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11-30-2011, 09:25 PM
5 years ago...
Traven awoke to the screaming of men and women alike. It wasn't fear that he heard in their voices, it was pain. Unbearable and unrelenting pain. The plague had orginated from a small group of refugees that came from the Eastern Kingdom's. No one fully understood how the plague affected those who were ill. But it was certain that upon catching the plague meant certain death. He arose from his bed and his servants clothed him as he did so. He was a High Priest and his servants were those from the Order. A vow of celibacy meant that none of the Order were to look upon him with lust or intimacy, and that could possibly be why many never joined in the Order. Traven was used to being a celibate since he grew up in a monastery on the Fringes of Illiad north of both the Western and Eastern kingdoms. He turned his attention to a man sitting at a table among the shadows and knowing that that man should not be in his chambers, he called out, "Sir, you aren't allowed to be in these chambers unless you are of the Order." The man ignored him and looked at the others in the room, and with a nod, sent them out of the room. "Forgive me for not waking you up, but I know as a High Priest you will need all the rest you can get. My name is Kathar. I've come from the Fringe with terrible news. The Books of Salizaer have been stolen and the members of the Order there have been slaughtered." Traven's eyes widened in panic and he began to mumble to himself and pace his room. "How could they have possibly known? No one ever spoke of the Books openly. When did this occur Kathar? And when did you get here?" Kathar sighed silently and replied, "I arrived late last night and no one knew that I was apart of the Order until I showed my Brand to them. This unfortunate event happened late Thursday evening." Traven stood still. Thursday, that was he night of the Blood Festival. Of course, only a dark magician would know this; but in his time it was good to know such information for an occation such as this. He looked to Kathar, "Get the Mages to the hall immediately. I will need to talk to them." Kathar nodded and quickly and silently left the room in the blink of an eye. Traven looked out of his window and knew what the source of the plague was...

A few weeks ago...
Traven's face was covered in blood. Both red and black to be exact. He was tired from the day's battle and his armor didn't help with him being tired as it's weight was finally taking it's toll. He looked over the field to see mangled bodies of all races on the ground. The sight hadn't sickened him. After the five years from trying to stop whatever force was out there, he was used to seeing dead bodies and the putrid scent that followed with them. Nothing compared to the Shambles though, he thought to himself. He had a standing order to retreat, but he and the rest of his battalion fought tooth and nail to keep the Demonspawn from taking the forward courtyards. He knew that more forces would begin to flood the courtyard again and he signaled for his men to get into formation. They did so quickly and effiencently. Traven heard a low hum of feet running toward the courtyard and a massive beast broke through the wall in front of him. "ARCHERS! FIRE AT WILL!!", he yelled to the remaining archers. Volley after volley of arrows finally pierced it's armor after ground forces began to attack Traven and the rest of the men. It ws a losing fight. Sure the beast was down, but Traven's men were reduced to two archers, five Paladins, and three Warriors. Traven panted from the drawn out battle and a huge amount of Demonspawn stood directly in front of them, as if the entire Demonsapwn army had just set their foot in the front door. Traven looked to his men and saw the look of fear and determination creasing their faces. He looked back at the Demonspawn and brought his sword to his forehead and said a quick prayer. He then proceeded to say, "It's been an honour to fight by your side..." Afterwards, he charged straight into the Demonspawn.

Kathar led a procession. He looked back over his shoulder as he somberly walked towards a temple. Traven's body was laid out on a stretcher behind him with his bearer's holding up the stretcher at shoulder heighth. Traven has given his life while his men escaped two weeks earlier. Kather thought to himself, 'And with the way the war was being fought, it took us that long to recover his body. He was at least prepared and cast a spell on himself before he fell.' The bearer's themselves were his battalion or what was left of it of course. Traven's body was undesecrated and was almost in perfect shape, as if he hadn't even died in battle at all. Some of the men carrying him, thought he would just sit up and crack a wise-assed joke like he had a few times before. But that never happened, he didn't even twitch or flinch whenever someone poked him or tried to prod him. The Order had named him a saint for his humane actions of saving, not only his men; but the rest of the Alliance as well. And for his bravery of fighting against impossible odds. When the procession made it to the temple, they stopped and set Traven's body down to be blessed by the Arch Bishop.
This lasted for an hour or so. Upon the completion of his blessing, the procession continued to take him into the temple and set him to rest in the Undercroft of the temple. The name ingraved on his tomb was this: Saint Traven Nakamura. After the funeral service, everyone left, but Kathar. He needed to know why Traven would use such a spell under such strange circumstances. "And you're wondering why, I ran to my death. I don't blame you for being an Inquisitor, or at least a Fledgling one at that." Traven spoke from the shadows. Kathar whipped his head towards where he heard Traven's voice and replied, "Forgive me for being meddlesome, but I have to know. I don't care if it was to escape or to just return to your home. Just the principles of why." Traven was silent, and then stepped out of the shadows he was hiding. His face still worn from battle with the usual blood stains from not being able to clean himself properly.
He replied, "Very well, you do after all deserve to know." He sighs and sits down. "I had come across some evidence that some Order members were involved in causing this campaign to come about. Much like the Crusades, mind you. Over all, you can say that I have definite proof of their involvement. My duty as a High Priest is much akin to yours, Inquisitor. To snuff out heresy and to stop evil where ever it may hide. I have every right to conceal myself and try to find out what caused our hand as the Order to play in this. However small it may have been, we were orchastrated to make the moves we did." He stopped and seemed troubled to continue, but he did anyway. "I don't know what to make of this, but your father played a key role in this. I know not how or why, but it has his signature written all over this bloody matter." He raised a hand at Kathar, and motioned for him to be still and put a finger to his lips. He then proceeded to point towards the roof. Kathar made it seem like he knew immediately what it was. An assassin of sorts really, though it was mostly beast. Trained from the dark forms of magic that existed in the world to make it the best and unavoidable agent of death. A Transgressor was slowly scaling down one of the columns, it's tongue licking at the column like a snake would sniff the air. Neither Traven or Kathar moved, Transgressors had terrible hearing; but had great eyesight.
The Transgressor looked at them both, but ignored them. Traven gave Kathar a puzzled look. It moved it's way down into the Undercroft without as much of a sound. Traven immediately knew what had happened. That "blessing" his dead body double had, gave off a specific scent that lured the Transgressor to it. He motioned for Kathar to follow him slowly out the door of the temple, Kathar nodded and they both stood up as slowly as possible and made their way to the door. Once outside, Traven didn't sigh in relief; instead he looked around from any other form of danger. "I'm sorry Kathar, but we must split ways here. If they follow you, don't look at them and act like you are just going about your way. Speak of what I said to no one, understand Boy?" Kathar nodded and patted Traven on back. "I'll see you again, friend" He replied to Traven. Traven's only thought to that before he disappeared into the night was, 'I hope you're right...'

Below is the character sheet I’d like those who want to RP to fill out and for those that want to test if their outrageous and almost insanely bizarre characters would work.
The rules are simple: Follow along and be creative with your posts (if you can or if it’s not possible then that’s fine). Dice rolling (for crit. hits, stealth and things like that). Feel free to do so.

Warrior(ess): As their name implies, they are good at combat but very poor in any other skill. Unless of course that they are high level warriors which can have a multitude of skills other than combat.

Mage(ess): These are people who have studied the arts performed by many of the Elfven and Dwarven people. People who are Mages or Magess's have intimate relations with both the Elven and Dwarven races.

Transgressors: Humans who have been twisted and mutilated by evil doing. Not many remain after the Crusades.

Ascendants: These are people who have done the ultimate "good".

Desendants: Are people who have "Descended" or commited the ultimate "evil".

Ravagers: Animals that are twisted from mutilation and magic from Lich's. Most used to be human beings but are reduced to nothing but feral beings. The same with typical animals like, dogs, cats, panthers, and the like.

PsyCorp: Military forces from different nations that look to technology as a way to improve and inhance the human status far above those that are "mere" men.

Human: These are your typical humans who are struggling to survive, but are oblvious to things that do not concern them. There are rare cases of humans who are not blinded by lies or are very strong and powerful adversaries for any of the other classes.

DemiGod: These are rare beings who are stronger than any other class. They are highly resistant to any type of magic and can take down entire teams of experienced adventurer's on their own. They rarely become involved in "simple" comflicts unless forced into them themselves. They can found in some of the remotest areas on both worlds and HATE being woken up from their slumber for any reason other than a pilgrimage by holy men".

Note: Abilities you can create on your own. Even if they seem way out in left field.

Race (Angel, Akuma, Decendant, Ascendant, etc.):
Born as?(Angel, Akuma, Hybrid, Normal?):

12-01-2011, 02:48 PM
Here is an example of a CS for my character. Feel free to post your own if you so please.

Name: Zetzobou
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race (Angel, Akuma, Decendant, Ascendant, etc.): Ascendant Akuma
Ability(ies): Blood Manipulation, Super human speed (All the races with magik can have this ability), Wraithblade, Invisiblility(only works at night)
Born as?(Angel, Akuma, Hybrid, Normal?): Hybrid
Bio: Zet was a natural born to two "Magik-Wielders" but since his parents were murdered at a young age, he was taken in by Akuma's. Orginally he was supposed to be a light magik user, but as being taken in by Akuma's disguised as light magik users, became corrupted and when he learned the truth of his parents death's from the Akuma's, he slaughtered them all. At least the tribe that he was with, he is purely anti-social and mistrusts anyone he doesn't completely know. Gaining trust with him is like trying to push an entire freight train on your own. He now works as mercenary, doing odd jobs around the wastelands.

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Er, the story sounds...dull. There isn't really much drive or purpose to anything. It's just: Hey, world got destroyed! Hey, we got magic! Hey, two people became gods! Hey, good versus evil! Ta da!

A more enticing story would help attract people.

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xD Yeah I was just thinking of that. I'll edit it when I have the time. with a more, detailed and enticing story. I'm not that great of a writer so it will take some time.

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You know Zero, There are ways to entice your, ...unhooked story. think of writing as fishing, You need a rod, hook, and bait if you want to catch that fish. So, Try using catchy words, or use your psychotic imagination that I know ever-so well. Blehh..I'm not used to giving out tips unless I see an uber newbie who doesn't know which way is up in our world. So, How I figure you want to write this story of yours is, You want them to know what you job is to rid...the world of something, and restore it to it's former glory and what not, BORING! So, Maybe send in some sort of weird scary thing that torments your world...I don't know. Well, I think I helped, otherwise I'm your grammar nazi :cat_umm:

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I'm your grammar nazi :cat_umm:

:cat_mad: YOU WANT THAT POSITION!? YOU CAN FUCKING HAVE IT! xD lolz that the problem...:cat_noes:I can't find my psychotic side today...

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...You know...That was called "helping" *fixes my ear from the frequent yelling*, and your psychotic side must be under your bed, Youreally need to loosen up and get that Fucking writer's block out of your damn psychotic ass right this second! D:<

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...You know...That was called "helping" *fixes my ear from the frequent yelling*, and your psychotic side must be under your bed, Youreally need to loosen up and get that Fucking writer's block out of your damn psychotic ass right this second! D:<

<.< Apparently, someone didn't see the stuff I've added to the story.....

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Sōdaina! Koibito:cat_rosy: ore wa sore o aisuru!

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Sōdaina! Koibito:cat_rosy: ore wa sore o aisuru!

O.o ....o....k....?

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:cat_dead:Haha, I just learned new phrases in japanese!!!:cat_lucky: lol don't worry, I tell them to you...later..XD:cat_yahoo::cat_ehheh::cat_lol:

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If I get in trouble for having normal talk in a RP thread...>x3 I'm going to blame you.

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Haha, At least I know I can speak japanese <3 Nyan~..O.o oops.. I mean..Wan~

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"Wake up, wake up Zet!" I open my eyes for the first time in the 'Real 'World' and a stranger is looking down at me. "Come on, get up. we need to hurry." I blink and ask "Why?" The stranger looks around in anxiety and fear to reply, "There's no time for that. Come on, just get up. Quickly!" I don't understand why but I do as I'm asked and the stranger to my amazement is a younger girl around the age of 17 or 18. She immediately grabs my hand and starts running down a long corridor when an alarm starts going off farther down the other end of the hallway. "Where are they!? is a shout I hear from our opposite direction. When we reach the end of our corridor, there's a woman holding a door open and she hurriedly says, "This way!". The girl leads me through the door and I end up being knocked out by something that felt somewhat like a baton. I remember hitting the floor to skid to a stop not that far away, "Ughh..." I hold my head and look up to see a guard with highly sophistacated armor. He raises his arm to hit me again but I see a flash of red and the guard is screaming with his arm laying on the floor in a bloody mess. The younger girl is slightly a distance away and she yells at me, "Get up! There'll be more if you stay on the floor like an idiot!". She takes off and I get back on my feet and follow shortly behind. I ask as we are running, "What happened back there!?" but the girl ignores me and time seems to slow as I see a guard with a shotgun getting ready to pull the trigger on the girl. I hold my hand out instinctively and I feel something shoot out of my hand. As time seemingly speeds back up that same guard is pinned to the wall with what seems to be crystalized blood sticking out of his helmet. I turn to look back at the girl and then I black out...

12-02-2011, 07:48 PM
Name: Kaminari Tsuzaki
Age:16 or 17
Gender: Female
Race: Halfbreed(Akuma&Sorcerer Decendant)
Appearance: Wears fake cat ears to make her look different, always dressed in black, violet, silver and red. Her hair can change with any of the colors she wears. Her left hand has a spiral-like scar from the middle of her wrist and up to her middle finger, and stops where her middle finger's nail is. Eyes are either black or silver Her true form is covered eyes with slits to show a hint of akuma red eyes, black with red tip of akuma wings with chains covering them partially, thorns that go halfwai around my head and my nails grow long, sharp, and blacken. Outfit is ebony tanktop and dark red skirt with chains around it.
Abilities: Mind Manipulation, Shape-shifting, Quick Agility(Superfast), Ice blades, and Shadow summoner.
Born as: Human, at night Akuma
Bio: She was taken away from the other world when she was 7, although she seems mute, she can talk, but not when she doesn't know them,She usually speaks by telepathy, Her fear of speaking to others is due to her traumatized childhood. Kami has a hard time understanding what affection is or how to show it, Her most precious weapon resides in her left hand, which she can summon only at night, Her weapon is a black katana with three garnet jewels embedded in it. She ran away from the people who has stolen her from her family and has hid with the others for quite some time. She was originally decended from a Human father and a akuma mother, the father and mother both knew magik, so, her abilities are that of a full-fledged magi. She perfers to keep her distance, and loves to be sarcastic with others, when she's warmed up to you.

12-02-2011, 07:53 PM
(good, good. Oh and the last post was an example of the weird and dementing things that can come out of my mind.)

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Well, thank you :) I do try, DX now to finish this magnifique rp after homework hour. I hate school!!

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<.< who doesn't? And I really need to work on me story and fine tune it to sound better...

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And I really need to make Kaminari's appearance in this rp :P I'll be multi-tasking while you be fixing everything, you sadist <3

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xD better being a sadist than being a nermal person. Anyways, have fun.

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Now, Let us RP!! :D

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"Hey Kami, Help us out here!" Yelled a girl from the distance, I look and see that she has a new stranger with her and goes over to help them. "Who is this?" I ask quietly. "He's a new friend, lets see if we can get him to wake up." She says as we set him down slowly on the ground. "Kaminari, I need you to stay right by his head incase he wakes up, you don't have to talk to him if you don't want to." She looks at me and then begins to speak again. "His name is Zetzubou, please at least let him have an explaination, or tell him who you are, I have to go help the others for a few minutes, think you can manage?" I nod and look down at him curiously, blinks at his facea couple of times and pokes his shoulder. "How do I wake up something like this?" I thought, I looked at him and slapped him as hard as I could across the face and waited for a response. "Baka.."

12-05-2011, 08:07 PM
I felt the heavy blow of a slap to my face and I opened my eyes to yell, "What the hell was that for!?". But I stopped before I could finish because this girl in front of me wasn't the same as the girl I was running with. "Who are you?" I ask with a bit fear and anxiety which is something I haven't felt in a long, long time. Pain, unbearable pain sets in and I grip my head. I knew what was happening. I rolled over to slide into a wall that left a small crater in the wall with a loud, 'CRACK!'. WIth that, the shadows around me and the room cover me in an abyssal blanket of darkness. I stand on my feet with blood caking my face with the shadows looking like ripped and tattered clothing with dried blood stains here and there. I have a manical grin on my face, "Good to be finally out. You need to learn that I have 'needs' too, Zet." I look over at the girl with crazed eyes. "Now, who might you be?". Internally, I'm fighting to get out of this 'nightmare' who is known as Xaero. I fight against his control over my mind and body but no avail.

12-05-2011, 08:23 PM
Sits there casually, furrowing my eyebrows at the reactions he let's himself go through. uses my telepathy to talk to him, tells him my name and what's going on. "My name is Kaminari, and She only brought you here to safety, so don't be afraid, we're all comerades." As I get closer to him I hold out a hand and tap his forehead lightly. "You really shouldn't let it get to you, I was only doing what she asked me to do." Says bluntly as I get up and stretch. "And Xaero, If you want freedom, you have to wait, so please send Zetzubou-san back." I start to walk off but stops when I notice there's a dark aura behind me and turns to look at him. "You're...Are you an Akuma decendant? or do you just know the dark magik? You're aura is frightfully powerful."

12-05-2011, 08:50 PM
Xaero smiles menacingly and a guard pops up behind the both of us to say, "Freeze! NO ONE MO-. Unfortunately for this chap, he came across Xaero and before he could do anything, Xaero pierced him within a blink of an eye with crystallized blood from Xaero's own body. The guard was coughing almost non stop from his ribs practically riddled with projectiles from Xaero. Internally, I fight to stop Xaero from what he's going to do next but it's too late...Xaero in a final show of power literally tears apart the guard and turns to look at Kaminari with demonic irises, "I am not a Desendant, more likey an Ascendant. Better than all those below me, except I believe that your power rivals mine." Xaero sniffs the air and cackles with laughter. "Oh you are going to be fun, Kami" He makes an emphasis on her name before I'm standing with mutiple wounds from where the bloody projectiles were fired from by Xaero. I drop to one knee and pant, "Son of a bitch. Never learns of the damage he does with those attacks." I look up at Kaminari and say nothing but slowly get on my feet to stumble over her way, "Let's go." I say to her as I walk by without looking at her.

12-05-2011, 09:22 PM
As he brushes past me I glare at his back, but follows for a few second before running up to the girl who had brought him in and starts telling her in telepathy what had happened and that we better get ready incase of other guards. "Oh, so did you have to slap him? None the less get yourself nearly killed?" She asks with an exasperated tone. "You know I can't stand touching others if I don't know them, and I'm always telling you, no matter how dangerous, I'm the only one who can't die as easily as the others." I explain, while frowning and side glances at him with suspision. "You okay, Kami?" She looks at me with concern and then glances at where I was looking and smiles. "Don't worry, he won't hurt you, I'm sure of it" She says in a calm voice. I nod and walk up to him frowning and bows infront of him, telepathically speaking to him. "I apologize for slapping you, Zetsu-Kun, Please forgive me for my rudeness." I stand up straight and walk past him to go check out the west perimeters.

12-05-2011, 09:45 PM
Shakes my head as she walks by, 'What's her problem?' I think to myself. I turn my head the other way to look at my surroundings and thinks to himself, 'This is different than D'hakardha, even the architechture, people, and technology.' I hear the reports of firearms outside and start running towards a window to dive out and land on my feet. I look around to find the source of the shots but I don't see anything. With that, I use rings that are on my thumbs to cut myself on the arms to form a circle around me and my blood slowly seeps out to form a sort of crimson armor on me. With that process complete, I start running at near inhuman speeds towards what looks to me in my vision as thermal heat. I stop suddenly to look at the people who are fighting and they in return look at me and open fire but nothing even strikes hard enough to crack my armor, I cackle in laughter and disarm everyone that is fighting with my inhuman speed. I then proceed to knock all of them out in weird and often strange ways, all the while cackling with laughter.

12-06-2011, 01:53 AM
Getting knocked to the ground I look up and scowl at the person who had hit me. "You Jerk! I was doing just fine by myself!" I yell at him, this time using my own voice, my voice sounding soft as a girls',surprisingly, but loud. I get up slowly, still scowling at him and scoffs. I look around to all the guards that had attacked me down, feels a sharp pain in my left arm and looks down to see a half a bullet sticking out of it. Winces a bit just as I pull out the bullet and looks up at the sky. "Hn, It's not even dark yet, and I really need my weapon.." I murmur under my breath. "Kami! Are you okay?" someone yelled from the distance, I get scared and I scan the area for anymore enemies and sigh in relief. "Yes, I'm fine, I just got a flesh wound." I say and starts walking back towards our home and look back at you as if to tell you, "You better hurry up and follow us." I turn back and give a guilty smile at the worried girl beside me.

12-07-2011, 08:21 AM
Xaero flashes his smile through me but I quickly scowl and slowly follow behind the girls in front of me, 'Can I trust them? It seems that people like me aren't allowed to wake up from the other place.' I think to myself. I try to concentrate on what's really important but something is causing me to have doubt. I walk behind the two girls and my strange and often twisted power levels are spiking again and I can sense it, 'Damn it, Xaero.' Xaero of course comes out again without my approval and speaks, "Well, well, well, What did I tell you girl. Your power almost rivals mine." He grins menacingly and his strange ability to manipulate his blood fluidly is kicking in by having weird tendrils of blood surround himself and his dark attire comes to him again. I am surprisingly able to see what he sees and am not put aside by him. Xaero decides to do something that will cause some conflict and tries to attack the girl named Kami. But unfortunately from my interference, the attack fails and he's visibly aggravated, "Damn it, Zet. You always get in the way."

12-07-2011, 05:34 PM
Smiles and ushers the girl into the house with the others and turns towards you "You know, there are some things that can't be shown infront of the others, but since you're asking for it.."Eyes flash from silver to black and smiles maliciously at you "I really hate showing this side of me, but in your case, I'll make an exception." Looks up at the sky to see that dusk aproached and the spiral scar on my left hand begins to luminate and forms a black katana blade. "You shouldn't have obliged me to do this. I'm sorry." move towards you with my inhuman speed and nicks you on the shoulder and looks at you, letting the katana fade away and the scar stops glowing. "I've only know you just today. Give me a good reason to kill you, then I'll let you fight me..Baka" With that said I walk off past Zetzu/Xaero, eyes changing back to a soft silver color and turns to see everyone smiling at me. "What?" The first to stand up was the girl who worries about me. "So, how was your talk?" she asking with slight teasing in her voice, "huh? talk? Oh you mean what Zetzu-kun asking me about you guys? Yes it was a good chat..If your telling him your information." I smirk when telling them that. They all look at me with shock and nervously smiles jabbering away thinking I was telling the truth. Smiles at them and walks away to patrol the east perimeters. "No one follows me. Even if you hear a gun shot or something. No following. Got it?" Everyone nods and looks at me in suspision. "I'm off, see you all in the morning."

