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12-30-2010, 01:00 AM
I started practicing to draw about 3 months ago and i went through most of the toturials but my drawings don't seem to go where i want them to, so i'm here to getsome critics (btw my scanner is not working so excuse the quality)

12-30-2010, 12:46 PM
kid... 3 months! dude your the most surprising new coming artist yet
firstly, you got creativity and you dont use guides so i think you are quite natural

firstly i would say, is that you should start working in light blue pencil for guides to help you with some extreme posing

i think you should start learning anatomy for men this will help define your characters bodies and will help stop you from making all your characterss bodies look all the same
exaggerated arm muscle, scrawny arms, massive upper ches etc

also you might want to look into how crease work (folds in the clothing)
as they seem slightly random and do not appear as the going with the flow of gravity i suggest you look up a tutorial on that while also posing infront of the mirrior with e.g. long sleeves to help you when you draw you characters bending their arms

further more i think you should try and start to build up a style while also learning the basics, this will make your art more appealling
also your style will affect the way thigns work e.g. very cartoony style
very little chunky folds or a very realistic anime style will lead you to make more defined muscles complicated hair etc

oh and here is a task
draw different types of eyes with the same face- experiment! (same with hair)
turn a real picture into a cartoon/anime picture- exercises brain
oh and pratice expressions. we dont want them all smiling :) XD

12-30-2010, 10:14 PM
Wow, three months and you're already experimenting with foreshortening?! And it even looks pretty good, with that sword in the first picture.They're all impressive for the time you've been drawing- I'd follow axion's advice, since it's good advice and it might help you with your problem =)

12-31-2010, 01:05 PM
Thanks for the advice! then i guess i'll try to draw people from different views and with different anatomies for now and i'll work on the folds. oh, and i'll be sure to do the tasks you gave, axion!

01-03-2011, 08:04 AM
you got good hands shaun! drawing without reference is difficult, (well for me).. :)

01-17-2011, 10:56 AM
Sorry for not posting for a long time, my exams suddenly came up and i had to study... anyway i've got a question: i always ink my pencil drawings with a pen but afterwards i feel like that it's not as good as it was before, so should i stop doing that?

Two more drawings:

i'm currently trying to draw people from different views but they all turn out pretty unnatural and crappy, i guess i need more practice...

01-18-2011, 10:01 AM
I think i'm beginning to get the hang of it

01-18-2011, 05:47 PM
well... (replying to question)
if it makes you feel better than you should stop inking your drawings then
or really just question yourself about why you hate it and how you can improve it

anyway i can see some improvements.... well till i saw the drawing at the bottom at the thread, then i went WTF£$%&*&*£%$$ @_@ thats alot better, i truely honestly think you could be some awesome artist

i think if you just going with what you are doing already but at the same time do more close-up stuff, because i would like to see more detailed work from you

also i liked the eyes abit in the last pic i fought they were nice but you should try to go deeper into what you are doing, if you have a artist on deviantart that you look up to and have a simliar style... well... not copy the style but you know?!
uh sorry i would comment but my head is dying from the lack of sleep and too much revision OTL

anyway yeah keep going and all i can really say is do, or atleast try to attempt the same tasks as last time if possible please :D bye

02-08-2011, 10:09 AM
Well, sorry again for not posting. i've been away from internet and i had issues with my scanner again.

Thanks again, axion, but after drawing that i couldn't draw anything better than that, so i guess it was just luck that it turned out like that.
and i don't even have a deviant art account since i haven't been doing this for long and i don't even have much time for drawing.
and from those tasks, i've been trying different faces with different hairs and features and i tried out different expressions but i still haven't done the cartoonizing thing, which now that i'm reminded about it i'm gonna give it a try.

New drawings:

the last one is based on an old action figure i've had since years ago.

02-15-2011, 10:35 AM
Okay, Here are two more drawings,any comment or critique is welcome...


02-19-2011, 03:02 AM
Come on, people, i need critiques!

02-19-2011, 05:56 AM
I have 2 suggestions:

You should work on basic anatomy and basic shapes

I suggest you use loomis and get an anatomy book.

You should also draw squares, triangles, circles etc. and add shading onto them. It will help you with the 3D feeling.

02-22-2011, 09:33 AM
OK, i started to work on shading. but can you be a bit more specific about the anatomy? i'm sorry but i can't download much because of my slow internet. can you tell me which parts i should work on?

02-22-2011, 02:39 PM
I suggest you work on the basics. Use stickmen, and basicshapes to get the proportions and poses. After you feel confident doing that, work on more specific things like arms, legs, chest etc.

04-23-2011, 02:58 PM
Hehehehe, i didn't do any drawings for 1.5 month! i recently immigrated and changed places so pardon me if you notice the big gap between my last post and this post... and getting straight to the point, these are two doodles/sketches i drew: please C&C...
I AM using stickmans for guidelines, they're not there only because i ink my drawings.

04-23-2011, 04:09 PM
here's another one....

04-24-2011, 04:50 AM
Your stuff is looking p good there. I noticed that you somewhat over do the creases on you characters cloths specially on the pants to the point where you make the legs look like jelly. You should try to estimate where the creases are so you don't overdo it. I suggest you do some outlines of your characters body first then you draw the cloths over it. You seem to be doing ok with body anatomy but you could still work on it more. I can't really crit on shading cuz my shading sucks too OTL but other then that you seem to be doing fine. Keep it up.

04-24-2011, 06:11 PM
First of all, I have to say that your perspective is THE best I've seen with a new artist. I recommend incorporating it into more of your pictures. Right now, you have these awesome-looking 3D pictures, but also some really flat stuff that looks like it was done months before your perspective stuff. Everything in life is 3D, so why shouldn't your pictures be? Unless you're doing concept art, there's no real reason to draw 2D poses. Even when you're running--a typically potential 2D pose--your arms and legs are at different angles, your shoulders and hips are going opposite directions, etc. I recommend drawing from life: reference drawing. You're not gonna stumble across the right lines by just guessing, especially for things like folds and creases. I also recommend shading. When you draw from life, inevitably, you'll see places on your subject that are darker or lighter than others. Define those areas in your drawings with the side of your pencil, or if you're using a pen, different variations of hatching and crosshatching and such. And reference.

Let me say this: you, ShaunG, are one of the best new artists I've ever seen. Tackling perspective when you haven't even drawn for a year is amazing in itself, and your lines are clean and economic (for an example of things that are NOT clean and economic, there's my stuff, with fifty different lines drawn to depict the head and over 9000 for the eyes). Please keep them that way. Beautifully clean lines are part of the reason manga is so great. Some sketchy styles are cool, but for the most part, cleanliness owns.

Did I mention reference?

Also, consider reference.

Reference will make you better.

The cake is a lie. The reference is not.

If I want anything to stand out from my critique, it's ref--*is shot*

04-25-2011, 07:34 AM
@MiKuMRu: Yup, creases on pants are the most problematic for me, i draw the body outline first but after that unless there's a few accessories attached to it i cant seem to get the creases right, specially on loose clothings which - as you pointed out - turn out like jelly mountains.:cat_sad:

@Matt: :cat_yawn: Doing things in 3D is troublesome, but i guess i'll try to do it every time i draw. my shading sometimes turn a drawing which turned out a bit cool after thinking a lot about it, into something ridiculous and i bought a bamboo tablet last week for inking my drawings (since i don't have a scanner anymore ) and it's a bit harder to do the shadings now.

my worst problem is that i do most of my drawings in school breaks, ( i'm not really at home much ) so usually the only thing i can use as reference is my hands, but now i guess i have to manage my time better and also references are important to the point of getting shot so:cat_thumbsup:, more time on drawing, here i come.

and thanks for all the compliments, i feel really inspired right now:cat_shiney:
(these smilies are really convenient, aren't they?)

and also here's another drawing:

04-28-2011, 03:39 PM
This is the first time i'm drawing something entirely on a graphic tablet, C&C greatly appreciated.

04-28-2011, 08:24 PM
O.O..............................major improvement in like......a week..........................................X.x. ..... Btw the hand holding the sword has its forearm a bit too long, AND you should consider making the back/ fire-heads dude right foot a little smaller. The perspective on the legs is pretty good but the right foot is as same as the left one. Still MAJOR improvement!!!!!!!!

04-29-2011, 05:19 AM
lol, thanks. actually i drew the right foot smaller at first but i thought that the perspective looked a bit wierd compared to the left hand:monkey_umm: so i tried to draw the left hand bigger and it turned out more wierd (looked like the left hand and the left foot are much longer than their right ones.)
i have a bad problem with the arm's anatomy ( specially when it's not in a perspective) i guess i need to look up a bit of reference for that:cat_tea:

04-29-2011, 12:17 PM
here's another one, i would really appreciate some C&C on it...

04-29-2011, 03:25 PM
First off, I really want to say, you've really got the Fore/background perspective concept down. As far as this pic goes, I would say, really work on your proportions and clothing wrinkles. For example: the hands seem a bit lumpy. three ovals stacked on top of each other DOES make up the general shape of the pads of your finger...but your fingers aren't made of ovals....if that makes any sense. as far as the clothes, you seem to have a good general idea of how it flows in some parts. The wrinkle lines on the bottom of the boys shirt seem to flow some what naturally, but the wrinkle line on girls shirt seem unnatural. try looking at some ref pics of cloths in the same or similar poses to what you are drawing. One last thing to remember, when drawing anime/manga some things get detailed and some dont. It could be just part of your style, but most of the time you dont see the wrinkles in the finger joints, or even wrinkles in the face drawn, unless the artist is portraying an older person. I really like the pose Idea, and I hope I helped :/ .... keep em coming

04-29-2011, 04:55 PM
:cat_huh:now that you mention it, i wonder why do i draw fingers like that? i guess it's because it helps me to understand the 3d feel more, thanks for telling me that i hadn't noticed it before...
i'm still working on my folds so thanks for pointing out the the unnatural parts, haha, arrogant folds, they think they can defeat me?:monkey_believeme: they're wrong, i'll be the one emerging victorious, umm:monkey_nod:
i kinda understand the fingers but i don't get what you mean about the face, you're refering to the eyebrow wrinkles?
thanks for the awesome critique, that really helps:monkey_clap:

04-30-2011, 02:23 AM
I was just talking about "skin wrinkles" in general. there are no face wrinkles in your pic...maybe I should have left that part out...sorry o~o

04-30-2011, 02:58 PM
ah, ok!

i did another one! didn't turn out like i thought it would but i tried my best on it, like always, C&C greatly appreciated...
EDIT: now that i look at it, the woman's lower body looks utterly ridiculous.

