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08-05-2011, 07:30 PM
I don't know if anyone remembers, but on the old forum, we had a thread in Manga Works that was specifically for plots and storyline ideas that people came up with, but didn't use. I thought it was very interesting, and was hoping to start it up again?

It's basically a brainstorm thread.

PS. It doesn't matter how cliche or overused they sound. Post 'em anyway! :) You never know, someone might take different elements from multiple stories and make a totally unique one!

((And if there is already a thread like this, please say so and I will delete asap))



Here are mine.

1. "Choiceless" (or flash box, idk)
- One shot
- SciFi
- Adult
- Psychological
- Horror (gorey)
- In an unknown city, a new breed of criminal is on the rise. Using booths called "Flash Boxes", one is able to simulate 11 days (264 hours) without sleep, forcing the adrenal glands into a lethally hyperactive state. The effects of a Flash Box last 16 hours followed by fatal cardiac arrest, but during that time the user's senses and nervous system exceed superhuman levels.
These criminals call themselves "The Choiceless" (bad name, i know Dx ) wearing blood-stained porcelain masks to hide their faces, deformed by sleep deprivation.
Whether its for vengeance or ideology, the physically unstoppable "Choiceless" vow to destroy as many people as humanly possible within their final hours, so that they may enter the afterlife with peace of mind.

PLOT: 19 year old (Insert name here) is framed by her three stepbrothers for the murder of her own parents, and given the death sentence. On the day of her execution, a man wearing a porcelain mask saves her, killing everyone in the room in the process. He tells her she can bring justice to her situation by using a Flash Box, etc etc

(Thats about as far as I got... She uses it, becomes a choiceless and kills her brothers thinking she avenged her parents, only to find out that it wasn't them who were at fault, it was actually another choiceless who killed them, and spared her brothers' lives if they agreed to create and sell more flash boxes to different districts of the city. They supposedly got filthy rich from doing it, and wanted to keep her out of the loop by sending her to prison. Money is yet again the antagonist *eyeroll*
Alot of other stuff happens, she falls in love with the guy who saved her (lol secks scene), but they both only have about 2 hours left before they die, so he builds a new type of flash box that can transfer adrenal hormones, and thus extend time limits. He dies while using it, but manages to give her his time.
The final climax is that she has to use her last hours to defeat the choiceless that killed her parents, and he ends up being the very first choiceless, surviving for almost a year by killing other choiceless and stealing their adrenaline with a similar machine to the one her lover created.)

Yeah, after a while the plot stops making sense, and I got too frustrated to continue. *rage*


2. (I forgot what the title was.. something about thunder and cellos)
- One Shot
- Supernatural
- Action

PLOT: In a smoldering village cursed by an endless lightning storm, a musician from a distant land tames the energy into the strings of his violin. For decades he warded off the storms that threatened the lives of the citizens, and was known as the "Son of Sounds".
Several years have passed since the Son of Sounds passed away, locking his violin in a safe deep underground so that the people could live without fear of the storms within its strings.

(Thats as much as I have... Its supposed to be something like "The daughter of the Son of Sounds is raised in the village, which is now being threatened by the "storm god" who created the first one that her father tamed. And now she has to use the storms in the old violin to try and defeat the storms of the Storm God to save the world, blah blah blah. ITS GETS TOO CLICHE. Plus it sounds like a song called "The Devil went down to Georgia" I've heard before.)

08-06-2011, 12:22 AM
@Sutari - That first one is actually pretty cool. Predictable, sure, but cool. I'd have read it.

I have plenty of discarded plots, all discarded for the same reason: predictability. Most of them are just Word documents, though I made Blank and Golden Summer comics.

Age @ time of writing: 12 (yes, I've been writing steampunk for 5 years, only learned what it was a few months ago)
Plot: Miol, Quenlin, and Darren (all 12) are growing up in a normal fantasy village when a demon emerges from the ground and ravages the entire place, throwing the kids out of the wreckage. Miol ends up in a river, where he drifts away to another point in the story. Quenlin and Darren are rescued by an elven girl named Alana who is the daughter of the king of the western elven village, Treviri. She takes them to Treviri, a tech-y city with computers and electronics based on energy crystals. Meanwhile, Miol washes up in another western village called Tivoli. He's rescued and cared for by a girl named Kylie. Shortly thereafter, Tivoli is raided by goblins and its inhabitants flee to Treviri. Reunited, the original trio, plus Alana and Kylie, head north for some unexplained reason and find a legendary sword that they use to eventually kill the demon who originally destroyed Dakonia. I remember there being some business with Quenlin and Alana being killed by a shade and a falling pillar, respectively, but what do I care anymore? I realized it sucked a month later. Besides, they were resurrected later because I was a pussy and didn't wanna kill off my Mary Sues.
Elements I kept: Technologically-advanced elves, names of places (Treviri, Dakonia), base character template (Quenlin).

