View Full Version : 5 short Anime Cartoons for iPhone game

09-10-2011, 03:10 PM
I need Manga Anime style cartoon for an iPhone game we are creating.

i need 5 different cartoon stories (30 second each) for 5 different girls on the beach.

To see an example of the quality i want check this videos:

some ideas for the 5 cartoon scenes will be sent by mail , no need of speach or sound, cartoons will be mute.

I am really serious and i need serious professional manga anime cartoonists.

i need video files to use in the iphone so possible is mkv or mov video file in really good hd quality.

IMPORTANT: Cartoon must be original and never used for any activity, never showed to anyone, i need full rights on the cartoon.

contact me and send portfolio at meandroz at gmail dot com

or pm me.