05-01-2011, 02:04 PM

Ok so I found a few problems. What I circled in green are proportionally too big. Im not sure what exact poses you were going for here so instead of redlining the whole thing I just red lined what seemed the most off anatomically. I know people hate to do it, but, USE GUIDELINES FIRST. when it comes to poses like these and anatomy in general its a huge help. hope this helps

05-01-2011, 03:56 PM
WOW, REDLINES!:cat_shiney:, thanks for that, they're really helpful...

actually i use stickman to define the poses and then i draw the picture on another layer. this is the original stickman poses, is there anything wrong with the way i do it?

05-01-2011, 05:28 PM
Those stick figures are pretty similar to what I use. I think the main difference between what mine look like compared to yours is that I provide more space for the hips. I hope you don't mind but I did a red-line of your stick men to give you a couple of ideas how to provide more space.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/47094384@N07/5676704159/" title="stickmanredline1 by Nisaren, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5187/5676704159_c49694ab15.jpg" width="500" height="396" alt="stickmanredline1"></a>

From this simple quick stick man, I usually add on the pelvis and chest spaces, as you can see in the next image.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/47094384@N07/5676704365/" title="stickmanredline2 by Nisaren, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5221/5676704365_2627fe512c.jpg" width="500" height="396" alt="stickmanredline2"></a>

It really helps in this stage to remember about shoulder to hip proportions. It also helps if you realize there are two different shapes for the hips depending on gender.

05-01-2011, 05:53 PM
:cat_shiney::cat_shiney:WOW, SO MANY REDLINES...

i'm starting to get the general idea of poses and stickman... i think... thank you for all the help!

05-03-2011, 05:35 AM
Wow these are excellent Shaun!

Btw, my name is Shaun G in real life :O Coincedence.

05-07-2011, 08:45 AM
@Rare: really? that's awesome, actually my name is Shayan IRL, i just thought that they were similar that's why i use shaun.

anyway, C&C please....

05-08-2011, 12:52 AM
wow....thats awesome. I wish I had thought of that pose an composition :O. For C&C: the bottom guy is pretty good, theres just a few problems I can spot. 1.) the hand on the left (his right hand) is a tad too big. 2.) the foot on the right (his left foot) is in a very awkward position. It almost looks like he broke his ankle, but I know its just a very difficult perspective to draw. and 3.) his ab muscles are...well you should look at some pictures of ab muscles, because Ive never seen any that look like that o-o. For the girl on top, the biggest problem is the hand on the left (her right hand). It would be impossible to hold your hand on a sword that way unless you broke your wrist. Remember to watch your hip placement when drawing women and keep working on those clothes folds. the cloth hanging off the sword handle has a pretty natural flow to it, keep it up!

05-08-2011, 03:12 PM
1) got it. 2)it really is, i'll try to work on leg perspectives more... 3)muscles are really too complicated for me:cat_cryincorner:, i need to put practicing them in the same priority as folds.
:cat_sweat:now that you pointed it out... you're right!!! btw i'm really getting confused by this hip placement thingie:cat_whirly:
thanks for your always awesome critiques!!!!

05-09-2011, 03:33 PM
Bleh... still can't get folds right, but i did another perspective practice for the leg....

05-10-2011, 04:00 PM
well, i did another one, but it didn't turn out any good as well.

05-10-2011, 09:34 PM
WOAH. Big improvement! the first pic has very few anatomical flaws. His left hand (the one closes to the top of the page) is too big. Its in the background, but its just as big as the other hand thats in the mid-ground. His feet/shoes are very square shaped, which is very odd :/ . Try looking at some pics of shoes, and the shape of shoe soles. As for the folds... There are a lot of good folds, and there are a lot of unnecessary ones. For example, the folds at the bottom of his shirt, on his waist, are very good. They show a twisting motion that compliments the pose and the action. The wrinkles on his shoulders and butt pocket, however, are very unnecessary. they don't compliment the way the body is moving, and theres nothing that gives evidence that they should be there o-o.
For the second picture, it seems you've started to realize the flow of wrinkles a lot more, and you've only drawn the important ones. The Perspective is almost perfect dude. very nice job on this one. As of right now, I would really focus on shoes/feet and facial anatomy. Keep it up.

05-11-2011, 01:44 PM
I seem to have a major problem with hand sizes, gotta keep tat in mind for next time. hmm... feet and shoes, huh? they are pretty weird now that i look at them, reference reference, here i come!:cat_payup: and about the folds, even if i try my best to guess where they are, folds like the ones on the arm of the coat in the second pic turn out really unnatural, any tips? and also i would really appreciate it if you could tell me where i should start with in my facial structures as well, i've been trying to improve it for a long time but i don't know how to do it...:cat_sigh:

05-11-2011, 10:37 PM
Folds are just another one of those annoying things. When drawing them you have to factor in a lot of different things. Is there wind blowing? If so, what direction is it moving? Would gravity allow this wrinkle to actually be here? Adding a BUNCH of wrinkles can also make the clothes look un-kept, like they need to be ironed or something. Understanding the flow of wrinkles just takes time and practice. For you right now the key to drawing good wrinkles and folds is most likely "moderation". Don't get too detailed with wrinkles your unsure about. In the mean time continue to look at refs.
As for the facial anatomy... like everything in anatomy, it starts with guide lines, refs, and practice. There are A BUNCH of face anatomy refs out there, and everyone has their own way of doing it, But they all follow the same simple rules of anatomy. Heres just a few ways I learned to remember them :
1.)Try think of the red circle as a 'sphere' not a circle. the blue line is the "line of symmetry" or the "Y" axis of the face.
2.)The blue line the "x" or the eye line. This line wraps around the sphere.
The jaw line can be very tricky, and differs greatly depending on what type of person you are drawing. Always remember NOT to cut the jaw line too short. On a normal jaw line, You should have the same general amount of space above the "x" axis (eye line) as you do below it.
The "X" axis line should be Three eyes long. This means that if you draw both eyes, another eye of the same size SHOULD be able to fit between the two. On a front view like this one, the nose line starts at the bottom of the sphere and is parallel to the "y" axis.
Something many people forget, your ears start BELOW the eye line, wether they are big, or not.
Once you have the 'x' n 'y' axis, drawing different angles is just a matter of moving the y axis to the left or the right, and curving it to the slope of the sphere.And of course, Moving the 'x' axis up and down changes the eye level.
As I said before there are a zillion ways to do this, and you will more than likley find your own way of doing it, but the rules are the same. hope this helps.

05-12-2011, 08:26 AM
I think you definitely have an advantage over a lot of people with the fact that you're fearless when it comes to attempting dynamic poses. Definitely keep pushing your comfort zone with them. I took your one picture and did a quick red line for the folds. Folds are actually pretty simple to do if you understand some basic rules.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/47094384@N07/5712361995/" title="kick1z redline by Nisaren, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2194/5712361995_54d6f45114.jpg" width="500" height="500" alt="kick1z redline"></a>

1. There are several forces that influence clothing folds - Gravity, Wind, Body structure and movement, straps or other restraints, etc.
2. Folds occur going towards a point of stress. The blue arrows show the folds in the redline going towards a point of stress. Points of stress are often joints, places where strapping or lacing holds things tighter, etc.

The most important thing to figure out is where these points are and where the motion is going. Once you know that then you can place folds along it.

Note: There are tons of better tutorials than what I just outlined for you from artists that are better than me. I would suggest looking them up if what I said doesn't make much sense.

05-12-2011, 12:22 PM
:monkey_lessee: i feel like i just became smarter...

I think i'm beginning to understand folds day by day, and i noticed a few mistakes i made in facial anatomy, thank you, these posts really help me a lot...

EDIT: @nisaren: lol that's supposed to be the pants, i wanted to do one of those "sleeves are cut on one side" pants...

05-12-2011, 01:13 PM
whats up with the square foot :O

05-12-2011, 04:40 PM
that's supposed to be a boot/shoe, i've never really practised on them before. going to look up a bit of reference for that....

05-13-2011, 01:36 PM
this is a failed attempt for an up-view perspective... any C&C would be appreciated cause i'll need it.
EDIT: now that i look at it again, that's too much of a fail, after all that time i spent playing with it's perspective...

05-14-2011, 03:51 PM
It's great that you continue to try to work with perspective. I'm not sure if you are making use of vanishing points or not. If you aren't then I would highly suggest you do so. It will improve the accuracy of your perspective a ton. I made you another quick redline to show you what I mean and how it would change your drawing above.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/47094384@N07/5719721414/" title="hardperspective1 by Nisaren, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2113/5719721414_88940a4604.jpg" width="417" height="500" alt="hardperspective1"></a>

05-14-2011, 04:33 PM
:cat_what:Va... vanishing points?!... *takes note*
thanks, that IS going to help me a lot!!!