Age: 12
Plot: Luis Soul is dude with pointy ears who everyone thinks is an elf, living in a contemporary setting. He's shunned by all his peers, but ends up being a hero.
Elements I kept: None.

Age: 13
Plot: Alan wakes up in rubble. His hometown (New York City) is destroyed and there are no people as far as he can see. He finds a little girl named (I forgot, so let's call her Sue for now) Sue, who is apparently completely useless compared to the other kids he meets after getting a phone call from a well-known teen agent called Will, who is British. Will and his girlfriend, Alexis, are responsible for Alan and Sue's survival. Another kid named Trev contributed, and he joins him because he's Irish. All of these Mary Sues and Gary Stus figure out that there are two bad guys who caused the world to pretty much blow up, and they go to beat them up. Not kill them, for whatever reason. They fight robots along the way. Will uses a sword and the others use plasma rifles. Eventually, they all barge into the baddies' base, avoiding a really, really obvious deathtrap. Alexis dies and Will beats up both bad guys for revenge. Then it turns out Alexis is alive. They decide that they need to figure out the "Time Code" in order to reset the world, as if it had backed itself up the previous day. I wonder why I didn't just keep Alexis dead if that was the case. Apparently-useless Sue turns out to be a genius who can figure out the code, and she sets everything right.
Elements kept: Zero-to-hero character "arc."

4. BLANK (Original)
Age: 14
Plot: Isaac is a gangster who leaves his gang at the beginning of the comic. He sees a guy trying to shoot a cute girl, so he saves her. Her name is Miri, and she's eternally grateful. Really, though, she just latches onto him like a 15-year-old girl to Orlando Bloom. Coincidentally, Miri is 15 and Isaac did look a bit like Orlando Bloom, hence the comparison. People keep chasing Miri and Isaac, and when they're finally caught, they're led into an underground base where they're given a hotel-like room and Miri gets her eyes gouged out. Now, at this point, I could have still salvaged the plot, but what I did instead was horrendous: I introduced a new character: a man in a cloak with long, curly hair, dark eyes, and inhuman combat skills. He tells Isaac about a machine that could hook up to Miri and give her new, working eyes. Isaac, suddenly deeply attached to the girl he just met, helps her find the machine and has a rather video game-ish battle in which he protects Miri in the machine while gunning down enemies.
Elements kept: Miri and the concept of her blindness, Isaac as a gangster.

5. GOLDEN SUMMER (Original)
Age: 15
Plot: Kayden is a normal kid who has a crush on an albino girl named Sierra, who is assaulted on her way home from shopping one day. Being trained in martial arts, she manages to knock him out. Then her hot older sister, Atemi, enters and nonchalantly starts a sparring match. Sierra lands a good kick, and Atemi coughs up blood and falls over. The mugger/assaulter shoots Sierra. She turns into a demon after death, which happens to be just when Kayden and master martial artist Benji arrive. Demon Sierra says that normal Sierra likes Kayden, then tries to kill everyone. Benji has an "intense" fight with her (DBZ-style) and she goes back to normal with her fatal wound somehow healed, and the mugger whose throat she slit as a demon is just forgotten. Oh, and in that comic, I drew Atemi with the biggest tits I've ever drawn on a character. Just sayin'.
Elements kept: Sierra as a cute albino character, Atemi as the sexy older sister. Appearances only. Their personalities were promptly discarded.

6. GUARDIANS (Blank revision)
Age: 16
Plot: The story opened up with a rainy scene outside a hotel. Josh Monty, a handsome college student, is protecting two beautiful girls, Lauren and Miri, from a guy in a cloak who says he wants to kill them. There's a fight. Josh loses. The assassin beats up the girls, but can't bring himself to kill them. He leaves, and the story continues. Miri goes to school a few days later and fails to confess to the guy she likes, Isaac. Josh is revealed to be babysitting the two girls at the hotel (not suspicious at all), who are then revealed to be bioweapons. There's one faction of people who want them dead so that they can't do harm, and one that wants them alive to do experiments and use them as . . . well, bioweapons. Josh wants them to live normal lives, and so do their parents. The parents show up during a basketball game in which Miri makes a half-court shot and scores at the last second. Assassins camp out around the hotel, and the parents leave to draw them away (really because I got bored with them). Isaac is revealed as the assassin, Josh and a random dude with no relation to the story play Halo, and then they all go play tennis. On their way back to the hotel, they get shot up. Miri is shot and dies in a gutter while everyone else gets away. This was the first story I EVER finished the first draft of.
Elements kept: Josh Monty now has his own story, a horror/thriller that I plan to make into a game. Miri and Lauren were kept and put in a religious inspirational novella and a snowboarding drama, respectively. All bioweapon elements eliminated.

