new computer by the time the year is out.


Here's a few more colored sketches. I've gotta get back into my groove again. Feeling a bit distracted when I'm doing these pieces.


04-09-2011, 01:54 AM
8 yrs? Donate it to the local museum and get a new one! Wacom Intuos 4 small tablet? It's a good tablet in my opinion. Not the best but still good. Very durable. I know cuz it's the 1st tablet I used. Borrowed it from a friend who wasn't using it.

Since the Bruneian government cancelled the custom duty fee on computer and bicycle parts just 1st April (go figure, our government wants us to become more technology savvy AND keep healthy by riding bikes. Talk about wishful thinking.) So I'm thinking of getting a new desktop myself. Something with a 20 inch monitor would be good, easy on the eyes.

I like how you dressed the 1st girl. Very fashionable. The bag is nicely designed and I really like how you draw hands. Envies envies envies.

The 2nd girl, hmm, something is wrong with her hips and legs. If you skele-figure it out, her hips just don't align with how the legs are moving in the picture.

The last pic of Erin, why is she reading in the dark anyway? And on the floor? creepy. Her feet needs a bit more work (I know, I know, feet isn't my forte either) and the drawers doesn't line up right with the bed. Small details, I know. Overall the feel of the pic is scary fun.

04-14-2011, 03:26 PM
I think that last picture is absolutely awesome. . . . Actually, I was gonna elaborate on what I liked, but it could just boil down to a great concept. So I'll leave it at that.

04-15-2011, 11:19 AM
@LK Believe me, if I had the money I would have a new computer in a heartbeat. But unfortunately, I have to make do with this for now. I like my tablet for the most part. It was a huge upgrade from my last tablet which was around 10 years old or so (I like ancient artifacts D: ). I decided to stick with the small size for now because I like the portability and I'm fairly used to it. Obviously, I'd love to have a Cintiq but that's quite a ways down the road. Right now I'm just shooting for a nice new monitor, hopefully a 24" one and preferably one that I can hook my PS3 up to as well. :)

You're probably right about the girl in the red coat. These are still pretty quick sketches even if they are colored in. So I'm sure there are many anatomical problems. And thank you for the compliment, I'm still not completely comfortable with hands, but I feel like I'm getting there. The last picture was another quick sketch that I decided to put values on. I'm kind of thinking about cleaning it up and using it for my SaiMoe entry next time around.

@Matt Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you like it. :)

I haven't been doing my daily sketches like I had been for a bit. Mostly because I had to go home last weekend and will have to do the same this weekend. So I decided to try to get a couple more requests done. I've been having a heck of a time trying to get this one request done. It's supposed to be a picture of two OCs with a (very) mild yaoi theme. This is the third sketch that I came up with.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

04-16-2011, 01:46 PM
YAAAAY PS3 for the win!!! Plz don't go AWOL on me all of you Xbox fans. Also I feel your pain nisaren....i have a 11 year old mini mini size tablet that has a broken pen....^-^; but im managing somehow!! And har har i have a TV in the room thats hooked up with my Pc and PS3......:cat_evil: im mean...

04-19-2011, 12:04 AM
@Gedeon Yeah, it's amazing what we can make do with, eh?

So I finished the sketch that I posted before. While there are some parts that I'm not entirely happy with, I'm actually fairly pleased with my time management on this piece. I'm slowly getting quicker (oxymoron?).


And yes, I was too lazy to actually do a background. D:

04-19-2011, 02:21 PM
It looks really p. good. All I can say is that those chin piercings seem to make the mouths look weird. Since the lips are pretty unpronounced I'm looking at the piercings first, and looking for the lips later. You should try and either make the piercings smaller, or make the lips fuller. coloring and everything else is great.
Maybe you could do some soft shading for the bg, like they're in a white room. And then do some added contrast where their bodies meet the ground.

04-20-2011, 12:12 PM
Ooooo, nice job! Again, your colouring wins me over everytime. Just a few small things on the expression. If want to put a bit of a yaoi, might I suggest the eye lids lowered a bit (like the smouldering zexy kind of gaze) and put a little blush on the face. Yeah, I think that would make the pick look...cosy. XD

04-20-2011, 02:21 PM
@Gunzet Hmm... I'll have to see about making the chin piercings smaller then, I don't think I want to mess with the lips a whole lot as I was fairly happy with how they turned out. I'm not entirely sure how I could pull off the white room bg, they're supposed to be lying on their backs looking towards eachother. I suppose I could put some shadow behind them to indicate that, but I don't know how I could indicate a white room.

@LK Thanks for the suggestions. I could probably make a few quick adjustments to make the picture a little... cosier.

I already made a few adjustments when the requester notified me that I had gotten the hair and eye color wrong on one of the OCs. OTL

So here's the new picture. It's a larger version since the one I put above seems rather pixelated at parts. D:


04-25-2011, 03:31 PM
Here's another request that I just finished. Since I have both, I'll post the line art and the finished colored version.



04-26-2011, 06:34 AM
Umm, it might just be me because no one else posted but what's with his right (our left) leg? Just above his ankle...looks kinda weird. The sudden tapering looks as if it's deformed.

04-26-2011, 06:51 AM
Nice work! Is this a young Akuma? Also in addition to Saphira's critique there seem be some issues with his legs in general. His thighs are disproportionately long while his his shins are disproportionately short, like his knees have been lowered. Might be kinda hard to preform the Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku with legs like that.

04-26-2011, 07:59 AM
@Saphira Thanks for looking and critiquing. I decided to give him some leg muscles but I may have over done it considering how thin the rest of him is.

@Sparky-J Actually this was a request to have an original character dressed up as Akuma. I forgot to put that down. >< I can see how the legs look that way. It seemed fine to me before I drew the clothes on him. So I suppose I should pay more attention to how things fold around the knee area.

04-26-2011, 08:21 AM
xD No problem! I always look through your and everone's stuff. I just don't post much coz everyone else is far more experienced and better at it!

04-26-2011, 09:31 AM
I'm not sure if it's just me, but his shirt looks kinda cement-ish, like a statue almost--except blue. If I was any good at coloring, I'd be able to tell you why it looks that way and how to fix it. But I can't. Sorry.

04-28-2011, 12:21 PM
Hmmm well all the stuff I noticed has already been said by saphira and sparky. Apart from that I really wish I can colour hair like you do. That's one of the things I constantly struggle with. Did you custom brush the bg? How do you usually decide on your colour scheme?

04-28-2011, 04:38 PM
@saphira That's ok, I still appreciate your feedback.

@Matt Yes, you are correct. I think the edges of the folds are too sharp, they should be softer to allow for the texture and consistency of fabric. If I was anal, I'd probably go back and fix it.

@LK Thanks for the compliment. Hair is a pain to draw and color still for me, but I feel like I've been making headway. I think the more you force yourself to spend time on it, the better you'll get. I did custom brush the bg, it was a brush that I found on the internet that had no copyrights associated. Not sure where I got it anymore. D: As far as choosing a color scheme usually I try to pick something that will make the character stand out from everything else. Choosing a color's complement is usually good for that.

04-29-2011, 02:23 PM
Here's my latest sketch for yet another request. C&C would be greatly appreciated as this pose is a little different from my usual fare.


04-29-2011, 02:51 PM
pretty sweet. as far as C&C : the eyes appear to be a tad too far apart. The arm on the left (her Right arm) is a little too big to be in the background. Its the same size as her other hand which is in the fore-ground. Awesome hand anatomy!

04-29-2011, 11:52 PM
@NWAP Thanks for looking and giving your input. I definitely see what you mean. I went back and corrected both her eyes and her hand among other things. Hopefully this updated version will look better.


05-02-2011, 08:35 AM
So I made a few more line art changes and have started coloring. Here's the progress so far.


05-03-2011, 01:58 AM
On my lunch break right now so I'm gonna do a quick comment and maybe edit more later when I got time.

Looking at the light source, is it coming from her left side or behind? Cuz if left, then her left arm should cast a shadow, no? Something with the bunny ears doesn't seem right to me, shouldn't they be facing in the same direction? even if one is cocked to the side, there's should show a little underside?

Can pls show how her legs look like, position wise? It seems complicated and I'm wondering how the anatomy is like under her skirt. (okay, that somehow came out / sounds wrong.)