12-09-2011, 07:47 PM
Xaero allows himself to be hit but before the blow lands he changes his shoulder into mine to force me to take the hit for him and the split second afterwards he changes it back. "Battle prowness is a rare sight for me." He says and lightly cackles with laughter as he leaps to a telephone post, leaving me in my form which just practically means we became seperate entities. I look in slight shock and I grab my shoulder and growl slightly, 'Damn it, Xaero', I think to myself. I use my own blood as a healing tool since i'm able to control it. My blood stitches the wound with it acting as needle and thread. I turn to look at the house with slight disgust. 'Like i'd have any interest in them', I think to myself and I bite my lip to slowly walk over to the door and I lean against the wall near the door holding my wound when I start shaking and grit my teeth and my canine's turn into fangs. 'Fuck, here we go.', I think as I reach towards the doorknob only to black out again and I hear something like, "...Onii-chan...".

12-10-2011, 12:31 AM
Scoffs at the idiotic cackles of the newcomer and keeps walking and stops into East, scanning for any movement, getting my left hand ready to attack incase of it. "Kaminari!!!!" A familiar girl's voice screeches and turns around quickly to where the house was, cursing under my breath I leave a shadow to prowl the grounds while I quickly run back towards the house only to see Zetzu-Kun passed out between the door entrance and frowns. Goes over to his motionless body and lifts him up gently, pulling him in to the house and into a room, lays him down gently on to the bed and covers him. "Baka.." Is all I could say before touching his wound I had givin him with my left hand, letting it heal from the shadows. "Get rest, then maybe you can get used to staying awake, instead of fainting.." Is all I say before leaving the room and closing the door. The girl looks at me and furrows her eyebrows at me "Since when were you the kind and caring type?" She asks. "I simply helped him, after if he hadn't been there for me I would've been shot numerous times by those guards. It was just out of getting even." I say coldy and walks away back to where I left my shadow.

12-12-2011, 02:59 PM
While fainting from the loss of blood and the numerous wounds Xaero had inflicted on me form his ability, I was surprised that I was still alive. But then again, Akuma's never truely die. The strange wound that was inflicted on my shoulder was gone, I could tell because of the burning sensation it had was now gone. In my state, I could still feel that gnawing sense that something was wrong, that something didn't feel right. I concentrate on trying to rest but that nagging sense of something bad happening was overwhelming and I knew what the cause was. I could only think of one name, Xaero.

12-13-2011, 02:39 AM
After a long night of defending the safe house and killing the few guards that were prowling about, I set off towards the house. Before going in I let the shadows loose to prowl once more for any straying guards. Walking in I hear nothing but snores and shifting of heavy sleepers, decides to wash off the scent of the guards blood and walks past Zetsu-Kuns room and slightly cracks the door to check in on him. Knowing that he may be asleep, decides whether or not I should go in, I stare at him puzzled with what he's thinking and goes in as quietly as I could and stands beside him. " Are you awake, Baka?" I ask in a soft tone, knowing he might not hear me, I reach over to touch his head and stops noticing that my hands are too bloodied and rests my hand at my side. "You better wake up soon..No one wants to keep checking on a wimp like you" I sa with coldness, trying to cover my caring nature I get from my human father. Curses under my breath and turns to walk out the door, closing it as quietly as possible. Hears the stirring of early birds and quickly rushes to my bedroom to grab my stuff and swiftly glides into the bathroom, making sure they don't acknowledge my presence and goes about my bussiness. "Kaminari?" Is all I hear as the loud thumps of drowzy feet hitting past the floor and turns to walk back and towards the kitchen. "Hn..."

12-13-2011, 03:27 PM
I stir slightly from the contact of Kaminari. After she leaves, I open my eyes and quietly chuckle, "Weak? Me? Heh...". I get out of bed and open a closet door to find my gear and equipment I had hid earlier from before the others had found this place. I get geared up and I open my door while putting in earbuds to walk down the hall. I can't hear anything over the sound of my music playing loudly in my ears. When I reach the end of the hall, I turn to open the basement door and disappear downstairs to practice on my own. I leave the door open purposely and when I reach the bottom of the steps I see a large room with enough space to practice in. I lightly cut myself on my arm to let blood drip on the floor to create a clone of myself. When that's finished the clone immediately looks at me and walks to the other side of the room and we first just stare each other down before the action starts. My practice creating a rucus downstairs that is slightly muffled from coming from the basement.

12-13-2011, 04:08 PM
Appears behind you with a towel still around my shoulders and a cup of blood in my hand. "What are you doing down here you baka?" I ask in irritation. "You know you're making a lot of annoying noises?" I say after taking a sip of blood. You notice my entire features changed, My hair changed to Silver with dark red tips, A Silver tank and dark red sweats. I only drink a 1/4 of the blood and hand you the rest and stalk off, letting you back to your annoying bussiness and goes to look for something. "Hn...baka."

12-13-2011, 07:30 PM
I stop to grab the drink and gets kicked at by my clone but I dodge and drink it quickly with my eyes suddenly turning a noticeable red. My speed and reaction time quardruples and my clone is almost unable to keep up. I use my blood ability to shut the door quietly after Kaminari leaves. "Do you fancy her?", my clone asks but my only reply is my blade stopping just before it touches his neck and threateningly stays there. "Akuma's aren't allowed to "fancy" each other. You know nothing of our nature, and I will make sure it stay's that way." My eyes suddenly glowing red. My clone chuckles and pushes himself against my blade to return into the blood I made him from. The blood I used travels up along my blade and returns to the cut on my arm and I stand in silence. "I'm ready, Xaero. It's your move now." I speak loudly to myself and slightly chuckle.

12-13-2011, 08:33 PM
After heariing the door close behind me I smirk. "So, blood is the only thing you can now, is it?" I ask cunningly. Suddenly I get pounced by a familiar shadow and lets out a quick and loud scream. Covers my mouth and stands up, forgetting that everyone went out to the opening of the safe barriered lands I stop covering my mouth and turnaround frowning at the little shadow. "Shotou! How come you're still out? I thought I told you to not run from me when I set you loose!" Raises my voice at the small cowering shadow and stops when it latches on to my leg. "Hn..Crybaby, I thought Shadows are supposed to obey and not show emotions infront of their masters." I scold softly, Shotou just keeps imitating a bow and hugging my leg. "Okay fine, you may stay out, on one condition, No teasing the group!" I yell and sigh. It just nods happily and floats off to play. "Why do I feel more like an older sister than a master to that one especially?" I ask myself quietly and goes back into my room and grabs another glass of my secret blood. Takes a gulp and wipes the dripping off my chin. "Ahh.. at least I'll be left alone now..I hope he left though." I mutter to myself and sets the glass down next to my bed and plops down to take a nap. "I hate..being a...halfbreed." Yawns before saying "halfbreed" and falls into a deep sleep.

12-13-2011, 08:46 PM
I head back upstairs and don't do anything other than sit at a table while playing with my ability to use my blood like an extra appendage. I sense something nearby, "Come out. I know your'e there." Much to my surprise it's a Shadow. I look at it and chuckle slightly. "I haven't seen on of you since being back on the other plane." I smile slightly but it disappears just as quickly as it came along. I knew what my purpose was, and I was going to fulfill it. I get up to pass by the Shadow and I give it a friendly pat on the head before leaving out the door. I see the others in the group and they see me and wave. I wave back just to disappear in a poof of empty space where I was standing. I arrive at a huge mansion and I walk up to the door with it being cracked and I hear whimpering on the inside, "No please, We don't know what you're talking about. Please, we're telling you the truth!" I push open the door with my blood and stop to look at Xaero standing before a couple on their knees with a bloody mess of guards and civilians alike. I look around with disgust and speak loudly to Xaero, "Taking to killing innocent people and children, now have we?" I glare at Xaero and he just chuckles to reply, "Well, well, well if it aint the mockingbird. How do you like my new paint job for the place?" With that I flash past him with my blade raised past me, and Xaero chuckles to stop short as blood sprays out from his chest and a large cut is seen through his clothing. "How...?" He turns to look at me but I kick him in the face to send him into the wall. I look at him and shake my head, "They said they don't know where Samui is. And judging by their fear, they are telling the truth." I flicker to have my blade sticking out of his chest and he tries to snap the blade. But I shake my head and pull out another blade just to slash across his throat. I turn to hear a thud on the ground and Xaero's body slumps to the ground. "Baka..." I say quietly. "Heh...not so different than what she would say." I say alluding to Kaminari's 'Baka' comments.

12-14-2011, 03:57 AM
Somehow getting into my room, the small shadow named 'Shotou' comes in and pounces on me, making me sit up and glare at the tiny figure. "Shotou,...why are you pestering me? and where in my blood?" I ask groggily. the tiny apparition just acts innocent towards me then starts telling me where Zetsu was up to and what had happened. "Wait a minute...Are you out of your mind?!? How many times have i told you not to show yourself even if told!" I whisper angrily. He just keeps telling me to "go find him" repeatedly. "Hn..Why should I look for a useless baka like that?" I get bonked on the head after saying that. "Ow why you little.. YOU'RE NOT CUPID SO STOP TRYING!" It bonks me again and I snarl. "You know I can't go out tonight, My true form may come out, and I don't want anyone to be seeing it. Got it?" he just keeps telling "Go". "grr.. Fine but If I scare anyone, I swear I'll make sure you're going to be inside the katana blade for a week. Okay?" He nods and disappears. Starts to put my akuma outfit on and takes a long drink of my blood and hides the bottle in my backpack, along with a few senbons and kunais, a new change of clothes and my black with garnet cross rosario. "I can't forget it, even if I am an Akuma, I'm only half.." I mutter to myself and jumps out from the window and runs after little Shotou, letting him lead me towards Zetsu. "Baka...I hope you're still alive, Because I have a few ideas as to why you let my shadow talk me into saving your sorry ass." I mutter to myself again. My true starts to pulsate out from the inside. My nails first start to grow and sharpen, then blackens, my eyes get covered with a black piece of cloth, eyes begin to glow akuma red, my hair staying the same one black with bloody tips, My thorns form halfway around my head. Looks and scans around making sure no one is looking. "Okay so far, so good..I hope Shotou knows what's going on.." I whisper to myself.sudden stops at an old and abandoned mansion. "Here?" I ask in irritation, shotou just nudges me inside and pulls me to look for the idiotic Zetsu. "Hello?" is all I say after a long period of nothing but creaking and groaning of the floor. "Hn..Baka must be dead.."

12-14-2011, 03:47 PM
I hear the door creaking open and I chuckle. I knew who was here. I could smell the scent of a female Akuma halfway into her transformation. I turn to look and I chuckle slightly, "I ain't dead, Kaminari. As much as you wish it to be, I ain't." I turn to the couple and bow to say, "Forgive me for Xaero. He tends to be very...violent at times. And as a wrod of advice, don't lie to him again. I on;y did that as a favor to your wife. she did something for me in the past and that was shelter me from very bad people. So thank you." I walk away and head for the door.

12-14-2011, 06:36 PM
Hisses when the scent of human blood and Zetsu's discusting scent hit me. "Dammit, He better not have killed them, I swear I'll tear him apart.." Glares at Shotou after hissing my accusations. He just keeps pushing me until I bump into something tall and hard. "Ow! Shotou, you trying to push me through a wall? I'm not transparent like you, you lil dumbass!" I yell at the spot where Shotou had disappeared and looks up to see what I hit and sees Zetsu looking down on me as if he were chuckling mentally at me. Stands up and snarls at him quietly. "Never mention this appearance. Got it?" I hiss and turns to run off.

12-14-2011, 06:41 PM
I use my blood to create a wall in front of Kaminari. "Just where do you think you're going so quickly?" I ask with slight hint of curiosity. "Who are your parents?" I ask suddenly. "I may know who they are. At least, in the world that I know." I say calmly. I needed to know if I had slaughtered someone she knew so I could try and make up for it. Though, I knew that the moment she found out that they were dead in the other world she would try to attack me. Kill me even, so I waited for a response though I think I knew the answer already.

12-14-2011, 08:40 PM
"I killed them, You need know nothing about me, I'm just cold and distant like any other akuma would be." Resting my hand on the wall of blood, head down, murmuring slowly. "I'm not one to really follow my shadows, but Shotou really tries to make me do good, I try not to to too much, otherwise I could perish and lose my dark magik. I've said enough, now let me through.." Knows that He might not let me through, I turna walk towards him, "You will let me regret this.."touches the side of your face, letting you feel the coldness travel throughout your body. Has my face inches from yours and kisses your cheek. "Sleep my friend, let your powers rest, give me the strength to ensure your slumber safely.." I whispered as I let you go, Looks at you one more time and disappears into the shadows.

12-14-2011, 09:06 PM
I chuckled at what was meant to be a sweet, caring moment. Being an Akuma, I knew what she meant by she 'killing' her parents. It was an initiation as Akuma to do dark and twisted things at a young age in order to survive. I look down to have my hair hide my eyes and I laugh hard at the instance I was just in. "Well, I guess you can just move forward." I say in a dark, demonic voice. I turn around to head over to Xaero's body and I collect his blood into my body and he assaults my mind with his angered antics. I grin from it and walk back outside to look up at the moon. My time was close to being over here in this world. In the other world, I don't think my body would be able to handle the immense strain that it puts on it but it only made me grin even harder. "I want to see how much I can handle before I go back into my own world again." I speak to myself. Without much a noise, I leap off into the night. looking for "prey". I land outside of a "gentleman's club" with an immense grin on my face and I can smell the scent of many other Akuma's here. I look up and lick my lips in hunger of the coming slaughter. I am their Ascendant, therefore, they must obey me. Or die trying to resist.

12-15-2011, 06:41 AM
Stops running and looks back at the tiny speck of the mansion and grimaces. "Too..much..pureness.." pants lightly. Knees buckle in, making me collapse, begins coughing, My form starts to slowly shift back into my normal being. "Shit,...I knew that was going to happen, I should've just threatened him with my katana...bastard baka." takes my backpack off and looks around for a kunai and the bottle of blood. "Well, only one way to keep myself from dying," Says as I pull the kunai across my wrist slowly, letting the warm liquid roll down and drip on to the ground. After a small pool of the dark red liquid had formed, My cut heals quickly. "There, that should fix it." thinks to myself as I wipe the blood from the kunai on to my skirt. Opens the bottle, taking a long drink and sighs, closing the bottle and putting everything away. Looks up at the sky and mutters "Shit.." when I notice that it could be dawn soon and I had to get back quickly. Gets up and starts running at inhuman speed towards the house.

12-15-2011, 03:37 PM
In the club, I'm seen by normal humans in the middle of twisted and mutilated corpses. I just grin at them with psychotic eyes and I sniff the air to taste the early morning coming on. I just chuckled when a few cops tried to arrest me and it alwasys ended the same, with them being knocked out. I left the club and leaped up to the top of a city building. I looked down at the street seeing many Akuma look up at sensing my presence in their daily lives. I smirk and look up to see the sun cresting the horizon, I stand on the edge of the building and all the cuts I had received on my back during my fights with the Akuma who had not sworn their loyalty, spewed blood to form crimson wings and they glistened in the early morning sunlight.

12-15-2011, 06:59 PM
Just before the sun hits me, I jump into my bedroom window and close the curtains. "Ugh...I swear...That stupid star is trying to kill me.." I hiss quietly. Rests against the wall, panting lightly. "I hope everyone is still asleep.." I murmur to myself. I stand up straight and grabs my bathroom stuff. Unlocks and cracks my door open, hears nothing but shifting and snoring. Tip-toes out and closes the door quietly, running into the bathroom and closes , locking the door. Goes about my bussiness, after finishing I get out wearing a black tank top and silver skirt, the tips of my hair changing from dark red to shiny silver, and having the same black base. I look at everyone who's sleeping and lets out a small laugh. Pops in a couple slices of bread into the toaster and pulls out a glass from the cupboard and orange juice from the fridge. "...I hate human food, but I better eat..." I mutter grimly. Butters my toast and pours the orange juice into my cup. Takes a few gulps of the juice and a couple bites of my toast. "...Yuck.." is all I could think trying to finish my food.

12-15-2011, 08:09 PM
When I return to the house, I reek of Akuma blood and a mixture of half-breeds and of lesser beings. I have blood caked all over my face and the look of insanity in my eyes. I try to make no noise at all and come in quietly as to not wake anyone up. I go to my room and take off all of my gear and start to change into clothes that aren't stained with blood. I hide the articles of clothing that do have blood stained on them. I sit on the edge of my bed and calm down from my killing spree. I feel my body on Dh'kartha begin to convulse and try to collapse on itself so I lay down quickly and shut my eyes to wake back up on Dh'kartha. My body aches and pain is riddling my mind but I disregard it and sit up quickly to have an Akuma Cleric usher me back down on the bed, "Rest. In this state, your weakness will be taken advantage of. You know us Akuma's more than anyone, Ascendant Zetzu." I look at the Cleric with disgust and understanding to say, "I'll take your word on it, Cleric. But when I awake and you have betrayed me then it will be you who will pay the price with your life." The cleric only nods and walks over to pick up a jug and pours a crimson liquid into a small cup. The cleric hands it to me and I drink deeply to fall into a slumber afterwards. In the other world, it almost appears as if I'm in a coma.

12-15-2011, 08:18 PM
In this transitional time, both populaces of the two worlds, Bodhum and Dh'kartha are unaware of their distress. The planets are on a collision course because of a curse set upon both worlds by a god long forgotten in time. It is now up to the two who have mearly met by chance to change that fate. Darker forces are at work here. Darker than even the Akuma themselves. Tomorrow, the two will make decisions that will alter the course of the future and history. Zetzu, who may use evil as a means to live, will do the necessary evil that will be needed in order for both worlds to survive. Kaminari, and her half and half heritage, will also use what she will to avert what is coming. An unknown being watching over Kaminari and Zetzu smriks. "It appears our pawns have taken a step off of our game board. I want to see where this will take us..." He speaks to a number of others who are watching as well and they nod in the darkness with agreement.

In another part of the universe, beings are having an argument over what is going on with the decisions that Kaminari and zetzu have made so far. "Why is he hunting his own people? He's an Ascendant. That isn't his purpose as an Ascendant." One yelled at another. One spoke calmly to the one yelling, "You know what happens in these matters. Once we mettle with their world, the outcome can sometimes be...rather volitile. So quit your whining about what he is supposed to do rather than bitch at me for something you fucked up on." The being that was yelling frowned and had a face red with anger and rage. The being sat down in it's chair and there was a murmur among the twelve beings on each side of a white table. The one at the head of the table leaned forward and placed his chin on his hands folded over each other in thought. The being then brought up a vision of Zetzu and Kaminari fighting against a force of beings that are unknown to any race even to the beings that are watching. The two fight braely and fiercely but are fighting against overwhelming odds. The two fall in battle, one right after the other and the same for their comrades that are also fighting with them. The being looked up at the rest and spoke boomingly, "Is this the future you want? To have each race fall to whatever force is out there hunting anything down to exctintion?" When there was silence as an answer, the being took a deep breathe and continued. "Then I suggest we follow everything as planned."

12-15-2011, 09:04 PM
Glaring at the ground and sighing once again infront of the others, mostly likely pouting infront of them. "Kaminari, why won't you at least go and check on him? We're scared that there's something wrong." The girl infront of me says while furrowing her eyebrows at me. "Because I don't think I should be the one to look after an idiot like him! If he didn't act like such a jerk and maybe saved his "special ability" for a crisis like the one yesterday then maybe he wouldn't be asleep. He's a weak baka, so I'm not going to heal him." With that small rant I get bonked on the head with a pillow. "HEY! what the hell was that for?!?" I yell as the pillow gets shoved in my face. "Go and tend to him, otherwise, I will make you cook for us." The girl said as her eyes flamed up. I widened my eyes and frowned. "Fine, If you guys bother me like this again, You'll get it for real!" I growled. I turned and walked into Zetzu's room and glared at him, not knowing that the others were behind me, I got pushed in. The door closed and I nearly fell on top of the idiot. Sighs quietly and turns him over to look at his wounds, if there were any. Sure enough there were gashes and bruises all over his chest and arms. "You baka.." I muttered trying to hide the sorrow in my voice as I tended to them, using my ice power. After about an hour and a half I had patched him up and sat in a chair next to his bed. "Maybe I'm the baka, Who knows, maybe if I slap you again, you'll wake up." I chuckle softly after muttering that.

12-15-2011, 09:30 PM
Back on Bodhum, I awake to Kaminari ranting about how weak I am and what ever the fuck else she likes to say. I turn my head and lightly growl in sarcasm, "What the hell you bitchin' about now?" I chuckle to sit up and feel about for my wounds but they are gone and I sigh, "Dammit. I love having scars. They remind me of my battles." I sit up and look over to the door and then I look back at Kaminari with a raised eyebrow, I place a sound suppressing ward on the door. I look to Kaminari and I look like I'm going to say something important. I begin to explain something to her, "I'm an Ascendant, Kami. Do you know what that means? If you don't then I guess you don't take on your Akuma heritage seriously. My purpose is to ensure the survival of Akuma's that I chose personally. Nothing in the terms of mateship either. We both know how that ends up." I put an emphasis on the word "ends" and I look down to have my hair cover my eyes as they burn a dark red. "So technically, I'm the closest thing to a God. The next phase in my evolution is near. Hence my bloodshed earlier." I look to the door and speak something foreign but is translated in the people's minds outside as "Ssssilence!"

12-15-2011, 10:30 PM
Glares at him and throws a pillow in his face. " I knew, My parents taught me who was the superior one in my mothers clan. But why should I follow a wimp who likes to pass out everytime he uses his powers?" I hiss back. I get up and pull the tray off the table and set it on your lap. "Those others, they won't let me leave this room until you've awaken and fully healed." So that's why I was muttering to myself, you didn't have to call it 'Bitchin' you idiotic fuck." I sigh after saying it. Snarls at the pain in my right arm. "You know, while you were in Dh'kartha...Heh..Why should I even tell you? You probably already know." I scoff and get up. "I saved you and the other's sorry asses, that's all you need to know." I mutter. "Eat up, I don't want to be in your presence any more than you want to be in mine." Sighs and turns my back against you, resting against the wall and trying to drink down blood and gives up giving you a full glass of the blood.

12-15-2011, 10:48 PM
I shake my head to the glass and stand up to get my gear. "Then leave. I command you to leave." My voice causes Kaminari to immediately open the door and leave and no matter how hard she tries to resist she can't. "Fucking disrespect me like that. And yet she understands who I am already." I slam my fist into the wall to send it flying outside and it skids a few feet away form the house. I walk outside in the sun and I growl out into the air. There was no use disguising who I was anymore, my features turn to that of a demon. My head grows horns and they tear through the skin of my disguise to show my true form. I shed the skin of the false me like a snake does. I turn to look at the front door and the door to my room making a barrier ward to prevent anyone from following me. I look up into the sky and my wings, which are scabbed and having dark feathers, spread out and I take off into flight. My anger was beyong measure now. I sniffed the air to search for targets of my vengeance. Other Akuma's...