7. ALBINO v.1 (very, very recent Golden Summer re-make)
Age: 17
Plot: Sierra Summer is an albino girl who was abused in her home country of Africa. Her aunt cut off her hand for money. Sierra goes to America to live with her cousins, who adopt her. Coincidentally, she now has a sexy older sister named Atemi. Sierra's abusive aunt comes to America four years later and starts teaching Sierra's foreign cultures class, claiming that there were other hunters her and that she was here to protect her beloved niece. In the end, Sierra's aunt tries to kill her again, but ends up shooting Atemi. Sierra is saved, Atemi is admitted to the hospital, and Sierra's aunt runs and hides. Predictable, stupid. I'm ashamed to admit I only ruled out that storyline in the past month.
Elements kept: The basic plot and characters.
Elements discarded: The ending, Sierra's aunt's original character arc, Sierra's aunt's main personality.
Still working on Albino as my main project. Most of the stuff I write now is horror, psychological, or religious/inspirational, so I never even touch those old plots.

08-06-2011, 06:59 PM
I had one where there was a selfish guy who accidently reopened pandora's box.
It never really went any farther than that, but you can twist a bunch of things.
like the box could be a giant door, or something like a simple cardboard box.

08-07-2011, 12:30 AM
I had a story about hand of midas where the protagonist got the hand of midas but managed to control it. though it's a shounen type and his usually using ordinary wooden sword and turn it into gold weapon, while there are others like him who's a villain where they can turn stuffs into other elements as well(there are liquids and gas as well) it's difficult to explain it but you guys can have that story if you want cause i don't need it anymore.
if your really intrested just pm me.

08-08-2011, 09:36 AM
the first one is really cool. .after i'm done with my thesis. .em really gonna post something here. . .also. .i think that we share a common taste on story genre. .^^

08-09-2011, 06:14 PM
Oh, i had a thread about my discarded plots but now that this is here, i'm going to abandon it...

ok, copy pasting three stories:

1- Sky Mermaid
The story is about a boy who's scared of anything he sees. one day, his parents decide to go on a trip so they leave him with his uncle who's house is in the seaside for a few weeks.
the boy tries to cope with his fears so that his uncle and his wife won't know about his cowardliness, but one time, in the middle of the night he freaks out when he sees his own shadow on the wall while going to the toilet, so he runs out of the house and hides in the beach nearby, but again he freaks out at everything he sees (mostly, about the fact that the line between the sea and the sky is not distinguishable) there so he runs back into the house.
the next day, when he wakes up, he finds a baby mermaid (as big as his thumb) in his uncle's aquarium on the verge of being eaten by the other fish, turns out that at night, whenever the sea line cannot be seen, the sky and the sea connect and this baby mermaid had fallen from the sky to the sea and got into the boy's cloth when he was hiding in the beach.
the story revolves around the boy trying to raise the mermaid in three weeks ( the mermaid's got a frightening growth speed ) so she can go back to her home in he sky.

3-(haven't named it :P):
The story is set in a flat earth... or should i say... two flat earths...
Rast and Chap are two broad and flat plate-like continents parallel to each other in a way that if someone from Rast would look up at the sky with a very powerful telescope, he would see someone who's living in Chap and vice versa. In the middle these two plates is a another plate made out of unbreakable hard glass, which is essentially there to cancel out the reverse gravities of the two worlds.
The people who lived in these two continents were proud of themselves and in the hope of gaining domination, they started to attack the other world, but the glass plate made them all ineffective creating a situation of discomfort for the residents in the two worlds.
And so, the younger class started a new way to challenge each other: Graffiti Wars.
By wearing protective clothing for the atmosphere pressure ( it looks like an old diving suit ) and a new technology for creating long ropes, they hang from the glass sky with a hook and they try to do graffiti on it, there are no rules, it's just that whoever does it better earns more respect for his/her continent.
Now the story, is about a graffiti artist who has made a home for himself in the sky and his job is to monitor the other artists who do graffiti on the sky and keep a record for their works, but one day, he sees small cracks on the glass sky....