05-03-2011, 08:20 AM
@LK I was using more of an ambient light source which has been kind of tricky as there's not a well defined direction to put shadows and highlights. I probably shouldn't have shaded her skirt as much as I did. You are probably right about the bunny ears. I'm not sure I'll be able to change them at this point as the piece is a lot further along. As far as the body positioning, it was kind of complex and the fact that the skirt is hiding her legs makes it seem a little odd. Her upper torso is twisting to the right (our left) while her hips and legs are facing us.

Here's the updated colored version. I finished coloring the subject but still need to go in and do a lot of touching up. Also included is a quick redline stick figure to show what's going where under that skirt for LK. <.<



05-03-2011, 04:33 PM
Its pretty good but it seems that her Right leg(our left) is bent pretty good but the shading doesn't look like it. I mean that you should have some shading that defines her knee. But again it could be just me :D :cat_hmp:

05-03-2011, 07:29 PM
@Gedeon I'm not entirely sure what you mean. I have some lighting corrections that I'm planning on doing but I don't quite understand your suggestion.

05-03-2011, 08:43 PM
Nah im sorry! >_< i never make sense!! My point was that the shadows on her skirt don;t look right! It looks like theres no knee there! You get it right @w@

05-04-2011, 12:08 AM
Heh, alright. I did some more fixing, it's not perfect, but I can't see myself spending much more time on it. So this is the finished version.


05-04-2011, 01:27 AM
OOOooo Pretty! Many thanks for the redline so I can see the actual going ons. It's not an easy pose and it's great you're breaking out from the walking/standing/sitting comfort zone.

No crit, but just wondering what do you plan to put in the bg? Or r u gonna leave it as is?

Again, I should learn about light colouring as my colour pref tend to be on a duller / darker side. *sigh*

05-04-2011, 08:00 AM
Yeah, I'm planning on just leaving it as is. I had considered putting her in an abandoned ballroom or on a stage or something but the lighting would be really tricky to get to match up with the background. This is the problem with doing all the coloring of the subject before you finish the background.

I think the best way to learn about color is to just play with it and see what interesting combinations you can find. :)

05-04-2011, 04:37 PM
Sweet work man! I know it's already done, but I must say her legs are looking a little twisted. When I get a moment I'll try to type up a proper crit. Much love for these colors.

05-06-2011, 06:10 PM
@Sparky-J Thanks for looking. Yeah, I think I know what the problem is with the leg. I believe I need to change how the folds of the dress curve so that it looks like the leg is where it's supposed to be. I doubt I'll get around to it, but you never know.

So now that I'm done with all of my requests I can go back to sketching and studying. Here's a few quick sketches that I did the past couple of days.


05-09-2011, 09:45 PM
A couple more daily sketches and one colored version.


05-10-2011, 01:56 AM
very zexy! But he looks way too thin! Like ... almost starving.

05-25-2011, 10:36 PM
Whoa it's been a while since I last updated. I've been drawing but most of it is either unfinished or wasn't going to see the light of day anyhow. XD

@LK Thanks, I was going for a more lean muscular look, maybe made him a little too lean.


So I decided to work on painting with Photoshop more. Here's a value study that I've started working on. It's a little dark right now, but I figure it's better to start dark and lighten than the other way around. Also, photoshop did something strange when I saved the jpeg.... it looks a lot greener than it did before I saved. Maybe it's from the jpeg compression algorithm.


This was done from a screen capture taken from Fellowship of the Ring. I hope it's obvious which scene. D:

05-25-2011, 10:40 PM
Could use a bit more black here and there. I'd say, given the values you already have, adding blacks and highlights would complete the picture. The color scheme is already well established and the forms are pretty good.

05-25-2011, 10:49 PM
@CypressDahlia Yeah... I think the problem was that I was using CYMK mode in Photoshop. I converted it back to RGB mode and it saved the colors correctly.


05-25-2011, 10:52 PM
That looks better.

05-26-2011, 12:26 AM
Yup, that's much better! Btw, the rock wall doesn't really look like a rock wall. Just saying. If you really want this to pop, I'd make the surrounding background behind the orc(?) darker, put highlights on the wall at certain spots (to separate it from the rest) and put more darker shadows behind Frodo to make him stand out from the wall a bit more. Good stuff so far. Hope you stick around a bit longer this time. :)

* I'm forgetting my LOTR. correct me if I'm wrong.

05-26-2011, 08:05 AM
@Rio Thanks for taking the time to look and comment. I agree with you, I didn't really get around to defining much else other than Frodo's face. It's actually a Rock Troll in the picture from the Moria battle scene in Fellowship of the Ring.

Here's an updated version of the piece.


Still working on making that rock look convincing. I may need to get a little more adventurous in my brush selection to get the effect I want.

05-26-2011, 12:03 PM
OOOoooOOO! Nice the troll looks almost the same as the one from the movie but (and i dont mean to sound like a jackass) but Frodos face looks a bit wonky. i think that the shading on his nose makes the nose look pretty big, but the eyes and the hair are stunning "w" There i hope im of some use to you!!!

05-26-2011, 03:09 PM
That's some great improvement nisaren! It's looking much better already. Are you using custom brushes, default or did you get them somewhere?

05-26-2011, 08:37 PM
@Gedeon Yeah, there's definitely some more work that needs to be done. I'm still figuring it out.

@Rio I'm just using the default brushes, mostly the chalk brush that comes with Photoshop.

05-27-2011, 09:35 AM
Here's an updated version of the piece. I worked quite a bit more on defining pretty much everything in the picture. I definitely spent the longest on Frodo's and the Rock Troll's face. I'm probably going to work on Frodo's hair next since I haven't touched it at all.


05-31-2011, 08:54 AM
So I believe I'm done with the Frodo and the Rock Troll picture... at least for the time being.

I decided to try another piece using the same techniques - mainly sketch, then values, then color overlay, then painting and refining. I also decided to attempt the Manga Academy's 100 theme challenge. Here's the rough sketch with values blocked in of the first theme - Magical Girl.


I plan on adding more stuff that will make her more... magical. :X

Also for those that haven't seen, here is the final of Frodo and the Rock Troll.


It doesn't look that much different from the last post, I know, but I did do quite a bit of work on the troll's face and some on Frodo's hair and face.

05-31-2011, 12:57 PM
Great work mate, Love those wall texture you did.

I think you could have use more soft brushes and low opacity setting in certain areas, especially the facial area and the clothes.

But overall good work C:

05-31-2011, 02:35 PM
@DHB Thanks for looking! I agree with you about the face, I'm not completely happy with how it has turned out. I may have to go back through and attempt to fix it. I didn't spend a lot of time on the clothes and it shows, another thing to work on when I come back to it.

05-31-2011, 07:09 PM
Yeah, I think that the facial shading has some lines that look a wee bit too hard for the piece. I'd suggest using the eyedropper tool and low opacity settings to smooth out those gradients (like in the cheek) to make the shapes seem rounder and more organic. But the work you did on the troll's face paid off well in my opinion. (Also, have I mentioned that I really like the colors in that piece?)

As for the newest piece, I like the lighting sceme you're starting to develop. Also, the shirt and the skirt look really nice. I would watch out for the feet, which in this rough stage look like they run the risk of becoming too big, though. Can't wait to see what you do with coloring, though.

06-01-2011, 09:03 AM
@CF Thanks for looking and critiquing. I'm definitely planning on going back over Frodo's face in the near future, hopefully, I can get it more acceptable.

Some more refining on the new piece. I concentrated mostly on getting the facial features acceptable. Still lots of work to be done.


06-01-2011, 12:27 PM
I like the style of digital painting you have, Id be careful with the lips because they dont look to life like at the moment. Perhaps add a bit more of a definative shape to them.

06-01-2011, 04:47 PM
Hmm, lips are very tricky in this style of manga. I, personally, would leave them as is and instead work on the cheeks to make it look more natural. You can actually get away with less lip detail n this style and leave them alone if you can just get the right cheek shape. I would suggest removing the highlight by her mouth and putting a base shade there instead. That should help. My only other thing would be to watch out for the eyebrows. The arch is really think and dramatic, which causes the eyes too look very rodent-like. I suggest that you play around with other shapes of eyebrows with a less dramatic curve that doesn't follow the top line of the eye so closely. But I like how the blending and hair are coming along! :D

06-02-2011, 10:14 AM
@Scarletlight - Thanks for looking. I did a lot of more work on the face which I think makes the face look a lot better.