05-15-2011, 11:04 AM
Yeh its certainly the perspective of it that throws me the most. Its good that you try to draw that stuff though because I run from it haha. Angles like that are always difficult to draw. References might help you.

05-23-2011, 05:40 PM
Well, i've got exams so i don't have time for creativity, i'll just keep on doing stuff to not let go of drawing till the exams are over... bleh, i'm just really lazy these days...

05-23-2011, 07:08 PM
You've got the qualities of a good artist--very experimental and willing to try new things. Your perspective is getting there. I think you need to work on anatomy and clothing folds just a bit, though.

05-27-2011, 06:19 PM
still too lazy.. but i'm keeping on drawing..

05-28-2011, 08:39 PM
Yay!!!! first time coloring!

05-29-2011, 02:06 PM
Yay!!! first time shading and colouring!!! I need C&C on this one so i can improve... so please C&C...

06-02-2011, 01:40 PM
Well, i've got exams so i don't have time for creativity, i'll just keep on doing stuff to not let go of drawing till the exams are over... bleh, i'm just really lazy these days...

I can see you've used some of the advice and crits, but make sure you are consistent with them. Just because the boy is wearing sandals, doesn't mean you can get lazy and do another "square foot" :0 (sandals have sole shapes too). The older guys (father's?) shoes are done very well, and yet again, the composition of the pic is very good and far from boring. The main problem here is anatomy. On the older guys left hand (the hand on the right) the thumb is on the wrong side of his hand. I use to make this mistake a lot myself, just remember to pay close attention to what your drawing. The first thing I noticed when I looked at this pic was the boys arms and hands. they are way too big. I think I understand that you were going for a "exaggerated perspective", thats why the hands are bigger, right? The truth is the arm on the left (his right arm) is really at the wrong angle for this kind of perspective. The hand would've looked fine if it was normal size. Same thing goes for the other hand. This would make a lot more sense if I had done a red line, but I really don't have time right now o-o maybe later if you still want it.

still too lazy.. but i'm keeping on drawing..

This is really some good stuff man! keep doing stuff like this. I think right now your weakness is really feet, so make sure to take extra time on them.

Yay!!!! first time coloring!

:A: wow....you're really improving. You put the wrinkles in the right spots! the hand on the right (his left hand) is just a tiny bit too big, but thats really all I see.

Yay!!! first time shading and colouring!!! I need C&C on this one so i can improve... so please C&C...

Not bad, not bad. I know you're probably focusing on coloring but don't rush through your line art, its just as important (i would have liked to see some laces on those boots *shrug*). As far as coloring goes, its not a bad start. I cant really understand where the light source(s) are though. Also don't be afraid to use darker tones.

06-02-2011, 05:08 PM
Thanks for looking (finally)....

-I don't know why but i always thought child characters should have big hands, oh well, guess they shouldn't... oh, i can't believe i made the thumb mistake (and the square feet!), i'll make sure i won't do that again...

-Feet, feet, feet, feet, feet... got it! i mean, how should i improve them?

-Thanks for that, actually that one is done without guidelines (the next one too), i don't really understand but i feel much more free when i don't use them, is that bad?

-The light source is supposed to be from the character's left side, i don't know about the line art, i actually put some thought into it when drawing (like using bolder lines for the parts that are nearer, used a reference for the gun, etc.) so i'd appreciate it if you could tell me the mistakes i made for the line art. (laces, got it!)

06-05-2011, 12:16 PM
I joined DeviantArt!!!! (http://bozesg.deviantart.com/) i dunno why i hadn't done that up until now...

anyway, i found a very good solution for feet, I JUST WON'T DRAW THEM:cat_wahaha:!!! ...jk, but i'm going to work on them after i get finished with my exams... please C&C on this one...

06-05-2011, 05:49 PM
C&C meaning Critiques and comments right ? In that case il try to leave something a bit more extensive than I usually would.

Its cool that you play around with Foreshortening, its a difficult thing to master. The only thing I suggest with the foreshortening is that you go dramatic if you use it! . Youve done a good job with the amount you gave but actions like that work best exaggerated so bring the hand even more forward! see an even more foreshortened arm !

Starting with the face, I think you did an overall good job with it. Just be careful of the ear because it seems to take a strange shape. There not something that much emphasis is placed on so you can get away with them not being perfect, but you should make them a bit less jagged and I recommend you look at how hair falls over them because I think thats what makes the shape look odd.

No real problems with the body as most of it is covered with baggy clothing anyway. The hands though, the thumb on the foreward hand looks the same as the other fingers. The thumb in real life has quite a different shape to the rest of the fingers so try to capture that. Its also lower down the hand then the rest of the fingers, which you have done but it doesnt look quite right. For example the tip of my thumb line up just below the centre of my longest finger. I think thats an average thumb length and placement. And the fingers themselves aren't just cylindrical shapes but have three different main sections that you would probobly be able to see hints of even through the gloves.
edit : Looking back at your other work it seems you draw the hands alot better other times, perhaps its just the gloves.
Gesture and the general figure
It feels to me like he is standing rather arkwardly because of the angle of his back compared to the hips. It is do able, just not very natural. I think you were going for a slight backward lean which I think you get well. But the way hes off to the one side makes it look like an uncomfortable twist. I would suggest the hips be alligned slightly differently (perhaps more dynamic movement if you want that same pose).

The folds the folds the folds. There crucial to alot of peices , especially when the character is the main thing. There are specific places folds appear naturally and it feels to me like you have just guessed. Guessing is good because its only through trial and error that you will get it right. But I think there are too many in unusual places. For example the arm coming forward has too many jagged 'sticky out folds '. Usually those kind happen at the elbow and the wrist and not much else on the arm. The parts in between do have folds but there 'inner folds' indicated with just lines loosly and sparingly inside the clothing.

I think with the back arm the clothing on the elbow sticks out too much
The folds you have got on the torso seem about right to me but perhaps there could be more as the jacket flows off and down ?

I feel like the clothing shading is in all the right places which is great, gives a real feeling of a light source. To make that even more effective you should perhaps darken one side of the face in that particular angle to give some depth and as the light comes slightly from the top, there might be shade over the forehead cast by the hair.

Speaking of the hair, im unsure how to shade it correctly so sorry about that, but the way you have done it just seems to show me where his skull is rather than give volume to the hair. Hopefully someone else can tell you exactly what should have been done.

Oh and as NWAP said, dont neglect the line art. It can really add that proffesional touch when you get those line wieghts right!

I hope thats helpful for you. I see some really creative characters actually and a variety of clothing designs.

06-05-2011, 06:40 PM
Nice work! I wish I could draw hands like you can!

06-05-2011, 08:58 PM
I'm liking what I see here! you only just started drawing and you are already attempting things mosts artists dont in the first year of drawing, that's great, I think you should definitely look into anatomy study and practice drawing poses daily from www.posemaniacs.com this will speed up your hand to eye coordination and you will learn fast from copying from life too, hope to see a lot more!

06-06-2011, 02:08 PM
:cat_shock::monkey_wow:So many comments! thanks everyone...

Scarletlight: Thanks for the ultra super mega awesome critique!!!
-DRAMATIC!!!!!! got it...
-Never noticed the ear's problem, thanks for pointing it out!!! i now know what was REALLY wrong with the face...
yeah, actually i was thinking of something like a leather glove when i drew that, but you're quite right, my most problem with hands is the thumb....
-I intended for the pose to be a bit unnatural since the character himself was supposed to be unnatural, but i don't get what you mean by "the angle between the hip and the shoulder", i thought i drew them parallel to each other (looking at it again, the coat is really misleading, it might be because of that :P)...
-:cat_sigh:folds..... every point you made about them is completely valid and i will try to have them in mind next time i'm drawing...
-I tried shading the forehead but actually i was afraid of it becoming unnatural so i did it with so little difference in colour that it's barely visible:monkey_ehheh:, and yeah i seriously need some practice on shading the hair...

@Fenn: Thanks! hands were the only things i could use as reference in the middle of the class back when i started drawing so it's nice to know they somehow paid off...:monkey_hmm:

@Cloudy-chan: :monkey_happy:WOW! that's a really awesome site!!! i'll try learning from there as much as i can... oh, and thank you for the comment....

EDIT: my second attempt on up-view failed as well
(i got annoyed and got over everything really quickly so it looks really horrible now...)

06-06-2011, 06:15 PM
Just wanted to say that your art improved SOOOOOO nicely.
Looking at the dates, looks like you've been drawing for about 1 year.
You are on a higher level than me so I can't really crituqe but I can encourage you.
So Good Job.
~that's all~

06-07-2011, 05:00 AM
:monkey_backscratch:Thanks man, that means a lot...

06-11-2011, 06:51 PM
I did another one and tried to keep the things everyone said in mind, so... please C&C on this one as well...
Edit: i know their expressions are weird...

06-14-2011, 03:56 PM
I really should stop drawing laughing people.... anyway, please C&C...

06-14-2011, 05:17 PM
your stuff seems stiff. the shading needs work because it does not make sense for the most part.
you need to understand why there is shading in each spot and not assume. are you using your mouse to draw?
it seems like you are.

06-14-2011, 07:48 PM
lol... >.< that's one of my biggest mistake...
not lowering the opacity of the line layer before coloring..
because of that the line stand out so much

are you using your mouse to draw?
it seems like you are.

nah he's using a tablet.. >.<
if anyone.. I'm the one using a mouse

06-15-2011, 04:50 AM
@apples13: yeah, and they look more stiff than before lately, my exams are going to be over tomorrow so i guess i'll have more free time to work on them more.
ouch, dunno why, but that mouse comment hurt my pride a bit... lol, i guess i shouldn't think about colouring everything so soon and stick more with getting my line art better...

