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09-02-2011, 05:42 AM

For now it's just going to be digital art (with the majority I use ShiiPainterPro, assume it to be done in that program unless I add a comment saying otherwise). As soon as I can figure out how to use a scanner, I'll add some of my traditional works, too.

If I've used a reference with a picture, I'll comment on that:) (I don't save my references, so unfortunately I can't post a link to them if I have used one>.>)

Sooo...yes...critique to your hearts content.




I used a ref for this one.
I really don't like it much. I've no idea why, though. It seems a bit dead to me...


Ref used.
Something doesn't seem quite right with it.

For now, that'll be all. Don't want to flood the place! :cat_bye:

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Nice fennec fox.

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You obviously had no bias there.

No huge need for us to critique these, methinks.

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Eish...that's a problem. Because if I can't improve on this, how can I improve? I mean, it's no use putting something I know is no good up for critique (since usually I know exactly how to improve on it). I want to get better than my best, putting it simply. Even if it's only a small tip like "it'd look better with more highlights here" or "how bout erasing that bit there", etc.. In otherwords, nitpickers galore.

09-02-2011, 09:12 AM
we don't critique that high because we consider one person's style.
if we critique and really look for the highest point we can see.. i'm sure you'll probably get confused because you have different style than us.

and we don't force our style to anyone.

that being said. i'm not good with animals >_> (speaking of animals, i see only animals commented on this thread so far)
anyway i'm pretty sure your style is better than mine.

09-02-2011, 09:22 AM
Ah, I get you.

Alright, I'll post my doodles and not so good works instead:D Should be fun.

And that last is a matter of opinion;)

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Better? Problem is, I usually fix any problems that look unpleasing to the eye before I finish a piece, be it doodle or fullblown project.
Haha, I should probably save some of my pose-practicing doodles. -headdesk-

Pen technique help wouldn't go amiss, though. I really need some help with that, traditionally and digitally. Specially in The Battle of Austerlitz (referring to the second picture up there).

09-02-2011, 09:37 AM
no need to hold back, you don't have to post doodles. i'm pretty sure there are people who can still crit you.

1st picture. the depth is kinda lost.

i would figure that the girl is probably a giant or something cause he don't look that far with the street light.
even if your just drawing trees as background don't expect that people can't visualize the horizontal line of perspective of it.

i can see a lot of wrong parts when it comes to background, though i can't explain it that much in just words.
anyway even if the girl isn't there. it's still wrong.

in coloring you have lots of potential though.

edit: you ninja me. this is a critique for the first picture post

09-02-2011, 12:43 PM
Very nice stuff so far, even the doodles look promising. I will try to get nitpicky with you since you asked for it.

First painting (squatting girl)
The colors for the snow are a bit off. If it's the dead of night, which is how it appears to me, the snow would most likely appear blue to black with the only light yellow areas being those that reflect the yellow light coming from the lamp. Similarly, the girl seems to be drawn as if she's squatting in the midst of a diffuse light (such as the sun) rather than being lit from above by the lamp. You could get some really cool shading with reflected light from the snow on her which would really make the painting come to life. In general, I think you should push the painting further and refine the features on the girl and her clothes more. It has a very chalky look to it now which, when compared to the rest of the paintings, makes it look kind of blurry. It'd be nice if you brought it to a higher finish level.

The second painting looks fairly good overall, no real comments about it. I'm not a horse anatomy expert so I can't really go there. The third painting of the horse head, however, looks odd to me because the background doesn't really go with the rest of it. The lighting also doesn't make sense to me because of the background. The way the light hits the mane and head makes it appear that the light source is above and to the left of the horse while the background has that area as being the darkest.

For the fox, it looks pretty nice as well. It seems oddly well lit for the dark black background, but aside from that I can't think of much to critique.

tl;dr version

You need to work on your light sources and push yourself to see how your backgrounds impact the subject's color and shading.

Hope this helps some. :)

09-02-2011, 01:52 PM
Ok i basically can't even hold a candle for you when it comes to coloring but it seems that in the pic 4 of the doodles the squatting guy has smaller legs compering to the torso. so yeah....................... that's basically it..........................yeah...............oh also as Nis said try some experimenting with bgs, it would be nice to see one bg you put a ;ot of effort into. Since all the drawings(except the first one) don't have a bg it would be nice to see you do one :D

09-04-2011, 09:22 AM
You guys are amazing. Absolutely amazing. That's the most helpful critique I've gotten in months.

I'll edit the pictures in MyPaint, and upload them on here to show you<3 Unfortunately I won't be able to edit the girl's size (didn't save the layers - though, I might be able to extend the lamppost's length...that might help a bit...), but hopefully I can fix everything else:D And I'll definently remember everything for future pictures, especially about the light sources. Thanks so much!<3

09-05-2011, 05:24 AM
I really like the direction you're going in a lot of these. I like your varied use of hues. All your work is quite diverse and interesting. The biggest critique I have for you is to layer more heavily. It looks like you've done some soft pastel work on these instead of them being digital. This is because the background tones are so prominent. You should make the foreground figure more opaque to bring them out and make them appear less ghostly.

09-07-2011, 09:08 PM
The back legs of the first horse look a bit off, and so do the hands of the girls. But really, you're killing us here. Your horse is LOVELY <3