@CF - I think faces are generally tough especially the closer to realism you go. I believe I solved the eyebrow problem but it kind of feels like the whole face is a little tilted or something. Not sure if that's just me since I've been staring at it for so long already XD.

So here's the latest update. It's taking me a long time to get through this, but I'm enjoying it a lot more. Doesn't feel as tedious as it used to. :)


06-02-2011, 01:25 PM
I think, actually, you solved all your problems with the face! I would suggest adding a tiny circular-shaped shadow to the corner of the mouth, but that's pretty much it! :)

06-04-2011, 08:50 PM
@CF Awesome, thanks again for the comments. It definitely helped.

Here's the latest iteration of the painting. I have quite a bit to add still but I was mostly worried about getting the body right. I haven't really worked on the feet at all yet. At any rate, C&C appreciated. Also I included a final final of my Frodo and the Rock Troll painting. I think the face looks a lot better now. :)



06-05-2011, 05:52 PM
The lips look much better!
This is looking really 3d now !
I think you should be careful when you finish up the legs and feet because the leg with the cross on it looks like it splits into two at the shin with that dark shadown running down.

06-05-2011, 06:45 PM
Your style is very eye-catching. Possible noob question: are you drawing these from scratch or scanning sketches? And are you using a tablet?

Also, on the magical girl, the only thing I pick up on is the nose looks like it is at a different angle than the rest of the face, like it's bent yo her left (our right). But that could be me.

06-05-2011, 07:56 PM
@Scarletlight Thanks for looking and commenting. It's difficult to show shadows when there are two opposing light sources. I think it'll look better once I start to put colors in.

@Fenn I was also thinking the same thing about the face. I think some fixing needs to occur not only with the nose but the head and neck area is much darker than the skin elsewhere as well. As far as how I'm drawing. I am drawing from scratch. If you scan up the thread I have shown all of my process shots thus far so you can pretty much see how everything developed. Essentially, I am just painting in a semi-traditional sense with only a couple layers. I've been frustrated with the other processes that I've been using as they feel more tedious than artistic. Basically, I've just been using the method that the artist from www.idrawgirls.com (http://www.idrawgirls.com) uses. He has a ton of videos that demonstrate so if you're interested check it out. If you don't have or want photoshop, GIMP is actually a pretty good substitute for it and you should be able mimic the workflow fairly easily with it.

06-05-2011, 08:19 PM
I think you're doing the multi-point light source very well. And as for the nose, since you're doing a shoujo style, you could eliminate the bridge altogether with a base shade and make a tiny highlighted bump in the middle for a nose. It actually works rather well.

06-05-2011, 08:42 PM
@Scarletlight Thanks for looking and commenting. It's difficult to show shadows when there are two opposing light sources. I think it'll look better once I start to put colors in.

@Fenn I was also thinking the same thing about the face. I think some fixing needs to occur not only with the nose but the head and neck area is much darker than the skin elsewhere as well. As far as how I'm drawing. I am drawing from scratch. If you scan up the thread I have shown all of my process shots thus far so you can pretty much see how everything developed. Essentially, I am just painting in a semi-traditional sense with only a couple layers. I've been frustrated with the other processes that I've been using as they feel more tedious than artistic. Basically, I've just been using the method that the artist from www.idrawgirls.com (http://www.idrawgirls.com) uses. He has a ton of videos that demonstrate so if you're interested check it out. If you don't have or want photoshop, GIMP is actually a pretty good substitute for it and you should be able mimic the workflow fairly easily with it.

Nice stuff! And Celestial-Fox made a good suggestion.

06-08-2011, 10:58 PM
@CF and Fenn Thanks for looking and the suggestions. I definitely appreciate the input.

Changed the nose as was suggested, I think it looks much better. I believe I am close to being done with her. I just need to finish up the staff that she is holding and touch up a few parts like the skirt and shirt. Then I'm done with the value portion of the painting and I'm going to move onto color. :D


06-09-2011, 02:29 AM
It could use some darker shadows in some areas like beneath the flaps of the open shirt. Aside from that, the ankle on the right doesn't seem to taper correctly. The shin is curved forward too much, I think. But yeah, this is turning out great. Hopefully you'll also color it?

06-14-2011, 11:16 PM
@CypressDahlia Yeah, I definitely plan on coloring it. I just wanted to practice and get the values down before I put the colors in. I attempted to fix pretty much everything you mentioned, not sure if it's completely accurate but it definitely looks better.

Here's the latest version. C&C welcome as I still plan on making one last pass before I put down colors. :)


06-15-2011, 12:57 AM
i feel like i saw that symbol in magic the

06-15-2011, 01:03 AM
she must be a Quake (http://wegotthiscovered.com/wp-content/uploads/quake-flash.gif) fan.

06-15-2011, 10:09 AM
@apples13 Hmm... well she is supposed to be a "magical" girl. :X To which symbol are you referring?

@CypressDahlia I didn't even think about that, lol. Maybe she's a hardcore gamer in her "real" life cause gamer girls are hawt.

Note: Any similarities between the picture and anything else is entirely coincidental. :D (Well aside from the cross, obviously that refers to JC)

06-15-2011, 04:08 PM
magic the gathering lol i must have posted it before i finished typing lol

06-17-2011, 03:58 PM
as always great black and white....urm...and gray art! :D Only thing that bugs me is that somehow....good lord this is going to sound weird.....is that the legs and the whole body anatomy look so real and it makes me think its a realism-fantasy kinda pic but then i see the manga face and im confused! Still great work Nisaren!

06-17-2011, 04:51 PM
bro bro cool shoes :Y
o: so uhm, her hand isss a litttttle oddd ,
in that there's no definition between
hey palm and finger,
and I think, in that position a bit more of the rest of her hand
should be seen... c:
but yeah bro , cool shoes *u*

06-17-2011, 11:01 PM
@apples13 Yeah, I kind of thought that's what you were saying. :X

@Gedeon Thanks for looking and taking the time to critique. :) It is kind of a difficult thing trying to mix realism and manga to make a kind of semi-realism. I think it's also the kind of lighting that I was able to do from reference for the legs compared to the face where I had no good reference (since people with manga facial proportions don't exist). I'm fleshing out the nose a little more to make the face look more realistic. Hopefully the difference won't be as jarring a difference when I'm done.

@erikamae Heya, thanks for commenting. ^^ I'm glad you like the shoes. I'll take a closer look at the hand as I go over everything in color. I didn't do much with it because I had originally planned on giving her some kind of gauntlet but changed my mind.

Here's the current progress of the piece in color. I just laid down some basic colors for the majority of the painting. Aside from that, I did some work on the face and neck, mainly correcting the colors and working on the nose a bit.


06-17-2011, 11:51 PM
Amazing. I love the choice of colors. And the line-work in the clothing is perfect.

If I were to suggest anything, it would be to add some contrast to the face. Everything has distinct shadows except the face. But then again, shadows tend to make people look more sinister, which maybe you don't want. Of course, it's your choice and it would look great either with more contrast or left alone. Just something to consider, but overall...fantastic piece.

06-18-2011, 01:18 AM
Yeah, it's coming out really nicely!! :)

06-18-2011, 01:25 AM
beautiful work ^^

06-18-2011, 03:50 AM
man i gotta study how to use water to make a color like that >.<..

06-20-2011, 09:26 AM
@Agro Thanks for looking and critiquing. I agree, there needs to be more contrast in the face to make it consistent with the rest of the shading. I added quite a bit in my update below. Oddly enough though, I didn't use any linework for this piece. It was all painting the major shapes and then refining, refining, refining....

@Saphira Thanks! I'm glad you like. :)

@weez Thank you!

@ramiel I don't know how to use water to make these colors either, I just have to rely on Photoshop to help me.

Here's the update. I added higher contrast shadows to the face and changed the eyes, defined the necklace's chain and refined the cross pendant, did a small amount of work on the shirt (added button holes), worked on the left (our right) arm and hand, and changed the belt a bit.


