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5. Horror; ghosts

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    This female is one of the Japanese traditional ghosts. Her name is Okiku. If you are interested in her, please read the following story.


    In the 17th century, one young female worked at a famous samuraiís house. Her name was Okiku. She was a lower class person and worked as a maid. On January 2, 1653, she accidently broke the one of ten invaluable plates. It angered the master of a house very much. He cut the middle finger of her right hand. In addition, he detained her in order to kill her. She was very sad and decided to suicide. She threw herself into an old well in the back of a house.
    After Okikuís death, inhabitants listened to a femaleís voice every night. It seems that she counted the number of plates. She said, ĎFirst, second, third, Ö eighth, ninth, oh, where is the tenth plate?í One day, a wife of the house master bore a baby, but it didnít have the middle finger of right hand.
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