12-15-2011, 11:22 PM
Smirks and turns to look at the others, glaring menacingly at them. "There, I caused him more pain than the phyiscal wounds could. Are you all satisfied? I just disrespected my own leader for your stupid lives! I hope you all perish under the sun!" I screech in hatred and anger.Walks out into the light and looks around for my stuff I had left behind during the fight. "there it is! GET HER!" said someone from behind me and I get grabbed and held there, forced to look at the feet of the captur's leader. "Well, well, So you're the little pest that's been killing my men, eh, Kaminari Tsuzaki?" He cackles. "Sorry, I don't take shit from idiots like you!" I yell as I stab the two with my ice blades and stand up glaring at the leader. "Now don't make a mistake like you did earlier. You wouldn't want to end up dead just after your little fight with your Master, now would you?" He asks in a cunning voice. "You may as well surrender and come back to the lab, We miss you." I glare at him. "You know, The only thing I miss from that wretched place is seeing the horrific looks on your people's faces when I killed them. Besides, If Zetzu-Sama ever forgives me, it's going tobe ove my dead body." I smirk as my true form starts to pulsate out from the inside. My true form revealing itself in broad daylight wasn't something new to me, but it was new to the leader, and it showed on his face. "Sorry, but my master would rather have me dead than to ever let me walk beside him, and You can't even catch me. Not even with this form." I take off in inhuman speed towards the opposite direction, looking for a fun killing spree and decides to kill whoever comes across me, no matter the race. "This is for you Zetzu-Sama...THIS IS MY TRUE DEVOTION!!!!" cackles menacingly while killing whatever passes me.

12-16-2011, 03:32 PM
I look back to the where I just was in my human form again. I smirk and chuckle slightly, "I've finally made you see..." I say to no one and I flicker to stand in front of Kaminari as she runs. And I look back to see a trail of bodies and, of course, blood. I look to Kaminari and as she's speeding by I catch her arm to turn on my heels and toss her into the air. Afterwards, I take off into the air after her to catch her and land on top of a building in the city. "Welcome to my paradise." I spread my arms out and chuckle, "Whatever you see, is yours as well as mine. I will not not brand you like the others. You are too...delicate for me to do such a thing. And I know of the things you have faced in the past. So, with that out of the way. Do as you wish." I turn on my heels and fall backwards off the build to run along the side of the building. I build up a sphere of dark energy into my hands and from the close proximity of it to the building, it shreds whatever is beneath it. Smirking, I fire it at the ground before I get there and it creates a mild explosion, and upon landing I leave a small crater. The people around are running away, screaming and panicked. I sensed something out there, among the people that wasn't Angel, Akuma, or even a DemiGod. Whatever it was, it made me sick to my stomach. I HATE things that make me sicck to my stomach.

12-16-2011, 07:06 PM
Stands there, suddenly very dizzy. "Me...delicate..HAH!!" I giggle. I furrow my eyebrows and look down at my hands and gasps. They were filled with blood, not only human, but also animals. I look down at my clothes and frowns, I was covered head to toe in blood. I smile and hop down from the building, somewhat following Zetzu-Sama. Begins thinking what to do next. "I wonder, if I do kill someone like us, will I become more corrupted?" stops thinking when I sense a guard charging towards us, stops and turns on my heels, smiling at him. He glares and hold his rifle up at me. I whisper something in japanese making the guard put his rifle down and go into a trance. "You can just die by putting your .44 Magnum by your head, and pull the trigger. Now." I smirk as he does what he's told. Turns back and catches up to Zetzu-Sama, smiling psychotically and giggling here and there. As I keep walking, guards try and shoot at us and only manage to nick me with their useless bullets, I make sure they don't hit Zetsu. Kills every one of them with my ice blades. "Zetsu-Sama, Where are you going?" I ask after a very long period of time.

12-19-2011, 05:01 PM
I look at my surroundings and I thought I heard Kaminari, but I couldn't tell. I still knew I sensed something that wasn't anything to my knowledge. I turn to see Kaminari looking at me as if I'm stupid. I shake my head and think to myself, 'She can't sense anything, can she?'. Without much further thought, I turn to be facing a strange creature. Not really anything different than the stuff I had seen on Dh'Kartha, but still different all the same. I start running full boar at it, while charging my Katon (energy ball thing). I leap through the air and slam it into the thing and the explosion sending my flying back away from the thing and I land to look up to see it do a kind of scoff without any damage to it. "Fuck." I say quietly to myself.

d(20)= (2+10)=12

12-20-2011, 12:04 PM
"Oh Shit!" I yell after the explosion and get hit with something hard. "ow...You fxxking creep!" I yell at the unknown creature. I look at the thing that had hit and made me fly into a few trees before skidding to a stop. "Zetzu-Sama! I thought you killed it. What the hell?!?" I yell and push him up off me, as I get up and brust myself off I glare up at the discusting thing. "You think you can handle this thing, Zetzu-sama? Do you want me to stand-by or counter attack?" I ask getting into attack position.

12-20-2011, 09:54 PM
I look to Kaminari and I shake my head. "We need to get out of here. I sense more of them coming, just below that building on the right." And sure enough, being true to my word a few more burst out of the ground and looked over to grunt and point at us and start running to their comrade. "Kami, I think I have a trick we can use. Start running into the trees behind me like you are running for your life. I'll handle the rest." I wink at her slightly to let her know to trust me on this one. Though, she might take it into a slightly disgusting and wrong direction at first, but who am I to care? I'm completely Akuma and she's half and half. Heh, at least I aint stuck with Barthadeus, the lady-man adventurer. I take off running at the things and make cuts on my arm to form my Blood Scythe's. I attack the one closest to me, an ugly one at that.
d(20)= (15+6)= 21
CRIT. DAM.:125
I think I took one of it's eyes out. But I really didn't care, and all I knew is that I pissed it off.

12-21-2011, 12:59 AM
Looks back at him in confusion. "What? You mean pretend to look weak?!?" The way I yelled made my pissy attitude more scary than it already was. I don't ackwoledge the wink he gives me but something tells me to do a sneak attack with my shadow and ice blades. "Okay but if I don't see you in less than 8 minutes I know you're up to something." I lie covering it up with concern. "Good work Kami, now just have to act like you're really going to follow his orders, but once you're a good distance away, turn around and attack the alpha leader." I started to plan out how I was going to do it without letting Zetzu-Sama know I'm disobeying his orders. "baka, if he finds out what I am doing, I'm for sure going to get hurt, not that pain is scary, I practically am in love with it.." I keep thinking to myself. I snap out of my trance and takes off running and frowns. Turns around and glares at the alpha leader, takes a inhuman run towards it, leaping into the air and stabbing right through his skull. In the process of stabbing him, my ice blade breaked and stays inside of his ugly head. Unleashes my shadows and lets them devour the ugly thing. "Zetzu-Sama, Forgive me, but I was only following my instincts. Do not hate me for not obeying your orders." I bow towards him. (Knowing you are still in the midst of trying to kill the pissed off ones I'm still apologizing to you while letting my shadows kill and devour the others)

12-21-2011, 06:20 PM
Of course, I knew that they were able to killed. Kaminari actually gave me an idea, much to the fact that she did disobey orders, but I was actually thinking of tossing her into the fray. And I mean literally tossing her into the fray like I did to get her on top of that building, but none of that now Zet. We need to leave. I look to Kaminari and say, "Like I said before, we need to go." I look over at the one that she had previously stabbed in the head, to see it split in two and form two separate things. "Dammit..." Flashes past them, severing both of their heads in the process. With those two down, I sense more and more coming. "Kami, We need to LEAVE, NOW!" Takes off running full boar towards my estate.

12-21-2011, 07:44 PM
It seems that fate loves to twist things beyond recognition, or simply twist your view on the entire picture itself. From this point, Kaminari and Zet will now be hunted as "food" or rather "Plasm". As you watch and take pleasure in some of the morbid things you come across, remember that these were actual people at some point in your history or your future. Regardless, times are changing pretty quickly. I'm sure you'll get to watch Bodum get set ablaze in the near future. Now wouldn't that be a sight?

"We've done everything according to plan, WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING!? Grand Inquisitor, we demand an answer!" Slithis, a Cardinal Inquisitor, yells after pounding his fist on the table. "We have followed in your footsteps every step of the way. What have we done to deserve such a thing!?" he continually yells at the Grand Inquisitor. The Grand Inquisitor himself seems rather amused at the fact that the Cardinal Inquisitor is furious. He simply replies, "Are you sure you followed everything right down to the last letter? Because of the intelligence that I have recovered from your work, you did something wrong." He lightly smirks and glances at the others at the table and they are all looking at the Cardinal with disdain and disappointment. "So i suggest that you stop your stupidity and before we are forced to remove you. Actually, you know what, You are relieved of your duties Slithis." Slithis stood straighter and his mouth slightly quivered in rage, but before anything could be said his head rolled to the floor from an unseen executioner. The Grand Inquisitor looks to the others and nods, "Time for our plan to go into effect. Send in the Guardian Force." He splayed his hands out in fron tof him and watched as Zet rushed back to his estate. "Where are you going now, little Mockingbird?"

12-21-2011, 09:38 PM
Scoffs after hearing what he was thinking. Takes off at inhuman speed, my shadows following me quickly. I finally catch up to Zetzu-Sama and frown at him. "Grab my hand.." I yell towards him, holding out my hand and seeing that my shadows are beginning to past us and go about 3 yards away from us. "Thwy're going to take us to a safer area away from those things." I explain with still keeping up with him, hoping he'd at least trust me with this one. "Please take my hand, we're almost to where they are." frowns at him as if asking him what he's going to choose. Looks up ahead, seeing that we're about to close in on the shadows.

12-27-2011, 05:53 PM
Without much thought or of an idea, I grab her hand. For whatever reason time seemed to slow to a crawl. I knew what this meant as an Ascendant. Fate has shown his/her hand again. I knew nothing of the things of what was going to follow, but I had an idea of how to deal with it.

12-27-2011, 06:13 PM
Lunges and whipping you into the shadows before me as they close around us. As we're transported through to a barren area, from the looks of it was dark, warm and mystic. "Where did you take us Shouto?" I ask still loking around. "I'm pretty sure I said anywhere but Hell and Heaven. It feels like hell here. minus the fact that there is a blue glowing water fall..." Making sure all the shadows hear my sarcasm in my tone. Looks down at you and drops your hand, clearing my throat and walking away from you. "We better go."

12-27-2011, 06:36 PM
I don't even care about that, I think to myself. I looked around me and saw a small cavern with a...Wait, what the f-. A blue glowing waterfall? You're kidding me. Oh well, anyways to me it seemed a lot like home. Dh'kartha to be exact. I can hear the cleric even now. "Watch thy self, my lord. Evil things are at work here. Things even you cannot control... It seemed strange that I actually heard him. Nevermind that now, we need a battle plan. I walk over by the pool and pull out a small digital map of Bodum. I look over it and look for a good chokepoint to strike back at those things. I found one. Southeast corner of the city, the only road that leads to the rest of Bodum. "Damn...we are gonna need a lot of firepower if we want to stop them..." I say to myself.

12-27-2011, 06:53 PM
" I looked around me and saw a small cavern with a...Wait, what the f-. A blue glowing waterfall"
(Apparently, someone didn't see my sarcasm..)
Shakes my head takes off with inhuman speed towards the other side of the land. "What was Shouto thinking? I told him to send him back to his world...he shouldn't be here...not here.." gnaw on my lip ring,possibly making it bleed and stops when I make it to my secret hideout. "He better not follow me...I really am in need for some killing..." I thought to myself as the sound of drinking blood made me feel sick. "I really hate human food...and their blood. I perfer gnawing on some sort of other being's blood..." I sigh and begin looking around inside for my bottles of blood.

12-27-2011, 07:06 PM
(And someone didn't see MY sarcasm with the waterfall)
I didn't even notice that Kaminari was gone. I was thinking tactically and everything else was just in the way of getting even with these fucking things. I couldn't shake the feeling of being looked at and I looked up to be looking at what seemed to be a child. Wrapped in chains and a black blindfold. It had fangs as well. I sniffed and the things scent was that of a female. "Ugh...great, just what i needed. Another female to worry about." Shakes my head and gets back to work. I start to draw back up plans as well as plans for if something were to go wrong while fighting those things on the surface. I cut myself on a rock. "Mother...." I look at my finger and i look over to where that thing was and it's gone. "Ahh, fuck me..." I knew what it was. Even if my conscious self didn't know. I felt something prick my finger. "Damn it, don't fucking bite without permission." I turn to look at the thing. "What do you want?" I ask. I can't tell what it is that it wants from the blindfold. I sigh. "What the hell do I have to do for a break here?" I just turn to get back to work when I feel it jump on my shoulder and sit there. I look at it again. "Shit on me. And you're dead. Got it?" And again I get back to work.

12-28-2011, 07:13 PM
(The fxxk ever, you're just copying me. baka)
Comes back after replenishing and healing myself. Looks to see you're with another girl and blinks. "She looks exactly like me...my true form..what is-" I stopped and sniffed the air and eyes widen, covers my mouth and nose. "Blood...Zetzu-Kun's Blood" My eyes glow red as my true form takes over to look exactly like the girl. Snarls at her quietly and flies towards her knocking her down into the ground a few feet away from Zetzu. "WHAT THE HELL YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING WENCH?!?" I scream at her as I hold up a my hand at her threatening to slice her head into pieces. "If You EVER touch him once more I'll make sure you have the most painful death. " I hiss menacingly.

12-28-2011, 07:45 PM
I look amused at the situation. "Well someones over protective." I chuckle at them both and continue to look at my battle plan not really caring for what those two were up to. This battle was going to be bigger than anything I had envisioned. "Well, I'll be damned...looks I'm gonna have to use that favor from an old friend of mine."

12-28-2011, 08:50 PM
"COVER UP YOUR BLOOD!!" I yell at Zetzu. My hand pushed down really hard as I turned to glared at him, accidently ending the lookalike's life. I turn around and raise my eyebrows. "oops...gomen nasai." I whisper and pull my hand up and look at the blood. I turn around and vomit, wiping my mouth after the action. I begin metally beating myself. "stupid.. how can you let yourself vomit even though it's your main food source." I think. I realized what Zetzu had said before I yelled at him. "I'm not over protective of the likes of you. I just can't stand the scent of others blood. human blood I can handle..but not people like ours." I whisper quietly, more to myself.

12-28-2011, 09:59 PM
A dark smile creases my lips, but I keep whatever I was going to say to myself. "Whatever you say." I look at the thing. "Rise...your name has been called forth from the Fringes of Death...". I look back away and don't care to watch the thing be revived by supernatural means, of course this meant that the thing had no need for servitude to me or anyone since the bounds of those ties were cut at it's death. I turn to look at Kaminari and ask, "You can stay and do what you need to. I will be leaving to prepare for all out war." I walk past her with my map in hand and stop at an ok location, just to teleport out of sight.

I end up back at my estate with it being slightly messed up and I grin just to walk to my underground bunker built into my house as a precaution against chemical and nuclear attacks, should they occur. I pick up a radio and set the radio to 4.35 Hz and click the mic button once. "Yeah, what the hell you want?" is the reply over the radio. I chuckle and reply with, "What the fuck you think I want, eh? I need a favor...". Silence fills the air for a few seconds when the guy responds, "Whaddya need?"

12-29-2011, 09:30 PM
(I can't get myself the read the hole thing, it's a word wall.. :P )

12-29-2011, 09:40 PM
(Ahh, don't worry, ill fix that tomorrow but for the mean time. Ciao!)

12-29-2011, 09:49 PM

12-30-2011, 02:28 PM
(Editorial stuff is done. I made it look less of a...word wall. xD)

01-03-2012, 07:20 PM
(I've been too depressed to write But I think I can try and get back into RPing once more. :P Depression is a dirteh biatch.)
Sits there looking at the dead carcass next to me and frowns. "Bastard...he's so conceited...I can't wait to leave him." I sigh and gete up after thinking sadly to myself. After looking around for a bit I pull out what most humans would never see a halfbreed use during these dreaded times and glares down at the mp3 player and plugs in the headphones. Begins listening to a MCR, KoRn, Misfits, Black Flag and and a few other band's playlist. Starts calming down, takes my backpack and walks off into the woods and ignores everyone and everything. "He'll probably just leave me and not care. It's fine I hardly believe that the great ones ever wanted me to help save this useless world for those reasons unknown. Mehh...I'm pretty sure if does have a heart he'd probably talk to me telepathically." I think to myself and frowns and lets out a very random statement out involentaryily. "I Don't care about him at all!! He's so useless to me!" I cover my mouth and walk farther away.

01-03-2012, 07:55 PM
(Sorry to hear that, Emi. Need anything? Someone to talk to? OR anything like that? Just let me know alright?)
I begin my trek towards my planned counter attack area. I think back to Kami and how simple minded a being she was. Not that that was a bad thing, she just couldn't understand things like an Ascendant like me could. It wasn't just the fate of this wretched planet, but the fate of everything was hanging by a thread. A thread that fate could just cut and be done with it. The thing that I found funny about her was that her human side was more entranced by me than her Akuma side. As Akuma, we aren't allowed to continue our family lines unless we find suitable substitutes which aren't family at all; but have the same blood none the less. I smirk slightly, 'Then I guess, I'll just leave her to her own devices. She's been through enough already...' I think to myself. I stop mid stride to turn my head and ask, "Are you following me?" I see a small shadow stop creeping along. I growl lightly and it creeps back a few more feet. I shake my head and continue along my way.

01-03-2012, 08:40 PM
(Mehh, I'm not really sure how to say this, because for one, you are my best friend but I think that if I spread my own useless problems on this site it'd be leaked out to a certain person. Thanks though )
"Shouto!!!" I yelled, still walking around aimlessly. "dumb shadow, I really hate being a shadow master." I grumble silently. Cracks my knuckles and twists my head halfway. I giggle a little think of how those people I left behind would've looked at me if I did that infront of them. Turning my mp3 player up when ~My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words~ begin play, I start to spazz out on air guitar like Frank Iero and laughs after finishing the song. Realizing I'm smiling I stop and pull the headphones off and throw the electronic down, practically dropping it softly and frowns. "Damn, even music makes my human side smile. Why can't I be cold and unhappy like the rest of the world? Isn't it how I was brought up?" I sit pondering to myself. Finally picks up the mp3 player and puts my headphones back on. "I suppose it's okay to smile and laugh when no one is around." I think as I turn the song over to ~KoRn - Y'all Want A Single~ and smile, head banging slightly to the smooth rhythm. (lol, And I do actually spazz out to MCR songs and play awesome air guitar xD)

01-04-2012, 06:45 PM
I make it to my RV point. I look below to see the city in complete hell. Buildings burning, rubble, and everything you think you'd see in a war. I lookd down to see the group of people that had helped me escape. I motion with my hand for a few guys with sniper rifles in body armor to come up and start providing cover fire for the group. I smirk and speak quietly, "Here is my repayment...Now run..." The group don't know what's going on, but they make it out of the gate in time. I tap one of the guys on the helmet and he nods to point up the next building over and I nod in return. I look back at the city, and smile at the beauty of it's destruction. "Now...let them tremble..." I say out loud and a few jets fly by over head. 'The military forces have finally begun to react. A lil too late...' I think to myself.

01-04-2012, 09:30 PM
( Okay when I did this I was like...half asleep so if it's really suckish, don't blame me. blame the meds >w>)
Being as naive as I could, completely ignoring the war and going crazy on MCR songs by dancing and singing Like Gerard Way, most of the time spazzing out on air guitar and screaming like Frank Iero. Falls down after a regaining composure and bursts into a fit of giggles and squeals. "So, this is what it feels like to be carefree and let yourself be the way you are meant to be...I wish I was strong enough to do this infront of others. But I know my family would call me weak and useless..." I mutter to myself and glare down at my arm. *Flashback* "KAMI!!! I WISH YOU DEAD!!!!" Yelled the woman I once called mother, as she struck me across the shoulder, trying to either decapitate me or slit my jugular. She had tears in her eyes and I noticed that the man in the dark was my father. He didn't stop nor try to say something, but smiled. I get up and glare at the ground. "I-I...I'LL NEVER DIE FOR WORTHLESS AND TRAITOROUS BASTARDS LIKE YOU!!!!!" I screech as I quickly change into my true form, decapitating and burning the two most dearest people in life. "Well done....Kaminari Tsuzaki" *End Flashback* "Why did they try to kill me? was it an order from them?Or out of hatred? Who was that voice?" I thought up so many questions from the past. Still looking at my arm I see all the cuts, scratches, and bite marks from self infliction and frown. "I thought that if I did this to myself you and dad would love me again and come back..." I muttered. I stay were I was and listen to the quiet hums of my music and the thoughts from my past rush back as I stare into space, slowly drifting off into a deep sleep still listening to the same song ~My Chemical Romance - The Ghost Of You~ "...zzz..."

01-05-2012, 03:34 PM
I look in the direction that Kami was in and smiles. "Still don't recognize my voice, child" I send out psychicly, but I make sure she isn't awakened by it. I wonder how long it will take for her to realize that her parents...Nevermind, get back to the task at hand Zet. I look over at the guy who pointed at the building and nodded. He nodded back and pulled out a detonator and pressed the button which blew up the building and it fell to block the exit out of the city. 'It's unfortunate for anyone who got stuck in this mess.' I think to myself. 'But at least they can survive...hopefully.' I smirk at the thought because I know that they will survive. It's their human nature to survive. Why do you think they've been around for so long? That natural instinct to protect and survive is what drives them in situations like this.

01-05-2012, 05:05 PM
"Still don't reconize my vioce, child" The vioce said as I stirred a bit, sighing. "Why?..." was all I replied telepathically, turning my side and snoring lightly again. A few hours after the sleep I wake up to be staring at my scarred up arm and something staring at me. I let out a weird girly squeak and sit uponly to see it was Shouto staring at me. "Oh hi Shouto, what are you doing? I thought you were gone for good." I muttered quietly. Shouto just curled up and snuggled against me. "I know Shouto, at least one creature in this fxxked up world still loves me and my hybrid being." I whispered while petting the small sleeping shadow.
(I am still tired and I don't know why it was short and not funny. I'm loosing my craziness I guess lol)

01-05-2012, 06:57 PM
I chuckle at hearing her reply. "Because, I know who was there. I know his name. I know who he is. All I have to do is tell you, and you can end his miserable life if you wish." I send back to her. I wondered how long it would take her to wake up and realize what exactly I just told her. Maybe....just maybe...

01-05-2012, 07:22 PM
"Because I know who was there. I know his name. I know who he is. All I have to do is tell you, and you can end his miserable life if you wish." I glare down at the scars wishing I hadn't asked him, That one person that grew to befriend him. "So it was him." I thought. "I remember the silky, husk voice and the meaningless praise that wasn't really meant to be a praise, more of comment.Wait, what am I talking about Ew~!!" I mentally slap myself and stand up. "Why would I want to avenge people I cease to realise are parents? and I want to know what his name is, I need to know why, Zetzu-Sama." I smirked sending the message back.

01-05-2012, 07:35 PM
"Why would I want to avenge people I cease to realise are parents? and I want to know what his name is, I need to know why, Zetzu-Sama." I smirk upon hearing the words I so wanted to hear. Full of spite, full of hidden anger. Even if she hadn't felt it herself because of being part Akuma and Human. Her human side had been toyed with and it hated it. I leap off the building in flourish and land on the ground below. I look up and slowly walk towards a group of the invading force, I put in some ear buds to hear the blare of "Scream" by Avenged Sevenfold. I send a quick message back to Kami, "Xaero..." I had wondered if she knew who was who. I knew he was still with me, still hanging on by the thread I let him hang on to. I quickly flash past the group, and I continue walking and they all spray out their dark blood and fall into pieces. "Weaklings...Everyone of you!" My eyes become psychotic and my voice twisted and cold. "None of you can escape me...no matter how far you run! BEHOLD, YOUR NIGHTMARE HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!" I shout out for all to hear.