06-20-2011, 04:42 PM
The shadows on her face make it seem like she is older than she probably is (kinda droopy skined and sagging). Im fairly sure she is silling on a root of a tree right? If so then the treee needs some texture or pealing to make it look a bit more tree like and organic. Allso i have no idea how she is sitting on there since it looks fairly steap and the way her feet are she could go sliding off any second. The hair is a bit to loose in the ribbons unless she has extreamly thick hair (especially at the ends). The top of the head where the pony tails are split off have a couple of humps that shouldnt be there. When you put hair in a pony tail the hair is drawn fairly flat to the head and you dont see them bulge out unless the tie is not that tight but even then it would fall flat and bulge out a bit at the botttom of the head not the top. The trident in her hand (im assuming its for fighting) looks kind of bothersome because if you tried to fight with it the flags would get in the way allot. The symbols seem over done to me. You have the trident and its symbol on her shirt but you allso have the cross on her neck and a tattoo? They seem to conflict to me because its like having affiliation to two totally different groups. i think you should loose the symbol on her shirt but thats JMO. and those spikes on the belt buckle are gonna hurt if she moves her leg the wrong way.

I think you have a good foundation going and go with it how you like and what feels natural to you. These are just things that i think could be improved upon.

06-20-2011, 05:30 PM
@Psy Thank you for taking the time to look and write such a thorough critique. I do plan on using the suggestions everyone gives as long as it gels with my own vision for the piece. I may take your suggestion of removing the shirt symbol, it is rather unneeded and she probably would look better without it. Her hair is also as you have intimated, thick and barely restrained. I wanted her to feel more relaxed in a nice setting rather than having a severe hairstyle.

As I have given no background to the character it is rather difficult to fathom how she would use that trident. Since she's supposed to be a magical girl, I was thinking she would more use it as a talisman to focus her spells with any swinging or stabbing purely a last resort. I should probably change the design at the top to make it more obvious that it's for casting spells and not stabbing.

Guys, I just wanted to emphasize that I really do appreciate the suggestions. Since I've been working on this piece for so long already, it's easy to get lost in the details. Or I look at it and am unable to objectively see what needs to be improved. Having these suggestions really helps me to focus on various areas that need fixing more than I would realize on my own. So thank you all again.

06-23-2011, 04:52 AM
hey wow thats amazing
i prefer the face in the first illustration though.or try to keep it a little smooth near the mouth area.

06-23-2011, 06:51 AM
oh wow you coloured it! I really thought it was going to be a black and white piece.
Jesus that looks awesome. Im always a fan of the fantasy stuff anyway so it goes without saying that I love this!

06-24-2011, 12:22 AM
@wyvern_stroke Thanks for looking. :) I think I've fixed the mouth problem that everyone has been commenting on.

@Scarletlight Yep, I had always planned on coloring it. It's actually fairly common in the concept art arena to paint all the values in a piece before adding color. I'm actually planning on changing my method a little bit as this one is soooo slow for me. XD Glad to hear you like it. :)

Update with a few changes. I'm getting closer to being done. I need to tweak the background and then go over her staff/trident and finish painting over her lower body.


06-28-2011, 09:20 AM
Alright, so it's done. I'm sure you'll all be happy to hear that I'm moving on to other projects. :) Here's the finished product - well finished as far as I'm concerned.


I've also made a process animation so everyone can see how I went about making this. It's under the spoiler.

06-28-2011, 03:48 PM
Wow.. that's awesome.. can't find anything to crit really >.< cept maybe her arm looks a little short... but it's hard to tell.. the elbow could be bent causing a foreshortening effect... awesome stuff.. gnarly progress animation as well :D

07-01-2011, 09:48 PM
Im sorry but i noticed just now......THE TREE OoO!!!!!!!!! ITS ....so....so.....so MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!! ALL THE PORES!!! I didn't notice it until the animation BUT THE TREE!!!.....ok enough with my tree fascination, I have to say that those pores around here mouth (the shades) Make the little magician girl seem quite old..........and thats that! ......What you expected a smart and a good critique? Peapol its me we are talking about!

07-01-2011, 10:07 PM
@Egoslip Thanks for looking. I believe you are correct, I should have made the elbow a little bit higher than I did. It wouldn't take long to fix it actually, but I don't know if I'll bother... so tired of looking at that piece. D:

@Gedeon Lol, I'm glad you noticed the tree. :) It's amazing what a decent texture can do to help a painting or background really pop out. I agree the shading does make her look older than she would under different lighting, however, that can happen. I think the only thing I would correct on her face at this time would be to tough up underneath her eyes a little bit. But meh, I'm tired of fiddling with this piece, lol.

So after spending a month on one piece (longest among of time I've ever spent on a piece), I decided to try to knock out some speed paintings using what I've learned over the past month or so. So I gave myself a time limit of 90 minutes to complete these(although I didn't actually time the first picture). At any rate, in order to keep my thread PG, I decided to censor the nude girl study. :X



They're obviously not finished. Since I am trying to constrain myself to a 90 minute time limit, anything that isn't done when the timer goes off is left as is. XD

07-01-2011, 11:20 PM
I really dig your painting style, very solid.

07-02-2011, 12:09 PM
@Sparky-J Thanks man.



Another painting I did a little while ago. The far arm is definitely not right and I didn't have time to fix up the hands so they don't look correct either. D: I'm fairly happy with how the head and torso came out though. I've been using SAI for these latest pieces and I think I need to fiddle around with some brushes to get something I like. The normal brush picks up too much background color for me, feels more like a blend tool than a brush at times. XD

07-15-2011, 09:09 AM
Some random doodles I've done recently. I tried using IllustStudio for the first one which is quite a bit different from Photoshop. It's kind of fun to use and I love the rulers they have. Makes doing perspective rather simple. The second one was done in photoshop. Didn't spend a lot of time on them aside from cleaning up some lines in the second one. Didn't really pay attention to anatomy issues.



07-15-2011, 01:13 PM
nice lines on the second picture..
on the first one, i actually use illuststudio as well right now
you should experiment more on the brush setting more, it's actually hard to figure out at first... but if you have some questions, you could always ask me

07-20-2011, 12:12 AM
@ramiel yeah I haven't really touched the brush settings much on Illuststudio. I'm not sure if I like it enough to bother really trying to figure everything out. I just like to try different programs every now and then. Each seems to have it's own "feel" to it.

Spent some time the past couple of nights on the group board. I must say it's much more fun drawing with people than alone. :)


07-21-2011, 08:25 AM
Some more group board images. I'm actually fairly impressed with how some of these pictures are turning out. Who would have thought that you'd be able to create nice pieces while using just a browser.


Put the spoiler on this one as it's not entirely PG.

And lastly, can you guess who this actor is?


07-22-2011, 09:31 AM
Another painting... Realism go!


And in case you couldn't tell... it's my avatar now :D

07-22-2011, 02:09 PM
Mel Gibson!!!!

Oh and what a wonderful Voldemort you have there, and it does look very good as an avatar too.

07-22-2011, 04:06 PM
Yay! Someone got it right. :) Yep, it's Mel Gibson. Thanks for looking, Lucifer. :D

07-22-2011, 04:25 PM
Wow, I haven't checked your thread in forever actually. And I gotta say, progress with leaps and bounds lol.
I noticed right off the bat that last one was Gibson from...er....Braveheart?
Also the painting beforeeee that, the girl you colored. That's also epic, one thing I didn't like was the shading on the face, it just seemed odd and unnatural for the way everything else was flowing.

As for Voldemort (I can speak his name cause I'm badass like that) it's really just excellent. I'd like to see more like that from you. From where I'm sitting, pretty much looks perfect, and I love the style. (did you use ref?)
Anyways. Keep up the good stuff Nisaren!

07-22-2011, 11:03 PM
@Gunz Thanks for looking through man. I'm glad you you recognized Mel since the more I look at it the less it looks like him to me lol. I'm not sure exactly which of my paintings of girls you're referring to... the one in post #140? And yes I did use reference for Voldemort, I'm actually enjoying realism more now that I've figured out a reasonable way to do it.

Here's my latest... it didn't start out this way, just so all of you know. D:


07-24-2011, 01:13 AM
Mel Gibson from Braveheart?
and that last one's cool. I'm not much of a Harry potter fan but I can appreciate that. The shading looks really good. Do you use SAI?