@ramiel: I should lower the opacity?! thanks for the tip, i'll try it the next time i colour something...

06-15-2011, 10:19 PM
you should go to the gb more often dude >.< it's better to draw where you can see how people draw...
and you can find out about a lot of different drawing styles... >.<

06-16-2011, 09:06 PM
Leaving the line art black and obvious isn't a crime. There are people out there who leave it for stylistic purposes. Anyways, you should always consider the end result you want. If you like thick and obvious line art - go for it! If you want it more subtle, do that instead!

06-17-2011, 02:17 AM
hmm well i guess so >.< come to think of it I always go for game cgs.. >.< most colored manga does have their lines thick and obvious line art... >.< so just forget what i said boz.. or you could do it how you want to... >.<
i choose to follow how <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRNwF_R1Oo8">touhou</a href> when it comes to cging >.< so just do it how you want and follow who you want to follow

06-21-2011, 04:44 PM
Exams are finished and im free!!!!!!!

@ramiel: My bandwidth kinda sucks so i cant really go to the gb that much, at most i can just go there for a few minutes every week... it annoys the hell out of me tbh.
@Rio: thanks for mentioning that, i was beginning to get a bit confused... from now on, i'll do everything Boz Style (which i have no idea what it is yet...:cat_wahaha:)

anyway, please C&C on this, i thought i'd get away from colouring a bit since i was beginning to get lazy on my lineart (and it still didnt improve that much)....

06-21-2011, 04:58 PM
@Rio: thanks for mentioning that, i was beginning to get a bit confused... from now on, i'll do everything Boz Style (which i have no idea what it is yet...:cat_wahaha:)Hahaha - It takes awhile to find your style. Some people find it early, some late in life, while for others, their style evolves with them through the course of their life. Speaking of which, I was talking to one of the members here and she said I had my own style though, personally, I didn't think I did have a particular style. If you keep at it, you may just stumble across it even though you don't even notice it like me. xD

06-21-2011, 10:46 PM
@ramiel: My bandwidth kinda sucks so i cant really go to the gb that much, at most i can just go there for a few minutes every week... it annoys the hell out of me tbh.

I wonder if that just an excuse:cat_wahaha:
I checked out that psalms thread made by kodos and it seems your in bad terms with him.. xD kodos is a rugular in gb so you might just thinking you don't want to get into a fight.. xD ofcourse i could be wrong and i know i might just be over thinking things but if this is true i don't think kodos would make debate there so don't worry that much..
:cat_soccer: just draw

as for the drawing goes it might be good to take some reference
your style seems to be close tokatou kazue (http://browse.minitokyo.net/gallery?tid=10105&index=3) or monochizuki jun (http://oreno.imouto.org/post/index?tags=mochizuki_jun)

you can choose your own style based on reference... that's the fastest way to find your own style.. just go to different styles until you find the one you like the most... (you build that greatest mangaka thread so you probably know more about authors than i do)

best art sometimes comes from cg illustrator... the one i seen best so far is hirano katsuyuki (http://oreno.imouto.org/post?tags=hirano_katsuyuki+)
check him out

06-22-2011, 02:32 PM
@Rio: I will keep on drawing and i will look forward to that XD...

@ramiel: dude, who in their right mind would start a debate about god with someone who's in bad terms with... seriously, i recently immigrated to uk and the place im staying at is temporary so i didnt get a home broadband and instead i got a mobile broadband which gives me only 5gb per month, so i really have to limit my internet activity if i want to have access to it all the time...
i can see the relation (though very little) with katou kazue but i dont see any similarities with the mochizuki jun pics, when i say i want to find my style, i mean my very own style, i want to find a style i can call my own....

06-22-2011, 07:20 PM
yeah i thought you might just like the clothings of monochizuki jun,, lmao:cat_wahaha:
it's hard to find your own style once you haven't tried other styles yet...
that's what i'm saying..
and sorry about the misunderstanding:cat_dead:
edit:actually i was just spoiling you and i know you would react like that:cat_ahahaha:

06-23-2011, 11:38 AM
Finding your own style is a nice idea. However, I think you already have your own style. Sure there's stuff to improve upon, but if you were to show me 5 different drawings by different people and then one by you, I would know which is yours. I'm not sure what you are trying to gain by searching further for your style aside from uniqueness which your art already has.

06-23-2011, 03:51 PM
Style IMO is not something you should be looking for, but something that just comes along. Although if you do see a drawing in a style that you love, then take your time and have a good look at it, look at what you like about the style.

06-23-2011, 04:30 PM
@ramiel::cat_right:O really?

@nisaren: i've got my own style? really? that sounds really reassuring, i thought the only thing that gave my art a sense of uniqueness is it's level of being crappy... :monkey_believeme:i've become more confident now but i'll to keep going further into it, because more is always better and so it never hurts to have something more distinctive than what i have right now... or is it bad?

@Sho: got it! i'll try to look more into my favourite drawings...

06-23-2011, 07:04 PM
Style IMO is not something you should be looking for, but something that just comes along. Although if you do see a drawing in a style that you love, then take your time and have a good look at it, look at what you like about the style.

yeah that's what i'm talking about!!! it's really hard to explain for me but you just put the words out of my mouth thanks sho..!
actually boz.. you do have your own style already.... but no matter what your style is... someone out there perfected it already... the best way to improve your style is to see how they perfected your style...

you may not see it now but once you improve to almost your maximum potential you will see that the end of the line is already what others have...

06-24-2011, 03:43 PM
Hmm? i know that it's good to use your favourite artist's works as reference but are you implying that no one can have his own original style?

06-24-2011, 07:21 PM
well if you live in the past that would be pretty easy... you may be able to do it now but your chance of success is likely less than 5&#37;..
there are thousands of pro artist out there and I've probably seen more than tens or hundred thousands of wallpaper in the internet and seen so many styles... now you might say onepiece has it's own style... that's true if you only look at japanese manga... but onepiece only created his own style based on some western cartoons or comics and some other western stuffs and just mixed it with japanese style..
but yes onepiece has it's own style... but that idea is already known by all,, and many are probably doing it by now....

edit:i have 20gb of anime wallpaper in my hard drive and some other western comics so i definitely know what i'm talking about

06-25-2011, 12:56 AM
There's an infinite amount of ways that we can go about creating art as we all solve the same problems in different ways. So while it is impossible to have a completely original style (we are all influenced by what we come into contact with), it is possible to have your own tweaks and twists to it.

Honestly, I don't really see what the big deal is about having your own style. Usually when I hear about style from someone it's just an excuse to avoid having to fix anatomical or other problems. In the end, we're all trying to do the same thing which is to represent reality on paper (or a screen). I personally don't care about my style, I just want to create art that I and others can enjoy looking at.

06-25-2011, 10:24 AM
@ramiel: that makes sense... but i didn't want to do sth completely different anyway, what i meant from "your own style" was something like what nisaren said right now, i was talking about sth like the difference between Bleach and Naruto...
@nisaren: lol, i'm neither looking for a totally new style, nor i'm trying to find one as soon as i can. i was just wondering what my style will look like at the end, and i started getting a bit pumped up. you're completely right...

anyway, another drawing... i tried to draw the same kind of clothes i used to draw at the beginning and i realized i haven't improved in clothing that much...

06-25-2011, 09:17 PM
you could atleast look into the mirror and try that type of posing your self and you'll see exactly what's wrong.. hand angle and the left foot are wrong...
i can't properly see the anatomy cause i don't know what type of clothes he's wearing... so it could be right or it could be wrong..
next time could you not erase the guide lines? i could give you better critique if you do that... and i'm sure most people here could as well

06-26-2011, 06:26 AM
I actually did, the problem with it was that if you'd wanted to do the same pose, then you'd have to bent your hand to it's left side (i failed to draw the bent)... anyway, this is the same pic with guidelines:

06-26-2011, 12:50 PM
i thought i was wrong but i guess i guessed right somehow..
human legs are usually the same height with the whole top body..
character height is usually measured of how many heads a person is..

sorry about this example... i can't find my usb where i have the better example...:cat_stress:
male and female isn't that much different in this topic anyway... so please bear with this:cat_wahaha:

there's a hand model in posemanics (http://www.posemaniacs.com/archives/880)... you could check that out.. it's not the exact pose in hand but it can give you the idea of what it should look like :)... i always go to posemaniacs before i draw anything :cat_cryincorner:

06-26-2011, 05:25 PM
lol, yeah, i should really go on pose maniacs more (damn internet)...

thanks for the tip and the example, it'll be useful.

06-26-2011, 09:17 PM
Hey there man.. been watching your progression from the shadows of internet world XD... you're doing much better.. and on this one.. I think Ramiel hit it right on the nail... as for the clothe problem.. well.. just simply take a piece of clothe at home.. and drape it over something.. and study it.. make a few sketches if you like.. not worrying to much about shadow light and texture.. but watch how gravity effects the wrinkles of the clothe.. drape it over something.. say something rounded like someones knee.. watch how at the top the clothe is smooth because the gravity of the edges put stress on the clothe causing the fabric to simply be pulled against it.. once you understand how clothe reacts with objects underneath it.. it will help you out a great deal :D...

Hope this wasn't too lengthy! Keep it up :D

06-26-2011, 10:11 PM
(damn internet)...

does that mean there's a limit on how long you can open posemaniac as well just like in GB?

Hey there man.. been watching your progression from the shadows of internet world XD..

lol stalker! :cat_wahaha:

edit: btw.. the thing i posted about

human legs are usually the same height with the whole top body
it's usually(but not always) it is for anime style but not for realistic ones.. if you want to go with other styles other than what i know then you may go with what you think is good in your eyes..

but this does not change that you should still measure the character height based on the head

06-26-2011, 11:11 PM
@Ramiel: Ha. not really.. i just haven't felt a need to really participate in the forums here lately... though like to skulk about watching the art threads :D...