01-05-2012, 08:27 PM
"Xaero..." Is all I heard. My face involentarily pulled up into a sinister smirk. I look at Shouto and frowns. "take me to him, I need to see him right now." I say sternly while taking all my precious weapons and hiding them in my secret safehouse. Knowing Shouto was about to protest about me disrupting his lovely creation, rather the beautiful artwork of war. "I just want to talk to him, I'll make sure he doesn't hurt me, I know can even if I do use my rosario as the shield." I muttered, My true form fading away. I change into my Black Flag tee and black slacks, my misfits hoodie on and hood pulled up. "Wow, I seriously need to wear bright colors to fit in..." I mutter as my hair changes from the usualy silver/red to ebony black, roots and all. Shouto reluctantly transports me to where Zetzu was and I quietly stand there, mind blank and voice missing. "wha- Why can't I say something?...he must've silenced everyone." I thought to myself and stood there patiently and tapped him on the shoulder ever so softly. "Zetzu-Sama..." I say in a very quiet voice, suddenly feeling....shy?...bashful?...I shake my head and return my straight and determined self.

01-06-2012, 03:16 PM
I feel a tap on my shoulder...or did I? I don't know, I don't care. Blood. Death. Demise. The three things I could only care about at a time like this. I sensed something moving a fast pace behind whoever had tapped me. Something told me it was her, but I didn't have the time to stop and say anything. I turn to look in the direction of thing and I saw her face looking at me like she had something to ask. My eyes and my face showed my slip of sanity. The psychotic look in my eyes. The manical grin. I lightly pushed her aside as I get hit and skid a few feet away, holding something by the head. "You can't even push me that far..." I say as I smash it's head into the ground and then curb stomp it to have a spray of blood follow. It covered my face, my clothes, and my soul. My thirst hadn't been quenched either. I sensed them all around. Waiting. And learning, to see if they could bring me down. 'Like hyena's...' I thought to myself. "Kehahahahahahaha! You all are going to die!" I shout. A few more come out to face me. I look at them and cock my head to the side a lil. "Is that all? Or are you gonna try to outwit me?" I slash at the ground below me with my crystalized blood, the cracks where my blood had striked slowly filled with black blood. "You will never take me down. Not just the two of you." I say with a singsong tone. Afterwards, I teleport behind them and I slash the legs off of one and decapitate the other one. "HAHAHAHAHAHAH! You are all jokes...EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU!" I shout at the other's, not knowing that Kami is watching.

01-06-2012, 04:23 PM
Feeling the blood splatter me, I frowned at him once and sat down away from the killing spree. "I think this is gunna take a while..." I mumbled softly. I put my headphones on and rested my head on my arms, knees drawn up to my chest. "Tell me when it's over" I spoke a little more loud. "Probably assuming it never will, I'd be here for a while, so I'd make the best of it and sleep." I thought in a irritated sense. I yawned and immediately felt drowsy. "Can you stake my heart?...Can you stake my hea-a-art..." I mumble slightly, singing along to the song. Still in a curled up position against a wall or something, I shift to get comfotable and fall into a deep sleep.

01-06-2012, 04:57 PM
My killing spree does in fact take a long time. Three or more hours to be exact. In the end, I'm completely covered in blood. I look up slightly and then drop my head down tiredly and pant. There's bodies everywhere. Most are the creatures but there are a few human bodies here and there. My eyes have returned to normal and that grin is gone. And I return to my dark exterior, I look over to see Kami sleeping soundly. I smirk at the sight. 'So human....yet, Akuma at the same time.' I think to myself as I slowly walk over to where she is. I make sure that my gaze practically burns into her, so she could wake up to that sense that you're being stared at. I stop in front of her to be looking down at her. "Awwz, is the baby tired?" I ask loudly and chuckle afterwards.

01-06-2012, 05:19 PM
Out of quick reflexes I leg sweep the person infront of me and stand up my darkened and scrunched up into a irritated look. "Call me a baby again, and I'll make sure you'll be in first class hell." I snarled lightly. Raises an eyebrow at the scene of dead bodies and gives Zetzu a light aplaud. "Wow, what a beautiful sight to wake up to..." I said, sarcasm seeping through. "Sorry for leg sweeping you, I can't stand people staring at me or smiling at me. It's useless and makes the look like an idiot." I commented bluntly. I held out my hand in an apologetic sense, hoping I didn't erally hurt the Acendent's feelings or angered him, but at the same time not really caring.

01-06-2012, 06:13 PM
I laugh and using my agility I flip up onto my legs. "Well, at least you're awake." I say. "Now, I know you have questions for someone..." I say while slipping into two seperate people. I look over at my duplicate and slam my fist into his jaw to send him flying into a building. Xaero hisses and is restrained by shadow forged chains and a shadow weaved straight jacket. A mask hides most of his face but his mouth is the only thing that is visible. I look at him with my eyes glowing a slight red, "You will answer what she has to ask. Whether it be with words or telepathically. DO you understand me?" Xaero hisses and growls for a few minutes before nodding in defeat.

01-06-2012, 07:08 PM
I take a deep breath before walking up to Xaero, glaring at him. "I need to know, why did you do it? That's all I want to know, if the answer is good enough I MIGHT not kill you." Saying "might" with a bit of edge. "Was it fun watching me scar up my arms and legs thinking stupid human things? or were you curious of how a Halfbreed like me would handle being hated by the two only people who I thought loved me?" I knelt down infront of him awaiting his answers, my hood still up so he doesn't see my face.
(Dude, I'm sorry if this is boring or whatever, but I'm tired and ready to rip a few pplz heads off. If you know who I'm talking about >w>)

01-06-2012, 07:26 PM
Xaero twists his head slightly for it to make a loud pop. He then sniffs around him while repling telepathically, "What else do you think? I enjoy making people's lives hell. It's what i do best. How do you think HE is the way he is?" He hisses in my direction, "But he coped, he adapted, he learned on his own. Something I didn't expect from someone like him who is full blooded Akuma. You on the other had were predictable at times, and the other's...you were unpredictable, unbreakable, and easily pushed to the edge. I began to learn something, you weren't fully Akuma. I began to investigate and your father had broke the code. 'Once an Akuma, Always an Akuma.' they called it. Something was different about your father as well. He had pity on the humans and had unfortunately taken advantage of one...Your mother. And when you were born, you were both dead and alive. There was no difference. You think I know nothing of you? I know everything...There is nothing you can hide from me." Behind the mask his eyes glowed a bright blue, and he was completely still. "After everything that has happened, what do you think of my creation? My own form of weapon? Your human side likes him, wants him, loathes him, hates him, and...can't stay away from him. You can say that your human side thinks he's irresistable, but that just the thing. It's human, it's just basic instict to be around someone who would protect them, shield them, love them. Yet your Akuma side hates, admonishes, loathes, and you have the irresistable urge to end his miserable life." He looks to me and grins, "Ain't that right, Zet?" I only look at him with a blank look and reply, "What ever is in your head, should remain there..." Flashes by you and uses my hand to cover his face to slam his head into the building, causing cracks to run up all along the building. everything to me seems to be in slow motion, and I only feel an urge to end his life, but I know that that is not my decision to make. "Do not confuse her more. You understand, yes?" Xaero nods against my hand.

01-06-2012, 08:16 PM
"I see, That's all I needed to know, Maybe I am predictable, maybe I'm not. All I know is I'm confused at what the Human in me wants and the Akuma in me needs. You just don't know how to tell me why You wanted me dead. Is it because I'm a halfbreed? Or is it because I might be strong enough to kill you?" I muttered the last sentence before standing up and walking away body shaking visibly. "He was right. Why does it hurt to know the truth?...Then again Zet might've known it was nothiong but lies he was telling me...I don't know if I should go back or just run...what do I do?" I mentally screamed at myself. I turned around and walked back to where the two were. "I only need to ask one moore thing, Do I die by your hands? or Zet's?" I spoke softly, practically mumbling.

01-20-2012, 04:23 PM
Xaero laughed. He laughed in such a way that even I looked scared slightly. But then he stopped and looked at me to ask, "Should I tell her? Or will you?" I only blankly stare at him and give him no emotion to play on. "You tell her what she needs to know. Enough of you toying with her like a human." I look at him with a fierce gaze, "Or you will be the one suffering..." Xaero became quiet and them replied out loud, "Neither of us will kill you. I hated you being...special. That's all." He chuckles then proceeds to say, "He doesn't have the heart to kill you. If anything, he finds you amusing to have around. A...little like...what would it be called. That light that you see in someone else, the light that both of you don't have. He sees something I don't. And he's gonna make sure of that." I only look at him with the same coldness I would to an enemy. I speak over my shoulder, "Are you done with your questions?"

01-20-2012, 05:01 PM
"LIAR!" I screech, glaring furiously at the both of them. "I know I'm going to die at the end of this, Tell Me who is going to kill me! Now!!" from my yelling my human girl form flickers back and forth from my halfbreed form. My shoulders shake involentarily, I bite my lip and stare at the ground. "I know it's going to happen, I was told by someone, Someone I knew who I considered to be close was going to have to end my life to save this hell-bent world. I just need to know, who...I'm not going to prevent it from happening, I just need to know if my future is true or not." I whisper, loud enough to hear. I glance at Xaero then at Zetzu. Sighs and turns on my heels to look away from them, hiding my face so they don't see the silent tears trying to form. "Please...Just tell me so Iknow it's true. That's all I ask." I whisper, my voice wavering.

01-20-2012, 05:51 PM
I look back with a solemn look on my face. She didn't quite understand. She wasn't the one going to die. I shook my head and say aloud, "Xaero's been fucking with your head as long as mine it seems....you've been fed lies, and you're letting them get to you." I headbutt Xaero and he growls out, "What was that for?" I only glare at the places where his eyes would be and then punch him to send him flying through the building, scattering debris everywhere. I grit my teeth and clench my fists. There was the truth she needed to know, but how can I? She's part human, she's only going to partially understand. I look up to see Xaero feebly getting up out of the rubble and flicker to kick him in the face to send him into another building. I couldn't find the words to tell her the truth. It was strange sensation. I couldn't explain it.

01-20-2012, 06:11 PM
I turn around still hiding my face, "Beating him won't help, An akuma like him could take Hell's fire and still be able to laugh." I staated to Zet quietly. "If you are telling the truth, I'm willing to accept that, But if you're lying, I don't know if you can have my trust in you after this. At least the almighty Acendent never shows feelings for a mere halfbreed" I tried to joke, letting Zet know I'm trying to understand him. I look away from the two and yawn. "What the hell...why am I so tired?" I frown, thinking to myself "I must be needing blood...damn this akuma side of me." I sigh and run off to find something to kill, ignoring the two.

01-20-2012, 06:56 PM
She didn't understand. I could tell now. I take off the mask of Xaero and his face is bloodied by my attacks. I look at him and say, "You're human, aren't you?" Xaero turn to face away from me and I nod. I knew then what his motives were. It was out of her protection from her fate that he treated her the way he did. I let him melt back into my body to let his wounds from me heal. Many of his bones had been broken from my assault. I leap onto a building and look over the expanse of the city. Most of it was just rubble now, almost nothing left to build up. I look out over the battlefield as an army of the pitiful humans raised their weapons up to the air and yell, screamed, and for some, belched their victory. I on the other hand knew that it wasn't over. Not just yet, "There's still one more challenge to face...it just hasn't revealed itself yet." Kaminari was off to satisfy the hunger she had come to know. Not realizing that that hunger can go away. But what it means to do so...means to form an uneasy bond to someone. A sort of pact.

01-20-2012, 07:52 PM
Back at the previous area where I had stayed away from the war I grabbed all of my weapons and other belongings and took off. Knowing he would find me soon, I transport myself back to the building where the others once were. It's abandoned and dark, none of them were there. I shake my head and climb into my old bedroom window and look around. "Shawna" I whisper in a singsong voice. I frown when I see nothing. "Shouto...Find her." I order the shadow softly. He immediatly goes and searches everywhere to find my strongest shadow.I sit down on my old bed and yawn. "I may as well sleep, knowing Shawna is going to be stubborn until she hears me screech." I mumble softly. I fall asleep again, this time thinking about what had happened, the questions, that solem look Zetzu had given me, What it meant, why Xaero had tried to feed me lies...falling asleep to it made me relive everything and nothing would change. "...zzzz....zz."

01-23-2012, 08:47 PM
I smirk. A strange and unusual wind was blowing and the crisp feeling of fate, stung the air I breathed. I knew who's hands were in this matter. I would have to find them and make them answer to me.

Traven had found a safehouse in the Anduan District of the city. There he would sleep days and go out on nights to find the Answer's he searched for. Much to his knowledge, there was more going on than he could possibly imagine. The implications he found with his informants were tremendously helpful. He had travelled alot those days. Then things took a turn for the worse as the Order found him alive, he fought back not with force but rather words and ideas. The Order found him guilty of treason which wasn't true. Later that night he was broken out of the Inquisition jail house. Traven cleaned and cleansed his face in the restroom of his safehouse, he looked up into the mirror. His face had the resemblance of Zetsu. Strange for such an occurance, don't you think? How long has Zetsu been around? What is his past? Questions like these will arise, I assure you they will.

I heard the distant whistle of a sniper bullet in the air, and before it even hit me I turned with the force of the bullet. I wasn't sure who would want me dead, but I knew that they thought I was an enemy. I heard a slight jingle of armor as the person landed on the top of building. "Damn it, I still can't hit your ass, can I" Someone said, and I recognized the voice. I stand back up and face the person. Sure enough, it was Kia. Kia was an old military buddy from my days when I was fully human. Her prolonged life was from saving her life with my blood. She was approximately around 124 years old but still had the physiology of a 23 year old. I only chuckle at her, "Well, you think that my sense's got old over time or something?" She chuckled, "I was kind of hoping that." I shake my head and then nod towards the farthest building, "There's gonna be a sniper in the building five minutes from now. I wanna see if you can make the shot." Kia looked at him with smirk. "Alright, challenge accepted."

01-24-2012, 02:59 PM
I jump at the feeling of my shadow's presence, Shouto finally talked Shawna into seeing me, impressive. "Well, I hope you're ready to help me, after all, your master needs your power, I need to help a friend, a dear friend, then you'll all be set free after this war. Is that alright with you?" I explain to the two shadows, they nod and wait for me to hold out the black blade. "Alright, we better teleport back to that 'friend' of mine" I mumbled while letting the blade form, I hold it infront of the two shadows and wait for them to be absorbed into the blade. After the time it took to get them back into the blade I put it back and transport off to where I had left Zetzu, hoping he didn't leave me to track him down, I knew I was going to, but I had to let the humans think I was one as well, so I had to slow my speed when running. I had to make a good plan to help Zetzu, even if he didn't want me to. I know he knew I didn't care. "Well, Zetzu -Sama...Better be ready to tell me what I need to do, because I know it's going to happen soon." I muttered, smirking.

01-24-2012, 04:31 PM
The strange thing about Kia was, she never had any problems with being around as long as she has. She, of course, completed what I had challenged her with. I left a few moments afterwards with a quick good bye. I sensed a teleportation not far away. I smirked slightly. She was still hell-bent on dying, and I don’t think that dying would change anything. Just shove her into being a full Akuma. Not that that was bad or anything, but Xaero would be pissed if I did anything yet. The timing would have to be right.

01-24-2012, 05:37 PM
Knowing if I could die for the right reason, I know it might backfire and turn me into a full akuma, but it was the price to pay to be useful once again, even if it meant being a tool for the war. I raced towards Zetzu, smirking and giggling at the thought of him getting agitated for acting like I needed to die. I wondered a funny way to play a mean prank on Zetzu for actually believing that I wanted to die, I only want to end this war. I smiled when I saw him, his back turned away from me, I thought it be a perfect timing to hear that gun shot aiming right for me, I turned towards it and let it hit me, grazing me across the left shoulder. I let out a painful screech to get Zetzu's attention, letting my black hair fall over my face, so when he came over he would see me smiling. "Ze-tzu-sa-ma..." I let a small pained whimper out to make it all the more dramatic.

01-24-2012, 06:09 PM
Everything was too...easy. That's what had given her away. She wasn't the type to run into a hit intentionally. I lowered my pistol with my eyes glowing an iridescent red behind my hair. I wasn't the one that fired though. My blood exploded out of my body in a weird rage sequence that triggered not only my own abilities but Kami's as well. I turn my back on her with my body completely covered in black crytallized blood like armor. I get down on the ground and look like an animal about ready to pounce, a tail made of the blood forms out of my body. As my body metamorphs into an animal like state, there are sounds like bones being replaced into a seperate order are heard as clear as someone chopping up a block of wood with an axe. Eye's glowing red and a dark energy trailing off of my body in a burn off of dark energy. Every sense of my "humanity" is gone. Only the need to hunt. Seek and Destroy.

01-24-2012, 06:22 PM
I look up at Zetzu and tilt my head. "So, what gave me away?" I asked trying to stifle a giggle at his new and "kawaii" form. " Well now I suppose I can call you an animal now, and yes that would intend the pun." I heard another gunshot and glared in the direction, dodging the bullet easily, I pull out my 40cal. and aims at the shooter. "Your next stop, Hell.." I muttered as I pulled the trigger, the bullet flew right into the person's direction and went through his head, right between the eyes. "Damn that should've given me at least 20 points." I giggled. * looked at Zetzu and got a little worried. "You Alright Zetzu-Sama?" I asked, holding my 40cal up on my right shoulder. A puzzled look on my face.

01-24-2012, 06:40 PM
My eyes weren't right. They were focused on something in the distance, not easily seen if they didn't know what to look for. My "paws" dig into the ground as my tail grows into TAILS and I take off in almost an instant leaving behind me a large dust cloud. I ram into a large building sending it crashing down. I sniff around much like a dog looking for a shrew in a hole that could be dug into. I lean back onto my hing legs and drop my front legs down to break through the debris of the building with a small earthquake following it. At the receiving end, was a small, weak looking guy. I look at him and growl, "Get out!" The guy just shakes his head, "No, fuck you!" I drop down and grab him by the back of the neck like a mother would to her pup and bring him up. I look at him to ask angrily, "Who are you working for?" The guy just looked back at me, "I can't tell you they'll kill me..." My "muzzle" looks like an animal equivalent to a smirk. "If you're worried about that..." I growl and pounce on him to bark at his face and try to bite at his throat. He only screams, "ALright, Alright I'll tell you!!!!" And I stop, and he sits up to answer me and he opens his mouth, but a bullet hits him in the throat. I only growl and cut the rest of his head off with one of my tails. "Thanks for the answer, Order of the Chaos" I mutter to myself and lay down to act like i'm taking a nap.

01-24-2012, 07:11 PM
After him taking he leave a large mound of dust, I cough and jump out from it to see if I can follow the mutt-like Zetzu. "Damn, hes faster now, and he seems to have stopped and took a nap...Well you can't blame the fella, I guess even if you aren't really a dog, you still have to sleep like one." I smiled at the thought. I kept my distance just in case he decided to attack me, but I made sure no one went near him either, just incase there was going to be a all-out brawl between us. "What a baka, an okami, a blood colored Okami..." The color of him made me smile wickedly and quiver, I knew that his blood was a part of him that was very dangerous, but it also attracted me somehow, but why? who knows, maybe him and Xaero know. * smirked and sat back watching him every so often.

01-25-2012, 07:36 PM
In a quick movement, I have Kami on my back like a beast rider. We are running towards a clock tower at the other end of town. Explosoins and artillery are falling around us as we runn straight through a battle that is taking place. The ride gets a little bumpy but is otherwise smooth. Not that anything was distracting, I had to focus on not having Kami fall off while dodging artillery and the like. We finally arrive and I stand on my hind legs to turn in to something that looks like this:http://i12.mangareader.net/abara/7/abara-1049280.jpg

01-25-2012, 08:14 PM
I look down at Zetzu and held on tightly to him, his sharp armour, slightly cutting my palms, I didn't care I knew he was planning something, mostlikely it was a full-out close range attack. "Hm...my kind of fight..." I thought and smirked, I moved my hand and let out what sounded like a "mewl" and looked at my right palm, it was a large and deep gash, the blood dripped on to Zetzu, almost looked like his armour was absorbing the blood. I raised an eyebrow at that and shook my head. "When can I get off?" I ask, almost in a shaky voice, I couldn't stand heights when I was in a human form, I never could, but I knew I could trust Zetzu, I was still too scared to let go of him. "Zetzu- Sama, I would really like to get off now!!" I half-whimpered at him.

01-25-2012, 08:22 PM
I shrug to have Kami land on her feet. I'm near 7 feet tall now, and as I walk you can feel my movement in the ground beneath me. A large group of Dark Knights come out with their miniguns and start firing upon me. The bullets just bounce off and ricochet back in directions near them. I run and leg sweep a Dark Knight to fall back on my elbow to hit the Dark Knight in his nether region to cause him to roll over and groan in pain.

01-25-2012, 08:36 PM
I sigh in relief as I land on my feet. "Oh precious earth!" I whisper sighing again. I look at Zetzu and giggle. "YOU KNOW THAT A MAN DOESN'T HURT ANOTHER MAN THERE!!!" I bellow so he could hear me. I quickly change into my true form and pull out my sharpest katana blade. I go and start to fight, slashing across abdomans, letting intestines and other internal organs fall, decapitating and letting the enemy's blood splatter me, Me smiling like a maniac, giggling like a psycho, and moving elegantly with my blade going into every enemy that crosses my path. I stay near Zetzu just incase he would call for me.
(I don't know why, but I am going to play some Zombies tonight! hee...hee...hee...@u@)

01-25-2012, 08:45 PM
I bellow into the air like a beast of an etheral plain. I stomp on the Dark Knights head to make a loud SPLISSSSSHH! sound and I look around me as more Dark Knights show up all firing upon me. All the bullets ricocheting away.

01-26-2012, 04:22 AM
I shudder at the noise that Zetzu made, but recover quickly and barrel towards the dark knights with inhuman speed and using my black katana that formed from my shadow manipulations. Practically doing a dance with just the fighting of my techniques I end up only getting tiny knicks and grazes from the bullets. I smirk every so often at Zetzu, thinking once every while a girly human thoght and have to regain composure bby slapping myself mentally and returning to the fight. "Alright Shouto, time to lend me your power first." I whisper and the Black katana glows with a purple haze of an aura around it. The the velocity and accuracy of it triple and it becomes lighter and sharper. I look to a hoard of dark Knights and smile psychedelically at them. "You ready? Let's dance." I murmur under my breath as I charge towards them slicing and decapitating them as I pass quickly, thebodies that still move I quickly stab to end their miserable pain. I run back slightly panting from the over-excitement of my performance(Little Sword dance) and look up at Zetsu. "Round two?" I ask holding back half of the giggles, biting my lip hoping he didn't notice my looking at him before I went into the hoard. Covered in blood from head to toe now, I take my hoodie off and pull out my .45 and Skorpion vz 61, my shadow katana absorbed back into me for later purposes. I smile like a 5 year old and hold up both guns. "Time to play tag, right Zetzu-Sama?" I giggle and smirk up at him.
(Well I am proud of myself, after nearly a week and a half, I finally managed to beat the Dead Center Campaign. Don't laugh it was hard, I had to usse about 10 different stradegies to figure out the last part. Oh well, still proud of myself. Zombie Slayer Out!)