07-24-2011, 01:45 PM
@Tora Yep it's Mel Gibson. I have and do use SAI, however, the last few paintings have all been done on the groupboard here on the site. The last piece that I posted using SAI was the girl in post #141. Oddly enough, I'm not really a huge Harry Potter fan either. I think the story is well done, but I'm not a fanatic about it like a lot others. I don't even own any of the books or DVDs. At any rate, thanks for taking a look. :)

07-24-2011, 06:47 PM
@Gunz Thanks for looking through man. I'm glad you you recognized Mel since the more I look at it the less it looks like him to me lol. I'm not sure exactly which of my paintings of girls you're referring to... the one in post #140? And yes I did use reference for Voldemort, I'm actually enjoying realism more now that I've figured out a reasonable way to do it.

Here's my latest... it didn't start out this way, just so all of you know. D:


This is so cool, yet so wrong =w='

07-26-2011, 12:49 AM
@Gedeon Lol thanks. The wrongness makes it funny. :)

Another speedpaint on groupboard. This one was kind of a pain to do. Even after I finished it on there, I still did a little manipulation in SAI to get the proportions closer to the reference picture, and they still don't look quite right to me. D:


07-26-2011, 01:22 AM
Why so blue???

Lol no it looks good. Were you trying to make it look exactly like the reference? It looks good in it's own right. I really like the eye.

07-26-2011, 07:47 AM
Yeah I was trying to make it as close to the reference as possible.

Here's the ref if you would like to compare.



There's a few things that I can notice right off the bat, like the head looks a little wider than it should. But I suppose I should be happy with it since it was just a speed paint.

07-28-2011, 01:05 AM
So back to working on anime. :X Here's a couple master studies that I did. The first is from Sekirei and the second is from Air Gear. I actually did not directly copy the second, I was trying to do a memory study. So I copied a couple pieces this morning and then when I got home this evening I tried to recreate them. I'm hoping to increase how clearly I see things in my mind and memory studies such as these are supposed to help.



07-29-2011, 01:39 AM
A couple more pieces from GB.




Decided to clean up the lines and color the last sketch. Was a pretty quick job, only took about an hour or so.


Lol... just noticed that I drew her right foot wrong. XD

07-29-2011, 07:06 PM
Thumbs on the wrong side right? =w=

07-29-2011, 11:20 PM
lol, nah it's correct, but the orientation of the hand is off. It should be turned more to the side, but I didn't feel like fixing it. Oh well. It was just a sketch anyhow.

07-29-2011, 11:56 PM
I was talking about the foot......=w=........the hand is quite good....no problems there.

07-30-2011, 12:31 AM
Oh yeah... big toes should be on the inside.
Also... I like the coloring on that last pic and I like the highlights but the white lines on the pink look like slits in her skin O___o
do white dots instead??? or blend them in a bit...

07-30-2011, 09:05 PM
blushes look a little unnaturally strong, otherwise nice work!

07-31-2011, 09:50 AM
Wow, you've been chugging out some AMAZING realism, especially with the HP fan art. Veeery nice. I would suggest, however, that you take little sketch breaks for anatomy and whatnot, because you don't quite have a grasp on it without heavy reference. I'd like to see you develop your skills to the point where you're not so reliant on reference to create a technically solid piece.

07-31-2011, 12:30 PM
Thanks guys for taking the time to look and comment.

I am finding it more difficult to do line art than painting - at least in a timely manner. But I guess this is par for the course as many concept artists mention that it's quicker to paint than to do lines. You can hide or hint at details in paintings while you have to fully realize everything with line art.

I normally don't do blush effects outside of the face, so this was kind of an experiment. It fell a bit short, but as long I learn from it right? The realism pieces I've been putting out are in fact mostly studies. They're mainly value studies and painting practice, but they also help with anatomical proportions. And I think they are helping my anatomical proportions immensely. I don't know if I'll ever be able to create a technically solid piece without reference. But I keep trying anyhow.

07-31-2011, 01:20 PM
It fell a bit short, but as long I learn from it right?

Exactly! Like me and making Chatterbox topics.

Shoot to improve next time you use 'em!

07-31-2011, 11:00 PM
I agree with seefy about the sketch breaks.

The bikini girl drawing is cool though, I quite like the soft coloring. as for the blush, I think you should have tapered the ends of the highlights a bit more and made the other side a bit thicker
doodle of what I mean, because I don't know if I wrote that well lol:
http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/9350/shmeh.png (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/189/shmeh.png/)

I also really like the harry potter painting :D Were you their on the opening night of the last movie? I swear, the audience was probably the coolest audience I've witnessed lol.

08-01-2011, 01:23 AM
I know you also study anatomy with the realism painting, but I really think that the sketching would be a better investment of your time. Because it's very evident that you have shading down very well. It would be faster just to practice anatomy in quick sketches instead of making completed paintings, "practicing" things you already know.

08-01-2011, 07:05 PM
I agree with celestial-fox! OF course you choose what to draw(and i beg you do it mostly for fun(a friend gone bad)) Still as she said, you pretty much nailed shading and coloring of the the next chapter! The line art odyssey! :D

08-05-2011, 02:43 PM
So I've been attempting quick sketches. I just have a tough time making them quick. D: Maybe it's because I'm sketching in photoshop rather than pencil and paper. At any rate, here's what I've done so far. I put it beneath a spoiler as there's some nudity.


The bottom two were done before the top two as more of a warm up. I'm fairly happy with the top left picture. Still these weren't exactly "quick" sketches.

08-05-2011, 02:48 PM
Awesome stuff... did you use reference?

Looks like the top right girls right (our left) knee is a wee bit low causing the thigh to be a bit elongated.. love the armpit area of that same girl though.. looks good :D

08-05-2011, 02:53 PM
@Egoslip Ah, yeah I used reference. I meant to post that I used images of models at www.characterdesigns.com.

08-05-2011, 03:08 PM
oh cool.. i remember that site :3...

08-07-2011, 12:38 AM
Here's a piece that I painted on Groupboard and then touched up in Photoshop. It's from reference. The background sucks I know, mostly cause I just wanted to practice painting more complex outfits. I could have spent a lot longer on this picture, but meh, time to move on.


08-08-2011, 12:23 AM
A fairly quick sketch of a dragon that I did on group board earlier tonight. I actually think this turned out a lot better than my normal attempts to draw one.


08-12-2011, 12:37 AM
Another group board sketch.


08-12-2011, 01:53 AM


These are cute. I really like a lot of the shading in the first one.

My only real crits are that the girl's arm is a bit stiff, and the guy's anatomy seems bit confusing. It's hard to tell where the arms begin and the torso ends, mainly because of the dark shading. Nice job on the outfits. :)

08-12-2011, 07:08 AM
OAO The dragon is awesome!!! The wing is kinda wobbly but still its AWESOME!!!

08-16-2011, 11:30 AM
cool colors. .

08-29-2011, 12:03 AM
@Tay - Thanks for looking and commenting :) I can see what you're talking about with the stiff arm, I'd probably need to go back and check the reference again to actually fix it. D:

@Gedeon - Thanks, yeah the dragon wing (and body) was just added on after I drew the head XD. This is what happens when I fail to plan. D:

@TagYURIT - Thanks :)


Hmm... so it's been a while since I posted something. Here's a piece that I just finished this evening. There's some lighting flaws but mostly because I painted the character then decided to give it a background. XD

Under spoiler to avoid stretching the page.

09-08-2011, 11:01 AM
Work on her neck and try to make her face less flat, the dragon's pretty impressive

09-16-2011, 03:51 PM
@Leannah Thanks for looking and commenting. I'm not entirely sure which piece you're referring to with your first comment though.

It's been a while soooo.... sketch dump time. XD


I know, kind of pathetic considering how long it's been since I last posted. D: Been working too much. I think it has sapped most of my creativity and motivation. :(

09-17-2011, 06:14 PM
Nonsense. Everything still looks awesome as usual, especially that last one.

That last one alone is just . . . *saves* I love how the hair is done along with the Miles Edgeworth (http://pics.livejournal.com/xx_juri_xx/pic/00069fkq/s320x240) pose.

And the sketched girl up top is cute. Are those 4 the same character?

09-17-2011, 06:27 PM
Not bad! I am noticing, though, that when you don't work with references, you tend to give every object a deep shadow. But in instances like hair, it doesn't always have one. Watch out for giving things too much depth, because then it messes up the forms of the objects. If you give deep shadows to each lock of hair, they start to look like dreadlocks rather than individual hairs that interact with each other. (This is well demonstrated in the girl with the blonde hair.)