@Boz: and if that's the case.. with the whole net thing.. well.. man.. camera phones are awesome.. may not be a clear picture.. but you get the basic ideas..

06-27-2011, 11:48 AM
@Ramiel: Ha. not really.. i just haven't felt a need to really participate in the forums here lately... though like to skulk about watching the art threads :D...Yeah, this place is the best to stalk people. Huhuhuuhhuuu~ :3

06-30-2011, 05:06 PM
@Egoslip: thanks for looking man, it's good to know that people are watching my progress, makes me more motivated. i'm actually starting to do that, mainly when i'm outside i try to pay attention to every single fold i see and i try to make sketches in classes or places like that, i personally think i'm beginning to improve in folds but not the ones in the clothing that people wear. but the it's a really good hint with the interacting thing, i'll keep that in mind... and phone cameras really are awesome, i guess i was too lazy to use them up until now...

@ramiel: not necessarily, i just try to limit whatever that uses bandwidth. oh boy, am i being paranoid here?
measure with the size of the head huh? i think i'm beginning to understand some of my problems with anatomy there, thanks...

sorry for not posting any art, i guess i'm experiencing my very first artblock...

07-01-2011, 04:50 AM
His legs are a bit short if you ask me. Could do with lengthening them.
You get some pretty clean line work down I see. Your work would benefit from some differences in the line wieght. Just a stylistic suggestion though.

Its good to see you include a good amount of folds in the clothing too :)

07-12-2011, 02:37 PM
thanks, i'm trying to get the weights down, but i still need practice for it...

anyway sorry for not posting, (i think) im back again with a renewed passion for learning!!!!!!!

i tried to draw more than one person in one drawing but looks like my limit is four people, because with every person i draw, the next one looks more horrible (i you get what i mean)...

07-12-2011, 07:42 PM
welcome back boz!!.. glad to see you drawing again... :).. i got another to stalk again :D
actually i never drawn any school uniform in my life exept now.. xD but i can still say that breast lines shouldn't be showy in that type of clothes
i'm still mastering clothing physics even today... so sorry about this imperfect correction..
you see the clothing fold usually comes from the tight parts..

edit: don't focus on the pose i did... i made her left arm dislocated somehow.. xD

07-16-2011, 12:50 PM
:cat_whyyou:that looks so awesome, i see my problems with clothing physics, thanks! i'm going to keep that in mind next time.XD

(i wasn't really thinking about school uniforms but they're really similar so whatever...)

07-17-2011, 05:17 AM
Just a few tips I don't think anyone has mentioned yet. Don't be so rigid with your inking lines. loosen up and try to "flow" more with your curves and pen strokes, and it will make your drawing look a lot less stiff. one of the most "flow-y" parts of the body is the hair. Putting a bold black outline around straight flowing hair can make it look like they are wearing a helmet or wig, as opposed to hair.

07-17-2011, 11:06 AM
You're right, i've gotta work on that too. i've been using sai for a while and i only used the brush (which won't make line thinner if you press less harder), i guess i will try to do use the inking pen more so the hair might look better.

another drawing, this time i used another type of shading (i don't know what's it called) and im still working on folds (damn you folds!!!)
anyway, please C&C

07-17-2011, 11:56 AM
I have seen your drawings at this thread, obviously, and I think that what you lack is detail. . .most of new artists, I was new about a year ago, well kinda looks at their art as a whole and and they find their drawing really good whenever they see a slight improvement. .that is, got the hang of drawing hands, a little perspective, foreshortening and lots of other stuff. . .thats good. .yeah. .em not against that. .It gives them the motivation to continue. .but I think that the best way for a new artist to do is to make their art as "perfect" as possible. .I mean . .look at the manga that you have read, bakuman or bleach maybe, and compare the drawings to your art. .how much is the difference? . .in what points is their art better? . .would slight changes makes your art comparable to theirs? . .or do ya have to start anew. .em not saying that you should draw like a pro at the start . .its just . .I think that we should imprint who we are in every piece that we draw . . .that we must edit it at much as possible until its close to perfection. . .we don't want to express ourselves in a half beaten piece right?. . .I'm not sayin' that your work is not good. . its good based on the time since you started workin' on the craft. . maybe a little bit of practice. .but everything comes in time. .so as a fellow artist I really wanna give ya some advice. .(em really sorrry for the blabberin, I quite talk much. .^^). .

I think that the best practice is to copy. . .this is a very reliable aspect to acquire improvement. . .if you have a basis, then you will be able to easily identify the errors that you did (wrong hand placement, bad foreshortening, over folds) and correct it. . .this mistakes will then be your guide whenever you're if ever you will be doing another piece. . .do that a hundred times. . maybe more. ..and if you think that your drawing is good enough. .then you can start with the real deal and draw your own characters. . .you might think that this'll take a long time. .maybe years. .but no one masters the pen in a day, right? . . .the more time you alot to the basics the more better your drawings will be. ..

I dOn't wanna sound oh high and mighty. .so I think em gonna end now. .I hope that I helped you. .even just a little tiny bit of speck . .haha. .er .. if ever yer one of those who thinks that "hayayayayayay . .WTF . .so much blabberin' nonsense". .feel free to visit me page and hell do what ye want. . hahahah. .hahhaha. a.aahahah. .em really laughin' . .LOL

07-17-2011, 03:19 PM
I really really agree with what TagYURIT is saying here. In short, I think he means "don't settle". Its one thing to not see whats wrong in your drawings, but if you can see the problem, "don't settle" for it. Everyone wants to make their own path, and draw totally original things, but in order to do that effectively you need a base, and this comes from copying. This doesn't mean you have to copy a picture EXACTLY, you can draw something totally different, but copy the pose, copy the hair, copy the perspective, whatever you're having problems with at the moment, find a pic and copy it. Continue to focus on the the meaty parts of drawing: Anatomy , proportions, perspective, details(wrinkles, clothe design etc.). Shading, inking, are cosmetics right now. Although they are important, they will come with time.
Like I've said before, you have a lot of potential and everybody here wants to see you grow. Most new artists don't even bother to attempt the stuff you draw now. Keep it up dude.

07-18-2011, 03:59 PM
@tagYURIT:You are completely right, i've been wondering about that myself, although i didn't know what it exactly was i felt sth is missing. the truth is, i'm a bit scared of drawing my OCs and i've only tried it out 3 times up until now (posts 20#, 53# and 56#), so i only got stuck with learning foreshortening and perspective and things like that while randomly coming up with the face, clothes and details... so yeah, thanks for the great comment, i will go through things in more detail from now... and maybe someday i'll have enough confidence to draw whatever i want...

@NWAP:Since you and tagYURIT both emphasized so much on copying, i'm definitely going to do it(maybe i'll make a reference library out of the cool drawings i see in mangas i read from now on).:monkey_study:

:monkey_bow:thanks again for the comments guys, they are very helpful and really help me both get motivated and better (since all the people around me have the reverse effect...)

07-18-2011, 08:57 PM
well reference won't get you to space though.. xD, it only helps with what detail to put in your drawing
you won't understand more of the vectors with just that,
for example: do you know that there are a lot of artist who use a lot of trick in perspective in drawing their background?, i've been studying perspective and realize that most people do that with their background, and if you follow those people you would just get lost with them cause your so much different in skills and you can't do exactly what their doing about playing with perspective cause you don't know anything about the trick their doing,

it was then i read in a drawing book about point trick perspective, you see you won't get that much information in just using reference, you got to find some tutorials as well, how they draw and how they do it, that's the whole reason why were in this site to begin with, cause we need information of how to draw, if people can just improve so much with just reference then what's the point in this site to begin with?

you would definitely improve using reference but it might take too much time than you think.

for the critique... it's really good now boz!!! I'm really glad your beginning to study folds now! still you should understand more of the movement of the character, it's alright if it's just "folds" but this time it's "clothing physics" you just made you character move a pose so you should be able to understand that you should take consideration of the flow of it,,

with that said.. have you download that book i gave you yet? note that's it's not meant to be just read.. it's meant to be practiced as well

07-19-2011, 08:14 AM
Well, nobody is going to abandon info, that's a stupid thing to do. and i know some artists use tricks like that but... ahh, i can't explain it well, but i used reference for about three times since when i was drawing and started getting much better in a matter of days, i think it's got something to do with liking the drawings you see, for example, when you see a drawing that seems cool to you, it's much faster and more satisfying and fun to just look at what you like about it and try to copy the things you learned from them in your drawings rather than going to look for tutorials all over the place, and i think that's how most of the famous mangakas did it... well, i'm not really sure of what i just said since im not much of an artist yet so correct me if i'm wrong...

and for the critique, i really was thinking of the flow when i drew that. can you please give me a more detailed explanation (or maybe just point out the wrong things)...

i haven't downloaded it yet, i will do it tomorrow or the day after it and then i'll get straight to practice...

so now it's time for another drawing, i thought i'd have a change of pace so i started attempting to draw mech (or something robot-like atleast), and this is my first attempt on gb (thanks to cype for showing me how to start with it...)

and this is my second attempt which took me a bit longer... (i know the wheels are really crappy)

so please C&C (specially the second one), i need it...

07-19-2011, 09:10 AM
well i didn't say to completely go for sole tutorials either but with no info it will be really hard.
i'm just saying use reference and know how it's done as well.

urrgghh... well fine i'll try to rewrite your drawing again.
i really hate explaining too much in words, even if do, it won't be that much understood anyway. .

and for the crit on the mecha.. i hope you know how to use basic shape, cause i feel like you don't

07-19-2011, 09:54 AM

dude, you don't have to try so hard, it's ok even if you dont do anything... and even if you want to, a really simple redline will suffice, there's no need to rewrite the whole thing...

umm, I'm really afraid to ask this: why?