01-26-2012, 04:30 PM
I only growl my approval and take off running quickly but slow enough that Kami could see where I am to follow. I grab one Dark Knight's Minigun in mid-stride and start firing upon the other's that begin to show up. I channel my energy to increase the minigun's barrel rotation and the barrel is spinning so fast that it looks like a blur. The tips of the barrels are red hot and can be seen easily. I throw the minigun away as it's ammo is depleted. I ram into a Dark Knight and use him like a meatshield, most of his comrades still firing on me, but instead riddling their friend. After his death, I toss him into another and start using my fists to bash an mutilate the one I knocked over. Growling and fighting at the same time. A blade aimed at my neck swings through the air and misses just by a centimeter. I twist around to face my new adversary. I put my hand up behind me to signal that this is my fight to Kami.

01-26-2012, 05:57 PM
Following him and moving as quickly as possible I shoot at the enemies, I grab one of the knights closest to me and stick my .45 in his eye, shooting anyone coming at me. After using one round through him, I use my Skorpion,and drop the dead carcass. I smile and aim for the knights that are lined up in a row. I pull the trigger seven times quickly and turn to look at Zetzu. Seeing Zetzu put a stop signal at me, I stop and back off. I turn to a different hoard of dark knights and smirk, "Oh I have been waiting to try out my new technique." I giggle and drop my now empty Skorpion vz 61 and .45, I grab my light weight twin katanas and hold them out from my body. "It's play time!" I yell and run through the hoard slicing them up, I move the blade like they're feathers and twirl around like a tornado blade. I smile and look to see if Zetzu needed me yet. My face scrunched up in a familliar killer's look and covered completely in blood. "Well, I hope I helped you a little bit..." I murmur softly making sure no one heard me.

01-30-2012, 03:12 PM
Much to my surprise, my adversary was a chick. Not like it was a pity thing or complex, but I only fight them if there is no other choice. Even then, I let them live if I have the upper hand. A simple respect that not many understood. My armor slides away to reveal my face, "Who are you?" The only answer I receive is a kick to my abdominal area, but of course, nothing happens. Blood wraps around her foot and keeps her there by crystallizing. I look at her fiercely, "You didn't answer me..." She looked at me from the darkness of the hood on her cloak and didn't reply. I grabbed her leg and pulled it out of my armor and then tossed her into air. I flicker and a small thing of dust is seen where I was standing. While she was in the air, I spin to kick her into the ground. Her impact leaves a small crater in the ground and I appear at the edge of the crater. I walk down to my adversary and check to see if she is alive. Surprisingly enough, she's still breathing. This told me one thing, the Society was reaching out. Why at this time? Now that was one question I wanted answered. I pick up the knocked out lady and let my armor return to my body. I had used it enough anyway. I teleport some distance away, but before I had I sent a telepathic message to Kaminari. "When you are done, meet me at your place. There is something you need to know..."

01-30-2012, 04:09 PM
Smiles sweetly at the group of knights and stabs one closest to me. "Sorry fellas, I gotta jump." I smirk and finish the last of them off and teleports to Zetzu, wondering why he wanted to teleport to my place. "Hmm, somethings up, and I better get there quickly before he gets mad." I mutter and land softly near my bedroom window. "Well, I should use the front door, that would seem a bit normal but it would let Zet know I'm here." I thought hiding my amusement. I open the door softly and look around for Zet. "Hey Zetzu-Sama, where are you? the basement or the spare room?" I ask telepathically. I frown when I pass a mirror, my whole face is covered in blood and my true form flickered when passing the mirror. I sigh and stand in the middle of the hallway.

01-30-2012, 06:50 PM
I knock softly on the basement door. I turn to see the lady I had hurt on the table, sleeping. Her wounds had almost healed, but I dressed them anyway. I had time to examine the structure of her bones and they were humanoid in nature. The thing about them was, they were made of a substance that was almost the same as my blood armor. I walked over to the edge of the table, the lady seemed to be having a nightmare. Her head turned left and right, sweat trailing down her forehead. My hand moved out of an instict that wasn't my own, softly caressing her cheek. The lady seemed immediately calmed by the contact. I drew my hand away and stepped back away from the table. I knew what she was now. "Succubi" was a common name, but she was deadlier than that. I continued to step back until I was against the stairs that lead up to the main part of Kmai's house. This is bad. She's a combination of Akuma and Succubi. She's far more powerful than she let's on. I thought to myself. I sigh and sit down on one of the steps, waiting on Kami to make her entrance. What a drama queen, I also think to myself...

01-30-2012, 07:10 PM
"Well I wouldn't call it a drama queen, more like a 'scared of a girl' type of drama king. After all,queens are women, or men who dress like us." I chuckle when standing behind him, amazed at how he didn't hear me walk in. "Excuse mee for intruding your thoughts but our guest is awake and sitting up, she looks either jealous or just really pissed out of her mind." I whisper in his ear my gaze locked on the female. "what should we do, and why did you need me and my place?" I ask telepathically, standing up straight, frowning down at Zetzu. "More likely Chicken shit then drama queen." I think to myself and giving the unknown female a harsh glare back, baring my fangs at her.

01-30-2012, 07:31 PM
I look over to the guest. I glare at her and send her a message in her mind, "IF you hope to live, then I suggest you stop your stupid antics... The guest looks at me funny, but looks away with a "Hmph..." I look up at Kami, "Then I assume you heard what I said about her, right?" I stand and move to lean against one of the walls adjacent to the stairs to take out a cigarette and light it with my flame ability. I take a puff of it and I leave it hanging out of the corner of my mouth to ask the lady, "What is your name and why is the Society sending a messenger like yourself to us? We don't want anything to do with you or them for that matter." The lady's ears twitched at me saying that, and almost within the blink of an eye she was starting me fact to face. Her reply was simply this, "Oh really? Do you know how many people wish to have me?" Reactively I kicked her across the face and started to kick her like she was a five year old kid and I had the look of someone who was amused, "Hehehehehe, you really are cute...!" I stop after a few minutes of some rather comedial moments of her "No please, stop!" remarks and what not. If anyone had not seen what was going on, and heard what she was saying then they would begin to think in a prude and twisted way. The lady stood back up with not so much as a bruise and glared at me, "What the hell was that for?" I chuckled in reply, "Because you really think that whole, Harem shit is going to work on me? Of all people? You know me better than the Society does, and I thought you knew better." I sigh afterwards and get a serious look on my face. "With that aside, I still want my questions answered..." The lady's reply was rather...gross, "I'll tell you...if you let me have some fun with her." She smiles and points at Kami. I grit my teeth and my ears almost seem to spew out steam, "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING!? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND!? SHE'D CHEW YOU UP AND SPIT YOU OUT LIKE A PIECE OF GUM!" I have to admit though the thought sparked some amusement, but not a lot.

01-30-2012, 07:43 PM
I give Zetzu a burning glare, knowing she had given him a tiny spark of amusement, I smirk at the female. I begin to speak in amused purring tone, almost as if it were transilvanian. "Define 'fun' for me, then if it's anything but what I think it is, then I might agree with you, but knowing you're a Succubi, I think my, as well as my dear friend Zetzu-Sama think the answer shall stay no." I finish with a intense glare as I swipe Zetzu's cig from his mouth and steal a drag, handing it back to him and smirking at the female. "Well then, Zetzu-Sama, what shall we do with this vulgar pest?, you must know I like my house free of vermin and scum." I look up to him and smile, turning my gaze back at the Succubi I let a low growl deep in my throat out as I bare my fangs at her. "I am rather interested in using the various torture tools I've equipped here in the basement." I hissed softly.

01-30-2012, 07:55 PM
The lady chuckled, "I would probably rather like the torture." She has this rather pleased look on her face and isn't really scared of either of us. That much was clear to me, but there was this nagging feeling that I had battled this bitch earlier. I laugh somewhat heartily, "Of course you'd like the torture...How do you think your mother gave birth to you?" I knew a lot about this lady then one would espect. "But like I said, I want answers. Unless, of course, I get rid of a certain vermin standing in front of us. As per my friend's "cleanliness" OCD." The lady only chuckled in reply and pounced on Kami in a playful way. She used a technique that caused the light in the room to become a type of binding that tied up Kami's arms and legs to the ground. She then stood and began to talk to me only, "My mother has nothing to do with this!" She hissed in my face and I wipe away the spit. The look on my face says it all. My glare is that of wanting to kill, to satisfy my thrist of blood. The lady steps back, but to no good effect. My kick was too quick to be seen, and I hold back no longer. "You live at both of our whims. You may be strong, but with both of us here you are outmatched and outclassed." When the lady stands, I flicker to have her pinned against the wall by her throat. "So you will tell us, or I will only kill you and have you ressurected to have another painful death until we get our answers. IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?" I hiss to her face.

01-30-2012, 08:12 PM
"You little.." I began after hearing Zetzu bellow at her. "Ahem, I do hope you're both through snogging, but will you please UNBIND ME?!?!" I snarl, the light was burning my pale, frail looking skin, sun light or any other type of light hurt me, my only attribute that weakened me. "Zetzu, I swear if I end up having to break my arms and legs just to get out of this predicament, I'm going to seriously kill you." I was ranting, the light's ray was making me beyond pissed. I broke free of it and flash stepped towards the bitch and swung a right hook, connecting my fist with her jaw. "Next time you ever touch me or do anything that results in your slutty antics towards me or Zetzu I'll feed you to my shadows." I glared at Zetzu and smacked him lightly on the arm. "Shut up." is all I said and turned to go sit on the staircase steps.

01-30-2012, 08:38 PM
My grip tightens on the lady's throat and all that is really heard is her gasping for air. My hair covers my eyes and I say nothing more. This little game was finally getting on my nerves. I block my mind from Kami, she did not need to hear what was in my head. Xaero had resurfaced, "What are you doing? Do you realize what she has done for you in the past?" I verbally say, "Shut up, and stay out of this! You have no business here..." Xaero was putting a mental strain on me again, fighting to get to the surface with no avail. Are you really going to kill an old friend? Ask yourself, is this really worth getting to your goal?, he chimed in again. I only grit my teeth and angrily say, "Did I not tell you to stay OUT OF THIS?" The lady is looking at me with fear and an understanding that sparked my rage. I grip harder and she's only gasping harder. She then gasps out, "Zet...Please..." The only look on my face is one of blankness. The look of someone who has only known death and lonliness. The look of someone who has no past nor any future. Does any of it even matter? I've asked myself this many times. Even still, I don't have an answer...

01-31-2012, 03:29 PM
I walked over to Zetzu and put a hand on his shoulder. "It's not going to work, Just let her go, no need to choke her until she turned a discusting blue. You seem pained enough from a past..." I look at him and frowned, concerned he was fighting, and appalled that I couldn't hear him. "You, what is your name Succubi?" I ask my gaze locked with her frightened one, she looked at me and smirked. "My name is what you'll be screaming in bed tonight.." That did it, I was ready to slash her, but I didn't let it show on my face, I just smiled sweetly and cleared my throat. "I would like to know what it is you assume I'll be screaming, Only one problem, I don't date Succubi or akumas, I take their lives." I purr, Zetzu was either getting ammused by my aura getting more dense in the air and the succubi trying to be flirty with me. I sighed when she just laughed. "Okay Zet, Either you at least get a name or something out of her, or she's going to be a new punching bag." I told him telepathically. "I mean it!" I yelled. I stomped off and out of the basement to go light a cigarette, only because I was pissed and didn't want to be near either of them. "Damn slut..." I muttered, taking a drag of the cigarette.

01-31-2012, 04:01 PM
"None of it matters anymore!" I yell out loud. I release my grip on her throat, and back away from her while she coughs after being able to breathe again. I pant and sweat runs into my eyes, but I don't feel the sting, the irritation from the sweat. Nothing, is what I could feel so well. Over the ages, being immortal, and having to survive on those around you, teaches you something. There's no place for pity, no place for sympathy, and that you are always gonna be fighting to the very bitter end. No matter what planet, no matter the plane of existence. It's always the same. I couldn't look at her. I still couldn't understand why. What I felt, was nostaglia. A sense of who she was, the smile, the personality, made me sick. I realized some time afterward that she resembled my mom in a way. "Aki...ha,ha,ha...the...name's...Aki" She had panted out from being nearly choked to death. I sat against the wall the farthest away from Aki, not just because of what I just did; but because memories of who she was flooded my mind. She had been there for my brother's wedding, she acted as normal as she could. I knew her nature right off bat. I was human then. I decided to start a conversation with her, during the events after the ceremony was over. We talked for hours, learning a lot about each other. Finally, I told her that I knew what she was. She knew that I knew, because she told me that I had some sort of "know" of how to get her attention and hold it for so long. After that, everything is fuzzy. No kiss, no game. Something my brother used to tell me. I never understood what he meant. Too bad he's not around to tell me anymore.

01-31-2012, 04:21 PM
I had just finished the cigarette, I stubbed it out and looked around my house. "oh, this is going to be hell to clean up afterwards..." I mumbled, my house was rather human, in a 50's family way. I sighed and punched the wall, making my small fist go through. I walked into my room and slammed the door. "WHERE THE FXXK IS MY DAMN BACKPACK?!?!" I screeched I was overly pissed for nothing, then I remembered something my mom always told me when father wasn't around. Her name, Dani, that one thing she had always told me when I was young and trying to control my Akuma anger was: "Being Furious is like drinking poison and waiting, hoping for that person to die..." I sighed and tried to calm down, wondering if Zetzu had made any progress. "Damn, I need another cigarette..." I muttered and frowned.

01-31-2012, 07:58 PM
I sat back and listened to Aki regain her breathe. I couldn't come to terms with my past. I would never come to terms with my past. I've lived for over 2,000,000 life times and this was no different that the names I had taken on over the times and ages of times immemoral to those who are their descendants and family. I didn't know that Aki had survived all those years. The question I wanted to know...The question I've been meaning to ask... "Why, after all these years? Why are you still following me? WHY AFTER EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE!?" Aki looked up to see my face, marred in tears, blood, and pain. The pain I couldn't feel, neither the tears streaming down my face. I hid my face and said, "You've this face before, haven't you? Then you know what comes after it...." With a flash, I had my blade sticking out of her back, no sound was made. Other than her blood making a sigh sound as it left her body, they say that when that happens...you are finally a master swordsman. Though, I have heard it many times before her. I take my blade out and put it away to walk up the step slowly. My hair hide my face from Kami as I walked out the fron door, leaving Aki wounded but not dead down stairs. I left Aki's fate in Kami's hands, knowing what the outcome would be.

02-01-2012, 04:40 PM
I looked up as the scent of blood had hit me, but I still heard a faint heartbeat. "Dammit Zetzu, you fxxking crybaby, no account, lazy, whiny, no good, son of a bitch!" I yelled as I flash stepped towards Zetzu and ran into him, knocking him down. "Why are you always leaving me to do the rest of this shit?!? I hate cleaning up after people!! Gah! I swear I'm talking to 13 year old guy who thinks he could do whatever!" I was ranting and not realizing I was sitting on his torso. My intense glare towards him was mostlikely not working, so I decided, I would just smack him right across the face, much like what I had done the first time I met him. My attitude didn't seem to want to change, I rose my hand and stopped. I noticed he was shedding meaningless tears, I rest my hand down on the side of his face and wiped away a straying tear and got up. "Leave, and don't come back until I'm finished with the Succubi...I don't plan on letting her die in my basement, if anything, she needs to live, I hate killing people in my house. Now...Get out.." I turned on my heel before saying get out, I was on the verge of tears myself but I wouldn't show them infront of him, to me, everything that had a human in them, was useless infront of others. I walked down to the basement and took a deep breath. " Are you still alive?" I asked in a soft, kind voice. She looked up at me turned her head, I lifted her up and walked out of the basement, putting her into a spare room, resting her on to the bed, then I dressed her wounds. "Would you like anything, Aki?" I asked, she looked at me curiously wondering why I'm all of a sudden so kind to her. "I have human feelings too, after all you should be able to tell by my scent I'm half Akuma. So please stay here and lay still, I'll go get you some food and a drink." I turned on my heels again and walked to the kitchen and prepared her food, and made enough for Zetzu if he decides to come back, knowing he probably won't I didn't care. I came back with a tray and helped her sit up, setting the tray on her lap. "I'll be back, tell me when you're finished." I said and walked out and stepped outside.

02-01-2012, 06:37 PM
She didn't understand. She hadn't been around long enough to see her family, friends of ages past die by your side. I stood up and walked away. The memories I had long shut out were resurfacing and it gave me a pain I have never felt for what seemed like eons. The tears I could no longer feel, the scent of blood that was my own and Aki's mixing into one sick and racid smell. Aki was my family's progenitor, she knew that. She followed me throughout time to try and recreate my family's name. I wanted none of it. No family that would die one day because of my mistakes, no friends to be slaughtered at the hands of those I swore vengeance on a millenia ago. Everything lives for a purpose, Zetsu. "Your hand says that you live for no purpose, no family, or any amount of luck with save you from your own doom. You walk with it hand in hand, unaware of what it will do to those around you." That was what my family's soothsayer said to me the day I had my hand read. From then on, I was chosen as the family's head. Only to bring destruction, famine, and death upon it. Even my sister was not spared from my doom, I did everything in my power to protect her, only to be the cause of her death. Now, I felt anger. A rage from ages lost and a time immemorial. The thought of my sister made me remember why I was always alone. Alone, cold, and unforgiving for every decision made in battle. "I wish you were here....Kurenai.... I whispered into the air. I felt a chill down my neck and the soft touch that belonged to my sister. At least, it only felt like it. I kept walking, not caring of where I was going.

02-06-2012, 04:46 PM
It was around midnight when I started to worry, I glared down at my feet, it was getting to the point where my human was getting to trustworthy of another being.[FLASHBACK: 12yrs Old] "But Nii-sama..what if I can't control myself? what if I end up killing mercilessly?" I whined, My older brother, Kurisu, just smiled down at me and rested his hand atop my head. "You won't know, unless you try." He stated, laughing while ruffling my hair. "Nii-sama!! Baka." I frowned up at him and sighed. Being 12 also meant learning how to shift back and forth in forms. I was learning how to shift, control and fight.[FAST FORWARD 15yrs Old] I found him laying there face down, his body so frail looking, I gently picked him up and held him, the silent sobs and straying tears making themselves visible. "Nii-sama..where were you these last few years?" I asked, his eyes fluttered open and stared into mine. "You lil runt, you were supposed to be running," He laughs, coughing a bit. "They made me human, and now I'm dying." he rasped, his voice hoarse and quiet. He pulled the black bandana from his pocket and set it in my hand. "You need to keep running now, But, I'll always be with you.." He manages to whisper out before his eyes roll back and his last breath, exhaled. I set him down and grasped tightly on to the bandana. "You'll always be in the fights with me, Nii-sama, Kurisu." I took of running, not stopping for anything or anyone. [PRESENT 16 yrs Old] I glared at the door and looked back into the hall. I decided to send a telepathic message to Zetzu, if he answered I'd be fine. If he didn't I was going to search. I didn't care if I had to go around the world twice to find him, but I would. "Zetzu, tell me if you're alright and you'll be back soon, if you're not coming back I'll be going off to finish this damn fight you pulled me into, by myself. I don't care what you or Xaero says I'm going to seal my fate." I turned on my heels and ran to my room. I started pack everything up, My Akuma suit, my weapons, and my brother's bandana. "I know you're not going to answer soon, but I'm leaving now. and I'm not going to stop until I get to that destination, the last one..For me." I smirked and sent it towards him. "I hope you're having fun because now it's time for me to end this." I thought to myself. I looked down at my spiral scar. "I hope, after this I'll be alive long enough to see this damned world in it's peak of perfection once again." I mumbled.

02-07-2012, 02:51 PM
I stopped in my tracks. The words somehow hitting something inside me. I look over my shoulder with my eyes burning a crimson red, I knew that what she was saying was a ploy to have me go and "save" her ass again. Whatever I was feeling earlier was gone, like the dust. Now, I only felt the need to kill. To kill without meaning or purpose, for the sole purpose of doing it. I sensed someone nearby, I couldn't tell whether they were near or far. I reach for my sword, and I hear a voice before my hand reaches it, "Stop. It's alright. I'm not here to hurt you." My eyes open wide slightly, I had heard this voice at the back of Kami's mind on some days. It belonged to her brother. I was going to turn and look, but I couldn't move at all. Again, he spoke, "Keep her safe. If not as a friend, then like an older brother would. I failed where you can succeed." I smirk slightly and ask, "What's in it for me, eh?" I only hear a stifled laugh and my reply, "The satisfation of being able to protect a friend finally. And not feeling bad about your sins of not protecting your friends, all that time ago." I stop smiling and look down to be serious, "Alright..." I look up with a renewed vigor and I feel my feet moving under me. Again, I hear a laughter that sounded closely like Kami's brother's and, "I'd never imagine the 'Great Nightmare' being so down on his luck..." I only chuckle at myself, I had no idea of that was real, or if it was just my insanity playing with me. I reached the house after Kami left, I had something to do before I had caught up with Kami. There was an apology in place for Aki, I couldn't stand it when that woman went through extreme lengths to get my attention. Still, she has always been a loyal friend when others were not. That alone was worth giving her a sincere apology for my actions.

02-07-2012, 08:03 PM
"Tch...Nii-sama, You're still trying to stop me?" I mutter, shaking my head. I knew what I told Zetzu would've pissed him off, but it olny to tell him the truth, I just couldn't go through loving another, even after the death of my brother, it was too hard, yet, my human instincts were telling me that it won't go the way I want it. I knew if I fought the main leaders, I would either die or end up going through a painful process of becoming full akuma. I sighed, I realized I stopped in the middle of the woods. "where...am I? tch, so damn busy thinking about Nii-sama and Baka Zetzu! I end up going off the road and into the woods!" My face was flushed and I was furious, I put the bandana on and sat down where I was standing. "Damn those two...Making me feel like such a useless human.." I sighed and sat there to rest. "I..hate them...I think.." I sigh again and stood up, starting walking towards my destination. "Tch...Bakas..."

02-07-2012, 08:41 PM
Aki was asleep. She looked peaceful and she had this aura of caring. Of course, it was a different kind of caring aura. The kind that sucked you into your baser instincts and never let go until you dropped. I wouldn't wake her. She needed to rest after what I had done. I turned on my heel and left a small crystalline rose by her bed side as a sign that I was there. I had always did that. I couldn't feel anything anymore other than this sinking feeling that something bad was coming along. I tried to smile and be my old insane self, but something left me outside of my normal bounds of being who I was. I no longer knew who I was. I no longer felt the same pleasure in pain and death as I had before. I only walked along Kami's path that was saturated in her scent. Surprisingly enough, she was confused emtionally. Her scent gave off that much. I started running now. She didn't realize that as to her half breed nature, it was not good to go into battle being confused about your emotions. 'Tch, I could say the same for myself...'

02-08-2012, 06:08 PM
"Damn it... where the hell did that stupid animal come from?" I groaned after getting pounced by something with claws. I knew the answer to my own question. I was think of Him again. I frowned, laying there like an idiot and sighed. "I really need to clear my head before I get into this mess." I mumbled, The wind picked up very lightly and I caught a very familiar scent. "Hey...I smell Zetzu..." I thought, my heart rate picked up before I even saw him. "Damn these emotions" I muttered, my face getting dusted with a light shade of pink. I forwned and sat up looking around. I heard the footsteps moving fast. "Shit, I knew it, he'd rather have me dead before I can ever get to my destination! Raiden's bolt! I better get going!" I stood up at atempted to run but in the end got myself caught in a sticky situation...rather I was learning how to hang upside down. "FXXK FXXK FOTHERMUCK!!!" I screeched, my face bright red and fury in my eyes. I looked around and blush. I realized Zetzu was looking for me, I was wearing a skirt, and hanging upside down." Okay, This much I can predict about the outcome in this: Zetzu will stop dead and stare at me, he will either start laughing or look away and blush. I will either glare at him or turn my head and mutter something unintelligent.

