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I have no idea how to finish her legs off ORZ Help please?

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10-19-2012, 06:00 PM
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  1. BunnyVoid
    wow this looks really cute! nice design on clothing. your art looks so pro.
  2. canime4ever
    @BunnyVoid ~ Thanks, I have a questions for you! This is supposed to be my OC, but the closer I get to finishing the line art, the more it looks like Misty from Pokemon, so I'm not sure how to color it anymore because it could go either way; how should I color it?
  3. BunnyVoid
    oh yeah... now that you mention it. she does look a lot like misty. well i think you stick with cooler colors. misty has all sorts of warm colors with her. well i think that would help in differentation.

    i hope this is fine.
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