EDIT: working on hair, face and folds...

07-19-2011, 07:42 PM
on second thought i'll rewrite your drawing when i completely master clothing physics, i only got 8 pages to master, didn't count how many the topic is left though. xD
well it did got me almost a week to master 4 pages but i think it'll be much more easier now that i got the hang of it.

anyway for the basic shape, i don't mean the sketch, i mean visualize what basic shape should be used, cube or globe yadda yadda
here's an example

anyway for the kimono, i know the fabric of kimono and you don't overdo fold in that type of fabric.. just make a slight fold on it,
i can't explain it that much but i'm pretty much sure there is almost no fold in his right arm

07-20-2011, 04:44 PM
So this is the third time that I've written this post. The first two times, my posts were eaten by a nice "Error 504" code. D:

I have a few things that I wanted to say. First, I think you have some interesting details for your robots, however, you lack any unifying perspective. This gives them a very flat look... almost Picasso-esque. You really need to take some time to study perspective.

That being said, I think that the most important thing you could do to better your art is to do studies from real-life or photo references. Tutorials can be a nice way to get your feet wet with some concepts such as perspective, anatomical proportions, composition, etc., but it is not a substitute for doing real-life studies. I would also highly recommend not going and copying other manga art for now, because it will only serve to give you a distorted view of reality. And reality is what we're trying to recreate, even if it will be stylized.

So I would recommend spending time drawing from life, rather than just rushing to look at various tutorials. For a while, I found myself spending most of my time looking around for tutorials rather than practicing drawing. I was basically looking for a shortcut and after doing this for some time I figured out that there is no shortcut in art.

So do yourself a favor and draw whatever you see around you. If you find drawing from life boring, then find something interesting to draw. Movie screen captures are usually fairly interesting subjects to draw. It will help you in the long run. I don't know of any professional artist that would tell you to not use reference or study real life subjects. I'm quite sure that most if not all mangaka are also very capable traditional artists as well.

07-21-2011, 07:07 AM
well reference won't get you to space though.. xD, it only helps with what detail to put in your drawing
you won't understand more of the vectors with just that,
for example: do you know that there are a lot of artist who use a lot of trick in perspective in drawing their background?, i've been studying perspective and realize that most people do that with their background, and if you follow those people you would just get lost with them cause your so much different in skills and you can't do exactly what their doing about playing with perspective cause you don't know anything about the trick their doing,

it was then i read in a drawing book about point trick perspective, you see you won't get that much information in just using reference, you got to find some tutorials as well, how they draw and how they do it, that's the whole reason why were in this site to begin with, cause we need information of how to draw, if people can just improve so much with just reference then what's the point in this site to begin with?

you would definitely improve using reference but it might take too much time than you think.

for the critique... it's really good now boz!!! I'm really glad your beginning to study folds now! still you should understand more of the movement of the character, it's alright if it's just "folds" but this time it's "clothing physics" you just made you character move a pose so you should be able to understand that you should take consideration of the flow of it,,

with that said.. have you download that book i gave you yet? note that's it's not meant to be just read.. it's meant to be practiced as well

Tutorials will teach you the basics of whatever you want to learn. From what I see though...you already HAVE the basics, you just need to fine tune them. I cant stress enough to "focus on the big things first". I see that you have improved in your clothing and folds,and your inking has also improved greatly, but here's the thing....Clothes take shape around the "Body". If the Body/anatomy is off, then the clothing and folds are going to be off :/ . I know you have a lot of different people telling you about a lot different things that your drawings need, and what you should do to get better. All of these things are good to know BUT... don't rush things. Details are important but, its an empty shell if it has no foundation. "Steps" is the key.

I would also highly recommend not going and copying other manga art for now, because it will only serve to give you a distorted view of reality. And reality is what we're trying to recreate, even if it will be stylized.

>-> I really really cant agree with this. That is unless you are trying to be something else than a manga artist. Manga is BASED off reality/realism just like anything else...but the truth is...it isn't realism, its an exaggeration (a distorted view) of it. Look at BOTH real life AND manga, but don't confuse the two, realize there is a difference.

07-21-2011, 07:30 AM
very well said nisaren, i would likely recommend that as well, specially on clothing physics.
boz do you know that tagyurit created his own tutorial based on what he learned on references? i just commented on it not long ago and just corrected a few stuffs.. it's really hard to just come out of theories out of reference, because a lot of manga-ka out there ignore the anatomy and do anything just to make it look good.. but if you do that it will only confuse you, if you don't know what real anatomy is suppose to be.

if you know the rules in drawing, only then you can ignore it to make it look good.

here i just finished correcting your stuffs.

first i don't really know what the pose of this guy suppose to be so i just do what is the most possible thing i could make..

now here comes the real thing, hope you pay attention
on the bottom picture i made a cylinder of some sort, one is turn to the right and one is turn to the left and one is just neutral.
you can think of this as the basic guidelines for the clothing, if it's turn from the right then the clothing is turn as well. if i remember correctly in anatomy muscles is almost similar to this.(too bad i didn't study it)
now you should think: what part of the body is being turn? leg? body? arm and so on. and you can make some guidelines on where it should be placed.
note that i don't do this and don't make some lines before doing it.(it's too much work and i hate too much work)
so anyway you should take consideration where the tight parts as well and fold are actually affected by that as well.. how you think of how it was affected is up to you.

other folds are affected by tight parts, and other fold are affected by the movement. the best way to understand this is to look for real life, talk to your friends and ignore what their saying and just focus on what fold their clothes have.(just don't do it to girls or you might be mistaken as a pervert, hey wait! it's much worse if you get mistaken for a pervert from guys)

anyway hope this helps, i got this info from a drawing book, although it's not the drawing book i gave you.

i just like to add that folds differ from what type of clothing he/she wearing. leather, plastic yadda yadda. and ofcourse if the shirt is tack-in in what i did here, it's still different if it's not.

well i hope no one disagree with this, i'm going back to practice background again.

07-21-2011, 08:20 AM
>-> I really really cant agree with this. That is unless you are trying to be something else than a manga artist. Manga is BASED off reality/realism just like anything else...but the truth is...it isn't realism, its an exaggeration (a distorted view) of it. Look at BOTH real life AND manga, but don't confuse the two, realize there is a difference.

I'm sorry, NWAP, but I feel the same about what you said. I think that saying that is just doing Boze a disservice as well. How can you learn proper anatomy and form from something that is distorted? Everything is based off reality and realism as was mentioned, so in order to understand things to properly "distort" them you need to draw them as they originally exist.

If you want to look at manga/anime art and do some copies, after you've spent time working from reality and gotten some basics down, that's fine. It can be helpful to see how other people solve certain problems from time to time. But for now, if you really want to improve how you draw and see things, grab a photo, set up a still-life, or go to a drawing session.

07-21-2011, 05:31 PM
:cat_whyyou: i'm a bit confused right now but really really thanks for all the great comments and suggestions...

@ramiel: the thing about basic shapes noted, also really great example for clothing! im definitely going to use that next time and my intention was for it to be something like a half-kick... and

the best way to understand this is to look for real life, talk to your friends and ignore what their saying and just focus on what fold their clothes have.(just don't do it to girls or you might be mistaken as a pervert, hey wait! it's much worse if you get mistaken for a pervert from guys)i've actually tried that once... it didn't turn out any good i assure you...

@nisaren and NWAP: All of your suggestions seem great to me, so i think it's better if i will combine both of your suggestions and start learning things step by step from the real life pics and anatomy structures, this way, i can be better with basics and i imagine it would become much easier for me to learn things manga style as well. (with that being said, tbh, i can't imagine myself sticking to realistic stuff all the time, but i will do my best :monkey_onfire:, for the sake of learning new things and finding new challenges *everything becomes fixed and sketchy-like and im shown walking in the sunset's direction...*)

07-21-2011, 06:13 PM
i just like to add that i messed up with the turning and i forgot that this is back view! so the drawing i did is wrong in the shirt, the fold should be opposite

07-22-2011, 01:49 AM
I'm sorry, NWAP, but I feel the same about what you said. I think that saying that is just doing Boze a disservice as well. How can you learn proper anatomy and form from something that is distorted? Everything is based off reality and realism as was mentioned, so in order to understand things to properly "distort" them you need to draw them as they originally exist.

If you want to look at manga/anime art and do some copies, after you've spent time working from reality and gotten some basics down, that's fine. It can be helpful to see how other people solve certain problems from time to time. But for now, if you really want to improve how you draw and see things, grab a photo, set up a still-life, or go to a drawing session.

This is true. Boz, don't be confused,we are both saying the same thing.I never said he should ONLY try to learn anatomy from manga. what i'm saying is you need to look at BOTH. ONLY drawing a anatomically correct head isn't going to get you any closer to drawing an anatomically correct manga face, and same visa versa. One is based off the other, but they are two different things, and each has there own different rules. By doing BOTH, hell be able to compare the two. I don't think drawing from a manga right now is going to "disservice" or hurt his ability to draw anatomy if hes doing Both.
But all in all, if you are not already drawing from realism, I strongly suggest you take Nisaren's advice and do so. But if your ultimate goal is to be a manga artist...I cant see why you wouldn't look at other peoples manga and draw from it.

07-22-2011, 07:53 AM
looking good! may I suggest breaking away from the super-linear drawings? try using a paintbrush or a dip-pen for inking it adds more character to your drawings, also I love how you got that angle with the guy flying with the polearm picture, you have good potentional can't wait to see more!