02-09-2012, 08:23 PM
I came across her scent in the little time it took for me to get caught up with her. Of course, in her delirium of how things would be like. I cut the branch she was hanging from without any warning or notice of my arrival. I saw nothing at all of what she was wearing. I just saw the fact she was hanging upside down from a branch. 'I'm sure she wouldn't mind hitting the ground face first...' I thought to myself, and of course blocking that thought from her as well. And the end result was much different than I had expected as well, she landed on her feet which made me wonder if she was part cat. It kind of...amused me to be honest. I began to walk in the direction she was headed and surveyed the area around us. Too many poosible locations for ambushes. Ambushes that I knew were waiting for us in particular. I only grin, feeling the onset of a kill high that I had been on in the last 23 hours or so since the world had gone to shit.

02-10-2012, 05:35 PM
"Ja'ne." I said and pounced away, far ahead of him. Not telling anyone that the type of Akuma inside me, my father had given me was a particular feline instinct, I didn't show it through my exterior but internally I was a feline. I pulled out my senbons and went through the ambushers. I turned to Zetzu and stood up straight. I smiled at him, but I was about 10 - 15 feet away from him, I was cautious and I knew very well that he could easily kill me if I took the risk to run. I stood there holding my ground. To most, My stance was a threat, a challenge to the other, but to me it was a way of saying 'I won't do anything, I promise'. I turned my head and avoided eye contact, I knew I was in deep shit...Or so I thought... "Gomen." I whispered, more to the ground than to Zetzu, My speaking weakened and I was near the edge of insanity, I didn't want to be near him, not now, He scared me, not because he was greatly feared, but because My human side was weakened to him. I told myself to not trust another Akuma man, but my human side could never listen, I hated human emotions and thoughts, To my akuma side they were meaningless, useless. I was having a mental war with my two sides when I heard someone walking up behind me and grab my shoulders. I gasped and turned around, my eyes widened with fear. "uh-..."

02-13-2012, 03:30 PM
I only smirked. She was obviously in a mental war with herself. She did have her qualities, but I couldn't say anything. My own human emotions were long forgotten. It was fun toying with her as I had. I found the results to be quite amusing, indeed. I saw someone grab her by the shoulders and turn her around. In an instant, I had my blade pressed against their throat while standing between him and Kami. In a slightly manical tone I ask, "Who are you and what do you want?" I give the guy a slightly insane stare that is a cross between a 1,000 yard stare and look of a blood lust on a different level.

02-14-2012, 01:25 AM
[FLASHBACK Last Year]: "Hold still brat!" He holds a needle by my face, grinning menacingly. My face black and emotionless after the injection, Him cutting at my skin, a live disection. After cutting my arm, it heals. "Ryuke...I'll kill you after this..." I snarled at him, being held and weakened by the very man who I had trusted, only to find out I was used to be an experiment.[END FLASHBACK] I shuddered at the man infront of Zetzu. My entire body was paralized, I couldn't even breathe. "k-kill him..." I whispered, I knew it wasn't loud enough for Ryuke to hear so I said it until I let out a screech. "KILL HIM!!!!!" I grabbed Zetzu's shoulder and pushed him aside, not forcefully, but enough to have Ryuke stand infront of me. Ryuke smirked then frowned, my actions towards Zetzu had made a cut along him neck. "You lil wench! after all I've done for y-" He stopped when I rammed my daggar into his chest,puncturing on of his lungs. "You mean, 'After all you've done to me.' I do not regret this. You should've known I have the ability to hold grudges like a human. You filthy scum." I snarled and pulled the dagger out, pushing him to the ground in the process. I turned and looked at Zetzu, My expression blank and bloody. "I know you didn't do that to save me. And I'm not even going to ask. All I know is, you're up to something and I don't like it." I muttered softly I looked down at the ground, I couldn't stare into his eyes long, it felt like I was looking into something forbidden, foreboding. I couldn't shake the feeling that he was going to hurt me, though I couldn't feel the type of pain he could give me, I knew what he could do. I took one step back, my hair hiding my eyes. "Please...Nii-sama...just let it end here...I don't care anymore..I need to get rid of my human...I can't stand these feelings any longer...they hurt." I was muttering in serpent. I collapsed on to my knees, my head hanging low. My eyes tingled with tears, knowing that my akuma and human side were mixed, I would be weeping bloody tears. "Gomen....gomen nasai, Zetzu-sama..I know I'm worthless...Showing useless emotions to another akuma." I muttered again. the red liquid sliding down my face like colored waterfalls.

02-23-2012, 05:00 PM
Pity. I finally felt what it was like. The last human emotion I had to excorcise, was the most painful thing I had ever felt. Looking at her made me remember something of my humanity. Like some fateful thing, that would torment your soul till the end of your days. I felt the urge to hold her, tell her not to be so condescending. But instead, I just stood there like an idiot. Without my knowledge, my hand holding my blade was shaking. Not with anger, but with what would have been seen as fear. I couldn't just end her humanity. For some reason, that was probably lost over my long life time, I had an inkling of a feeling to protect it. To stop anyone from ever harming that side to her. For what seemed like minutes to me, was like seconds in reality. I was indecisional. So I did this, "Psssh, You always talk of wanting to die. IF you want to die so badly, why don't you do it yourself? What is stopping you? Is it the thought of your friends? Or is it just that you want it to not be your hand that deals the final blow?" I look at her and my eyes show remorse, pain, and human emotion. I didn't really know at the time, but I was staring at the ground. I began to feel physically weak. I understood now what Xaero was saying all those years ago. "Not everything, is just a coincidence"

02-23-2012, 05:28 PM
"It's because I can't, my Akuma stops me....You should've known at least that much....Baka..." I got up and wiped my red tears away and turned. "Watch..." I unsheathed my dagger once again and tried to strike myself in the head, the shadow from my left hand leapt out and stopped the dagger from going towards me. "See?...Now you know why I'm trying so hard to seal this fate, I want nothing more than to finally sleep without the pain and torment I had to go through...But you...can never feel what I'm feeling. Your like a statue of beauty but your past, has more stories than mine, you had to see your humanity crumble before you, I had to Live through mine, and I'm still doing so." I sheathed my dagger and began walking. The shadow that had decended from my left hand faded back into me. "Things....are only a coincidence...I'm only following you because it's what they want. To them, we're nothing but pawns for their little games. But you probably know that already. Ja'ne" I muttered before leaping away from him, I couldn't stand being near him anymore, my human was giving me the feeling of want, and comfort, but my akuma wasn't having it. So I did the best thing I could, Get away from him, as fast and as unshakily as possible. "I...hate you, but why do I have to love you too?" I thought as I grimaced.

02-23-2012, 06:55 PM
Skandon, Ethereal Palace of Dominion

"The Akuma. Such a pitiful race. I would've thought that they would be a better adversary for what's to come. Our enemy might well just crush them now..." says a hooded figure to a group of twelve of so that are sitting at a table. The look on his face is that of irritance. The group show no emotion other than one cock his head to his side to say, "Are you implying that we simply toy with them? And not our jobs? That's borderline treason, Kei. You know the price for treason all too well...I'd advise you wot watch your tone." Kei twitched upon hearing treason and seemed to want to say something but said nothing. The group exchanged looks and the one that had spoken before spoke again, "Then this meeting is called to a close. And I assure you Kei, they will be what you expect them to be..."

Bodum, Outer Gardens
I stood there like a fool. I didn't even try to follow her. Her mind was being toyed with enough by her Akuma side. I turn to walk away and as I walk, all of the blood spilt by the guy she had killed is set ablaze. To some from distance, I could have looked like some Harbinger of Doom. My eyes glowed in the afterglow of the fire that now would eat the entire forest until nothing would be left. I cared little for if Kami would follow me or not. That was her choice. I wouldn't kill her. The only reason....

Was because I saw myself in her...

02-23-2012, 08:08 PM
I growled and shoved a tree with such force that it broke inward and fell to the ground. I couldn't stop looking back to the one guy who happened to remind me of my brother at some point. I couldn't stop thinking that he was here with me. I let out a frustrated growl and side kicked a tree nearest to me, I hated feeling that I needed to turn around, I hated that my human only agrred to do what I say so that "he" could try to save me, I hated the fact that I had a stupid emotion that could ruin both my and his ancestry, I hated that if I went back, he'd...say something. "I hate everything about him, but....Why do I love him?" I thought, why was the question, I wanted the answer, I wanted to know why. I know I wasn't going to try to let him save me, I didn't want him there, I wanted to be free of everything, no emotions, no pain, no scars, nothing. I wanted carelessness. Of course I am careless now, but my human is whats holding me back, I glared at the direction he was still, He had obviously set that scum ablaze, I scoffed and sat down. I started mumbling a song I remembered when I was very young, the soft meaningless hum of a lullaby. To make matters worse, I act more human than akuma, I knew my akuma had missed the people I was closest to as well, and I knew that the akuma wanted nothing more than to be loved once again, but what was stopping me from achieving that? the akuma custom. I sighed and aimlessly stared at the direction that was blazing red, orange, and black. I knew it was stupid of me to try and go back, to show more pitiful emotions to him, for nothing. I glared at the ground and let out a exasperated breath. I knew what he was probably thinking, he didn't care, he knew that I was just part of the story we were forced to play in, a simple tool to restore this pathetic world back to peace and harmony. Nothing more, just that. I got up and touched the ground, I blinked and looked down. Where was my backpack? all my weapons were in there, I was now red with fury, embaressment and anxiety. "Why why why?!? grr!" I groaned I had to go back now, I didn't have a choice, it was either let all my valuable things get burned up to nothing, or to face the music and get my things and run back off. I had to choose the second one. Nothing was anymore valuable to me than the items in my bag. I took off in a mad dash towards the last place I was in.

02-24-2012, 02:29 PM
I heard a chilling melody. It came from Kami's direction and it made me stop in my tracks. I heard it...a very long time ago. I knew the family that had such a chilling tune. I turn to look back to see Kami grab her stuff and take off a second after. So, I stood and watched the flame creep ever closer to me and watched as it devoured the life it came across. A few minutes later the flames were at my feet and it crawled ever closer. Soon, the flames engulfed me and I felt nothing. I raised my hand to look at it and all I saw was it being on fire. There wasn't any pain. Any notion of thought. Just flame and loss of life. I took out my blade and stabbed myself in the leg to bellow out, "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!". I grit my teeth and pull it out to remember what was going on and I continued to walk away. My thoughts were clouded. Clouded by that haunting tune. The tune that still echoed from that wretched place.

02-24-2012, 06:05 PM
I sighed after I heard him yell in pain, I couldn't understand if the screech was out mental pain or an angered pain. I shook my head and kept walk towards the war zone, I sighed again and turned and ran, my trueform taking over as I looked like a black blurr to the naked eye, I grabbed Zetzu from behind and ran back to my home, I could've cared less about him back then, but now that the human in me clung on to him I grimaced and clutched on to him tightly as I transported us back to another vacant place of mine and went inside. I set him on to the couch and began tending his wounds, knowing it was useless, but I did it anyways, just to show graditude to what he's done for me, I couldn't help but blush when I was tending to him, but it was hard to hide it, His porclein-statue like figure was scarred and strong, my face reddened a even darker color every time my hand brushed against the part of his skin that was untouched by his blade or bullets. "...He's probably going to think that I'm crazy if heard me think all of this, but it's the human's fault, But his skin is soft...I wonder.. is he...GAH!! NO NO NO NO NO NO!!! I am NOT going to think that!!" I mentally slapped myself and finished quickly, I put everything away and walk away towards my room and locked the door. "DAMN YOU, YOU WORTHLESS HUMAN!! WTF?!?" I was now mentally cursing myself, knowing it was giving the human in me satisfactory to see me in this state. I sighed and my red face finally was restored to a pale complextion. I unlocked the door and walked back into the living area, My eyes staring at the ground. "Zetzu.. I..." I began, I looked up at him, my silver eyes sincere, "I'm very sorry, I should've been thankful that you were there for me, even you never had any intentions to acknowledge me. Please accept my graditude and apology." With that, I bowed towards him, my face reddish again.

02-24-2012, 06:49 PM
The color on her face was in contrast to her own grace and figure. It reminded me of someone. Someone now lost and gone forever. I heard her words and I looked down at the ground to say, "You don't need to thank me for what I've done. You have proven far more loyal than I had ever expected. Do not think badly of yourself because of what your human side does. It may have a will of its own, but try to respect it wishes. I do not mean to follow them, but just acknowledge what it wants." My eyes glowed a bright blue and I look at Kami's human side even if she couldn't see what I could see. I began to speak to it, "You have done a great deal of pain to Kami. Regardless of whether it was intentional or not. But please put that petty liking aside. It irritates her and me beyond what you can comprehend or understand." With that, I close my eyes and look at my wound. I think of everything that lead to it, and what it actually means to me. Without even knowing it, I had promised to keep Kami from eliminating her human side. It may torment her, but at least she won't end up like me. A shadow of what was once a good and loving spirit.

02-24-2012, 08:18 PM
I just stared at the ground, My face red and hidden, I muttered a "thank you" before I turned and ran out of the room and into my own. I closed it with a slight 'slam' I locked the door again and let out a heart felt sigh, not really meaning to, My emotions seemed to be mixed after what I heard Zetzu say to my human, but I inhaled a shaky breath before sitting on the edge of my bed. I couldn't seem to make up my mind, I felt sad, happy, tormented, at fault, relieved, and a faint cared for? I couldn't comprehend what I was truley going through, but I sighed and pulled my knees up to my chest and rested my forehead on them. "Well, if I just curl up and pretend I'm sleeping, I'm guessing he'll leave once he thinks I'm asleep." I thought somewhat bitterly and happily. I didn't know that the door was still unlocked, but I heard a faint sigh when it opened, then a groan of irritation. "Still that melancholy brat I miss so much..." I heard a faint chuckle and it was gone. I moved my wings to cover over my body like a blanket. "Nii-sama...You're such a baka..." I thought, a small smile playing on my face. I waited for the noise of Zetzu getting ready to run off, to see what his intention would be to either leave or stay. I let Shawna out from the blade and telepathically told her to make food for him, as she hissed in response, I hissed back, she left and began making something for the guest. "Nothing, else matters...."

02-27-2012, 12:52 PM
ummm hi

02-27-2012, 01:45 PM
Abilities:Raising the dead, Mind Tourtue, Master in explosives (Marks area with own blodd then causes it to explode). Walk on water and air also different surfaces.
Bio:No one knows who he is only the Decendants and Trancegresers. He tends to kill his servents when he gets bored. Fought in a war 200 years ago against the Demi Gods and Gods, but lost and went into hiding. Bond by promises he keeps. Extremely powerful so dont piss him off.

02-27-2012, 02:20 PM
Just then a shadow appears out of the corner of Kaminari's room. The room turns pitch black and time pauses. A man with a hood on approaches Kaminari. The only thing that is showing are his pearl white shark teeth and glowing green eyes. "Hellooo half sister! You've grown so much, but yet your still an infant." "Sorry let me intoduce myself im your older brother." "AKUMA!" "I see mother was so desperate she concieved a half breed. Slut. Thats why I killed her she was so pathetic, but enough of the storys. I came here to kill him who is inside of you." "COME OUT KNOW!":cat_yell:

02-27-2012, 02:46 PM
My wings open to reveal me glaring at the intruder. "You know I can kill you without a second thought, oh idiot one." I knew it would make him laugh, he thinks just because I'm a half breed he can push me around, oh is he in for it. "Zetzu, I need you, There's someone here.. and he's wanting to kill me, I think it's time to show him your superiorty." I said to him telepathically, a smile beegan to play on my face. "Well, Akuma, why do you have such an obvious name? Why are you really here? What is your plan to really do here?" My malicious grin was widening each question that was brought up to him. "And for your information, I'll have you know, My mother was a human, it's your father who happen to be the manwhore, and I killed both of them, You're just someone to try and change up this little game of life or death, you have no reasons to be intruding my home! Now, if you want to live to see anthoer day, I suggest you leave. I can kill a full blood akuma with a single gesture. I've killed about as many as I've probably lived, So leave, I'm done talking to something as worthless as you." I my smile was gone by then, my eyes reddened, my fangs extracted, my aura changed, my wings grew and the chains around me were beginning to loosen."Zetzu...." I thought, my nail turned black and grew. "Now you wanted to fight my full fledged form. Well, looks like you're in deep shit." I snarled, chuckling menacingly.

02-27-2012, 04:20 PM
I flicker into Kami's room and grab her from behind. "Don't....let me handle this..." I look at the new Akuma and my eyes burn red. I speak a command of, "Ssstop!". No matter how hard he would fight against it, he would fail. The only reason he would fail is because of my surperiority. I am an Ascendant. Whoever he was, he tried to even hurt Kami, it would warrant his own death. Without me even knowing, I'm still holding on to Kami and it would seem like it was for...well, ridiculous reasons.

02-27-2012, 04:50 PM
My form stops processing and I look up at Zetzu, My eyes widen and changes back to my original form. I look at the akuma and grimace. I suddenly notice that I off the ground and being held by Zetzu, my face immediately turns a flaming red. "z-Zetzu..." I frown and try to squirm out of his grasp, my face beyond red from the sudden gesture,after failing my atempts, I frown and just hang there, at least until he lets go and drops me. "baka..." I hissed silently.

02-27-2012, 05:50 PM
"Your strength is pitiful little sister." Do you know how many demi gods i have killed just by looking at them?! "My servants can kill you!" Anyhow im here to dispose of a Demi God who has targetted you for being such an abomination to the world half breed." The light in the room starts to fade back slowly

02-27-2012, 05:59 PM
I only chuckle at the newcomer. He was more rash and arrogant than Kami was. I think that's where the resemblance between the two came into play. But something wasn't right about this guy. Demi Gods? Really? They were a race that were more mysterious then the Akuma were. I let go of Kami since it was something that she wished, I could tell. With inhuman speed, I aim my blade for the guy's throat and use enough force that could destroy an entire city block.

02-27-2012, 06:02 PM
(Mind heading over to the OOC thread for this Sal? It would make things easier and get you caught up to speed on the story since the random "POOF! I AM HERE! FEAR ME!" antics are funny but after a while they can be seen as bad. So head over to the OOC thread for Transcendance.)

02-27-2012, 06:29 PM
umm k

02-27-2012, 06:31 PM
I glared up at Zetzu, the feeling for my said "half brother" was mutual....HE may have been arrogant, but I couldn't see how the hell my father was able to produce such an idiot. "...maybe the idiocy came from his dead-beat mother..." I thought coldly. I was sitting on my knees and looking up at the two men. " akuma...You apparently do not know who you are talking about, you must be under the influence.." I smirked evily at him, knowing it would just piss him off further, I couldn't help it. "Zetzu-sama, He believes he is saving the world by himself, what a petty thought," I muttered to Zetzu, "I'm sure your bitch of a mother taught you to respect Zetzubou, or at least your weak father should have given you some sort of knowledge... or a brain." I said to Akuma, My eyes flickered from black to red.

02-27-2012, 07:46 PM
(ok here i go!) I looked at her and smerked."Thats my sister!" I said grinning down at her. " What a wonderful thing to say about those useless peices of s*#T, Im also guessing your wondering where ive been at?" I said calmly with a more serious face. " About that I was cast out of this land for being nice to females." I said starting to grin again. " By being nice i mean killing them and raping their dead bodies! Talking about this gives me a f*$&#37;^ing WOODY" I yelled grabbing my cock.

02-27-2012, 07:51 PM
(O.o(<---my only comment on that post of Sal's) Erm...I'm not sure we would do such a thing, but please try and make sure that it's like...idk...more like...civilized in the rp. very funny to see posted though)

I only sneered at the guy. He was more scarred than I had ever seen. An Akuma corrupted beyond anything I had ever com across. I use my thumb to pop my blade slightly out of his sheathe with a slight, "Shiiing". I lightly pushed Kami behind me and I only gave her "brother" a blank look with a clear 1,000 yard gaze. I needed not to speak, my expression said all that I wanted to do to this guy. End his miserable life, just because of his actions.

02-27-2012, 08:00 PM
(I think Zetzu is right...=_= try to hold off on the vulgar stuff...there is a girl at presence you know. BTW, you spelled "smirked" wrong, just saying hehe)

My face turned red at his actions and I turned my head. "You are such an idiot! I can't believe I am related to you!" I yelled. I waited for Zetzu to do something, at least try to shut him up. "and I told you, Your mother must've been a Jackel, because my mother was a dark, corrupted human.. she only knew dark and necromancer's magi." I muttered. I got pushed lightly to be standing behind Zetzu, I frowned at him. "Why...did...he...go...in...contact...with...my..sk in!?!" I thought, my face burning with rage and embarressment. I shuddered at the aura in my room. "Wait.. why is it everytime I try to sleep in my own room something comes up and there's either a dead carcass or blood and guts on my walls?" I thought, I sighed when no answer came up for that.

02-27-2012, 08:00 PM
"So you want fight you filthy Acendent?" I said. "Ill make a deal if you win ill join you guess and that acendent there can be my master if i you will bow down and worshop me?" I saidsmiling eagerly. "Watch me kill this scum sissy!" I yelled. "Ill show you the real power of an elite Akuma!" I pulled back my hood. Green wild hair spilled out, my yellow eyes gleemed with hatred and my pearly white shark teeth glimmed from the light bouncing off Zetzu's sword. "Ill eat you!" I screamed out.

02-27-2012, 08:10 PM
I took one look at my said "brother" and burst out laughing. "bahahaha!! who the hell puked on you? You like like a wild gay shinigami!! ahahahaha!" My sides were hurting and I was beginning to shed bloody tears again. "Zetzu Sama II think that's how he won against those demi-gods he claimed to have killed." I said. I noticed Zetzu's face was unchanged and emotionless. "Good job Zetzu, at least you will, I believe in you." I blushed at the self thought. "Well, Onii-san... I think you're going to be very disappointed, You see, I've already been following Zetzu since I found him. So if he goes down, whether trick or cheat, I will kill you without a second thought. Because to me, I have no more reletives." I spoke softly, but sternly.

02-27-2012, 08:15 PM
There was a moment were I wanted to see the look on Kami's face. But of course that was from my old instincts kicking in from my younger days. I chuckled lightly at her. It only make it seem like I was mocking the guy named "Akuma". Something told me that this wasn't his name. Without any forewarning, I kicked him out of the room through the wall and I jump out after him.

While he's on the ground, I spoke to him while I pointed my blade at him, "Come on, get up..."

02-27-2012, 08:18 PM
I looked at my sister angrily "This is not even my real body!" I said shaking so hard from trying not to break both of her arms, due to the fact I had to keep my eyes on Zetzu. "You stupid mut!"I yelled at her." Why are you even with this fool!? Come with me sister! Before I kill both of you." Saying this made me feel good all over.

