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I'm so creative that it hurts lol
Anyway, just some Misty fanart Started out as my OC then I drew the side pony and then I was like "Aw shiz, this looks like Misty" So it is. I tried a new way of coloring, whadda think? Would anyone be interested in the line art? If so, comment or send me a message.

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10-20-2012, 11:56 PM
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  1. BunnyVoid
    wow now this looks amazing! awesome skin
  2. canime4ever
    @BunnyVoid~ Thank you~ Actually I hate the skin the most X< It wouldn't do what I wanted it to do X)
  3. BunnyVoid
    Really, i think you captured the skin's color when under really bright summer sun, like in the beach. i thought it fits misty well hehee
  4. canime4ever
    Thanks That wasn't my aim at all lol XD Honestly I didn't have an aim but your description sounds awesome, so I'll stick with that XD lol
  5. Demonfyre
    Nice, it looks great
  6. ClockHand
    Kids, don't play with pokemons or you might suffer an accident. Just look at Mysti, she lost both legs, part of her stomach, some of the arms got so bad that she lost mass on from them, she even got her butt moved to a side because of the scars which moved the muscular mass, and even they had to shrink on of her hands to get skin for the reconstruction. Even her had suffered several damage and now her skull got expanded so medics could drain the fluids and prevent a stroke.

    You don't want this for you nor your family, so remember, don't play with pokemons.
  7. ClockHand
    "even her head suffered"* Edited.
  8. canime4ever
    Thanks Demonfyre
  9. Nyx
    Amazing! What did you use to color her?
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