07-22-2011, 06:09 PM
NWAP: okay, got it...
jahkofhearts: thanks for looking! i will try to make the lineart better next time...

07-23-2011, 05:03 AM
i agree with nwap, i don't really think it would be good to study real life when it comes to the head, heck it's far too different! in my opinion atleast

07-24-2011, 05:22 AM
i agree with nwap, i don't really think it would be good to study real life when it comes to the head, heck it's far too different! in my opinion atleast

When it comes to making comics, you have to refer to some for of guideline in your style, I definitely recommend studying real anatomy even if your drawing manga the key to being a good artist is researching other styles see what's good about them and the parts you like and applying them to your work! but anatomy is a key part of any for of art it helps us practice recording and also makes your characters look nice rather than girly shouldered men with eyes like floodlights and hair that reaches into space.

If you take comic making seriously and want to make the step of going into a career with it i suggest to not be so balls deep in manga and look other styles and subjects. my work improved ten-fold by doing so!

wow look at me rant hahaha but if I where you Boz or anyone you can't go on really with out studying REAL anatomy really :p

07-24-2011, 08:08 AM
i'd just like to add that people learn from different ways, so boz you will definitely get confused with this critique corner and i might be one of those people who are now making you confused, you might find my advice to be something useless and stupid in the future.. and it could be anyone here,.. heck even in the tutorials you read from here might be something you might say useless even though they are the most helpful for us. cause people just learn from different things and get their improvement from something that they think that is the most helpful.

truth is there is no easy way to improve, all is hard,

people say they improve and say, "oh! i'm so much improving!"but still can't really see where and what part, if that's what you call improving then i guess you haven't improve at all,..
get good eyes and find your own way in improving, make your own exercise or find some other advice if you really like it!

i won't make too much advice here again cause it's turning into a debate, but i will still crit you art post that i see is wrong.

hope you find your way

08-05-2011, 05:36 PM
Sorry for disappearing a while... i had quite a few issues IRL (that and my monthly data allowance is running low too:cat_cryincorner:, so i don't connect to internet much...)

@ramiel: got it, but sometimes listening to different advices is good though, as long as you don't blindly follow them...

anyway, here is something freakishly random... Please C&C

08-05-2011, 08:19 PM
nice! i really like it!!!
just like nwap said before you should take consideration of connecting the hair as part of the head. the middle guy should have his hair on top of his forehead not just an ordinary line.

anyway i sent you a message.

09-07-2011, 09:43 PM
Oh wow I love the dude in the center of the pic, so well drawn!

09-30-2011, 08:52 PM
Hey guys! I've returned after two months of absolute laziness...:cat_wahaha:
I've been having lots of problems for the last two months and i actually went near giving up drawing, but no matter! i has returned with max determination:monkey_onfire:...
so as always, Please C&C:

10-01-2011, 06:29 AM
welcome back boz, I think it's about time for you to make a high resolution paper rather than that paper size that your using right now.

use a bigger paper like 2000 pixel width and 3000 pixel height or something.
you can make it smaller later anyway, and the time you do the rough created lines wouldn't even be visible.

and another thing, as I see it.. your lines are really wiggly, (I don't know if that's the correct word for it)
it's better to use ctrl+z all the time to make a better linear art, stroke as fast as you can and press ctrl+z until your satisfied with the line you have.

when I'm drawing in tablet, my left hands are always at the space button and the ctrl+z all the time.

btw if your using reference, I suggest you don't go for manga, cause mangakas usually rush stuffs as fast as they can cause of their deadline so it's not really good to reference those people in my opinion. you could go for their artbook but don't reference their manga cause there are a lot of wrong things in there.

artbooks and cg illustrations from games is way better to get your references.

edit: oh and another thing, I won't try to make you change your style, well "you don't really have to change what you draw, just change how you draw it" (those are originally wisdom from cype xD)

anyway, try to see some other artist of how they draw it, change your guidelines or make your own until you find the best way you can draw.

watching speed drawings in youtube really inspire me.



10-10-2011, 08:56 PM
I tried using a bigger one, but there's not that much difference because i'm zooming in when i'm drawing anyway...

yeah, those lines really piss me off, even if i'm using ctrl+z all the time, they turn out wriggly when i draw slowly and the line never gets the way i want it to when i do it fast. still, i've gotta find a way around it i guess, i'll do my best:monkey_nod:

and about the thing with references, isn't it easier for me to go after them BECAUSE they are being drawn faster? i mean, if it's like that then the mangaka is using different tricks to shortcut anatomy and other things right? i'm not that good that i would need to look for something highly detailed for the my art yet, so wouldn't it be better for me to stick with learning these tricks?

actually, i've been changing my way of drawings lately (i was hoping for it to be obvious but i guess i'm having zero progress:cat_ahahaha:), and those vids were really inspiring, thanks! i guess i have to check youtube more...

any way, another drawing:

10-10-2011, 09:07 PM

Idk, I feel like the hat and bowtie are a bit off. Could just be me. Other than that it looks good, although I feel like his upper back would bend back to center. The way he is now he'd fall over in no time.

10-10-2011, 10:05 PM
could you draw a naked guy and a naked girl so we can fix your problems in anatomy, swimsuit I mean. as long as we can see the proportions.

10-11-2011, 05:11 PM
@Fenn: i feel that something is not right with them too, i was wondering if anyone else could tell me what it exactly is... and i'll pay more attention to the balance next time, thanks for commenting!

@ram: sure, i'll get straight to that...

10-23-2011, 07:20 PM
All right!! sorry for taking so damn long... i just don't have as much time these days (and i really want to start my manga too...:cat_sigh:), so, please tell me my problems with anatomy... (i know i really slacked off on the second one's hand...)

btw i just realized that it's become one year (or a bit more...) since i started drawing, i'm gonna have to do one of those progress thingies...

10-23-2011, 08:54 PM
As much as I'd like to Redline them both, I can't, I'm not confident enough with my guy anatomy.
*Pass to someone else* Don't worry there are tons of people out there who can do it anyways, Someone kind hearted enough who's pure of heart.

I'll try to do the girl but It might be later today, I'm still a little busy with something.

10-24-2011, 09:34 AM
you can just say what feels off, no need to force your self...

10-24-2011, 10:22 AM
Well ok then, I don't like doing redline anyways, I feel like I'll get it better if someone shows me an example, that's what I realized when nisaren showed me example in my thread instead of redlining it.

collarbone always connect at the shoulders, when shoulders rise it rise as well, breastline, (or whatever it's called) connects at the biceps.
also when drawing body, don't just think of body as just one part, think of them as separate parts, for example think of torso only after that think of spine connecting to the hipbone, and connecting to the foot, and think of the connecting a shoulder with arm into that torso.

but still your good enough to make a manga IMO

10-24-2011, 01:28 PM
:monkey_study:hmm...noted, thanks...

really? i'm planning to start doing haven of ice pretty soon, i'm dealing with the character designs now...

10-24-2011, 01:50 PM
Just reference poses to train your anatomy skills, it's alright to keep improving while making manga, though I'm pretty sure you already know this because you read some manga, and you can see them improving their drawing skills in every chapter.

ah, character designing, I remember the times I lack in fashion sense, well I do even now lol, anyway good luck dude XD

10-27-2011, 01:31 PM
wow. your alot better since the last time i visited your art @____________@
which would be the first page only i saw xD
maaaan 10 months later and your kicking ass, keep it up :D

11-13-2011, 03:11 PM
woah, axion... sorry i didn't notice you posted here, yeah i've been through a lot since then, nevertheless i thank you greatly for your awesome critiques and suggestions AND for being the first one to reply to my thread...:monkey_bow:

all right, now getting back to drawings:

these flameheads are a bunch of characters from my manga, i'd like to call them "four wings of catastrophe" for now. starting from the bottom they are: Break, Destroy, Obliterate and Annihilate (i've got a huge amount of stuff to say about who they are and what they do, but i won't bore you with that, just know that they're some kinda sub plot to my manga)... i planned to colour this first but now i'm going to do that for another time, now C&C please and if possible...
and can someone try to teach me a way to colour black flames please (the flames on their heads should be black...)

11-17-2011, 01:13 AM
Cool character concepts; I like it a lot. (It would be awesome to see in a movies, actually~) But have you tried looking up images of fire and converting them to greyscale for reference?

11-18-2011, 11:05 PM

thanks for the great suggestion, i'll try that...

well, next drawing:
this guy is a magikane officer, magikanes are people without lower bodies, they also shoot black fireballs and doesn't afraid of anything...

11-19-2011, 02:26 AM
I like it a lot! Particularly his face and expression, but also how you've marked out where you're going to add shading (value, blah, I don't wanna use the right terms!)

I might suggest making the bottom part of his coat a little more "flowy." Give a little more movement to it, basically. I like the design. I also like the detail you put into his gloves--those are kick *ss :)

Only other thing I'm gonna post is a picture of a dude's chest (sorry, he's a little too muscly, but Google apparently only wants muscle men and nudes when you type in "men's chests") I'm only posting this, cause I think his chest should come out a wee bit more on top, and then come in a little bit towards the waste (not all curvy, but just enough so it looks like something inside the coat ;) )


It's really a great design, though. And I like the expression on his face. Very confident :3

*I"m posting a lot of man chest today...I hope no one thinks I'm a perve...*

11-19-2011, 03:40 AM
Hey! :) I really like this and i think it looks sweet! I was going to try to critique it but I think blue_dragon covered everything I noticed :monkey_ehheh: the only thing I have to add is that I think his hair might not be quite big enough. I could be very wrong, but i'm not sure that his entire head would fit under the hair. Does that make sense? Either way it looks awesome, I'm likin the clothes design a lot

11-19-2011, 02:14 PM
Blue_Dragon: thank you for the critique and i'm glad you like it!! i agree with you on the flowy part (actually i didn't really have any idea of how should it be since he doesn't have a lower body..) and yeah, the chest was inside the coat so i didn't put too much time on it and just finished it off(still, i'm not good with them so i'll be working on them)...

corastaur: thanks for commenting and thanks for liking it!! i see where your point comes from, the starting guideline for his head was a bit oval-like it turned out a bit weird, i'll be careful with that next time...

this one didn't turn out the way i wanted it to, C&C would be appreciated si can know where i'm going wrong:

11-19-2011, 10:13 PM
Just a quick thought on the last picture. It kind of looks like his left hand is backwards. I know it's hidden by the hilt, but the thumb should be pointed towards us. So making the fingers getting smaller towards the pommel of the sword would make that more obvious. Aside from that it looks pretty decent.