I'm currently working on 7 stories, of which i'm probably going to discard 3 that are not developing as well as the others, so i'll probably post more here later.

EDIT: i've decided to try the second one again...

08-12-2011, 09:32 PM
I had an idea about a boy from 1000 years in the future who accidently goes back in time.
Think of the opposite of Futurama.

08-13-2011, 05:53 PM
Plot: [spoiler]Sierra Summer is an albino girl who was abused in her home country of Africa.

... Matt.

08-14-2011, 01:42 AM
Before you say anything, Bacon. South Africa is full of white people with white names.

08-14-2011, 09:03 AM
Oh, I see what you did there, Bacon.

Yeah, Cyp's right. I did my research for once.

08-23-2011, 01:37 AM
That's not what I was pointing out (I'm good at Geography guys!) it was the "COUNTRY of Africa" bit ...

10-12-2011, 06:53 PM
alright, i dropped two.

4-GiriGiri: (lol)

this story is about an angel, who was really full of herself. she showed off her power to the other angels any time she had the chance to and laughed at humans' incapabilities. one day, she became carried away and said that god is the most foolish existence in the world to his(god's) face and called herself more worthy of being the creator of everything in front of all the creatures in heaven. naturally, god got angry and fed up with her attitude and decided a punishment for her. the punishment was that she should be banned into earth and spend the rest of her life helping and saving humans from natural disasters, and while doing that, she shouldn't show herself to anyone.
she spent a year doing that and during that time, she became more and more frustrated at herself, but the thing she was most frustrated at was that everything she did and every miracle she performed was credited to god. in fact, she was so frustrated and stubborn that she made all of them look like they were done by a single normal boy just to defy god...
the story is about this boy, who later came to be known as a prophet because of his miracles...
though it might sound a bit serious, this was done while i was thinking of it as a comedy, so yeah, it's a comedy... the reason for dropping it was that i wasn't able to expand on the story and plot, and this moe-like image i had of it really turned me off...

5- Unnamed:
this story is about a group of graduates from the academy of the supernatural defence measures (SDM), who are given their first mission to find someone while being under the supervision of a master exorcist. but this person they are going to find is no easy prey, his name is "Unnamed", a former master exorcist who abandoned the academy 100 years ago and sold out his friends to the demons and burned down the great library and all the info the exorcists had about demons along with it, and by doing so, he attained powers exceeding humans from the demons.
the story is actually not about finding unnamed's identity, the readers will find that after one or two chapters, he's gamma, the master exorcist supervising their mission. the story is about how gamma leads this team through different demonic dimensions to follow all the clues left by himself and by doing so, he slowly explains the reasons behind his actions in the last 100 years...

although i abandoned this because it was a bit cliché (and also because ao no exorcist suddenly came and i just didn't feel like doing it anymore), i still kept many of the great characters and plot twists for further use in future stories.

also, i originally planned to start drawing unnamed as a manga and improve my drawing skills with it, but now i changed my mind and i want to pick up "Haven of Ice" again and make some changes, because it starts out much more slowly so i can slowly adapt myself to it, and it's a bit more focused on different areas rather than characters. what do you guys think? any idea which one will help more with my art?:monkey_lessee:

10-16-2011, 01:47 PM
I have one. I didn't really know about the title, so I took that from the bible. It's called Den of thieves. I sorta thought about what was doing well, y'know, ninjas, mafia, pirates, teachers, shinigami, etc. These are all jobs, and the manga are about their lives and how they find happiness, kill some evil guy, save the world, etc. So my stupid idea was to have a story about a profession that wasn't known much about, but would be interesting. I chose thieves. The story went, a young man, who's father was a famous thief, was murdered before the son's eyes. In his escape with his sister, (minor character), he leaves and goes to a bar/club/watever, and a friend shows him to a secret room, in which a trapdoor leads into an underground base for theives, and the boy learns stuff and gets more powerful, etc.

05-20-2012, 09:56 PM
I really like Choiceless aka Flash box.

