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 Post subject: Welcome Wagon Rules
PostPosted: Mon Apr 05, 2010 8:48 pm 
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Rules from Yushi:

There aren't many rules for this section, but still, follow them.

1) This section is for introducing yourself and reintroducing yourself. Anything other than that will be locked.
2) Don't make more than one topic introducing yourself unless you have been gone for a while and feel the need to reintroduce yourself. Btk, a while means a LONG time, not 1 or 2 weeks.
3) Don't post in topics way down at the bottom of the page just to raise your posts. That is NOT what this section is for.

As long as everyone follows these rules here, everything will be fine.


From Me:

This place will be regularly "cleaned" of all old introductions so that newcomers can properly introduce themselves and not wind up being lost to others who've already had their chance to shine.

If you're new to Manga Tutorials, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules if you don't want to wind up becoming a peon (temp ban) or become an outcast (permanently banned).


From Time-Pirate:

Sorry about this guys but I feel the need to put up some new rules for the Welcome Wagon.

After being the mod for WW since about September-Octoberish time, there are a number of things that are getting on my nerves and I feel the need to sort out.

1) This is a Welcome Wagon. Not the Spam Wagon. If a newbie posts here, you're suppost to welcome them and give them an insight of what they are about to experience with MT. So posts like "Make me coffee" isn't a welcome, it's a demand.

2) For god sakes be nice! Seriously are you TRYING to scare the living bajeevers out of a new member within half an hour that they have joined? Sniping, pooping, raping, comanding, stealing souls *guilty of this before* and generally attacks overall are NOT welcomes. It's attacking a member and most likely making them think you should all be locked up.

3) Actually welcome the newbie proparely. Putting a post saying "Welcome" and that's it is a welcome, but not exactually appropriate as it's seen as lazy. A few words of advice maybe? Comment on whatever the newbie said about themselves? But remember, posting an entire post of spam then silly goose in the word 'Welcome' at the end to try and prevent it being seen as spam, is still seen as spam. And spam gets deleted.

4) If no-one has commented in a welcome thread for about a week-two weeks, leave it. Don't feel the need to comment just because you didn't before, because after a week the newbie has most likely made themselves familiar with the regular members and the forum itself and is therefore not new anymore. We don't need someone bumping old threads and starting a chain of mass welcoming to a member who isn't new anymore.

5) Conversations are alright as long as thery don't go on endlessly for a few pages. PMs and the Chat About Crap thread are for general chit-chat, not the WW.

6) Anything seen as spam gets deleted. End of argument there. If I think it's spam, I will delete it. No warnings. Because, again I must say this, the Welcome Wagon is NOT the Spam Wagon.

Sorry to suddenly tighten on the welcomes folks, but I guess I've just gotten sick of it. So I hope I've made these clear to you all.

I've already answered your question in the FAQs. Read it.

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