But I do like that you're using more colors lately. I really like the pose on the second one, too. :)

09-17-2011, 07:52 PM
Agreed with Fox...... a little less dark shades other then that pretty awesome. The lastguys looks likehttp://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/276962_182473188483186_5352838_n.jpg

09-18-2011, 12:36 AM
@Matt They basically are the same girl, lol. Just an unnamed OC that I keep drawing for no good reason. Haha, I didn't even mean to draw the last one that way at first, it just kind of morphed into it as I played around. I'm glad you like it. :)

@CF Thanks for the comments. I'll have to keep that in mind.

@Gedeon Lol, I don't even know why he's so angry. :X


Well, another sketch I did on groupboard a little while ago.


Fairly happy with how it turned out. Some of the proportions may be off a little but meh.

09-23-2011, 04:52 PM
A wip that I started today. I've been really struggling with my process of late, everything just feels wrong. Anyone get that feeling? At any rate, without further ado.


I'm definitely planning on bringing this piece to a higher finish level than my usual pieces.

09-23-2011, 10:39 PM
Iv started 3 drawings(painting practice) today and none of them are even half way finished......and everything is wrong and it would seem to be easier to just start over, but still there are some little features that i really liked and it stops me from moving on.........so yeah......i know exactly how you feel. On the newest pic.......the fave is a bit cartoonish and the fingers are too round. Still i presume its in its starting faze so it can't yet be judged!!! For some reason i find the bg really appealing.......did you use some textures or was it all your handy-work?

10-14-2011, 03:00 PM
@Gedeon thanks for looking and commenting. I'm still working on the piece, but it's kind of fallen by the wayside. I think I found the pose a bit boring. D: For the background, I just used some cloud brushes to create some texture.

It's been a while since I've updated. I finally managed to get a new monitor for my computer. The difference between this monitor and my last is amazing, although I shudder at all my art now that I can see all the defects clearly.

I've been working on re-finding a fun process that I can use. I think I'm close to having one down. The past day or so I've enjoyed working on painting this piece.


Also I pimped a drawing by weez a week or so ago. Thought I may as well post that up here too.


10-16-2011, 09:30 AM
Been working more on my latest piece. Just started to add color to the piece. Here's my progress so far for any interested.


10-18-2011, 06:46 PM
Oooh nice reminds me of Alice......but with white hair. Well nothing wrong...........i wait the day i can look one of my drawings and say that O_O

10-21-2011, 10:21 AM
@Gedeon Lol, thanks. I need to upload the latest version that where I colored more.

A new piece I began this past week as a present. I tried to use a more interesting top down perspective. I know there are some errors, but I haven't gotten around to fixing everything yet. C&C appreciated.


10-24-2011, 12:14 AM
Here's an update of the piece above. Still a lot to be done.


10-24-2011, 01:24 PM
Looks awesome. The shading on her dress is just out of this world @.@ Can't wait to see it finished!

My only beef with this picture is that the (our) right side of the seat of the throne looks shorter than the left :/

10-24-2011, 02:41 PM
Well id say just make it clear that the upper ft is the left one, it confused me a little, or don't :D

but i think that you should

10-25-2011, 02:00 PM
How often are you practicing?? maybe its just me, but it seems like you are improving super fast o_O. that throne is amazing. I do have to say that some of her body and also the circle base that the chair is on, is out of perspective. The throne is in a birds eye view perpective, but the picture is tilted to the right. try and picture a line that runs down the middle of the throne, from it top to its bottom. If the throne is sitting on flat ground, that base circle should be symmetrical on both sides of the line you pictured. >-o i know that sounds confusing, i may red line later. you are amazing though.

10-26-2011, 12:31 AM
@Gedeon Duly noted. I haven't even touched her feet since I first blocked them in, I'll see what I can do after I figure out this perspective thing.

@SuperKasey Thanks! I agree the chair is off. The perspective that I'm using a little skewed so it does make things look a little odd. I was trying to make the picture more interesting with a dynamic camera angle.

@NWAP Thanks for the compliments. I don't know that I've improved so much as just had a major upgrade in equipment and found a process that I enjoy and works well for me. As I mentioned above, the perspective is a bit skewed on purpose, not saying that there aren't mistakes but some of the distortion is intended. The dais on which the throne is sitting does need to be fixed but I was more worried about the main subject of the picture. Thanks for looking and commenting I appreciate it.

A slight update. I attempted to correct the throne's perspective as much as I could tell. I don't expect it to be perfect but I'm hoping that it's at least reasonable close to how it should look.


10-26-2011, 10:06 PM
Hey, that looks really good. That's a really difficult angle to tackle and I applaude you for going for it. The chair looks real good from the bottom and since it's not really finished, I assume you're gonna put more detailing into the top bit of the chair.

Now for the little lady, I like the haughty expression on her, at some point she looks almost domineering. The lotus wand is done well and the folds are real smooth and gives a sense of silky/satin fabric.

Now for the shoes, I'm not too sure at this angle would her heels be seen at all. For her heels to be seen then her leg or feet has to bend in an ucomfortable fashion which I'm gonna assume she's not doing. Did you use any reference for this pose? Perhaps try taking a look at a real high heel shoe (i'm not saying you should keep a few in a your closet, that might raise some questions) at different angles or ask a lady friend to pose.

If not, there's always the wonderful internet to help you out. Cheers!

PS: Good to hear that you finally got some decent equipment! Hooray! I haven't got mine yet but am saving and planning away. Thinking of getting it next year.

10-28-2011, 11:26 AM
@LK Thanks for looking and critiquing. I changed the foot since it seemed to be throwing quite a few people off. Hopefully it looks better now. And yes new equipment has made a huge difference for me. I got a new monitor and a really nice laptop that handles Photoshop sooo much better than my relic of a desktop. I think the new monitor was the biggest improvement though. It feels like I finally remembered to put my glasses on after trying to draw without for years.

So I believe the throne and girl are close to done value-wise. I plan on adding colors next.


10-28-2011, 03:11 PM
just on this page alone, you have made this image near perfect. The only thing that I would improve on is the flower bud. It kinda fades into the background and looks flat due to lack of shadows. I wouldn`t force it but subliminal shadows will make it look as 3D as the rest of the image.

But I am loving the image all the way!

11-14-2011, 08:25 PM
@Maxx Thanks for looking and commenting. I would have responded sooner but I feel guilty bumping my thread with replies containing no art. :X Hopefully the finished image will look a bit more to your liking.


So I finally finished the painting that I have been working on for about 3 weeks. It's called "The Lotus Queen". There's definitely some perspective errors still present but I think it's time to move onto bigger and better things. I'm happy with how this piece came out and proud that I was able to stay with it long enough to get it to this point.


Link to a higher res version (http://nisaren.deviantart.com/#/d4g7glp)

11-14-2011, 09:28 PM
Ooh, I like how this turned out. The perspective looks pretty good, and I really, really like the background! My main critique, though, is that you have a clashing use of shading. Some parts look cel-shaded and have minimal use of value change (skin, chair), but other parts looks very 3-dimensional and soft-shaded (the dress and viewer's left hand). But yeah, that dress is phenomenal, especially the 3D look of the lace edges.

11-15-2011, 08:06 PM
Wow, thats some sweet perspective there.
Although I think her torso's a bit off. Not sure though...

11-16-2011, 04:18 PM
I think that her knee isn't in the right place.

11-17-2011, 12:00 AM
@CF: Thanks for the crit. I suppose I could go back and work a little more on that now that I've had a break from it for a couple days.

@Sylux: It may be off, the perspective made it challenging to get that right. Not sure exactly how I could make it look better at the moment though.

@Gedeon: Hmm... it's tricky with the perspective, not the mention the fact that her left leg is supposed to be crossed over her right. Kind of a complex pose compared to what I normally do.

Since I feel bad about spamming replies without some art, here's the colored version of the practice painting I was doing before my last piece.


11-17-2011, 12:08 AM
Aw man I love this picture so much! Especially her hair ribbon and just the clothes in general. Oh and her eyes! Well done sir well done, I have no real critiques since I can't really see anything wrong with it.

11-17-2011, 12:27 AM
your thrown pic is awesome, however the flower bud looks a little off centered...

the other one is the same idea... awesome... this time it's the breast bow. that's bouncy when nothing else is....

