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It's always a nightmare

The girl silhouette is drawn as a manga character, even when it's impossible to see.

This art is highly inspired by The Birthday Massacre. As much as you could actually call it fanart xD

So my idea was originally to draw an art I first got in mine when listening to a The Birthday Massacre song. So I listened to my fave called "Pins and Needles" and saw a girl silhouette crouching in her bedroom with some tentacle monster trying to breach in. After I got the idea and inspiration, I then noticed that The Birthday Massacre already had an EP with tentacles in it xD So it wasn't as original as I first attended... It still almost ended up as I imagined so I'm fine with it :P

I also streamed this XD

Made by: :iconeltoroguaco:
Inspired by: The Birthday Massacre (Band)
Time taken: About 2 days.

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