05-20-2012, 10:55 PM
Here's my idea
1. No title

Plot: Main character is a female who is 16 years old she was the result of a secret government funded project to great the ultimate human weapon (cliche I know). Prologue At the time of her creation the project and the facility, named Mobious, was threatened to be shut down completely being the 24th and suppose to be last "weapon" created thus named Omega aka Megusu (Meg/Megan). While the main character was young Akiko Hashimoto (who is the one of the head scientists working on the project and the wife of Michael Hashimoto) stole her from the facility because Akiko did not know that Megusu would be considered a weapon and be sold to the government. Akiko took Megusu left her husband and ran hiding in the country side raising her as her own daughter. Seven years later Michael finds Akiko and Megusu forcing Megusu to watch Akiko being beaten and killed. He then takes her back to Mobious Labs where he molds her into the ultimate solider and using his newly developed genetic technology allowing her to have superhuman abilities.
Present Now 16 she managed to escape from the facility and her government handlers she now acts as a contract assassin and part time vigilante. As a teenager/young adult she struggles with fitting in at the boarding school that she is attending. Despite her cool attitude toward people and trust issues she manages to catch the eye of a young teacher's assistant. Who quickly finds himself in danger as Mobious tries to locate Megusu.

That's about it for that one I came up with this idea last year (I think maybe 2 years ago) although there has been many variations to the story since its creation.

05-22-2012, 09:26 PM
Eh. The problem with the 'goverment super soldier' plot is that it's done really, really often... But if you can think of more elements to the universe that don't revolve around Megan you could probally get away with it anyway.

The movie Serenity is a good example. One of the main characters is exactly this, but the goverment is up to so many more nasty things that she doesn't seem quite as sue-ish as you'd think.

Just keep in mind that if all the bad guys have to do is sit around and talk about the main character, then... Well, yeah, there is probally a major problem. >_>

05-22-2012, 10:17 PM
Recommend you to use this thread for feed backs.


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Hey, no backseat modding. Eh.

I'm fine with feedback in this thread, honestly. Otherwise why bother having it? If the posters don't want some sort of input on their unused ideas - why bother sharing them? But if it's an active project, then post it in general manga thread, yeah.

Honestly I think the best use for this thread might be to post your discarded ideas and share with us why you discarded them - assuming it wasn't just lack of interest. If it was a particular flaw or issue, maybe we can help so you can pick it back up.

05-23-2012, 08:45 AM
So maybe you should add that to the title/OP.

05-23-2012, 10:30 AM
Me? I'll edit it in later I guess. Sorry. Codeine and ear infection and sleep need now.

05-26-2012, 11:59 PM
If I may, First of all I'm completely new to manga/anime but it is enjoyable. I wrote a story i didn't see really going anywhere.

So it is about 3 main characters, Khalil (named after myself), Fraise (at the time i was writing it in 1st person and this was the narrarator), and Raine (a girl who is the clichè female thief protagonist). Anyways its in a future not quite post-apoc but not exactly peaceful, where earth has split in 2 (creatively named left and right earth) where left earth is very industrious and wants right earth's resources. The story is 2 years after a large war where many soldiers disapeared from both sides along with Fraises girlfriend, Fraise is walking around right earth exiled (as he was the only soldier to return home) when he comes across a group of islanders (people who live on the moon) one of which named Khalil explains to him he knows where the soldiers and Fraise's girlfriend went. Khalil takes him to the moon (called the island) where they go to a place called the void. The void is the main setting of the first story and it is not exactly a barren wasteland. Basicly the void is another world where monsters roam (think giant birds, talking reptillian merchants, dragons, and elementals), it is not a wasteland either, there are parts where there is fertil land (lived on by humans who came to the void by accident). So fraises gf is trapped by an evil human (or demon i was debating it) who has pretty much amassed an army and taken controll of the void, he is using the soldiers and anyone else who enters as slaves or sacrifices.

I got to a town and never finished, I just could not get the ideas flowing again. It would've ended with him saving the girl then there would be another part where he retakes the void making it safe for humans again, then another where the four of them would fight left earth etc. I planned it to be 3-5 arcs essentially.

06-01-2012, 01:41 AM
Oooh I had this in mind before I got frustrated and quit drawing for a long time.

This would've been a black comedy and takes place where a race of humanoid cat creatures creatures enjoy hunting and eating real humans. One of there own, a spunky but friendly female of their group goes on a hunt and meets a horribly mistreated bitter younger human guy that pretty much wants to die and could care less on how to go. She ends up slaughtering his abusive owners and their associates. She then decides to take the guy to their lair, but instead taking his life she decides to keep him as a pet. Part of the dark comedy is she has to hide him from her family who want to make him their latest supper. As time goes by the guy warms up and they become friends and soon they're off on crazy gore adventures killing humans and then taking them back and eating them as if it were the normal thing to do.

Yeah I didn't get too far but that was my *canceled* idea for a manga/graphic novel etc. XD