• When will you have a new tutorial?
  • Depends on how busy I am plus how big the tutorial will be. Making a tutorial takes time to assemble from making to editing the images, laying out and typing the contents of the tutorial, to editing and finally typing it all out for posting.

    Video tutorials also go through similar handling from preparing materials, shooting the video, editing, uploading, and posting it up.

  • Can you please make tutorials for (this and that)?
  • Maybe. It depends on what I have scheduled to cover. You’re more than welcome to tell me what you’d like to see though so I know there is interest in a certain tutorial. Hop on over to my Tutorial To-Do List in the forum and if you do not see your tutorial suggestion, send your suggestion to me via this form. Thanks!

  • May I use your artwork from your tutorials for (enter request here)?
  • It depends on what you will be using it for. If you’ll be using it to make profit – my answer: NO. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. I don’t care if you will credit my name and even if you will compensate me. My answer is still “No”. If you would like to use it for a paper, run it by me. I tend to give permission if its for educational purposes such as Sketch-based Modeling with Few Strokes by Mario Costa Sousa and colleagues at the University of Calgary. Again, for papers, contact me with details on what exactly you’ll be using it for. If its for something else other than those two, drop me a line. Please be as specific as possible.

  • Can you make downloadable versions of your tutorials?
  • You’re in luck! You can download our tutorials here.

    New tutorials and articles may take several days before the download will become available. No downloads are available for video tutorials. You’re more than welcome to link to them, post them in your website, or favorite them in your YouTube account.

  • I know I can submit tutorials and articles, but what topics can I cover?
  • Anything that isn’t already covered or if it has been covered, a tutorial that can expand on what is already available. The only exception to this is that I do not accept hentai related topics (i.e. smut, eroge, etc) as this site is open to all ages from young children to adults.

  • If I submit a tutorial or article, will it be credited to me? Can it be linked to my email, website, etc?
  • Yes, I will credit the tutorial, article, or media file to you. Credit will be made to your real name or to an alias, at your request. I usually put up an email along with your name so those who have a question about your tutorial may contact you. If you would like a link to your website as well, it can be done as long as your site isn’t of questionable nature (i.e. H, hate site, etc).

  • I finished my tutorial and/or article, who do I submit it to?
  • Send it along to Rio by using this contact form. Thanks for submitting it!

  • I sent my tutorial/article to you awhile ago, why isn’t it up yet?
  • If you did not receive an email from Rio telling you it has been posted up or why it wasn’t posted up, then she either hasn’t gotten to your email yet or she did not get your submission. You can wait a few more days or try sending it again.

  • Why didn’t you post my tutorial or article?
  • If you didn’t receive an email from Rio telling you why it wasn’t posted, then here’s some of the reasons why:

    1. Content was not substantial.
    2. Grammar is lacking.
    3. Topic is already covered.
    4. Inappropriate content, or
    5. Something was wrong with the tutorial and needed fixing.

    I could also have been away on vacation or too busy to reply to you so please be patient or send me another email.

  • I’d like to make my own tutorial/article, can you help me? How do I get started?
  • First of all, you have to decide what your tutorial will be about. It is best if it is something you know. Then lay out what areas you will cover and in what order. Write it out and make images if needed. Put it all together in Word, Notepad, or what ever program you have at hand. If you’re sketchy on how to lay out your tutorial, look at the tutorials we have around here to get a better idea. If you lack time, then just spend a couple of minutes each day on one section. Good luck and don’t give up!