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  1. help with color
  2. Not Looking for Voice Actors
  3. Requesting Basic Figure Drawing Tutorials...
  4. MT Deviant Page needs mods
  5. Looking for a Script!
  6. Looking for some manga to colour.
  7. JRock Doujinshi? :D
  8. Anyone want to help make this Manga with me?
  9. im lookin for a manga team
  10. Looking for Concept Artists
  11. I would love to try it out
  12. Looking for a WRITER!
  13. Need an Artist
  14. Looking for a writer!
  15. Another story that needs an artist
  16. Looking for artist who wants to do a lot of character work.
  17. manga team?
  18. A team of hard workers!
  19. Looking for Manga Artists
  20. Making Sigs/Avatars
  21. 5 short Anime Cartoons for iPhone game
  22. Looking For a Teacher - Art Tutor/Teacher
  23. Looking for artists!
  24. Looking for a scriptor!!!
  25. Tatoo Ideas!!!
  26. Want help with anything you can help with(not absolutely necessary, but...)
  27. Let's rewrite manga/anime history
  28. publishing a new manga
  29. Looking for a shounen artist(s)
  30. looking for a manga artist that specializes in backrounds or just someone to draw som
  31. Sketch Artist Wanted!!!
  32. Artists wanted!
  33. Looking for a Writer!
  34. Need an artist
  35. Looking for an artist!!!!
  36. Writer for a one-shot anyone?
  37. Need an artist / fulltime
  38. Searching for Hard-Working 3D Artists
  39. Looking for a large collection of character-free Naruto scenery.
  40. Dread
  42. Hello,My name Is Adrian and Im looking for an Artist!!!
  43. Artist who wants to practice on a short-story
  44. Editers < --- yeah thats an 'E'
  45. I Need A Writer
  46. Artists Needed for RPG Game.
  47. Clothes/Armor/ Sneaky/ ...stuff..designs needed.
  48. Watercolour Tutorial
  49. The Next CLAMP (Doujinshi)
  50. Where to find a team mate for creating my comic/manga
  51. What would you do ?
  52. Summer idea
  53. RULES: Recruitment & Requests
  54. Good Anime Inker/Artist Wanted -Story Aleady Scripted
  55. If you would like to read Seiken no Blacksmith in english...
  56. Fictional Chaos Project-Now Recruiting
  57. Background Image for Minecraft Texture pack is needed!
  58. Dread
  59. Let's Make a Magazine
  60. Im In Need Of A Better Artist,Than Myself
  61. Proofreader/Deviant Editor Willing to Accept Points as Payment (Closed for now)
  62. Writer looking for a Shounen Artist
  63. im a writer looking for a manga artist
  64. Searching for someone with talent and good ideas..!!
  65. Hey I need some good people for projects. Intersted?
  66. Requesting manga artists for manga creation. Any style welcome~!
  67. Can I interview someone who has experience with manga?
  68. Album Artwork for a Metal Band
  69. Ecchi Baka Scans Needs members
  70. Hanako Manga Project ~
  71. Christmas Art Trade
  72. Seeking Big Four Candidates
  73. Willing To Help
  74. Looking for art for inspiration