12-05-2011, 05:37 PM
whoa!:cat_remorse: i'm really sorry nisaren, i didn't check this thing because i went dead for some time and i forgot about it completely afterwards, sorry for the very late reply! now that i try it, it actually is a very useful tip! thanks!! (sorry again, i promise i'll check this thread often from now on...)

I've been extremely busy with studies lately, so i'm not able to draw as much as i used to, but i'm still doing stuff.
to prove that, here is something from a manga story i'm hoping to be able to do soon, Haven of Ice... C&C would be extremely appreciated here, i'm going to need it...

i originally planned to colour this, but i'm an extreme noob in colouring, so i failed after a few tries, then i decided i would start leaning colouring from something more simple and let go of this one...

12-06-2011, 07:38 AM
Woah................nice! There are still some disproportions but......really nice :D Defenatly better then before.

12-06-2011, 07:50 AM
Yeah pretty nice thought out layout boz! Can't wait to read the real thing!

12-06-2011, 03:05 PM
Gedeon: thanks, I'm hoping to improve these so any suggestions on how to make those disproportions better is welcome!

Ram: I hope this time i can overcome my laziness and actually do something...

I was going through my thread and i thought i'd make an improvement meme:
Improvement meme, 1st year (http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/340/d/2/improvement_meme_1st_year_by_bozesg-d4ic9f7.jpg)

12-11-2011, 11:33 PM
I thought i'd start practising colouring and i made this, i would REALLY appreciate C&C because i need to improve...

12-12-2011, 09:42 AM
You should add folds to the clothes. The colors are looking a bit flat, but only because it's missing some extra form in the cloth. The way you shaded the glasses was fine, but I would work on facial anatomy more to shade face forms more accurately.

12-13-2011, 02:12 PM
thanks for commenting, sylux!! i'll try something more complex next time, i just want to know if the direction i'm going with this is okay before that...
like is the semi-shading on the clothes good enough (i'll try getting better with the face) or etc. (basically amidoinitright?)
like i said, i'm almost a complete newb in doing this...

12-13-2011, 03:00 PM
Impressive how you managed to grow in a single year, pretty good, you're even making your way through the prespective drawing, in my opinion the most amazing thing ever.

12-13-2011, 05:20 PM
thanks for looking and thanks for the compliment!! :D

12-14-2011, 02:06 PM
Heya Boze, good to see you're expanding into color. My only complaint is that your range of value is very narrow which makes it look kind of flat. I'm not sure which program you are using but it can be helpful to look at the image in grayscale from time to time to check your values. This is easy to do in Photoshop and a bit more of a pain in SAI. It also looks like you only use a soft brush, you should try using a brush with a hard edge as well especially if you're filling in base colors. I know of a couple different techniques for coloring if you'd be interested in hearing about them.

12-14-2011, 05:12 PM
yo! for colouring this i just took the easiest route i knew and that was to fill in the base colour with paint bucket ---> do lighter and darker brushes on different places ---> blend them...

of course!! i already feel that is an utterly lame way so i REALLY would appreciate it if you would tell me about those techniques...:monkey_hmm:

12-14-2011, 06:36 PM
That's one route that you can take. It's not lame if done well. I think the problem lies with an over use of the blend tool which is pretty common. So there's a few different looks that you can go for and the methods change depending on what look you're going for. So first you need to decide how you want your coloring to look. Here are some basic styles.

1) Cell shading - basically the same as the coloring you see in anime - fairly simple and quick to do.
2) Soft cell shading - uses cell shading as a base and then applies gradients and some blending in order to get a more three dimensional look
3) Full Painting - Exactly what the name implies, a fully painted picture

12-14-2011, 07:01 PM
Hmm... then i think my most preferred would be the second one, but i feel like i need to know the third one for my manga... i guess i'll start with the second and then try the third (or are they so different that it's not possible...?)

anyway, imma go with the second one now. any tips (or perhaps where i can find tutorials..)? and what did you exactly mean by overusing the blend tool?

12-14-2011, 11:06 PM
The real thing that you should focus is the lines, I don't really know how much your hands shake but you have to figure out a way to make good line and curve with your stroke of hands.

I can't make any advice since I don't actually see your hands or how you hold your pen and stuffs so you have to figure it out your self.

12-15-2011, 11:56 AM
I agree with Ram that working on making smooth confident lines is something you should focus on. But the coloring process isn't that difficult, so I don't see why you can't work on that as well. The most important part for soft cell coloring is how you set it up.

1) Line art - you need to have good clean line art to use first and foremost. Keep this as the top layer.
2) Base Color layer(s) - I find it easier to have multiple layers: one layer for each base color - some people use one base color layer but make it so that they can easily select each color area with the magic wand tool. I'm going to discuss the multiple base color layers method.
3) Shadow Layers - Depending on how you do your base color layer(s), you again choose one of two methods. If you chose to use multiple layers then you can use clipping layers - basically a layer that is grouped with the base color layer and uses the base color layer as a mask so you only paint on top of the base color. These layers are always above the base color layer (obviously). Each base color has its own shadow layer.
4) Highlight Layers - Same as shadow layer, just use another clipping layer. Making clipping layers is slightly different depending on what program you are using - if you are having a hard time figuring how to set them up let me know what program you're using.

Here's an example of how the layers may look in the Layer window:

- Line work Layer
- Highlight (Base color 1)
- Shadow (Base color 1)
- Base Color 1
- Highlight (Base color 2)
- Shadow (Base color 2
- Base Color 2

Once you have all these set up you can start to add the darker values to the shadow layers and the light colors to the highlight layers. At this point you can start to do your cell shading. Just use one darker value for shadows and one lighter value for the highlights. After you've defined the shadows and highlights then you turn on "Preserve Opacity" (I think that's what it's called) for each layer and you can blend or paint gradients however you see fit.

That's the basic method that I used for a while. It seemed to work well. It kind fell out of favor with me because I felt like it was too robot-like and I wanted a more organic method of painting.

01-07-2012, 05:51 PM
sup guys!! sorry for just disappearing like that, i went back to my country during christmas and have been busy with studies ever since i got back...

i know that my lines are really bad, im really trying to make them as smooth as possible but my tablet's got these shaking the pointer habit, i don't have this problem when im drawing on paper...

nisaren, that's an awesome tutorial, im still really busy with studies but i already made a line art and im going to try that out whenever i have time again...
C&C would be greatly appreciated...

08-27-2012, 11:04 AM
Waddap folks! it has truly been a very long time. i am back now after enduring hell itself, and in that time ive grown rusty in my drawing skills. so today in an epic battle, i fought against the procrastination demon and held up my dusty tablet to once again indulge myself in drawing and trying to improve even a bit. getting right down to business, here is a cover i drew for this novel im trying to write, C&C would be greatly appreciated as always...


sorry for the big image

08-27-2012, 01:31 PM
This looks good :D the one thing I notice first of all is that in the female is that her eyes aren't level, the far away one is much higher up the face than the closest eye. Also her waist looks a tad thin, but that is a stylistic thing. Nice foreshortening on the arm and the gun and I love the expression you gave the guy :) hope this helps :D

08-27-2012, 03:20 PM
Nice cover, like the way the legs are not drawn (faded away). One thing i noticed is the left upper arm of the guy. It looks as if it is very long compaired to the underarm. :P

08-29-2012, 06:49 AM
The first one. Pretty good. I like the head design. the tattos and the face in general seems awesome to me. The body is ok...the prosthethics are interesting but when your trying to make an cyborg/android/thinge....make it either
A) Simple
https://encrypted-tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcStRMDgLadABGNGUkvK38mxqHF3K8bGV k4IBucGKbMSDu6w9VI6Iw
Circles and tubes...simple shapes.

B)Simple....with a lot of details!!!!
https://encrypted-tbn2.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR8mVaaCv1isqTpZ_kZtPCWoXdZYJstP c0SMwmqOBpJSi6OSHapqw
there are a few basic shapes here...that have been detailed to hell!!!

The cover. is pretty nice but ill cover it next time....get it...:D......i need a life.

08-29-2012, 08:53 AM
Adding to what Gedeon said; To gribblies or not to gribblies, that is the question... At any rate these are some pretty nice, original character designs.

Perhaps some more mistakes that other people haven't mentioned, through. The axe head seems to be at a wrong angle on the cyborg image. The robot arm and leg could probably do with some actual joints, too. The expression and everything is pretty cool, mind.

The novel image thingy... Perhaps could have done with detail? The proportions and everything seem to be good, but more folds, an extra level of shading, or some pockets/seams really would have gone a long way. As mentioned by other people, the woman's face is pretty off, alrough perhaps it's because you didn't line her jaw up properly with the top of her face? Almost everything about the dude is pretty spot-on, anyhow.

Keep at it, man.