02-27-2012, 08:21 PM
"OH HELL NO!! I am not going to be your loyal bitch, you perverted freak of a gay person!" I yelled at Akuma, his name was off, along with his appearance. I knew he was pissed at me laughing at him earlier, but who could blame me? after all I'm only hu-kuma. "....." I started to snicker when I thought I was going to say I was human, my akuma was even snickering at my own lil joke. *CRASH! * RUMBLE!*
I started frowning "... I hope you have building skills.. because right after this you are going to fix my room!!!" I yelled at the two sparring. I felt like they weren't listening to me so I just grew out my wings and floated neary above them, at a safe distance. I didn't like the fact that my entire house was going to be pounded into rubble. I sighed and glared at the two.

02-27-2012, 08:23 PM
He thought he was psycho? Heh...he hasn't met the 'Real' me yet. "If you're gonna fight...you might as well fight me. She would fight...but of course, she's a half breed." I said it in such a fashion that made it seem like I was insulting her and him at the same time. not that it mattered to me right now. I grinned and my fangs showed in the refracting light.

02-27-2012, 08:27 PM
I slowly got up smiling. "That kick felt good brat!" I said wiping the blood from my mouth. I grabbed Zetzu by the head and picked him up off the ground. "Look into my eyes" I said quietly. Just then the environment changed. Everything was on fire. I punched Zetzu leaving a whole in his chest. Blood squirted in my face i liked it off happily. " Your blood tastes good! Zetzu!" I said using a stare that puts fear into peoples souls. NOTE!!!!!:(this is all in zetzus head)

02-27-2012, 08:31 PM
"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY YOU DAMNED FXXKER!?!?" I was ready to kick both of their asses, my temper wasn't going to easily let this one go, my house was being destroyed, my species was just insulted, and I'm being bother by two idiots that I hated at the very moment. I snarled and turned away I knew Zetzu was trying to rile me up enought to be pushed out of the fight. "Akuma I better hope to the dead gods that your ass be saved partially so that I could kick it." I yelled I turned to float away and watch up at a higher distance to watch my lovely house go into pieces.
(I don't know if you know this, but you're clocking a few minutes late in responce, which I will also be doing, because I'm going to work. Sweet nightmares my friends)

02-27-2012, 08:38 PM
I only laughed at what was in my head. "Thanks for the pleasant dream, Akuma." I speak aloud and close my eyes to open them again and they are glowing a slightly brighter shade of black. Not many illusions worked on me. Of course, for a second I thought it was real. But then, I actually didn't feel pain from the strike he had given me in the vision. And most things that many would find horrifying, I found beautiful and amazing. I tossed my blade towards him and said, "Try to not pay attention to my blade..." I got into a position that would allow me to launch towards him.

02-27-2012, 08:51 PM
"Hmph" I said grinning cheek to cheek. "Just because you didnt feel it doesnt mean its fake". "Theres blood dripping from your mouth you worthless kid". I exclaimed. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth a blood shot eye appeared in my mouth. "This eye allows me to see your next move" I telepathicly told Zetzu. Next I closed my mouth and grinned. "Your move.....Zetzu.

02-27-2012, 10:02 PM

02-28-2012, 04:39 PM
I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest. "Dumbass, he's going to have to flee from here, if he wants to see another day that is..." I muttered to myself, I sighed and watched the two fight. "Man, I wanted to kick their asses...I suppose I can wait until everything is over with...hmph" I thought, my hand clenched at my dagger and I glared down at Akuma to see what his tricky plan was to try and win, "Don't think I don't know what you have under your sleeves..." I thought again, My eyes involentarily averted to Zetzu. My heart skipped a beat, but I shook myself to regain composure, I grimaced, "I know what we want but it's forbidden, I'll give my human the attention it needs later, but I really need to focus right now..." I thought to my human, I she would understand somewhat, so we went back into focusing on Akuma and Zetzu fighting.

02-28-2012, 04:56 PM
I couldn't have thought of anything more exciting than to smell my own blood. Even though he paid no heed to the blade heading towards his face, I jumped forward to grab onto the bottom of the hilt. I landed behind Akuma. It kind of seemed like I didn't do anything, but of course I can move faster than even an Akuma could see. I only cut him on his cheek and once on his right arm. I looked up at Kami and smiled a slightly manical grin.

02-28-2012, 05:39 PM
When I saw that Zetzu looked up at me and did his maniacal grin up at me, I blushed a lighter shade of red, I shook myself and averted my eyes back to Akuma and his plan, I sighed and looked back and forth between the two. "Why did he have to smile? it was rather attractive and cute...but eheheh, I'm not going to go there you sick minded freak of a human.." I thought to myself. I flew in at a much closer distance and hovered. "WILL YOU JUST STOP PLAYING AROUND AND GET GOING?!? THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO WOULD LOVE TO GET THIS OVER WITH!!!" I yelled at Zetzu, I was very impatient, and I was getting excited and hungry at the sight and scent of blood. I cleared my throat and took a deep breath. I was beginning to lose control....I either had to leave or charge in there like a maniac and throw those two around. I decided turn away and endure the scent, at least my adrenaline would calm down from the sight.

02-28-2012, 08:14 PM
I smiled at Zetzu, Now I kinda see that he might havea slight edge over me. “ What a useless move Zetzu.” I said while turning my head to look at Zetzu. “ Lets have a change in scenery so baby sister wont get in the way.....Shall we?” I opened my palms. “ Barrier! Hells birds!” The wind started to blow hard the windows shattered and glass flew about the room. Just then crows with red eyes flew into the room and surrounded Zetzu and I. “Nothing can get and and nothing can get out.” I said cheesing hard. My eyes started to glow brightly.

02-28-2012, 08:28 PM
I glare at the big ball of a shield aura, Luckily that couldn't stop me, I was a shadow master, My shadow Shawna could be my eyes, and be able to hide within Zetzu's shadow. "Okay Shawna, You know what to do, you're one of the most strongest, Make sure to lend some of the power to Zetzu once you're connected." I thought, shawna agreed and went straight to work, noting could harm a shadow, that's why I chose to accept my curse. I could see that Akuma and Zetzu were still fighting, throwing meaningless punches and teasing cuts at eachother. Shawna had finally connected to Zetzu and I could speak to the both of them. "Zetzu, can you hear me? I have shawna connected to you, so now she'll give you some energy boost, this will make you go faaster, you'll be lighter on your feet, and you'll be able to end it here. Got it?" It was like I was talking through an earpiece, or a walkie-talkie. At least Shawna knew what to do, she connected to Zetzu's body and gave him all the powers in his body. "Okay, Good, Shawna has you completed. Good Luck Zetzu."

02-28-2012, 08:41 PM
The little trick...seemed feasible for an Akuma. But, I had my own tricks as well. "Decadence...Corpse Grinder." I whispered under my breathe, the insuing effect was one I desired. The blood I had spilled began to take on forms of their own. Some were monsterous, and others were plainly like zombified corpses. Another word I spoke loudly, "Kirisute....Gomen..." Followed by my maniacal laughter as the forms were real, not just some illusion brought up to scare Akuma. They attacked and I along with them. I, of course, only gave teasing cuts. Or were they? (Note: I mean that the blood I have spilled inside the little "Arena" that Sal has made is what comes to life)

02-28-2012, 08:57 PM
“tsk tsk sissy dont you know my crows give me power? I suggest you not look in their eyes either or you will see something that will fource unimaginal fear into your soul.....” I said glancing up at her quickly. " Dont think im some normal akuma.” I looked back at Zetzu “So this is all you have? Weakling!” I burst into laughter.I teleported to the top of the barrier. “You must not know Zetzu..I make blood explode!” BLOOD BATH! All the blood in the arena exploded. All that was left was a mist of blood. Me and Zetzu had burn marks on us. (Im not try to be super powerful but your blood ppl where closer to you.)

02-29-2012, 02:58 PM
I think I'm going to sit out on these posts...at least until one of you get your asses kicked.)

02-29-2012, 03:12 PM
I only grinned from the attack. I looked at Akuma with a fang-filled grin, and said, "Marionette, Blood Pact" This caused the blood from Akuma to come out like tendrils and formed "strings" towards my hands. "Now, you are partially a puppet..." I play with the strings that are still attached to Akuma to cause him to do some very ridiculous moves.

02-29-2012, 03:54 PM
(Haha Good one Zero, But I'm being serious, I'm not going to post here until you're finished with fighting..*whispers* if you haven't noticed I've been trying my hardest not to say something about this or well, you know I'll just pm you...*regular voice* Okay so...TTFN TaTa For Now ^w^ )

03-01-2012, 11:34 AM
“ok i guess its time” I said kind of shakingly. This moved Zetzu used.....ive never seen it before. “I guess its time for you to see my real form.” Grinning from cheek to cheek I wispered “ New birth” My body went life less. A moment passed. It was too quiet. All you could hear was the cawing if my crows and the flapping of their wings. Just then the ground started shaking fearsomely, and a pregnant hell spawn came out. The body that Zetzu was controling started changing. Its green hair and sharp teeth fell out which was quickly replaced by long streaming purple hair, and the teeth turned to normal human teeth. The skin went from pale to tan and the eyes from yellow to purple. While all this was going on a hand started to come out of the pregnant hell spawn’s (you know what) (srry i gotta get all uncivilized again), then an arm, head, neck and the rest of the body. It was Akuma. “Mmmm” I said smiling. “Soo freessh” “ Im sorry to spoil your puppet show but i have to take my human back Zetzu” I glanced at the body. “ Come..... Jichou Murasaki”. Nothing happend due to the strings Zetzu had on him.

03-01-2012, 12:05 PM
(ill be switching back and forth- can Jichou end upmabsorbing Akuma?) (Jichou now) I looked around scared. “ Lord Akuma!” I yelled. “Whats going on?” I said “Yesterday you were teaching me a body snatching technique, and i wake up here”. He laughed outloud “I taught it to you and i used it on you....baka” He said still laughing “ And it was over 2 years ago” I looked up shocked you you! YOU betray me!” I said getting angry. “ Ill kill you!” I tried running towards him but i couldnt move an inch. “Whats happening?” “ Why cant I move?” I said trying my hardest to move with no luck.

03-01-2012, 02:29 PM
(It's your characters and they can have the abilities you want them to have. I'll only stop you if you're either nerfing NPC's(Non-Player Characters) or are overpowering yourself over others characters. I like your ablilities so far. And it's alright to uncivilized as long as you try to censor most of the details or just make sure that moments like that are far and in between.)

I only laughed at the form he was in. He was nothing compared to what I could be. But I found no reason to exert my full potential on this guy. With his body struggling to gain back control, I pull a few strings to have him jump towards me and lands in front of me. "Well, well, well. I guess you really are a fucked up fool. But aren't we all.", I say with a slight red glow in my eyes to Jinchou. Of course, I had no idea if Jinchou would help me or Akuma in the present state.

03-01-2012, 07:03 PM
Outside of the battle:

A hooded figure slams his fist on a table to say or rather more like yell, "What are you doing!? You said that two would be enough! I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE PLANNING!"

The group from earlier is still having a blank expresssion at the angered figure. The one who is named Ashardus replies, "Why does it concern you? You of all people understand their purpose. And yet, you seem irritated that we have added another to their ranks. ARe you afraid that your creations are going to revolt against you? Are you that insecure, Kain?"

Kain removes his hood to show his scarred and disfigured face, "I am not afraid of them, but rather the intentions you have with my specimens! They are a product of my research after all. Without me, you would not have had them in your little 'arsenal'!"

Ashardus seemed piqued by Kain's words, but still had a neutral expression on his face whne he replied, "Yes, that is true. But why worry about them. The two you paired together seem to show promise of being able to continue their own race on their own..."

Kain shook with anger and slight rage, his reply was rather dark and his eyes were like that of Zetzu's, "You do not understand them do you? They aren't able to, even if they tried and tried. Nothing would happen. They aren't allowed to...'inbreed'"

Ashardus finally showed shock on his face since he thought that they were like the others and were able to mate. He was proven wrong just now by Kain. And he had no reply, but even still Kain had the eyes of the one named of 'Zetzu' which made him wonder. Finally, he asked, "Is this...'Zetzu' your son?"

Kain was silent for a few seconds before he replieed with this, "He is merely a clone of what I once was. A shadow of the original copy. Yet, with abilities that even I have yet to master..." With that he turned on his heels and threw up his hood to walk away.

Ashardus was more than stunned and after Kain left, a murmur began to arise from the group of twelve.

03-03-2012, 06:25 PM
“ So your fighting Lord Akum huh?” I said with half a smile on my face. “ Here's a tip...watch out for his tricks.” “ Oh and he has an advantage over you...due to his tricks.” I tried lookin around but couldnt move my head. “ So he used the barrier.” I thought aloud.

03-05-2012, 06:28 PM
"It appears that way, eh?" I chuckled and I continued to say, "And if you're wondering why you can't move..." I play with the strings to force Jinchou to look at the cuts on his arms and the strings that is formed from his blood. "You are under my control. At least, for now. I don't know whether I can trust you or even if you can fight him on your own. I know that you have abilities I have not seen yet. I have a feeling that you want to deal with this yourself...so...{Severance, Contract}" The strings that I had created from Jinchou's blood receed into his body and the cuts are healed.

"I trust that you are like Kami, and that you will fight your other half. But other than this, I do not trust you. It's nothing personal, but I am sure you can understand, Jinchou." I speak as I back away from both Akuma and Jinchou to see how events unfold.

03-06-2012, 09:29 AM
“Thanks” I said while moving my body parts to see if they would move easily. “ Ahh thats much better”. I looked back at Zetzu."Hey you never told me your name....Im Jichou.” I turned back at Akuma to see what he was doing. “We need to end this quickly but I need someone to hold him.” “Who knows what he'll do next.” Zetzu and Akuma where staring at each other hard with nasty looks on their faces.

03-06-2012, 02:24 PM
"The names Zetzobou or Zetzu for short..." Afterwards, I leap towards Akuma in a good old fashioned tackle. I figured that any sophisticated tactic would give Akuma the advantage. Of course, it could be a trick just to get me to hit Akuma head on. We were the same, but he was a few levels deeper into his insanity. The insanity was a side effect of being an Akuma, but it hasn't slowed me or Kami down at all since we enjoy it. But Akuma, he was a few levels deeper than I would have liked for kin since most Akuma I consider to be a part of my 'family'.

03-06-2012, 03:26 PM
I stood there and watched Zetzu leap towards Akuma. "Maybe I should help." I thought. *Huff* "Whatever...Summon!" The ground started shaking hard. The wind started howling like injured wolves and the sky started turning black. Just then there was an earpeiricing scream."Here girl!" I yelled out. "Thats a good girl." A giant raven came flying through the barrier. The raven's eyes were blacker than night and its feathers were of an purple that looked corrupt. She landed next to me. "Zetzu shes still a baby hahaha!" I said smiling. She looked sad. " I know baby it been a while but I need your help." "Bind!" She flew towards Akuma and wrapped her wings around him.

03-06-2012, 04:06 PM
I disappeared in a small poof of dark crackling nergy. And I stand on a nearby building, looking for Kami but I figured she went off to feed herself after being all riled up by me. I watched the technique Jichou had started to use. It was rather strange, that he used his energy as physical manifestations. I, of course, was watching with a technique of my own. It allowed me to learn everything about my enemy in a few attacks or illusions. I just needed a few more moves from Akuma and Jichou.

03-06-2012, 05:25 PM
"I am not feeding..." I muttered behind him, my arm crossed over my chest. I was frowning at him, my fangs had extracted, my skin was paler than ever. The sight and scent had pulled out my akuma's bloodlust cravings. "This...is ALL you fault" I hissed at him in what seemed like a whisper. I grimaced at him, staying afloat in the air. My overly large wings making wind gush towards him once every while. " I'd have a right mind to punch you...." I thought, glaring at him.

03-06-2012, 06:40 PM
In a flash, I have my hand right in the crevice between her throat and her chest. I use this to slam her into the roof, and then I cut my hand to cause it to gush blood and I hold my hand over her mouth. "Shut your loud mouth..." I say with a false tone of seriousness. I couldn't tell if she would fight back or not, but knowing her. She would. I grinned of course because it was causing her some sort of twisted feeling of high, form the blood of course.

03-07-2012, 03:14 PM
“Lord Akuma giving up all ready?” I said smirking. “ And your suppose to be an legendary akuma huh?” Just then he started chuckling. “Jichou, Jichou I my be weakend from going back to my original body but do you think you can still kill me?” I just stood there with a serious look on my face. “ Just shutup” I said while walking closer to akuma. I put my hand on my raven. “ Youve lived long enough....Lord Akuma.” I could feel how he felt he wasnt putting up a fight for some reason. “Soul Absorbtion!” A bright red light started to creep out the crevices that were not covered. “I cant believe he is letting me take his soul.” I said concerned. “ huh he probably got his @zs kicked hard by that Zetzu guy.” I stood there waiting. The light started fading. “Almost finished ” I thought aloud.

03-07-2012, 06:08 PM
I watched with some slight amusement. Akuma wasn't really hit hard by any of my attacks or he simply didn't want me to acknowledge the fact that I had the upper hand over him. He may have been legendary but I was 'mystical'. No one knew if I was still alive or even existed, which is a step higher. Though, I'm sure if we had drug out the fight, we would both be exhausted and heavily wounded.

Kami was another matter. I could fight her for days and we would still be at a stand still with minor wounds. It wasn't because she was a woman, but because of her desire to kill and desire to live. Both desires stemmed from her half-breed heritage. I'm actually surprised that Kain would allow her to be born. He must have had to create some sort of fail safe or insurance for something that I had not seen. The 'Council' themselves don't see my thoughts, they see only my decisions. The spectacle down below was beginning to draw attention of the regular humans. I called out to Jichou down below, "Hurry up. The humans are beginnning to wonder what all the ruckus is." I used a chastising tone as if he was a younger child taking too long to use the bathroom or something of similar effect.

03-07-2012, 08:21 PM
I knew that if I were to try to fight against Zetzu I'd end up hurt, but him doing that without a single thought made me shiver internally. I only glared athim and let his blood drip over my sealed lips, letting it slide down my overly pale face, the scent was driving me mad, I didn't know how long I could handle it, but I was already struggling. "Zetzu, get off of me and seal up your wound." I sent him a death glare, but seeing as his blood was intoxicating my senses, My vision was blurry and my eyes glazed over as if the scent were lustful, and sight made me quiver, the feeling of it sliding down from my lips was enough to make me bite, but I couldn't I was nervous, scared, and worried. At that moment I really should've been careful not to be so close to Zetzu. I tried to move away from him but his strength was pushing me down with such force that I couldn't even jolt away from him, my wings enveloped us each time I moved them. "Zetzu, Get off." I sent the message to him telepathically again. My human and akuma only agreed on one thing about Zetzu; he was unpredictable.

03-07-2012, 08:58 PM
I looked down at Kami and smirked. I sent a telpathic message back,"And what if I don't? You gonna bite me? Ha, that'd be the funnest threat I've ever heard." I held my hand closer to her mouth, and closer for the scent to be even more intoxicating. I wondered how long she'd last before her strength would be able to send me flying back away from her. I wanted to show her that she had the strength to even fight against me. To show her that no matter how strong someone may seem, they too can be pushed around like a rag doll.

03-08-2012, 12:48 AM
“Finally finished” I yelled up at Zetzu “Why was it so easy” I thought. “ Im coming up” I said while walking toward my raven. “Lets go girl” I said while rubbing her head. “Argh! soomethhing is happening to me!!” I screamed out dropping to my knees and holding my head. “ My head feels like its going to explode!” Just then the pain suddenly stopped and I passed out.

03-08-2012, 02:51 PM
'Great' I thought to myself, 'We got another one...' I immediately stood up and walked away from Kami to the edge of the roof to see Jichou passed out below. I walked off and landed silently on the ground and wlaked over to his body. I used my foot to roll him onto his back and I pulled out my blade and rested it against his throat should Akuma reawaken inside his own body. I looked down at him and images from my past started flickering across my vision. It didn't phase me much since it had started to happen. For a while, I had decisions to make and now I decided to do something.

I slightly cut in his shoulder a mark. My mark. I knelt down slightly to just barely audibly say, "Welcome to the family..." I turned on my heels and left. He would bear the mark if he wanted to. The mark would go away if he chose not to be marked.

03-08-2012, 03:08 PM
When I finally woke up we were by a river. Zetzu and Kami were sitting by the river. I walked up to them. “What happened” I asked “And where are we?” They just stared at me. I shrugged and looked into the river. When I saw my reflection something was different. I looked closer. “ My eye its its yellow” I pointed out. I looked back at the river. A face was there but it wasnt mine. It was Akuma’s. I jumped back and looked at Zetzu. “Zetzu is something wrong with my face or eye?” he looked up and replied with a no. I looked towards Kami and smiled. “Who is this I asked Zetzu.”

03-08-2012, 03:57 PM
I had my blade resting against his throat in almost an instant. "Leave her alone. She's gone through enough already. She doesn't need a little kid like you flirting with her all the time. Her name's Kami. But I guess to you it would be Kaminari." I looked at him and spoke calmly while having my blade back in its sheathe in the same fashion as earlier, "You are like us. Two halves of being, yet still one. One cannot live without the other. Doppelgangers to some, monsters to others, and holy archangels to a few." I spoke the last part as if it was a forbidden thing to say. I turned back to the river and tossed what looked like a cut off finger into the water.

03-08-2012, 04:13 PM
"Che...." was all I replied, obviously I was still outraged by Zetzu, and I turned my head and sat closer to the riverbank, my reflection staring back at me, I slapped the water, trying to get rid of the overly pale face with red eyes and fangs, but it seldom worked, only splashed Zetzu and Akuma, or Jiichou.

03-08-2012, 04:21 PM
I smiled slightly out of the corner of my mouth at Kami's little "che". I felt Xaero kick on the inside of my body, something was disturbing him. I'm not sure why he would be acting in suchg a way. But I ignored him and stared out into the water. Waiting for my techique to kick in.

03-08-2012, 07:13 PM
I stood up and walked away knowing Zetzu was up to something, and I didn't want to stick around for it to piss me off again. As I strode past Zetzu I sent a chilling purr/snarl in his direction. I took off in flight. (I couldn't write anymore for this :/ I'll make a better one later)

03-08-2012, 07:35 PM
The water in the river began to bubble and hiss like acid had entered the water and it began to spread. Most life in the river was now dead. I liked that. Though, Kami didn't share the same sentiments I did about death. Only in her battle lust did she find it. But her human side didn't want to watch in horror on the inside of her. I watched after her and saw flashes of an image of someone I knew long ago replace her. I looked away quickly and faught against the images.

03-08-2012, 07:49 PM
As I looked at the dagger, I turned it over and sighed. I sent Zetzu a message to get his attention. My expression was blank but my internal image was scared and anxious. "Zetzu, meet me 20 miles from here in exactly 10 minutes." I glared at him and took off towards the destination, my head was still hazy from his blood scent, but I was clear enough to know what I was doing.

03-08-2012, 08:12 PM
I was already there the second she quit talking. I stood there looking up into the sky, watching the clouds cover the moon like the world was trying to tuck in the moon for the evening. The images were coming back again and I began to remember.

Flaskback Sequence: 98 years before.

"Have you ever noticed that there's a bunny in the moon?" Chie asked a younger version of Zetzu.

"Not really. But I see it now." was his reply. They were both laying down in the grass in a small park far from the city. The city lights were distant, but bright enough to know where it was. They were holding hands and smiling and making small talk. They talked well into the evening and then looked at each other. Zetzu smiled and so did Chie, but he didn't know the danger that he had hidden from her. The subtle change in his chemistry caused him great pain. He had blacked out from something that he couldn't quite grasp or understand what had just happened. But when he woke up, he was stained in her blood. Her lifeless corpse glowing in the moonlight. For five hours, he cried and learned a lesson the hard way: Never get too close to anyone. Even in the slightest.