11-17-2011, 01:03 AM
Ooh, the colors on this one are very, vey nice. But I see the same problem in this piece than the last one. I don't think the issue is isolated to skin itself--rather, it's that you just don't complete shading with light values. The skin and hair's shading in this image are very flat and hugs the (would-be) lineart of the figure. Now if you look at the clothing you'll notice that things are very 3-dimensional and shaded very, very well, especially around the bow and ruffles. As far as skin goes, I suggest Navate's skin tutorial (http://navate.deviantart.com/gallery/11609382#/d2ef9p7) to learn about the differences between shading dark (midtone value) and fair (light value) skin so you can learn how to balance the values to make things rounded with complete form, while still avoiding making look like everything's the same base value. :)

11-17-2011, 01:06 AM
Wow, really nice!!!

11-17-2011, 05:42 AM
You are obviously very, very good. Your last piece has few, if any flaws. It's a particular style I recognize from the throngs of manga artists on deviant who paint in a similar fashion. You could add more contrast to her skin if you fancy. You could also experiment with more variation in color, as in adding layers of subtle complementary colors that enhance the color you're looking to paint. An advanced technique certainly, but I think you're ready.

11-17-2011, 07:51 AM
Ooh, Chii brings up a good point about what you lack: color environment. Yellow highlights give off purple shadows, et cetera. Try this tutorial (http://tigrin.deviantart.com/art/Color-Environment-31051556) out on the skin as wel as part one of Navate's notes in my last comment. It should help out a lot.

11-18-2011, 06:21 PM
Damn Nisaren! You've improved so much it's crazy! here's some more helpful tutorials for dynamic color. 1 (http://yamino.tumblr.com/post/5372826958/dynamic-color-a-brief-explanation) and 2 (http://yamino.tumblr.com/post/5375338685/dynamic-color-part-2)

11-19-2011, 10:40 PM
@corastaur Thank you! I'm glad you like it. :)

@ Maxx Yeah, I noticed that problem with the scepter. I tried to fix it but I guess I didn't get it quite right yet. As for the bow, it is a bit too three dimensional compared to the rest of the body.

@ CF Thanks for the tutorials. I'll have to check them out. I really appreciate you posting here, I feel bad that I haven't been able to return the favor for you in your thread as much. Maybe when I see you slip up and make a mistake :X

@ Kaspar Thanks.

@ Darkmousyminion Thank you for the compliments. I'll see about doing more with color. I've been concentrating mostly on value and getting that right. I think after that, I get lost when it comes time to color.

@ Sparky Thanks man. It's nice to hear that other people see the improvement. Its less obvious when you're living through the daily toil. It's been a while since I reviewed color theory. Those tutorials held some interesting tidbits. Didn't really connect the whole warm light = cool shadows, cool light = warm shadows theory before.

So I'm attempting to provide more contrast while painting skin, particularly on the face. Here's a portion of a picture that I've just started working on a couple days ago.


I think it looks better already. :X

11-20-2011, 04:58 PM
Ahh i love the nose oAO

Cough...cough....hrm......Well the only thing that seem's wrong to me is the position of her neck and her head. It looks like (at least to me :D ) that her jaw line doesn't connect to the neck at all, but it might just be my and my glassless eyes -0w0-

11-21-2011, 04:13 AM
I really like the way you draw! I just wanted to put that out there. I love the eyes, and the nose and her lips and oh man I also like what you did with the hand there :) so much love.

On another note... I do agree with ged on the neck :P it doesn't quite look like the jaw and neck connect underneath her hair. The only other thing thats throwing me off is I'm feeling like her left (our right) shoulder is a bit longer than her right... Also there's something about her breasts. She's a skinny character and I feel like her boobs end a bit too far down her chest. This could just be me, but maybe they could be perkier? is that the right word? Regardless I think the dudes expression is awesome! :D Can't wait to see it finished!

11-21-2011, 08:47 AM
@ Gedeon Thanks for the crit. I was more focused on trying to draw and shade the face so I kind of slacked off on a few parts. I believe I've fixed it now though.

@ corastaur Thanks! I appreciate the crits. I totally hadn't noticed her behemoth of a left shoulder before. I think I've fixed most of what you mentioned in this update. As I mentioned to Ged above, I was mostly focused on trying to give her skin and face more volume.

Here's the update. I *think* I've resolved most of the issues that were mentioned already. I also worked a bit more on her hair.


Oh, also, I found a nice site for hosting images on. www.imgur.com (http://www.imgur.com) - very easy to use and you can upload larger images. Not sure if anyone else has tried it out or not.

11-22-2011, 07:31 PM
I am guessing that you will work on the boy in a bit, so I won't mention too much about him, however, the first thing I question myself about is the girl's right hand. I understand that it's supposed to be a motion, hence the two hands, however wouldn't the picture be taken when the hand is in one of those positions? so that would make the other one lighter than the main one, no? Just a currious question....

Now for critiquing -puts on glasses and tie- there is only one main issue I see with the girl and that's the width of the neck. I can't explain why, but it looks a little too thin, maybe it's because that shadow is so dark.. but that's just my opinion....

11-30-2011, 11:13 AM
@Maxx Thanks for the critique. The shadow on her neck is rather dark, I can see how it would appear to be too thin. There's still a lot of work to be done on the piece.

So I decided to do a family portrait of my sister, her husband and daughter. I'm hoping to have it printed and framed for a christmas present. I'm fairly happy with how it's turning out. Still a lot to do ><. Also I have a small update for the last piece I was working on.



11-30-2011, 01:49 PM
Everything's cool.......still love that nose!!!!! But i have an issue with HER left hand.....it doesn't seem as if its grabbing her backpack........or is it still unfinished and i got the wrong idea?

11-30-2011, 05:02 PM
Dude, Nisaren. That drawing right there with the girl patting the guys head IMO is one of your best.

I really think you're doing a good thing with adding more contrast to faces, and I just love that boys expression. Really well done man!

As for a critique, I think the thumb on the right hand looks a tad bit short!

12-03-2011, 10:51 AM
@Gedeon Thanks for the crit. There's still quite a bit I need to work on in the picture. I hadn't really worked on the bookbag strap much, but I'll definitely see about it when I get back to it.

@Joosh Thanks man. Looking at it now it does seem short. I think I was at first trying to apply some foreshortening to it but I don't think it come across very well.


So I'm taking a small break from painting and decided to work on my linework. Here's a couple quick sketches from groupboard.


In case the pic offends anyone - spoilered

12-03-2011, 02:15 PM
Well since they are just quick sketches i couldn't decide would this be even worth mentioning to you but what the heck it cant hurt ......................right:cat_ohoho:

First pic: the arm furthest to us seems thinner then it should be, also the palm on the said arm is bigger then the one on the other hand. Alo the both arms look short.

Second pic: Both arms too thin. Also it looks a little bit like she smashed the knee she was sitting on. ut i really like the pose. Reminds me of the little mermaid somehow.

12-05-2011, 01:39 AM
The second one made me smile.. so I also am going to comment.

First pic: The leg closest to me seems to be a bit skinny compared to the shorts. and the shin is very skinny. The other leg looks fine.

Second pic: you missed the sheet line on her left leg, making it look wierd, also your right eye seems a little far compared to the left. And the right brest seems a little flat.

however, they are still awersome!

12-06-2011, 09:46 PM
Nisaren, you're doing great!

One thing I noticed about the first picture is that his running pose just isn't looking right. When you run, your legs are opposite your arms in motion. This means that your right leg would be in the same spot as your left arm and vice versa. Also, I like how exagerated the pose is with his knee coming up so far. It makes me think he's trying to achieve lift off or something.

Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see some more art from you.

12-15-2011, 09:38 AM
Thanks guys, I really appreciate you taking the time to check my pieces out.

@Gedeon - Yeah there are a lot of anatomical problems in both. They were just quick sketches without reference. After I finish this Christmas gift, I plan on spending time working on my figure drawing.

@Maxx - I'm glad it made you smile. I'm not sure what you mean by the "sheet line" - maybe you could elaborate?

@Jai - Your completely right, his arm looks more as if he's making a wild lunge rather than running.

So I've been working quite a bit on the portrait of my sister and her family. I think it's looking pretty decent but am hoping to have any obvious or not so obvious mistakes pointed out.


I plan on leaving it in grayscale as I'm a little too short on time to get the colors right. Damn my procrastination! D:

12-15-2011, 03:01 PM
when I said sheet line, I ment the line defining the top of the sheet that's covering her left leg. You seem to have continued the leg into the sheet, making it seem like they murge or something. It's no big thing, however something to consider.

(I am preocupied trying to find out if pasha is the right sound effect for what I have in mind, so if this doesn't make sence, I can redline for you)

12-18-2011, 11:03 PM
@Maxx Ah I see. Thanks for clearing that up.

Here's the finished version of the portrait I've been working on. I'm pretty pleased with how it ended up looking.


12-18-2011, 11:26 PM
That looks sweet!!!! Well done :monkey_clap:

12-19-2011, 01:08 AM
This looks very detailed and very nicely done.props XD

12-27-2011, 09:57 PM
@ Corastaur and tag654 Thanks! I'm glad you like it.


Here's a sketch I did yesterday and then refined a bit this evening. I'm using Painter 11 which I received for Christmas so I'm trying to get used to it compared with photoshop. I like where this is going though...


12-27-2011, 11:12 PM
Tbh It looks as though (To me,) that the girl on the right's eyes look funny.

I mean this by they curve and face upwards, while the head points a little downwards.

The same could go for the nose, but the mouth is in the right place.

01-10-2012, 09:00 AM
@Joosh Thanks for the comment. I'll keep that in mind for the future.

I'm still fiddling around with Painter 11 trying to figure out the best way to do things. So in the meantime here's a couple of group board figure studies that I did.

Spoilered for nudity


01-10-2012, 01:33 PM
wow, those are awesome! I especially like the pose in the bottom one

01-12-2012, 08:42 PM
I think that the legs are a bit longer then they should be in the first one......but i should shut up since my legs are like that......only more hairy......with a hanging thing in the middle.........and why am i typing this?

04-05-2012, 12:23 AM
Wow... it's been a while. So umm... yeah. I haven't been drawing too much of late. Too much else going on in my life. At any rate, here's a piece that I scribbled out a while ago and started to color in to try to get back into the groove of things.


04-07-2012, 07:03 AM
You have some gorgeous gestural work, great loose lines. I think the last one, the girl's legs are a little straight for a female, but I spose its just a coloured sketch.

04-17-2012, 01:22 AM
@ScarletHue Thank you for the comment. I'll keep your suggestion in mind for the future. I didn't use reference for the picture which was probably my downfall.

Spoilered for nudity.

Another WIP... I've started painting on the iPad I received for Christmas and I'm pretty pleased with how this one is turning out. Procreate is freaking awesome. Highly recommend it to anyone that wants to paint on their iPad. Very similar in many ways to painting in Photoshop... and it's only $4.99. XD

04-17-2012, 04:59 AM
Hi Nisaren! Sweet pic!

Yes, I agree on that Procreate is freaking awesome. Especially after their recent update where they added a lot more brushes and features. I swing between using Procreate and SketchBook Pro on the iPad. After getting the Wacom Bamboo Stylus for the iPad, things just got a whole lot easier.

However, I'm still planning on getting a new desktop by the end of this month and the latest ver of Photoshop. Hopefully you all will see a lot more stuff from my side soon.

As usual, always enjoy seeing your artwork. Keep it up!

04-17-2012, 09:15 AM
Yeah, I actually also have both Sketchpad Pro and Procreate too. I think the other reason I like Procreate is that there's very little lag between my brush stroke and seeing it appear on the screen. I like the fact that Sketchpad Pro has the option for a higher res canvas but the interface isn't quite as nice as Procreate. That's awesome that you're getting a new desktop. I look forward to seeing more of your work too. :)

04-19-2012, 01:01 AM
An update of the piece that I've been painting on my iPad. I'm hoping to eventually add color to it.


04-19-2012, 05:04 PM
I like it so far! I say try reworking the stomach area because it needs a little more curve to it. ;)

04-20-2012, 02:09 PM
@Afrobit Thanks for looking and commenting. I took another closer look at her stomach region and I think it looks much better now.

Still quite a bit more work to be done. My next goal is to fix up her hands and feet.


04-23-2012, 03:01 AM
You're way beyond any advice I could give :D I'm jealous! The only thing that stands out to me at the wrinkles in her pants (the legs, not the top.) But I'm not very good with cloth myself...so not sure if I can be of much help.

I think it's looking gorgeous so far! Diggin' how well you did her hair! And the feet are starting to come together, too :)

04-23-2012, 06:02 AM
the hands and feet would be an awesome next step!.. I also feel her hair is a bit more flat then it should be.. should see different depths in how the light hits the strands.. some reflected light and basic value concepts :P i also feel there could be a bit more contrast in your value.. use brighter tones to round things out and make them pop! The pants are awesome looking, and the anatomy is pretty good! Keep up the good work man :D

04-23-2012, 11:40 AM
lookin good so far!
but i would definitely love to see some more differentiation in light and shade.
its always good to think of a light source from the start. practice shading basic geometric forms like cubes, sphere, cylinders, cones.
it will really help ya^^ will love to see more from ya xD

04-23-2012, 03:31 PM
What program/brush settings did you use for the hair? I must know. Also, great work on the shading, and it looks like you're not done yet so I really really want to see the finished product.

Commencing long detailed thoughts on your WIP because it looks cool >_>
It's hard to make good poses from your head and I don't claim to be any good at that either. But it's easier for someone else to look at the finished product and think about what happened, so I hope you find the following helpful...

Like you said, something about the arm on the left/her right arm looks a bit off. I'm getting a scrunched feel from it.

*goes off to make pose in the mirror. stares at self*

Okay, back. I think I know what it is - the angle of her upper right arm (arm on the left). The more she turns her left side towards you (side on her right), the more that upper right arm is going to form an acute angle to the ground (right now it's mostly a right angle). Also if she's grasping her other shoulder that high it would make sense for her arm to be lifted a bit from her body. I get the feeling that's what you wanted to do from the foreshortening.

Or, from the look of that higher collarbone - if she's scrunching her shoulder up like that, her opposite shoulder and arms (right side; her left) should be a lot lower to compensate. Bam, dynamic pose.

Alternatively you can just lengthen that arm a bit if her torso is facing you straight on for a more relaxed pose. Also, I found it impossible to do the pose without bending my knee a little and balancing on the ball of my foot (left leg; her right leg in the pic). So that might be something you want to keep in mind when you work on the structure of that foot. Hurray for counterpose!

04-23-2012, 06:48 PM
Wow! Thank you all for the responses. I really appreciate it.

@BlueDragon I'm glad you like it so far. I appreciate any observations regardless, so thanks for the input. I think the reason the folds in the pants stand out so much is because of the contrast. There's not as much contrast in the rest of the piece. I'm working on fixing that. Hopefully I'm starting to make some headway.

@Egoslip Thanks for looking and critting. I agree there isn't much contrast in the piece aside from a couple areas. I'm still fighting with it, but hopefully making progress. I added a bit to the hair but I've been having a rough time getting it to look how I want.

@Al Thanks for checking my thread out and commenting. I'm working on adding contrast as it's something that everyone points out to me.

@Hamachi Wow thanks for the detailed post. The pose I used was actually from posemaniacs which I know isn't the best resource for completely realistic poses. I probably also have altered the pose a little bit as well. It's been quite a while since I really did much art so this piece is kind of a getting back into the habit of drawing and painting again.

As far as the program/brush etc. - This painting has been completely done in Procreate which is an art app for the iPad. I used the Round Brush from the painting menu and about 70&#37; or so opacity. If you have an iPad, I would highly recommend buying and using Procreate. It's very similar to a scaled down version of Photoshop. I also have a stylus that I purchased for about $13 which helps a lot with drawing on the iPad (drawing with my finger only just feels weird to me).

So here's the latest version of the piece. It's getting there. I added more detail to the hair and torso, finished the hands and worked a little on the feet.. I'm still debating on coloring the piece.


04-26-2012, 09:53 AM
Some rough character outfit concepts that I threw together.


04-30-2012, 01:11 AM
Almost furthest right and far left are my faves. :3

05-06-2012, 12:51 PM
The two in the middle. And is it just me or are their arms short?