Chie was a neighborhood friend and then as they hung out more. The more they hung out, the better they got to know each other. Chie knew full well what Zetzu was, but she never told him. At times, when he hid his hunger she would make something and put some of her blood into his meals to satisfy his hunger. This worked for awhile, and it nearly pacified Zetzu. But, when the larger hungers came she didn't know what to do. So, she would let him feed on her. He had control enough to not drain her fully and to let her recover. But that night, his hunger finally consumed him and she paid the price. As he probed into his memory, he remembered her saying something before he completely drained her and it was simply this, "Don't blame yourself. Please? For my sake..." But it didn't help him at all. It only caused him even more pain to know that she did it willingly. So he tells a different version so people or Akuma's don't feel pity or sympathy. Feelings that shouldn't belong anyway.

03-08-2012, 08:18 PM
I stood in the shadows wondering if I was sure of what I was going to do. I gripped the dagger and dropped it, my hand cut from the sharp blade. I walked up behind him and shoved him down to the ground, my legs on either side him, shoving my cut hand into his face like he did to me, the other holding him down. I stared blankly into his eyes, seeing nothing and telepathically spoke. "You are either going to take my blood, or... make the mark. I moved my hand closer to his mouth. My espression remaining blank and emotionless. "I have a feeling of what you're going to do, but just do it." I frowned for a second.

03-08-2012, 08:26 PM
I looked at her, but didn't really see her. I smelled blood and I recognized Kami's scent immediately. But, I had no use for the blood. I had starved myself over the years to the point where I no longer needed it much. And even still a drop was all I needed. I lick at her hand and that was it. Then I shoved her off, to have my blade pointed at her heart, "This "mark" you speak of. Do you know what it will do to you? Great is it's blessing, but great is it's burden."

03-08-2012, 09:10 PM
“Hmmm where did they go.” I asked myself. “Summon!” “Might as well follow them.” I jumped up on my raven and flew of in the direction they went in. “ If I follow their scent Ill be able to find them.” I thought. “ Take your time girl” I said rubbing my raven's head slowly. Along the way I started whistling.

03-08-2012, 09:25 PM
My expression was still blank and my face showed nothing. "You have a mind of your own don't you? If you can't make up your meaningless mind then..." I stopped, quickly grabbing his hand with the blade in it, letting it punture my skin. "I'll do it for you." I finished my sentence with a slight purr/snarl. My eyes only showed emotionless hatred for him, but behind it was pure love, something I couldn't show to him, I couldn't decieve him and destroy what he had built all his endless life. I him closer to me, letting the blade push farther into my skin. "I'm already dead, so why not do it? or is Xaero stopping you? or is it...Kain?" I looked into his long forgotten human orbs and only saw the ascendent I had loved for a long while. I was waiting for his next move, I had formed a small quizzical expression and sighed. I was impatient and angry with him. I couldn't find any other reason to be so in love with someone I hated so much. I shoved him away and turned on my heels and absorbed myself into the shadows. I overheard Jii/Aku whistling and my ears were ringing at such a high-pitch that I covered myself with my darkened wings and covered my ears. "Stupid Aku/Jii...Stop whistling." I thought aloud, the bleeding didn't stop but the cut in my hand had healed rather quickly.

03-08-2012, 09:46 PM
I hopped down off my bird and landed next to Kami. “I think I like that name.” I said shyly. “I have no one now” I whisperd to her while slowly getting closer to her. “ But I think Ill stay with yoj guys.” “I found this weird mark on me can you tell me what it is if you know?” I slowly started opening my shirt to show her the mark that Zetzu put on me.

03-09-2012, 05:47 PM
I looked up at him with a poker face. "That mark, is you putting you're loyalty in Zetzu, our Ascendent Akuma. And you're here to help us defeat this war. However, it's up to you, you'd make a friendlier edition to me and Zetzu." I broke the poker face and replaced it with a small serene smile. "And your bird, whats her name?, and you liked the name I said...you like the name Aku/Jii? hehe that's silly" I made sure the blood in my misfit's tee didn't show so much, the bleeding had finally stopped and the the wound had finally healed. "the rest about the mark, you have to ask Zetzu." I muttered.

03-09-2012, 07:19 PM
“So whats up between you and Zetzu.” I replied to her. We both stared up at the moon its light illuminating our faces. While waiting for an answer I started whistling again. It was a habit I needed to get rid of, but it seemed to mistify people. I sat down by Kami’s leg and laid my head on it. My life started going through my head at that moment.

03-09-2012, 08:37 PM
I looked down at him and as if it were a long time habit, I began petting his hair softly, as if I were the eldest sister. I sighed and winced at his whistling. "Akujii, mind not whistling near me, I have a high sensitivity to high pitched noises." I mumbled, still petting his hair down. "Zetzu and I...well, it's a complication my dear brother, you know by my scent I'm half human, and that human is making it difficult for me to control any useless emotion towards him. I just about fought a few battles with him, but I've never had much time to decifer much about my human side, and when he was offering his blood to me, I couldn't do it....you might laugh at this but I'm scared to bite anyone I care for. The reason, I've never been able to stop once the blood enters. Silly isn't it?" I ask in a awkward laugh.

03-09-2012, 10:18 PM
“I guess” I replied. I stopped whistling and closed my eyes. Getting my hair rubbed felt good. I was slowly drifting off. For some reason I was extremely tired. I tried fighting it but her hand on me was too comfortable. I slipped into a good sleep

03-12-2012, 06:29 PM
I watched the two from the shadows. She didn't understand the I knew exactly how she felt. The fight to try and understand why it is you love but absolutely hate someone. And it made me remember things I had long forgotten, but my hunger wasn't the issue either. She was testing me I could tell from just a few minutes ago. I smiled out of the corner of my mouth slightly at the conversation the two were having, but it quickly faded as images came across my mind like a movie. Playing on my eyes, reality and memory quickly blurred together in some surreal dillusion of it actually taking place now. I blinked and slowly walked away from the two, let Kami deal with Jichou her own way. But something was nagging me. I couldn't tell if it was actually me, or if it was something she said to me that set me off. I shook my head in my own thoughts and didn't hear the shadows around me speak my name. But I did hear the sharp strike of steel against steel, a memory from a time now forgotten...

"What do you want, Mitsugui?"

Looking each other face to face, blades locked for a quick second before shoving each other back.

"I want my old life back! You bastard!"

An angered charge. A reckless attempt to die.

"I thought you left that behind."

A small feit and swift movement to catch Mitsugui in the shoulder with the tip of a katana.

"Ha....ha....ha....when I said I left, I meant that I LEFT MY REGULAR LIFE!"

A very powerful soul charged strike into Mitsugui's mentor and 'Transcender' in the chest. Mitsugui stood over his own master's corpse, finalizing his vengeance on the man that stole him of evreything he loved. His sin would travel down his family line, right all the way down to Kain and the rest.

03-12-2012, 07:23 PM
I was humming a soft lullaby whilst Akujii slept, I smiled and stopped humming. "Zetzu, Come sit with me, please." I spoke softly, still petting Aku's hair. "I know what's going on, I'm just making your long forgotten emotions and memories resurface, at least, that's what I think is my fault. I'm sorry for it though," I looked up to where he was hiding, and smiled warmly to him. "You know, I may say that I hate you, but I show it that way as to say, 'I care for you'...Silly...aren't I?" I finished, I took off my leather jacket and hoodie, and folded the hoodie, placing it under Aku's head in place of my legs, I swiftly put my leather jacket back on and looked back where Zetzu was still hiding.

03-12-2012, 08:03 PM
My legs moved on their own accord. I walked over to stand near Kami and shook my head, "No, it's not that they are resurfacing. I'm just remembering things from someone else. Heh, the sins of the father, shall befall their sons. Or so the saying goes." I looked at Jichou and the mark had faded from him. I didn't mind though. He seemed like the type of guy to remain loyal to himself for various reasons. I looked back at Kami with a emotionless and blank look, "And you aren't silly. You just express things differently from everyone else." I turned to walk slowly and motioned with my hand for her to follow, "Come. Let us talk."

03-12-2012, 09:13 PM
I stood up quietly as not to disturb Aku, I took one glance at his sleeping features and smiled at my small enchantment. I turned to quickly follow Zetzu, staying behind him far enough, to not be too close, and I being self-conscience about last time, sped up to stand right next to him, my heart rate sped up along with my breathing, my anxiety was kicking in. I took a deep breath before speaking, to break the awkward silence. "Ahem, you wanted to speak alone?" I asked in a soft tone, trying to hide my shakiness.

03-12-2012, 10:42 PM
I woke up, my head was throbbing again and images of Akuma were flashing through my head. He was trying to take me over again. I looked around. “ Shit they left me” I said to myself. “ I need you baby”. I summoned my raven Kanji, but something wasn't right about her. Her feathers were black and her eyes were glowig red like coals in a fire. She approached me and opened her beak. Something started sliding out of her mouth. Green hair yellow eyes and shark teeth. He put his hand on my head. “Ill be back human”. He snickered. I woke up again and looked around. “ It was only a nightmare”. I thought to myself. I heard Zetzu and Kami wispering to each other not to far away.

03-13-2012, 04:07 PM
I glanced over at Kami and smiled at the corner of my mouth. "You seem nervous. I just wanted to talk about Kain. I was surprised you know his name. Not many remember, but some still retain. He blames it on the 'Madness' that inhabits us all. It changes and twists us." I turned to look her dead in the eyes. "And I haven't been exactly truthful." I looked back and forth between her eyes. "I know what's going on. Everything right down to how you are going to react right now." I knew. I really did. I sensed that Jichou was awake, but the matter I was talking about was more important than trying to help him understand his other half.

03-13-2012, 06:25 PM
I took a shaky breath, "I only know Kain by his rank, I've not been much of a friend, I would hear your thoughts and tap into your memories of him. I-" My sentence was cut off when I flinched at your direct gaze. My shoulders were shaking slightly, I inhaled another shaky breah before connecting my eyes with yours. "If you know, is that why I'm alive for a reason?" I bit my lip, I wanted to turn away from his gaze, but I didn't have the will to do it. I felt something warm run down my chin and I knew I had bitten to the point of puncturing my lip. I cast my gaze down quickly and turned my head. I back up against a tree, I was still a bit shaken up by the tackling incident he did before. I wasn't as mad anymore, but I was more nervous around Zetzu now more than ever, even the akuma in me had to recoil. I heard Aku sit up. "shit" I thought. "I...Zetzu...why did you really bring me along with you?" I asked, my breath shuddered at the end of my question.

03-13-2012, 07:24 PM
I only looked back at her with slight sympathy, "Unfortunately, he doesn't want you to die yet. Hence why I haven't killed you. Even still, I don't I could. He instills this sense...of humanity in me to know what you feel like. To understand that not everything is worth killing. We were originally created to protect humanity. But the madness set in, and we became the monsters we are now." I paused and closed my eyes, smelling the sweet scent of her blood. "You will have to do something about that...." I said as I flickered to be holding her by her chin softly. I looked at the bite and chuckled, "I won't die from just having my blood drained. Kain made me the way I am for a reason." I looked at her directly in the eyes and continued, "Drink. It'll help your trembling."

I could care less about what Jichou would see. He could make his own assumptions, but of course, he would be wrong. I waited to see how she would react. Knowing full well that she would resist as best as she could. Drinking what she needed would only make me look paler, nothing more, nothing less.

03-13-2012, 07:47 PM
My trembling increased when he made me look up at him, my breath hitched, I put my hands up on his chest, atempting to push away, but with my gaze locked with his I couldn't. "I won't be able to let go....it's either kill me to make me stop.. or rip off the part where I bit...I won't do that." I cast my gaze down at the side. My breathing became short and faint, I heard Jiichou, he was listening to the conversation, I muttered a soft enchantment that only Jiichou could hear, letting hear the repeat on his own, hoping it would make him fall asleep again.

03-13-2012, 08:22 PM
I kept my gaze in her eyes, "I know you can control it. He knows. Just like everyone before us. We had to learn to stop. Heh, though he will be mad that you made the first teeth marks on my neck..." I got close enough to be face to face with Kami and if someone else had come along or if Jichou planned to look, it would seem like we were going to kiss. But that's not what I was trying to accomplish. She needed to learn that she masters her thirst, and that it does not master her. I may have started to train her too soon. But still, I couldn't figure out why I was doing this. It may have been the scent of her blood, but I couldn't tell.

03-13-2012, 08:52 PM
My face flushed a dark shade of red, I turned my head from him, I couldn't see why he was doing this, I didn't want to be here, I couldn't take it, his eyes were easy enough to make me break. I shuddered and knew he was trying to teach me, but he was being too nice, I didn't understand it, but I guessed it was out of a kind gesture. I licked my lips and the blood was already absorbed back into my body. I looked up at him with fear-stricken eyes. "How will you know if it's true?" I asked, involentarily closing the little space between us.

03-13-2012, 08:57 PM
"Because you love me too much..." That was all I whispered into her ear. It was a strange feeling to feel and understand in a situation like this. He wanted her to be able to control herself, but I wanted the feeling of what it was like to be voluntarily bit. I opened my mouth to say something, but I closed it and let her decide for herself. She was the one that would have to take a leap of faith. She was the one to have to deal with this on her own, just like I did when I was younger. So, the few seconds of silence between felt like a few hours. So close...

03-13-2012, 09:09 PM
My skin changed to white cloud pale and my fangs extracted, I was shaking, and the dark shade of red turned to a dark shade of pink. I bit my lip gain before leaning closer to his neck, I gripped on to his shoulders as if to hold myself up. I lightly brushed my lips on his neck before opening my mouth, I bit down softly, letting my fangs sink in. I shuddered internally as the warm liquid ran down my throat, It ws getting harder to let go, but I somehow did it without hurting him. just and I forced myself to let go i shoved him back as quickly as possible. I wiped off the remains of his blood and stared down at the ground, the scent was intoxicating me again, and the taste was still my mouth, my eyes glazed over and my head spinning. I slid down the tree I was against and took a shaky, faint breath.

03-14-2012, 01:06 AM
I sat there wondering what was going on between the two. Its seems they have a weird relationship. I got up and started walking towards the both of them. The moon light was glimmering on them which made Zetzu and Kami sparkle like dimonds in the sun. Walking to them seemed extremely hard. I felt dizzy and kept loosing my balance. When I finally reached them blood gushed from my mouth and I dropped to my knees. “ I need a docter” I wispered up to them.

03-14-2012, 06:15 AM
I turned and rested my hand against his chest, stopping the blood from coming out any further. "Oh Akujii, I'm sorry." I whispered, I bit my lip and started thinking about what I could do to help then the thought struck me. I lied his head down on my lap and bit my hand, letting the blood flow into my palm, the bite mark healed and the blood in my palm had turned to into two red tablets. I put them and his mouth and made him swallow it. "These will help you, for now...just rest until we get there." I muttered, I started petting his hair like before and hummed softly, trying to let sleep take him. I sighed and looked up at Zetzu, my eyes were still blurry, but my heart speed was slowing down to a perfect rate for me. I saw something in his eyes, but I couldn't tell what they were, so I just averted my gaze back to my now dozing brother.

03-14-2012, 04:10 PM
I looked at Kami with a knowing look. She was actually able to control herself, which was a big step. I looked at Jichou and watched as Akuma fought to have control of him. I knelt by him and used my spectral ability to grab a hold of Akuma's throat to squeeze hard enough to choke him. He either stopped fighting against Jichou or died for nothing. But I knew that Akuma wanted to exist longer. He finally stopped fighting the control of Jichou, but I held my hand against his throat for insurance.

I then turned to look up and saw the stars, "The formation of Kalthuzar. Strange, that isn't supposed to come out until next month." I spoke to myself quietly. It would explain Jichou's condition very well. I looked at him, "If I could tell you, I would explain alot that you do not understand. But you have to learn on your own. For now." I stood back up and still felt the tingling feeling of Kami's teeth in my neck. I felt the spot where she bit me and the blood was already gone but it kind of calmed me to an extent. I began to walk away and I stopped to ruffle with Kami's hair before continuing.

03-14-2012, 05:04 PM
lol Zetzu is going to have to carry me!!!!! :P

03-14-2012, 05:35 PM
I lifted my older half brother up and raised an eyebrow. "Just because you're older than me doesn't mean I'm not strong enought to carry you. Besides you're just wanting to be carried like a female." I dropped him on something soft and turned to run after Zetzu, I thought better of it and asked telepathically instead. "Where are you going? are you leaving us again?" I felt like I was nagging, but I couldn't help but be worriedd that it was my fault. I let out a shudder, I looked back and saw Akujii still senseless. I shook my head and ran up and climbed a tree. I rest my back against the stump of the tree, my right leg danlging of the branch I was sitting on. I was watching over Akujii, just incase things started to look bad again. I sighed as the events from earlier past over my mind numerous times, the way he looked at me gave me the shivers, but I still couldn't help but wonder what his eyes were trying to tell me, I shook my head again and looked down at my leather jacket, there were blood stains on it but not very much to be totally visible, I also had the slight scent of Zetzu on me. I frowned and in a pained way and brounght both my knees up to my chest, resting my head on them. I groaned and peeked out to see what Akujii was doing.

03-14-2012, 06:00 PM
I was tossing back and forth in my sleep Pictures of Akuma flashed through my mind. He was trying to take control of my body showing me thing I didnt want to see. It was dark and I was running forward but didnt seem to be moving. I yelled out, and i finally woke up out of my sleep I scenced Kami's precence but not Zetzu's. "Where Zetzu at?" I asked Kami.

03-14-2012, 06:04 PM
I sent a small reply back in a calm tone, "Just going to think. I'll be back for the both of you whne I am done. And please, try to rest a lil if you can." I continued to walk and I heard Kain walk along side me. He seemed rather calm and collected, which was very out of character for him. He and I kept walking for some time and we were far enough away to actually talk. He turned to me and began like this, "What were you thinking? You know the of what something like that can do. Yet, you used the oldest method in the book to help her of all people. I now ask you why?"

"Why? You make it seem like it was the wrost thing in the world to help our 'family', Kain. Are you telling me to turn my back on my kin? That it is forbidden to feel the way I do about her? Or are you testing me again?" I replied in a calm tone.

He ruffled through his hair and chuckled lightly, "You take me too serious sometimes, friend."

I chuckled and smiled, "And I make it seem like I'm too serious. What makes you grace me with your prescence?"

"Enough of the manners. We're friends and should talk like such. Besides, you much more on your plate than I have on mine. Oh, by the way, Aki came looking for you again." He looked at me like I forgot to tell him something.

I sighed at the mention of her name, "She's an old family friend who was the family's progenitor."

He had followed along with what I said as if mocking me, but he then continued to say with a smirk, "I know. I know. She gives you so much trouble. Maybe she would be a fitting match for Jichou...?"

"Oh, the gods." I facepalmed myself at the notion, "I don't think he would even begin to be able to handle her...appetites. Though, it would distract her for a time to allow me to escape."

The weird thing about this whole conversation, is that Kain wasn't actually there in person. It was this strange mind link that I and Kain had. Strange and slightly fortunate that he had brought the news he had.

03-14-2012, 06:31 PM
I looked up and stared down at Akujii. He's out for a walk, rest now, and try to be quiet, at least try to fight him off in your dreams." I muttered softly. I had to rest my head on my knees again, the pain in my head was too hard to cope, I huffed and peeked out to see if Akujii had listened to me, knowing he wouldn't listen to the younger half sister, I shrugged it off internally. "Baka...why'd you make me do it?" I thought, I was still shivering from the event, I couldn't stop the memories from it flashing everytime I closed my eyes, It felt good to be able to stop when I needed to, but it also felt wrong, I couldn't tell which felt worse. I sighed and closed my eyes, letting the memories of the event happen again.

03-14-2012, 06:41 PM
I sensed Kami's pain a short distance away. I lost my smile and became quiet. Kain looked over and smiled, "You really are the soft one of the bunch aren't you?" He chuckled and disappeared. I flickered and I was standing at the end of the branch that Kami was sitting in. I looked down at Jichou, "He fights you because you don't understand that a balance must be made. Watch closely." I seperated into two different forms of myself, one being Xaero and the other being myself. We flickered away and did a very visually strange and mesmerizing sword dance. It would take a matter of fifteen minutes to complete, so attention was very key to notice the way that each of the two are able to keep a complete balance of both force and grace.

03-14-2012, 06:46 PM
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03-14-2012, 06:50 PM
My head was still resting on my knees when I heard his voice, I gave an involentary shudder, not one of disgust, but one that made you really shudder mostly internally. I let out a small barely audible sigh. I kept my head down and eyes closed, I didn't want to talk to him or let him comfort me, only because it would confuse me more than I already was. I hugged my knees tightly and kept my posture and balance in place. I heard Zetzu talking and showing Akujii something, I still didn't want to look up. I stayed that way for a long while, hoping he wouldn't touch me or atempt to ask me something.

03-14-2012, 07:28 PM
Kain tapped Kami on the shoulder, "Child, you really are the light of group. I mean that in an Akuma sort of way." He watched Zetzu do his sword dance. "When did he learn that? He was never able to do that befo-" He cut himself off and then chuckled, "I think I know the answer to that. Anyways, you have a lot ahead of you, Little One. Same with Jichou. May the blessings of Kalthusar be upon you." He then faded away.

Zetzu finished the sword dance and Xaero looked at him with a smile to say, "It's about damn time. I got sick of you fucking it up all the time. It was like playing with a child. You've finally learned."

03-14-2012, 08:53 PM
My body froze after the contact and I lifted my head to look up at Xaero and Zetzu smiling at eachother. "....." I pulled my hood up and rested my head back on to my knees and sighed again. I knew Kain was helping us in any way possible, but I couldn't bring myself to trust him. For some reason, he reminded me of some of my Other half brother, Kurisou. I smiled and thought "baka...". I huggged my knees tightly again and camled my trembling body.

03-15-2012, 02:37 PM
I looked at Jichou and nodded, "You might not understand it fully still. Practically, you and your other half must come to terms with each other. But you also must set boundries for it as well." I put away my blade and fused with Xaero again to walk away saying, "You should learn on your own though."

03-15-2012, 06:38 PM
I scoffed after his little speech. I stood up and jumped down from the branch, landing on all fours lightly. I walked away from the two, I yawn and stretched, sometimes my cat-like instincts made me feel like a freak. I stifled a growl like yawn again and kept walking, not knowing where I aws going to go but I figured maybe a clearing or calming waterfall would be good for me. "I hope none of them follows me, I need so girl time for myself." I stopped at the clearing of a water fall and smiled.

03-15-2012, 06:42 PM
Kami took off and I figured she would want to be left alone. 'Especially, after what happened earlier.' I thought to myself as I walked. We all need some time alone. Though, I had a feeling Jichou would try and follow me to learn more. I had to stop babying every one who came into our small group.

03-15-2012, 07:36 PM
I stepped into the cool water and relaxed as the clear liquid engulfed me. I let out a content sigh and dunked. I popped my head back up and looked around and smirked. My playful attitude came back and I began to go under and look up at the brightly lit moon. I smiled and thought I heard walking not far from here I shot my head back up and looked around again, my senses taking over.